Election Day, and I couldn’t care less
Classes being skipped, by students and professors both... a pervasive sense of excitement and and glee, with a generous dose of expectation thrown int... [Read More]
Are Black Obama Supporters to Blame for Proposition 8?
Here are the numbers: 10 percent of Californian voters this year were black. 94 percent of these black voters voted for Obama. 70 percent voted for Pr... [Read More]
Hollywood’s 21st Century Solutions – So What’s Next?
So what's next?  Although Hollywood is heavily relying on the two crutches of reboots and remakes, some industry personnel are coming up with their o... [Read More]
The cold hard reality about your (future) career.
It seems as if advice regarding the pursuit of a career always entails being told to find a job that you can enjoy. Such advice came up last year duri... [Read More]
Greetings from RIM
This is the first entry on Zotters.org from my Peace Corps service in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. For those who have never heard of this count... [Read More]
Identity Theft: It’s What’s for Dinner
Just in case you've been living in a bubble, breaking news: identity theft is on the rise.  And it's unavoidable and in our backyard: earlier this ye... [Read More]
Students for Sale (to highest bidder)
'Students for sale!' yells the loan officer. 'Got another one for $45,000. Says here she's going to UC Berkeley.' The loan coordinator walks in. 'I ju... [Read More]
Hollywood’s 21st Century Solutions – The Reboot: Pt. 2
What exactly is a ‘reboot'?  It depends on who you ask.  For this article, a reboot is defined as a film/product revived/rebranded/reimagined from... [Read More]
Voting (in CA) is for chumps.
Despite the new feverish push to get potential voters (especially the youth) to actually go out and vote for our next president, there are no actual b... [Read More]
Interview: BFMin, Korean Graffiti Artist From Seoul, Talks About His Inspirations, Challenges, & Hip Hop
BFMin poses in front of a tunnel in Apgujeong, Seoul, Korea. He was among the first well-known graffiti artists to emerge in Korea in the late 1990s.... [Read More]

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