Stripper (Exotic Dancer)

A stripper is a common term (mostly heard in America) for a professional exotic dancer who usually performs at “strip clubs” (adult nightclubs or lounges) or at private events/parties. Their sensual performance is often called a “striptease” – but in contrast with showgirls (a.k.a. burlesque dancers) who may draw out the “tease” portion of the performance with extended periods of customer interaction and slowly-evolving playful dance moves, “strippers” usually undress more speedily, or even show up on stage already nude or semi-nude, depending on local laws and/or the preference of the dancer. Strippers are most often independent contractors (unless they are “house” performers), and often make use of a dance “pole” for acrobatic, explicit dance moves – lending to the nick name “pole dancer.”

Also Known As: Exotic Dancer, Erotic Dancer, Pole Dancer, A-Go-Go (Thailand, Southeast Asia)

Related Careers: Showgirl (Burlesque), Pornstar, Cocktail Waitress, Escort, Prostitute (Hooker), Pimp, Drug Dealer, Bouncer

Education Requirements: Exotic Dance Training, Pole Dance Training

Personality Types:

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  1. Education Requirements: Exotic Dance Training, Pole Dance Training
    Does one also receive any benefits, 401k, stock options, etc. Please anyone with a double digit I.Q. (intelligent quotia) knows becoming an “exotic dancer” is not exactly a girls dream come true. If it were a “dream job” making a lot of money, men would be doing it!!! Most girls who become dancers have a very low self-esteem, rotten family life, very little education, and no means of a way out. What happens when they age out of this sort of business? Welfare, homelessness, disparity – something for them to look forward to? The truth to the matter is these girls need a way out and have no idea how to do it. These girls are someones daughter, neice, grand-daughter, sister and friend. It seems no one cares about these girls. Shame on you for exploiting their down falls.

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