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A.K.A.  Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management : Visakhapatnam
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GITAM University : Visakhapatnam is a Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Engineering, University established in 1980. The campus is located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India and hosts students with an endowment of $0 (2014).  
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Address:  Gandhi Nagar Campus, Beach Road, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 530045, India
Phone:  +91 (891) 2790101
Institution Type:  Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Engineering, University
Established:  1980
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  $0 (2014)
Tuition (Local):  ₹2,04,500 (2015)
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Latitude:  17.790862
Longitude:  83.376217
Tax ID:  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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44 Student Reviews of GITAM University : Visakhapatnam

  • I finished my MBA at GIM and this is why I would recommend
    Consistently ranked amoung top B-schools
    Excellent industry interactions
    Provides international certifications namely CIMA, ACCA and BEC
    International exchange programs with universities abroad
    updated cirriculum with focus on leadership and team building skills through OBT, GEM and student clubs

    Overall Score: (5/5.00)
  • I am a first year cse student
    The worst clz i had ever seen . most of the vsp people think its the best clz by seeing its external features like tree n grounds but its all of show . there will be no time to play. Every other activities like fests or any ideas of u are done by students only . there will be no funds from clz authorities.
    There r some org. Like gusac but it is runned by students only no one from clz authority bother abt it.
    Regarding faculty they have only 2-3% good faculty . complaints regarding them will be least bothered. If one say or suggest anything to them that person will be scolded n treated very rudely.
    Regarding NAAC a grade it may be bribed . don’t believe in that
    Clz wifi is of waste . connecting to it is a great deal .
    Regrading food n hostel it is worst than chaitanya or narayana hostels . for first year boys its better for some extent.
    Gitam hospital is worst than local phc. There will be no other choice to hostlers for checkup.
    Hostel will look like andaman jail of long ago.
    There will be no ventilation.
    If u use clz internet ur device will be spoiled very fast
    At the time of counciling they will show many things for their promotion. Buts there will be many lies. Don’t believe them .
    If any class mass bunk the entire class will imposed a heavy fine
    It loots ur money
    Don’t join in this clz . it completely damages students.
    Tcs is the only company which recruits many students. And there are some companys which recruit in very less number like 2-3 like Amazon.
    If u get 8+ cgpa only u will get a job in campus. There will be only jobs for cse ,it n ece .
    I suggest don’t join this clz

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • hi sir my inter m-836 my catageroy-bc-b my contact no-7794049336 energineering seat in civil plese sir

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hiiii friends…. Amm studying 2 nd year at gitam hyderabad I am not any one from department I am pakka a student. So many off saying it’s waste amm not agree with u totally… cse,ece are getting placed max of 90%.. But It was worst for civil,eee…. Soo pls say truth….one likes his clg until u see other clg u will know….. Yes I agree u cannot get worth of 2 lakhs. But still they increasing fee why I don’t know??

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hi frnds… I had completed my intermediate… Now I want to join GITAMS university in vizag is it good university r not…. Plzzzz tell whether this has good faculty and placements…… can I join in gitams coz r not Plzzzz give me a suggestion guys….

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • 1. Guys please don’t ever try to join in this stupid University, because this is the worst college ever in Hyderabad. Vizag Gitam is good with the infrastructure.
    2. You need to pay lot if attention in loosing your abilities because this environment teaches you this.
    3. Everyone will be busy in timing with girls/boys.
    3. Guys you have one greatest personality he’s the director and he don’t want any boy and girl to sit together in bus.
    4. In campus there are so many dissastors, no one is innocent, all are naughty.
    5. Guys don’t ever dare to join here I lost many things here please don’t join here, with one years fee you can complete half of your course outside so don’t waste your life
    All the best guys

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • This is one of the worst college I had ever seen …currently I am pursuing my btech 4th yr in mechanical engg stream …believe me it is worse than the worst ….there are no placements for mech, EEE. Civil …guys please don’t opt for these branches even if you are passionate abt these and unfortunately if you are doing so then you are wasting your valuable money. There is no scope for extracurricular activities at Hyderabad campus. Personally, I would suggest you to go for CSE coz that is the only branch which has got placements. Below average EAMCET colleges are far better in terms of placements.

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • Guys I am pursuing my final year . Gitam is useless and waste of money. If u r from computer science u have some hope of getting job.fee vl be above 2lak per yr .but the end this college placements are not that good as jntu top 10 colleges. Gitam is name sake not for job..guys don’t opt Mech EEE or civil branches.. These are worst in Gitam than local btech .my frnds are suffering without of Gitam in overall lectures wise is OK OK …but placements wise it worst

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Is GITAM university blacklisted?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • The university is awesome.
    I will say the university has the best faculty .But only few students are utilizing them,some students are so rich and simply coming to cater parent needs.For them university is bad.If you want a job in good company after passing out,this will be best.
    Fees is worth since there is 100 perc job placement(you have to pass) .

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I’m from cse department and the education is horrible. What tulika mitra has written is true. Don’t join this college if you are not from vizag.It’s not worth it. An absolutely useless, worthless college. DO yourself a favor and don’t joint this college. I’m not exaggerating.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • Recruiting the faculty is very poor. Who did not even score good marks in their higher education.

    please look at the overall percentage and scores in the higher education and then recruit the faculty, who will train our future leaders.

    Just do a double check in the current faculty percentages.

    Overall Score: (2.54/5.00)
  • I’m a final year pass out (ECE 2015 batch) and here is my most honest review:
    1) Its the worst college one can ever imagine. If you join this college it’s gonna loot you. They want money for everything.
    2) Faculties have zero knowledge. Most of them failed in their 12th and 10th standards multiple times and got a job in Gitam by paying money.
    3)Caste system is prevalent here. The Chowdaries have their indecent parties in the college and nobody dares to say anything to them.
    4)Students are treated like 5 year olds. The hostels are like jails. To go out of the campus you’ll need a signature from three different persons and each one of them is dumb and will give you a long nagging argument.
    5)Hostel food is horrible and unhygienic. In 2012, 231 students from the girls hostel were admitted to the hospital at the same time due to severe food poisoning and the hostel authority was never ready to take the responsibility. They gave a dumb excuse that all these girls had food from outside. How can 231 girls have food from outside at the same time and that too when the hostel does not let girls go out at all?
    6) They’ll not give you marks until you lick the asses of the worthless faculties who have loads of shit in their heads and a lot of pointless ego. They’ll threat you in public to fail you and you have no other option but grovel.
    7)You have no right to report a complaint against any faculty. If you do so, no body will care and they will instead blacklist you and make your 4 years’ course an 8 years’ one.
    8) Faculties give you marks by seeing your faces. And they’ll give you zero if you ever oppose. Once one of my correct answers in a class test was marked wrong and when I went to explain the faculty that I was right, he tore my paper in front of the whole class and gave me a zero. Such is the attitude towards students. I’m filled with so much wrath that right now I wanna slap his fat ugly face.
    9) They’ll not let boys and girls sit together in the name of discipline and culture.
    10)If you’re a girl you can’t even wear leggings or jeans in the campus.(Reason they’ll give: Such kind of clothing shows the shape of your legs and boys may get seduced)
    11)If you live in the girls hostel and go to the college hospital because just because you missed your menstrual period for some reason, the hostel authority will call your parents the next day and inform them that you’re pregnant! They won’t even talk to you once before giving such false information to your parents. This is just an example that portrays the mentality of the girls hostel warden. (It happened with my roommate).
    12) The college does not fund students’ projects and in case you happen to do something on your own, the college will take the credit in spite of contributing nothing.
    13)The college has increased its rating only by finding loopholes in the rating systems of NAAC and UGC.
    14) Attendance is most important here. Coz they need to make their classes look full(just for show-off you know). If you have low attendance and a 9 point CGPA and some other guy has 100 % attendance and 8 backlogs, he will be favored over you. This college can make you go to depression for no reason.
    15)Going to college is just waste of time.
    16) Talking about placements, TCS is the only mass recruiter here. Some similar mediocre companies do visit the campus. All these companies offer not more than 3lpa. Other companies like Amazon, Microsoft(as they claim) come once in a blue moon and recruit maximum 2-3 students. And placements are good only if you want to join the IT industry. So in these companies only students from CSE and IT are preferred.
    17) The college does not declare holidays on North India festivals like Holi or Diwali. But they’ll definitely give you a holiday on Ugadi(Telugu New Year).
    18) North Indians are looked down upon from the very beginning. Most of the time the faculties will talk in Telugu as they usually can’t speak English and those who do not understand Telugu will have even tougher time.
    19) Don’t trust those who are posting positive reviews here. Those are fake and might be coming from the someone from the college authority itself. If you do not trust me go to the campus yourself and ask a student of Gitam to provide a review about the college. None will give you a good review. Its not possible.

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • the place where you can maje friends for life and learn values for eternity, i can for sure say that its best among the private colleges of AP, the university administration might be a lill stingy but, hey which univ that too a deemed univ has associations and organizations ranging from scientific, technological to social? It has student lead organization like rotatatct and vivan and technical associations like iete, iste, ie , ieee, and hubs like gusac and Microsoft’s student hub, and which university has student owned startups right from the college years? Like dirt9, crazyheads
    Well, it’s all in the hands of the student to take up an activity, no MNC wants a lethergic and inexperianced person, a fresher from gitam is expected to have atleast leadership skills along with technical knowledge, if one compares a students who attends college everyday but does nothing to a person who has been actively participating in events and organizations, there would be tremendous difference in confidence levels and presentation abilities. Stop expecting to be spoon fed, i come from a very small town in rayalaseems, studied in schools with false roofing and no proper teachers. No one ever taught me proper english, i learnt cause i wanted to, how? Through reading books, cutivate a habit that makes you a better person than you were is where you experiment with yourself, school is where you are taught experimenting, stop expecting murthy or prasad rao or v.p to teach you how to read and write. And the one with ac review. Rushikonda beach is just a km away from gate, you can expect the humidity levels to be extremely high, a proper electrical and mechanical engineer knows how tough it is for AC s to work under high humidity in summers!!
    Over that gitam shuts down in april and opens in june( july for freshers) the issue of acs is never heard from my batch mates. The labs of research oriented branches like biotech and biochem are upto date and has the best faculty in ap! Research for NABARD projects goes round the best days were at gitam

    Overall Score: (4.18/5.00)
  • Respect sir i got 18700 rank in GAT 2015 can i get ECE branch with paying little higher donation than normal atleast in hyderabad branch

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

    Overall Score: (1.90/5.00)
    That stupid old man(murthy owner) is always crazy about money…he will do and think all cheap things for money…The worst library… no swimming pool..the library doesn’t have any novel…only textbooks… huge fine… THEY CHARGED 1500 FOR breaking a small 20 rs convex lens…so cheap people..being a college , they still run fake and unlicensed windows..Microsoft should come and kick their asses ..I would beat the owner and get down my rage…the worst decision I made is to join this college..Microsoft should catch these people… All cheap thoughts… teachers had very bad English..not even qualified to say teachers

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Please don’t join this college… college owners are the biggest misers ever met in my life ….they won’t even turn on the ac …that too even in cheap people..even in extreme summer they let us die hot…one of the biggest flaws..I’m an national high jumper…I went for asking the landing pit for practice.. and to my surprise they denied that..saying that it will be spoiled..I m felling so angry and want to kick them…thousand percent a bad college …even class rooms and fans are bad..but they still charge a fees of 2 lakhs…b

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • Hi All,

    GITAM university is not that much great for studies .. they charge students in lacks.
    but there is no quality of education.

    while admitting they say all cock and bull stories, but there is no reality.

    If u r withdrawing admission they wont pay u r money as they told.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • musti college
    donot go for it ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • hey haters!!! please stay away
    my elder brother is studying btech 2nd year in gitam univ vizag
    i agree that it has got not the best faculty in the world, but for a guy who is just
    average and has not got selected in jee or bitsat it is ideal.
    and after all in btech studying is your duty. spoonfeeding at this age is impossible
    and guys who joined here and still hate this univ are loosers. they should be happy that
    atleast they got a seat here and dont you want placement or not?i seriiously recommend this univ

    Overall Score: (3.90/5.00)


    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • gitam university in vizag only good for placements but coming to studies its depend on students college provides good facilities especially the library is very good coming to the students in university all rich people kids will join in this university and the faculty in some departments r too worst finally if u want to enjoy ur life u can enjoy unlimitedly n if u want to study there is good scope for study it depends on students mentality

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • i am studying 1st year ece in gitam hyd and i got 36000 rank in eamcet is that a good decision of mine ?
    plese tell

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Lecturers are too worst. The educational background of these lecturers are too worst. They wasted their education for two years because they failed in intermediate continuously for two years. These types of lecturers are available in Gitam visakhapatnam

    waste of money/

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hi,

    GITAM is the worst college. Only thing that matters to the management there is MONEY. The HODs suck in that college. Never join ECE there. The top management for that department do not even know proper english, his only concern is money. The way he behaves with the faculty is disgusting and half of the amount for any event goes into his pocket. There are a lot of politics in that college. The grades in studies do not reflect your merit there, rather the favoritism the faculty there has for you. I would never recommend this college. If you want to enjoy life, yes you can join,….. else never even think of this college.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • i am a 3rd year student of gitam .college is good as far as infrastructure and placements are concerned.havning a good library facility,playground.some faculty are good and some avg,it depends upon branch..but overall i would give a score of 7/10..if u are local then only join here..

    Overall Score: (3.45/5.00)
  • i got eamcet 6000 rank and iam oc and i join in gitam university my decision is correct or wrong please tell

    Overall Score: (3.36/5.00)
  • just saw the above reviews.. and trust me they are a bunch of losers out there who probably got 2 lakh or something ranks everywhere and dint end up getting a seat. My uncle works at NAAC , and he has personally reviewed the college..and it is by far the best of the 40 colleges or so { in the whole country}!!!
    98% Placements dont come out of bribes … they come out of reputation and GITAM has that.moreover it has a beach, { lol} , great clubs and was actively involved in all the educational and cultural activities.{ including a flash mob.. check out youtube }.. so its a 3/5 for it , which is not bad.. so its a good place to learn people!!!contact: 9490798186, for talking to my uncle!!

    Overall Score: (3.81/5.00)
  • This college is very good.I am doing my 1st year ECE.Faculty rocks.

    Overall Score: (4/5.00)
  • guys pls tell me about mtech one of my frnd is saying its good and my senior is telling its not that good pls help me out i am planning for either computers or vlsi pls tell me abt faculty and placements

    Overall Score: (3/5.00)
  • its one of the best engineering college in india
    it has got high infrastructure facilities

    Overall Score: (4.18/5.00)
  • corrupt colaz

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • i donwan hisc

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The college does not figure in any of the top reviews by out look / India today. Will Someone from GITAMS faculty and students share their views.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The college does not figure in and of the top reviews by out look / India today. Will Someone from GITAMS faculty and students share their views.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • It is best for the engenerring guys. because i am the one of the egngeneering student. over all performance is good.

    Overall Score: (2.81/5.00)
  • Hi i did my M.Tech from Gitam College. To be frank the University is just average. The standard of the University is slowly decreasing. Many of the faculties are not having industrial experience, they have only bookish knowledge. More over there is no difference in the syllabus of M.Tech & B.Tech and i some times feel that i was studying B.Tech again. The faculty will harass you very much. Moreover the fees structure is very high and increasing every year and the standard and reputation of the college is decreasing every year. The faculties are so dumb that they don’t even know the differences of the branches which are there in their concerned department also.

    No matter what, the B.Tech or M.Tech in my opinion it is not advisable to opt for this university.

    Overall Score: (2.63/5.00)
  • too bad too worst college the faculty here needs only money the faculty is full of selfish it takes lakhs amount from students… it has got university status bcoz of giving monry to UGC,NAAC..THIS COLLEGES IS WORST THAN A NORMAL ENGINEERING COLLEGES..ehe students of this college also are very rude and are indiscipline…THIS COLLEGE SUCKSSSSSSSSSS

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • Gitam institute of management is one of the most corrupt college in INDIA knows from personal experience !! Its just about money money and more money. its not about knowledge its just about increasing rating of the college by finding the loop holes in the rating system of NAAC. fucking college

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • WORST COLLEGE!!!!!!!They just want money money money…….M.Sc bioinformatics faculty is really unfair..They let you down in every aspect..Faculty sucks……..They will not teach you anything & lots of harassment …..Plz dunno join in this college.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • i m a 3rd year student of computer science in gitam university. the university is below par in aspect of faculty and management.the atmosphere is not good and hostels are horrible .there is no scope for creativity in this college .

    Overall Score: (2.81/5.00)
  • I m studying 3rd yr in this college.This college is average one. 75 percent of the lecturers suck,they dont even ‘ve industrial experience. It got an excellent library facilty.
    An average play ground,good MOU s with foreign universities,if u r staying out of andhra pradesh,better dont join this one……… The fee per anuum for any course id 1,10,000/-(average)

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • well.. gitam is my home for 3-years from 2006-2009,im lateral entry student in enginnering .I have spent 3 glorious years in this college as an engineering student. The college is always full of commotion, even in holidays.It has great infrastructure and sprawling campus and students are from all over the country.and it is placed top private institutions in A.P .

    Overall Score: (3.18/5.00)

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