Singapore’s Education System: Rigid, Competitive, and Determined
I met my friend Richard in 2007 while attending Orange Coast College; by chance we ended up in the same geography class. His mother is originally from... [Read More]
The Internet versus…You?
Since the advent of message boards, blogs, and online streaming sites, the Web has encouraged user-driven created content from people of all sorts of... [Read More]
Degrading Messages Over Time
Hey all. The profile for this blog insists that I write about video games and express those views and opinions with the read, but I'm going to start w... [Read More]
Taking the Prop 8 War to the Courts
By now you've probably heard that victims of Prop 8 have taken the proposition to California's courts in an effort to have it ruled unconstitutional... [Read More]
Indoctrinate U – Revealing hostility at American universities
Indoctrinate U is a documentary by Evan Coyne Maloney which seeks to reveal what Maloney calls an "assault on free speech" that is being advocated a... [Read More]
Holiday cheer got you down?
Are you weary of the cheerful, honest and innocent goodness that is the holiday season? I most certainly am not, but if you find that you are, below a... [Read More]
Kunst ist tot
Ever since the dawn of modern photography in the late 19th century, the art world has been in a state of shock and disarray. The camera, along with... [Read More]
Islam Awareness Week
If you really want to learn about Islam, get your facts from a non-Muslim. Get them from a Jew. A Christian. A black guy, a white woman, an Australi... [Read More]
I Am an Unbeliever
I am a secular Jew. I do not necessarily believe in a God or Allah but think there may be something up there. I am not religious myself but believe al... [Read More]
The Threats from Russia and Iran: A Test of Our Resolve?
It was quite a night on Election Day as people across the US celebrated the election of Barack Obama as our 44th President. While there was also much... [Read More]

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