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Simple Objections to Evolution
The idea of common descent and transmutation of species has existed for thousands of years. However, it was not until Charles Darwin published 'The Or... [Read More]
‘The Spirit’: A Misguided and Muddy Interpretation
Director: Frank Miller Running Time: 108 Minutes Rated: PG-13 2008 has been a wonderful and progressive year for comic book/graphic novel adapta... [Read More]
Why People Don’t Have Sex
On July 31st of 2007, John Tierney wrote an article in the New York Times on the 237 reasons that people have sex. He was writing about a study done b... [Read More]
Child Pornography: Taboo or Broadening
In today’s society of sexual endeavors with the Adult Entertainment business grossing around $12 billion dollars a year, porn has proven over the ye... [Read More]
War and Conflicts of Humanity
The  concept  of  war  conflicts  with  the  principles and values  of  our  Humane  Society, even though  throughout  history  war  an... [Read More]
The Properties of Greed in Human Nature
Human nature is a complex thing. There are many factors that affect it, many factors that help create it and drive it. Through virtue and vice it beco... [Read More]
In the quarter system, it seems that finals come around more often than the flu. There is never a sense of calm in academic circles, because it's eith... [Read More]
A Fight Club Philosophy
In Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club,” Tyler Durden taught us that “advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can... [Read More]
Male Dominance? Really?
I wrote this back in May of this year for UCI's New University in response to a pretty bigoted/feminist-to-the-point-of-sexist article: Since we ha... [Read More]
Tyranny of the majority
On December 4, the UCSF Synapse (the university student newspaper) published an anonymous article called "Proposition 8 and Our Society--The Majority... [Read More]

2019 MBA Admissions Consulting

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