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9 Student Reviews of Centennial College : Morningside

  • Centennial College is just an incubator for feminazis from downtown Toronto to spread anti-male rape libel hysteria on campus to promote their racist agenda against visible minorities.

    The last person on earth you would want teaching your daughter, girlfriend or wife is some feminazi professor (commonly pale Canadian women) pushing propaganda to turn her into a militant feminazi on campus.

    The pale Canadian professor dressing like a prostitue for class & then spreading feminazi propaganda to corrupt our women. If there was truly a rape culture on campus, BOTH WOMEN AND MEN would avoid that campus like the plague.

    Would anyone walk outside if there was a snowstorm or flood outside, then what makes you think that anyone would come to classes if there were rapists at every corner on campus?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Do not waste your money and time at this college! You will be treated like a nobody! You are just a number to them! None of the teachers/instructors will care about you! They would rather fail you and get you to pay them again to repeat the courses than caring about your learning! It’s just about money making business! take your courses at other colleges… I wish someone had told me this before I wasted my time and money with them!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This school is unbelievably disorganised.

    They do not give students information about timetable selection days. Their main site will not tell you on their front page anything about choosing timetables, instead you are left to either google, or use their search engine to find said page. (This is true, even when you are close to timetable selection days!) Moreover, they only post this information about two months prior to selection days. While this appears to be plenty of time, I assure you is not appropriate. Students get out of school in spring, but they don’t disclose this information until early June. Students are expected to select timetables a few days prior to August. In other words, you better get used to checking the page every month to see if they have updated their information.

    They also remove vital information as it nears timetable selection day! Earlier in the month they would give times to students according to what branch their program falls under (ie. health, hospitality etc. ) and they decided to completely remove it. No explanation or clarification at all!

    Also, most people you e-mail for information are completely useless! They have given me wrong information, or just answered something completely irrelevant.

    Other problems I have faced include, not being provided a book list anymore. I have no idea what books to buy until the school semester starts, or I visit the bookstore late summer. They do not tell you this, unless you e-mail them!

    While some profs are amazing, a lot of them are terrible! Most don’t even have a teacher’s college degree or a master’s degree! I have seen “profs” with nothing but their nursing degrees or diplomas teach. One could literally graduate from a two year program, work 2-3 years and come back to be a clinical instructor! While, I am sure this individuals are excellent in their profession, some clearly have no business teaching. I have had four of these clinical instructors, and only one could actually teach.

    Speaking of profs, I have even had a e-mail wrongly addressed to my class, where the prof was ranting, and the contents purely unprofessional.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg of the insanity that goes on in this college!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I have a lawyer and I am going to sue this college. So many things were completely off the charts wrong. Program coordinator doesn’t care one bit about students. Poor placement, no recourse, top students shoved aside, threaten to kick you out even if you are a great student for the most infinitesimal things over and over. Misrepresentation of what is offered. Some professors are very good but, the people in charge do not care about you and it’s all about getting your money. Horrible experience, loads of debt, treated in an abusive manner. I know I have a case as my job prospects were under minded on purpose. Enough is enough, I’ve spoken with two other people with the same bad experience I had. Normally, I don’t like to go down a road like this but, someone has to finally speak up publicly. I have written to the MOH myself about one of the programs involved in my complaint and I am going through with this lawsuit if I don’t get an honest explanation of why I was treated the way I was in the most unprofessional manner. I am a consumer, this school is extremely expensive especially if you have to move to Toronto for a specific course. Others who were dissatisfied, all good students have said they will testify for me and my case is very similar to two others won in this province when a college misrepresented what was on offer in a course of study. Do not go here, you are taking a very big risk that you too will be the target of a bully coordinator.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

    While some of my teachers are gems at this school, the school itself is disgusting in every shape of the word. Don’t expect any help from anyone or the internet, they’re website is a piece of shit with no improvement in site. It has taken me a week to sign up for my courses due to site errors, site overload, random time blocks, lack of information about when to register etc. It is currently 3:30am and I still can’t get in due to “traffic” and errors, preventing me from getting a decent schedule that will allow me to work somewhat and still go to school. The staff have no idea what’s going on, no organization, they treat you like children in most classes (even if you already have a BSC from UofT). The school itself isn’t the cleanest, and food resources are non-existent. The staff that work at all the food places are rude and can’t get your order right 1/2 of the time (more according to some of my friends who buy food at the Tim’s often) . Parking is a nightmare during the first few weeks even if you have a parking pass because they throw open the gates and anyone can park there (if you do have a pass use the farther parking lot to avoid some stress at least, it’s never full). I’d say >90% of the students are international and either don’t speak English or make no sense, and almost everything is catered to their level of learning so don’t expect much. Speaking of english did I mention you have to take a placement exam prior to starting? Even if you graduate from an english Canadian university? They then force you to take a basic english course anyways so don’t think passing that at the highest grade gets you anywhere farther. Their transfer credit system just got rehashed so that you can’t use any course you used for another degree to get out of a course in any program (So you’re stuck taking basic things if you’ve already went to high school or university). I would love to quit and start working but I’m hoping the co-op will get me started on what to do with myself.

    Looking at some of the other posts, I can agree with the room temperatures never being right and dealing with body odour everywhere. The wifi also doesn’t really work in any first floor classroom (aka in 1/4 of the classrooms).

    They apparently recently took away exam week to “save money” so prepare to have exams back to back to back! (I had to take 8 courses for my fast track this semester and ended up doing 3 exams on Monday, 4 exams on Tuesday, and 2 more exams on Thursday [Practical and theory exams for some classes <3])

    Also in terms of paying for classes, they will demand money from you before you even pick courses, just expect that even though it logically makes no sense other than making them look greedy.

    In a brighter light, most of my courses are enjoyable and I've learned a lot from the harder classes since they are teaching me practical things I never even thought of in university.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This school is unorganized, and poorly staffed. Most of the teachers are elitist, and unwilling to even help or care for the students. I have never had such a horrible time at a school, and been so prepared to just leave. Most of the people who have dropped out of the Program I am in, have left because of the school, not the program.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Centennial College is just another feminist incubator. Why should you pay for a course where the inappropriately dressed white women in the office will tell the students how there is a rape culture on campus when statistics prove that rape incidents are less than 0.09% per year on all Canadian campuses?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I’ve been here for 2 years now (my third year starts in September). This school is only concerned about getting your money. Once they have it, they don’t give a crap if you get screwed over by the teachers, because it has happened to me several times, and the coordinators of the departments don’t do anything but make excuses for them.

    I had to retake English, even though I passed it the first time, because my grade didn’t meet the minimum requirement to take the co-op class (which I was never informed about. I didn’t even know there was a co-op class. It wasn’t listed on the webpage for my program). The second time I took it, the teacher didn’t tell me when the exam was, so I ended up missing it. There was also a paper that I handed in that he gave me an F on because I didn’t hand it in online, even though he told me I didn’t have to hand it in online. (It was a paper I used the first time I took the class. My teacher suggested I use it again, and he said he would get my grade – which was an A – from the English department office). I tried to appeal my grade, but the coordinator just made excuses for him, and wouldn’t change my grade. I’m probably going to have to take the class for a third time, because the staff at this school just make excuses instead of trying to help you with your problem.

    I’ve been having the same problem with their no scent policy. I have asthma, and I keep having asthma attacks because people spray perfume in the washrooms and hallways. I have gone as far as the college president, and everyone has told me there is nothing they can do to enforce it. Apparently, I’m just going to have to die of a severe asthma attack, because nobody at this shitty school gives a damn. She told me she sympathizes because she has allergies. Getting a migraine is not the same as not being able to breathe. You’re not likely to die of a migraine.

    Last semester, I got an F on a lab report I handed in, because the office lost it, and I didn’t have a copy of it because it was original papers from my lab manual. I ended up getting part marks, only because the lab teacher said he knew I was there and did the work. I didn’t get the grade my report deserved, because they couldn’t find it.

    Some teachers are very disorganized. They don’t tell you in class when things are due, they just announce on that day that it’s due. If you don’t have it with you because you didn’t know, you lose marks for it being late.
    Some teachers are really picky about what they consider right and wrong in a report. Some teachers will give you an A or B, and other teachers will give you an D or an F for the exact same quality of work.
    I had to retake a class this summer, and I’m getting screwed over yet again. I wanted to hand in separate final reports because my lab partner (who is from India and doesn’t speak English very well) kept re-writing our reports using a thesaurus to change the words, making it gibberish, and I had to keep fixing it. That made extra work for me, so I thought I might as well do the final report by myself. I spoke to the teacher about it, and he said that if my lab partner agreed, she had to send him an email. I emailed her and told her to email the teacher, and I assumed she did. I also asked the teacher if I could hand in my report by email because my father has cancer, and was starting radiation treatments on the day he wanted us to come in (there was never supposed to be a class that day in the first place. Everyone had to come in for an extra day because the teacher is so disorganized, that we didn’t get our presentations done on time). He said I could hand it in by email. He also set up a dropbox for it, so I submitted it to dropbox, and also sent it to him in an email. Then a couple of days ago, he emailed me and said that I didn’t hand in a printed copy of the report along with the first two reports, (even though he never said a word about me handing in those things) so he was going to give me an F. Even though he told me I could hand it in by email. He also said that my lab partner didn’t hand in a report, and unless she does, I’m going to get an F. How is that fair? I’m not her caretaker. I’m not responsible if she doesn’t hand in her work. He also told me I needed to discuss handing in separate reports with my lab partner.
    I emailed him and told him I did discuss it with my lab partner, and he replied saying I need to discuss it with her. I told him again that I did discuss it with her, and forwarded the email I sent her about it to him, but he just keeps saying I need to discuss it with her. I’ve had this teacher before, and he is not a good teacher. He gives everyone in the class the same grade, even though the quality of everyone’s work can’t possibly be the same. I think it’s out of laziness.
    This is the third time now, that I’ve been screwed over by teachers at this school, and I’m getting fed up with it. I’m looking at other schools I can transfer my credits to so I can get the hell out of this money pit. Although I’m starting to think that all colleges in Ontario are like this, because this is the third school I’ve gone to that only cares about your money, and once they have it, they don’t give a damn about you.
    And everything in the review below mine is true as well, especially about having to smell body odour all day long because 90% of the students at this school are Indian.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This campus has many issues, choose another college!

    – some professors do not respond to your emails and have very little office hours (an hour or 2 once a week) and do not accommodate you if you have class during their office hours; most of the professors are from a different country and have very thick accents that are hard to understand and don’t use proper grammar in their speech or grammer/spelling in their lecture slides, making it difficult to understand the material
    – the lecture rooms are always cold and very often have re-occurring problems with microphones making high pitched noise frequencies and with the overhead monitor Turning off
    – the only food services on campus are the cafeteria, which is only open until 4pm and the Tim Hortons, which is open until 6pm but on Fridays its only open until 3pm, which is problematic when you have an evening classe and there is nothing else around for you to get food from. Also the Tim Hortons will only have 1 cash register open at certain times in the day, even if there are huge lineups that can take half an hour and they do not have sandwiches/wraps/soup, only things like donuts and bagels which they run out of early in the day. So basically after 4pm you can not get real substance in food, just donuts.
    – classes/labs missed due to weather/profs not attending are not made up to you.
    – not to be in anyway racist, this is just how it is, but you have to deal with the smell of strong body odour in classes/labs coming off of students…Most of the students at this campus are immigrants from india.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

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