Dr. Horrible and the Quiet Change of the Internet for Screenwriters
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Working in the lab IS sexy
To preface, I rarely deliberately go to youtube to find random entertainment, which means this clip really is awesome.  Eppendorf, a company that pro... [Read More]
America is on too many drugs
"Tell your doctor? Tell your doctor?... Shouldn't my doctor be telling me?... When you tell your doctor, isn't he just a dealer at that point?"  Bill... [Read More]
Man shoots up church, kills a little more of my faith in the media.
After reading the news report, I couldn't help but realize that the media -- for all the good that it does and all the enlightenment that it does acco... [Read More]
Why didn’t this occur to me as an undergrad?
I was quite surprised when I read this article about college students in Seattle resorting to food banks. Thinking about it, though, it makes sense co... [Read More]
Role models
On one of the morning news shows recently, there was a feature on Miley Cyrus. It boggles my mind how she is considered a "good" role model for pre-te... [Read More]
Quick rant against gift cards
Gift cards are absurd and ridiculous, and in that order. As if our commodity-driven lives need yet another milestone icon of consumerism, the populari... [Read More]
The power of the white coat
Attn: people who want to grow up to be physicians, people who like touching anecdotes, and anyone who wants to read a new post! Most, if not, all Ame... [Read More]
Working retail pays a little more than I thought
Since this is my first blog, I should introduce myself and give a brief history of my current personal life before I begin talking about what I'm doin... [Read More]
Psychology of Attraction
We categorize things into what we know. It helps making thinking easier - it's simply human nature, we categorize so that we think more quickly and to... [Read More]