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Why Mac Sucks: Top 10 Reasons Why Macs Blow, And Why Apple Loves Sh*t-Talking Articles Like This One

By   |  December 12, 2009

1. The only business model for Apple is narcissism. Its true. And for what its worth, the only “geniuses” that work for Apple are the members of their marketing team, because holy hell, we all know that the best way to sell a product in this day and age, especially to Americans, is to patronize their self-righteous beliefs. There are only 2 types of people that buy a Mac:

1) Wannabe nerdy-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable they are about everything in the tech world
2) Wannabe hipster-types that are trying to prove how knowledgeable (read: trendy and/or “not trendy”) they are about everything in general

Either way, people who are confident enough in their knowledge, self-image, and skills rarely find it necessary (or justifiable) to buy one of these disgustingly over-priced machines. Which brings us to…

2. Macs are ridiculously overpriced. Not only do you get much less for your money when you buy ANY type of Macintosh computer compared to your other options, but you get royally screwed whenever you want any halfway-decent Mac machine. Compare 17-inch MacBook Pros starting at an astounding $2500 with thousands of 17-inch alternatives starting at just $599. This is partly because Apple price-fixes their products so drastically, but is mostly because they’d rather tell you what packages are available instead of letting you decide what works best for you. Hmm… what does that sound like?

3. Macs regularly ignore mainstream industry trends. Where to begin? Because of all the political (read: snobby) games that Steve Jobs gets involved with, most Macs still don’t have HDMI ports, eSATA ports, or BluRay drives, among other mainstream technology standards. Instead of HDMI, for example, they opt for out-of-date DVI ports (but of course only on the MacBook Pro models). This attitude is best summed up by Apple’s 2-decade-long push for world-wide FireWire data ports, which Apple finally dropped many years after its defeat to USB 2.0 was already obvious. (P.S. Apple invented FireWire…)

4. Mac OS X is merely a locked down version of open-source Linux. Its easy to assume that over 90% of Mac owners are not only unaware of this, but don’t have a clue what Linux is. Turns out that back in 1996, after Steve Jobs’ short-lived company NeXT stole its OS base from open-source (read: FREE) BSD Unix, it resold the now proprietary OS to Apple which then became OS X. Perhaps if OS X had the flexibility of Linux, or if Mac fanboys didn’t use Linux concepts (i.e. Terminal) as reasons to brag about OS X, there wouldn’t be so much smearing to do. (Warning: do NOT attempt ask any Mac fanboys about this, or they will ignore your question and start babbling about things like Firefox.)

5. There is no right-f*cking-click! Mac fanboys will respond to this by saying “actually you CAN get a 2-button mouse now!” but even when that is true, the EFFING RIGHT CLICK STILL DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. Oh, cool, I can copy and paste! Oh wait, but I can’t perform any other damn functions in Photoshop or otherwise. And crap, I forgot which combination of 5 keys I need to hold down for right click to work on my 1-button mouse? (Don’t even ask how to make the Delete button actually delete something…)

6. The Dock, and general screen layout, is retarded. Again, where to begin?

7. “It just… doesn’t work.” (Macs crash, freeze, and have evil viruses.) I thought I would dispel all the Mac lies in one sentence, so there you go. If you have ever tried to open Photoshop along with a few other programs on a Mac, you will know this frustration well. More often than not the little rainbow wheel will starting spinning like crazy – that, or your Mac will simply freeze. This is because Macs can’t handle multi-tasking very well (although the issue has been improving, according to some). What hasn’t been improving though is the increasing amount of viruses being found on Macs. Sure, we could play the word game and clarify the difference between trojans and viruses, but the point is that Macs are no safer than any other computer, especially since they ship with their firewall turned off.

8. Software and hardware options for Mac are lame, or slim at best. This is not an overstatement. I am the first to admit that the iTunes/iPod combination is pretty tight (with AAC disabled!). But that’s about it. Mac Mail, iPhoto, GarageBand, iChat, Quicktime, and the rest of the bundled Mac software mostly just sucks, or is extremely limited in what it can do. Luckily some programs like VLC and CuteFTP have recently started to offer Mac versions of their software, but good luck trying to find Mac versions of most popular freeware. Not only that, but their claim that “no hunting for drivers is needed” is only true because barely any hardware is made for Macs! For example, only the Airport Extreme card works with Macs but other PCI cards will not. Thus, if someone needed 802.11a, they would need to buy a (very) costly Ethernet adapter.

9. Gaming, and graphics in general, suck on Macs. All true gamers already know this, so it really doesn’t require much explanation. Let’s just say that GizModo’s latest check confirmed that this is still true, even on the most expensive graphics card that MacBook Pro currently offers.

10. Macs are not flexible or customizable. This is a vague way to end things, but mostly because its the only way to sum up all the things that are wrong with Macs. We’ve already seen that you can’t customize their hardware or software, and that you can’t even use the Linux functions that *should* be present on any Linux distro. But even within Mac’s little world itself, you can barely change any options on their OS, user interface, The Dock, directory layout, etc. But hey, as long as the only thing you want to do is change your desktop wallpaper to be the photo you took at the latest indie rock show you attended, then by all means, buy a Mac.

For being so “progressive” Apple sure does seem like one stubborn-ass company. Oh, and please note that hating Macs doesn’t make you a Windows fanboy. It just makes you a reasonable person. =)

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  1. 2020 MAC experience in enterprise. I got a macbook user can’t login, perhaps client cert expired and user can’t login to the AD because it can’t authenticate to the Active Directory… So simple , but when you have a local user, what can login… Single user mode not working, recovery can’t authenticate to the network, and public wifi need post connect authentication, which not supported at ALL…

    After all these fails, i managed to dig out with help of multiple systems some installation user password and finally logged in… The standard local user’s password forgotten, tried to change it not possible, says user is disabled, but there is no option to enable. In gui no option at all, in terminal the user detail mostli the encoded jpeg image, which mandatory for the users in High quality, the status bar want to write every single line of the damn encoded jpeg, which took 5 minutes until i could stop the terminal, with the newest amazing track pad, which can do everything EXCEPT moving the cursor and click. The keyboard totally illogical and very good feeling to use terminal without function keys. The only good thing in macs the “limited” terminal… Which gives back ridiculous messages for ages old unix commands like passwd , enable the user before resetting the password, but there is no enable or disable function…

    Well to download a new cert and change a local user on linux takes 1-5 minutes with boot, on MAC it was not possible, and just to read the user infos, took 10 minutes with images, and could not do anything because to write all lines on the keyboard status line, it had to be slow enough , and enough fancy to freeze. So solution was create new local user and delete the old then rename to old… And all guis are totally illogical and make people crazy, against any normal human thinking, window handling still trash, a free operation system, made by community ages better than this XXXX , and don’t think simple things like in windows, to reach the root folder in file manager you need rape your own mind to find the free text address bar in top of the screen in 3 submenus… Totally useless, macbook pro with macos piece of XXXX…. Maybe with other operation system, external keyboard and mouse it can work… After all logout took 5 minutes… screen freezing… This is MACOS. You can buy a life time pass to a very personal torture chamber for less money and more pleasure, I can’t believe people like it and make this product still alive and growing. Simple things totally illogical, and consume 100 times more wasted times… I had more fun with 486DX100 in 1994 than with a macbook pro in 2020

  2. iPhones are pretty decent, but Mac OS absolutely SUCKS.

  3. I’m in 6th grade, and my school is grades 1-8. But since third grade, I’ve been FORCED to use a Mac, and they keep crashing and/or lagging. Heck, how long will it take for my school to realize that Windows 10 is SO much better?!

  4. I just bought a new 2019 MacBook Pro, and an accessory package
    for $2650.00. MmThe most I have ever paid for a limp of Horse
    ‘Shit ! I could pick a piece up off the road for NOTHING ! AND that
    is what this macbook pro is “NOTHING” complete with IDIOTIC
    “touch bar”, more shit ! Apple get back to basixs, ans get sme holes back kn the sides, for ethernet, discs, printer etc.

  5. Excellent way of telling, and nice post to take facts on the topic of my presentation subject, which i am going to deliver in college.

  6. Just paid too much for a mac book pro (not new) and LINUX any thing IS WAY better. I would rather use an android….fuck mac

  7. My parents decided to buy me a Mac. Why? I don’t know. They said it was for studying. I don’t study on computers, Why do i have a phone then? I am really a gamer and i play alot of games. mostly on PC. but since i got this crappy ass shit. I can’t play anything. I may play games like world of tanks and war thunder. but i can’t play games i like like arma, Digital Combat Simulator. it’s just cancer. If you parents want to buy you a computer. Please tell them to buy you a windows. You may not use it for studying. But you are gona have a good time gaming. Don’t buy it.

  8. I’ve had to use one since I was seven I will finally build my own PC to use tomorrow

  9. I KNOW RIGHT HOLY FUCK MY SCHOOL MADE ME BUY A MAC (not suppy) BUY A MAC AND IT IS BARELEY FUNCTONAL the first time i had it they school downloaded a antivirus ya know MACKEEPER A FUCKING VIRUS and the entire thing wiped when i bumped the corner (TRHOUGH A FUCKING HUGE CASE) and the whole hard drive wiped and the second time the screen scratched over and over FOR NO REASON i barley use it and just flat out HATE IT APPLE NEEDS TO CLOSE AND GET THE FUCK OUT ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS (its an old one) IS NOT EXUSEABLE FOR THIS SHITTY PREFORMACE PLUS THE 80 DOLLAR CHARGERS LAST MAYBE A MONTH WHILE WALKING AROUND CAMPUS SO WOOOOHOOO I HAVE SPENT 3000 DOLLARS ON THSI PEICE OF SHIT THAT DOESENT WORK

  10. I have been a long time UBUNTU user, I have just brought a used mac book air with the intention of swapping out the HDD and installing Linux. Getting into the BIOS utility is difficult especially if you want to use something like safe mode or choose a temporary startup device like an external hard drive with an operating system already installed. I even find windows better at the moment.
    I think the only thing mac has going for it is the way it’s hardware looks.

  11. I’m forced to use a PowerMac for work and I FUCKING HATE IT. It does so many things poorly I won’t even start to type them out. But I 100% agree with this post. Fuck Apple

  12. Just got my Macbook Pro 13” 2018 with everything maxed out. It costs me almost $3000 with applecare and tax. The built quality is definitely the top notch. Besides that, it is just a $3000 web browser machine. I will return it tomorrow.

  13. I agree, Macs aren’t only dual core piles of steaming shit, they are absolutely retarded. they’re charging several thousand dollars for office computers which i find disgusting, not only are they shit, the os is just gross. for 2000$ you can get a nice computer that would load in seconds and preform faster than any mac can ever dream of.

  14. Well, I use a MacBook Pro about 2 months now. What can I say (considering that my 2nd machine is Asus with Ubuntu onboard and attempting to be fair): Mac is more polished in all departments – the design, the Mac OS, Apple infrastructure, etc. Again, I’m trying to be fair. But the question occurs: does it much better than any other design, OS, etc? I’m not sure. It’s not more likely. To be honest the Ubuntu OS is not worse than Mac OS. Yes it’s not so perfectly polished but it’s not worst absolutely. So it’s all up to you – pure design vs pure utility.

  15. hate my macbook from first day and after 4 month of using it

  16. Macs are for those spoilt little stuck up brats who think that gaming can be successful on a frickin right click only PC. Wait Mac isnt even a pc. Whhat a retarded pos

  17. My Late Dad and I both bought Macs because we were sick of all the malware. I find that, other than browser hijacks like searchbenny and searchmoose, viruses have not been an issue. My PCs had Multiple viruses and worms, and the antivirus software slowed them down, without blocking anything. Of course, Linux is even safer than a Mac. The spinning beach ball of Death, however, IS a constant problem! WORSE-reliability is a serious issue. One of my 2011 Macs is Dead, and the “Genius” told me today they would charge $800 to fix it. My Ipad, he said, isn’t even Worth fixing (2013.) He told me to take it to “Apples and Oranges.”

  18. Well, I said bye to my iPhone SE and bought Blackberry phone again. It’s my 5th or 6th Blackberry actually. I was really (I mean REALLY) pissed of by Facebook app for the iPhone. Every tucking day the app asked me for permission to access my phonebook (I disabled this function when setting up my account). Finally, the app stopped to work: the banner practically switched off application for 35-40 min. I clicked “No” button for 20-30 times without any success. What the heck is that? Ok, I gave up finally and closed my Facebook account and after that I sold my iPhone. I still don’t have a FB account but at least FB and Twitter links were integrated in Blackberry OS and I can use them anytime I want.
    The second problem is my iPod Touch 6 battery. Ok, my iPod is pretty new (guaranty is expired) but the battery life is absolutely TERRIBLE. Just 2,5 hours of internet (no streams, music, etc) and I need to recharge it again. There are no games, apps and ofher shit installed. The bottom line: think twice before you buy any (especially Apple) gadget.

    • Ok, a little update. It turns out that everything is ok with the battery. My iPod perfectly works about 5 hrs in red zone. So as I see it was a software bug. Ok, I’d like to be fair: the situation is actually better than I thought. Gone to Apple store for MacBook Pro (just kidding).

    • Don’t buy a blackberry buy an android its faster than an iPhone and a blackberry

  19. 100% agree with all that has been said. A MAC is an overpriced POS. Sad that you cannot even rotate a picture to the right … there IS no “function” on a MAC that permits this. I hate PCs but at least they WORK … it’s too bad that they feature an “error message” every 10 minutes, but … oh, well

  20. I agree with all of this. For those of you dumbasses who say, “The software is so much easier to use,” it’s not. Also, if you’re so obsessed with MacOS, get a fucking hackintosh

    • Haha it’s only easier for idiots who need stuff to be “prettier” and “smoother” but with the complete lack of efficiency and function. Macs are for pretentious douche nozzles.


  22. Macs are good for people who want to use computers bu do not want to know too much about them (my wife). Trouble is, some of them at some point upgrade themselves to the level when they start understanding few things about computers (my wife). Then there are these poor sods (like me) trying to explain that there are trade-offs (…you cannot look under the hood … so if the car does not start .. buy a new one!). You can try to keep your system stable, then Apple announces the new spanking shining system upgrade .. and most of the apps stops working … because my wife allowed the upgrade (Apple is Always Right.Right?). BTW Neither MAC OS X nor Mac OS have simple design. They are bust stealing ideas from Linux but they are not bust enough …

  23. ok nobody listen to my brother-reliable225 he’s frickin 13 years old and I’m 11 yet I have more knowledge than him first of all a lot of the things listed in this Wikipedia is so untrue my brother has owned a mac before and I have used it for 3 weeks and I have received no virus whatsoever yes I agree it’s a great computer but I don’t like it as much as my dell setup I respect your opinions and please don’t listen to my brothers he’s being crazy

    • Hey, dont use Wiki, caus anyone can leave a note there(i could go now to macbook page and leave something like “complete shite” and it will just show and people believes). By the way i just dont understand people buying expensive rubbish over cheap diamond(i saw a Acer thats 14k rand but with an iCore 8250U and a Mac for 22k rand and that mac’s specs are a joke, like hey lets spend another 8k to get a -0.2GHz), and people tries to remember infinity combos of keys just to copy and paste(I tried and its stupid AF)

  24. Good stuff. Been working as a computer engineer for decades now and this is only the tip of the iceberg as to why all mac stuff sucks. iPod may be the only decent thing they ever made and even it was ten times the price it needed to be. Fuck all people who use these fucking toys.

  25. Sick of my Mac! My Macbook Pro is full of glitches and viruses. I thought Apple was a safe buy? But that was years ago! Spend money on tech support and things just get worse! Don’t choose any Apple products anymore! That’s why “Woz” bailed!!!

  26. Has this guy actually done any research at all into this before publishing this article? I ask this seriously because it is so factually inaccurate it it beggars belief!! You don’t have to be a fan of Apple or Macs but seriously, at lot of what is written here is just utterly and completely untrue. I won’t go into every point here but just to squash a few…

    1. That they crash and freeze all the time and get viruses. I’ve been using Macs for over 25 years now and I have never had a virus once. Yes that’s right, not a single one. As for crashing and freezing, again totally and completely wrong. Back in the old days of OS9 it could occasionally crash but in those days so could any PC!! I know this because I used them also. But now, it is very very different story. OSX has been rock solid for me, it never ever crashes or freezes and in my line of work it is quite typical to have many apps open simultaneously.

    2. About being overpriced. I have to seriously doubt this. The initial outlay may look expensive but I have realised how long they actually last. I’ve seen many friends needing to upgrade or buy new PCs several times during the years that I’ve had one Mac! And I’ve not sold on my other old Macs either because they STILL can be very useful in the studio. So bearing in mind how many years worth of use I get out of them, you’re not really convincing me they’re overpriced.

    Oh you can’t upgrade any hardware?? Mmm.. that’s odd because I’ve been doing that for years.

    People that use Macs constantly get accused of being ‘devotees’ or ‘fanboys’ or other such absurd immature nonsense. I think this only goes to show that it’s the non Apple users that seem to have the bigger problem. Hey, if you don’t like Macs, it’s fine, just don’t use them! Get over it. Worry about something worth worrying about.

    The reason I use Macs is because I was introduced to them when I was studying. Macs were what the college had when I was studying graphics over 25 years ago. I had never used one prior to this. So there was no devotion or fanboy crap, they were simply the tools that were there. They were easy enough to use and I found them to be reliable, I had no particular reason to avoid them so just continued to use them. I’m also recording musician and a Mac is at the heart of my DAW. So why would I change when my overall experience has been good, and absolutely nothing like this retarded article? Why the hell would I want to throw away a stress free and productive workflow just because some PC nerd is trying to convince himself that Macs are no good?

    I’m going to get back to my work now, virus free, no crashing or freezing, no having to work out why this bit of software won’t work or why that piece of hardware wont longer work. I’m a creative and like to get on with my work, stress free and without needing a PhD in computing! – I couldn’t do that on my PC!

    • Oop, let me take a screenie of that and send it to all of my friends so we can laugh at your stupidity and autism. Oh no! I CAN’T DO THAT BECAUSE THE SCREENSHOT FUNCTION ON THE MAC IS SO DAMN COMLICATED! Oh, did I misspell that word? I’ll just left click on it it like you do on a PC and change it! OH WAIT…. YOU CAN’T DO THAT! Now I’ll go, because I have an update scheduled for 12 PM. OH WAIT! THIS ISN’T A PC! IT WON’T AUTO UPDATE! I better get to the “Dock” and hit shut down! OH WAIT…. THERE’S A CHROME LABEL AND AN APPLE LOGO! Any rational man would not hover over the Apple Label because it looks like a harmless label! OH WAIT! IT’S NOT! IT’S ACTUALLY A BUTTON! Oh well…. I guess I’ll minimize this tab to make the Dock more simple! OH WAIT! MY CHROME BROWSER IS FULL SCREEN RIGHT NOW! Can’t minimize this right now! My hands hurt… BECAUSE I”M TYPING ON THIS TINY AF KEYBOARD!!!!! I’d die of laughter if this fool responded and said that these are the only problems that Mac OSX users experience…

    • +Kirby well technically mac is not at all bad you need to learn how to respect people’s opinions and also please calm down with the “OH WAIT” shit seriously you clearly don’t own a mac or you simply just used it and tried playing a PC GAME ON A FUCKIN MAC and you decided to be an idiot and spam things that are so untrue the only reason you started spamming is because it doesn’t have games that you desire so CHILL OUT

    • bill please I don’t care what u have to say fuck your stupid Mac and most importantly fuck your stupid comment bitch

    • PhD its the best language!(come just to say that)

    • Had to comment on this.

      I am currently in a position where I have no choice but to use a Mac. After 15+ years of developing commercial apps for Windows I moved to Linux for everything except games and I dual boot to do that, and the sudden culture shock is terrible.

      The Mac has 16G of Ram, a 3.4 Ghz I7 and an NVidia 680MX with 2G.
      It is total rubbish.

      It has crashed multiple times when using PS or playing even the most basic games. The “Magic” mouse is a laughable POS – I mean seriously? A charging port on the BOTTOM! Is Apple aware what YEAR this is? We’ve been using chargable stuff for a long time now, and since the start its been important to allow use WHILE CHARGING! It is stunning that such a large company can get things like this so badly wrong.

      As for price – don’t be so foolish – A ‘reasonable’ spec Mac costs almost 3 times as much as a high end gaming PC and next to nothing runs on it. I have over 200 games on my Steam account on the PC and 50 of them run on the Mac and ALL of those run badly.

      It would appear that Apple have changed things just because they want to be different and in doing so they have simply broken the Linux base they stole in the first place and as for the ‘Terminal’ on a Mac, forget it – over half of the commands are simply missing, but of course you can PAY Apple for those programs which are free on the Linux base OS.

      Every. Single. Thing that I have used is broken in some way, from the pathetic mouse where the right click does not work like any other mouse that exists, to the childish Dock junk that takes up the bottom of the desktop and is about as helpful as an umbrella in a hurricane.

      Bleating on about how good Macs are and how well they work is very much like Microsoft saying you don’t need a virus checker because the built in security works, and we all know that MS security is like a massively fortified vault door standing alone in a field!

      Iv never been a fan of Apple because they always seem to be overpriced, pretentious, self serving garbage, but having actually spent time with a Mac I now actively loath the company and the broken OS they have created.

      Is it usable? Yes, so long as you don’t want to do anything serious and don’t mind the “We know best” attitude to updating and the OS without checking if the machine can actually handle it, and of course, if you don’t mind spending 5 times the amount for rubbish Apple programs. Even browsers don’t work properly on this POS.

      Thankfully I will return to my glorious Linux kit soon enough, and I will be able to play games on Windows. After all the years I spent developing for DIRE MS OS’s it takes a hell of a lot for me to say that Im looking forward to returning to it, but even Windows 10 outshines a Mac in every single way, regardless of the need for third party security!

    • I have been using Windows for at least 25 years and linux for 20. Never have gotten a virus either. In both of our cases, it is not due the OS but probably smart choices on what you click, download, and install. Also, you used to be able to upgrade Macs but now you cant. They solder EVERYTHING in now, so you cant change the nvme, memory, wifi chip, nothing. Shit, you cant even get them open anymore without destroying it. ifixit gave the new Macbooks the worst rating for fixability. With the new Macs, you get what you get and there is no way to upgrade them without doing some serious work. Also, the keyboards suck and break all the time, the cpus are severely underclocked due to terrible thermal designs, it gets hot as hell, doesnt have a GPU,only has 3 USB C ports, one charges it, need a box full of expensive dongles to do basic stuff, and the upgrades for the OS consistantly bork software so you cant use it until the devs rewrite the code and publish it. They are just honestly really expensive and shiney pieces of feces. One of the worst laptops I have ever seen in my life and there is nothing “Pro” about them.

    • You f#cking pos macs are complete garbage over priced shit. $1100 for a crappy mac with a dual core i3 processor 8gb of non upgradeable ram. WTF

  27. I bought a mac for animation, and in my free time i like to game. But i now see that games suck on the mac (fortnite freezes a lot) and no cool games are available to the mac OS sofware

    I do travel around a lot, and it is light. Those are the two things good about this $3500 piece of crap

    • You can get lighter and better PCs for way cheaper though.

  28. This is the probably the truest article I’ve ever read. I’m having to type up this comment from a Mac right now, and it glitches even trying to open simple websites. IT ISN’T EVEN A YEAR OLD. I literally can’t use some websites because it just glitches and lags.

  29. ok, since this is my last time being here I just want to list a few things, mac is just an overpriced garbage that has no mouse wheel or right click (I understand that there is a heat sensors mouse wheel but come on it’s stupid u can’t click the mouse wheel), only dumpster divers would buy this trash and the dumpster of course is the apple company and the divers are mac fanboys that r so stupid to understand what apple stands for while it stands for shit, even windows/Linux runs so much better, what the fuck is the point of having a mac it just runs on shit, I plan to destroy the my Mac computer or sell it, I don’t want to waste time with a stupid deceased device called “Mac” that came out of a rabbit’s ass, so please for the love of God all u mac fanboys out there can fuck off, also I’m never coming back to this site again so all u mac fanboys and fanbitches don’t even bother replying to me with hate comments, if u do reply however then you’re stupid and can’t read, now that I listed the things I hate about mac I’m just gonna leave now also one more thing

  30. oh yeah and I meant “4.” On the mouse mistake sorry

  31. and the keyboard is really small which brings me to another question- why would apple make this? honestly, I don’t understand what apple was thinking,now I’m not a mind reader but I can tell apple had nothing better to do so-1. they made the price too fuckin’ high, in fact so high I bet even a richest man on planet earth would regret wasting his money on this junk.2.they made the monitor too big.3. The keyboards unimaginably small.3.whats with the mouse? Honestly, they spliced the two buttons together without the mouse wheel, now there are other mistakes I would list here but I won’t due to offensive purposes, now I’m not trying to be an asshole but come on.

  32. ok i am used to windows but apple? I mean I have an iPhone but a computer? what has apple been thinking? I have a mac computer and it just doesn’t feel right because of the 2 buttons and the mouse wheel which really feels uncomfortable, however there are a few things that are good about it, but other than that-it sucks ass, it really does and I look forward to getting a new computer instead of this shitshow of a computer

  33. This is totally true and is the best way to describe it… also you can block programs in google but not so well with Firefox.

  34. @Jessie Great article, and I couldn’t agree with you more than I already do! I’ve had 2 macs, both have serious hardware issues. One the graphic processor constantly dies and shuts down the entire computer. This happens like 20 times a day, making the mac a boat anchor in less than 5yrs. Be smart, macs R nothing but hype…

  35. My mac can’t even scroll trough instagram comments, but my PC does. I have many other programs on my mac and PC and they always crash on the Mac. Even though the PC is older…..

  36. When I started with MacOS, the first weeks I’ve hated it. Other shortcuts, different keyboard layout and what happens if you try to write an @ on a Mac but are used to work with AltGr, should be known by everyone.

    But with some time I got used to it and experienced many interesting applications from third-party developers who allowed me to change and optimize the OS like I want. Because of that I found applications who boosted my workflow like a rocket and also begun to understand the architecture from MacOS and why many stuff you think it is annyoing is just really clever.

    I wouldn’t call myself a Mac-Fanboy, but still a fan. I don’t have problems against Windows or Linux, using them both, too. But it’s my favourite operating-system. And this comes from a heavy power-user of all three (OS) of them.

    I develope most of the times web-applications and web-sites, support some open-source projects and optimize workflows and automatisms. For this workspace, it’s just perfect.

    Who seeks a gaming or power-machine, should buy a PC. But who hast to develope or manage data, should think twice before giving up on such a smart OS.

    The only and big disadvantage of a Mac in my eyes are currently:
    – GPC/CPU drivers from Bootcamp.
    – Apples focus on Metal and iPhone.
    – And fuck yes, the overprice. (without the price I would mutate to a fanboy)

    But the other stuff like mentioned in the article like viruses, freezes, problems and errors because of the lag of knowledge from the author are just bullshit. Working four years now with this OS, it only crashed on an old 2008 machine until I patched the GPU kernel. On a Late-2013 iMac I never had any issue with it.

    • Well, good for you! Unfortunately most of us are not GEEKS! Just folks who appreciate a useable computer!
      I’ve owned a Mac since Mac II. Watched its downhill slifes! Bye, Bye Apple!

  37. $1000 for the iPhone X? Are you serious? If you think so read this. Maybe it’s going to make you a little bit smarter.:)

    • So true. Apple is literally fucking all of their fanboys in the ass. They’re making a phone for $370, and selling it for $1100! Like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

  38. i never wanted a macbook, but my mum got me one for school ;(

    • Man I feel sorry for you I have a mac computer and it sucks ASS

  39. Dear Microsoft Fanboy(s),

    Most of you have used Windows from the beginning, which makes you feel Mac is uncomfortable. But I don’t agree with a few things:

    1. Mac has right click, and you do not need and extra 2-button mouse just to right click. Just 2-finger click on the trackpad. (Of course there is an exception. When using an OS that is either not OS X or Windows, you may need to click at the right bottom of your trackpad instead of multi-touch)

    2. Mac and macOS are not for gaming. If you really want to play high-graphical games (for example not Minecraft) go buy a PC and don’t hate macs just because they aren’t for you.

    3. Did you say mac has lots of evil viruses? You are pretty unlucky if you get a virus on a mac because it is pretty hard to find viruses for mac(OS). There is even a built-in protection module just to protect you.

    4. Macs’ feeling changes from person to person. So do not complain about the look of macOS.

    5. Software doesn’t suck (at least compared to Windows, which is preloaded with crap). If you think it does, just get other software from the web or the app store!

    • Yeah, why have a reliable, foolproof button for right click, when you can use a software solution that decides when it works, which is only most of the time? On the track pad, and on the terribly designed mice they make nowadays? Yeah, Steve Jobs was a genius. That’s why he relied on mystical quackery until it killed him. Macs are overpriced, underdesigned trash.

    • Lol form doesn’t follow function you sit are retarded

    • Well, you are just simply stupid, that trackpad is pain in the ass… Each and each release it just getting worse regardless how many fingers you use the most simply point and click or drag and drop not works, harder to doubleclick than ever, you can make gestures and multifinger swipes, but you can’t move the pointer comfortable and click without a risk you will do a nasty operation you did not want. Overcomplicated without a single reason, I don’t like microsoft , but their operation system ages better than macos, ages means billion times better… The only good thing in macos is the terminal… Last time I felt operation system is a blocker in my daily activity was windows xp with popcorn making time bootups and shut downs , mac still in the same shoe after years. I can’t believe people are defending this holy shit, if I would ever buy a thing like this first thing would be to install a linux and then use it (only because for windows I would buy any other laptop/tablets) Personally I have multiple surface pro’s and only the size and fanciness of the Macbook pros could be attractive, but the software and the peripherals suck that much make a good looking device totally unusable , and the operation system they come with is a complete catastrophic creation, I can’t believe you can’t connect to a wifi network and authenticate via browser at 2020 during the activation, that will be the first user experience, and after that you get a limited overpriced linux, where manuals not reflecting to apple’s customization to the BSD programs, complete trash at all, nice hardware but unusable. I like to see in movies they are doing crazy things on mac laptops in no time, in the reality you can do nothing in hours with them, powerful cpu for nothing, ram for absolute nothing. I am surprised apple could make a ARM architect operation system for phones and tablets, but their X86/AMD64 OS still suck after 20-25 years of development. At least microsoft could make their OS better and better over the time, what apple can show up? Nothing except nice windows and animations, just keep switching windows enjoy the animation and don’t try to do anything else, because it will be not satisfying at all. To be honest now I could see how bad the newest macos I am a windows and linux fan…. Not because i like microsoft, just because they make productivity and no pain to use, linux can’t be an OS for everyday unfortunately, but penetration is growing, I wait for the time when you can throw away windows and use eg debian for everything, but I think it will never happen. The IT sector would collapse if all people start using mac’s they are completely unusable , somehow can fit for daily use, but you will feel 10 years back in time with freezing/waiting.

      You are defending a product what you buy, and you need to adopt to it, not the product or system will adopt to you, it completely stupid behavior buying a gear, which you need to adopt and that generate frustration. Last time people had to do this was communism, because there were 2 product both two did the same had the same quality, problems, but you could not select anything else. People inside force themselves to buy a product which overpriced , useless , and they need to adopt to it, well go out and shout loud PLEASE RAPE ME, well clever people don’t do this, clever people don’t buy macs….

  40. Right click does exist on Mac. I copied and pasted this comment using it.

  41. Remember the Movie “Independence Day” with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum? We computer techs were laughing at one scene in particular… When Jeff Goldblum fives the alien ship a virus from his Mac laptop. Macs can’t even reliably communicate with PC’s, let alone an alien computer network!!!

  42. I recently bought an Imac because in December I will be finished with my MFA and will be looking for a teaching job. All art departments use Apple so I figured that I better learn how to use one otherwise I might look like a fool trying to teach Adobe programs and not know how they work on an Apple. It’s close to windows but there are subtle differences. After 3 weeks with this new machine and many freeze ups. I have been using it as a paperweight. Literally. Windows 10 is bad but hey, it doesn’t freeze like a mac. Imac Specs are 27″ ,24 gigs of ram,250g ssd, and 2g vram. And it can’t handle simple Photoshop task. Screw Apple. I knew they had issues but at the level of power it should not freeze up ever. And the screen is sub par it only has 80% of the SRGB spectrum. I almost threw it out the window but I decided that ebay would net some money back. Apple’s are great if you never used anything else. But I need something that can handle 5 gig files and not freeze. My $700 Lenovo can.

    • This is blatant lie my old 2012 MacBook Pro handles photoshop perfectly. 4 gb of ram and 512mb vram in the gpu.

      The screen on your “iMac” (I still don’t believe that you have one) also has 100% of the srgb spectrum. It covers 90% of Adobe RGB though, just like 99% of other monitors. To get one that does 100% you’re going to shell out probably over $5K.

      Furthermore, if you actually worked in photoshop, you’d know that it’s not particularly useful to have that other 7% of the RGB spectrum, and you’d know that no Lenovo has a display that’s anywhere near as good.

    • Yep I have an iMac 27’’. No it uses Apples weird color space. It has issues with large files in the 5gig range. That’s right I scan 4×5 color film and a raw scan is over a gig. I print huge and need resolution for 30×40” prints. My Lenovo desktop is connected to a high end Eizo monitor. 99%rgb spectrum. Run a colorimeter on your screen and see what you get. I need everything wysiwyg. so I get a perfect print every time. Doubt you know much about that. It runs PS fine just not massive 5 g files. Doubt you know anything about that.

  43. Cannot agree more.In all possible ways, Mac sucks! It only promotes snobbery and narcissism. Never will I buy anything Apple again!!!

    Their hardware might be okayish, but the software, the keyboard and the ego- all sucks BIG time…

  44. I just want to say for the record that yes indeed mac sucks and is just a locked down version of free bsd linux. The hardware is cheep chinese crap and the factory workers at foxcon hated their lives so much they jumped out the factory windows to their deaths and so the company had the “humane” idea to put up fish nets up catch them. How did something free and open source for humanity get locked down and sold to the dumbed down masses as the greatest computer system of all time. People say Steve Jobs is resting in peace but i think otherwise. More likely he is in karma hell……. working as one of the factory workers…… contemplating a quick way to end it all………pre-fish-net era.

    • Free BSD is Unix idiot. There is a difference. Unis uses the Unix kernel. Linux uses Linux kernel and Mac OS uses XTS kernel. The factory is at fault. Apple uses the same companies as Samsung, HP, Dell, and Windows.

  45. That CR person seems to have an agenda and/or enjoys sexy times with his iGarbages. Am looking forward for another one of his/her wack fanboy/girl comment. But before doing so, DO NOT FORGET to put your iGloves, update your iTunes and rub yourself naked all over your (great) meurkintosh eco-system!

    Oh yeah and allow me to end on something positive: an apple a day keeps the doctor away and with that in mind: apples are awesome <3

    • That CR person is trying to show us how to use these beautiful, shiny, extremely attractive chef d’oeuvres designed by the company you cannot compare to anything else (sarcasm). We should thank him actually (chances to meet a bona fide Apple supporter are pretty rare).

  46. Welp, I can’t do anythıng because the retard who desıgned the mac keyboard must have only half a braın. For some damn reason there ıs absolutely no ‘at’ symbol. Instead ıt’s replaced by an apostraphy. Also ı had to substıtute apostarphıes for quotatıon marks because they don’t have those eıther on the keyboard. I was only able to post thıs comment by copyıng and pastıng the ‘at’ sıgn from the ınternet’ whıch ıs near ımpossıble wıth apple’s sıngle button mouse. I mean, ın thıs day and age, emaıl adresses are essentaıl for almost everythıng on the ınternet. If you own a mac, you get no emaıl, no facebook, no socıal medıa, no nothuıng! Tens of thousands of onlıne programs are ımpossıble thanks to the stupıd-ass lack af a sımple’at’ symbol on the dumbest keyboard of the dumbest computer ın the world. Oh and let’s not forget the mouse ıtself. It ıs so hard to move and the sesıtıvıty ıs so low you have to drag your mouse over the freakın’ desk to move ıt an ınch.

    • FYI the @ sign (see, I typed it?) is where it’s always been : right above the number 2. Have you not actually LOOKED at your Mac keyboard?

    • System Preferences / Mouse : Tracking speed (slider). Set to maximum (Fast).

      Ooooh look. Your mouse is moving quickly across the screen. There. That wasn’t difficult, was it?

    • What the hell happened to your i’s?

    • I’m not a mac fan but got damn if you’re going to use a gross word like “retarded” you should probably make sure you can spell and use grammar so you don’t look like a complete dumbass.

    • Fuck me lol. Typing on my girlfriend’s iPhone. God* damn autocorrect

  47. Macs are okay for design purposes , more powerful than a windows machine but…… the moment u start having problems like system restore or having issues with permissions….it is over for you.. especially if u havent done weekly disk uitilities maintenance, force-quitted applications frequently. Macs dont like that, they turn against you. I dare any MAc user to try and launch from a LINUX live disc without having issues. yes there are mac versions of live linux discs but they dont work. yyesterday i downloaded over 20gb of various linux live discs to find a workaround to a problem im having. Tried once on a windows machine ….no problem. about 15 -20 years ago MAC was number 1 for me but since after stopping g5 titanium , they have gone down tremendously and now all you see everywhere are the stupid iMacs , which secretaries use in every hollywood blockbuster.

    • i know your not a mac fanboy anymore, which is good, but when you say ” Macs are okay for design purposes , more powerful than a windows machine”, and when, others say this too. Its utter utter utter utter rubbish. How is a MAC, better for designers, isnt. The same programs are on PC (way more in fact) and run much faster. Arrrrrrrrrgh, the only reason why some artists tell you MACS are better is because they dont know how to use a pc, or they are trying to justify blowing a huge lump of cash on a lump of marketed tosh they have been TOLD is better, probably by another idiot who had been told the same thing. We are not talking about 30 years ago, when their were certain niche creative things you could do on a MAC, we are talking today, dont get ripped off kiddies.

    • To NoSheep: Absolutely agree. It’s just a marketing thing. Nothing more. And idiots are always be the idiots. It’s like the primitive man who saw a shiny thing for the first time.

    I just wrote a very long reply and inadvertently pressed the Fn key instead of the ctrl key where it would normally be on a PC. Guess what? I lost the lot. No undo. What MORON designs an OS that deletes the contents of a text box with no means of undo?

    • blahdy blahdy blahdy blah – fn key…

      That’s weird. I just pressed fn. Then I pressed Ctrl. Then I pressed Alt. Guess what? It hasn’t deleted anything.

  49. I have to use this and I am extremely ashamed of doing so. This ridiculous piece of trash I have to use is just… Stupid. As a gamer I find this as something disgusting where you can only play the so called ‘ROBLOX’ and other nasty 5 year old games. No blade and soul, No overwatch, Nothing.

  50. I have to use this and I am extremely ashamed of doing so. This ridiculous piece of trash I have to use is just… Stupid. As a gamer I find this as something disgusting where you can only play the so called ‘ROBLOX’ and other nasty 5 year old games. No blade and soul, No overwatch, Nothing.

    • actually u can’t play ANYTHING ON MAC not even roblox it’s really complicated and of course the mouse is single buttoned and for some reason my mac computer is really stupid and says the games don’t have the specific graphics for the computer to read and this happens 15 times a day and it’s really F***ING ANNOYING AND STUPIDLY DISIGNED

  51. I’m an engineer at Apple. Yes Macbook has cheap hardware enclosed in expensive-looking cases. But Apple knows it will sell very well, because there will always be people wasting their money on things they think are prestigious. Apple are targeting these type of people who are not yet extinct. In fact their population is increasing. The new niche market consist of the pretentious Asians who love wasting space at Starbucks with their Mac to look cool and pretending that they are doing important stuffs on it when in fact they are just browsing nonsense or doing other meaningless online stuffs.

    • I can’t imagine how Apple ever managed not to be in LAST place except if they were PAYING for their rank. Their laptops should be listed as the worst, BELOW used and refurbished laptops that come pre-loaded with viruses.

    • It’s a question of time.

  52. How can you write a Macs-suck page without ever mentioning the absolute nightmare thats is Launchd?

    For those sensible people who have never used anything except FreeBSD, Launchd is a replacement for /sbin/init in which the init scripts are replaced by XML files. Also, launchd replaces crond too and probably also displays the system clock for good measure.

    Before I was issued a Mac by my employer, I thought Linux’s Systemd was bad, but they were only aspiring to be as horrible as Launchd! Now I know what they were copying, and Systemd is nowhere near as awful as Launchd!

    Remember when you could power off your Unix box and Postgresql would come right back up? Neither does Apple. I was forced to power off when my Mac suddenly stopped responding to most mouse and keyboard input (I could keep typing into the app that was open, but I couldn’t switch windows).

    Because Launchd does away with shell scripts (which have long been the target of hipsters’ hate), there’s no way to tell Launchd that you have to delete Postgresql’s stale PID file before trying to start it again. There’s no way to say that in fucking XML. So it just kept trying to start Postgres over and over again, logging only that it failed each time. Jesus Fucking Christ is MacOS a fucking piece of shit!

    • hehe, finally someone who has actually used Linux. osX is just bloated BSD, and it sucks just as bad as “windbloze”. However, for most users it is a better alternative to actually running an OS made by “microsucks”

    • MacOS is not a piece of shit. But launchd IS.

  53. Holy shit on rye. I cannot believe you people are college-attending students and older … with a smattering of high schoolers. Your grammer, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, and overall grasp of writing is putrid. You people better get your act together. Nobody wants stupid assinine ignoramuses. Please improve your stinking self … or gently put down the keyboard and turn youself in to The Stupid Police. Thamnkgs,, amnd halve a nyce daayye … shit for brains.



    • Funny how you are criticizing grammar, spelling, phrasing, and punctuation when you can’t seem to do it properly yourself.

    • I guess satire is totally wasted on you, Hugh Mungus.


    • victor that just came out random nobody was talking about the Bible dumbass go back to where you came from you trash for brains

  54. I soooo much regret buying APPLE devices. I have had the BIGGEST HEADACHE trying to perform a SIMPLE TASK (what I thought would be!!!!) … buying an iPhone so that I can transfer my playlists onto an iPhone 6. Easy??? No BLOODY WAY!!!!!! I think climbing Mt Everest is an easier option. Who the F……. do they think they are. I am seriously thinking of selling my Mac pro and my three day old iPhone and going BACK TO SAMSUNG!!!!!!! Mac …. you are seriously up yourselves!!!!!!!!

  55. Falcons blew a 25 point lead

  56. The Donald Trump of Computers and the writer’s knowledge of Macs is about the same…zilch.

  57. As of 07 January 2017, the cheapest Apple laptop, is the 13 inch macbook air, USD 1000, i5 1.6ghz, 8 gb ram, shit video card, non-touchscreen. Vomit. Wow people are stupid. Who buys this crap?!

    • Just look at the OS market share. About 3% of users. I’m not saying that I don’t use Apple products. I use iPhone, iPod and Apple TV 4. But I’m not going to buy a Mac laptop. I’m absolutely satisfied with my Asus machine (especially after OS upgrade to Ubuntu).

  58. I bought a Mac last year and it is the worst money I have ever spent. Right now all I have is a locked up Mac that won’t restart. So, I am going to have it repaired and then I am putting it into the closet where it will stay until I can give it to a friend who is visiting this summer. I will never buy Mac anything again

    • I agree. I am seriously going to get rid of mine. My crazy old Hp made production of visual calendars/cards etc for friends/and my own music downloads EEEEEEZZZZZYYYY!!!!!
      MAC IS A MARKETING LEEEEAAAAAACCCHHH!!!! Sadly I fell for it, but fortunately I can ‘redo’!
      Hey, very small percentage of Americans use Mac! Wonder why??

  59. And I am so happy with my Macs! It was always more expensive to have quality.

    • really?
      take ultrabook 2016.
      your prestige macbook air still uses tn panel while dell xps sports an ips panel. we all know which one is quality. both are similarly priced. ignorance is not a virtue.

    • Oh really? Build a desktop with a similar price and see which one wins.

      There are also better pre-built laptops.

    • “Quality” means the fucking thing doesn’t freeze every 5 days, like my brand new Macbook Pro does, and no PC I’ve owned after 1998 ever did.

    • Quality? What quality?

  60. The world would be a much better place without the bloody macs. I hate them specially because I’m using the bloody thing to work – it is simply an anourmous waste of bloody time. The shitiest pc with Windows can be better than mac.. actually, a screwdriver is better than mac. God how I hate this shit.

    • AGREEEEEEEEE!!!!! Your comments are making me realise that I will sell my Mac laptop asap and get something that is fun, easy and gets the job done! I’m not a high tech CEO, don’t need to talk ‘Mac’ and look fancy pants!

  61. I will put all of my heart and soul into this comment, hopefully I can counter as many fanboys as I can.

    Albeit Macs may last, a well-kept Windows or Linux can last just as long, if not longer. Mac fanboys will say it takes effort to keep a PC alive, but really all it takes is common sense and care.

    Let’s not forget that OSX is a copy of Linux, or more accurately Unix. Mac fanboys completely skip over this detail and start some bs about there isn’t a Linux phone/tablet/etc, when in fact Android is a Linux OS itself, and other Linux mobile devices also exist.

    Mac fanboys also say Windows is hard to use, when OSX is no better, just in some different ways. If Windows is so bad, just install OSX on your PC. It will keep Windows, and it will run better than any actual Mac. Get a PC worth $4300, install OSX, and compare to the new Macbook Pro. Spoiler Alert: the PC will win.

    Now, to build a defense. I won’t lie. I kinda like OSX. I greatly perfer Windows and Linux for reasons hopefully obvious. Hell, I use an Apple keyboard on my gaming PC. I am familiar with OSX in and out too.

    Lastly, I need to touch on the sheer lack of stability in modern Apple products. My Windows hasn’t crashed since Vista, and that was Vista. My Chrome OS crashes here and there, but for a $250 computer using Linux, that’s not bad, it saves my pages anyway. But an iMac crashing twice a week is not a rare occurrence.

    This is why until they reduce their prices to a propper level, I’m not getting a new Mac anytime soon.

    • They will not more likely. It’s just a marketing thing. There will always be a certain % of users thinking that they own something extraordinary (approximately about 3%).

    • Thank god you aren’t using an apple mouse for gaming

    • I have used Macs for over 20 years, but I’m NOT a fanboy!

      1. Yes, a good quality, well-made PC will last as long as a Mac.

      2. No. Any Mac user with the tiniest knowledge, knows that OS X is Unix-based, and that Android is Linux based.

      3. Since Windows 7 came along, PCs have been easy to use. Before that, Mac won hands down. Now there’s probably nothing in it.

      4. I’m not sure what you’re doing to make your Mac crash? I run a 2011 iMac (Mavericks) and it doesn’t. I only reboot every few weeks to clear out the system and speed things up a bit.

      You make some fair points though I don’t agree with everything you said.


  63. My mac works perfectly fine and none of the reasons you posted are true. That’s my honest opinion

    • Your Mac doesn’t even type properly from the first attempt.

    • I think u r using a china Mac and having no problems!!!

    • “my Mac works perfectly fine and none of the reasons are true” uhh HELLLOOO what about the right click huh? What about the viruses what about the overpriced trash? u stupid boi gtfo of here

  64. My mac works perfectly fine and none of the reasons you posted are true

    • There are plenty of facts here, no blu ray, no hdmi, the fact that it stole linux.

    • It didn’t steal Linux. OS X was a variation of Unix that was BOUGHT (not stolen) from NeXt. Unix is older than you are.

      I don’t own any Blu-Ray. How many people do? I don’t like the fact Apple decided optical drives were “not the future”, but the £20 USB DVD RW drive I got works well enough.

      Most Macs have HDMI.

  65. I’ll keep my Iphone 6 plus and even my original Ipad, but I will NEVER buy another Apple laptop or tabletop computer. Freezes, screen anomalies, and surging spam (including their own self-created virus, “MacHelper” or whatever it is) have sent me into the pc world, where performance is not only superior but without the vomit-worthy marketing.

    • Agree, +100500. I still use my iPod 6 and I even bought an iPhone SE. I’ll try to explain why – my BB Z30 was a little bit outdated (I’ve been using it for a 1,5 years) and every BB user knows what happened with BB10 OS (which I consider the best mobile OS ever created). Besides, the iMessage of course (let alone AirPlay, etc).
      All in all I’m not going to change my Asus laptop to MacBook Pro. I’m absolutely satisfied with it (especially after OS upgrade; I like Ubuntu 16.04).

  66. All you folks are right. No arguing there. I read them all and I have worked with them all and they all have pluses and minuses. Get a life and get on with it.

    • Dude I just bought my first mac 30 minutes ago and it’s a pre-owned (2000$ brand new in 2011) macbook pro 2011 model right?.Well I got it for 900$ preowned and the thing is so shit i go straight to this site and start talking shit about it that’s how fucking sad this shithole pos waste of fucking garbage is. i could make a better os than this shit out of my dogs fecal if i had to. what a fucking joke my grandma could make a better computer than this pos on heroine. Seriously what a complete waste of 900$ and the paper for the receipt.

  67. I’ve worked on computers since before the IBM PC was even invented. Software and hardware both.

    For the average person, Apple computers are easier to use. Yes they are pricey, but as IBM just announced, Macs cost far less to own in the long run. They’re far more reliable and cause ⅓ less service calls. These are hard facts, not opinions.

    I myself have worked on, repaired, and supported both for many years. Windows is more configurable, but with features comes complexity. It’s definitely a two edgeed sword.. Mac OS much simpler.

    IMO, Apple fan boys are some of the most arrogant, annoying people on the planet. You won’t find me arguing about that. But for average people, I always recommend Apple products. This may now change however. Apple seems to no longer focus on customer experience. After founder Steve Jobs died, Apple seems to have lost focus. I guess I’m glad I’m no longer in the computer business.

    • I certainly would not recommend them. Build your own PC desktop and compare it with the most expensive Mac Desktop. See who wins.

    • I agree with your last point. I use a 2011 iMac running Mavericks and I dread the day I have to get a newer one. Lost focus? Yeah, that’s about right. But they will find it again. Soon, I hope.

  68. Your all just mean and bullies if Apple user want to pay a lot for outdated products and be treated like crap who are you to judge you all talk about PC being better than Mac but your bulling is not very PC I would love to see a ubuntu phone then Linux would drop the Apple chain of products a Linux computer tablet router phone all working together better than Apple it would be awesome watching the Ubuntu phone but it’s only limited here hoping it spreads would love a galaxy s 7 with if

    • *you’re

    • Ubuntu phones started coming out almost two years ago. Where have you been?

    • Ok, I gave up on Windows. Got 10 installed on my Asus and man it was a nightmar! Basically 10 is great OS, but the update process… My Asus is i5, 4 GB RAM and so on and I was spending 2-3 hours updating it. Finally I gave up. I changed 10 to Ubuntu 16.04 and now my updates installing in 5 minutes. Great OS, absolutely love it. I’m not a gamer (but I know there are games for Linux) and Ubuntu 16.04 is everything I need. Simple, reliable, etc. Most of all I like that sudo apt-get thing.

    • Looks like SOMEONE is a butthurt apple fanboy…

    • Wow, dude, have you heard about punctuation signs? Learn to use periods, commas and so on

    • Apple is the same linux/unix. Ask the arrogant Apple fun boys how they coded their “original OS”. But, the whole machine is a joke, a rocket engine which is not able to fly to the moon, because Apple managers/product owners think that its easier to get to the Moon through Mars. Yeah… you can have it to check your mails and to use Crappy Numbers which is not able to import simple CSV files, or to buy additional adapters, or
      “adapters to adapters to adapters” to connect it to a simple projector in a conference or meeting, or to buy an additional CD-rom to read CD/DVD (ah sorry you would say that the era of CD is ended) or to use those 2 USB to connect 100 USB devices (really – nope). Really? $2500 and 2 usb ports and some additional ports that you’ll never use unless you buy Apple TV, Apple devices, Iphone, etc.
      There are 4 categories of people who use Mac:
      – Users that don’t do anything else on MAC than verifying their mails
      – IOS developers (and many of them actually use linux/windows on day to day life)
      – Customers that are used to Apple software
      – Young people that use apple because its “cool”.

    • @Apple “lover”, you’re wrong about Mac use being limited to IOS developers. I do backend work that never touches a phone (and in production it runs on Linux), yet here I am, stuck in the CrApple Gulag. I’ve seen Macs in the building next door, too, so Mac shops must be pretty common.

    • well who the hell are you to talk dumbass, clearly you haven’t been out since 1987, ubuntu phones got released God knows how many years ago and guess what deal with it bitch its called opinions not bullying dumbass, jackass

  69. I agree with your points but you have one misconception. OSX is not a linux distro and therefore should not have the things that all linux distros have. OSX is a unix fork.

    • BSD* UNIX>BSD>DARWIN Bam there have some fucking random and yeah. Really i cant stand apple cause they make their products so over priced

  70. You know, just one of those reasons I’m *this* close to just straight up switching to Android.

  71. it is so 90s when people still comparing interface. Timcock has changed everything in mac os, now mac is not the same as before, timcock killed all production program like aperture, iphoto, imovie, final cut pro, rosetta, now with a mac you are forced to only buy apps, gems based games in app store, buy songs movies in itun