University of Toronto : Mississauga

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University of Toronto : Mississauga is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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5 Student Reviews of University of Toronto : Mississauga

  • Worst university ever! No culture exists. Professors teach nothing. Ask non-related questions on tests. They do their best to fail you and get your money. Crappest university out there!

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • The culture at UTM is practically non-existent. People there will steal your stuff and not wink an eye. If you don’t like walking a km to get another building then UTM is definitely not a place you want to go to. The campus police don’t care that you were just mugged or otherwise criminally wronged.

    The professors run several chemistry courses that are complete scams. They don’t have an actual lesson plan. They don’t bother to teach their lesson plans in a manner that is actually understandable and they ask random questions on tests and exams to see if you came to their office hours and not to check if you actually attended class.
    TAs at U of T are the worst. They don’t seem to have any accountability. One TA in my philosopher course spent the entire session talking about how we should be smoking weed. Another TA marked papers based upon how much word for word a paper matched the correct template with no attempt to note similar words or ideas. TA’s frequently mark very explicit statements as “vague” and take marks off to fulfill their arbitrary quota of marks.

    Safety in chemistry labs are so poorly maintained its wonder no one has been killed. One lab I received severe chemical burns to my fingers because someone spilt concentrated hydrochloric acid and didn’t report it. Nothing was done about the concentrated hydrochloric acid even after I reported it.

    UTM also has been taking repeated steps to destroy or outright remove open access computer labs. Want to use a computer? Better have your ID card to go through a security door.

    Any written test or assignment is a complete randomness as to whether or not you get a good grade. Writing some good and well-researched will get you a C. Writing something at the last minute gets you an A. As per usual, any attempt to get help on how to do you assignment or how to write a test gets you the reply that its simply something you must know… and not something like “maybe you should write about the reaction for this assignment” or “In this experiment we’re actually looking for X”. Hope you have friends who took the course already or you know you could shell out 200$ for a tutor that’s actually a TA for that course.

    TL;DR Utter garbage campus and institution. They’re not here to help you, they just want your money.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Love UTM

    Overall Score: (5/5.00)
  • The school is more modern than most and its surroundings are pretty nice.
    Profs for the most part were good minus the econ prof (just not the teaching style that works for most).
    Overall classes were not intriguing or driven. Mostly just slide after slide in a lecture hall.
    Also be prepared to pay a ridiculous amount of fees that you only learn you can opt out or change after your in.
    Overall I would rate the school a 7/10

    Overall Score: (2.45/5.00)
  • Psychology major at UTM = it’s ok. I found the classes rather dull and similar in structure and delivery. Classes fill up fast and it can really f**k with your scheduling- I had to take a 5th year part time due to scheduling problems with courses, and I was VERY careful in planning my course selection- make sure you have a few courses your prepared to take as an alternative, because the courses you want to get into may fill up.

    I took a stats minor. Alison is awesome. 1st/2nd year is a little tough, but the upper stats courses are excellent in my opinion.

    My advice would be to try and get into a research-for-credit gig in the psych lab and/or get on a 3rd or 4th year prof’s good side and see if you can volunteer to help out with some of their research (in attempts to ask for an academic reference from them if you wish to apply to grad school).

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)

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