Musing on Racism at UCI
For a campus embedded in one of the most conservative, wealthy and generally uneventful areas in America (and likely, the world), we have a surprising... [Read More]
Not it! — Doctor Style
A recent study in JAMA (JAMA.2008;300(10):1154-1164) found that fewer medical students are interested in internal medicine, the kind of primary care t... [Read More]
Completely out of touch with American reality
I have mostly tried to ignore televised convention (Democrat and Republican) coverage, instead choosing to read about it the next day.  However, I di... [Read More]
What I Learned, I (Didn’t) Learn in the 2008 Elections…
Reading through latest TIME magazine issue, there was a short but fairly enticing article entitled ‘The Moment - Day One: Back to School' that remin... [Read More]
And the plot thickens
This past Friday we learned that John McCain had selected Alaska governor Sarah Palin to be his VP for the Republican ticket. Gee, that's just peachy.... [Read More]
You call this a (good) strategy, McCain?
Way to steal the spotlight from Obama! I was shocked this morning when greeted with the news that McCain had announced his VP pick - Alaska Governor... [Read More]
Folks, It’s Sustainability or Bust
When I ask people why they don’t care to recycle or why they nonchalantly chuck coffee cups out their car windows, the most common response is one o... [Read More]
Bad reasons to want to be a doctor
As this year's cohort of medical school applicants works on their secondary applications and gets ready for upcoming interviews, I thought I would pos... [Read More]
UCI Earth System Science: Shoddy Forestry Research
In June 2008 I warned UCI's Earth System Science department that if they didn't stop their blind pursuit of global warming scare tactics, they would s... [Read More]
The politics of the Beijing Olympics
Having visited Beijing last year for the first time since sixth grade, I was stunned at how quickly the city grew upwards. Skyscrapers competed with l... [Read More]

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