5 Reasons Why Bethesda Softworks Sucks

By   |  July 25, 2011

If you love video role playing games, then you already know that on November 11, 2011 (which is this year; just a reminder in case you’re one of those people who lick windows) one of the biggest RPG franchises in history is rolling out with a new chapter in an award winning series. I am of course talking about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a first person, nonlinear fantasy RPG. There’s going to be allot of marketing hype in the next few months regarding Skyrim’s release, but you shouldn’t pay attention to any of it because Bethesda dosen’t know how to make a decent game anymore. Here are the top 5 most compelling arguments as to why Bethesda Softworks sucks.

10. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion sucked: I can’t think of a better way to get this trainwreck rolling than to point out that the last Elder Scrolls game, sucked giant moose cock wrapped in roadkill bacon. The in game dialogue was voiced by maybe (MAYBE) six people. So just take an entire country, fill it with people, and listen to them all talk in the same six voices (BRILLIANT!) The AI controlling the conversational dialogue between the NPCs was so broken that, whenever you wandered into a city, it essentially felt like the player had accidentally stumbled into a medieval hospice full of alhziemer’s patients. Oblivion also implemented a horse riding system that was clearly designed by someone who hates riding horses. Nothing like fleeing down the side of a monster infested mountain on something with the handling capabilities of a crashed airliner embedded inside a deep-sea volcano. And let’s not forget Gamebyro, the physics engine that has made every Bethesda-RPG a complete disaster.  The worst thing about Oblivion was that the main missions, were boring. Here’s the entire game summarized. Go in a bunch of portals to hell, battle in a bunch of dungeons that all look exactly the same, beat the bad guy, the end. Of course there’s hours of extra gameplay, but since Bethesda screwed up practically everything about the interface, used a shitty game engine, and implemented some seriously poor mission and level designs, NOTHING IS WORTH PLAYING.

9. All the DLC for Oblivion was overpriced, and sucked: Instead of fixing any of the bugs players encountered in the main game, Bethesda decided to ignore those problems and release several low quality DLC packages. Half the packages were add-ons that added secret lairs for the player, each based on magic, thievery, and hand to hand combat(FINALLY; A BATCAVE I CAN CALL MY OWN). Problem is, since the main game sucked, after you built your super secret “who gives a shit” lair, there was nothing to do afterwards but sit in your chambers and twirl your mustache. They even had a “horse armor” DLC, which was an absolute scam. People bought it thinking, “Well, my horse is useless because it moves about as fast as a combo washer/dryer; if I give it some armor, maybe I can actually ride it around more without it constantly dying!” It’s only after you spend your money and download the DLC that you realise the “armor” is cosmetic.

8. Fallout 3 sucked: Bethesda also produced Fallout 3, the legendary sequel (obviously) to Fallout 2. Black Isle Studios made Fallout 1 & 2. Those were GREAT games, but when the company folded, production on the next game remained in limbo until Bethesda acquired the rights to the series, raped it, and aborted Fallout 3, one of the shittiest games I’ve ever played. For all intents and purposes, it is Oblivion Part II: Wasteland Edition. Everything that was wrong with Oblivion was present within the gameplay of Fallout 3. Same six voice actors. Same terrible AI. Thank god there were no horses.

7. All the Fallout 3 DLC sucked: And it sucked even harder than anyone thought possible. First of all, Bethesda announced that the DLC would only be released on the 360, basically telling anyone who bought the PS3 version to go sod off. They actually signed a deal with Microsoft, saying that they would only release said DLC on XBLA(MAJOR DICK MOVE BRAH), and then everyone with a PS3 went out and bought an 360, and then a short time later Bethesda released all the content on PSN anyway. And all that for literally the worst DLC campains ever released for a Bethesda game ever. There were five in total, and four of them were non-linear, gamebreaking pieces of garbage.

6. New Vegas was shipped broken: Gameplay wise, Fallout: New Vegas was leaps and bounds ahead of any of the other games on this list. Unfortunately none of the bugs were ever tested, and Bethesda shipped out a broken product and then took everyone’s money, and then probably jumped into a big pile of gold coins and swam around in it like Scrooge McDuck. There were so many game-killing bugs present in New Vegas when it was released that it’s insulting to think a game developer actually thought they could get away with it. The save system didn’t work. The game crashed literally every 10 minutes, and the frame rate drop during big battles and dialogue scenes overheated and crashed systems. I was appalled by the amount of problems the game had in it. And forget the DLC, because Bethesda never bothered fixing most of the bugs. If there’s no way to play the main game because you released a broken game, then why bother buying the DLC?

5. All their other games suck: The fact of the matter is that while Bethesda has enjoyed success with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises, all their other games are garbage. Examples include Rogue Warrior, WET, Brink, Star Wars: Legacy, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of The Earth, and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. They’re a company that can’t get any game they make right, not even the game’s they’re known for.

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  3. While you DO make some good points that Bethesda has been broken for some time now, and it didn’t just start with Skyrim, I would hardly say that Oblivion or Fallout 3 (ESPECIALLY Fallout 3) “sucked”.
    Also, “Star Wars Legacy”: what the fuck are you smoking? Bethesda has never been involved in any way with a Star Wars project.
    EDIT: Oh wait, I see what you did. Legacy is a Star TREK game, not Star Wars.

  4. I purchased Skryim for Xbox one for Xmas and I am level 66 but stuck because I can’t finish a Dawnguard quest to kill a vamp in a case cuz he isn’t there but the arrow indicator points and I am unable to complete the Companion quest to kill a beast and the beast is already dead. Unable to figure out how to get these quests off my misc and continue. Any suggestions

  5. I agree with all the Elder scrolls games they sucked but Skyrim was the one reason why I started loving RPG fantasies and all the swords, magic, loot and so on. I love Bethesda’s games just not the old ones. I agree with all the old fallout games were glitchy and all but still had things that made the game fun like their looting systems are always great and their questlines and such were amazing. I don’t agree at all that fallout 3 sucks or skyrim. And by “all the other games sucks too” I take it that you didn’t like the dishonored games. Honestly I think that this game got me attracted to stealth games and games where you stick a knife up their asses when your performing a stealth attack. This game made me feel like I’m an actual assassin and made me feel like a total badass. When I bought the first game definitive version, I played it all the way until the end of all the dlc contents too with all the trophies unlocked. Great game if your into stealth and finding different ways to assassinate people. Now heres why the fallout games stood out to me.. Fallout 4 .. So many damn things you can do and all the questlines and cutscenes and graphics were just PERFECT. Oh and here’s where it gets even better.. The mods.. Omg the mods.. Unofficial patches for the game eliminating all the bugs and glitches bethasda layer around.. The modded guns like the desert eagle and the endless warfare mod makes the game into a apocalyptic insanity. You can make it so hundreds of enemies spawn more often.. Enable the ghoul apocalypse and change the weather and that will make the game almost like a zombie apocalypse. I also have another mod where you can pretty much make your own army of any robots/humans/creatures to choose from even liberty primes. Just such a fun game even the mods make it even more fun asf. So no Bethesda’s games aren’t sucky definitely not after fallout 4 was released.

  6. It totally baffles me to the point of annoyance that the critics almost invariably give such favourable reviews to Bethesda’s games. I swear that IGN said about the recently released (alleged) remaster of ‘Skyrim’ for the PS4/One something like ‘Its nice to see fewer game ending bugs in this edition’ without a hint of sarcasm. They scored it 8/10, not so far behind the superb ‘Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Honestly.

  7. MAN! I just cannot believe how many haters and lovers there are of Bethesda. I am one of the lovers. And so to say, Bethesda does really make great and awesome games but our expectations are so high that we cannot bear to see anything go wrong.

  8. You can’t say a game sucks because it has a bad interface, you can’t say the DLC suck without even saying why. Oblivion wasn’t the best game ever made, but it wasn’t terrible, especially not for it’s time.. The Shivering isles DLC was great, and the story to Oblivion was pretty deep in lore, I admit it could use more special effects and some more character voices. And for fallout, I can hardly call fallout 3 the worst game ever, you cannot post an article about a company sucking without giving any thought to adding facts. Bethesda doesn’t fix their games as they should, I’ll admit that. And yes, they should consider to round the edges a little bit, but they’re not the worst company out there.

  9. Hrrrm.. okay, maybe I should re-articulate. I was in full-blown fanboy mode, and I’ve had a lot of things pointed out to me One, Oblivion was more of an RPG than Skyrim was, and was a lot less dumbed down, even if it WAS dumbed down compared to Morrowind. Two, yes. Fallout 3 sucked. It’s become abundantly clear to me that it’s a shitty little game. Three, New Vegas wasn’t even MADE by Bethesda. They had virtually nothing to do with it besides the liensing- OBSIDIAN made Fallout: New Vegas, and were forced to rush the development, so yes, it’s buggy, but it’s god’s gift to gaming compared to Fallout 3; better systems, better combat, somewhat better physics, a more intriguing story, more fleshed-out characters, more character choice without being railroaded, a much better system than “hur dur evil and good”, companions with actual personalities, motivations and backstories, and an ending that actually was affected by you and had variety, as opposed to “either you’re a martyr or a coward”. And it does not literally crash every ten minutes you simpleton, that’s not what literally means and I can play for a good solid 6 hours straight without it crashing, not to mention the save system works fine. Four, yes, oblivion’s dlc was overpriced, but it DID get infinitely better (look at Skyrims DLC, which are BETTER THAN THE ENTIRE BASE GAME.) Five, the DLC for Fallout 3 (specifically The Pitt) was the only emotional experience that I had in the entire goddamned game, and that alone made it much better. Six, a lot of their games are still fantastic- Morrowind and Dishonored, just to name a couple. And seven, IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE A TOP TEN LIST, YOU FUCKING IDIOT, ACTUALLY HAVE TEN ENTRIES!

    • Oh, and let’s not forget that New Vegas’s crafting- from the ammo, to the Survival skill, to the Workbench recipes and the weapon modifications- was phenominal compared to Fallout 3, and the ammunition crafting alone is a selling point for me. AND the enemies are more varied and challenging, AND the world is back to its original dark-comedy roots, AND things make sense, AND the factions make sense in the context of the world… AND the faction system is possibly the best addition to the Fallout series since Stimpaks.

    • …Wait, I just noticed- stupid me- why is this a top 5 list that starts at 10 and ends at 5- therefore making it a 6-NUMBERED LIST?!?

  10. Okay, look. Maybe their games aren’t perfect, so what? Would you rather suck Konami’s throbbing pus-lubed Silent-Hill-raping cock while fucking EA’s microtransaction-digital-rights-management-and-multiplayer-shoehorning gonorrhea-ridden cunt as they pump out shitty game after shitty game and rape their customer’s rights with every damn word? No. Oblivion and the Fallout games aren’t damn perfect, but at least they don’t force you to pay for stupid dlc that is worthless (hey, at least Bethesda learned from their mistake with Horse Armor)and by the way you fucking ignoramus, if you’re gonna make a list of five reasons you don’t number it 10-6, you number it to 5-1 you stupid asshole. Bethesda made great games, and yes I love all of the fallout games they’ve made DESPITE their flaws. I’ll bet you’re one of those idiots who thinks that graphics are everything and that “oh well corporations just exist to make money and it justifies everything they do). Bethesda sells games and makes amazing content that their true fans love with their entire beings without the need for any of the stupid bullshit that all other AAA developers bitch and whine about not being able to survive without. Fuckoff you stupid twat.

    • Yeah. Bethesda Softworks develop amazing games that are very successful. He is just jealous of their success because he can never maintain let alone create a company like Bethesda and he wouldn’t be able to make games as good as Bethesda can in a MILLION YEARS.

    • I’ve loved every Bethesda game I’ve played it’s easy to shut on the best I guess

    • @JagarAlagoria

      Why are you so angry?
      You don’t show much maturity if you start name calling people each time they say wrong things on your favorite games.

      Bethesda sucks when it comes to graphics. that’s a fact. And I can’t believe people keep defending an AAA studio on releasing 79$ games in 2016 with a 2008 standard.
      We care about story. We care about gameplay. We care about graphics. We are no longer in the Sega era.

  11. Don’t blame the developers, Bethesda forced Obsidian to release it before it was finished. They also cheated Obsidian out of royalties based on a single metacritic point, which was lost because of how buggy the launch was, entirely because Bethesda rushed the game out before Obsidian finished it.

    Bethesda didn’t even stick to the agreed to arrangement, and wouldn’t let Obsidian work on it.

    It’s almost like they did a cost benefit calculation and figured they stood to gain more by sabotaging the product at launch to deny Obsidian royalties, only to patch it later. Though in fairness, they probably just didn’t give a damn if it was playable or not.

  12. Major issue with one argument. Bethesda only published that awful Fallout New Vegas. Obsidian made it.

  13. Okay, here’s the deal, for all you idiots defending Bethesda. Bethesda uses limited voice actors, creates huge worlds and doesn’t bug test all their areas. They create hours of side quests that are so buggy they break the game, because they don’t fully test their games. Bethesda relies on programmers to create mods in order to fix their bugs. They want your money. They will package up a shit game with a bow to make it look it good, and then when you get into the game you realize they made you pay for a turd in a plastic case. Bethesda creates decent combat AI for the most part, but they don’t test it fully, so bugs are everywhere. To increase combat difficulty, instead of just making the AI smarter, which would be too much work, they go through the process of adding bullshit like attacks you can’t dodge or attacks that can’t be blocked, giving bosses invincible stages and etc. Bethesda is lazy and greedy. If they put the necessary effort in, Bethesda would be the greatest game developer ever seen by our community, but they won’t. They refuse to clean up their act and stop selling shit. So stop defending Bethesda just because you didn’t realize that all the times you died and couldn’t figure out why was not because of your mistake. It was a Bethesda Bug fucking your shit up.

    • Not to mention, the thing that pisses me off more than anything in any Bethesda game, comes from The Evil Within. I like the game, hate the bugs. When you use a gun, you get a nice little crosshair telling you where you are aiming. When you have a crossbow or a thrown item, you get a trajectory line. The crossbow bolt? Yeah, you can’t aim it with the trajectory line. It doesn’t follow the line shown. Great way to lose crossbow bolts huh? You’re lined up perfectly for a headshot with an explosive bolt… then it sticks to the wall 3 feet above where you were aiming. Too high to retrieve, and it won’t explode when in the wall. So yeah, Bethesda is a bunch of lazy as piece of shit programnmers.


  14. 5 reasons this website sucks:
    10 : Your lists are numbered horribly
    9 : You’re making fun of one of the most successful game companies ever. Home of fallout 4 and Skyrim.
    8 : Why must i scroll ALL the way down this super long page to comment? Why not put it above the other comments?
    7 : need I say more?

    • Nope I don’t think so and it looks like a two year old typed it. Sorry for all two year olds.

    • 10: Ditto

      9: Companies can do shitty things and make shitty products and be successful in the market, companies do it all the time. Furthermore, your response isn’t a rebuttal of any of his criticisms, all of which are legitimate criticisms. What you posted is like responding to a valid critique of a crappy movie by saying “Well it sold a lot of a tickets”.

      8: Maybe it’s so you’ll read comments before posting them? I dunno.

      7: I feel like you need to justify 8.

    • Or justify 9 rather.


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  17. Wtf kind of review is this? This is just beyond biased! The “critic” has given next to no real reasons as to why they were bad than “they sucked” or “they were garbage”. Has the author even play more than 3 hours of each game?

    • I,m at a complete loss why I keep putting good money out for games that are incomplete, broken and just plain garbage. Not a day goes by when any of the new games I play is forever crashing, some people say my hardware isn’t up to date, but they they are just as stupid as the rest of the morons on this planet. Everyone has an opinion before they get the facts, well here are the facts.

      Asus a88x pro
      Amd A10 6800 4.4 Gig
      64 Gig Hyper X Ram 2.4 G
      24 Terabyte Raid

      So here’s the bottom line

      Game developers have an idea, then they screw it up by over-thinking, then they hire
      morons who claim they can do what is needed
      because they have no faith in themselves,
      and the morons mess it up and then the consumer is force to buy a game that will never work right. This is the reason for piracy, I don’t endorse this practice, however i can understand why people no longer wished to be “RIPPED OFF” anymore.

      Buy a car, it’s a lemon, sue, get your money back, buy a game, it’s broken, get screwed, keep getting fixes, get screwed, demand your money back, get screwed.

  18. The poster of this is an idiot. Going to flat out call them on this. They are just a troll. I did a search for legit complaints against Bethesda Softworks and this idiot reaching nothing. He should be fired from any job he is trying to be a journalist in. He did nothing to represent the real problems with Bethseda games like Save gave issues and graphical issues which even flood into Fallout 4. They dont learn about that and its a big issue with their games but this idiot does mention it. Its been an issue with Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. (and Fallout 4) but he doesnt mention the biggest problem with these games and its the save game feature.

  19. I used to think Bethesda was fine but now that I see it everywhere it’s getting annoying. Doesn’t matter is it Bethesda Softworks or Game Studios, their game mechanism is pretty much similiar to each other. The games today just really feels really much manufacturing/industrial.

    There is a reason why I prefer indie games. They have no big company behind them but only a few people. Or even just one. They don’t have, as I feel company games does, a template you just fill with crap.

    I hate Bethesda because they just put their nose in every single fucking game (Ok not every game but still)

    Nothing personal, just my opinion.

    • Bethesda is an amazing company. Skyrim is one of my all time favorite games. It was the first game I played where I could run around, stab stuff, fight huge monsters, and customize my character any way I want. I don’t know what you mean when you say they “put their nose” in what, are you referring to their OWN games? I think they would care to make their games as best as possible considering they put at least 5 years of work into them. Fallout 4 is beautifully brilliant. It tops every single one of their games, and that is so because they care. You are just stubborn. Get over it, pal.

  20. I don’t think this guy realized that Bethesda didn’t develop New Vegas, they only published/distributed the game. So actually, all they did was sell the game they were handed. Obsidian MADE the game, Bethesda only sold it.

    • Bethesda also abandoned Fallout: New Vegas before it was released.

      And this article is just click bate. So avoid it.

  21. This post is completely wrong. Honestly everyone here knows that Fallout 1 & 2 developed by Interplay SUCKED. Hell, I’d go as far as to say that Bethesda saved the series. And Oblivion and Skyrim have some of the most immersive gameplay I’ve experienced yet. Not to mention the soundtrack that, whenever I listen to it, gives me chills with all the nostalgia. There was a really simple way to fix the horse controls in Oblivion. Just go into 3rd person and they were easy as pie. This article was clearly written by someone who thinks Bethesda is overrated.

    • Fucking kill yourself, obviously you never Fallout 1 and 2 or never touched any cRPG for that matter

    • Hilarious Bethtard.

    • you ARE a retard Fallout 1 & 2 were hugely groundbreaking for their time and the fact that you could play and complete the game in MANY different ways shows GREAT achievement. Fallout 3 was only good because it brought the game back from death unfortunately everything about it was shit compared to New Vegas. Which IMO was the REAL Fallout 3

    • This post is 4 years old and its more true than ever , aside from the excessive pointless ranting about bugs .

      look you might not think fallout 1-2 are FUN for you .

      But some of us adore smart adult content that isnt dumbed down for the sake of bigger demographics

      Fallout in its essence is an interactive story where you decide what you will do concerning anything anyone and the consequences of your decisions.

      Not a rollercoaster of shooting generic monsters while chasing your daddy/son (fallout 3/4) than picking one out of 3 options .

      while the later might be more fun for some people

      ITS NOT A FALLOUT GAME , they practically bought and pushed around interplay got the full license only to kill everything that made fallout what it was … i dont know what was the point of buying the license in the 1st place , if your going to alienate the fans of the franchise and strive for broader more casual demographic .

    • How can you speak for other people and say Fallout 1 and 2 suck? Chances are, you didn’t play them. Chances are, you’ll never give the game a chance. Chances are, your just some stupid joke with no facts or proof. Don’t say what you can’t prove. You have some rethinking to do. I have not played Fallout1 or Fallout2, but they both essentially look like diablo 1 and 2 which was awesome, so I’m am assuming Fallout 1 and 2 were pretty good, as well.

  22. What the hell? There are some valid points here, but many of your points are simply your own opinion. And, most importantly, you must learn that Bethesda Softworks is not a game developer. It is a publisher. Bethesda Game Studios is the developer, and was not involved with New Vegas, or many games published by Bethesda Softworks, such as WET, dishonored, etc.

  23. I didn’t even get through the article, which is fine. Author held a few valid points, but taking a quick glance at the comment section left me in shock. Guys, we all love Fallout. We love the storyline. We love the gameplay. It’s our world.
    However, if you’re going to attempt to insult, please don’t go on about how the author needs to go back to school while misspelling 90% of your comment. It just isn’t a good look. Let him have his opinion, getting that messed up because of someone’s opinion is just silly.
    Is this article going to prevent you from playing the game? No? Then calm yourselves and stop looking ignorant as shit, you are making us gamers look like a pack of ingrates. Cheers.

  24. Off all the awfull publishers out there you have a problem with Bethesda? You really don’t understand games do you? Or possibly this entire article is just one big troll to get yourself more views on your shitty blog.

  25. Let me ask all of you fanboys a fucking question?
    When you have a job to make a product and it doesn’t
    Work at all what do you do with it?
    I promise you I have played the elder scrolls series and
    The fall out series longer than all of you dick heads hating on the editor here.
    The reason these games got game of the year awards was for the hype in fact not because of the gameplay.
    In many of these games there are game breaking bugs and glitches that should be not be acceptable.
    Your telling me all of the whole time they are making their next title to a series like the elder scrolls skyrim for instance that they didn’t see that there would be word wall glitches? That there would be quest glitches? That there would be important characters that if were accidentally killed you couldn’t even start a fucking quest? Are you fucking kidding me you fanboys are the retards for sucking these developers dicks like Bethesda. I have 9000 hrs in skyrim and oblivion alone
    I had to struggle to play both of them because of bugs.
    And I’m gonna say this when a dev releases a motherfucking game they better make damn sure they don’t have to patch fucking shit because if they do why in the fuck did they release the game anyway it’s unacceptable and not only that if they do have to patch it why in the fuck can’t they do it right the first time if they have such a good development team. The editor here is not a hater he’s speaking the truth get the fuck over your fanboyism.

    • Most people hate on the writer of this “review” not just because he trashed on Bethesda (I liked Skyrim a lot, but I didn’t get pissed at this) but because it reads like a Youtube troll comment. Seriously, “5 reasons” but it starts at 10 and ends at 6.

      Whether or not you consider Bethesda to be acceptable as a developer is your opinion/problem, don’t shove it on other people and call (all of) them fanboys for something they genuinely like. Just because you’ve played games longer doesn’t mean we have to listen to you.

  26. Ok stright up you need to go back to grade school and learn how to count before posting anything like this ever again. You started with 10 in your count down not 5. Who cares about your opion if your going to post anything this keep it on your own boards. Bethsoft has many times already said that while they strive to make great games assholes like you exist to try to hurt there business. As far as all you other commenters that are saying they released broken games and the games crash and shit never once have i had a game from bethsoft crash on me unlike Activision and bungie whos games crash every time you turn around. And you cod lovers out there dont get me wrong i love cod but it is one of the worst games for bugs glitches and cheaters. Before anyone goes bitching about bugs and companies sucking because of them learn this those “Hackers” AKA cheaters are the reason for 90% of those bugs because in order for them to cheat they have to inject files into the game servers to give themselves the ability to do this shit online.The case with bethsofts games and bugs are not the games end it the users end learn how to instll games right or dont play. Console players you have the right to bitch because the game disks are your issue. So before you start bitching about a company do some research and then compile your hater lists.

  27. This was just written by some half-assed hater who had nothing better to do then talk about why he didn’t like the company. Whoever wrote this just ended any chance I ever had of liking collegetimes

  28. It’s hilarious how quick the fanboys are to resort to ad hominem. Guys, try to form a cohesive argument; maybe then, the rest of us will stop laughing at you.

    Admittedly, I’m a bit biased when it comes to the Fallout series. Having played Fallout 1&2 back in the 90’s, I had extremely high expectations for the third entry. So, what didn’t I like about Fallout 3? Here’s a brief list:

    1. Repetition. I get it, it’s a big world out there, and not everything can be unique. Still, it felt like every vault I wandered into was the same old boring schematic.

    2. Color Palette. Again, I understand we’re in a post-apocalyptic scenario, but it gets very tiresome staring at an endless stretch of grey and brown.

    3. Voice Actors. Fallout 1&2 hired some of the best actors in the industry. My favorites would have to be Tress MacNeille and Tony Jay (RIP, good sir). Fallout 3 had Liam Neeson; decent voice, but nothing special.

    4. The Nanny Factor. If I’m playing the bad guy in a video game, I don’t enjoy being restricted. A drug-addled wasteland warrior cares little for the lives of children, so why the hell can’t I blast those little creeps into oblivion?

  29. I agree Fallout 3 is overrated and so is the entire series. The plot is weak, the characters aren’t anything unique and the gameplay is mediocre.

    • That’s complete bullshit, that game has hundreds of hours of content and, although I will admit the pallete sucked, the content for the money was simply amazing. The fps mechanics are shit but the overall gameplay is fantastic

  30. All of the games you listed won game of the year, you retard

  31. Fallout 3, Dishonored, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion all won game of the year, so you argument losses immense credibility. In fact this whole argument is kind of egregious. I Don’t know where you get your sources from, and you have nothing to support your argument. Its just a bunch of opinionated criticism.

    Just FYI Bethesda did not produce Fallout New Vegas. Obsidian entertainment is at fault for that inferior game.

    • Bethesda pushed F:NV out the door while it was still unfinished. Also, it was a WAY better game than F3, thanks to great dialogue and having a lot of choice regarding both main and side stories.

      F3 just felt dumbed-down and generally like a mediocre Bethesda adventure game (you can’t call that an RPG) set in a post-nuclear wasteland.

  32. Hey oblivion was awesome and the dlcs were fantastic so you should actually get some real facts since you didn’t play the game. I don’t know what bathesda did to you but they are the best game making company ever

  33. Hey oblivion was awesome and the dlcs were fantastic so you should actually get some real facts since you didn’t play the game

  34. Lol what fucking retarded faggot wrote this? This is hilarious. Did I stumble into one of these extreme fringe douchebag websites again where the commentators actually agree with the pure shit written in the article?


    Are you literally 5? Good god. Not only is your entire opinion wrong, but you didn’t even fill up a whole list.

  35. I tried hard to understand fanboys defending Bethesda and whoever the fuck they hire to make the games they publish but I can’t. They got scammed and robbed. Buggy games than run like trash both on console and on high end PC’s. Console fanboys are the worst, with comments like “I don’t know what you are talking about I’ve found like 3 or 4 bugs ever” and “If they made bad games why does everybody buy their games” Blablabla totally brain dead consumers who would buy shit if it had the Elder Scrolls or Fallout on the envelope logo. Seems like to be able to run any Elder Scrolls or Fallout game without crashes and massive frame drops(PC ONLY, fuck the console peasants) you have to spend around 2 or 3 days reading articles and downloading “anti crash” and “performance” mods that “kinda” work at making the game less unplayable. Even with all the performance fixes, unnoficial patches, and anything you can find at stability guides(yes, there are articles and guides just to be able to play these fucking shitty games decently), even then, the games still stutter and lag but “not as much as “clean” game this is specially true for Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The worst part(and funnier) are the guys with monster PC’s asking on the internet why does their Skyrim, Fallout 3 or NV runs like trash when they have an i7 16gb ram and “insert any high end GPU model”? When I read their comments I laugh at the irony. I love how fanboys can come up only with “this article is trash blablabla” “this article is baddly written” blablalba, like it changed the point, games are still trash and I play them and didn’t pay shit for them so I have nothing to regret, just stating my observatios based on experience not fangirlism, Idiots who actually spent their money on those pieces of shit however, must feel like idiots. Kind of braindead monkeys who like to prepurchase stuff on steam only to find out latter that product is trash and devs are lazy.

  36. I agree completely my king, i liked oblivion but it was boring physics and crashed so much fallout 3 was all grey and just oblivion wasteland style, game crashed then too alot then new vegas that piece of shit crashes every ten seconds and this is 2015
    Fuck still

  37. This is all your opinion. Don’t see why any of this matters ?

  38. I oddly feel like this is a troll, but people can have their opinions.

  39. Honestly, if it wasn’t for modding I think Fallout and the Elder Scrolls would have long faded into obscurity. There’s just… not much there in the base game. There are some enjoyable parts of most of Bethesda’s games, but Skyrim and Fallout 3 really stuck in mind as just feeling… empty and rushed. Mods make them more playable, but I do think they’re overhyped.

  40. Hold on: Here’s the reveiws.
    Collegetimes: “Skyrim wil suck, Fallout 3 sucked, Oblivion sucked.”
    Every professional source related to games: All 3 win GOTY.

    Also. Why is this list 10-5 instead of 5-1? Can thou not count, Sire?

  41. Huge amount of bugs, glitches, performance problems….enough to warrant them the title of “Bugthesda”.
    Poor and completely unbalanced gameplay with extremely shallow rpg mechanics
    Horrible writing…at best solid, at worst “Have you seen my Dad?He’s a middle aged Guy.” level of laughable.
    Copy paste environment and npc design that exemplifies quantity>quality concept.
    Poor treatment of customers…DLC scams and even trying to ripp off modders for improving/fixing THEIR OWN GAME.

  42. Don’t hate on a publisher for game quality, hate on the developer, unless the publisher is known for pressuring developers for early releases.

    I’m not interested in any of Bethesda Game Studio’s fantasy games so the only game of theirs I’ve played is Fallout 3 and I found it to be way overrated.

    It’s got an average story, poor to average gameplay (true unpolished RPG style FPS) and average graphics. It’s also the buggiest PoS ever (freezes intermittently for like… no reason). Not worth the praise it receives. Also, Liam Neeson? WTF… I hate that guy. If Liam Neeson was my father, I’d kill myself.

    As for games PUBLISHED by Bethesda, the only games I’ve played are RAGE and Dishonored.

    RAGE was meh, short and only worth buying at steep discount.

    Dishonored was fantastic. Loved the revenge story, the gameplay, the voice acting, the multiple endings. So happy they’re making a sequel.

  43. Wait, let me get this straight. You said “Gameplay wise, Fallout: New Vegas was leaps and bounds ahead of any of the other games on this list.” How so? New Vegas was basically an expansion pack for Fallout 3, there were no real gameplay differences.
    Also, why do you list five reasons for your article, then number them 10-5? Do you need to learn how to count again?

  44. wow, you are a straight idiot. You know what sucks? Your logic. They just let anyone post an article these days huh? Looking at the comments…you’re all idiots. Sales don’t lie. Nobody’s “buying into their bullshit”. You play a game because you like it. Price? You want to talk about price? Everything they have released was industry standard pricing. My only gripe was the SLIGHTLY overpriced Oblivion DLC.

    Most of you seem to have 0 knowledge on game development. In a linear, scripted game with limited scope you have a much more controlled environment to bug test. In an open world game that works around you there are potentionally a million bugs and you have to scour over each little segment of game of fix those bugs. Let me be frank, I’ve sunk thousands of hours into Bethesda games…and have maybe encountered bugs maybe 10 times…but that’s because I’m not an idiot and I wait a month or so after release to grab up a game. Your article is awful. The speing is awful, the grammar is awful. The fact checking is awful.

    New Vegas? Not developed by Bethesda, developed by Obsidian Entertainment…who also developed the award winning KOTOR 2. Sounds like you have an issue with award winning developers to me.

    All of their games sucked? Have you ever played Dishonored? One of the best hybrid stealth games I’ve ever played…also developed by Bethesda.

    And while I’m on the topic, I doubt you’ve played EVERY Bethesda published game. In depth for that matter. But if you are. Keep buying up their games kid…that will show them how much you hate them. Idiot.

    • Thank you for being the only one in here with a functioning brain.

    • Omg you’re hella smart. Most logical person to post a comment yet. All these other people whether they are for or against this article seem to be lacking… maturity.

  45. This guy. I know this is an old article but its obvious he didn’t play or research the games at all. First, Bethesda didn’t make New Vegas, they only published it. Second there are going to be bugs in games that take over 120 hours to complete everything in the game, not including DLCs. They made a deal with xbox, big deal. There are lots of games that are console specific. If you want to really enjoy the game play on pc.

  46. U suck, your opinions suck, and fact check yourself. for instacne, oblivion had the world record for the most unique voices in any game, and new vegas wasnt even made by bethesda.

  47. they do publish good and great games, though, too, like dishonored and wolf tno. BUT they give a shit about their customers concerning bugs and patches and refuse to include or (later) patch languages. so, simply put: FUCK BETHESDA. you guys really suck.

  48. Found this by chance. Yeah, Bethesda’s games are pure crap. I never understood why people like their garbage.

  49. bethesda is to gaming as microsoft is to operating systems…. just because the lot of you ‘window lickers’ install and fap over it, doesn’t make it ‘good’.

    ‘good’ is a standard set when a completed product WORKS.

    ‘Works’ is defined as, not fucking broken.


    also the game play of pretty much every bethesda product (especially the rpgs) feels like a warp into a shitty realm of low standards and terrible plots.

  50. Old article yet Bethesda still are rubbish. To think of all of the consumers they lured in with potentially great games which are buggy pieces of shit. Tes online was a cash grab and even though everyone knew this, they bought into this companies lies and bullshit sub prices on an already pricey game and are going to rinse and repeat on new consoles if they can. Consumers need to get off this companies dick and come up for air instead of buying anything else from them otherwise this company, along with many others, will milk the fuck out of the blind and misinformed groupee gamers.

    • Ok eso was not made by bethesda only published. 2nd it was the companies first attempt at an mmo. Research before you try to state something. Thank you

  51. You are entitled to your opinion but that doesn’t mean go posting it all over the Internet and please say actual reasons other than “their games sucked” thank you

  52. I agree with the reviewer in terms of wanting developers to complete their games, test them properly before selling them!!! DLC is a shit concept. I remember when developers included ALL the content. We already bought your game full price. We should get EVERYTHING. You lazy fucks. I was given Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas as a gift from a sibling, and that’s the only reason I haven’t set fire to them. But I’m cross for him because he got ripped off for remembering my birthday. And you people tearing the review to pieces, defending a company that couldn’t program for fucking shit – you’re bloody neckbeards, I just know it. It’s not wrong to just want to play the fucking game, the way it should have been made. If it’s not going to work on a particular system, don’t release the game for it! Do you fanboys and arrogant neckbeards get it now? If you don’t, you’re fucking retarded.

  53. I mostly agree, especially with Fallout part.

  54. This has GOT to be a troll…..

  55. if bethesda is so bad and everyone can see it why does fallout 3 and new vegas both have game of the year editions as well as every elder scrolls ever made, i mean i have the elder scrolls 3,4 and 5 goty editions if they suck so bad they wouldnt be number 1

  56. So many weak minded consumers here.

    Complain about bugs, but buy the game anyways. A real consumer waits a few weeks, and if there’s lots of issues, he doesn’t blindly lay down money on the game and complain about issues. He doesn’t give the company his money.

    Some of you are the worst consumers in the world.

  57. Oh and the reason they suck is….No info about fo4!!!!! It’d be nice for some confirmation

  58. What a joke, so the games are buggy sometimes didn’t diminishing the fun I had. When you dev. Games of your own you can build it however you’d like. Here’s a tip,stop buying games dude. I don’t think anyone will tell you there’s a perfect game out there.

  59. oops what i meant to say as far as i know, valve wouldn’t release hl2 until it was bug and glitch free. sadly it’s the bean counters at the top who are responsible

  60. i agree with the reviewer to some extent – my beef with bethseda is the fact fallout 3 and new vegas constantly freeze and lag – the save system is screwed for us ps3 users – but i quite enjoyed oblivion and am a fan of skyrim.
    they really should take a look at valve – half life 2 – an age to actually be released, but it runs really well and was worth the wait!

  61. Wah wah wah this prick acts like he couldn’t even finish a game without throwing a tantrum. Play most of these games fallout 1 and 2 were good but 3 and new Vegas were a diffrent approach. I enjoyed them immensely. Skyrim with mods no other game in my opinion has a better mod community. Love Best. Studios

  62. I’ve heard 13 year olds on YouTube write better reviews. Bethesda is far from the best developer out there but the only reasons you wrote were “I don’t like it, wahhhhh”. My god this might be one of the worst articles ever written.

  63. Hi kids!Can you spot the fan boys in the comments section?

  64. Fallout 1 and 2 are RPG masterpieces, while Fallout 3 and New Vegas play like FPS games with badly implemented RPG mechanics. Also, the story, characters, voice-acting, gameplay and just about everything else are shit compared to their predecessors. If you nuke that town at the beginning of Fallout 3, your dad will tell you he’s disappointed in you. WTF!

  65. This article is bullshit. I’m not to big of a fan of Bethesda but Fallout 3 seemed very good to me, and that’s the problem with this article. It is EXTREMELY biased. This is your own personal expirences while people like me had a good experience with most of the things in these games. Also the point of the Oblivion lair DLC is to give you somewhere to store your shit without buying a house because I don’t know about you but I got over encumbered with things I wanted before I could afford a house. On the flip side, that horse control is quite bullshit.

  66. Yeah, man! Bethesda sucks!

  67. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the person who wrote this “article” has legitimate journalism experience and is, in fact, not an 8th grader.

    These games are not perfect and have some similar flaws. Not to mention the arguable stripping down of features to make them more accessible. But this pathetic excuse for an article reads like a rant on a forum. Not exactly a well-thought-out argument here.

  68. Bethesda is literally the WORST game company I have ever had experience with. And its sad that all of their games are garbage. Elder Scrolls Online turns out to be a huge failure, and it’s rated M for sum reason. And with that stupid Imperial Edition you get to play one more RACE: Imperial, only for $99.99 Cum get em folks!

  69. @ SomeDude

    I’d like to see you make a game like Sky – rem instead of bitching in these comments with matters that don’t relate to you dumbass…

    Oh wait, you just too busy nerding up this shit.

  70. @ Mr. Skungeous

    Would you rather buy a game that has been worked on for over 4 years and is still broken and buggy?

    Or would you rather download a game that has been worked on for over 4 years and is still broken and buggy?

    Think about that. And it does seem like Bethesda is worth paying for? Am I right? Sky-rim?? Rim at the sky. Yeah. Like to-tal-lay bra!

  71. Let me start by saying I’ve owned all of the Fallout series after 2 and put over 120 hours into Skyrim. They are all good games with big ambition, however, Bethesda gets too antsy to put these games out that they are always riddled with bugs and glitches that force you to restart your console half the time and that’s bullshit. Even when they go back and patch glitches and attempt to fix things it usually makes load times increase significantly and still doesn’t fix the frequent freezing problems. I eventually had to stop playing FO:New Vegas before I could even get through the main story line because the game literally froze once every 15 minutes on average.

    When Bethesda makes Fallout 4 for the new consoles, if these issues aren’t addressed I will have no choice but to avoid their games for the rest of my gaming years. SHAPE UP BETHESDA!!! I love the concept of Fallout and Skyrim but I’ll take functionality over graphics (on games like these at least) any day of the week.

  72. “Bethesda sucks suckitty shitty-fucking moose cock sucker sucking sucky blah blah blah.”

    We’re well aware by now that Skyrim is a rather pretty train wreck, but on the bright side it IS pretty; that puts it one up on this excuse for an article. There are all sorts of constructive points you could have made, viz.:

    -Bethesda titles universally ship without adequate play testing and are never properly patched
    -Gameplay is becoming increasingly simplistic and railroaded
    -Level design is becoming nonsensically linear and increasingly sloppy
    -20 years into the TES franchise, and they still haven’t created a sensible inventory system
    -Writing has gone downhill since TES3

    Beyond that, your negativity is literally incredible; you have managed to ignore or deny every positive aspect of every game, including some surprisingly exemplary content (ie: Shivering Isles), presumably just because you’re mad at Bethesda. I catch flak for believing that TES3 was the best game in their flagship series, but you’re putting down FO3 in light of FO1&2 – games which effectively demanded constant save scumming to play in light of unbalanced turn-based die roll mechanics, and which were not quite on par with Diablo in terms of graphics. FO3 had its issues, but it was playable without blood pressure medication, and it created a beautifully bleak atmosphere which, arguably, was more central to the game than the plot itself.

    What I’m saying is that while I’m disappointed in Bethesda lately, you come across not so much knowledgeable as surly and foul-mouthed. Oh, and ‘Top 5’ lists usually start at 5, not 10.

  73. You people obviously don’t know what voicing your opinion is. Oh yah, that’s right! You can’t say anything without getting bombarded by assholes here. Anyways, back to the topic…

    I see you assholes complained about bugs when Skyrim came out. I read those and um, I must say… You are fucking retarded. Of course a huge fucking game like that with a very dynamic fucking world is going to have bugs. I’d like to see you fucking make Skyrim. They can’t just give you the damned game and you say ‘momma momma there’s bug!’ and them fix every fucking bug. It takes many people to do this shit, and intelligence that you WISH you had. Go soak your head, as I quote the character from Fallout.

    Oh by the way… To the asshole who said us Bethesda fans are ‘whinny babies’, listen to yourself asshole.

    • Except many of Bethesda’s games are bugged from the get-go. In the original ‘Skyrim’ releases for the 360/PS3 the horses and cart would begin levitating and flying like a creature possessed. On the PS3 version the frame rate would notoriously become progressively worse with each save. I’ve heard there are similar bugs that were discovered at the beginning of ‘Fallout 4’ upon it’s release. This suggest that they don’t even bother to play test there games before release. Stop being such an insufferable fanboy by defending the indefensible. Bethesda are a team of jokers.

  74. I agree to this. I would like to also add that they use dishonest advertising techniques. Most of those games are over hyped.

    I got:

    Fallout 3….UNINSTALLED after some hours.
    RAGE…..ROTTING in games library. I am scared to try it because i KNOW it is garbage
    Bully…played once. NEVER AGAIN
    Dishonoured…REFUSED TO GET IT. I learned my lesson
    Fallout: New Vegas…bla bla bla. No One cares.
    The Elder Scrolls Online…WHO CARES????!!!

    I am avoiding this Dev/Publisher like the plague now.

  75. By the way Bethesda shouldn’t be alive anymore, they suck at fixing and/or making games. It’s always boring nerdy shit.

  76. What is only funny is that that guy is only a douchey nerd! :) Go put your 4-incher back where it was! In your diaper!

  77. New Vegas was way too buggy IMO and fallout 3 was bethesda playing it safe making a game for a 12 year old. Probably cause GTA got sued for sexual content regardless of being rate for an adult not a 13 year old girl who shouldn’t even be playing.

    as for gameplay Fallout 3 is over all more fun IMO than New vegas. Horrible story but games these days don’t sell for story like borderlands.

  78. I came on here to hear some trashtalk about bethesda (i’ll admit that) but now im havin so much fun reading about people who hate eachother and have no idea why that Ive come to the conclusion that bethesda isnt to blame. The internet is. Lol

  79. Lol. Reading this entire thread is more entertaining than any video game.

  80. This is clearly a hate webiste, however there are hardly any bugs that i have encountered with bethesda’s games exept for fallout new:vagas and even then the bugs were not so bad. So make sure that you have valid facts before you post or make sure that you place on this website that it is a OPINION based webaite. I am morgan Freeman, thank you for reading

  81. I agree with this guy. Skyrim was one F**KED up game when it came out and 14 months later they are still making patches ;)…what a shitty company hahaha. They release 3 DLC and the original game is STILL fucked up. I can’t seem to solve the problem of floating weapons, NPC’s that float along the ground like statues (no animation), dead floating NPC’s, dead khajiits with their tails still flopping around. How Skyrim EVER got game of the year is beyond me!! Bugthesda is indeed a shitty company. I called their tech support twice and they didn’t know squat about my issue. Todd Howard can eat a D**K!!

  82. This article is just a whiney cod player complaining about a few games having glitches and not having the best dlc. You are an idiot.

  83. Whomever the small minded soul who wrote this article was, they were wrong, gameplay, graphics, and storyline were amazing in both Skyrim, and Fallout 3, as well as New Vegas. They incorporated brand new, creative ideas on all aspects of gameplay, most noteably in user interface. The games all in all are the “game-changers” of the rpg era. Anyone expecting Bethesda to make something more like Zelda should forget about gaming and just leave. haha. Bethesda is the pioneer of non-linear role-playing-games.

  84. Bieber is popular, suppose that suggests he is talented, winning GOTY doesn’t mean shit.

  85. This is definitely a troll site created by someone that hates RPGS

    Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3 all got Game of the Year

    Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3 were awesome, huge free-roaming games that you could easily spend 100s of hrs playing

    The DLC was well worth the money

    The Shivering Isle, Knight of the Nine, Most of the Fallout 3 DLC and Bloodmoon and Tribunal for morrowind is on the GOTY versions

    If your games keep crashing then download the patches or get a new console, if you’re playing on the PC then download the Unofficial Oblivion/morrowind Patch it fixes 1000s of bugs (not sure about a unofficial Fallout patch)

    Oh and most of the games you mentioned in part 5 and Fallout New Vegas was NOT developed by Bethesda, they only published them

  86. Betheseda is a games company that published expensive games such as Fall out NV was published by Bethesda, as well as, Dishonored, RAGE and Borderlands. Over the span of 8 years I have spent time interacting with a few of Bethesedas’ programs. These 4 games in particular stand out to me as games I wish I had never spent money on. They charge the same price as tripple A titles yet appear and play like an indie development team created game.

    Fall out NV is a game that can be completed in a blink of an eye. They eye closes, then they eye opens and you’ve finished the main quest. The side quests are time consumers that say go here talk to this person. The time spent trawling this map is pointless. The environment is unsatisfying. It is true I covered every square inch of that map and found not a single object that made me think this was worth travelling for. In a blink I forgot about this game and never played it again.

    In the past day I played RAGE thinking it would be influenced by ID Software. It was quite clear this was controlled heavily by Betheseda as it instantly felt like I was playing borderlands. Which I hated. I never bothered finishing it because it I was bored by the repetitive game play uninteresting story unsatisfying game mechanics and the annoying crummy graphics.

    Speaking of crummy graphics the probably soon to be GOTY Dishonoured arrived shipping in at 70-80 bucks in Australia looking like a throw back to 2002 graphics. While I have played it for a large portion of time and can say that the game play, mechanics, story play well with limited of bug issues. It saved it self with satisfying game play and mechanics. The story is ok, I have not played enough to comment on that. However, the first moments of the game nearly made me turn the game off. The low polygon models and low resolution textures were horrendous and look like they are slapped on by a a blind person who couldn’t tell the difference between quality and vomit on their screen.

    Vomit, which is completely synonymous with Borderlands. A creepy unimaginative, repetative title made by a collection of programmers who like to have a lol and a gaggle about how they can make a game that requires minimal effort can charge the same as AAA titles.I deleted this one from my hdd, along with other games such as Soldier of Fortune Payback.
    Dragon Age 2, Counter-Strike Source, Turok (the one made in 2008), Clive Barkers Jericho, Call of Duty MW2 and Far Cry 2.

    Betheseda as a software producer offers a mixed bag when it comes to their products. The cost for the products seems to be more than the value of the product it self. As a company if they lowered their prices if they want to create mediocre games with minimal effort and then people wont be so irritated that they paid prices outside the bounds of reason or moderation for the software. I feel that the four games I mentioned should have been 35 dollars at the most and the time spent gaming will not be grudged for inferior quality product with a large cost.

    I am a gamer, a uni student working towards software production in games. I understand that it’s hard to produce high quality programs but I also understand business. If you make shit and sell it like its gold. Clients get pissed.

    Betheseda has a poor reputation with me, this is why I am hesitant to buy SkyRim.

  87. Here are the top 5 most compelling arguments as to why Bethesda Softworks sucks.

    Really? These are the most compelling arguments? You’re taking one argument, and using it 5 times as if it’s a different argument each time. If you can’t think of better arguments, don’t waste your time making such a retarded article. I’ve seen 10 year olds making articles about “PWN1NG N00BS” that were better than this.

  88. The person that wrote this ridiculous excuse for a readable article is either:

    A.) Mentally retarded

    B.) An absolutely terrible gamer that sucked at the aforementioned games and has no ability to play creatively

    C.) Trolling

    D.) A+B+C

  89. I never had problem with my ps3 copy of Skyrim. I really don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I mean yes I had a crash or 2 but its to be expected from a game of this magnitude. Now my PC copy. couldn’t be happier. Has yet to crash with 4 days of playtime. My favorite game ever. Morrowind was a close second. I read some bashing on morrowind in earlier posts. obviously those people don’t remember what gaming was like in 2001. lol that game is nearly 12 years old people. every game back then had terrible loading screens. well at least every game i played with an open game world of 12 square miles, give or take. Felt like more with the mountains and such. But morrowind was a different time. When developers didn’t always give you a map marker, or fast travel, or a tutorial. But whats best about these games is how you pay 60 bucks for them and can easily spend weeks of your life living someone elses. I personally cant get much past the campaign in this generations shoot em up game. hell yeah they are fun but 2 days and 30 mountain dews later I still don’t feel accomplished like I do wandering the wastes of skyrim/vvardenfell. I don’t know maybe my taste is more refined and less…. bitchy.

  90. It should also be noted that Bethesda Softworks is the one who sued Minecraft, not the game developers. You should also know that there is a cool enchanted pick-ax called, “Notched Pickaxe” in Skyrim.

  91. While I’m not going to comment on the obvious dislike of their games that you have, I think you should know that there are two different Bethesda’s. There is Bethesda Game Studious and Bethesda Softworks. Bethesda Studious are the ones who make the elder scrolls and new Fallout games. The latter is a publisher company and tend to publish shitty games.

    So to reiterate:

    Bethesda Softworks: Publisher

    Bethesda Game Studios: Game Design and Developers.

    I thought you should know this so next time you go on another hate rant about them or for the up in coming TES: Online, you will have your facts correct.

    P.S. I am skeptical about TES: Online.

  92. Bethesda games might be overrated, but they don’t suck. This article sucks more than Bethesda lol. Look at its title, “5 Reasons,” and instead of giving one good reason, he only said things like “this Bethesda game sucked, this one sucked too, and this one, and this.” Not impressed with this. My question is, how did Google lead me to here when I typed “video game dialogues suck” which has generally been true lately.

  93. Simply put, you an idiot

  94. ok i agree that bethesda sucks at fixing bugs and glitches… but how dare you insult oblivion skyrim and fallout, all three of those have been game of the year, i mean sure they have only six voices BIG DEAL, what matters is the story and the gameplay, the day you make a free roaming game that gets game of the year is the day you have room to talk, and even then you still are an idiot if you think skyrim and fallout 3 suck.

  95. To even hint that one of Bethesda Software’s games was awful, is a lie. Bethesda comes out with some of the best RPG Free Roaming games. I wonder what kind of games that you like, if you don’t like legitimately good games. NASCAR 2012? WWE2012? Dora’s Adventure? Barbie Playhouse? Are you so simple minded that you can’t appreciate that innovation and creativity behind Bethesda? If I were you I would stop playing video games completely. There is no reason to continue to play games if you can’t appreciate some of the greatest games from our time. I recommend you take all your video game systems, and put them under your car tire(If you are even smart enough to operate such a complex machine) And honestly after that, put your head under the tire next.

  96. As a modder and a long time fan of Elder Scrolls I will say this, Morrowind rocked, Oblivion sucked, and Skyrim brought the best of both worlds.

    Second of all, if you’re playing these games on the console, you’re an idiot or just don’t have a computer good enough to run it. (Which Skyrim is EXTREMELY WELL OPTIMIZED!!! I CANNOT SAY THAT ENOUGH!!! One may say that games from back in 2001 had as good of graphic as Skyrim but one cannot say that game was Open World. Which if you know anything about programming and game development you’d know one requires a hell of alot more power than the other and I mean ALOT.)

    Third the bugs are mainly due to the game being open world. Everytime something is edited in the editor, there is potential for new bugs. Now I do admit, they aren’t the best at fixing bugs, but there is a reason bugs are more present in open world games.
    That’s because there’s a ton of content, not to mention multiple ways to start, do, and finish quests, rather than linear games.

    Fourth THE EDITOR!!!
    Like I said earlier, if you got the game on the console, you’re an idiot.
    Why? Because of the editor. The editor allows for mods on the computer that are easily manageable and inspire much of Bethesda’s content.
    No horses in game(Morrowind)add some!
    Wanna build your own house (Hearthfire was a mod called Build your own house) make a mod for it!
    The editor creates even more endless content for the already almost endless world.
    Skyrim (due to a modder from oblivion) is the first game of their’s to NAIL and I mean NAIL the combat system. While there is room for improvement, I think we can all agree that the foundation is very well laid.

    So while you can rant on how all of the other Bethesda games suck (except you did not mention Morrowind, their crown jewel until Skyrim came out) I don’t think you’ll be able to get away with saying Skyrim sucks. Because it doesn’t.
    By the way, New Vegas wasn’t even Bethesda which shows how much you know on the damn subject in the first place. That’s like me trying to tell a gynecologist on how the vagina works.

    Elder Scrolls are playermade games and if you don’t understand that GTFO unappreciative noob.

  97. Everyone forgot about Doom or Rage

  98. I don’t understand why you guys are getting mad at one video game company. Even though Bethesda’s games had a lot of bugs and glitches, think about it, there isn’t one game that is actually “perfect”. Imperfection is part of life.

    FYI: TES and Fallout’s concept and story was amazing.

  99. I couldn’t agree more. I have 1000+ hours in Skyrim, and cannot complete the game because I sold a coral dragon claw that was needed for a future mission to open a door in a cave to get something for a College of Winterhold quest. The game let me sell the coral claw, yet won’t let me sell a “Statue of Dibella”. I started playing Oblivion. Have almost 200 hours in. The mission “spies” is glitched and I can’t finish it. I killed both spies, but Burd will not accept the completed mission. Sure, I could load a save and lose 100 hours of progress but I won’t. No more RPG’s from Bethesda for me. You would think there would be a computer program that could “Auto-play” the game and every possible scenario to find these game-breaking glitches, or at least better beta-testing, but I guess Bethesda thinks us consumers should beta-test the game after it is released. Still no Hearthfire patch to fix the glitch where my housecarl won’t buy furnishings for my house, or not being able to use weapon display cases, etc. You can fix some glitches with a command on PC, but what about console gamers? My son tells me there is an “Unofficial” Oblivion patch that fixed over 3000 bugs on PC….isn’t that a lot of bugs for ANY game?

  100. Just finished new vegas ultimate version and am just glad to get it over with. Graphics get old fast the longer I played the more it crashed. Had to go to earlier saves several times to get out of crash loops. I’ve played all of the elder scroll games from arena to oblivion and they all had game breaking bugs. Oblivion horses were a freaking joke. I love the idea of playing one of their games until I am actually playing it. How is it nintendo used to fit better rpg games on 8 bit cartridges? The Gold box D&D pc games blow anything bethesda has ever made away and they were made 25? years ago.

    Not sure why the fanbois like bethesda so much, glitchy games with 20 year old graphics. Whats with the loading screen everytime you enter a room? In new vegas there were a few broom closets that had their own zone wtf is up with that?

  101. I love when people post broad untrue generalizations…. Yes Bethesda has issues and they ignore plenty of bugs…. But if you were a programmer or have ever tried making your own Arron’s with TES you would know fixing clothes is sometimes very time consuming… And morrowind is still the best of the 5… And thu had 6 voice actors to save money…. Horses were new so you can’t expect it to be amazing…. Fallout 3 and oblivion bOth had great story lines so I don’t get what you’re talking about… But overall Bethesda is a great company that lets you play their games how you want to…. Sure they have glitches…. But better that then less content…. Oh and occaisanly game breaking glitches make it through testing so oh can’t really whine about that

  102. it’s funny how some people think that bethesda games are lame.I guess the world is still corrupted

  103. this is the funniest topic ever.Bethesda games are AWESOME!! im pretty sure that this topic is made by an 11 year old or younger

  104. it’s pathetic how someone made this topic.Bethesda Softworks is one of the best gaming developer .Fallout 3 is a crazy and amazing game.You won’t get many supporters if you say those game are lame

  105. Morrowind Game of the year
    Fallout 3 Game of the year
    Oblivion Game of the year
    Skyrim Game of the year
    Dishonored Game of the year.

    I’m gonna say Bethesda Softwork is probably the best game developer around now.

  106. Bethesda’s fagboys how does Todd’s spunk tastes like?F-ing fags and that “Almost only non retarded guy” aka Todd’s lover that uses shitty system slur because his man titties hurt,can do something new with his boyfriend,like “dirty sanchez” instead of just sucking Mr Howard’s hairy balls…

  107. I just got done reading all the comments.

    I think I’m having an aneurysm because of it.

    I’ll probably be dead soon. I hope you’re all happy.

    (On a serious note: I’ve been playing the Elder Scrolls series since Arena came out back in the day, and I’ve noticed the series took a drastic dip in quality since Todd Howard took charge of it. Moral: never trust a ginger. Soulless bastards.)

  108. You guys really like to suck on todd howards cock. Skyrim is incredibly overrated it dosent even feel like and RPG and the nords all sound like retarted stereotypical swedes. Seriously bethesda wtf happened to you guys.

  109. My japanese games never crash. must be because they were made in japan. Bethesda games for the ps3 suck. Only work on the xbox.

  110. Fuck all you haters, Bethesda kicks ass!

  111. I disagree, Fallout 3 was amazing and was a masterpiece. Oblivion sucked but the DLCs were good, Fallout:New Vegas was a let down and was just a change of location. The Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3 was awesome. You’re obviously just a Bethesda hater who doesn’t know a good game when you see it. Bethesda makes awesome games and thats a fact, Skyrim and Fallout 3 are proof. so don’t bitch about games if you don’t like the company. Actually use evidence besides your own doped up mind. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to wait for Fallout 4, but in the mean time, I have Skyrim. Long live Bethesda and long live Obsidian.

  112. I have played oblivion, skyrim, and the fallout games for hundreds of hours each. I am sorry if your system sucks so much that it crashes because none of these games have ever crashed on me so its not the games, its just your shitty system. Also i get a bug once every twenty hours of gameplay maybe, if even that short of time and can fix it just by saving and reloading the game so once again its your shitty system, not the game. Also the only reason it even has some bugs is because of the massive size of the world, why don’t you make a game that big that is perfect? You cant? That’s because its impossible.

  113. Go back to Super Mario if you’re so pissed. God forbid a game doesn’t live up to your day before Christmas hopes. Shit happens and if you don’t like a game, take it out of your console, and move on with your life. It really is that simple. I liked all of those games, and hope the company keeps them coming.

  114. Well if you dont like the bugs in the games why dont you try to create a massive free roam RPG and sell it in 3 years or under without bugs? Getting rid of bugs in games isnt as simple as just finding out what the bug is then fixing it in the click of a button. I hate it when some damn idiot with no knowledge of video game development whines and complains about all the bugs.

  115. Ya, so i thought this was just another review by just another disappointed customer BUT really this game, Nay!, Bethesda really needs to get their priority right when making a game. Firstly, there’s one thing that every gamer loves; ease of use. Actually everyone does..The easier you make things for us the more we love them. Come on man, like most of us who play video games are stoned, jobless lazy fuck ups, who would in some occasions even get too lazy to take a leak man. Firstly Skyrim is definitely the most annoying game to install, start up and run. Minus 100 points just for making it such a pain in the ass to get it to run. Secondly, we don’t really care about the graphics, the maps, inventory, innovative ideas as much as we care about the game play man. Like ok, Going through the shouts, spells, weapons, skills etc…are just really annoying. What was so wrong with using 1-0 as your hotkeys for your skills, spells etc.. I could go on with how disappointed i am with the game but fuck negativity. Anyways in short-the game is addictive, but let’s face we get addicted to almost anything that can entertain-fully preoccupy us-but it is by far the most annoying game to get used to in terms of ease of use.

  116. Fallout 3 wasn’t a horrible game, however the main story line is very short and boring most of the time, the way the art is designed in the game felt no where even close to the original black isle feel
    all the buildings, houses all looked alike everything looked bland and repulsive although, Fallout games are suppose to have a depressing feel to them but Bethesda didn’t do it as well as black isle did to their 2d original fallout games. the same voice acting in the game pissed me off to no end. I did have fun finding all of the little easter eggs within the game but I still prefer the original black isle feel. Black Isle knew what they were doing. I honestly would have rather waited another 5 years for a new Fallout to be released then have Bethesda own it. I can’t believe the worst game developing company in the world took over one of my Favorite series in the world and slaughtered it. I do not like Bethesda for a couple reasons. They make bug ridden horrible games.

  117. Something tells me this article was written by a PS3 owner. Obviously mad at Bethesda for being enough retarded to buy a 360 just to play the DLCs, to find out they were being made for the PS3 as well.

  118. I know this is old but… None of those games sucked IMO. Also it’s not Bethesda who made the games impossible to run, thank your Xbox and PS3 makers as the games were made for PC and ported to console. Buy a PC and never complain about game lag again = profit.

    PS3 crashed Skyrim so many times when it released because PS3 had 256MB of RAM and VRAM. The game filled the RAM up so quickly that it had to write to the HDD which being a shitty HDD it was at 32MB and 5200 RPM. An easy fix to this is swap out the HDD for an SSD with high benchmarks and watch your PS3 games play like never before.

    Or instead of bitching, spend money and buy a gaming PC and realize how bad of graphics you get on a console game. Another fact to point out is with most games requiring more and more VRAM and memory interface you can’t play at your famed 1080p anymore and most TVs can compete with the refresh rate.

    Optimal settings for a TV are as follows:

    120 Hz
    A gaming option which overclocks the TV
    Setting the game to run a 720p to reduce shutter and lag/ghosting.
    Also you can buy a computer monitor and run it as a TV which will yield better pixels, increased performance, better rendering and color tone.

    I do love how you play the game producer for their game lagging when it’s actually the hardware running it.
    It’s like putting really fancy racing octane in a piece of shit car. 114 Super Stock Octane or even 118 Pro Stock Octane in a Mustang II (One of the worst cars ever made), and expecting it to compete in a Le Mons race. You take a video game designed to run on these 2-3 thousand dollar gaming machines and then port it over to some $400 PS3 with a crappy blue ray or a $300 Xbox that lags and wonder why it isn’t running correctly.

    That’s my 2cents. Next time don’t blame the designers and producers when you chose a shitty console in the first place.

  119. Literally everything that you typed was garbage lol
    you stated opinions and just whined like a bitch

  120. Can’t hate fallout 3 myself but thats because Liam Neeson voiced James. Also in all my years of gaming be nintendo ps3 or pc ive never experienced a game breaking glitch. Call it blessed but can’t be mad at Bethesda for finding a money making formula that works (make a massive game with tons of content, give people freedom to roam and play almost however they want, and sell it). Sorry if a game like that comes with some problems, but I am going to save myself the pain of tryng to get a point across and I will wait patienly for Borderlands 2 wich has a ton of stuff, I mean come on Gearbox knows how to really include a random item generator in their games.

  121. fo3 was good oblivions immersion sucked but overall the game was alright regardless i still dropped it before i left the tut. skyrim is nice immersion is good but it crashes like a mofo. Check your grammar man and where are reasons 1-4?

  122. *sigh*
    So basically the issue is the bugs? Yeah because you’re a hardcore gamer who’s played so many games that there was never bugs present. Bethesda has it’s pros and cons. One of the negatives being it’s coding. But every other company is perfect! Fuck no. One example: Rockstar had terrible gameplay mechanics for the series 3 games of GTA. DLCs were expensive? Not compared to the other shit out there. COD has $70+ worth of DLC for their games.

    Besides the hate, this article was shitty. BLANK sucks, THIS sucks. Nice way to back up your claims.

  123. Look there will never be a perfect Rpg and you guys stop complaining about all the bugs and errors

  124. what a bunch of pansies.

  125. “6. New Vegas was shipped broken: Gameplay wise, Fallout: New Vegas was leaps and bounds ahead of any of the other games on this list. Unfortunately none of the bugs were ever tested, and Bethesda shipped out a broken product and then took everyone’s money, and then probably jumped into a big pile of gold coins and swam around in it like Scrooge McDuck. There were so many game-killing bugs present in New Vegas when it was released that it’s insulting to think a game developer actually thought they could get away with it. The save system didn’t work. The game crashed literally every 10 minutes, and the frame rate drop during big battles and dialogue scenes overheated and crashed systems. I was appalled by the amount of problems the game had in it. And forget the DLC, because Bethesda never bothered fixing most of the bugs. If there’s no way to play the main game because you released a broken game, then why bother buying the DLC?”

    Bethesda didn’t make Fallout New Vega, Obsidian did and if you knew about Obsidian, you would know they are the ones who created Fallout, they just have a new name. also, the reason the game had problems, was because again it uses the bad and outdated Gamebryo engine (Skyrim still uses it too, they just put a fresh coat of paint on it only), which causes huge problems.

    I do agree though that Fallout New Vegas is a MUCH better game than Fallout 3, I will because Fall NV’s bugs, because the story is good, you get to make choices which actually have an affect on the ending. Not one choice in Fallout 3 ever means anything.Fallout 3’s story was garbage too, I wanted to kill the father myself, not avenge him. When he killed himself to keep the purifier away from Colonel Autumn, the only guy with the capability to actually distribute the water to more people than the Brotherhood.

    At least when I can play NV, I enjoy it.

  126. @skyrim sucks You are right. More content does not equal a good game. That’s why I said good content does. Better to have a small amount of good content than a lot of bad content. Well, some caves/dungeons might look the same, but I’m pretty sure that 99% of them do not. Everytime I have gone through caves, only things that I see that are the same are the traps. I felt that the melee and archery systems in the game were pretty good. The magic (Destruction and maybe Conjuration) system seemed kind of lacking in the creativity department. Yeah, the main story doesn’t seem to exciting, but the one about Alduin was pretty cool. The lore and exploration aspects are what drew me to the Elder Scrolls series. They need to make the Skyrim more like Oblivion (or Morrowind from what I have heard about it and seen after I installed it on my computer, which I will play after I beat Oblivion =D). I like the Dark Brotherhood quests as well. They were the second most exciting ones for me.

  127. @Bobo NO it doesn’t… think about it,what if superman 64 had ton more content then Skyrim would you label it as a good game.A good game(an rpg)requires a deep gameplay system,a compelling story,dungeons that don’t look the FUCKING SAME,and good good gameplay elements.

    Skyrim has none of that.Yes I get that skyrim is a do whatever you want type of game,but thats not an excuse for having a horrendous gameplay system,and story.Now I would get into great detail about these problems,but that would be comparable to writing a novel.

    Yes I agree that with you on the thought out content(Thats why I consider Final Fantasy 12 to be one of the greatest game I have ever played)Yes it’s not as open as skyrim,but the quest in that game keeps excited,because how dynamic they are.Skyrim just feels so repetitive,and robotic,it’s not even funny.The only good I can say about this game is it’s exploration,and lore.Also the dark brother quest ware fun (killing the emperor and all that.)
    But yes we are all entitled to our on opinions.

  128. If what you say is true, then congratulations. You are one of 5% who actually followed through on your promise. Actually, content does equal a good game. A small amount of good, well thought out content is better than a lot of bad content. Skyrim has a small amount of content (quests) that are good, but too short and there are not many of them. Also, if a game is good enough, you will put hours into it. Skyrim needs some bug fixes, more quests with depth in them, and more places to explore (such as the shivering isles and morrowind). Like I said earlier, you still have a world to explore and enjoy. If it becomes unenjoyable, then sell it. Problem solved. Others will still find it enjoyable and those that don’t have it anymore can go find something else they find enjoyable.

  129. Content,and hours of gameplay does not equal a good game.

  130. Traded it in Battlefield is pretty good.

    Keep randomly crashing jets. xD

  131. I think they should fix the games, not stop making them. Yes, the lag and freezing is annoying, but rare. I think about 95% of people who say they will trade in skyrim or not buy any dlc, never follow through on it. If people have to trade it in, then buy oblivion or morrowind. Bugs are present, but I don’t think as many now since they have mostly been patched.

  132. I dont even think i will get dawnguard now.

    I think im going to just trade skyrim in and get battlefield 3.

  133. After the way Skyrim was id recommend people to not get bethesda games on ps3.

    Just a bad experience, dlc’s not released on time, nearly game breaking crashes/bugs.

    It was good to play as a game. But on the technical side it was fairly badly finished for ps3. Imagine if you did not have the internet but you had skyrim on ps3……. That would suck.

    The game also gets laggy as you progress so it can defeat the purpose of even advancing in the game.

  134. I don’t understand why people keep associating playing a series (CoD) with being a bad thing or with young children who should not even be playing the game in the first place. I’m 20 years old and I enjoy CoD. Nothing wrong with that. I also enjoy playing skyrim and oblivion. Nothing wrong with that either. I do admit that skyrim has its flaws and that they can be very annoying. Skyrim has less depth in the main quest and the faction quests, but it is still fun to play. I do agree that Bethesda needs to step up their game and start making less buggy games. I haven’t played oblivion enough to experience these glitches that I keep hearing about, but so far I am enjoying the game. Another thing that I find strange is that people keep saying that skyrim is “dumbed down”. It is simpler to play than the previous elder scrolls games, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. As I have mentioned earlier, I have played oblivion. It’s not that hard to play either. I like how they have set up both games. Anyways, if everyone can just get past the glitches, lack of depth in some of the quests, and a few other minor flaws then you are still left with a world to explore and enjoy.

  135. the true farce about this writer is he thinks people care lol i didnt make it past the first bit before he rang true as one of those poor sad sorry individuals that have to find attention somewhere so they flame on the internet to try to make their pitiful life seem as if it has signifigance. good luck, life must be hard for you.

  136. Bethesda games stories are just plain and simply boring, people love to go on and on about how great games like Skyrim and Oblivion are but I have encountered children stories with higher quality writing then these games. Skyrim and Oblivion are also not RPG, they are action free roaming games(Infamous 1 and 2 could be considered this as well but at least they have a fantastic story). Game rewards mean nothing as well, nor do sales of a game, all high sales mean is it is an ok game the appeals to a large audience, great games are niche oriented because they are designed to appeal to a select group of people. This simple logic is something both game reviewers and the vast majority of the people hear are incapable of understanding.

  137. I’m also gay and enjoy giving blowjobs to horses.

  138. Its amazing how many whiners there are out there that didn’t even take the time to look at all the extreme amount of detail bethesda put into skyrim all you have to do is for instance take any book of the shelf in game in the vast majority of them will have poetry ,full stories..etc most other games wouldn’t actually have anything besides just adding to the scenery. the game is also open ended where you can do what you will in the world at your leisure which no 1 can anticipate every possibility and account for every glitch seriously how many years in development should the have how large a budget do you expect them to have?

  139. Bethesda to sue minecraft makers, the bloody cheek of it. its about time we got together and sued them. Cos they are laughing all the way to the bank at everyone that bought there untested crap and fell for the over hyped marketing scam

  140. Rage and Skyrim
    pmsl lol lol lol
    Bethesda i fukin hate your shite money grabbing crap untested (cant even call them games)

  141. Welp, clearly I stumbled into the blog of someone trying to be the next Angry Video Game Nerd. The dude clearly has the same vocabulary, but none of the ironic charm. Probably wrote all this for a ‘college’ column while sitting at home waiting for his mom to microwave his pasty ass more hot pockets.

  142. The author is clearly a retarded loon with no pussy to spank just because you lack the decision making iq to play these games and don’t enjoy them doesn’t mean they are Terrible it means you lack the focus to play them

  143. You guys are fucking stupid.You should try to make a RPG franchise and not have a few bugs. Just because YOU cant make such a great series of games don’t hate on Bethesda.

  144. Wow, those are terrible reasons. Most of you have probably spent months of your lives playing these games and when they ended you said it sucks. You have to admit what other company gives game with these features?

  145. Hey guys! I got a great idea for you all. How about you all go and make a game and say you can do better?

    You know what, I loved Oblivion. Oblivions concept was perfect, not only that, many of the documents inside the game referenced to the NEXT elder scrolls. Skyrim, which to be honest is the best game I have played yet. I’m not even kidding by the way. I haven’t played a game in the last 18 years that can compare to Skyrim(Maybe aside from Pokemon, I mean who doesn’t like that open world, I can do what I want feel?).

    Now before I start getting more hate comments. Lets discuss Fallout 3! :D. Great story. I’m not even kidding, the story was amazing. You know what, if your so picky about voice characters then go make a game and lets see you do better. Bethesda has a high reputation to attain to. Not only does it have to make a main story line that may effect many NPCs in the world, they also have to make these hundreds to thousands of mini quests and dungeons. Not to mention things like guilds, the skill systems, and equipment.

    I believe your points are all invalid. Because you left out the most important thing that bethesda does. The one thing that makes the game so popular. THIS one reason is probably why they are so popular. Tell me, how many games give modders a full tool to modify their game to their liking? Not only that, how simple is the tool to use? Does it get the ability to use the steam workshop where all, real, pc gamers go?

    Also, the RPG elements of the bethesda games are amazing. I don’t care if it is the same cave I saw a while ago because I get to go in there and destroy whatever awaits me. Did you know, that in Washington DC many of the subways and underground tunnels look the same? Fairly realistic I would say.

    Finally. I realize that the games were made for consoles too, but seriously. You guys are running on 6 year old systems. A 6 year old computer could barely push out Skyrim today, and you people are complaining about loading times? Give them a break, they are TRYING the best they can so that your shitty processor on your xbox or Ps3 can play it. Seriously, go out and get a PC that can play it. My computer takes 2 seconds to load a dungeon. Its not that beast even, I can only play on medium settings(by the way, very high settings look beautiful). Console gamers, some of you are gonna cry, but some games were meant for PC and some were not. Bethesda games, with the biggest modding community to date, you won’t get many of the cool things we get. Exploding chickens, Ultra Mutants, fatman shotguns, etc. However, for us PC users, games like CoD we barely purchase because of hackers and the repetitiveness of the game. Lets face it, when it comes to PC Vs Consoles. It all depends on the game, multiplayer typically goes for consoles(unless its a MMORPG), and RPGs with a large modding community tend to go to PC users.

    If you still want to complain about bugs and shitty loading times, then get the fuck out. PC gamers typically get the fixes for it almost immediately. And if there isn’t one, then there surely is a modder working on it until bethesda makes an official patch.

    Anyways, there is my rant. Bethesda doesn’t suck, you just can’t do any better. Unless I find reasoning to start hating bethesda(such as making a Elder Scrolls: Modern Warefare 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc) then I will continue to support bethesda and give them my money.

    By the way, did you know every problem that you listed modders either fixed or upgraded?

    Once again, console gamers, go PC for stuff like skyrim if you don’t like long waiting times. PC gamers, keep pushing those mods out. Even if this Elder Scrolls MMO sucks, lets try to help them make it better, and if they don’t listen then we just carry on with our skyrim and oblivion mods while we wait for, Summerset Isle? I hope.

  146. Wow Paul, what a fanboy.

  147. fuck anyone who says that bethesda suck all their games are amazing and you should all suck a big bag of dicks

  148. Fallout 3 sucks real bad. It’s one of the most boring games I have every played. And don’t tell me it’s either your love it or hate it type of game because I loved oblivion and skyrim. I tried to play it again for trophies but just wanted to commit suicide after a few hours.

  149. Well sense that bomb drop I’m going to give you 5 reasons why Bethesada does NOT suck.

    1.BUGS ARE COMMON IN EVERY GAME. Of course there will be bugs,Theses games simulate Whole states and provinces,with random stuff happing everyday.If someone can name me one flawless game please come back to me on that.

    Almost every Beth game wins an award, and I don’t belive games that suck wins thoses. They win thoses for being outstanding.

    3.FALLOUT NV WAS NOT MADE BY BETH.Yes NV wasn’t the best game,but it was good. Don’t criticise Beth or Obsedian,because I’d sure love to see you make a better RPG.

    I got NV on PC, and Fallout 3 and Skyrim on PS3, I have not seen a horrific bug or Unplayable thru lag. I’ve crashed maybe 2 times in 3 years of FO3 and 2 times in New Vegas, And 1 in Skyrim . “Well u probay gotz a new ps3 or a nice cumputar!” No, I don’t. I’ve had my PS3 sense that glorious midnight it came out, and my PC is good,but it’s no beast

    5.I AM A RPGER
    Ive play Fallout 3,FONV and Skyrim so many times thru I got a trophy on each game called “Jesus man,Get off your couch.”
    I know the whole timeline for the Fallout Universe and TES Universe.Theses games are amazing,and Im pre-ordering Fallout 4 as soon as I can (Yes.They are making that)

    I have officialy made your arguments invalid.

  150. This thread has pissed me off so much. You can clearly see two armies fighting here,you got the Troll army, and the Intellectual Army. Ima join the IA and drop the F Bomb. “I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD THE NEXT FUCKING FUCKBAG WHO SAYS TES OR FALLOUT 3 FUCKING SUCKS IM GOING TO FUCKING FIND YOU AND RIP YOUR FUCKING THROAT OUT YOU 9 YEAR OLD LITTLE SHITS.”

    Now have a good day.

  151. As a console gamer FO3 was my first experience with the fallout/elder scrolls games. What hooked me besides the game play was the custom controller mapping,the switch between 1st and 3rd person,time advancing,and being able to save at any time or place.Also being able to sit was cool.
    Now the bad. While the regular oblivion and fo3 played well on my ps3 the fo3 goty was a freeze fest piece of junk that i exchanged for a different game. All of the patches helped the adding of dlc except for broken steel . introducing broken steel at any time cause longer loading times,fast travel and lots of freezing in vats,entering buildings,and just moving.
    I rented New Vegas when released and waited one year and many patches later to purchase new for $15 and the file size problem causing freezing,slow down,and long loading times still have not been fixed . Also the crash problem when entering some areas still exist.
    I read reviews about skyrim and problems and just refuse to get involved in the least bit as the file size,lag,and freezing do not seem fixable with patches like missions are fixed.
    What is obvious is that some games are being released with known problems that cause gamers to question the game testing and the Bethesda logo is pasted on the front of the package of some of those games.
    So now i wait as i no longer purchase games on the day of release. Most games play well on my ps3,why purchase the ones that do not? Then too reading about patches fixing freezing issues reminds me of when i am told the check is in the mail and the dog don’t bite.

  152. Im really glad to see in this day and age even 5th graders can have a blog to. the writer of this obvious and has no background in gaming, programming, or game development and thus doesn’t no about any of coding requirements that it takes to make a game. this game took a lot of work that a few people can’t appreciate. All the statements our uninformed opinion with no real proof behind them. While I can understand that you don’t care to put out a half decent article that sounds like it was written while you were high (which would probably make it more truthful then this piece of shit) though you should at least play a video game before you write a article on some of the most popular games.

  153. I played the crap out of both Oblivion and Fallout 3, Fallout 3 is personally one of my favorite games of all time. Simply because of the setting and just the mood of the game. It does get repetitive and it is HELLA boring at times and takes forever to finish anything in that game, which are why many people don’t like it. (Among MANY other things) The bugs are what get to me the most, because they’re releasing DLC while they have a buggy ass game still being played which they know about. Really annoying and kind of a slap in my face for me as a consumer.

    That’s honestly why I waited to get Skyrim this go around, waited till I could find the game for 30 bucks at Amazon new, great deal and still playing it…and still experiencing glitches, bugs and unbeatable quests. In the meantime they just released Dawnguard DLC for me.

    Overall I think it just depends on your taste in games, I like the diversity of enemies and types of builds found in Skyrim the most honestly, it keeps me interested. Race does matter even if you are inclined not to believe it doesn’t, you can get all skills up to 100, but certain races come with perks and some of those perks actually matter.

  154. Wow man make a comment on a something you probably can not even accomplish in your entire lifetime

  155. i agree Bethesda try hard and the game is good so fuck off haters

  156. yea we should all play games that try really hard like COD (obvious sarcasm) oh and you spelt knew wrong… really ?

  157. i don’t understand how everyone gets so many glitchs i love, and have beatin FO3, FO:nv and skyrim and have had very little, if not any glitchs at all, so lay of the skooma retards, lol nerd joke.

  158. Wow…
    Come on guys, Bethesdas games are based in a huge ass free roam world. There ARE probably going to be some bugs.
    Sure bugs can get annoying and Bethesda may not give a holy shit to fix them but there games are awesome.
    Take fallout 3 for example, there are like a thousand ways to play the game.
    Oh and those of you saying fallout 3 is easy, put the difficulty up to very hard and come and tell me it’s still “easy”.

  159. How big is your vagina? Seriously? Fallout 3 is a brilliant game(as is 1&2). Oblivion is dated now, obviously. I just don’t understand. How picky are you? They are by far the best games around, unless you content yourself to sitting around lolling about mad kills on call of fucking duty.

  160. I can see why many people like Bethesda’s Elder scrolls and Fallout because of the sheer size and interactivity of the world but the fact is, the company makes crap games. I played Fallout 3 and Oblivion for about 30 minutes each before uninstalling and throwing them both away.

  161. erm… how can you say tes and fallout are crap when oblivion and fallout (3 or new vegas) were both g.o.t.y and won loads of other awards? go and complain about everyone on COD being too crap

  162. I use to be much like the rest if the Bethesda fanboy’s,but I just can’t stand the whole damn company.Bethesda may make great games,but they never polish any games they develop,Oblivion,Fallout 3,New Vegas,and Skyrim have an excessive amount of bugs it makes the game unplayable. (Yes I know New Vegas was developed by Obsidian,but New Vegas uses the same engine.)It makes us gamers wonder if Bethesda’s bug tester team is a whole bunch of mannequins.And don’t even get me started of how they are absolutely moronic when it comes to copyright laws,Interplay and Bethesda agreed that Interplay could develop a Fallout mmo titled,”Projectv13″ but Bethesda got pissy with their moronic reputation, decided to cut the game from being developed,back in the late 2000’s a mod team made Morroblivion,a mod that put Morrowind in with Oblivion,Bethesda asked for the file for being removed because it violated,”copyright laws” the most idiotic thing is that the mod was no way inflicted with piracy,you had to own both Tes 3 and 4 for the mod to work,then another instance that just happened not that long ago,it was rumored that Bethesda asked for, “A Requiem For The Capital Wasteland” a mod that allowed you to play Fo3 in New Vegas to be removed from the Nexus mod site.Another crude thing that occurred is when Bethesda said that Obsidian Entrainment would only get a raise if New Vegas hit the Metacritic score of 85,the game was merely away from just one point,and that day many employees were laid off in the headquarters of Obsidian Entrainment.There is many more stories of the wonderful company Bethesda,it is safe to say that I think Bethesda does make great games,but their lack of bug fixing and pissy attitude makes this company’s have a poor rep.I think I won’t support Bethesda anymore by not buying their merchandise.Sorry Bethesda,you lost a loyal fan to your company today.

  163. And just for the hell of it,100

  164. Although I admit i’m not a fan of fallout

  165. Alright, bugs are to be expected in any large game, to me this is simple logic, there’s lots of stuff some is going to screw up. Now in all my time of playing morrowind oblivion and skyrim it has frozen on me four times. Skyrim had one quest that didn’t work for me(blood on the ice) and in all honesty the only problem i have had with these games is the brightness of oblivion.

    you want a buggy game try daggerfall, which happens to be my favorite of the series despite it’s bugginess. Do you know why its so damn buggy? 127,000 square kilometers. That’s why. Try naming a game that tops that. Just try.

  166. What the f**k is wrong with you? Sure there are bugs but that’s because the games so freaking big, of course they’re gonna be bugs, that’s why they created patches you dumb-f**k. It takes months to make a working demo of a game that lasts for a few hours, think of how much it took to make a game the size of the fallout and elder scrolls series.

    Their’s a reason fallout 3, Oblivion, and definitely skyrim in the near future, have a game of the year edition. Open your eyes the the actual game, not just every freaking bug you see.

  167. WET was an alright game…

  168. I really enjoyed Fallout 3, FNV, and Oblivion. I’ve played them all quite a bit. However, the reason I like and play them so much is because of the insanely devoted modder community and their often professional grade work.
    When you look at the games as they are, they are pretty mediocre at best. Sure, you get the whole free roam thing, but the gamespace is fairly bland and without a whole lot of really interesting things to do. You just crawl through dungeons for loot and kill stuff, like every other rpg. The quests are typically uninspired, cliche rpg timefillers.
    Then you have the game with a decent mod setup. Leveling in oblivion makes more sense, everything doesn’t simply scale to the user’s level, new lands, new quests, new dungeons are added that actually make the player think. Alchemy isn’t completely broken and OP. FO3 and FNV had “the book of earache.” What more did you really need to make the games so much more enjoyable?
    The mods and the mod community is what made their games so fun to play, but bethesda themselves made a fairly crappy engine that made for pretty average games at best.

  169. All Bethesda does is make an open bland ass world filled with glitches and bugs,with a whole lot of content(which is terrible),then overhype there shitty ass game,in which fanboys and the gaming media will jump on the band wagon,and label the shitty game, as “the game that define our generation”.

  170. And I love how you put FO:NV on the list Bethesda didn’t even make
    that one the only thing from Bethesda that made it was the engine,
    it was Obsidian Entertainment not Bethesda Game Studios just put there
    name on it to keep the right to the name Fallout you idiot so it more
    likly you hate the Engine not the company due to the fact that they
    have made other games not using the engine.

    Next time do some background checking this is a “CollegeTimes” like
    the news for a college stop being a idiot and do some fack checking

  171. Oh and dont forget that if more people people hate it then the
    games that you listed you don’t win.

  172. Hello this is me and I would give the writer of this “thing” any amount of money if
    s/he can make a game as big as one of the games listed. Max amount $100K you have
    the same time frame and you can get the same number of people to help make it dont
    for get youll people to do the voices, sell the game for you (marketed it for you)
    and people to test it, you need to put it on the same systems that there on and you
    can only use the programs that they use.

    And by big I mean you have to have the game the same world size or bigger if you want
    plus you need to sell the same or many copies of the game….

    And Go…

    Pls call it Ratiy so I know it was you Thanks.

  173. With Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas i got atleast 1 freeze in my years of playing the game. it crashed around 5 times TOTAL. I had way less problems than most of you. There was only lag when there were very intense amounts of bullets and bombs being hurdled at me. On PC, the only bug i had was when I took a mod out of it, therefore making my saves become corrupted for a long while.

  174. Bugs have always been part fallout universe, as far as I’ve known them…first fallout when it appeared(1997) had them and second fallout(1999) has the worst load of them. “No mutants allowed”- community web site actually managed to modify and restore all the cut content and fix the bugs, and it took ten years.

    I don’t even notice them anymore. Why? Because I all ready had my share of really bad bugs in the 90’s.

    Having to restart 30 minutes is annoying, sure. But….fallout 2. I can still remember how blood boiled, when shutting down the game took 10 minutes. That’s right: if you wanted to stop playing you had to wait 10 minutes so that it exited to windows. Christ….

    So that’s why I don’t even soil my pants with every glitch I find…because I’ve dealt with 10 times worse bugs in my youth, so that isn’t even worth get angry over. It’s annoying, but that’s it.

    By the way, what comes to Fallout 3, Tim Cain liked it. And if somebody who dares here to call themselves fan of the fallout series, doesn’t know who is Tim Cain: shame on you. He’s father of the fallout series. He said he liked it, but was critical that they had tried re-using many of the old fallout ideas and of course stripped sense of humor, but lauded that SPECIAL system had been integrated to the game and as well Bethesda’s understanding of the lore. He sure didn’t give any ear blistering rant or something.

    Too many of these new “reviewers” that with rants like this, they honor the old masters(Provided they even KNOW who they are). Yahtzee made mistake when he became famous: now there is endless wave of attention whores who didn’t get the idea he was after: that every game has ups and downs and that while pretending that they don’t exist is kinda stupid, even more stupid is to think that a game can’t be good despite of their flaws.

    As for the bugs…well console players…sucks to be you, we PC players have Fallout Nexus-community, which by the way can be downloaded here. http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/45104

  175. You guys are fucking morons.

  176. Also, RPG’ER, you and I both know you are exaggerating your own opinion of the storyline of The Elder Scrolls. You know, people like you shouldn’t even be playing video games if you’re too stupid to think of constructive criticism. Stop saying the storyline is bad if you can’t give any examples you pretentious cunt.

  177. So many idiotic comments here. First of all, complaining about bugs is not a legitimate reason to say the game is bad, some people encounter a lot, some people (like me) encounter none or almost none. I saw someone say the voice acting is bad, maybe you’re thinking of oblivion with only a few voice actors, Fallout 3 had a great many more voice actors. Fallout does what it is supposed to do, be an RPG in a post apocalyptic setting. Fallout purists, your arguments are totally bullshit. Fallout 3 isn’t supposed to be a copy of some old game from the 90s, stop sucking Interplay’s cock. I myself love Fallout 3, and most of the reasons I see why others don’t like it, are either invalid complaints (being a blind idiot and not being able to see anything in a kind of dark area, complaining about VATS, which is optional to use anyways, and if you manage to suck with something as cheap as VATS, you shouldn’t be playing that game anyways) and opinionated comments (someone thinks it is boring, someone doesn’t like the wasteland setting, etc.).








  179. Get a life dude, collegetimes.us blocked from searches so good luck fool!

  180. ….i dont see a header that says 5 reasons to praise bethesda.
    if you dont like it, dont read it. seems like some company toes
    have been stepped on lol


  182. and bondo’s right: you’ve should’ve bought a remote controlled vagina so you can stop bleeding and complaining. you make a better game.

  183. you my friend are a fucking idiot :)

  184. *Note to fanboys* plz remove bethesda’s anti-children-killing man sausage from your mouths at once.

  185. …lol, sure all games have some bad spots in em. but,
    i dont know of any that has to keep puttin out from eight to
    a dozen patches to get the flaws out when they shoulda done it
    to begin with.

  186. Ok I want to see someone name a game that has no bugs. Yeah pretty
    tough to do these days unfortunatly. With that being said why are you
    ripping on Bethesda since they are probably the best company out there for
    supplying you with game content out of the box. What is their competition?
    Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 boasting half the gameplay with just as many bugs?

  187. lol whats wrong with this guy if you dont like free rome games then bethesda’s main line of games are not for you go buy something else and stop trashing their company

  188. @exceed. why are you even here?

  189. youre special…

  190. Loved Oblivion, loved Fallout 3, loved Fallout New Vegas, loved Skyrim, and all the DLC (except horse armor). People seriously blow the bugs and glitches in these games out of proportion, I’ve played all of them MULTIPLE times and I’ve never had the level of game breaking problems that everyone else in the entire world seems to have. One might say “oh you got lucky” but did I? On every single playthrough of each of the games? I call bullshit on all of you, also if ya don’t like it GTFO and quit bitchin about it so everyone who does like can enjoy it you selfish fucks.

  191. dont get me wrong…the games theyve made have great storylines
    especially morrowind 3 was the best i think and still play it.
    but it seems to me that somewhere along the way, bethesda gave up
    on quality and started focusin on quanity. afterall, it aint hard to
    put a handful of top gamers in a room for a couple hrs with the best
    comp and equipment when youre a multi million dollar company.

  192. All the flaming in this thread is retardo based.

    Bethesda is a mediocre cashed up marketing whore that produces products of lesser quality than that which I oft find on the sole of my shoes after a stroll through long grass.

  193. Fallout 3 is the shit. I have over 200 hours in this game including all dlc’s and only a handful of times have i had to restart the game. Not a bad ratio in my opinion. However New Vegas can kiss my ass. I was so excited to get that game and so disappointed when trying to play it. About the first 5 hours into it played beautifully, but it went downhill from there. Just because I loved Fallout 3 sooo much I played through the constant bugging of New Vegas, constantly resetting my xbox every ten minutes, if that. I was around 25 hours in when I got into one of the casinos and could not get back out. That’s when I quit playing. I don’t know if I’m more pissed at the game or myself for putting up with that shitty game for as long as I did. I can’t believe they were allowed to release that game in its condition. I don’t think anyone who tested New Vegas played it more then 5 hours.

  194. Yeah, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim sucked! Because, because, uhhhhhhhhh, well, they sucked! Yeah, that’s why! Those games only got extremely positive aggregate scores and won so many awards, because they suck! Yeahhhhhhhhhh… go back to Cod, you dip shit.

  195. The consumer should do a petition to try a more radical feedback from BGS, after selling a product so bad! unfinished! Every single detail in Skyrim have flaws!

    Now a MMO from Zenimax Online, who cares! just another wrong step.

    Todd Howard? I put this guy along with John Carmack on the list of false promises! they want is money, dont need respect.

    Zenimax = EA first steps.

  196. o and btw, for those of you who have not had any problems with the games…
    my hats off to you. so, enjoy em while you can.

  197. its strange that i have a pc thats made just for gaming. ive played several
    different games…even WoW with no problems. but playing the games made by bethesda,
    ive had so many problems ive come to the conclusion that they release products without
    testing them. i will never buy another game from them again. ever

  198. Okay oblivion, fallout 3, and skyrim have all gotten game of the year you cod player so go suck you moms dick now.

  199. People always go on about how bug ridden all of bethesdas games are. All I’m gonna say is from oblivion, fallout 3 and skyrim I have never encountered a major bug which ruins the game for me. Yes there are of course some minor bugs which you notice but all games will have small bugs. The only one I have seen in Skyrim is textures loading slowly but wait a few seconds and they are fine and I’ve put many hours into all these games. BUT WAIT!!! I forgot that bad graphics for a couple of seconds ruins my gaming experience. Ah oh well I’ll just sell skyrim. The only major bug I have ever encountered was in fallout 3 where I jumped into a river from a bridge and I crashed. So yeah…

  200. Bethesda makes high end games the people that complain about crashing need to upgrade their computer or if you are playing on a console blame the console manufacture cause every one of the Elder Scrolls games runs on my Computer without crashing. My n’vidia card from 4 years ago can barely run Skyrim these games are meant for high end computer gaming the fans that follow the games know this.

  201. Elder Scroll’s games are free roam, action games, where you can level your character, they are not RPG’s.

    In all Elder Scroll’s games dialogues suck, and the lore reads like it is written by a 12 year old child.

    If one is looking for an RPG with an amazing atmosphere, an immersive story and character development, one should check these old titles:

    1. Baldur’s Gate series
    2. Planescape Torment
    3. Fallout 1 & 2

    Bethesda basically keeps re-releasing Daggerfall just changing the graphics and the world goes crazy with every other release of Bethesda and it becomes a game of the year.

    Elder Scrolls = You walk around and kill things, maybe craft things with minimal and meaningless NPC interaction, with actions without consequences, through a terrible storyline.

    Seriously get Baldur’s Gate 2 (you do not need to play the first one) and if you will be hooked up in the first 5 minutes and even more after you finish the first dungeon.

  202. Seriously? I realize that this is presumably a college website, but you cannot mistake this for anything close to journalism. Journalism is based on fact, which is what I was hoping to read here. Yes, Bethesda is moving towards a negative reputation, especially in their Playstation market given their many glitches in Skyrim, and the DLC fiasco with Fallout 3. I think those are the only two straight-up FACTS that I read.

    Everything else is sheerly opinion, basically begging your reader to be offended. Personally, I’m a giant fan of RPG’s and I loved and played Oblivion to DEATH. I was captured by Fallout 3 and used most of my pregnancy beating the shit out of that game, as well. I was actually very disappointed in New Vegas, and all three of those statements mark a wildly different opinion from yours.

    Skyrim was full of glitches, and they ultimately lost it’s normally reserved GOTY title to Batman, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good game. The story was good, the plot was enjoyable, and there’s enough to keep you busy for months if you wanted it to. I think you’re judging these games based on the entirely wrong criteria.

    And also, suck it, Shivering Isles was amazing.

  203. Bethesda controlled QA in New Vegas (as it was the publisher). Just for those who say that obsidian made a bug ridden Fallout as well.

  204. I actually love bethesda’s games, but Skyrim’s lag is completely unbearablr

  205. To everyone who wishes to complain about Bethesda:

    I would like to point out that I – being inquisitive and exploratory – have been able to find several bugs in every single video game I have ever played. (I look for these, as I plan to be a game tester.)

    Bethesda has a few minor glitches within their games, but none of you seem to take into account how difficult it is to program and code a video game. The few bugs in the extremely expansive content of these games is HIGHLY acceptable, and do not ruin the games at all. You people should do some actual research to learn a bit, then come back and apologize to the developers of these games.

    P.S. COD has a lot more bugs and much less to offer.

  206. If you who think that Bethesda puts good writing into their games, I’ve got a suggestion for you, you should try reading “Magazines!” Yes, “Magazines,” as you’ll be totally blown away by the stories held within. When you become bored with those, you should then move onto “Books!”


    “Skyrim fallout 3 and oblivion all got game of the year!!!” Yeah, because there is no way that a game with substandard animation, atrocious writing, abominable AI, and a truckload of bugs would even be considered for something as prestigious as game-of-the-year. Since we’re on the subject, what exactly qualifies for game-of-the-year? What is the criteria a game needs to meet in order to even be considered? And who’s game-of-the-year award is it and why does their award even matter?

  207. the guy that made this post was also too much of a pussy to show his name

  208. This guy that made this post is a virgin ass faggot skyrim fallout 3 and oblivion all got game of the year!!!

  209. The truth guy is a fuckin homo as is everyone else who pushed how great skyrim and every other bethesda game was gonna be. Because by no u realize how shitty it was and u probly are playing a good game, made by 2K or UBISOFT. if u disagree, it would probably benefit u to pull ur head out of ur ass and hop OFF the bandwagon right about now..

  210. Now, I’ll admit, Oblivion wasn’t as good as all it’s reviewers seem to think – the landscape was copy-and-pasted, the characters has very similar voices, the 3rd-person looked horrible, and the cities were practically empty, HOWEVER – it was still a game that had 6 years work put into it, drew me in and, for the most part, immersed me in it’s world for hours on end. Fallout 3 was the same. It had bugs, the 3rd person was still horrible, and the voice actors were still few, but it corrected a lot of Oblivion’s failings because it had landscape with variety, places that were genuinely unique (Oasis anyone?) and the combat system was a lot better, as was the levelling. I didn’t play New Vegas, so I can’t comment on that, but seeing as Bethesda didn’t develop it anyway it doesn’t actually matter.
    Skyrim (and I don’t say this lightly) is THE MOST immersive videogame I have ever played. The world feels huge and alive, the 3rd person looks good, and doesn’t detract from the experience, the soundtrack is epic, the voice acting is a lot more varied, and the quests are brilliant. I’ve put in 15 hours into it so far, and have encountered one game freeze and no bugs whatsoever. Now I’m aware that I’m a latecomer to the game, having only owned it for a few days, and some of you may have put hundreds of hours into it by now and encountered many more bugs, but even so, I can find practically nothing to criticise about Skyrim. It’s visuals are extremely impressive considering the size of the gameworld and all the tiny details they added into it. It really hacks me off when people call Bethesda ‘awful’ or say that they ‘suck’ when they make massive games that take years and years to make, which in sheer scope and size far surpass any other open-world games on the market. Companies like Activision, cranking out a new Call of Duty game every single year, are really the ones who deserve criticism. You just come off as small-minded and ungrateful for the effort of the developers when you try to tear them to pieces over a few bugs in what is otherwise a brilliant series. Bravo Bethesda, you may not be perfect, but the games you make have been amazing nonetheless.

  211. man fallout 3 was one of the best games i ever played and if u dont agree sorry there is something wrong with u. p.s bethesda rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  212. ahem fallout new vegas was made by Obsidian not bethesda, bethesda was just the publisher. The horse armor pack was not just cosmetic it added 250 health. Skyrim had a lot more voice actors. though is more of a sandbox game then a RPG. and ever heard of a patch? game studios make them to fix the bugs they have obsidian made patchs for all there glitchs for free.

  213. This is most likely a troll thread. Of course the author is going to try to tear down something that has a a SHIT TON of support from the gaming community.
    But to point some things out,
    Games like Fallout and Oblivion are buggy because the world is so friggin huge. I would love to see the day that a game with a huge world will not have any bugs AT all.
    Overpriced DLC? You should have waited for the game of the year edition.
    And for the lair DLC’s, you shouldn’t have wasted grandma’s Christmas money on it.
    Crashing every ten minutes? Either you are lying, or your Xbox/PS3 is a piece of shit. Most Bethesda Games run smoothly for me, but that might be because I have a slim 360.
    Save System doesn’t work? Your shit is fucked, not the game.
    Oblivion DLC’s sucked?
    They weren’t the best, honestly. I’ll give you that one.
    Skyrim is going to suck?
    Fuck no.

    If this really wasn’t a troll thread, you fags need to go back to COD.

  214. fuck all the bethesda fanboys you just want to be like the 99.9 percent of the people who like Bethesda an they are just just whiny little TEN year olds

  215. This really shows how oblivious you are to the game making process. The two of your points about DLC are completely invalid, as well as the one about New Vegas. To clear this up, in no way is this Bethesda’s fault. It is the fault of 2K Games, the publisher, forcing Bethesda to crank the DLC out in weeks. In addition, Bethesda Softworks did not create New Vegas.

  216. “Fallout 3 is awesome, there is no other game like it and non will ever rate as high for a long time. The author is just mad that he sucks at RPG games since they require intelligence and an open mind to play. New Vegas was not made by Bethesda, this alone shows the idiocy of the author.”…….. i 110% completly agree with this man

  217. what the fuck is wrong with all of you fucking people like honestly the graphics in falloput 3 may not have been the best but in complete honesty it is my most favorite game i have ever played i have yet to find a better game. As for Oblivion i have no say in the matter but most people i talk to say its the best game they have ever played no exeptions. And let me say skyrim was the second best game i have ever played following fallout 3. Bethesda ( although not best graphics ) makes the fuckin best games on the face of the earth. SCREW ANYONE WHO THINKS DIFFERENT

  218. Loved Morrowind (PC) and finished it, thought Oblivion (PS3) got repetitious (never finished) and now on Skyrim (PS3) – and I realize it’s a big mistake to play on PS3 since I can’t console my way out of all the bugs and sh*t that Bethesda has created. What a total f-ck-up this game is (on PS3) – anyone looking to hire programmers should stay away from Bethesda idiots.

  219. I looooove Fallout 3 and new vegas ..iffin they didnt freeze every ten seconds…..Dayyyyum Bethesda fix your stuff….Hell they are still selling Fallout 3 and it doesnt work….shouldnt we b calling the Better Buisness Bureau as they are clearly selling a product that does not work!

  220. I agree with this article. I’m glad I pirated this shitty mod of Oblivion. It’s so obviously the same old gamebryo engine minus a few tweaks (none of the needed tweaks mind you) Gameplay is awkward, dialog and direction is terrible.

    I would have been happy to cough up money for a quality product, but this sucks.

  221. And that’s why U should download (PC) games lol. Broken and/or sucky games might frustrate you but it wont influence your bankaccount :P

    The latest fashion seems to be to like utter crap (see populair music, mobile phones and such that are being produced these days) so I dont really think studios that produce crap are gonna change their ways. Just make em go bankrupt..PIRATE THE SH*T OUTTA THEIR STUFF!!


  222. but really, they take forever to get a game out and it still sucks.

  223. i agree bethesda sucks,tons of buggs. plus, skyrim can go to oblivion as it drags the rest of its games down with it.

  224. i hate turned based gameplay. the charecters, lore, weapons and armor are the only bits that beat fallout 3 from fallout 1&2. those games are dead and buried and bethsda revamped the game to meet a new audience. a few fat nerds pointing and clicking was not enough to keep fallout going. if you dont like bethesda stop playing their games. real time gameplay requires skill not luck like turn based gameplay does. i hate fallout 1&2 players thinking their superior and know best because “we played fallout first” (hipster tools ) there was a reason that fallout easily claimed the lisnece to make fallout and elder scrolls games beacuase those games dont sell as well as theres.

  225. This game’s little more than an automated babysitter.

    Bought this game and dumped a shit load of hours into it. Now I regret listening to retarded little fuckers like “Truth” who added to this game’s hype. I suppose if you’re a kid it’s good but as an adult, I want games that take a more mature/witty/serious approach to writing then the shit that Todd Howard puts out. Here’s a small example of what’s to be had in this game:

    There’s a kid in one of the cities who’s trying to contact a guild full of assassins in order to have someone killed. Everyone knows about this, including the fucking guards…………in other cities!! Why doesn’t anyone stop him you might ask? Good question but this passes as logic in Skyrim.

    Game mechanics are also shit as well with the loads of hand-holding (wouldn’t want people to be penalized for idiotic behavior or poor decision making). An ever present compass that shows where every location is depending on how close you are (we wouldn’t want to waist time actually trying to find something), unkillable NPCs (in case you’re stupid enough to get into a fight with an essential quest giver), and undroppable quest items (for those that can’t be bothered with paying attention to their inventories).

    Also, you can become the head of every guild after completing a handful of quests because, you know, it’s a very sound decision to appoint someone who just shows up on your doorstep one day, to lead your organization. Even though their new “leader” will never be there to handle the more mundane day-to-day tasks of actually running a guild, tasks that would be expected of a guild leader. But what can one expect from a game that was designed to cater to kids, “Hey look mom, I’m the heeeerrrrrooooo!”

  226. Everyone second post on this site is a hate post……….the only reason im posting is in response to one i just read as follows

    “Fallout 3 is awesome, there is no other game like it and non will ever rate as high for a long time. The author is just mad that he sucks at RPG games since they require intelligence and an open mind to play. New Vegas was not made by Bethesda, this alone shows the idiocy of the author.”……..

    the author doesnt deserve a comment like that…….
    real life requires intelligence video games require hand eye coordination……my 4 year old plays video games and pwns…….i play every game you can think of and guess what, whether you feel it sucks or not skyrim is broken…..on every platform…. plain and simple, if its not for you then you are lucky, because skyrim has every potential of being an amazing immersive game……except for me and a few million other users who are stuck with 15 un completable quests and get to do it all at 10 fps…….everyone should stop hating on each other and help bethesda patch one of the sadest sorriest excuses for a game ever (im not saying gameplay sucks just that not being able to play-game does)

  227. I have a number to call to Bethesda if anyone wants it, just email me and I will give it to you. We all need to call them and complain, Fallout New Vegas glitched so bad that it crashed my Xbox 360 and it’s hard drive.

  228. Bethesda is only now catching up to the quality of gameplay achieved by Gothic, which was released in 2001. Skyrim comes sorta close to Gothic, although Bethesda ofcourse screwed up some game mechanics to make it easier for you braindead plebs to enjoy it. That’s putting aside the fact that it’s a buggy-as-hell console game ported to PC in 5 mins. Also, the artistic direction is mediocre and the soundtrack is mediocre. Ofcourse, you braindead plebs wouldn’t know the difference. Go play any of the Gothics to see what an open action-RPG should be like.

  229. its hilarious that you bash these games yet you still bought and played through all of bethesda’s main titles and have probably bought skyrim and you are playing it at this very moment…. just shut the f*ck up already with this nonsense and admit you love skyrim just as much as the rest of us!

  230. You entirely missed almost every reason Bethesda sucks. Your arguments are terrible and you’d been better off writing a strategy guide on being emo. Bethesda doesn’t suck because the games aren’t fun. They suck because they couldn’t program their way out of a paper box. Non-stop game crashes, insanely huge save files, glitches and programming errors abound and gameplay testing seems non-existent. There’s even a mission in Oblivion that is impossible to complete because of a programming error.

    Bethesda sucks because they don’t care about quality. Bethesda sucks because they don’t have modern stellar graphics in their games. Bethesda sucks because they don’t test their games enough. Most importantly Bethesda sucks because their programmers can’t fix their enormous amount of problems. A word of advice to Bethesda, your ending credits should roll for 30+ minutes because you care enough to hire a strong development team like Rockstar who is known for flawless game design with very few problems throughout the campaign. (I’m not talking about rescuing Petrovic in multiplayer obviously)

  231. “Like the A-bomb glitch in Oblivion. No matter how many people complain about it they’d rarely ever get around to fixing it.”[Quoted]

    Why do people base the company on one of their worst games? Also I have never experienced the A-bomb glitch in skyrim. The game tends to run better when you don’t try to break it on purpose.

    “I understand that Skyrim has had rave reviews etc, but most of the reviews came out before the reviewers actually played the game.”[Qouted]

    Is that why they can give incredible detail of the game and describe what their character is doing during this “fictional” review game? Don’t base part of your argument on review’s before the game was released. Those are made to create hype, ever heard of it?

    “1.Map markers start failing. 2.Some doors won’t unlock. 3.Some people can’t speak. 4.Some quests cannot be played because event listeners don’t fire. It’s absolute garbage.”[Quoted]

    1.Unless you are deleting the markers yourself it would be your computer, 2.every door can unlock unless it needs a key, if you can pick it with a lockpick you can open it.
    3.computer or damaged copy.
    4.need to do another part of the quest or computer or cd-damage.
    I’m starting to think it’s all your computer…

  232. I understand that Skyrim has had rave reviews etc, but most of the reviews came out before the reviewers actually played the game.

    It doesn’t matter what product you make or what you put in the disclaimer. Bethesda made a game that doesn’t work. I get to Esbern’s quests, and the game fails consistently. I cannot play further. Map markers start failing. Some doors won’t unlock. Some people can’t speak. Some quests cannot be played because event listeners don’t fire. It’s absolute garbage. Anyone claiming this game is great is from Bethesda or Microsoft, or hasn’t finished the game, or went straight through the game without playing any side quests.

    These guys should be taken to court for fraud. They sell a product that doesn’t work, and don’t refund it when you figure that out. Only problem is there isn’t anyone to sue them, except gamers, who don’t care enough to fight it.

  233. While I do see what you see, I do agree at how Bad and Overrated of a company Bethesda is. They may make massively open games, but they are awful at making them flawless. Sure it’s probably incredibly difficult to work on such a game and have it run right, but they never care to fix game breaking glitches that happen. Like the A-bomb glitch in Oblivion. No matter how many people complain about it they’d rarely ever get around to fixing it.

    I just started Fallout 3 GOTY, and haven’t had any issues, other then one odd thing happen with a character, but I don’t expect it to last.

    It’s sad that gamers are alright with constantly buying their titles when you know what to expect. Glitches, bugs, freezing etc…etc…up to wazoo. With all the time they spend on making their games they could actually try to put more time to find problems and remedy them before release, OR after releases with Patches, but no they care not to.

    I don’t have much qualms on their games, but I hate how gamers think so highly of the company when they release half assed products every so often and no one complains about it, and when they do it’ll just be ignored most of the time.

    I appreciate what they’re TRYING to do, but they suck at it and need to do better with it. Otherwise, I expect the same “Quality” games from them with their next release of Fallout and Elder scrolls. Probably the same with other titles from them as well.

  234. BETHESDA sucks? Is that they keep winning GOTY?

  235. I just beat FO3, and concur with the author. I couldn’t wait to be done with it. Too many little flaws to make it immersive. Poor dialog, story, voice acting, and animations. The combat tedious, and the game is very illogical.

  236. I was a fan of oblivion even with its obvious faults and the same goes for fallout 3 and New Vegas. Skyrim as a whole is a great game but as the games that came before it has the same problems that Bethesda has been plagued by for years with glitches, freezing, sh*tty voice actors but what people dont get is the big picture even with all the problems THE GAMES are still great. So either play it, sell to gamestop. GOTY nuf said.

  237. Dispite playing Oblivion and Fallout 3 went for Skyrim, and it was good for the first few quests, but I can’t even finish it due to horrible lag and hell half the quests bugging out and being unable to complete them, I feel like I was raped without the lube on this one, wish I could get my money back but oh well no chance of that now

  238. Jabber, try gaming on something other than your grandmas 486 and maybe you will enjoy stability like the millions of others.

  239. The author is a f*cking idiot. Oblivion was awesome, and it came out in 2006. Bethesda creates some pretty awesome games, but they are a bunch of a-holes who can’t fix bugs. Fallout 3 was amazing. This douchebag doesn’t know sh*t about games, and is obviously 16 years old.

  240. Fallout 3 is awesome, there is no other game like it and non will ever rate as high for a long time. The author is just mad that he sucks at RPG games since they require intelligence and an open mind to play. New Vegas was not made by Bethesda, this alone shows the idiocy of the author.

  241. god this website sucks! and so the author of those lists! Bethesda is an EXCELLENT studio, Fallout 3/DLC/New-vegas are the best games I ever played and, more recently, Skyrim! what a great game…so immersive! collegetimes sucks

  242. Fact is, Bethesda makes horrible games, the same bugs that were present in Morrowind is present in the Fallout series and Skyrim, and I have NOT seen any attempt from Bethesda to correct these.
    Sure there are a lot of arguments why those bugs/glitches are present, but that doesn’t matter when Bethesda don’t even try to correct them.
    I would like to see a Fallout game using the Dunia Engine, because obviously Bethesda don’t know how to make nor update one [engine].

    Bethesda sucks simply because they invest more $$$ in marketing (cheaper) instead of investing it in doing proper work to make a decent game (more work). And what you are left with is a bunch of 15 year old fanboys who rage whenever someone questions Bethesda’s games quality.

    For your own and everybody else’s sake, there is nothing wrong with having higher standards to a sequel. And the only feedback companies like Bethesda should get (to improve their games) is constructive ~negative~ feedback (ex: bugs/glitches and if implemented systems work as they should, could they be done differently for a more user friendly and smoother gameplay). And address ALL issues, nomatter how small they may be.

    Quality lies in the details.

  243. I love the graphics. That’s about it. These games just aren’t for me. I won’t go as far as saying the game sucked, becuase it does have some good qualities.

    The first thing I do is to turn on all map markers with the cheat…why? Because I don’t want to run around on a horse for 2 hours to get to the next location. Horrible waste of my time. Of course, I did do that the first few times because the landscape is beautiful, but after that, it was insta-port for me.

    Secondly, I have to agree with the writer here on the story, they do play to the dimwitted. I’m not 100% sure if it’s because they don’t want to make it complicated, or if they just lack inspiration.

    I stopped playing this game after about 20 hours. I realized if I wanted to work smithing, herbalism and leatherworking, I would play a damned MMO.

  244. Completely agree.

    Oblivion + Fallout 3 are overrated. The games are boring: it’s a repetitive cycle of going into dungeons/dark areas where your screen is pretty much pitch black. The combat system is crap. I read a review somewhere that described Fallout 3 perfectly: “it is the only game where you can shoot someone in the foot and have their head explode.”

    Major respect for pointing this out. Not many people have the guts to do so.

  245. I only purchased this game a few days ago, I saw the reviews so I waited and now its been patched I have a copy and yet I still agree. Bethesda are worlds number one for open world games but in the same breath, they are the worlds number one company at creating games that can be rendered unplayable from out of the box. They patched the Ps3 and the patch created more bugs than there were before. How is that possible? A patch that made it worse lol amateurs. Myself and about thirty others have agreed, the rule of law with bethesda is simple. Do not buy their games when they are released, instead wait at least 3 months. Bethesda are the only company I know who consistently release broken games that need patched before you can “get what you paid for’. My advice would be this, have some will power next time, all of us, restrain from having to have it on release day and when bethesda sales on release day plummet, they will realise they can’t get away with it anymore but if we roll over and say an unplayable game is fine for your hard earned money, then next time just send me your money as you like giving it away, I will spend it much more wisely. One last thing, justin biber won album of the year, how much does that mean to you? The game of the year award can be bought, its an award that means nothing and the proof of that will be if the ps3 version of Skyrim gets game of the year. Its impossible for it to get it without it being bought and paid for. For too many people it was unplayable, the patch to fix this introduced more bugs than the game had, if a game like that gets game of the year then with a wise mind you will know how little game of the year means.

  246. And wait till Game of the Year Edition!

  247. Owns 2 copies of skyrim, both on 50 inch led tv’s, Xbox version and ps3 version. Ps3 looks alot better but this guy was right. Its another masterpiece of pure buggery from Bethesda, glitches low frame rates the list goes on. Its a preview to what fallout 4 will be like, an orgy of bugs. The other guy was right too, you wouldn’t accept a car breaking down every 30 minutes but you put up with it on a game? To all those who think a glitch fest of a game is fine, grow a back bone you spineless cowards and ask yourself this, if your friend told you he knew someone you could give a piece of shit to and it would make him very happy what would you think of that shitty go lucky person? That’s right, so grab a mirror and tell him because you are that person and you should be embarrassed, why? because you openly admitted when someone is doing you in the back door you’ll still enjoy it, that speaks for itself.

  248. Everyone, now that Skyrim has been released all of you will (if u haven’t already) buy it and this argument will be over. Bethesda’s 9.5 – 10 out of ten rated masterpiece on every gaming site has shut you all the fuck up!

  249. You are reading a troll thread

  250. Oblivion sucked? Ok I might have to agree with that one. Fallout 3? Dude, crashing games are part of a gamer’s life. Deal with it. DLCs? Fallout 3’s Mothership Zeta and New Vegas’ Old World Blues got mostly positive reviews. Fallout New Vegas? The company is banging themselves to slam out on throwing updates enough to please you and seam those bugs! Let’s not forget that Bethesda DID NOT develop Fallout New Vegas! Obsidian Entertainment did! And they made the original Fallout as Interplay!

  251. silly cod players everyone knows bethesda kicks infinity ward and treyarcs arse

  252. do you forget fallout 3 was game of the year as well as oblivion so go suck cock

  253. and unless your 2 Nintendo is trash… save for mario. And dont say PSN is good. they got their security key handed to them like a big dumb bitch. go ahead, support unsecured company’s like that.

  254. LOL sugatits, but i know one game that I can not get to the end with, Fable 3. ok fuck everyone, i liked it, but game developers are going the way of microsoft. their corporate policy being $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$fuck the user&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&fuck the developers&$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&fuck our employees, but mainly $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    I used to love games, and i’ve spent thousands on gaming, but I’m getting 2 more games ever, letting my LIVE run out, and giving the industry what they are beginning to give us, nothing. Everyone shut the fuck up, play what you like, or make your own game. Oh yeah, your all retarded. Leave.

  255. Wow, what a big surprise companies put out as little as possible and ask as much as possible for it. Its not just bethesda, Most companies release crap bug filled games phones computers etc. Just realize that this is the society we live in. The “it’s good enough” mentality keeps the poop flowing pipes and all over our faces. Would you put up with a car that breaks down all the time. A phone that drops calls. Clothes that fall apart in the wash. Apparently we should all be thankful you can even get to the end of games nowadays without critical bugs or just crappy programming interfering or ruining gaming experience.
    Be sure to thank the theater operator when he lets the movie go unfocused or forgets to change the reels. Maybe they need more money TO DO THEIR JOB.
    Keep on paying these bastards, and keep on getting what you asked for, mediocre bland pieces of garbage. Sad sorry POSs.

  256. Ok this is how it works. I dare u to find a single free roam (and I’m not talking about games u think are free rome like Uncharted) game that could be but a speck of the games that Bethesda has produced. They have made brilliant games that encourage a feeling of freedom and adventure. Sure, there are glitches, but for games of that magnitude it is understandable. WHEN u idiots buy Skyrim it will blow away any piece of shit toddler game u have ever played! And by the way, that is why Bethesda has made millions from producing quality games and has gotten a huge following and why u pathetic people are spending ur life in ur moms house with nothing better to do than play playstation 3 and complain about any game that has a glitch because of its sheer size.

  257. Oblivion and fallout 3 look good but the gameplay is shite, looks like its going to be the case with Skyrim also

  258. Wow,what a troll you are the most retarded person saying Fallout 3 and Oblivion sucked,go back to Call of Duty you 11-year-old who crapped his pants.

  259. I played Morrowind. It crashed so much i got sick of it and gave up. I bought Oblivion thinking, they must have improved the engine since the Morrowind days. Nope. Crashed every hour and loads of quest bugs. I was unable to finish it even with the “we will do your dirty work for you” unofficial patch that gamers made. Saw Fallout 3 in the dirt cheap bin and like a idiot i got it. Same deal. Crashes every hour. I honestly dont know how they can get away with such horrible support for their games. That company has never released a patch that addresses the main issues in their games. They should be sued but they have too many fanboys who love resetting their systems.

  260. Bethesda has a prediction about YOUR future:
    You’re going to buy Skyrim, play it, and then spend the next three years complaining bitterly about your buyer’s remorse. If only you would have saved your birthday money from Grandma and bought that remote controlled vagina, you wouldn’t be so bitter right now.

  261. I agree with you completely, man, except I liked Oblivion. Fallout 3 was retarded, and if you took out the gore, based on it’s level of maturity and simplicity a small child could play it with even some of the most hindered parents.

    Skyrim is going to be one of the most overrated games of all time, and the hype for it is disgusting and embarrassing. They’ve removed classes, attributes and dumbed down the skills and brag about how they’ve killed several core fundamental elements to an RPG in doing so by claiming they’ve made the game “smoother”.

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