JuJu: Free International Penpals and Friends

By   |  April 17, 2010

In in era that is over-saturated with media and communication, some may wonder if pursuing penpals is even worth the time anymore. Heck, with Facebook and satellite television around to provide us with on-demand entertainment, it hardly sounds so intriguing anymore to exchange conversation with a stranger from a far-away place.

Or does it?

Now more than ever, many people of all ages are turning back the clock on technology and looking for more down-to-earth methods of interaction. While it’s hardly possible to avoid the Internet these days between all the online banking, emailing, and what not, some web communities aim to mix a bit of tradition with technology.

Enter JuJu, a new social network that aims to harness the power of the Internet to bring back the old-fashioned penpal with perhaps a little more technological pep. Dozens of homemade penpal type sites have existed on the web for the past 15 or so years, but JuJu seems to reach out in new form with a slick brand and slick software.

Users who register on JuJu are given the opportunity to fill out a profile where they can specify what they are looking for. Choices include: Friends, Penpals, Dating, Language Exchange, Travel Companions, and Hosting Other Travelers.

JJ, one of the current administrators of the website, explains further: “Neither the idea of penpals nor the idea of social networks is a unique idea, to say the least. Rather, JuJu seeks to fill a niche that seems to be lacking on the web currently, becoming a sort of fusion between Couchsurfing, Match.com, and a traditional, homemade penpal site. Our website is high-tech and full-featured, but moreover, our service is completely free.”

By focusing on cross-cultural friendships, JuJu aims to keep the community family-friendly and safe for minors, while still leaving the door open to romance for those users who are interested in lasting partnerships. Under this philosophy, JuJu users are in total control of their profiles with a full range of privacy and security settings.

Members of JuJu are encouraged to connect via Skype or by using the site’s own private chat system, along with photo albums, blogs, and forums. JJ says that more features are being planned for the future.

Signup for a free JuJu account today!

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  1. I am a junior at college in the United States. I am in a Intercultural Communications class and have to write two papers on someone who is from Europe about pretty much anything. These papers are due Tuesday, October the 18th. If someone could please email me back it would take long I just need enough to write three pages. Thanks:)

  2. How are u ? hope everything is fine and doing great well am also doing great in Uganda how is there and the Christmas eves i really wish you a marry Christmas that’s from me and my family and friends well may the lord bless you and your family nice time dear.
    thanks dear kutunza

  3. Hello someboby My name Djibril fromTOGO in WEST AFRICA . I like reading, cinema, music, travel Internet and more… I am a very friendly and I want correspondents from another continent or country as the least is for me a very good way to open myself to the world … I would like to correspond with people very loyal and admirable maturity of thought and gift. Do you think this is possible? I want the correspondings around the world. I hate the slightest mistake lies. Thank you for your understanding hoping to have answers. djib_ril@live.be

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