No easy solution
The Green "Revolution" is starting to grate on my nerves. OK, it makes me a horrible human being to admit it, but it's true. It's been something I ha... [Read More]
Can we cure aging? Do you want to live forever?
This is a topic that I plan on spending a significant amount of time discussing. Before I hand you the red pill and show you the truth, I want you... [Read More]
One less? One more.
Gardasil is a vaccine used to prevent most types of cervical cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be transmitted through sexual... [Read More]
Curtains for the American Dream?
How attainable is the American Dream for this generation? I have often wondered about this, especially living in Southern California where I have seen... [Read More]
Who wants a religulous doctor?
A recent survey by the University of Chicago’s Center for Clinical Medical Ethics examined religion in medicine. It was shown that most doctors bel... [Read More]
Who says you have to remember Memorial Day?
Memorial Day is a U.S federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May to commemorate the men and women who perished while in service to our great c... [Read More]
Will airline travel soon be extinct?
This week's announcement that United and U.S. Airways will now be charging for checked bags was not a welcome one, especially as their competitors mad... [Read More]
How much is enough?
This is a question I often wonder about. How much more can the American public take? What will have to happen in order to actually force Washington to... [Read More]
Be the investigator
In one of my past classes, each student was assigned a senior health service to research to report to the class. From that exercise, I learned about s... [Read More]
College Degrees have Become Meaningless
College, as we know it in modern times, has become worthless. The idea of a university refers to Latin universitas, pioneered especially by Plato, des... [Read More]