College Newspapers: An Exhaustive List Of Campus Publications Maintained By University Students

By   |  August 8, 2014

Student newspapers are an integral part of the college experience. From documenting student experiences, to reporting on controversial issues with university administrations, campus publications have for decades played a crucial role in providing unique, uncensored views into the world of higher education and emerging youth culture.

Custom Twitter List Of Student Newspapers

Below is an exhaustive list of Twitter handles organized and maintained by the CollegeTimes team. If your publication is not listed for some reason, please contact our team anytime to be included in our popular Twitter collection. Please note that ALL college publications world-wide are included in this list, regardless of language, as long as they are maintained independently by students at a post-secondary educational institution:

As Twitter feeds display every single story published by media outlets in real-time – rather than filtering or rearranging stories like services such as Facebook – it remains the primary news distribution channel of choice by journalists world-wide.

Daily Vs Weekly Vs. Online Vs Occassional?

As the 21st century brought digital mediums to prominence, hundreds of student publications – especially in the United States – were faced with a decision: whether or not to continue printing their expensive (yet rather lucrative, due to advertising revenue) editions, or convert completely to online (digital) editions.

At this time, many colleges are trying to cut back on funding for their student newspapers, pushing more publications to go digital-only. Student editors, however, are fighting back on many campuses, trying to maintain their print editions both as a revenue stream and to maintain their journalistic culture. While the debate will likely continue for many years, proponents of print continue to voice their support, and in the meantime, Twitter remains the best way in the foreseeable future to keep up with student journalism.

Originally published August 12, 2009 as a simple list of hyperlinks.

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