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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio

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130 Student Reviews of Hult International Business School : Boston

  • I don’t even have the intention to go in there :(( and why are they having my personal info like email and phone number? Cuz I took the IELTS exam or sth?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • they got my personal info (mail and adress) without my consent through shady TOEFL clauses. they wont stop harassing me.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Terrible School DO NOT GO. I spend around one year at Hult as an undergrad, and this school runs like a cult. Like legit, on the first day of orientation, they tell us how to respond to people that say Hult is a scam with their triple accreditation bs. Class design is like a prison where you have to sign in with your fingerprint, making coming to class extremely annoying. Some professors are good, but most are not. You get graded by group work for at least 40% of your grade and with your average. Manny friends and I would have shitty group partners that would not show up for meetings over even presentations bringing the whole group down. Please listen to these reviews; most kids at Hult don’t know s**t about business and have wealthy parents with jobs set up for them after graduation. Dean is a complete dick, and other staff as well think they are royalty. If you’re serious about your education, go to community college for two years and transfer to a top 25 university. Don’t lose your money and future work opportunities by attending this kindergarten cult of a school.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Scam

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • Hult is essentially a marketing scam. There are literally no admissions standards other than the ability to pay, and they employ a massive team of marketers to cold-call potential victims to try to get the scam started. The Hult family are some of the greediest scammers in the world, well known for tax-dodging and treating their employees like s**t. They have hidden the for-profit nature of the “Hult International Business School” behind legal shell entities so that it appears that the school is not for profit. The Hults are greedy, dishonest people. This “school” is as far from education as you could possibly get. Stay away if you are serious about learning something.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Absolutely worthless!!! Don’t waste your valuable time and money after Hult. They just talk, there is absolutely no connection between what they advertise and promise when you approach them for admission and what is actually delivered. I would not call it an MBA from any perspective!!
    The studies are very very basic, some professors make you watch lot of videos, and actually teach nothing. One of the professors has the habit of making fun of student’s name in front of the whole class. And another shows advertisement and TedTalks videos all the time.
    There is a lot of leakage of information especially related to exams and there are serious irregularities too with exams, attendance, and grading too. There plenty of errors in exams, the way these are graded, the actual solutions are also erroneous. When these are raised with the admin team, they always insist that it is correct and needless to say, no action is ever taken.
    It’s all about money, once the fees are paid, (for me I paid $75K for 1 year MBA) nobody bothers about the student. The so called student services are name sake, and career services are clueless. I wanted to withdraw from the program after 1st term and they are refusing to refund by offering multiple factors and reasons.
    On connecting with other alums, got the same feedback that it;s not at all worth the money. You will not walk off the door after a year with any skill that can be actually applied in a workplace. I regret spending such a large sum, wish I did a little more homework and checked out the reviews, it would have saved me both the crucial time I am taking out of work for this program, thus, an opportunity cost of a year’s salary, and the time which can never be compensated.
    My only recommendation is do not get into the trap of Hult, it’s crap.

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • Whatever you do, don’t consider coming to Hult!!! Everything about Hult is sketchy. From the moment I sent in an application, they clung to me like a tick on skin, sucking blood (money) out of me. They offered me a $40k scholarship, saying I was special, without telling me everyone gets a scholarship.

    The school 100% caters to unskilled wealthy kids of millionaires from overseas. You will not fit in here if you don’t have Gucci or designer all over you. All of the events that Hult coordinates requires you to spend lots of money, such as a “Casino Night.”

    When I arrived at Hult, LITERALLY EVERYTHING went wrong. They lost my transcripts from my high school when I arrived, nobody knew where any of my documents were, and my $2100/mo single room housing had no sound barrier between me and the next room— thus, I never got sleep.

    I tried working jobs because I needed money to live here. Hult did not support this and said, “Most students at Hult don’t need jobs and we don’t recommend this.” When I tried telling them I wasn’t rich, they simply said “We’re sorry to hear that.” LIKE WHATTTTTT

    Keeping it real, this school is a cool place to meet some rich foreigners but it isn’t a real school. It’s basically a cult and the credits you earn here only work here.

    Don’t consider Hult… PLEASE!

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • The Good: I met some amazing people form all over the world. It was a wonderful experience in that regard. Meeting, learning from, and being able to network with such a global audience.

    The Bad: Pretty much everything else. Admission lies, I did not meet a single student that got any sort of scholarship. EVERYONE had taken out loans. The quality of education was not that great. Teachers were encouraged to let everyone pass I think. I speak and write perfect English, most of my classmates did not. I ended up holding a tutoring class twice a week to help students with their papers. I had to stop as too many showed up, and it became a entire mess.

    I had many students offer to pay me to do their work for them. I of course turned them all down. But I know many other people who took the offers. Cheating was rampant throughout the school. And the staff turned a blind eye to it.

    And though I complimented my fellow students, there were plenty of students that were basically there Husband/Wife hunting. Hardly showed up to classes, yet still passed. Spent most of their time at bars, or on dating websites hoping to meet an American to have a relationship with and get a Visa. Several people straight out admitted this to me. Hult is known in their country as accepting anyone, and so they use it as a resource to come stay and meet a prospective spouse.

    Very bad decision on my part. I got accepted to a better school, but had let myself get drawn in by the idea of traveling and studying abroad.

    Overall Score: (1.63/5.00)
  • The best experience in my life! I loved it

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hult was a great life experience but a disappointing academic experience. Living abroad, being part of a cohort of international students and seeing the word was an absolutely amazing experience. I met incredible people and gained loads of life experience.

    The academics were disappointing. There were some great professors but others were completely unprepared. Hult lacked any consistency in the quality of the professors; most were good, one or two were great but several were horrible. Our Economics professor is a great case, he was unprepared to teach and ignored students questions during class and by email (he didn’t have office hours.) I ended up teaching the economics course in the student lounge since I have an undergrad degree in Econ.

    There were several good, engaged students but also many who shouldn’t have been in an MBA program. In my class there were several MBA candidates who disappeared for weeks at a time but still graduated. I had hoped this changed but when taking a sales management summer elective last year and found it the same. Half the class didn’t listen and the other half didn’t understand it was a sales strategy course. Despite the professor saying it wasn’t a sales skills course we spent a significant portion of the class having student ask how to sell and the professor reminding them that content wasn’t going to be covered in this course.

    The thing that makes me the most angry was the poor administration. Cheating was rampant and they did the minimum to stop it. Courses that were scheduled for months in advance ended up being cancelled at the last minute making it difficult for students to plan work or travel schedules. For example I had left London and gone back to California for Thanksgiving, I flew back to arrive in London in time for a morning class and arrived at campus only to find the class cancelled. I didn’t have anything else scheduled for several days but made the trip because administration said it was important I be there.

    Lastly, Hult was a for profit university up until for profits came under scrutiny in 2012 / 2013. They have created a complex structure to hide their for profit status but haven’t changed their business practices. A truly global university that is disrupting international education would utilize leading edge technologies to advance their academic goals. Hult doesn’t. Instead they go for short sighted, marketing driven wins because cutting edge technology is expensive and cuts into profits.

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • From the professors to the administration at the university, everyone here is more than amazing. It is obvious that this university has so much care for all of the students from the MBA’s to Undergraduates and even first year undergraduates’ students like me. I have never seen a school community so close. 90% of the classmates I had were from different countries and having this international platform I learned just as much from then as a professor with a PHD. I would give this school 100 stars if I could, and I am glad to see that a school like HULT is taking a unique approach to education with experiences.

    So far attending Hult has been the best decision I’ve made in my life. I love that we learn by doing and are constantly in contact with many companies both inside and outside of the classroom.

    The student body is so international and together we learn from each other and grow. We all share the same passions for travel and adventure and no one here is boring.

    The institutional culture is very strong, and people here are super friendly. There are only like 20 people in a class, so everyone knows everyone, and the professors work with us individually to make sure we are meeting our goals. From day one I was assigned a dedicated career advisor to advise my applications for my spring internship at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

    The school is completely what you make of it. Those who take advantage of the curriculum, join several clubs and societies, and get involved are the ones that like the school. I graduated as valedictorian of my high, school/ but I have no regrets taking a “risk” of choosing a new innovative school.

    The school is running like a start-up company and they are investing heavily with student clubs. If you have a good idea- the school gives you seed capital to build the club on campus. It’s great.

    Overall Score: (4.45/5.00)
  • This school is a total scam. They fooled me while I was on my application processes, and sold me the idea that I could get a good scholarship. When I started searching for the scholarship, it was impossible to get one because all the deadlines were passed! And as they mostly showed me sites for loans. They pushed me and the person that was going to support me during my studies to pay a super high confirmation deposit in a very threatening way, both of us were naive to how admissions worked. I must say I kind of knew the confirmation deposit was way too high compared to other schools, but they didn’t even give me the time to think about it; I mean… HBS asks for a 1000$ while Hult asks for 2500$!!!. I got accepted by a way more prestigious institution… and I felt completely fooled because they were specially pushy for me to pay, without letting me assess my situation. I made an early application to have some options and now I regret it… The person that was going to support me with my studies commented them about my admission to a more prestigious school (even though I asked him not to), in order for them to give us assessment and they literally started trying to compare themselves with a really old and recognized institution where I did get support.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I had been considering it for my undergrad studies in 2012, and I could have not made a better choice than deciding NOT to attend.

    Hult is a complete scam. They had been harassing me from the moment I created my application, presented payment deadlines for the same week, and even sent a recruiter to the very remote location where I live. I was even given a present for my acceptance: a box with headsets, pan flips and other bullshit. Anyone older than 3+ realizes they are desperate to get people in, to the point they utilize gifts to induce people to think there is an actual interest.

    When I told my recruiter I did not intend to pay the deposit on the same week because I still had not made up my mind, and I was awaiting a decision from another school, they agreed to extend my limit date. My deadline was extended overall from December to May of the following year! I, therefore, realized quite quickly they were desperate to keep anyone that pay to attend the program. Furthermore, when I emailed them saying I would not attend, they didn’t even bother to answer! Clearly no interest at all on feedback, and lack of good manners.

    (NOT) Surprisingly, after 4+ years I graduated from another institution, I created a GMASS profile, and 48h later HULT CONTACTED ME! They said they saw my profile and that it was of great interest, and if we could discuss for an MBA. I was not only shocked but annoyed at their persisting money-seeking aggressive strategy. Recruiters have no interest whatsoever on who they contact, as long as they can get a commission on the applications they manage to score. Hult is a business built on employees desperate to make their commissions; and a directive who is ready to maximize revenue by using the lowest investment margins.

    Hult focuses so much on internet marketing strategies because they have no interest whatsoever to commit to the long-term investment they actually need, an excellent faculty and exigent recruitment.

    Please beware of scam universities!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Absolute worst experience I ever had, (MBA)
    This school is all about taking your money and once you have been convinced to stay past a certain date they stop caring about you or what happens to you . They have no appeals department to assess your grades and they fail you for not being on time to class.
    Just take it from me , you don’t want to waste your money here, they take advantage of foreign people promising them a good education and future but the reality is they get a very poor education and no opportunity.
    If there was something I could do to stop someone from going I would do it , you will be disappointed .

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hult is a top-tiered business school! Great experience with brilliant professors!

    Overall Score: (4.36/5.00)
  • It is a good B-School.
    Great experience

    Overall Score: (4.45/5.00)
  • I genuinely believe that there are many people within the school’s administration that want to see the school prosper into something respectable and highly sought for. Unfortunately, with a profit-making end-goal in place they inevitably end up accepting pretty much anyone that shows a decent interest. Half of the intake is people with humble backgrounds that have become infatuated with the progressive and modern way of doing things the school publicises. The other half is pretty much just a bunch of rich kids that where either too lazy to put an effort in high school. The end result is a bit of a dysfunctional class room where an embarrassing contrast between the smart and the dumb is continuously put into spotlight.

    Ultimately, Hult is the perfect mix of good and bad.

    You have:

    – Motivated people with tremendous potential and rich lazy high school slackers
    – Very competent teachers and people that want to play pretend ‘teaching’
    – Amazing super modern facilities but a true lack of synergy between people
    – A lot of accreditations but an excessively aggressive marketing team that raises eyebrows
    – Very good scholarships but overpriced tuition fee’s

    If you’re joining Hult thinking you’re getting into an ‘Ivy’ league school then you should reconsider. If you’re a smart guy or girl that has some good ideas and just needs some basic/intermediate business knowledge, it’s actually quite good. If you’re grades suck but you really are motivated, it’s also a good shot to start over.

    At the end of the day the Hult Degree is accredited so it’s completely legitimate. Most employers don’t really bother checking into a University that much as long as the grades are high and the recommendation letters are solid.

    It’s a 3/5 for me. Not great but not terrible.

    Overall Score: (3.27/5.00)
  • I really don’t understand all the negativity towards Hult. I graduated from Hult 5 years ago and my experience was an extremely positive one. This institution has been doing things differently and giving you value for money vs some of the bigger elite schools. Not to mention, last year Hult earned triple accreditation status (AMBA, EQUIS, AACBS – FIRST BUSINESS SCHOOL IN THE USA TO DO SO), so clearly the programs are of great caliber and quality. Sure, some of the staff at the school could be more helpful, but this is what you can expect at pretty much any other business school.

    Overall Score: (4.36/5.00)
  • Great experience

    Overall Score: (5/5.00)
  • I dont understand why people have such a poor opinion on the university… Every website ranging from Quora to any other has everyone really happy with Hult. I am an undergrad student and will proceed with an MIB and I have nothing but good things to say about Hult…. I am really surprised from this website and the amount of bad reviews based on ignorance of the uni….

    Overall Score: (4.18/5.00)
  • I’ve had a terrible experience with its MBA program and would anyone be interested in joining together to sue please email me: [email protected]


    Be careful of Hult, read the reviews from the following link before to pay a penny to Hult!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Be careful! Do not come to study MBA here! I got very terrible experience at London MBA program! Here the people work at academy team and management are terrible! I totally disagree they can work at high education, all those people only think about money and make innocent students get into troubles! Be careful you have no right to work in London and would not easy to secure a job afterward. I suggest go study at any British university always better than studying Hult so call “MBA”, such wasting money and can’t have 20 hours per week working right, even they won’t help you to find an internship.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Wow thank goodness I found out this website. I’m in the process of applying for a slot at the Hult 2018 Masters in International Business program. The first thing I noticed is they’re really persistent in calling. Right from when I created a profile on their website, I was besieged with a series of calls from their recruiters in different locations. I honestly didn’t know what to make of this rather aggressive “marketing strategy” . Basically, They kept on telling me hurry up with my application as the slots were limited and blah blah blah. This happened as early as march. Then, I hadn’t fully made up my mind on what program to apply for and I hadn’t done my full research on the school and I hated the fact that they were putting that pressure on me to complete my application . Last month or so, one of their enrollment advisors called me and told me that I had to pay the application fee to secure my space or something like that and that I had to pay before that particular week ran out If I wanted the opportunity to secure a scholarship. I had to hurry my application and I finally paid the fee. The funny part is that I also got a mail from one of their other recruiters who told me that the deadline for paying the application fee in order to have the chance to apply for a scholarship was in October. I don’t know why this case of conflicting info did not raise red flags.
    I’m just glad that I came across these reviews. Although I’m a bit annoyed I paid the application fee, I’m really grateful that I was able to discover the truth behind Hult and I don’t have to spend a year and lots of money before doing so.
    Did I mention that one of their recruitment agents randomly added my number on WhatsApp and started to talk about admission and stuff? Isn’t that unprofessional? I believe that’s why email exists or am I wrong?

    I just want to further my education in a reputable institution. My credentials might not be stellar, but I know I’ve got great potentials. Can anyone suggest to me good schools where I can do a one year post-grad program? I schooled in a prestigious university in Africa and graduated with a CGPA that’s approximately 3.4 when converted plus about one year work experience. I might not be Ivy League material but I want a recognized and respectable school in the US. Any recommendations?

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • Stay away! Poor school!!

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • Its the worst place to be; they treat you like animal. All they care about is mony and they enjoy getting students into trouble for stupid things.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The executive dean is a homosexual rapist. The dean invited me on dinner with him, where he got me very intoxicated and then took me back to his place and took advantage me.(i am straight) He then told me if i told anyone about it he would expel me, but now I have left the SF campus and I am not afraid to let everyone know what happened to me and what a school this is. This school is a joke all they care about is money, they treat students like “s**t” (there is no better word to describe it). The student services is a joke alll they like to do is get entertained by getting students into trouble for stupid reasons. All the asistant deans are absolutely useless, students go to them with their problems but they don’t care. Instead they make it seem like there is something wring with the student not something wrong with the school.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Working here made me an amazing liar

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This is probably the worst business school in U.S.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • I’d stay away from Hult. Everything about them screams “PROFITS PLEASE!!!”
    I worked in their Head office in Sloane Square, London.
    The structure is as follows: huge telemarketing department split into countries – UK, Spain, Netherlands, France, etc. Telemarketing arguably their biggest department. Says alot.

    They would hire an English speaker to deal with UK, a Spanish speaker to deal with Spain, etc.
    Each day, these ‘Student recruiters’ are issued an excel list thats drawn from the system pool.
    This system pool is accumulated through a variety of different sources, Google Adworks, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
    If you’ve entered the words ‘MBA’ into Google or signed up for GMAT, it is likely Hult has bought your details from one of these sources.

    These recruiters work for ‘interviews’, which essentially means they cold call these lists all day every day, and use a script to entice you to book an ‘interview’ with a more senior recruiter.
    Its the classic ‘foot in the door’ technique.
    I worked there for over a year and I would wholeheartedly agree with comments that their marketing team are fantastic.
    They arrange high profile events in top london locations in order to attract students – probably because their MBA’s are close to £50,000.

    Recruiters are trained how to deal with queries relating to how they are either unranked or very low in the ranks.

    If you’ve received a call or an offer, don’t get too excited.
    Everyone gets an offer.
    Sorry to burst your excitement bubble peeps – having read the entire thread, i thought it would be useful to hear from someone who’s worked in their head office.

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • Do not consider this school!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Graduated in 2014 and felt I was robbed attending this MBA. The quality of my classmates left much to be desired and the program itself is a joke. I learnt more from my college courses than from this so called institute. I should have seen this coming, but my mistake was to think this a reachable MBA that was in the league of or compared to Harvard. I should have studied and scored considerably higher on my GMAT and opted in for a traditionally ranked university

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • i urge everyone not consider this university because they only seek money, they don’t care about you, they only care about money. the staff will make the impossible to make a good impression about their university. they will even offer great discount if you told them that you got accepted in another university and they will try to seduce by giving you financial aid. Also, just check their staff, no one stay at Hult…

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I graduated from Hult in 2015, Masters in International Marketing, from San Francisco campus. Back then I wanted to apply to other schools in the US but the application was closed in most of the schools; Hult was the only choice left. I got in quite easily and had a decent scholarship. But the good experience didn’t last long. Here are some few stories & observation about their student support, student services and my overall experience:

    -Tuition collection: I was fully aware of the deadline for each payment, and I also knew that I would be late for the last payment; so I emailed them a week before the deadline – informing them about my situation. I told them that I will be late but only for 2 or 3 days, if they need anything – let me know. For a week – I didn’t hear anything from them. One day before the deadline, one of their finance staff called me and said if I didn’t pay them on that day, I will be put on pending – meaning my spot at my preferred campus (SF) won’t be secured. I explained to them again: my main bank account from where I will pay them is in South East Asia, I was living in Middle East then, and my parents – who would funded part of my tuition were in another country and they were travelling; so there would be delay in payment; but if they want “international” students – they should understand and be supportive to my situation. I also pointed out that I had a scholarship, and in the previous payment rounds – I was not late; so it’s not like I had a bad history with them. Doesn’t matter what I say, they didn’t want to help. they just said. There was no understanding, no offer to help, no question why I had such a situation. They repeated the same thing “Your spot won’t be guaranteed” for every questions I asked.

    When I started the program, I was surprised with the quality of the students. English skill of most of non native English speaker is horrible, and academic levels, work experiences, maturity are hugely different. Of course, this is not an MBA program so working experience or maturity are not mandatory. So I personally want to spend that one year with people who I can learn a lot from, that’s why I was disappointed from this aspect. Not a small number of them behave like they just got out of high school, some others were so cocky and “showing off” because their families are really rich, and many of them (many = more than I thought) had big big ego. One professor posted on facebook & shared his experience & frustration with Hult faculty, he pointed out the fact that the quality of the students are poor, that they didn’t know how to approach a case study… I think he was just stating a fact; I was a student I and felt the same thing – he is the teacher – he taught us and of course he knows which level his students is at. Many students were offended by that and said disrespectful things about the professor. Not only with this professor, if they don’t like any professor, they will have attitudes, they have no problem showing their disrespectful behavior in the class, challenging the professors. They complained: “He is not fun!”. I wonder if they really think the professors’ job is to entertain them, and what they expect when they attend grad school. Having fun? To me – that kind of attitude – from students; is just not acceptable.

    Anyone who has the same observation about the students would understand why Hult manages its students like the way its manage: the staff treats the students as if they are kids at kindergarten. They take attendance for every class, if you miss 10%, 20% or other percentage of the classes, your grades will be affected (Is it the same in other grad-school? I don’t think so; my attendance was not even taken during my undergrad school). You can’t miss the module kick-off speech by the dean – you have to be there (more stories about the Dean later). And the way the school handled the group of students who kinda “cheated” in one of the exams – was like a joke (the other class disclosed the exam questions via online chat group with my class, and some students who were active members in that room chat knew it before the exam). Bottom line, no grad school would want and should manage their grad students like that. But Hult has to, because of the quality of the students; they can’t behave.

    The way they run the school: it always feels to me that none of the staff would work for this school for more than one year. No one seems to know what they are supposed to do, how they are supposed to do things. If Hult is a school – it should support its students. If Hult is a business – it should support its customers – those who pays them money – who are also the students. Bottom line, they need to provide the best service & support to the students. But they don’t. I never feel any friendly vibe in that student hub; just some ignorant ladies walking around and full of themselves as they get to work next to a mac computer. I had a school project where I needed to interview people; so I emailed the Dean, 3 times – asked to meet him for a project by his school; he never replied. What kind of Dean is that? I think he (or his assistant) expects everyone to book an appointment through some system if we want to meet him. Emailing or walking is not welcome? I worked before and what I’ve learned is that the higher you are in the company, the more you should welcome the lower level team members to walk in and talk to you (not to mention the client!); but no – Hult is not like that. Students are not worth talking to for the Dean.

    I don’t complain about the teachers or professors who taught me at Hult. They all have real working experience and I believe that they do their best in what they are supposed to do. Some teachers are really nice and kind, but their kindness can’t overwrite Hult policies; so sometimes that doesn’t help. I didn’t enjoy every class, but I learned new things and the knowledge helped me with my current job. I don’t think Hult’s career service helped or contributed anything to the fact that I found a job in the US (oh, they made sure that you states Hult & current ranking according to the FT in your resume). Whenever I have my session with my career advisor, I feel like I have more working connection and experience in looking for jobs than he does.

    What are Hult’s students good at? Hult students are good at having parties, doing silly things to show at the end of the year that they had fun at Hult. You will see them running around the campus, dancing, videoing – all of these were planned weeks before – like a clown. They are very confident about themselves – they believe that earning a degree in Hult means they are the most talented people in the city. They are brainwashed by the Hult recruiting team (that they are special, and full of potential).

    I find it ironic that I as a graduate from Hult saying things like this – because I – eventually – graduated from there. Hult opened the door to the US for me, I met one or two good friends from Hult (who share the same opinions about Hult just like me), I found a job in the US, I see my future here. But I would credit most of what I achieve today to my undergrad school, my previous grad school in the Middle East, the education from my family, and some years of working experience. All of these helped me to stay determined, patient and study through that one year at Hult without being influenced by the ugly things I saw there. I don’t deny that I had one degree from Hult, but to say that I am proud? No, I am not. Do I recommend Hult to others? If you want an easy access to UK, Shanghai, US.. where Hult has campus in (access = qualification to stay & work there), Hult is an option – but don’t expect anything else; and be prepared to witness some shows in the school. If you want valuable academic experience, with a lot of smart & humble friends, helpful faculty – this is not a place for you.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • I’m a graduate of the London Campus in 2011. In hind sight I see that I ignored significant red flags when deciding to attend Hult. Once I arrived in London I knew that I had made a bad decision: the orientation was poorly organized; there was no faculty, only contract teachers; the deans had no academic background, they were promoted from recruiting; rampant cheating; no academic counseling available; understaffed and poorly organized career services. The list can go on and on. I have tried to be optimistic about my Hult experience. I had some wonderful times and met great people but in the end I have seen no career benefit from Hult. I am doing the same job as before the MBA, many of my classmates are in the same circumstance. It is nearly impossible to get career support as an alumni. The only promises that Hult lived up to was the simple fact that the campuses are located in the cities they promise and that the student body is international.

    Consider Hult if you need an MBA to simply get a credential but don’t need to gain any new, in-depth knowledge and want to have a fun time doing it (they throw great parties)

    Don’t consider Hult if you want an MBA to expand your skill set with in-depth knowledge on business topics.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • When I first saw Hult at an MBA event I thought of it as a huge institution with international presence and it obviously caught my attention. I applied to it ’cause I was interested in one of its campuses.

    Key Points
    -I had only taken the GMAT once about a year earlier, didn’t really prepare properly and honestly I did horrible, barely reached 500. Anyway they urged me to apply and retake the test during the process which I went through all of it, interview, essays, etc. Other big Bschools urged me to meet the GMAT requirement first before applying.

    -I know that in most Bschools the interviewer is a faculty member and part of the AdCom. I was surprised that in my interview, it was a girl from the HQ recruiting staff office (not the campus) who called me and interviewed me, telling me that she will pass my info to the AdCom.

    -They granted me a 15% “sholarship” (which is a discount) saying that my credentials were great and I was accepted. Indeed I know they were, except for my GMAT, which they said was NOT REQUIRED anymore for me. Initially I was excited and felt a huge relief that I didn’t have to take the test anymore, but later that kind of raised a red flag to me, thinking about howcome I could have been accepted without that requirement.

    – I was asked to make a $2,600USD deposit to secure my place, but honestly I was kind of skeptical and asked them to give me more time, which they agreed to give me two more months, but after that I would likely loose my place which according to them was “filling up quickly”. However, I’m glad and decided not to pay it and just quit my application, you’ll see why down below.

    – It’s been almost more than half a year since I quit the application, retook the GMAT, etc. During this time I applied to other MBAs in well renowned, accredited and ranked Bschools, way higher than Hult. I still get emails with offers for discounts on they’re other programs and a free second degree if I reactivate my MBA application.

    – I was finally admitted in a well ranked program in a big university B.S. and got a great scholarship, more than 50%. There is no way I can compare it with what it would have cost me at Hult, plus it seems its not that highly ranked. Even if I hadn’t got a scholarship, it would still be cheaper than Hult.

    -Hult costs $70k grand, and has no AACSB nor EQUIS, just AMBA but this last one is not actually a quality certification.

    Since I never attended Hult I can’t speak good or bad about them, but I just tell you these key points so that you can make up your mind and take the smartest decision.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • i already pay the deposit money which is 2500$ but thank God i didn’t get a visa, just now i came to know more about this school, can any one tell me if my money will be refundable?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Graduated a few years back, it’s a money/diploma mill and you’re intimidated into not complaining. I can’t give this completely negative reviews since some things are actually good but what is good, there is not nearly enough of and what is bad is terrible.

    The good: our stats professor was good, he worked hard for us and gave good feedback. The accounting professor was also good, and our managerial economics professor was excellent.

    The bad: everything else… I mean the whole thing was so rushed, you’re put in the most intensive courses in the first modules and then all the soft stuff comes after. It should be the other way round. Too much emphasis on soft skills with a Dean who trains you how to read stories to children as a method of presenting (not kidding). The Hult prize is an extension of the Hult methodology where they ask you to make a business case to get money out of society’s poorest. I don’t know how they pick their professors; our supply chain teacher was useless; I mean ‘watching a sitcom would teach you more’ level of useless. Price is waaay too high for what they offer even with discounts. Industry connections zero. And the worst part is careers guidance and finding a job afterwards; having been promised $100k in the advertising etc, who wouldn’t attend this school? But in the first week, the guy they have (whose experience was questionable) told us we were on our own looking for a job. And worst of all, if you complain; nothing. Townhall meetings were held but just to talk down to us and placate us.

    Bottom line: If you need an MBA, don’t get it here, this company is relying on you to promote their business after you graduate, because you’ll be broke and won’t have a choice. If you have spare cash, consider buying a new car. While it might depreciate, at least it serves a purpose and has a warranty, and if worst comes to worst, it can be sold for scrap. This company relies too much on its students for everything it promises. Some of us have now escaped the ‘Hult Curse’ but a few are still unemployed. You’ll be embarrassed to have the company name on your resume anyhow. The marketing is so slick, it’s hard not to believe it but in all honesty, don’t even go for an open evening.
    Caveat emptor.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Graduate of the Hult MBA program. Terrible school, awful reputation and to be avoided. No ethics, no concern for student welfare. ‘Dr’ Stephen Hodges is nothing but a scam artist and should be jailed for this horrific program.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • As an EMBA student at the HULT Dubai campus. I would like to WARN everybody to at least stay away from the HULT Dubai campus for the following reasons. There is a complete lack of communication from Hult with it students with regards to every aspects of its business and at times they deliberately withhold information.They literally keep adding extra fees to their tuition that the students are obligated to pay without any explanation and when we ask for an explanation all they say is that they are sorry and but Fee is mandatory.

    They school’s admin are so unprofessional and they have no idea what they are saying or doing half the time and at time they are just flat out rude.

    The school has dropped out of the ranking and the campus tried to cover it up.. it was only once a student asked that they confirmed the school has dropped out of the campus. With was we can see from Hult, I can see why they have been kicked off the ranking and I do not think they will be coming back anytime soon.

    Our whole EMBA class is beyond disappointing and frustrated with the school and will be taking it up with the main campus.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I am just shocked with all that I read here. I was about to pay the application fee but I feel like just giving up on it now.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Stay away from Hult please.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I was also very disappointed with the school. And I feel for everyone, who was mistreated by the ignorance of the Education First organisation. I went to Shanghai Campus, and the recruiters didn’t informed me upfront that the class is going to start 1,5 month later.

    So there was a delay in the program of over 1,5 months. We couldnt study during that time. The schools Manager informed us, that its due to the construction of the campus. I was very disappointed, as I already paid 50% of the very expensive tuition fee, and couldnt drop out in time.

    During the MIB program, I was requested to pay additional charges for access to an online tuition finance class. I refused to do so, as the tuition fees already included materials. Following, I was pressured by the “Finance Professor” David Wu [email protected] to pay additional charges for online courses. There was no real finance class, but just team classes on setting up the financial reporting of a virtual firm.

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • Does anybody know how many Hult grads are out there? I feel for them, including myself. Wish there was a zero star option in the review. Not even a single plus point for this school. People who have written any positive things about this school are lying through their nose.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Thank you so much for your truth about that school. Recruiter made call to me and insisted on for paying application fee because deadline will be after three days. I said “But I don’t have recommendation letters and didn’t write essay yet”. He answered “It is unnecessary now and our school have interest in me due to my scores in GRE and background and so on”. Maybe I had paid that money before I shared the Internet but I out of money :)
    Thank you!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This school is a joke.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The goal of this school is to make money. The admission process changes depending on who is applying. Some people did english tests to get into the school but others they did not do anything. 50% of the students have bad English levels. Considering that 70% of your grade depends on team work, having people that barely can talk and write in English will be an obstacle for your work. At the same time, a lot of the students are happy just having an American university on their resume so they are not motivated to work. As I said before, 70% of your grades will depend on team work so it will affect you as well. Why does the school admit this students? Because they want to make money.

    Furthermore, the faculty is not that good. If you don’t have any work experience you will be able to learn something. If you have work experience, you won’t learn anything. Professors should give better content so students can really learn. I’m sure most of them are here because they have a good salary but they are not motivated to teach.

    The university doesn’t help you at all to find a job. They will tell you they have “advisors” that will help you during your academic year. They will be there to review your resume and pretend they are helping but at the end they are unuseful. They don’t have an alumni community so that you can connect with previous Hult students who could help you. Unless you work your ass to find a job in the US, you won’t find it.

    On the other side, I’m very happy I have met amazing people, friends that I will keep for life, people that have come here with the purpose to work hard (but you will never be in their team group as we are divided, 1 or 2 per team groups). I have also learnt to work in a team with people from different nationalities, different ages and backgrounds, and try to encourage people that are not motivated.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • I am a graduate of Hult. I will say that the time I spent at Harvard Summer School for my last semester with credit transfer, and the references I received from there, saved my career as Hult, as it turned out to be, is like a criminal record on your resume. Its a complete scam, the career strategy department were a nightmare and they asked any student over 30 to seek US jobs for the jobs they were already doing before as they were the surest bet to find positions so they could keep hit their placement targets and keep their jobs with Hult. Rob Anthony was a complete scum bag who refuses to help students career network that he takes a personal dislike towards.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Dont waste your time and your money.

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • The Employees of HULT should be ashamed of themselves. The majority of funds that HULT puts into the ‘school’ is that for advertising and the look of the ‘campus’.

    Many of the previous reviews describe HULT as a scam, I do not disagree. But for new students allow me to summarize why it is a terrible idea to enrol:

    -Woeful carrier service (DO NOT BELIEVE THERE CARRIER STATISITCS), if in doubt ask them to provide an external data source of statics. They will not oblige, therefor we can assume it is total fantasy. Just because a business displays a figure on there website this does not mean it is true, there is now obligation for them to give you the true figure just want ever looks good to get bums on seats!

    -Laughable corporate network. Face it what company wants students specifically from HULT, if they reference a company just ring the HR dept and ask do they even know of HULT. You will get a “Huh? Whats HULT?”

    -Redundant learning materials/outcomes. They say they use the Case Method, as if it is some holy grail of learning. All it is, is critiquing something that happened in the real world. Anyone can have an opinion. You literally learn nothing that you could apply in an every day scenario.

    If you value your cash for god sake don’t buy into there rosy picture, it is total bull!

    I would estimate now that they got kicked off the 100 rankings that in less than 5 years the online negative reviews they are getting in there wake will catch up and they will likely shut down as a ‘school’. They have pissed off too many people at this stage.

    Karma will catch up to them and Karma is a b***h!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Total Joke: Students from China and India could barely speak English let alone write. PG Dept. totally lacks any professionalism when dealing with students. Feel sorry for good students who must now wear the scarlet letter H for being a Hult grad. Stay Away, Stay Away, Stay Away!!!

    Overall Score: (1.8/5.00)
  • Do not go to this school! I am currently studying this school ( SF campus ) and I totally regret it!!!!!!!

    Overall Score: (2.18/5.00)
  • Insane. yes.
    Hult is now paying for ads ‘inside’ my gmail account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How desperate are they? I mean who the F logs in to check email and thinks, “yeah, let’s spend 70k on a degree that’s worth nothing?” Someone approved this, idiotic tactic.
    You’ve got to be either stupid, vulnerable or naive to fall for these cowboys. Their MBA feels cheap, it’s so sad for their alumni. Dirty, dirty tricks.
    Stay away.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Insane

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Shocking company with horrific values and ethics. Sales directors and others with laughable job descriptions are only interested in their bonus. Worse than bankers as they form relationships with candidates they know they’re going to throw under the bus once they’ve paid.
    Hult is a scam and a joke of a bschool full of gullible clowns. Their poor recruiters are just weak puppets who are run over by terrible leadership.
    Stay away. I repeat, stay away. Go to a genuine Business School.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • One year of my life I am not getting back any time soon, nor the tuition of course. Just don’t answer to the recruiters, they sell lies to desperate kids and it is even more shameful for the few good ones that get trapped in the system. Chances of getting a job outside your country after school are exactly the same as they were before, no added value either to your carrier or your life.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • Thank you so much for all your reviews!!!!
    I sent in my application yesterday and this annoying “recruiter” called me while I was completing my application, telling me how awesome my CV was and blah blah… That was pretty weird: normally, at least from my experience it should be the other way around, me trying to convince the uni to take me! Funny thing is, I told her that I have a GMAT score of 630 and then she responded that they do not require a GMAT Test and anyways if it is lower than 650 it would not have any effect on my application.

    So after a while of googling: ta-dah! THANKS SO MUCH! Now everything makes sense! Too bad I already paid them the 150 dollar application fee…But anyways!

    Still, I am shocked that such an institution can exist in the city of Boston! Victims really need to get together and report this money-sucking scam!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Sorry to say, but this school is not worth anybody’s time. Do something else with life rather than come to this school.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Stay Away. These Indians get paid like 20 cents an hour to lie and find victims to fall for their Hult fraud scheme. You have been warned. Shalom Shalom

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I left Hult. B/c I didn’t know Hult operates like that. Please don’t come Hult anymore.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Do not waste your time and money. This is not a school rather then a very very costly and bad investment. They will take your money and treat you as a piece of sh*t. There are many reasons why they got kicked out of Financial Times ranking.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This school is a scam, they look for students with low GPA and GMAT scores, and try to scam them saying oh you got accepted at Hult and you have a scholarship waiting for you, even-though you never applied. Their indian recruiters kept hunting and calling everyday, I knew there was something wrong, and ranking websites such as forbes get’s paid to rank them in top 40 or so. Story short, I worked on my GPA and GMAT and got accepted at a respected MBA program in the US, and after this they stopped. Stay away from this scam and focus on applying only to AACSB US universities, top 100 preferred. Hult is a scam, stay away period.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This school is a scam, they look for students with low GPA and GMAT scores, and try to scam them saying oh you got accepted at Hult and you have a scholarship waiting for you, even-though you never applied. Their indian recruiters kept hunting and calling everyday, I knew their was something wrong, and ranking websites such as forbes get’s paid to rank them in top 40 or so. Story short, I worked on my GPA and GMAT and got accepted at a respected MBA program in the US, and after this they stopped. Stay away from this scam and focus on applying only to AACSB US universities, top 100 preferred. Hult is a scam, stay away period.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Useless MBA, don’t let them convince you with their marketing tactics. Dubai campus, all they have for you is internships at the end.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • worst university ever, complete waste of money, wont help you get employed, screw them

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Dear MBA Aspirants, Hult will show dreams of earning multifolds post MBA but truth is horrible. University is not recognised in US in companies and you will end doing small odd jobs after completion. Forget about VISA, your survival will be doubtful. Recruiter at Hult will offer you 80-90% as loan and will show you that you will be able to repay it very shortly. After no VISA availability, You have to come back your native country and end up doing small jobs. Reason, They will snatch every coin you have saved so far and keep you calling for repayment of the loan. Graduated students are now saying good bye to the USA!

    Overall Score: (5/5.00)
  • we should discuss whether numerous customers have incurred damages on a wide scale, and to what extent each individual customer has incurred damages.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • Hult International Business School the Scientology of Business Schools.

    This statement is obviously an exaggeration however unfortunately the sentiment couldn’t be nearer to the truth in terms of the recruitment pitch that the wolf of wall street would be proud of, remember the straight line method!?

    As a previous student I fell totally in love with the Idea of HULT and could not believe that they were interested in me, after viewing there website and even after telling the recruiter that I was a pretty poor student during my undergrad he told me its not a problem all I needed was to pass my degree no questions asked.

    This should have rung alarm bells in my head but I guess I was too immature at the time and the “the Career statistics” they advertise of $59,000 starting salary got me to think well ok I guess I can invest in my future and pay the $42,000 tuition, I’ll be earning that back no problem right? WRONG and not only me literally my entire class most of whom were left with internship work for the majority of the subsequent year after finishing the HULT Masters programs.

    Where do they get these employment figures?? must be from where the sun don’t shine because it couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s not the worst of it, more and more employers that I meet do know of HULT and not in a good way, most employers when reviewing your CV will google HULT and they will see the negative reviews and stories from past students that have been sold a lie for lack of a better word and you know what they think….. Lazy, this person is lazy and has little notion of the real world if they think going to HULT is something to be proud of.
    And unfortunately for the most part they would be right, going to HULT didnt give me anything of value and I worked my butt of but if I’m honest the material taught was high school level!! Most of the time my class mates were more concerned with what there gona do on the weekend. I cant believe I spent so much money on this program!

    In closing,

    The HULT experience in a nut shell => e-mail bombardment + Brainwash correspondence + Vacuum savings account + Learning absolute hogwash = MIB (Master of Irritable Bowel) cause that’s exactly what your really getting.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Going to Hult was the worse decision ever!! Do you want to have a good education? with professors that stimulate you to improve or give you new ideas or concepts to think about? do you want a challenging environment? do you want to commit for a year in a Master degree and then see you efforts repaid with a good job? Well, then AVOID Hult!!
    They sold me the program as the best in the world, literally! With action projects with real and big companies, a lot of networking, the so called “Fast Track” program, where basically there’s the line of companies waiting for you to graduate!! All lies!!!
    This Master gave me and taught me NOTHING. They’re only pushing the MBA program for the FT ranking, they don’t care about Master students. If you have a problem or complain about something, the only thing they do is saying “Sorry about that!” and that’s it! Nobody never admits whose fault is, nobody actually do something to improve the situation. The professors, with two exceptions, were really bad! There’s a lot of group work, but if you’ve problems with your team and you find in a situation where you’re the only one working and you say it to the Professor and higher authorities, basically it’s your problem! they don’t do anything! so although your individual work is really god, your final GPA will be very bad!
    The GPA calculation process is the most ridiculous thing: you’ve to give up committing to reach a high level because they’ll always have an excuse for not giving you higher grade: “It’s the curve!”. If you deserve an A but other students got an A as well, they’ll give you B+: that’s it!You commit, go to class every day ad soon and then there’re people that you barely see at school, they don’t show up during presentation and things like this. But Hult tells you that doing do they’ll get an F and with 2 F you’ll be kicked out of the school: really?? so why at the end of the year with 2 or more Fs they’re still here? so why did I commit this year? they’ll have my same title.
    The action project is the most stupid thing ever: they sell you this project as a super cool one, working side by side with real a really important company: FALSE!! it’s a stupid group work, extremely silly and nobody cares about. Besides the fact that almost all companies are really small.
    They’re not transparent at all: I had to pay the entire year fees before arriving in September, listening to my recruiter, and I was confirmed before arriving that everything was fine. The FIRST DAY, during the orientation, they didn’t want let me further because they said I still needed to pay around £500 and they wanted them in cash at that moment! Besides my reaction to this really rude approach, I wrote to the recruiter and to the financial department: still waiting for answer, although I sent them various emails! And then once you’re in class you figured out that a lot of people could pay in different tranches and so on…
    I can continue for hours with everything that happened this year, but the concept is that they sell you something that doesn’t exist, the quality of the education is really low and you’ve to pay fees higher than prestigious universities, such as Imperial College. At least they’ve a higher education level and a great name in the working environment. When you say you’re from Hult NOBODY really NOBODY knows it. It’s a shame!
    Pros of this school? well, I met nice people and I could rotate to San Francisco Campus. But although I’m happy about it, this is not why I paid those money and I invested my time! Because at the end of the Master I want a job, a good job,and not only good memories of parties in London and a road trip in California!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Students interviewed by Hult also say recruiters force them to sign fraudulent contracts, ignore complaints or even retaliated against Hult after student gets into Hult. Just be aware that Hult operates like that.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Literally the stupidest decision I’ve made in my life was deciding to go to HULT international business school.

    Here’s the reality:

    Rather than talking of scam’s, the lack of job placement etc… that are more than plentiful in most reviews of the school I will let you know what you are getting for your $60K+ that you will need to spend to attend.

    Firstly the pros of which there is only one that I took away from the experience. A fun, care free time in one of there destinations on offer. You will meet new different people from around the world and you will all party outside the building and have a mostly enjoyable experience…..for about 12 months, then afterwards like a bad hangover the next day reality will rear her ugly head. The friends that you have made and the time cultivating those relationships will be for the most part for nothing as everybody goes back to there respective country inevitably as they are unable to secure work, you included and after a few years of trying to keep long distance friendships over Facebook etc the friends you made will fade away, sad but true.

    Now the cons,

    As much as it pains me to write this I feel it a duty now to inform any perspective candidate about what there embarking on.

    Firstly Hult with regards there Masters programs will give you no, that’s NO TRANSFERABLE real world skills. This is a key point, once you graduate you will be no better of than when you first graduated from your undergrad degree when applying for jobs.
    Do not believe that you will learn any accounting, finance, etc, hard skills. What they will do is give you a description of what the general over view of these processes but nothing that you couldn’t get from attending a 1-2 hr seminar on these topics.

    For example: There accounting module during Module B over a 4 week period for aprox 5hrs per week, is quite honestly a joke and believe me when I say all it focuses on is mapping figures to a balance sheet and then mapping the P&L(pen and paper school stuff). When it comes to the real world you will be laughed at if you say to a potential employer that you understand the accounting process and they ask you to explain what you know. They don’t touch on analysis, reconciliation’s, budgets, forecasts. You will certainly have absolutely no idea of real accounting and this goes for all the other number based subjects that they offer. They name the module International Accounting, why? there seems to be no logic other than it sounds more specialised trust me its not.

    At the end of the day you should ask yourself firstly what do I want and what are my expectations. If you want a care free life for 12 months, live in a different country and meet new people and spend $60K+ doing so go ahead go to HULT. If your expectation is that by going to HULT you will obtain a good credential on your CV, a great network of contacts, real world skills, be in more demand from employers by having this masters then do your future self a favour and use that money on YOU! Invest in yourself by entering yourself in bootcamps where you learn new technology’s or take a certified professional course eg(CFA, CIMA) BUILD YOUR SKILLS! (whether you like it or not you will need to up skill regardless) Or have enough to fund your own business for a number of years if you already have a unique skill you can leverage.

    Look at what you stand to gain and what opportunity you stand to loose.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Waste of Time and Money. Hult is money sucking machine.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hult became real scam in the past five years, sick management who created a real sweatshop of Recruiters who work Monday-Sunday, exhausted by chasing students for bonuses. It is truth that scholarships are given to everyone. Hult scholarships are higher in July/August, around 50-60%, when Recruiters need to reach their targets and bonuses. Recruiters in Hing Kong were accepting everyone who had money – all programs, from Bachelor to EMBA. Recruiters will push you with dates, give you many deadlines, come up with all possible reasons to call, chase you again, offer you to pay at least half of your deposit just to count you for their deadline etc. Admission interviews are just a way to make it look serious. You can screw it up, but as long as you have money they will accept you. If you pronounce “money is not a problem” they will mark you as a zero scholarship candidate and accept you no matter what. Just try it. The only reason I wrote this is to warn you that Hult is a scam ethically and you rather think twice before they chase you for years with emails. It is real sad how this school made its money.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Why is this website not shared/ posted on Facebook by Collegetimes? As this school is activated on some of social media for advertising their scam-quality. I still dont understand why Bill Clinton supports Hult Prize and some of group of visionaries participate at every single event to boost Hult going to the peak of the fame in education.


    My name is Carla, I enrolled to undergraduate degree at London Campus, I did not meet the IELTS requirement yet at the first I met Hult, but the recruiters ask me at first for paying full tuition and fees before I arrive and pay for booking a seat for GBP 1600. But then, I decided to enter a traditional university which absolutely is affordable and I didnt tell Hult, but the recruiters forced me to pay GBP 1.600 again as my guarantee seat is expired. I just ignored their reminders, although I paid off full the tuition and fees. Along 2 years I did not tell Hult, they never asked me again to rebook the seat. As it appeares as a school scam which digs money.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hi everyone,
    You can contact any law enforcement agency in the world even your native country to report a fraud. Some jurisdictions only investigate certain frauds over certain loss amounts.
    This guide will lead you to the right place or places to report fraud.

    NOTE: Always keep a log of your conversations with your recruiter and other involved parties.

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  • I agree with Williams, I’m a prospective student who had paid off the full tuition and fees (too expensive) in 2014, but by now, I’ve never been coming to Hult as I don’t meet one of their entry requirement for MBA degree yet, I am going to claim my money back as their promises are nothing to help me out of my problem to enter the Campus. Moreover, I consider with the payment I should pay the accomodation which is too expensive cost per week. And it’s an obligation in first year one to stay in their apartment. I demanded for the funding support and disability support as they offered before I applied but it’s nothing. So then I was jumped into the trap and only wish for miracle comes so that my money in Hult which I owed to some people will be 100% back A.S.A.P

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I don’t know why their conditionally accepted-students should pay off the tuition and fees in advance, although the future students didn’t meet the entry requirements yet. Their systems are very different with another good school specially public school. They tend to force their future students to pay pay and pay a number of bills and yes! They cannot help the students who need funding support in advance. They gave promises to make the future students will become successfull by studying at Hult in the end :/ still don’t get it.. The recruiters are good in advertising. It’s kind of scary school.. a trap school.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hi Dave, can you explain further? I did not get what you want to do.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I am current student of hult. and i am struggling to accept that i have been caught in this vicious trap set by hult recruiters. Old students told me that hult/erika haunt them for their life once they are out of college. I do not know what to do.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hult is now making billions of dollars in profits by targeting vulnerable populations with misleading promises of low-cost tuition and jobs after graduation.

    Graduated student explains how the Hult has grown substantially in the past decade by targeting underprivileged students who qualify for ERIKA(bogus company) loans. Many of these students drop out before graduating or can’t find the types of jobs that will allow them to repay their loans, leaving them with staggering debt.

    Because the tuitions are high and they’ve had to borrow to pay the tuition, they’re laden with debt and often they can’t find a good enough job to be able to pay that debt off. And because these student loans can’t be discharged even in bankruptcy, they follow these former students throughout life. It can be a lifelong drag on people who already are struggling.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hello,
    I definitely agree with Williams. When I had the same financial problem, I called and emailed an assistant dean, but he did never call me back.
    What do you make international student for?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hult’s only worry is about money (payments). if any current or prospective student informs Hult that he/she is going through financial difficulty, then from that moment relationship between the student and Hult will be similar to that of a bank and debt defaulter, and Hult simply ignores that student and labels him/her as a risky burden. It happened with me.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • What is the real cost for the MBA in Hult? First they called me with the tuition fee of $41,300, second time with $70,000? Can somebody who graduated say how much they paid, please.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hi my name is Lap. I would like people to know that only one portion of Hult commits scam and fraud. Let me know what you think. People shouldn’t allow those business.

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  • Avoid recruiter’s scam!
    Never trust recruiters of Hult that advertise that they will guarantee to get you a scholarship. Recruiters will ask for a fee and may even offer a money back guarantee but will never get you a scholarship. After shortly arriving campus, facility will be kicking you out. That’s not good business!

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  • Unfortunately, I became part of HULT scam back in 2009. I attended its two campuses (Dubai and Boston). Guyz – trust me it was altogether fiasco in evey way. From recruitment process to career services they played fraud on us. They kept on making false promises about flashy recruitment services run by bunch of fake personalities.

    Don’t ever think of going to fuckin HULT!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Trust nothing Hult! Be careful Hult scam.

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  • Help us stop fraud!

    Please, share with me any information you think might help us stop fraud.

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  • Joke of a school–many students that graduated in Sept are unemployed or back at their previous employer. An MBA is not just about education but about the employment opportunities and connection it can provide for its students. Hult is a meat market for profit school that only provides profits for its owners. It only sees potential students as dollar signs that it can exploit for financial or marketing gain. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • The school has some terrible career service personnel and seems to be run like a country club with different fiefdoms vying for control. There seems to be no concern about poor outcomes and they only seem to see students as dollar signs. Bums in seats is all they seem to care about.
    On the other hand, this site says they lack accreditation. Hult has some bad sides but it is regionally accredited US school. It’s also accredited by AMBA. Just be careful with this school because it’s difficult to leverage this school to anything good.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Need money for Hult? Doesn’t everybody? With tuition bills, and room and board going through the roof, recruiters are looking for creative ways to finance Hult education. Unfortunately, in their efforts to pay the bills, many of them are falling prey to scholarship and financial aid scams.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hult International business school is really scam. Please don’t come Hult, if you don’t wast your money and time.
    Remember that this school is a cancer of the international society. If you try to prosecute them for an offense, they will give you an extra option. I know some. Trust me.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Enrolled PartTime EMBA at Hult Dubai during 2009 recession. Hult didn’t asked any GMAT or TOEFL scores but only tuition fees for admission. Hult offered 5 year flexible study plan and also installment-based payment plan for total tuition fees of US$32k. Completed 1 year in 2010 (had paid US$26k out of total US$32k tuition fees) and took 2 years break. After rejoining in 2012 Hult informed that tuition fees has been revised and I would have to pay another 30k US$. Felt completely cheated and depressed as I wasn’t able to afford so much, finally discontinued.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • I would not recommend the Hult International Business School. I wish I would have read the reviews way before attending classes. They are too expensive to be so rude! Especially the scholarship. By the way, most of International students may have troubles in classes when they first arrived. Cultural differences present very real personal and professional challenges in academics. I can’t say enough about a Dean. But I emailed the dean on this matter and request his advise but he just ignores it and will never even reply. He always keeps an eye on his boss’s mood. I wish no longer to see him bringing Chinese sweet to me. Please take care of students seriously.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • To concerned parties.

    Recruiters work to recruit International students on behalf of Hult IBT. Arrangements where agents benefit financially on a per-enrolment basis encourage the admission of poorly qualified applicants, MISMATCHES between STUDENT and HULT Inc. There’re unchecked recommendation letters, phantom test-takers, even faked Skype interviews in which more-fluent English speakers took the place of prospective students fooling campuses into thinking applicants had the language proficiency necessary for admission. This is why student’s satisfactions with school could be interpreted NEGATIVELY. The key factor is that the school is satisfied with recruiters because they supply lots of International students. Let’s think about it.

    Article1: Integrity

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Poor school in every way. Don’t expect them to help you AT ALL getting a job. The school is truly pathetic with a money grubbing billionaire owner, Bertil Hult, all the way to its president Stephen “Dodgy” Hodges and all of the deans and administration at all campuses. Pathetic in every way , from cheating scandals on multiple campuses to poor outcomes, including fake employment statistics. Don’t believe anything they say and definitely don’t spend any your hard earned money here.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This company is really sick. I shouldn’t have know how they make money.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I enrolled last year 2013 in Hult in San Francisco with scholarship 12.3 thousands dollars. I did regret the 1 year of my life going there. A totally disaster big scam lying and misinforming to me and other students.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I studied at Hult MBA programme in London – It was awful!
    Do I favor to yourself, don’t come to Hult. This MBA Programm is really bad, the network doesn’t work, the career development department is useless and the quality of the professors are dubious.
    The majority of my classmates are still looking for a job (after 10 months of the graduation).
    This schools is a joke. But they are excellent in marketing their MBA programme and trying to convince you that Hult is a great place to study……

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • Hi there,

    I have recently learned that international students have been targets of financial scams. For instance, This NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION are increasingly interested in attracting more rich International students to their campuses. The interest in rich international students is so strong that huge percent of the nonprofit organization admits that the wealthy international students they were accepting earned lower GMAT test scores less than 400 and grade point averages than other applicantst. So you’re not genius, but rich.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I get my MBA on that school :( it’s not value for money. run away

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I just saw that the amateurs that run HIBS otherwise known as hult irritable bowel syndrome have messed up by sending the wrong data to the us dept of ed and are now listed as the most expensive private school in the world. Just google ‘hult most expensive’ …and the funny thing is they cant even fix it! They are so incompetent at hult. no one really has a clue what they’re doing on a daily basis and how they still exist is amazing.
    But they are falling from the sky so make sure you Don’t fall for these recruiters as they’ll drag u thru the application, the review is a friggin joke, nobody cares, the gmat average is incredibly low. And If they tell you that you’re special and unique and a good fit and even arrange some bull@&@# interview processes i’m afraid they are simply seducing you. They’d come to your house providing you had a pulse and some savings to waste. Bums on seats, bums on seats. Bums on seats.
    This is a MBA for christ sake: MBA, the pinnacle…and they’ve dumbed it down to a backpackers gap year, most will be lost souls, feeling tricked by their travel agent. A friend said that Joining hult is like being on board the worst cheap low cost airline on it’s maiden long haul flight- you are desperate to go somewhere exciting but youre never getting off the plane, sadly it will be a horrific experience and a very costly one. I concur!
    But, thanks to a cut throat sales environment, those recruiters with huge weekly targets might make you sign up to the worst and now most expensive mba in the country. And trust me they will sleep well despite dragging you to the hell, beyond a hell, that is hult IBS mba, mib etc etc. They have been brainwashed to sell, sell, sell a dream! If you fall for them this will be the worst decision you will ever make. So be afraid, be very afraid of mr hult’s little minnions! It truly amazes me they get away with it

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hello, I’m a reporter for C-Change Media (publishes, writing an article about Hult International Business School. I’m interested in getting in touch with students or former students who could give me their impressions of the school, both pros and cons. I can be reached at [email protected].

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  • Dear Friends,

    I am an HULT alumni (MBA) and i am writing my comments here today because i dont want any of you to waste your time money and career.Please read carefully and understand what i have to say about the school.

    I am from HULT 2013 batch.MBA passout. The school is all about fake promises, big lies, worthless career services and waste of an year.

    Every subject including majors is compressed to a 15 day schedule ( can u beleive you will be studying Marketing Accounts etc for just 15 days ) dats how HULT plans its course because its so called ONE YEAR COURSE.

    Career services is more pathetic then anything on this planet.I can rest assure you all will never get a job from HULT career services.

    They fool everybody by giving scholarships.Trust me they give every single student scholarship which is actually a discount.They quote the highest fees to every student and then deliberately lower it makin it look like a scholarship.

    SO i request you beg you and i literally mean dis : EVEN IF JESUS CHRIST COMES ON EARTH AND TELLS YOU TO JOIN HULT DONT JOIN IT.

    Otherwise you will regret your decision all your life like me

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I am a current student enrolled in the EMBA program in London. I agree with the comments that the quality of education is extremely high at Hult. This is mainly due to the fact that Hult gets professors from reputed business schools. Hult is employing a disruptive business model as the traditional MBA is crumbling under the new laws of digital business. It is indeed a start-up with phenomenal success, so it is natural that it will have its own weak points and of course a lot of bitter enemies complaining.

    I agree with the fact that the placement services are not so strong. But then again its ridiculous to compare Hult with the top 20 universities which are around for 100 years. So its logical that Hult cannot offer placement services similar to universities that have reputed alumni for 100 years.

    In my personal experience, when I confronted my recruiter in Europe, he did accept to me during the interview that career services is not that strong in Hult and they are working on it.

    But in terms of quality of education, return on investment (in the sense what would you spend to get taught by similar professors in the top schools), and international exposure, Hult is excellent.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This is probably one of the worst educational institutions out there. They are misusing the noble cause of education. They have made education a perishable commodity rather than being an asset to the alumni. All they do is blame the alumni for not being competent. Be wise and think umpteen number of times before choosing this bschool. I just saw “Refused Cooperation” against their name on this page, which is so true to their character. All they care about is the fees and loan recoveries. There is absolutely nothing other than this that this school really cares about. Their career fair is a joke. Forget you will get a job via Hult’s career services. The struggle is all yours(it stretches long once people see Hult on your resume) when it comes to finding a career after graduating from this school.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hult to maintain their “International” branding, must recruit students that have below “western” academic standards. Grading policy is Hult largely depends on who you schmooze and have drinks with after class vs. your knowledge – but no different than the business world.

    SO, for you wide-eyed innocents, you should seriously consider

    1. What motivates you to get your MBA
    2. Do you honestly think the letters MBA behind your name will get you somewhere different in life?
    3. Did you read the article about all the cheaters at Harvard??

    For Hult Deans, and ALL MBA programs out there – you should seriously consider

    1. Does the academic environment allow students to “Cheat” – if yes, how are you addressing these issues, and if there are students cheating, how many are “getting away with it.”
    2. Does your cheats / getting away with it ratio greatly affect the values your trying to teach?
    3. Should you consider a no tolerance policy AND ensure students who break “honor codes” or any other student codes to immediately be expelled from your school and not given the MBA designation
    4. By allowing anyone to get their MBA, doesn’t this de-value the letters – not everyone has the skills or ability to acquire these skills, and not everyone has the necessary ethics to manage or run business. You need both to be a true MBA.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Wow.! Taken from a hult student, ryan /sept 2012 from privious post,

    “Also, what was disconcerting to me and many other then-students was when we figured out that Hult IBS is a for-profit school. The U.S. Non profit is a scammy front for the school. All of us wrote checks for our tuition to Hult Limited in Hong Kong. Hult Ltd then pays Hult IBS in the U.S. for the exact amount of expenses every year, allowing it to keep the NPO tax status, while pocketing the profit. I wish I was making this up. We discovered it when we were looking at Hult’s 990 tax forms (which are publicly available) in Massachusetts, that every NPO files which includes their costs. We did the math as MBA students and figured Hult is making off with a 45%-65% profit margin, at least on the U.S. campuses. It’s brilliant in and unto itself because it’s low cost education, i.e. they have no assets, lease campuses, contract professors as consultants, etc.”

    Amazing research conducted by a group of annoyed hult students!


    Look at what ryan wrote about hult on sept 9 2012, soooooooo true. hult staff avoided answering, because they couldnt. Ef and hult are known for moving money around havens and finding loopholes re non profi and tax. Inteligent. Hult mba emba and masters are huge cash cows for them, huuuuuge company.. feel sorry for anon/john , clearly angry and upset. The hult mba is Amazing, the time ofyour life, best year ever- but only when you listen to ef/hult recruiters and when u look at paid models in hult mba holiday brochures. Words like Scam, bad , aggresive, avoid, scandal all appear when googling hult. Funniest part is downloading a brochure and 2 or 3 of them pounce on you within a few hours, they hunt them down and leave a mess. who does that in higher ed and so called hard to get into top schools and worse still who falls for it?honest ones who trusted recruiters and ones that should have done their research before believing every word but they create aa enviroment making it hard to say no(theyre quick attractive and throw mickey mouse money at you). Thereare also ones desp to leave their country so hult is a easy way to exit, dont care about standars, just get to usa and Uk on student visa is enough.Stay clear and see thru the BS.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I was from the first batch of Hult Dubai. Agree with Anon above; the staff (specifically those higher up), are a bunch of callous, morally bankrupt bunch of criminals. Talk to a Hult Dubai batch of 2009 student and you will know what I’m talking about. Genuine concerns were waved away, and the one fellow who had the balls to articulate his concern was acrimoniously barred from attending classes. It is run like a mafia with dodgy Hodges at the top and a bunch of corrupt acolytes surrounding him. To those of you who are considering joining Hult IBS, please spend your money on something better, even toss it into the ocean. Interestingly, at last count, they had recruited into EF and Hult Corporate at least 5% of my cohort. Go figure.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • The head of sales sleeps soundly because he doesn’t have a conscience. He used to work in the tobacco industry (as well as ef) which tells you everything that you need to know. Really not a good person and he is a lot of the reason why Hult operate as they do – he is also widely disliked but none of that will stop him sleeping!!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Anon, couldnt agree more. would never work for this company ( not a school, yes a company), feel so sorry for those who studied and then have to work for such corrupt company, bad leaders, no vision. spend a few mins on the net to find out who they are and how they conduct themselves. We are starting a campaign to stop people from buying into false promises, we have collected 300 unsatisfied names so far that are ready to bring them down via forums and social media., the number will grow. They have to be stopped- or play fair, what they’re doing is unethical. How the leader and sales staff sleep at night is beyond me, their bank account helps hide the guilt. heard They are now paying off pagalguy, a massive indian mba forum, to remove negative comments about the mba experience, we made enquiries with pagalguy and they became very nervous When probed. Also search for ‘ef scam’, which happens to own hult, online and it’s the same story there, its a trail… My sister is in debt for life and degree is worth zero but this just our story, they ruin life with glossy brochures, pushy recruiters and fake $€$€ scholarships and a holiday mba. Hult is a Scam that must be stopped and social media and forums is the way to warn naive applicants..Avoid hult mba, fraud. As for the so called hult prize , nothing but a marketing ploy like anon said which more and more a figuring out by the day. Spammers!

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • As someone who did their MBA with HULT and then worked with them I feel I should let people know that it’s true that this school is a scam. Sales-people/recruiters are under a lot of pressure to recruit, otherwise they are fired – the result is that they recruit anyone and the appalling, hire and fire, corporate culture with no morals is ultimately why the school fails.

    It sickens me that the owners of HULT paint themselves as philanthropists when the cash they donate for ‘the HULT prize’ is blatently used for marketing. HULT is like it’s parent company – EF (Education First), they have an immoral way of operating, trying to squeeze their customers as well as their staff for everything they’ve got, claiming charitable status and generally behaving in a dishonerable manner.

    I sincerely regret attending HULT and this has been compounded by seeing how this morally corrupt organisation conducts itself.

    On a positive note – I suppose they could improve but it would have to start with changing the ethos from making as much money as possible without considering quality, morals and how they treat both staff and students.

    An MBA should be about learning about how to grow employees and creating sustainable, ethical organisations etc. It’s hard to hear this at the same time as studying at a morally bankrupt organisation.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • The craziest b school out there. As a recent grad dont go to Hult, avoid this mba. Worthless degree. Cost a fortune of hard earned savings. they are full of false promises and very little delivery, agree with many on here that the school will be found out one day. They cant keep screwing people like this, trying to get in touch with my recruiter but she’s left, this is what they do . Annoyed and unhappy and clearly not alone.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • For profit school with a bad rep,. Spend your savings wisely,and do not invest with these cowboys. Listen to James, dave, robert and ryan above. Spam and Scam is what hult do well..How they have lasted this long is incredible. Biggest regret is joining hult. Some students tried to get money back on false promises even.

    Overall Score: (1.63/5.00)
  • Hi I m a current one year MBA student from Hult International business school san francisco.
    Its a rigorous one year mba program. you are exposed to various industry speakers and many events throughout the year. There is a mix of students from many nationalities which makes ita great platform for learning different cultures and doing businesses in those cultures.

    Overall Score: (3.54/5.00)
  • Hi.. I m a current one year MBA student from Hult International business school san francisco.
    Its a rigorous one year mba program. you are exposed to various industry speakers and many events throughout the year. There is a mix of students from many nationalities which makes ita great platform for learning different cultures and doing businesses in those cultures.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • It’ s a money grabbing business/company- not a genuine bskool.. They keep calling and dont care about the quality. Desperate for £$€. AVOID Hult . One life few chances, dont waste it on these guys from sweden or switzerland or hong kong or wherever theyre from. They pressure you with bs financial aid. So many better schools to choose from, with a genuine mission.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I go to the Hult Boston campus. I really enjoy it. My classes have been suitably challenging. I currently lead an organization and get the opportunity to practice networking and managing others while in school. I have found the chance to work with students from around the world to be both frustrating and fulfilling. I am having a positive experience and have hope that it will continue.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • @lara: there are better 2nd rate bschools to go too. hult make contact all the time thru email and phone. i see them online on sites they shouldnt be on, everywhere. scholarships and loans is all they seem to offer/promote, + living abroad. spam kings!two that contacted were hult mba alumni (working full time for school or maybe company, says it all if MBAs r working there).

    Agree with many above that they appear to be a diploma mill. mba appears to be worthless from those who attended, just look online: reviews,blogs at comments, words like scam/fraud etc appear.

    Chatted on forum with MBA in US and said was her biggest mistake she made-even thinking of suing. She found them to be an aggressive ‘company’ and made her feel special and pushed her- in her mind theyve no other option as no one would go otherwise. she also heard admission/marketing mngrs get fired if they don’t meet 6 week targets.

    agree with what abc says, it’s a for profit school, they must only want our cash. So do research online and youll avoid. Youll find poor admission standards, low gmat, skewed career stats, negative comments and occasionally positive, probably from staff.

    spent 20 mins to hear same stuff at mba fair in paris e.g scholarship,traveling living abroad. Won’t ever apply as degree doesnt seem to be worth application fee from comments but learned a lot during research.

    hult isn’t alone, lots of mediocre bschools using similar approach but these guys are leaders in this group. if youre smart about mba and career plan youll stay away from this group and won’t fall for their aggressive marketing. amazing research about 990 tax forms, great research, useful site/forum!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I just graduated from Hult (Boston Campus) 2 months ago and while I was studying at Hult I was enrolled into another program at Harvard.
    First of all let me tell you guys: Companies are not waiting to hire ANY of us, not even Harvard students. Second, you just can’t compare Hult to Ivy League schools! Those schools have been in the world for more than a 100 years ago and have earned a reputation. Hult is and still feels like a startup (but a very promising one) and YOU should take advantage of this! Hult is constantly looking for new and fresh ideas from students, they foster innovation and cool initiatives from the students, guess how the HGCC started?? It was a student initiative from the Consulting Club.

    Probably the comments about the Boston Campus are right, the faculty is inspiring and they teach at Harvard, MIT, etc but they LOVE teaching at Hult because of the experience of teaching at a fully diverse and international student body!
    I also have to disagree with the comment from above that companies that participated on the ALP didn’t wanted to hire Hult students. About 20 of my classmates right now are interns at companies that participated on the ALP!
    I’m Latin American by the way and very well-known companies based in Mexico, Chile, and Brazil such as Philips, Mabe, Google etc are looking for Hult Alumni to work at their offices.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Graduated from Hult in Aug 2012, and I have a mixed review.

    The education quality is above average since they contract out all of their professors from local universities. Facilities are pretty good, considering they’re just offices, lecture rooms, and meeting rooms. They’re not full universities with gyms, cafeterias, etc. but you still access to printers, bloomberg, etc.

    The downside is that they don’t care about the students. Hult won’t lift a finger to help students with their career or in getting a job. “Career Services” gives classes on how to write a cover letter, use craigslist, etc. It’s also not a very recognized name, but it’s getting better in the cities with a campus.

    Also, what was disconcerting to me and many other then-students was when we figured out that Hult IBS is a for-profit school. The U.S. Non profit is a scammy front for the school. All of us wrote checks for our tuition to Hult Limited in Hong Kong. Hult Ltd then pays Hult IBS in the U.S. for the exact amount of expenses every year, allowing it to keep the NPO tax status, while pocketing the profit. I wish I was making this up. We discovered it when we were looking at Hult’s 990 tax forms (which are publicly available) in Massachusetts, that every NPO files which includes their costs. We did the math as MBA students and figured Hult is making off with a 45%-65% profit margin, at least on the U.S. campuses. It’s brilliant in and unto itself because it’s low cost education, i.e. they have no assets, lease campuses, contract professors as consultants, etc.

    So take it or leave it. If you think you can get an MBA in one year and come out on top without a school name, then go for it. The education quality is good, but after you pay tuition the school stops caring about you. They won’t even let the students talk to Alumni, except in controlled settings, because of the dissatisfaction level.

    Overall Score: (2.45/5.00)
  • @Mel: I really doubt what you are saying because even a company that participates in the prestigious ALP module(I am not talking about a client, but a company that works with students. No prizes for guessing.) has stated that they will not hire from Hult.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This university is a scam that has an excellent marketing team, other than that, BEWARE!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hult International is a good B-School. Be aware that the only campus i’d recommend is the Boston campus, since it’s the oldest and better established of them all; other campuses (Shanghai, San Franscisco, Dubai) are where the less competitive students are sent to. London Campus is a good option, but not as recognized or competitive as the Boston Campus. Bear in mind that the Boston campus is still the same Arthur. D Little School of Management (Concord) only that it is now owned by a different company (EF Education), hence the name change to Hult. Tuition costs are high, but other B-schools near the area cost nearly twice as much, while not offering a much more superior education; certainly something that future students must consider. Teaching faculty is among the best that you will find in any B-School (Professors from Harvard, MIT, Insead, LBS, BC, Manchester, Northwestern, ADLSOM, etc). Don’t expect for career services office to find you a job right away, you go there to get educated in business not to be awarded a job, however they will do whatever they can to help you land one.

    Overall Score: (3.63/5.00)
  • Awful experience at Hult.
    I just wish I could give this school a zero rank. Good for nothing. Especially the Dubai campus.
    Career services is the worst part of Hult and more so the management that has kept incompetent people on rolls for such a long time. I will never hire them if their CVs or themselves ever come to me for a job for a career services director. I am sure they have some virtue and will fit in a job but it is not the job of a career services director where they are failing miserably. So it is a NO. There are better things to do in life than go to Hult.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • For all of the rest who want to know about Hult, don’t check their FT ranking in first column (which appears to be in 60′s), rather check ‘alumni recommended rank’ towards the end which will put it in 90′s. Hult also claims that you can repay your fees in 1.1 years. You need to know that it implies once you get your job (for which nobody can put a check on consider 4-8 months on average and it’s unlikely you will ever get into full time job with Goldman Sacs, Morgan Stanley etc.since Hult is not recognized by them), you will cover your loan in 1.1 years (which is again not true) since it will depend on the country you are working in. In asian countries, you can calculate the repayment of 40,000 – 50,000 USD (or even more if you didn’t get enough scholarship) with 10% interest or whatever applies.

    Don’t get carried away just because some B School is inviting you and offering scholarships, question yourself why reputed B Schools like Ivy Leagues and top 40 B Schools aren’t doing that.

    My intention is not to make you avoid HULT but think and act logically and ask your questions and have a contingency plan.

    Its a crap B School led by Stephen Hodges. No brand value and career service is full of dumbos who will help you to make resumes and cover letter but have no connections in the industry. Few of such names are Sunil Baby, Chris Tester, Kelli (Dubai Campus), Caroline (Boston campus). I am a graduate of Hult and it was painful for me to get a job. Big time NO!!

    Overall Score: (1.63/5.00)
  • The career fair organized at Hult is done by their guy called Sunil Baby(This is for the Dubai campus). This guy is far from satisfactory. All he does is ask students to attend. I have not heard of a single student getting a job out of his career fair. All this guy is doing is doing stuff for his appraisal. Well I do not expect all the campuses to be the same but I am sure they would have a lot in common.
    All in all Hult is a great school of business(pun intended). There is practically nothing for the students. And yes, don’t be surprised if your professors stop replying to your emails once you are an alumni.

    Maybe this link could be of help.

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • I took the GRE, and from then on Hult salespeople have been emailing me and calling me regularly. Intrigued, I looked it up. I learned 3 things:

    1) It is a Kaplan for-profit school.

    2) Students who have actually gone there say the school has cost them a lot of money and delivered little as far as improved career prospects.

    3) Their marketers have done an OUTSTANDING job carpeting comment sections (see “Alan,” above), arranging link farms and pasting their brochure copy onto otherwise legitimate websites. Check out the wikipedia article on Hult – it is a thing of beauty.

    Based on 1-3, I can reasonably conclude that whoever does the web marketing and optimization for Hult did not go to Hult.

    Overall Score: (2.27/5.00)
  • Hult is one of the Business Schools that fleeces students of their hard earned cash by promising what will never be delivered, specifically Hult Dubai which hasnt improved the least on its hiccups right from inception till now; thats what happens when a scuba diver heads an Academic Institution. However Hult Boston seems to have what it takes to at least make a marginal difference for those who are willing however to spend such amount on a second rate Business School

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • Hult International Business School is not a terrible school, but it is not an excellent one either. The first thing potential students should know is that the rankings for Hult found in magazines are based solely upon the Boston campus. This is because the rankings take into account factors such as job placement and overall satisfaction after 3 years, and 3 years ago Hult only had a Boston campus. These rankings are also influenced by Hult’s international student body, some of whom have never had a Western style education before.

    Hult now offers incredible opportunities for world travel because they have opened multiple new campuses in locations like London, Dubai, and San Francisco. These campuses offer new opportunities, but do not have nearly the same quality. Hult is aggressively working to fix these issues, but as of 2011 there are many problems to address, including professors, classrooms, and technology. Informal conversations with students were often about how bad Hult was, and most students expressed regret about their decision to attend.

    There are some great opportunities presented by Hult, but potential students should know the good and the bad. Most students had a great deal of trouble finding work, and career services does not help very much. When available, they will help review resumes or cover letters, and they schedule some practice interview sessions. Unfortunately, that is about all they are good for. Hult does not host a career fair, and students are usually not informed when other schools host them.

    Students from the London campus disliked: distribution of previous year’s materials by Hult, guest speakers often being advertised but not delivered, too few study rooms for the number of students, class schedules regularly being changed without notice. Students from Dubai tended to dislike the isolation of campus versus the dormitories, and many students ended up renting cars or off campus housing. Dubai also had many classes over a 2 week period (and only 2 weeks) because they would fly their professors in. If you learn complex topics quickly, then this can be great for you.

    Leadership opportunities are available because Hult relies upon their students for all organizations, many speaker contacts, and anything extra curricular. You do get to meet and work with a student body from around the world, and for some this alone makes Hult a good choice. The locations of the campuses offer incredible travel opportunities, and if you want a year of travel with a Masters degree at the end then Hult may be perfect for you.

    Hult has a high tuition, which led to most of the feelings of regret by students. USA federal loans are unavailable, and the MEFA loans offered are less than optimal after the origination fee. If you could get the same education for half the price (after scholarships), then many opinions would be different. Hult is a quality school, but a large portion of the 2011 MBA class regrets their decision.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)

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