North American Law, the Death of Common Sense!

By   |  March 8, 2009

Barry Artiste Op/Ed

You know what really, really amazes me? The Death of Common Sense in this Country! Here we have two issues, Trans Fat and Gangland crime, guess which bill goes into Law at Batman Speed?  Doesn’t it just friggin blow you away that the Canadian government both Provincial and Federal can pass laws almost immediately in the case of Banning Trans Fat in Restaurants, yet for some reason Banning Gangs and implementing Serious Time for Serious Crimes is still being debated and bandied about for decades, and still no end in sight?  One wonders if both the Provincial and Federal Governments have their priorities straight, when it is guaranteed any Restaurant caught with an ounce of Trans Fat in their food automatically gets a fine and a conviction, yet Gang Affiliation and Crime, gets a Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink!

Someone, somewhere must have an answer to this poser?  One authour wrote a Book titled a World without Lawyers~ a friggin must read, except if you’re a sheep who loves the status quo.

Perhaps when we read in the media fed up citizens who go all vigilante on those who snub their nose to the law and KILLS THEM, in the case last year when a distraught father got nowhere with the law with a repeat Criminal Drug Dealer who fed his teen daughter drugs or when a daughter is forced into prostitution by gangs, or a drug dealer sells drugs to children, People take the law in their own hands to preserve and protect their loved ones. So when someone does take to law into their own hands, will the Jury gives a standing ovation, cause Heaven Help Us if Lawyers get involved and hand out 3 nails and two 2x4s to the criminal as a martyr. So does this make any sense when Government Political wonks warn Food outlets such as restaurants and cafeterias that they could face fines if they don’t comply with the province’s plan to restrict artery-clogging trans fats by this fall.

I guess the government want it’s citizens healthy and fit in order to outrun Gunfire when gangs shoot up our shopping malls or are walking down a city street! Cause when it comes to Citizens Health, apparently being gunned down in a Restaurant is okay, as media reports in the last year no less than 6 gangland gunfights in family restaurants!

Below is an excerpt in today’s paper

Victoria Times Colonist

Mary Polak, Minister of Healthy Living Sport, announced Saturday that B.C. will be the first province to restrict trans fat in the country. Under the new rules, oils and products used to prepare food must not contain more than five per cent trans fats, while margarines must contain less than two per cent trans fats.

Food inspectors will ensure compliance by checking trans-fat levels in food ingredients.

All establishments that require a permit to operate a food service in B.C. must comply with the new regulation by Sept. 30


Gang fight calls for united front
Times Colonist
March 8, 2009 3:07 AM

Neither is there a co-ordinated strategy to take down the gangs. Two years ago Vancouver’s retired chief of police, Bob Stewart, wrote a blistering critique entitled Police 2007: The Buck Stops Nowhere. While noting his family’s tradition of police service, Stewart lambasted law enforcement agencies for their “lack of professionalism, sound management or even simple common sense.” He pointed out that Vancouver is the only major city in Canada without a metropolitan police force.

Counting municipal detachments and RCMP units, there are 16 police jurisdictions in the Lower Mainland. Worse still, RCMP troops answer to national headquarters in Ottawa, while municipal officers report to local police boards. That means there is no unified command structure on the ground.

We saw an example of that last month, when B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal met with his federal counterpart to sketch out a campaign. The meeting was a bust. Oppal wanted changes in the Criminal Code. He says the current legislation makes it unduly difficult to prosecute gangland crime.

Vital means of surveillance, like wiretapping, are hindered by the code, and bail conditions are far too easy. But when Oppal asked for assistance, his request fell on deaf ears. The Criminal Code is Ottawa’s responsibility, and the federal government has its own priorities. Working with the provinces doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Below is an excerpt on a new concept called Life without Lawyers and the Death of Common Sense.
A must read for those just F**king Fed Up with Legal Stupidity in North America! Since the majority of Politicans in both our countries are lawyers, perhaps its time we elected Politicians based on Common Sense instead! Meanwhile we can then pack up these self serving billable by the hour milking the judical system, lock em all in a bus and let Vincent Li, our newest mentally insane criminal Beheader have his way with them.,8599,1874370,00.html
Life Without Lawyers
By Alex Altman Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009

Life Without Lawyers: Liberating Americans From Too Much Law
By Philip K. Howard

The Gist: Bernie Madoff and Co. have, for the moment, dislodged attorneys from the doghouse of public opinion. But a world without tort claims and padded billing would still be many people’s idea of heaven. Howard, an attorney and author of the best-selling book

The Death of Common Sense, chronicles a society in which rules have run amok and litigation looms as a constant threat. Among his egregious examples: a Florida teacher wary of restraining a hysterical child gets the cops to slap handcuffs on the kid instead; a New York City high school prohibits nurses from calling ambulances without the principal’s permission; a town slide in Oklahoma is dismantled for liability concerns. “To restore our freedom, we have to purge law from most daily activities,” writes Howard. But this seething polemic is less about a society buried in paperwork than one that clings to procedure like a crutch — and has lost its capacity for independent thought in the process.

Below is a media story that made national headlines in which a Father fearing for his 15 year old daughters safety from a Drug Dealer took the law into his own hands and went all Vigilante, killing a multi convicted Drug Dealer, doing what our Criminal Justice System failed to do in the first place to keep this scum off the streets.

Father who killed daughter’s boyfriend convicted of murder

Last Updated: Friday, January 19, 2007 | 5:57 PM


A man from Yorkton, Sask., who shot his daughter’s boyfriend to death has been sentenced to spend at least 10 years behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder on Friday. Kim Joseph Walker, 50, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of James Hayward, but Justice Jennifer Pritchard had told jurors second-degree murder and manslaughter were also options. Several people in the courtroom burst into tears when the verdict was announced by the jury of eight women and four men. Walker himself showed little reaction, but his daughter, Jadah, broke down and wept.

At the time of James Hayward’s death in 2003, Jadah, then 16, was addicted to morphine and living with the 24-year-old, the trial heard. Court heard Walker was worried his daughter’s addiction was killing her and, according to a witness, he blamed Hayward. On March 17, 2003, he went to Hayward’s house. There was a confrontation and Walker shot Hayward five times with a .22-calibre handgun, court heard.

The defence argued Walker was only trying to get his daughter out of a known drug house and wasn’t intending to kill. The Crown argued the crime was planned and intentional and a murder conviction was the appropriate verdict.

Vince Li not criminally responsible for beheading

Vince Li has been found not criminally responsible for the gruesome murder and beheading of Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus last summer because he is mentally ill. These grotesque acts are appalling,” Justice John Scurfield said in Thursday’s ruling. “However, the acts themselves and the context in which they were committed are strongly suggestive of a mental disorder. “He did not appreciate the act he committed was morally wrong.

He believed he was acting in self defence and that he had been commanded by God to do so.” Both the Crown and the defence agreed that Li is a schizophrenic who was suffering a psychotic episode when he killed the 22-year-old McLean. Li, 40, will now be remanded to a secure psychiatric facility where he will receive treatment. A review panel will decide in the next six weeks which facility he will be transferred to, depending on whether he is considered a risk to others or to himself.

His case must also be reviewed on an annual basis by a mental health review board.

In ending, the method of preparing ingredients in a plate of food seems to take priority by governments over Crimes committed against an outraged public, a public the government is sworn to protect.

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  1. There is no justice, only lawyers.

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