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Trillium College : Oshawa is a For-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute established in (unknown). The campus is located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada and hosts students with an endowment of $0 (2014).  
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Address:  419 King Street West #2296, Oshawa Centre, Oshawa, Ontario, L1J 2K5, Canada
Phone:  +1 (905) 723-1163
Institution Type:  For-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute
Established:  Unknown
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  $0 (2014)
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Latitude:  43.894013
Longitude:  -78.879009
Tax ID:  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
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69 Student Reviews of Trillium College : Oshawa

  • Absolutely do not attend this school.
    Was accepted 6 years ago 2013 for the massage therapy program withdraw after 10 days for so many reasons I wont even get started. Paid a 500 withdrawal fee and never thought of the place again. Fast forward 6 years later I get a letter in the mail from a collection agency saying I owe Trillum college $4500 in tuition fees for a year of school I never completed.
    Have spent 3 months on the phone trying to get information from trillum and guess what they have none, know nothing and the school has new owners since I attended.
    What an absolute scam.
    I have hired a lawyer now to deal with it but what an unprofessional awful awful school.
    Dont do it.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I was a student during the 2015 year. I had to leave for an overseas job mid way and they put my studies/account on hold which was great.

    I returned and they said I could jump back in the courses right away. They called a day before my first day back stating I would have to re do EIGHT courses and pay for that as well. I was so confused and frustrated. Unfortunately I had to leave due to the scam of the front office, mainly Martin Durlok. He was the front office chief operating officer.

    He stated that he would take care of things and deal with the balance i “owed” (really did owe anything). He never retuned my calls or emails.

    Last week I received mail from MAC Financial stating I owe Trillium $6000 and they took me to credit collections.

    The only positive outcome of this college was the instructors. They really helped me along the way. Unfortunately they work in a scam college system.

    I hope they find a better college to work in as I WOULD NOT recommend anyone to Trillium college.

    Overall Score: (2.09/5.00)
  • Im a couple months in the video game design class. Its going great. My teacher is awsome and teaches the subjects very well and in great detail to make you have a good understanding of the subject despite having to teach about three different levels of the courses due to w.e reasons. cant speak for the rest of the school but would reccoment to others for this class for sure.

    Overall Score: (3.45/5.00)
  • I checked this place out in late 2015 for their Accounting and Payroll program and thought the place was a joke from stem to stern. The “campus” is in the basement of a shopping mall and, once you get past the reception area, it looks like a dump. I decided I didn’t want to go there about 10 seconds after I arrived for my appointment.

    The admissions coordinator sat there and told me about how wonderful the program was while I sat there and pasted a fake smile on my face. She then printed up an acceptance letter for me that had the wrong program printed on it!

    I feel well and truly sorry for the folks commenting here who actually paid this place money. It’s a damned shame that organizations can get away with this sort of scam.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • it is beyond me why people continue to enroll in scam schools like Trillium, Hertzing, etc when community colleges offer real diploma and degree programs that are a fraction of the tuition, accredited, and (most importantly) are respected by employers. Sure, the time it takes to graduate from a real school is longer, but any post-secondary institution that claims to produce paramedics, police officers, and social workers in 12 months or less shouldn’t be taken seriously in the first place. One just needs to look at the requirements for employment in such positions to understand this. In other words, do your own research on the profession you wish to work in before signing up for one of these loser schools. They certainly aren’t going to do it for you, especially when getting your money is their one and only priority.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • First, I would give 0 ratings in everything at Trillium College. I took the Accounting and Payroll course back in 2012-2013. I did very well and graduated with honors(I worked so hard I sometimes thought I was having a breakdown!), I was the only one out of 20+ people who actually finished the program! Like everyone else I found the staff at Trillium were very unprofessional. Books were always late and sometimes we had no teacher at all and had to teach ourselves. One teacher who was actually qualified to teach just was gone one day! When we asked we were told she would be back but I never saw her again! They had another teacher come in to teach the rest of the course but as hard as he tried he was learning it as we were. They kicked people out weekly from this school, gossiped liked crazy, were rude or just brushed you off if you had any questions. Rules applied only to some students while others did as they pleased. I was a older single mom with a small child and I wanted to improve myself so I could get a better job to support us. NOPE!! Even with my great marks and Honors I still cant get a job. Still working for minimum wage and only part-time at that. I wish I had found a board like this back then. :(

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I just requested a phone call about discussing the PSW course at this school. After reading the reviews I am not interested in this school any longer. I will try Durham College or Trios College. This school sounds like a scam.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Let this be a warning to anyone reading this post. DO NOT sign up for this private school. I go to trillium in Oshawa and it’s rIdic, The administration staff is so rude, for beginners……wait for the kicker….it doesn’t happen until you’ve enrolled and been there for at least a month. they are so eager and friendly in the beginning making you believe your on a path to change your life and then they get your money and don’t give a shit about you, your problems, issues within the school. I’ve had issues with many of the teachers there belittling me and bringing me down, and they make u feel like u can’t say anything because then your blacklisted for lack of a better word, everyone talks about you, they’re gossiping all the time with their resting bitch faces! I make good grades so I’m ok but I feel like I’m wasting my money and now I’m too trapped to get out. Please just keep your money and time..if you really wanna stay sane stay the hell away from m e. Stress overload.

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • Horrible experiences, NONE of the 30+ people in my class have a job in the field we took a course in, yet all of us passed with honours?!?! also, we had supply teachers like crazy all year, and at the end of it all the teacher just quit on us. Now I owe $ to the government forever. I am stuck working part time, min wage jobs, I am no longer eligible to receive OSAP. Also, Being in Durham Region, our unemployment rate for people in my age range is the highest in the entire country. good luck being hired, even with help from an agency. good luck being hired with a degree from Trillium. you’ll need it.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This is the most horrible “education” experience I have ever had. Since day one, it has been shady. Do not be fooled by their “niceness” it’s all FAKE. The staff here are – of course – very nice when you first come in, they want your money and OSAP’s money. DO NOT BE FOOLED. This school is the most disorganized and rude group of individuals I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. To start off, I complained about the fact that the classroom has no air conditioning. It was 30 degrees in there every single day and they assured me they would fix it and it has never happened (in two months, nothing is done). Next, the instructor, Dina, can’t even speak proper English and lacks common sense with grammar and mathematical skills and gives incorrect or out of date facts. The way she pronounces words is often corrected by students, and she can’t even say some common English language words, she admitted to me that she gave the class general marks on more than one assignment and offered to bump up my mark by 5% when I was unhappy with it – which I objected to and said I want the mark I deserved for the work I did, she said Dalton McGuinty was the premier of Toronto, and the Essential Skills and all other following courses are COMPLETELY irrelevant to Dental Assisting. I approached Olga, the program director, and Dina both about our books being five years out of date and stating incorrect Canadian laws that were updated in February of this year, and they both acknowledged it and told me the write the out of date, incorrect laws in a test as per the book instead of the actual new Canadian standard law. Dina has inverted numbers or miscalculated more time than I can count in Technical Math. She never replies to emails, or waits days and days to give a half response. Not only this, but since my complaints on these school matters, Olga has done everything in her power to bully me and try to get me to withdraw from the program. She has insulted my intelligence, denied my learning disability, denied me any extra help or extra explanation on things if I have asked her or Dina, they refuse to accept my transcripts from high school as sufficient proof of a learning disability, despite my enrolment in special education courses and despite Olga stating that was enough proof and then going back on her word once I actually showed her evidence of it, they have now told me I cannot come to school until I have documentation of my disability, and claim that Karla (the person who enrolled me) and Ryan (the financial administrator) both told me I needed to bring in this document; which Ryan denies saying and Karla has since been fired for misconduct. Furthermore, I brought in everything that was on the list of requirements when I registered including police check, immunization records, vaccination progress and TB test progress, high school transcripts, tax returns, and a void cheque, so why would I not bring in a piece of documentation if I was told to and if it would have further benefited my educational experience? Because they told me my transcripts were sufficient, that’s why. Now I can’t even come to the school because they will yell in my face in front of the entire school and threaten to call the police. I haven’t even done anything wrong, and yes, I did yell at Olga in a meeting, but that is because she was speaking with Sherida (another woman who enrols students) about my “lack of intelligence” right in front of me, as though I was not in the room, they said they can’t get through to me, etc., etc. I was in class on my calculator and Dina yelled at me saying it was a cell phone until I showed her otherwise and the school said she is allowed to yell at me, single me out in the class and verbally abuse me in front of everyone because she is an “authority figure”. NO! This is NOT the way you run a school. I have two diplomas from previous post-secondary educational training in which I graduated with honours. I still communicate with my teachers from my previous college and I have used them as references for jobs. I’d love it if I could be in my original field, but there are no jobs so I thought this would be a better option. Clearly not. Do NOT go to this school unless you want a horrible nightmare and to be treated like an income source, money grab. This school is a scam! They make me sick! I am processing a complaint with the school and the Ministry of Education if they do not reimburse my tuition to me. I’m so angry and stressed, my stomach is in knots every day! I’ve invested thousands of dollars into something I wish I could take back. I regret ever registering at this horrible, nightmare of a school!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • wow thank you everyone for the reviews. i was about to sign up for this college. the lady on the phone was forcing me to come in and sign up. the school looks like a warehouse and the people there look cheap as hell. bye bye trillium

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Just heard the College is being reviewed in Human Rights Court soon for firing a instructor and discriminated against this individual. Is this the college you want to go to. ? Think twice.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • Is this school still open? EVEREST GOT SHUT DOWN hahahhahahaha your next Trillium. You can’t have your employees that you fire sign a form to agree not to talk bad about the college and if they don’t you hold their pay check, that indeed is very illegal and time to get better lawyers. Your time will come. Your time will come. Your Paramedic program is a joke. Your whole College is a joke. Be careful cause there is so much information proof on your crap staff and admin staff that just can’t wait to hit the media with.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • What people are describing in these reviews is very common amongst all private career colleges. You will find that any positive reviews are likely posted by employees of these schools.
    Dissatisfaction runs rampant within the ranks of previous, existing and past students.
    This type of training will continue to happen because these businesses are fed with government funded student loans and grants.
    The true test is the answer you would get if you asked a manager from one of these “colleges” whether or not they would allow their children to attend their school…I assure you they are lying if they say yes.
    All decisions are made on the basis of “bums in seats”. Make a profit at all costs.
    Market glamour programs, not the truth. Make up job placement stats if need be.
    Employee turnover is the norm. Having a conscience is not a good thing if you are an employee as it may cloud your judgement when you are required to lie to a potential, existing or past student.
    In summary, there is nothing new here. Do your research. Try and go to a community college if possible.
    Research every aspect of any private career college you are considering. You are making a decision that will affect you, your family and possibly the tax payer.
    Good luck

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Recently graduated from the Massage Therapy program at the Kingston campus. I was well prepared for the Ontario regulatory board exams which I have completed, and I have several job offers pending my licensing, all equivalent to $25/hr or higher. Trillium is an adult career training facility where you will find that you will get out of it what you put into it. Do not expect them or any other uni or college to hold your hand through your education and hand you a job just because you paid them, this is 2014.
    I was well prepped for the fact that you will need to attend 4 hours of lecture/lab a day with an additional 3-4 hours of homework a day to survive this course. You must also provide hands on treatment during community outreach equal to 145 hours and treatment clinic hours equalling 400 hours. Many students had trouble with this even though we were well informed of this prior to enrolment.
    THIS IS NOT A CAKE WALK, if that is your expectation you should indeed look elsewhere.

    Overall Score: (3/5.00)
  • I was and old paramedic instructor at trillium college Burlington campus. I’m qualified and had respect from students. Every student I took on to be there preceptor got a job. Why? Not because of the college but because I’m a good educator. Trillium college ONLY cares about money. U have a COO and. CEO that doesn’t care about students you have a paramedic program coordinator that is a slob and doesn’t even know the actual paramedic protocols yet he runs the program as well as fabricates students marks. Students failing miserably at 48 percent the coordinator pushes the students forward to a 70 percent and sets them up for failure. God forbid you as a. Instructor actually question your students about the pharmacology of a drug and the patho behind why you would give the drug to a patient just cause he doesn’t know he wants his students to do the same. God in fact one paramedic student failed his ambulance field preceptorship and trillium college allowed this student and actually lied to the ministry of health and said the student accomplished all and that he was able to write his provincial lic for AEMCA. Now you have a student who has a diploma and now is a certified medic and potentially may end up working on your loved one. His preceptor actually stated this student was a danger to patients. The coordinator of the program and the COO knew about this and did nothing about it. Well the ministry of health is now investigating it cause someone put a bug in their ear and this person has their lic revoked. This just shows you that this college only wants money doesn’t care of pumping out well qualified and know dabble paramedics they care about pumping you thru for the next group. And really 20,000 dollars for a 16 month course and you get crap training your better off going to a real paramedic college and pay 7 000 collars and actually g a real education and a real job. 80 percent of trillium college g radiates from the paramedic program still can’t get jobs and are making 12 bucks an hour for patient transfers that’s a big number. Don’t waste your time on this college. The ministry of health, the ministry of colleges and universities and human rights are currently investigating their actions. Don’t waste your time. But hey if you want a diploma, a college that doesn’t care about you except your wallets and a coordinator that will hold your hand thru the program and tell you you are doing great and do final practical exams as if they are running a first aid class no problem Trillium college will give you that diploma. But be prepared to never get a job!!!!!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Very bad experience at Trillium college, they do only care about money and profit. The Massage Therapy program works off a modular system and you only have one instructor. In order to teach at a Private school an instructor needs to have a BA or BS and 2 years working experience. One instructor to specialize in practical and theory…… for $17,000+. Take the time to research other schools.


    I would like to first make it clear that this review is not coming from a bitter person with awful marks. I am maintaining an average over 95%. I do my work.. and have a positive outlook. BUT , I am begging and pleading that anyone even considering this CORPORATE money grabbing facility to achieve their goals to look into a real College. I know the sound of flexible, small class sizes, and all the other fast track fast talk sounds great.. But you will be sooo much further ahead to take the time to do it right the first time. I am worried that even with these grades I am throwing my time and money out the window. I speak the truth!


    St. catharines campus is very unorganized, graduated with honors 2 years ago and still no grad pictures! had to wait 7 months for graduation. Front desk is never on task! many students that go there give a bad reputation to the school therefor nobody wants to hire a Trillium college student, very expensive too! I do not recommend this college to anybody, if you are thinking of attending college, Niagara college is the best choice!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I took the paramedic course here finished last year and all I can get hired for is patient transfers. They con you into coming here and then you’re trapped. I paid 30,000 for my course to make 15 an hour tops. The instructors are barely qualified and aren’t monitored. We had 4 instructors while I was here. Don’t come to this school it’s like signing your life away.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • The school is so disfunctional, faces change all the time. Student administration or whatever they’re called need to meet a quota or they’ll get fired, it’s crazy. They all gossip about the students, and instructor relationships with student aren’t professional. I would save your money and go to a community college.

    Overall Score: (1.90/5.00)
  • dont even know where to begin on how disheartened i am. im a week away from my clinical placement in a ltc, i go to the burlington campus for psw. psw, you know where you learn how to take care of elderly and disabled .. ya well for the past 5 months ive had to sit and be witness to my instructor mentally beating down an autistic kid. somehow this 23 year old boy got into the class.. oh yea cause the student reps i mean SALES REPS made 200 off him and the school made 8000 off him … no one picked up on his behaviors which are pretty obvious. like this kid tries soooo hard hes made it when 4 others have already failed/dropped out … last week to go, we just got our cpr cards and test that we did in nov back ( got the cards today WHEN WE WERENT EVEN TAUGHT THE HEIMLICH MANEUVER !!) got hcp cards and the only reason we got taught the H.M today finally was because i snapped out at the our instructor saying youre not giving me a card saying i can do something that i have no idea how to do thats just beyond whacked out, for the last couple months this “instructor” who is an RN was actually saying choking rarely happens !?!?! like dont worry about it you wont see it happening like thats a huge flag right there, how the f are u going to say im certified for something i was never taught!! so we all did this really shotty test together at the end of the two days and we marked them together. our instructor was not there for those two days, apparently this boy didnt mark the test right so week away from placement and hes told hes not allowed to go, meanwhile we have a paramedic class whos able to certify people right in our “school” … this instructor did this on purpose theres no way she didnt, its the most cruel thing ive had to watch play out, shes had it in for him since he got there shes tried everything to get him out and this is what she used? the whole administration should be ashamed of themselves its disgusting, TRILLIUM COLLEGE DISCRIMINATES NOT ONLY AGAINST DISABLED PEOPLE THEIR INSTRUCTORS ARE ALLOWED TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WHOEVER THEY WANT ITS SICK!!!!i cant take it anymore the crap i see around there, WE WERENT EVEN PROPERLY CERTIFIED TO GET THESE CPR CARDS AND NOW HES GETTING KICKED OUT OVER SOME TEN QUESTION BUNK TEST??? SHE WONT GIVE HIM ANY OTHER OPTIONS TO GET IT DONE THATS SICK

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • I dont even know where to start with the disappointment i feel, im at the burlington campus taking the psw class. i know private and public school all have their ups and downs but in my time at trillium its been down the whole time. they change their office staff more than their underwear, no one who admitted me into the program is still there, and i dont know if they realize but that gives people a lack of confidence. i found out that the “admission reps” get two hundred dollars each student they sign up, DISGUSTING, students get 100 for every referral they get, DISGUSTING in no way ever should money incentives go hand in hand with someones education, thats just sick. the instructors are free to mark however they feel … heres an example … a client with diabetes asks you as a psw to cut their nails, what would you say/do , i wrote i would let the client know she requires a specialist for nail care due to her diabetes …. WRONG i was supposed to write I REFUSE. WTF I REFUSE??? WHAT DID I JUST SAY?? im sorry when people f with marks that are RIGHTFULLY MINE i cant help but get angry, this east indian instructor they have teaching OBVIOUSLY DOESNT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. the last test i had before my xmas break the question was how to make clients new to long term care feel more comfortable, i wrote that you can get them involved with group activities so they could make friends .. WRONG, i was supposed to write INTRODUCE YOURSELF LMAO wow crock of shit is what this program is and bigger crock of shit is what this instructor is. these are marks that are rightfully mine and she does whatever she pleases, i know for fact that students who leave her class to their placement have no clue whatsoever whats going on and this is all due to the lack of education we get from this lazy bias “instructor”. i hope this helps people looking at coming to this school or supports people who are going through the same shit.

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • I was in the psw course at the burlington campus .. What a mistake the instructor puts more time into changing our seating arrangements than planning her class, it’s an fing joke, she’s the most culturally bias person I’ve known, like what a miserable class. I dread coming because of this one “teacher” she treats even the 40 year olds like they are children it’s disgusting!,

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • So annoyed! At the amount of money put out on this garbage school. The province of Ontario has a website for private career colleges that will show you pricing of each programs, I suggest u go through it, it’s crazy osap would even allow them to charge the amounts they do. Such a rip off go to a real college.

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • I did the psw course at the Burlington campus, everything I learned in class I had to relearn on placement because we had the worst instructor ever, they cll them instructors for a reason, because they are not teachers!! I paid an insane amount of money to come here only to hear a bunch of clicks every class, clicks of the mouse as the instructor breezes through each chapter not even knowing the night before what the next days lesson is going to be about. I feel so mislead, I could’ve saved thousands on this education through trios and other career colleges, each school board offers this program for less than 1500, I paid 7500+ … Mohawk is 4500 … And the best part is I was told I would be able to bridge to RPN with this course lmao, the class is taught by modules any real college would laugh at me. From the front management to instructors this school is a joke, they make up their own rules as they go along, I’m just thankful for my placement instructor she was the best, she always took the time to clearly teach us. Our daily instructor was a RN who I could never understand through her accent and rushed teaching, never knew what she was teaching thought she was above us talked about her mansion and perfect kids . We were never allowed to take notes in class while she gave her “lectures”.. You could never talk with your neighbour or she would move u, always talk down to us, I felt like I was in grade 5 again. Stay away from this school and its nazi psw tool of an instructor

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • The most fake college I have ever seen. They are as mafia. The instructors are not qualified and they will never be, since the wage they pay to them is $16/hour.
    There is a say in trillium: ” the students here weren’t admitted anywhere; Hence we can do whatever we want.
    The management is instructed to mislead students. they let them spy one another.
    Walk away from this hell.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Thank You guys for the review…. I got appointment coming Monday. Guess what I’m Cancelling it.
    Appreciate your time to write these comments to help a person like me from getting trapped. I found trillium OSHAWA campus on … seems like its a wolf pack out there to grab money from us in the name of helping us get a job. I put in my questions and name address in website. Within two minutes I got a call from Trillium College Oshawa. I asked simple question How much for the video gaming program and the duration. She said I need to set up an appointment to come and talk and wants to know when i’m free. She wants me to come in two hours. Seems like eager to trap me. Also told me many people bring their cousins friend family members to the appointment. I can also bring them to trap? THANK YOUUUU GUYS FOR ALL OF YOUR TIME TO WRITE THESE REVIEW. I’m OUT!!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I was just thinking about joining this college so I signed up on the website to have someone contact me. I received a call from Trillium college 2 days later not withing 24 hours like it says on their site. They gave me a lot of details about the course I was interested in but kept pushing me to make an appointment to come in. The next day I received another call from them asking me the same questions as the first caller. Red flag popped up and I decided to check out some reviews. I want to thank all of you for posting your comments and stopping me from wasting my money and a year of my life on this shit organization.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I am writing this review because not only to I feel sick to my stomach for the 12 grand I paid, I feel sick for others. For people who cannot afford it, for single parents who are just trying to build a better future for their children and families, for all the people I feel bad for on a daily basis at this school.

    When you apply, they will make you feel great. They will make you feel like you are doing something for your future. When you do apply and go to the registration, they will have success stories that will bring tears to your eyes, truth is, this is all part of the scam.

    Everything everyone is saying on here is TRUTH. I am sitting here in my class ON FACEBOOK because e havent had text books in 3 weeks. I have learned nothing AT ALL in four months so far, I want to cry.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • Do not, I repeat…DO NOT shell out one penny to attend this school. I started in the paramedic class in Burlington in January 2012 and was supposed to be finished April 2013. The class I started with is now HOPING to finish in DECEMBER 2013. Instructors would not show up on a regular basis, students who did not have prerequisites and were failing courses were still being passed onto the next semesters, and we were not even shown out marks. The regions in the area will not even take the class out for rideouts or hospital placements because of the horrible (and much deserved) reputation of this “school”. Equipment is outdated, non-functioning or even non existent. The government has actually stepped in at this point because of how awful things are. There is also a lawsuit on behalf of some of the students in the program for the lack of education and extra costs accrued because of this disaster. This company is only out for your money. The promises made by this company about finishing in a short amount of time and receiving a proper education are all lies. I wasted tens of thousands of dollars (now in debt) and a year and a half of my life. Thanks for nothing Trillium.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • As a former Registrar of Trillium College I would recommend that you look into another school! Yes some people get jobs but most don’t and when students would complain we would try to help them but head office would just make it go away! This school is not helping anyone but themselves! OSAP files get faked, diplomas and marks get faked, attendance gets faked, students and employes of Trillium are belittled, bullied, threatened! You will not receive your text books or class equipment on time for your course, you will be lied to about everything right from the moment you walk in! This is a very hostile environment! If you want a quality education and want all your hard work to be recognized and pay off in the end I would suggest going to another school!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I went to Trillium IN Oshawa in April 2010 – April 2011. I am trying to find others to help me “fight” this school and get the money back I paid. I took the CSW program and was told it IS an acreditted program and I would be able to get a job in the school system. I was also told “if I wanted too” I would be able to go to Durham college and upgrade, which is also not true. Since this is a private school you cannot do that. I have a lot of things together but no one else is willing to help. Pls e-mail me at if you want to help me out. I would love to get more people together and file a class action law suit. I have went to John O’Toole and written to The minister at the ministy of training and colleges and they pretty much tell me to bad since I am out of school. Well thats bullshit! I now owe over $15,000 for this and I am working in Real Estate as I cannot find a job as a CSW!!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • The massage program at this school is really good. Most of these complaints don’t make much sense. I think a lot of these people need to think about things a little more before writing these posts. It is a career education. Do your research. This is not a sheep in wolf’s clothing, it’s an opportunity of people that would not normally have a chance to change their life.

    Overall Score: (3/5.00)
  • Intimidation, manipulation, distraction, confusion,bullying. These are the tactics used by Trillium College to keep their students stressed, and full of fear. Fear to speak up and demand that their needs, rights as students be met. Every time you complain, they put another black mark on your record. When something goes wrong, instead of making it right they get rid of the people associated with the wrong, not the person responsible for the wrong. In other words those who make waves about the bad things that are going on there.

    Campus management is a joke on every level.

    There is only one purpose, one goal for Trillium College, make money, lots of it and they don’t care how that happens. How is it OSAP and the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities endorse this school. Support it?

    I have taken a look at the Private Career Colleges Act, there is nothing in there to protect students from any of the above. This is Canada, 2013. How can this be? Lets make a choice for change, if you have a complaint make it to the Ministry of training colleges and universities. If they receive enough complaints they will have to do something about this. Won’t they?? Here is where you can find the form:

    It is easy to fill in and can help to make a huge difference.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Don’t waste your money.

    Do your research, talk to existing students and check websites like this. Attend a class for the day and observe the teacher and students.

    There are too many instances of hardworking people losing their money by going to schools like this.

    Warning Signs:

    Bad Reviews
    Unhappy Students
    Lack of employment/placement statistics- Ask for proof- Talk to employers.
    Unhappy Staff
    Lack of resources/equipment

    Do the research, this decision will affect your life and family.

    Good luck.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I am currently a Student at this poor excuse for a college! Both my husband and I attended this college and can not believe the lack of professionalism they show. Now we are 40,000 in debt between the two of us and no job prospects in sight RUN AWAY FROM THIS SO CALLED COLLEGE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!! You will be sorry if you attend this school who says they have professionals in the field teaching you….. if this is true and i am taking Payroll and Accounting why do i have a Legal person teaching me Accounting???? Heed my warning DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!!!!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The link for the MTCU (ministry of training colleges and universitie)s has changed to submit a complaint form, here is the new link:

    Easy form to fill in and submit. It will make a real difference if we all submit a complaint with them, the governing body for Trillium College and all other Privage Career Colleges.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I’m sitting in this horrid school as I’m typing. Either your too hot or frezzing, the teachers are more slacking then the students. Nothing has been done on time or even when its been said to be. This school is bullshit. All offence. Take my word for it. I refused to go to EA lovel for my course because i didn’t want a “shitty” school on my diploma, whoops, well looks like I got one any way. I’m sorry for you if your in my shoes and stuck already attending, complete waste of time. Please listen.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I felt confident when I registered. I could hardly wait to get started. I discovered a lot of the software we were using (for which I had been certified in, in previous years) had changed. For some reason, within the span of a couple of months, we had gone through several instructors (one even e-mailed all of us to say she was fired without reason). A few months ago, one of the managers told me that I would also notice an instructor of another program would not be there any longer. Indeed, I noticed she was gone. For some reason, however, she did re-appear, and the complaints that had circulated about her in the past, began recirculating among the students again. She took over our class once, and I was so frustrated with her (because she really isn’t an instructor and I would be surprised to find out she had any training) to the point where I realized how the college was misusing funding it received from the provincial government, to educate adults who had gone to them for help. For one of our previous programs (which was a part of our course/diploma) we were expected to learn the software (PowerPoint) and write the exam in four days. Originally, that program was supposed to last two weeks, but for some reason, Trillium decided to reduce it to four days so that we could spend more time on another aspect of the course. Go figure! Now, they are telling me that I have to pay them 100% of the cost of the course (even though Second Career, the Ministry, and other colleges didn’t support this). The manager sat in his office as I complained and opened a notebook and began recording things when I spoke (including that I was violent when I tapped my hand on his desk) and was going to submit this report to the Ministry. I give up! This place should be closed down or at least should not be receiving Government funding!

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • Beware this company. It is owned by a bunch of NY investment bankers called Quad Partners. Objective maximum profit, minimum effort. Especially beware the fast talking enrollment clerk who flashes a bonus check for $10-15k per month for signing up ‘suckers’. You will end up on the program he wants to fill up, not the one you want to be in. They have useless computer equipment which keeps crashing in the middle of your assignments. All of the managers are business suits. They employ unqualified instructors, but there are some good instructors so pick your program carefully and demand to know their qualifications. We pay the same tuition fees as U of T for unqualified instructors. If they arent qualified you can get all your money back – demand a full refund. They got rid of a good campus manager and replaced her with a f******g idiot in a suit. Do not put up with crap. Make a complaint and demand action. If nothing happens go to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. We all graduate with ‘honors’ but very few get jobs in their area.$File/58-1399E.pdf

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This is a horrible school! Full of problems – technical difficulites, missing books and equipment, totally unorganized. They don’t follow up with students, They totally forget you once you graduate (seeing as they already have all your money!). I applied for an admin assistant job at the campus I attended and didn’t even get an interview – even though I graduated with honors (another joke), yet they had a student working there who got lower grades and was less reliable! DON’T “FAST TRACK” your education, especially with Trillium College. I am now paying an OSAP loan for a total waste of time!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This school only cares about their bottom line. It is a business, not a school. I am enrolled at the Burlington campus, and I wasn’t having a terrible experience. I had learned to ignore the holes in the walls, the outdated eqiupement, and the lack of teaching materials. I actually had a couple of really AMAZING instructors, and I actually felt sorry for them since they weren’t given anything to work with, and half the time, didn’t even know their schedules, or whether they would be employed on a full or part time basis the following week. I ignored the fact that my program (MOA) did not offer career placement, and the fact that I received no help or career support whatsoever. I was actually a happy student until they changed their office staff and brought in a new campus manager with no personality who’s background I can almost guarantee is in business NOT education. The difference in the campus moral has been incredible. It seems as though no one is happy to be there anymore, not staff OR students. Of course, lukcy me, I ran into some financial issues and was having trouble making my payments. I am not OSAP or 2nd career. I got to meet the new campus manager for the first time (because he never once bothered to introduce himself to me or any of my fellow students) the first time he hauled me out of class to inquire about his money. My grades (94% average) meant nothing to him. Getting my account up to date was his number one priority and he pulled me out of class over and over until I settled it. I am working now in my field, which I am determined is because of my own talents, and has NOTHING to do with attending Trillium. I would never recommend this school to anyone, ESPECIALLY if you qualify for government assistance. Don’t give them a dime. Spend a little longer in a community college.

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • Thank you everyone for your comments. I unfortunately discovered this site after I left the program I was in. THE SCHOOL WAS THAT BAD! I should have followed my initial gut feeling when I contacted the school for information. Somehow they could only give me information in person. Any reputable school has all their information available online, by mail or by phone. They may encourage you to go and visit the facilities but are free with the information you are requesting. I said any reputable school, which Trillium is not.

    Many of my complaints are the same or similar to what many of you have written so I won’t go on and on here about that. I will say that if you are interested in attending a school that cares about it’s students, the quality of education it offers, has integrity and an ethical approach in their business, then Trillium is NOT the place for you.

    The complaint process was not clearly laid out and misleading. Not that that matters anyway since they don’t follow their complaints procedure. I took my complaint to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. They said they can’t do anything and that I was the only one to have complained.

    So what I would say to you all is: Wonderful that you are sharing on this site, it has helped me to appreciate that I was not the only one to have a bad experience with Trillium. If you want to make a real difference though contact the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. Here is the link for the complaints form:$File/58-1399E.pdf
    If more of us make an official complaint them perhaps they will do something about this private college they have approved of.

    Other places you can contact is the Better Business Bureau, and any governing body for the profession your teacher is in if they were not qualified to teach or behaved in a less than professional manner. Some professions have very strict rules about behavior with clients and the general public when representing their profession.

    There is also legal help available free of charge: Law Society – Lawyer referral – For $6, the LRS will provide the name of a lawyer who will provide a free consultation of up to 30 minutes to help you determine your rights and options. call: 1-900-565-4LRS (4577)

    For human rights violations, you can find information on how to submit a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal on their website or by following this link:

    For myself, I am contacting every organization I can think of, including this website, to get the word out there to beware of Trillium. Maybe we can all help to make a difference.

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • Thank you guys soooo much for these comments!!! I had an appointment tomorrow with this school and now I am cancelling!!! Thank god for this website.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Well i am another sucker……this school is a joke…open book test…no wonder the class average is in the mid 90\’s. they tell you everything is included the you have to come up with another $350 to cover books that you have to buy, dont think about reselling then or using used cus you cant. Tell you your scrubs are going to be there when the class starts but there not..A police check has to be done, i am okay with that, but then when there is a problem with it they say they will help resolve the problem and you know what they do……this might be illegal….when you ask for a copy of it the box that was marked with an \”X\” suddenly doesnt have one. Here they are lying to a placement so what happens when you go for a real job and it shows. They tell you how important you being there is but most of the time your learning on your own…the instructors want there classes to have the best grades, they do make the school and teachers look good, but there is very little hands on until your in placement then watch out cus they let us loose to work with these unsuspecting seniors. I am very upset that because of this extra fee i may not be able to finish this course, they have not only shattered my dream, wasted my time but i am currently in debt as well.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I can’t believe that OSAP would let these people scam everybody like that .. Me being one of them. Trillium was a sad excuse for a school. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GO SOMEHWERE ELSE!!

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • Thank you all for these reviews. After being laid off last February & not being successful in finding other work, I looked into Second Career. Since this “school” is on the list that the Government will fund I figured it wasn’t too bad. After reading these reviews it just reminded me of my experience with the Academy of Learning. All I got out of that experience was a $5500 debt – no job. Although I am VERY axious to get back into the workforce, I am realizing that I’m not going to do my family much good with a minimum wage job and really need to go back to school.
    Again, thanks to all of you and your honest reviews I will most certainly take this one off of my list.
    I spoke to someone at the St Catharines campus recently and asked about the success rate & the ability for students to find jobs upon course completion. She told me it was very high (in the 80%-90% range). I should have asked how many students found a job in the field that they actually studied at that school. For all I know the majority found a job all right; “would you like fries with that?”
    I think I will scope out other REAL colleges so I have a better sense of security for my family’s future.

    Good luck to you all. They should close these fly-by-night “schools” down. It’s not right that people are being scammed out of their hard earned money. It’s people’s lives they are playing with; their future, their family’s future. I guess they only hire individuals with no soul or conscience.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • I FULLY agree with everyone here. Trillium College, irregardless of whatever campus are ALL scams. The teacher and the class that I was taking was a JOKE at the St.Catharines campus. We did much more of the work than the teacher did and the rules were getting so tight and restrictive that it would give a soldier who had been in the war flashbacks of being in a concentration camp!. Bottom Line: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS COLLEGE. Do your research and find a quality college and stay FAR away from the private colleges as ALL they care about is MONEY not YOU.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • So let me tell you the story of my time with Trillim College (Oshawa campus).

    After applying to community colleges to take dental assisting I was put on waiting lists to get into their programs. Being 19 overly anxious to get into school I started looking at other options and one day my mom approached me with a Trillim college ad from the newspaper. At this point the school was fairly new and I had never heard anything about it so I made an appointment to see the registrar. I went in along with my mom and we were given the classic sales pitch and a tour of the school. The equipment and decor of the school looked very old and dated and I didn’t get the best vibe after finding out the tuition cost for my desired program was almost double that of a community college I was ready to just leave disappointed and wait until I could get into a community college. My mom however knew how eager I was to get into school and get out on the work force so she cosigned a loan for me and so the journey began. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed in the dental assisting program and I think this was due to the fact that it was one of their longest running programs and it had always had the same instructor. There were days when I felt like the lesson plan was just thrown together or was just being made up as we went along but needless to say I got into a great placement and got a job about a week after graduating (at this point most employers weren’t aware of Trillium).

    So after working for 2 years in my new career I discovered trillium was offering a dental hygiene program and decided to join up since it was next to impossible to get into dental hygiene in a community college. Most colleges get thousands of applicants and will only let in 25 at a time. This was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. I was even warned by a current student who was currently enrolled in the program not to join but because my first time at Trillim was mostly a positive experience I didn’t listen. I wasted over $20,000 on a program that was totally disorganized and taught by many completely incompetent
    instructors. I say many because throughout the entire program we probably had 15 or more different instructors because they all kept quitting (wonder why). And the majority of them were not even qualified to be teaching our program. On numerous occasions we held meetings with heads of the school (who also were constantly in and out due to quitting) to try and sort out the numerous problems with our program and all promised us that they would do whatever they could. After those meetings we’d never hear from them again. Then when it came to the practical aspect of our course came about and we had to work in the schools clinic even more problems arose and this was the worst time for me personally. We went into it I’ll prepared because our preclinic instructor taught us more about her husband and kids than she did the course material. Students instruments (which cost an arm and a leg) started to go missing along with patient charts which we needed to keep track of our clinic points in order to write the national board exam. I went to the head administrator of my campus at the time with a list I had been keeping of the points I had accumulated and my patient charts (the ones I could find) to get her to sort things out. She took my list and I never saw it again. Next a long battle ensued between myself, my parents and the school. They never did anything to help me and tried to make me look like a bad apple and a trouble maker to my parents but they wouldn’t believe it. I couldn’t take the stress anymore and thanks to them I missed the deadline to complete my points and write the board. I dropped out of the program because it was getting me nowhere and I knew all of my money was already gone and I wasn’t going to get it back. I became severely depressed after this becaus of all the money and time that went to waste and the stress on myself and my family. I have sin e recovered and enrolled in a new program at a REAL college. For those of you over the age of 21 looking to go back to school just apply as a mature student. Each program must let in a certain number of mature students and it was easy for me to get it and the tuition cost is much much lower and the peace of mind I have knowing that I’m going to an accredited college is wonderful.

    It’s been 2 years since that experience. Out of the 22 girls I started the program with only about 10 ended up completing it and only 2 have been able to find employment out of province because no one hires Trillium grads anymore. Please if you are considering going to this scam of a school DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • WOW, thank you all. I almost applied to the CSW program. Thank god I DIDN’T!!! I had a terrible vibe when I was there also. At least 6 people came up to me to shake my hand and welcome me….that was a lil offffff….why would they do just screamed out fake…i knew they were being extra nice just to get me to sign up right away. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The truth is that Trillium College, like most Private Career Colleges, is in the sales business. They sell a diploma, and you pay dearly for it. The tuition costs at a Community College are lower because they are subsidized by the government, who demands a similar level of quality to the public school board. This means the courses must meet stringent requirements, and the teachers generally have at least a master’s degree.
    The teacher’s at Trillium and other private career colleges only have to have experience in the area of study. They often have little or no teaching training or experience. The teachers are also often people who are exiting the industry they were working in for various reasons. They are certainly not doing it for the money (Private Career Colleges don’t pay their teachers very much). Often they are doing it because they are sick of the industry they were working in, they are retiring, or they can’t find work in their field. The result is that you don’t know who will be teaching you. You might get lucky and have a great teacher, or you might not. Most of the positive comments listed about Trillium are actually more focused on the teacher, not the school. Most of the negative comments focus on a bad teacher and how poorly the school deals with their complaints.
    The registrars at Trillium College will tell you that their courses are more streamlined. This means that all unnecessary components of the course have been removed so you can finish the course more quickly and get back into the work force. The problem is that these so called unnecessary components are actually often needed. A common complaint about private career college graduates is that they don’t have the solid foundation that graduates from community colleges have. Often the students can’t write a paragraph, let alone think critically. The courses also have often lowered the amount of required work placement to the bare minimum. This means that students arriving with a private career college are often not ready to work; especially compared to the students they are competing with who have gone to the superior community college. The employers know this, and guess who they hire.
    The argument Trillium College uses to refute the idea that their students are not as ready as students from community colleges is that 90% of their graduates find jobs. The thing they don’t tell you is that this statistic includes all colleges. Community colleges also use this statistic. Which one do you think is telling the truth? The truth is that the employment rate for graduates from private career colleges is much lower, and from Trillium College, a private career college with a pretty poor reputation, even lower still.
    The other statistic that I was quoted when I met with a registrar at the Oshawa campus was that 84% of those who enter the course graduate. I have a university degree, but when I said I that I had no idea where by paper degree was, the registrar said I could also just write their entrance exam to get in. I did this, and the test took 12 minutes. 12 minutes to write a very easy assessment and I was considered ready to go. Then the guy expected me to sign a contract. When I pointed out that the entrance test was a joke, the registrar pointed out that 84% of the students graduate. Either the statistic is a lie, or you pretty much have to be brain dead to fail out of a course. Yet another reason employers don’t hire Trillium College graduates. I should also point out that I found out later that the registrars at Trillium work on commission. If they get you to sign up, they get $$. More the approach of a used car lot than a college.
    The Ministry of Colleges and Universities that oversees all colleges needs to do a better job and set better standards, but right now they aren’t. Trillium College and other private career colleges know how much they can get away with and are willing to sacrifice quality for profit. If you can’t go to a real college, then make sure you meet the instructor and ask detailed questions about their work and teaching background. The teacher is the only friend you will have at Trillium College or at most other private career colleges. If you have any other choice for getting an education, take it. Do not trust Trillium College.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • my girlfriend just started school here i did everything i could to try to stop her but she didnt listen THIS IS NOT AN ACCREDITED SCHOOL something needs to be done theyre ruining peoples lives and causing depression and mental stress

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This is my complaint against Trillium College of St Catharine’s.
    I signed up for a course at Trillium College in St Catharine’s to take a course in Care of Elderly in nursing facility.
    Early in the course I mentioned nutrition and supplements as a way to help the patients and was immediately put down and ridiculed for this comment. The teacher was part of the ridiculing and encourages the class to do likewise. This resulted in name calling and bullying for the duration of the course.
    I was ridiculed because of my European accent, soft voice also ridiculed because of my age, and nationality. They called me gypsy, of whom I am not; I am a white Caucasian person.
    I was harassed by the fellow students continually and when I went to the director, but she did nothing.
    Some students came in and they were displaying substance abuse which was obvious to all. The teacher treated me disrespect the entire term of the course, even though I had a grade average 95 %. This high grade caused the class to further ridicule me since only one other had high marks.
    This harassment and intimidation continued the entire length of the course and I was in no position to quit since I wanted this course in order to work and they had already taken my $8000.00 being the price of this training.
    During the practical exam in the nursing home the instructor Sharon created an atmosphere of hovering over me 100% of the time making me nervous and causing me a great deal of anxiety with her condescending comments and behavior. This caused me to be very nervous and caused me to miss a safety belt on one patient. Sharon the instructor even indicated that I was finished the procedure even though the belt had not been applied.
    She was in such a close proximity constantly distracted me with senseless chatter, causing me great anxiety where I should have been calm and able to do my work.
    As a result she failed me because I missed the safety belt. Subsequently the Collage demanding that I had to the course again where I only should do the practical.
    She was watching me constantly but none of the other students, during this test the some of the other students harassed me and Sharon did nothing and not one of them failed.

    I want the private collage to reimburse the cost of this useless course. Further more I wish compensation for pain and suffering.
    I enclose the list of the student complain take from the Collage complain website.

    This constant harassment and intimidation caused me nervous anxiety as well as additional mental stress resulting in lack of sleep, lost of apatite and over all well being diminishing quality of life.

    Violet Talabar

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Kingston Campus (and all other campuses for that matter):”WELCOME TO CLOWN COLLEGE” should be the Trillium College theme. Did you know that if you’re “legitmately” sick, you miss 5 consecutive days and are on OSAP, Trillium College will make you re-enroll all over again and they will also send any forms/documents that you signed all back to OSAP and the same rule applies to people taking second career initiative through the Government. Make damn sure that if you’re ill and need to miss any time at all that you have a doctors note that states the first day that you missed to the date that you will be returning back. I think about how we pay so much money in tuition to attend these private “so-called-career-colleges”. My instructor told the class that we need to look at coming to class as a “job”. Fair enough, they’re our “employer”, right? Since when do you have to pay an employer to employ you? Never heard of that one before. Technically, “WE” the unfortunate students of this clown college “employ” the teachers and ALL other clown-like staff by giving them our tuition money that “WE” (people on OSAP loan or any other loans)have to pay back to the Government but yet the “teachers” and other staff “try” to enforce their somewhat over-bearing authority and silly little rules on the “ADULT” students to try an hide the fact that “WE” are superior to them, in all reality. I guess they have a superiorty complex they need to deal with.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I went to college here and took CSSW (community social service worker) and was funded through HRDC Second Careers. It infuriates me that these agencies along with workers, osap, etc pay out all this money for an education that isn’t worth the paper its written on. Why do these agencies support schools that are not up to standard enough to have accredited courses. Anyone doing Social work needs to be accredited for most jobs. Alot of companies don’t recognize trillium as a good college. Students have very minimal hours to complete as your work placement while other schools (Durham, Fleming) require something like 500 – 800 hrs over the 4 semesters. I think these government bodies should be protecting us from being taken advantage of by these private colleges. Most job postings in my field require your accreditation with the Social Work board, experience, and an accredited school. Personaly, I feel we all should be refunded for thoses courses and given the opportunity to study elsewhere in an accreditted facility.

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • Anyone with concerns and complaints can formally do so on the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Website.

    At bottom of page at #4 is a form any student can complete and submit if not satisfied with a course or program at the Private Career College to document your issue and even try to have it resolved.

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • Them being accepted by osap and second careers means nothing. The scam school in London called Westervelt is also recognized by both of them, as are other shady ones like Everest(CDI College) and Academy of Learning.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • OSHAWA CAMPUS: here I am, sitting in class reading these reviews – OH HOW I WISH I DIDN\’T SIGN UP FOR THIS BULLSHIT COLLEGE – people, this college is not even a accrediated school! Not only do you pay close to $12,000 but the books are never on time, teachers preach about being on time for class but yet they\’re just as late or even later! I have never had a book come in on time, yet we still have to pay full price for them – the teachers are a JOKE. Let me start off with one of my favourites .. google-eye lady. Everytime I walk down the hall and pass by her, she gives me a dirty look yet I\’m not sure which eye of mine she is looking at? All of the teachers (execpt for Mandy) are PATHETIC. Teachers here are supposed to better-help you succeed in life, yet they don\’t even have REAL college degrees! I have been to 2 accrediated colleges (durham & centennial) and I\’m sad that I chose to come here! They constantly change their rules (placement was supposed to be 120 hours but then changed to 360 hrs) MORE THAN DOUBLE THE AMOUNT. They change the fee\’s when you\’re HALF WAY THROUGH your course.. the equiptment here is absurd, likly you will learn more in your placement hours then the in-class hours with your so called \”teacher\”. You\’re probably better off to go to a REGULAR & ACCREDIATED college that costs much less but takes more time. It\’s obviously worth it- this so called \”college\” only wants your money – don\’t be another victim of this money-sucking lifeless place!!!!!! :)

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • UHOH, get out if you are worried, you can still get all of your money back(or most of it anyway).
    Ask questions before enrolling in any career college. What is the placement rate? Get names of employers, graduates and talk to existing students. Some schools take advantage of you when you are at a low point and vulnerable. Check the web for other reviews…beware if a pattern of complaints emerges.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I have been graduated for 2 months, and have yet to receive my diploma. Please dont go here people. This place is unacceptable, and im sad the government lets these institutions scam their taxpayers. shame.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • To J.C. : Get out while you can. You will NEVER get a job in any government facility, or any place that receives government funding. Why is this? Because you need a minimum two year diploma from a real school like Cambrian, Fanshawe or Conestoga.

    Education is not something you can “fast track”. This isn’t fast food, this is your livelyhood, money and future that’s on the line. Take the time to enroll into a real school. You might even have time to get in for January intake, September is out for sure. – Unless the program has a low demand, then you might be able to make it in.

    Take it from someone who went to a private college in the hopes of bettering himself. – I went through absolute hell at Westervelt College, and the dean of students and college director actually condoned it! Teacher made up lies about me and did everything possible to get me out of the school. I’m not back doing what I was before, and even more miserable than ever.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I would not recommend this school to anyone, I have had nothing but a terrible experience with it. Terrible teachers, terrible organization, terrible students who look like they crawled out of the gutter and applied for some government funding to come to this over priced \’college\’. I will however say this, if you intend on staying in the niagara region and you are takingt the csw probably will get a job. several (if not almost all) of the people who take the csw course do find employment..either straight from their placement or with a great recommendation from their placement. so if you wish to be a csw..then youre probably safe..however take into consideration the amount of bullshit you may have to endure with all the nonsense ghetto trash the registrar wheels in.

    Overall Score: (2.36/5.00)
  • Wow i just went to the st. Catharines campus last week n had à Very good vibe and was ready to start my course in aug. À friend was speaking to someone Who had Nothing good to say about this school was à “scam” the course u wanted was offering “fake diplomas”. I googled “trillium collège feed Back” an was shocked to see no one had anything good to say. As à mother of 2 wanting to do something with my life and actually thinking i was just about to do So. What à slap in the face glad i didnt waste my 12 thousand!

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • I just signed up for police foundations at trillium in toronto.. Is it really that bad. I just enrolled 2 days ago and gave my declaration papers yesterdays.. Is there a way to stop this now.,?

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
    I live in the Niagara region, and after meeting with the monotone registrar i just thought it had to be a scam,(too good to be true) never the less i stupidly signed up for the program.
    AFTER doing my own research into the careers you can choose after getting this diploma, all 10 of the places i called (Niagara region community services, Ontario works, subsity, project share, BISH, and community living.and more…) NONE of them will accept the TRILLIUM college fake diploma (NONE!!) and told me the only one accepted was at Niagara college SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER COURSE.
    EVEN the monotone registrar told me one example, so i called, and the HR lady nicely told me that their experience with trillium college was terrible, and they would never hire anyone from there.
    DO NOT waste 12 thousand dollars on this course, its like one of those “get rich, quick” scams….
    it seams good, and your not going to get anything at the end of it.
    LOOK into all of your options before you sign up. whats the point of spending 12 thousand dollars and a year of your life, if you cant get hired after anywhere.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Cannot believe this “school” is still aloud to operate.
    Have fun trying to get ANYTHING out of these people, worse then pulling teeth.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I would never in my life, recommend this school to ANYONE i care about. They offer a 100$ giftcard to those who recommend a friend. I would not trade 100$ to put my friend in such a position. Not only is this school EXPENSIVE, it lacks…well…everything. All the equipment is to put nicely, crap. Most instructors had NO clue what was going on, even one of them constantly telling students that. Instructors have 0 equipment to work with also. This school was a complete and utter JOKE and a complete waste of my time. There is no rules, some students pay 100$ for a book, others pay 200$ for the same textbook,some get textbook fees waived because they are well liked by administration. Oh, not to mention textbooks may or may not come before your module is over(you will still have pay though). They try to make you happy by giving you awards for your excellence, not knowing these are not credible awards, they are simply 2-minute made certificates off Microsoft Word.
    They promise small class sizes, but welcome ANYONE who wants to join at anytime, full well knowing it will cause problems. Some people end their programs with Orietation (tour of the campus LOL). Some people start midway, and others are lucky and actually start with the first module they are supose to. One class size actually reached 1 instructor and 38 people!!!!!!! Seems like some good teacher to student ratio to me…NOT. No one has a CLUE what is going on, what module is next, what class they will teach next. I have yet to see anything top my list of disorganization because this school is by FAR the least organized i have ever seen any BUSINESS. You should probably wear a t-shirt and bring a sweater everyday because its never nice, its either a sauna, or the north pole in the building. Sometimes you cant get into your classroom ….because the doors are locked, and apparently it is a good idea for ONE person to have a key in the entire place.
    The Campus Manager is nice, but her sole purpose is to make everyone happy and not realize this school is a SCAM, which it is. We used tiny crappy acer laptops, you could barely see the screen let alone type well. Nothing is ergonomically set up. They hire instructors who are incapable of doing their job. I can honestly not think of one good thing to say about this school, please save your money, i wish i did.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • this college is a scam.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Your registrar is a JOKE!!! He was completely unprofessional and ill-prepared for my questions! He quoted me one price for the program and although it was a bit higher than the local colleges and other private ‘specialty’ schools, I decided to give it a shot. THAT is when Mr. Cheesy Salesman made an appearance and conveniently told me that he had misquoted the cost by about $1500!!!! That is interesting when I am sitting there with cheque-book in hand ready to pay for a ‘school’ (and I use that reference VERY loosely) to help me advance my career and better my future!!!! This campus is totally unprofessional and disorganized. It is in a terrible location with absolutely NO parking (for those of us that have real JOBS and a car) and they were kind enough to suggest I take the bus or go to City Hall and buy monthly permit parking for myself. Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!! You want thousands of dollars of MY money for a bullshit program with absolutely no credentials provided for the instructors, a lame one floor `classroom` on the second floor of a commercial building across the street from a methodone clinic with no parking and a bunch of extra incidentals!!!!!
    Unless you think that we have fallen off the turnip truck…..then your pathetic excuse for a registrar with his office full of inappropriate photos of himself and his wife (including her in a bikini and himself with no shirt on showing off his tattoos) and unprofessional language and attitude is a disgrace!!! This is NOT a school…this is a carefully orchestrated CON and a business with commissions that doesn`t give a hoot about education!!!!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Do not apply to this school, you are wasting your money. Please spend the time to search for other schools offering the programs you are interested in. This school provides the bare essentials and focuses more on profit then education.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)

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