Digital Life Backup: How To Organize, Secure, And Sync Your Data To Minimize The Risk Of Loss Or Theft
Whether you like it or not, everything is now officially digital. From submitting homework and listening to music, to watching television shows and ev... [Read More]
Reverse Prostitute: What Happens When A Young Man Asks Hookers In Amsterdam To Pay Him For Sex?
Just because a prostitute expects one thing, doesn't mean the tables can't be turned. In the latest video released by our friends at /whatever, a y... [Read More]
Here Is The Exact Letter I Used To Get Back A Security Deposit In Full From A Hostile Apartment Building
Landlords are assh*les. At least, that's how it seems, much of the time. With booming populations, sprawling cityscapes, and economic hardships the... [Read More]
‘Advice To Young Men From An Old Man’ – Craigslist Post From 2007 Reflects On Life And Growing Up
Editor's Note: The below is a 'best-of-craigslist' post written by an older (anonymous) American man living in San Francisco. It was posted to craigsl... [Read More]
College Newspapers: An Exhaustive List Of Campus Publications Maintained By University Students
Student newspapers are an integral part of the college experience. From documenting student experiences, to reporting on controversial issues with uni... [Read More]
Push For Pizza: The App Started By Five New York Teenagers That Does Only One Thing – And Does It Well
It's been called the "Yo for food delivery" and claims to be the "Uber for pizza" - but one thing is for sure, their teaser video on YouTube is pretty... [Read More]
Wantrepreneurs: The Difference Between Wannabe Entrepreneurs And Those Who Have A Real Plan
These days, it seems everyone's an entrepreneur or guru of some sort. Online tools like website builders or social media handles, paired with tradi... [Read More]
Documentary: ‘College Conspiracy’ Argues That American College Students Are ‘Debt Slaves’ For Life
College is a scam. At least, that's what quite a few extremely intelligent and successful Americans have been saying over and over for the past few de... [Read More]
Domestic ‘Abuse’ Timelapse: A Serbian Woman Taking Horrendous Selfies Is Just Another Marketing Stunt
At first glance, the background music and setup of the video look familiar: another person on YouTube doing a time lapse video of themselves in the mo... [Read More]
‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ And Understanding Your True Business Objectives During The Digital Age
I HATE buzzwords. I especially hate the buzzword "buzzword" and all associated images of overly plump 21st century "gurus" attending marketing conf... [Read More]

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