Robotripping: You Boys Wanna Get High on Cough Medicine?

By   |  August 25, 2009

StoryYou remember those old anti-drug commercials from the 90s that depicted Mary Jane tokers as suicidal or homicidal maniacs? Probably not, many of us hadn’t even hit puberty yet.  Regardless, anti-drug commercials- most notably the Above the Influence ones- have gotten a little smarter and more accurate with their campaign against drugs, but it appears that it doesn’t matter.  If you go to a college campus, you almost certainly know how widespread the use of marijuana is.

Sometimes you walk into a person’s apartment and see a bong sitting on their coffee table and think nothing of it. And for many people, marijuana is where their interest in drugs stop.  For others, though, it’s transgressed into a different realm.

In March 2008, the government made a report stating that 3.1 million people between the ages of 12-25 have used cough and cold medicine to get high.  This number of people comparable to the amount of people who use LSD and is much greater for methamphetamines in the same age group, according to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The agency conducted a survey in 2006 on drug abuse, finding that over 5% of teens and young adults have intentionally used cough and cold medicines to reach a high.  The survey also indicated that these people had also experimented with other, less legal drugs.  82% had also smoked reefer and less than half had also used inhalants and hallucinogens like LSD or feel-good drugs like Ecstasy.

The main ingredient in cough medicines that create this sought-after high is a cough suppressant called DXM, which is used in over 140 cough and cold medications available without a prescription.  When taken in large doses, DXM can cause disorientation, blurred vision, slurred speech, and- if you take too much of it- vomiting.  Using cold medicine to get high is commonly referred to as “robotripping” in reference to Robitussen, a much-used liquid cough medicine. People who partake in robotripping usually drink an entire bottle of the substance rather than the recommended amount, thereby consuming all the DXM in the bottle. If you’ve seen the South Park episode where the kids join a news team and use cough medicine to get high to think up exciting news stories and by doing so discover the whole school is getting high off cough medicine, you’ve gotten a general idea of its effects.  Cough-medicine highs have been known to induce a heavily depressing feeling in its early stages, making the user feel extremely stressed, bummed out, sometimes very sleepy or regretful.  After a while, however, the effect wears off and is replaced by a polar opposite; the user is then really, really happy and derives great joy from mediocre things.  They portray a bubbly personality and seem to radiate joy.

Among all the people between the ages of 12 to 25, the rate of cough medicine misuse last year among white people was 2.1%.  For blacks it was only .6%, and for Hispanics, 1.4%.  Students around campus seem to frown upon using cough medicine as a recreational drug, as well.  “I think it’s pretty stupid,” said an anonymous first-year informatics major from UC Irvine, “but as long as you’re not bothering me it’s fine. Maybe they can put some sort of restriction on cough medicine for younger people.  For older people who can think rationally, that’s their choice.”  Sahar Louk, a fourth-year economics major, feels along the same lines.  “I’m definitely against [using cough medicine to get high],” he said flatly.  “It’s so readily available to kids, really easy for them to get ahold of it and abuse it.  What’s worse is that it can even serve as a gateway drug.”  Indeed, the statistics suggest this could be true since children as young as 12 years old were included in the study.

“While increasing attention has been paid to the public health risk of prescription drug abuse, we also need to be aware of the growing dangers of misuse of over-the-counter cough and cold medications,” said Terry cline, SAMHSA agency administrator, “especially among young people.”  In a generation where there are now vending machines for clinical marijuana (under heavy guard, don’t get too excited), the taboo on drugs seems to slowly be dissipating.  Massive parties known as “raves” constitute mainly of hundreds of people congregating for a giant social smoothie of dancing, rolling on Ecstacy, and in most cases sex. Marijuana has become all but allowed by school policy on many college campuses.  While taking a hit from a joint will not turn you into a homicidal maniac as the old anti-drug commercials would have you believe, it’s important to keep the mantra of “Everything within moderation” in mind.

Where’s the line? When is enough enough? Is it smart to down a bottle of cold medicine to feel like shit for an hour and then feel like a walking orgasm for the next one? Is it worth the damage? Don’t let propaganda scare you away from new experiences and discoveries, but even more importantly, be careful not to lose yourself in those experiences and discoveries.  Our generation is- relatively- one of excessive tolerance, and it’s important even to tolerate within moderation.


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  1. The last quote is one of the strongest quotes I have ever read. It transends this story. Your writing style interests me. Email me. Id love to shoot ideas off you.

  2. Idk what u guys are talking about….dxm is the greatest ever. Its super healthy and it makes u smarter. Anyone with any sense knows that pharmaceutical drugs are safe bc our govt tests the stuff to make sure we are safe bc they genuinely care about the ppl’s well being

    • Your fucking retarded you can overdose on dxm, I donr see how its safe if you can die from just a bottle

    • The username Bob obviously had no idea what he is talking about as a berry experienced user of dxm (dextromethorphan) I have taken as many as three whole bottles and soon to be 4 in just one sitting the only way one solle bottle can kill a user is if they are curently using medication that reacts badly with dextromethorphan or it contain other ingredients in the couch syrup other than dxm to overdose on dxm you would need to take aproxamatley 1,300mg possibly less if your really light weight but I’ve heard of somoen takeing as much as 1,800mg or even over 2000mg however I would not recommend doseing over 1,200mg of dextromethorphan in one sitting robo is fun and i do it all the time. Sincerely a robo tripper

  3. What an ignorant lot. There are huuuuge differences between natural plants growing from earth and the bullshit pharmachemical companies make. But you really can’t teach people anything. You can take horses to water… And when it’s their kids in the future, it would be interesting for them to see what they posted here. I don’t know how everyone thinks everything is harmless. Guess they haven’t experienced the joy of finding someone on the floor with their eyes rolled back. Stay natural or stay dumb, your choice.

  4. I drink lean everyday it makes you feel awesome and dos not harm me

    • Yo…I have benylin xtra strength DM and i am curious as to how many tsps one would need to take to get high? -nwc.bc.ndn

  5. The story of this guy who tried experimenting cough syrup at various doses might be informative.

  6. online rx no prescription xanax – xanax effects with drinking

  7. the illuminati are legalizing marijuana to stupefy the future of the united states and make it easier for them to take control

    • Shut the fuck up you ignorant piece of shit there’s tons of people who smoke pot and are smarter then most people who don’t smoke. Do your homework before you blurt out some bullshit

    • No way it’s the other way around. ILLUMINATING people is not making them stupid or keeping them in the dark you pussy.

    • We need more people to be bright and knowledgeable now then ever. You’re an idiot of you try to live your life in the dark.


  9. We just recently had to take in the 5 yo child of a homeless man that likes to robo-trip. Up until I met this 28 yo man I had never heard of this. He told me he used to robo-trip but he had it under control and was only concerned about his daughter. After he had stayed with us for a few days I noticed he was acting strange and his eyes were dialated. Then one day while driving to the store with he and his daughter he jumped out of the car in heavy traffic and was trying to pull his daughter out into traffic with him. I panicked and drove off with the child safe in the car but screaming from terror. Those of you defending this as safe are doing a huge dis-service to young people. I found out later this young man was picked up by the police for erratic behavior and taken to the hospital for the night. Once released he spent the night under an awning at a stripmall. I cannot allow him back in my home as I was afraid for my very life while he was tripping in my car, and am very thankful none of us especially the child were harmed. He told others that he saw horns on my head and believed he was in the car with the devil and had to get he and his daughter away. I asked him what would have happened if he had saw his daughter as some kind of demon and decideed he needed to hurt or kill her? He has been in the hospital 3 times since, and his family was told he is doing some significant brain damage, yet he refuses to stop. In the mean time his daughter wonders where her daddy is.

  10. I hate you close-minded assholes that actually think weed is bad for you… odds are you either have never tried it, tried it only a couple times and never gave it a real chance because you were biased… or you’re an alcoholic. Which is way worse on your body physically than reefer. I.e. reefer os bad for your lungs and that’s the only physical issue with it. It also makea people okay with being bored which depends on the person. How many people are killed in accidents from the driver being to high? None? Right. Alcohol? Hellas. Not to mention its way worse on your body. Robotrippin is not bad for you either except in some extreme cases when retards take waaay too much of it, then that’s on them. Its not the drugs fault you’re mentally disabled. I’m robotripping right now and I’m fine as you can tell. You close-minded sheep make me sick.

    • Hell yeahh bro your in the right all the way i smoke weed damn near every day and i pop robos ever other weekend

  11. My friends brother is laying in a hospital bed right now… he was robotrippin. He will most likely live… however the brain damage is expected to be extensive.
    Anyone that tells you this is safe is a MORON.

  12. I guess its kind of a funny coincidence that the last inspiration that helped me work up the courage to try this out was that very South Park episode. I syphoned the medicine off of my family bottle until I had a meaningful quantity of millileters in a personal bottle concealed. Then, nervously, i purchased another bottle from the local supermarket with no opposition and drank the combined volume, wincing throughout the entire repulsive tasks performance. I have a weak to non existant gag reflex luckily. The night was interesting, but i felt unsatisfied, so i did it 3 or so times more at varying doses with sensible measures in a controlled environment (in my room late at night) and was stumbling into stupid adolescent addiction. I actually might have become an addict if i hadn’t been busted at wallgreens by the lady at the counter. They put regulations on these kinds of medicines now. It was my first drug experience, and will most likely be my last. Now all i have to worry about is school and living a productive, happy life. Substances of all natures and effects have lost their mystery to me. If i am ever again to experiment, it will be during the bleak, desolate lonely moments of adulthood if ever there comes in my life a

  13. stoners live,
    stoners die,
    fuck the world so lets high,
    pots a plant it grows in the ground,
    if god didn’t want it, it wouldn’t be around.
    so for all you preppies that think your cool,
    fuck you stoners rule!!!!!

  14. I am 14, and, it seems, I have more sense than most people on here. How sad. I’ll pray for you guys that you get your lives together. Life is short, why spend it being stoned?

    • Because it feels good dumbass. Your only 14 you prolly haven’t even smoked yet and if you have your shit prolly was like 2$ a gram. Cheap ass shit. Smoke some dank ass weed then say its bad.?

    • You can take a fat cock up the ass i know more successful people who smoke pot then people who dont

  15. As a dabbler in neurochemistry, DXM in doses under 900mg isnt particularly dangerous unless you have an adverse reaction, which could occur and be as serious as with 30mg. most psychadelics, shrooms, marijuana, lsd, lsa, 2c family, mescaline etc. are also 100% non addictive and completely safe, as long as you havr a sober trip sitter. the pharmacodynamics of psychadelics (not true hallucinogens like ketamine and pcp, which cause dissociation).

    the only truly dangerous drugs are the ones that directly cause damage to your body, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates and benzodiazepines (which arent actually very dangerous either), and the like.

    DXM, being classified in the dissociative catagory, is only fully so at doses of 700mg+, which is an unbelievably high dose that should not be used for recreational purposes. at more common doses of 300-500mg, it will not cause lasting harm as long as one does not continue to use day after day, which in my experience, is noy something one would desire to do in the first place. most deatha associated with DXM use are from additives, such as acetaminophen, guafenisin, phenylephrine and other cough nedicines added to robotussin whoch result in locer damage, not from dxm, the psychoactive chemical present.

    please, be educated when talking about drugs

    • You’re not telling truth about this. You’re an idiot.

  16. Man I downed a whole bottle of Tussin last night, shit didnt do nothin, I even drank a beer and smoked mad pot. IDK what all u people are crying about, its a harmless drug unless you use medicines that have active ingredients other than DXM. Ive done every drug under the sun, and based on experience, smokin a cigarette is worse for you than Robotripping. So all u moms and paps out there thinkin your tryin to save someone just shut the fuck up, cause if you really wanna save the youth get us some fuckin jobs and change society. WE NEEED OUR FIX IN THIS SHITHOLE YOU LEFT FOR US

  17. You know you shouldnt talk crap when you dont even know about drug use. Robo trippin aint nothin. Iv done almost everything and lemme tell you, you should be glad if ur kids not on coke or meth or idk hurting people and jacking cars.
    And im sorry getting addicted to something is a choice not a sad instant thing u cant help if u do a drug. If u are smart and have self controll, you wont get addicted to anything. And to say otherrwise is just stupid. Its like blameing mcdonalds for you being obese, sorry honey if ur fat as hell u made urself that way (excludeing medical conditions) its stupidity like this that keeps murderers and rapeists on the streets cuz everyone is too caught up in the drug war. So then we have harmless potheads or trippers crowding the system while ur child is getting molested in a bathroom stall stall somehwere cuz ur too buisy worrying about them on enffin cough syrup. Wake up people!

  18. Please READ- Swim has read every comment above and please disregard mist everything u read. From the druggy side.. Yes. DXM is a fantastic chemical that if used responsibly (as in once every THREE months or so) probably won’t damage your body too much, but I am no doctor and there are very few(if any?) long term studies associated with the abuse of dxm. Anything over one shot is OVERDOSE. Swim use to down a bottle of syrup every month for 2 years and thought nothing of it. Now swim is experiencing chest pains, stomach discomfort,(possible ulcer, internal bleeding), shi*ing blood, and overall feels like he is an old man yet he’s only 18. Swim hopes he can recover, hasn’t touched the stuff in 3wks (took a 4month break b4 that) and is completely dedicated to never touching the stuff again. Don’t get me wrong, dxm is a magical trip (180mg [half a 4oz bottle] makes u feel like Ur on ecstacy, a full bottle is trippy to say the least and 2 bottles had swim tripping balls, seeing all sorts of crazy stuff, time distortions etc,) swim recommends if you MUST try dxm please be safe with it. For Ur first time drink a half a bottle and mix with some weed (weed makes the trip so much more intense and combats nausea) and if u like the trip, 2-3 months later try a full bottle with weed. But please, please, please SPACE YOUR TRIPS oUT by at least 2 months. Syrup is extremely hard on the kidneys, liver and stomach.. Honestly it’s hard on Ur whole body but 4 ounces of syrup spaced 3 months apart isnt gna kill ya. Dxm + weed is a fantastic experience (at least for swim) that swim recommend every1 try at least once. The thought pattern associated with ingesting 300-400mg of dxm is truly incredible, everything comes to life and well… Just try it out for urself if any of this interests u. But swim over did dxm. The trip is not like it used to be and the syrup is messing with swims health. (high blood pressure most notable bad side effect) this is y swim will never do dxm again. BUT 1 or 2 trips off dxm is life changing for the good. It changes the way u view the world and think. However anything more then 2 or 3 trips is not reccomended. It’s more of a one time thing to try and experience then GET OUT!! 2 or 3 bottles spaced over a year won’t damage u.. Ur body is a beast. Anything more then that tho and problems start to occur. Take swims advice and just never go down that path, it’s not worth it. What compelled swim to do syrup I’n the first place? Swim was depressed and had no access to other drugs and that is where swims addiction started. Wait until swiy can get some shrooms or acid.. Syrup is just a legal DANGEROUS alternative. Swim suggests to just stick to weed on the weekends to satisfy your “need to get high”
    Please don’t let drugs ruin Ur life. I’m not saying don’t do drugs, I’m saying don’t let do drugs do you. Be smart and realize anything foreign u put In Ur body damages it but in limited amounts your body can and will recover. Swim hopefully got out In time and only smokes weed occasionally, everything else just isn’t worth it. Ya u may get “fucked up” for a few hours but think about how “fucked up” Ur gna feel In 5 years when the drugs catch up to you. Thanks for reading and I hope I got through to at least one of you and changed some1 life. Peace to all and enjoy your life while you still can!

  19. hi!,I really like your writing so much! percentage we be in contact more about your article on AOL? I need a specialist on this house to solve my problem. Maybe that’s you! Taking a look ahead to look you.

  20. Its like you read my mind! You appear to grasp so much approximately this, like you wrote the ebook in it or something. I believe that you can do with a few p.c. to force the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

  21. im on “probation” do instead of screwing up my body ill wait 6 mos then smoke weed….. weed is the safest authough it may cause cancer

  22. if you have never used these drugs then why do you talk about it as if you have
    i have robotripped before and its a nice high but i prefer the high from weed more cuz its a lot more of a happy high but i dont do hard drugs like coke or angle dust cuz iv seen what those can do to people but these drugs dont make u crazy and rip peoples face off like angle dust so stop ripping on these drugs that arent making people kill people if you see pictures of someone ripping his face of from being high from dxm or thc please tell me id like to look them up for myself

  23. Robotripping is less harmful to your body than most other drugs, probably even marijuana. Don’t be stupid, only take DXM and nothing else, and you’ll trip and be fine. I enjoy robotripping to be honest, it’s a nice high without buying shitty drugs like PCP that could really mess you up. Just my humble opinion, but it doesn’t seem to be as much of a threat as everyone is making it out to be.

  24. Im Robotrippin BAlls Right Now, Just put my couch on the kitchen table

  25. So ya drugs, they are pretty much everywhere. I’m tripping on a bottle of dylsum right now…. prob the closest thing to DOC trip that you can get, I honestly would love to go back in the past and say no to the first drug i ever did because…. ive fucked up my life. even when you dont htink it will happen to you… it will bro… weed… its goood:) keep smoking it i believe it will bring us peace someday. da** im so F’d up.-kitty

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  27. I’ve smoked weed for about two years now. Never thought about couch syrup. That stuff just tastes horrible. XP.
    If your thinking about experimenting, id stick with herb at first. I mean it isn’t really bad, mellows you out, makes you happy. All the other things, well I wouldn’t say that you should stay away because I don’t see a whole lot of harm by just trying them once.
    Alright, time to smoke a bowlpack now.:)

  28. How many bottles does it take?

  29. id just like to say that i found this article quite amusing and appreciative like stated at the end while we wont turn into maniacs or anything of the sort just be smart about how much of what your putting in your body and of what and dont get so physically and psychologicaly addicted that you cant help yourself ive tried the shit before good expirience if i do say so myself i didnt even expirience a depressing stage i just felt like a walking orgasm the whole time but i only do that once maybe every 4 – 6 months depending on how my life is and where im at. this drug disassociates the part of your brain that controls your coughing from your brain the more you take the more vast the disassociation will spread into your brain be smart with how much you take and dont do it all the time or it will make you mental

  30. And to the idiot directly above my other comment….a drug is a a substance, natural or man-made, other than food, intended to affect the structure or function of the body. Dumbass

  31. Ok, to all of you idiots that are saying weed is not a gateway drug: it is. Gateway drug does not mean that you do it so much you get used to it so you must progress ti harder substances. AND just because you have used weed doesn’t mean you WILL go harder….however…..there is a direct link from NOT USING to snorting coke or using LSD. I have NEVER known a single person that used meth, coke, LSD, etc. that did not try/use weed first. That’s the correlation people. You have tried weed….it wasn’t so bad….why not try a little coke in your joint? Or just take half a hit of acid…..just to see what its like. Weed wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying… maybe this will be ok? Just to try….I will be ok. I can say no and be in control……right? Dumbasses. It’s not that you HAVE to try harder drugs, its just that it is that much easier to justify it to yourself. To put this into perspective….Just like one of the things that all modern day serial killers share is that they ALL abused, tortured and killed /petsanimals when they were younger. It was a stepping stone that just made the leap to killing humans more acceptable. Does it mean u are going to be some social deviant if u ever shot a bird with a bee bee gun? No. But to disregard the similarities in direct links would be as moronic as some of the above arguments.

  32. To the guy above me,
    1)Pot is not a drug, its an herb that grows in the ground.
    2)A drug is man made
    3)Yes you can get fucked up on Robitussin, its an OTC it has a compound in it that acts like acid if you fight to keep yourself awake.
    4)Read a fucking book

  33. Deer, you can’t fuck your body up on Robitussin (assuming one takes the necessary precautions). You clearly haven’t taken it before if you think the high is not worth it. Go do some real drugs? What are you referring to cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, pot? What makes 1 drug more ‘real’ than another drug. The fact that you enjoy 1 drug over another is your preference alone and doesn’t make your drug of choice any better than another person’s drug of choice.

  34. Robotripping or whatever the fuk its called sounds fucking lame. If ur going to fuk up ur body might as well get a high out of it that is worth it. Robotripping is just lame go do some real drugs. And allthese losers elling ppl drugs r bad for u. Yea we fukn knw we jst don’t give two flying fuks. Go let someone know whose actually gona care to hear this shit. Fucking people today…

    • Pussy. You couldnt handle 20 to 30 onces a day of robotussin moron.

  35. Fuck if u haven’t tried it w/e bye the way,pot has been proven non harmful it actually helps more than it damages,but going back on subject robotripping is fucking dumb you want to be a freaking addiction hunter go for it,but think how much do I have to drink.

  36. Skip doing something stupid like ‘robot ripping’ and just do some acid, expand your mind.

  37. PPL are ignorant says:
    Rather than ridiculing robitripping why don’t you tell ppl why its harmful to your body? Above the influence used to target marijuana in their campaign, but anyone who isn’t an ignorant f*ck blinded by the media and barbaric tests on monkeys knows that marijuana in moderation I not harmful to a fully developed brain. Is DXM any worse? Yea it’s sc*mmy to abuse cough medicine, but is is bad for your body? Address the real issue and don’t be one of those stupid f*cks that claims “anything that alters your mind is bad”. Really? Well take a look in the f*cking mirror cus alcohol kills millions if people each year and marijuana has never killed one

    Thank you someone who understands marijuana has never killed and it supposedly killing brain cells is also false it slows the activity of the cells until the high wears off.
    While alcohol causes cancer it kills brain cells cigarettes kill yet there legal it just doesnt make sense

  38. Rather than ridiculing robitripping why don’t you tell ppl why its harmful to your body? Above the influence used to target marijuana in their campaign, but anyone who isn’t an ignorant fuck blinded by the media and barbaric tests on monkeys knows that marijuana in moderation I not harmful to a fully developed brain. Is DXM any worse? Yea it’s scummy to abuse cough medicine, but is is bad for your body? Address the real issue and don’t be one of those stupid fucks that claims “anything that alters your mind is bad”. Really? Well take a look in the fucking mirror cus alcohol kills millions if people each year and marijuana has never killed one

  39. If everyone could just mind their own business and live their lives, there would be no discussion here.

    Oh and way to be on top of 20 year old news. Top notch journalism.


  41. Robo trippn is awesome. Im 30 and still do it on weekends. Still have an awesome job too. Oh wit I thought it woul ruin my life. Guess not. We win stuck up no drug users

  42. This article and thread are stupid and useless if its out there and it will fuck you up people are going to do it every drug and alcohol has something bad about it but if you do your research and dose up smartly like 99% of the time you’ll be fine so stop fucking preaching! will have all the info you need. Happy (and safe) tripping :)

  43. To hell with OTCs I have asthma so winter is my favorite time of year they tussinex my butt into a coma!I love it know when the sweats and nausea start to lay off for a few hours soon as I feel sleepy I start sipping again 10 years and counting not dead and I’m. An RN!

  44. I do tripple cs everyday theyre great fuck the syrup pop the pills less pukikng and a way better high so um yeah nothing wrong with experimentation but just a warning in a drug test they will show up as a false positive for opiates I just got fucked over that way today

  45. I took Robitussin 2 days ago myself for the first and only time. Made sure it was only DXM and took exactly the amount for my body weight. (Which conveniently is a full 4 oz bottle). It was pretty decent. It had me feeling laid back/euphoric and I started writing music on it. It is actually fairly safe despite what is being said by the ignorant people on this site. Assuming of course that a person does research into the drug first and learns how to take it safely (the people you hear getting sick or dieing from it clearly did not and probably listened to whatever their buddies told them or rather, they didn’t receive any info at all about it except that they ‘should try it’ or something silly like that). When an unprepared rock climber falls off a mountain and dies do you blame the mountain…?

  46. I took Robitussin 2 days ago myself for the first and only time. Made sure it was only DXM and took exactly the amount for my body weight. (Which conveniently is a full 4 oz bottle). It was pretty decent. It had me feeling laid back/euphoric and I started writing music on it. It is actually fairly safe despite what is being said by the ignorant people on this site. Assuming of course that a person does research into the drug first and learns how to take it safely (the people you hear getting sick or dieing from it clearly did not and probably listened to whatever their buddies told them or rather, they didn’t receive any info at all about it except that they ‘should try it’ or something silly like that). When an unprepared rock climber falls off a mountain and dies do you blame the mountain…?

  47. haha this was great amusement for the night :)

  48. ima high as fuck right now on weed but i robotrip alot

  49. All I have to say is I’m tired of the bullshit things people say no one does drugs to be cool…ok so you retards who act like your kids or you are so special because it was “peer pressure ” that got you to try it your lying…everyone makes their own choices so don’t blame it on someone else…their is only you/your kid to blame…and at least most people look for a safe way to get high instead of huffing sharpie or something…weed is the safest option. So understand before you hate and judge people for what they do. We all know your just rich looser trying to feel better by pointing out others problems that you don’t even understand.

  50. All drugs should be legal and everyone should mind their own business too many fucking people anyway STOP BREADING!!! Auto response = GFYS

  51. I think people need to mind their own business. If i wanna smoke pot then who the hell are you to call me adrug addict? Unless u are a Mormon then i suggest u all stfu. Damn hypocrites.

  52. very few people on this thread know what theyre talking about. quit being a bunch of vaginas does. but everyone else (that ive read) is either an ignorant propagandized goody goody who has no business telling anyone about drugs or a braindead fourteen year old getting high off expo markers. learn the facts people, dont talk about shit you dont know anything about. there is such thing as a middle ground.

  53. and do your research before you open your damn mouth. The facts are that people who are killed and/or injured from robotripping end up that way because they either took a medication that had an active ingredient in it besides the DXM, or they mixed it with another drug (such as alcohol, which I saw somewhere in the comments). You have to take a whole lot of DXM by itself in order to OD on it, but other drugs that it is often mixed with inside the cough medications dont take nearly as much to OD on and that is what people are dying from.

    I’m not going to sit here and list everything I know about DXM. My opinion: If you are interested in trying it don’t be stupid! Do your research, make sure you know what the hell you’re doing. Use it in moderation (wouldn’t do it more then once a month, personally), Don’t even try if you have a weak stomach. You WILL puke and if you spew too early you wont even trip afterwards, you will just feel a little buzzed. Like I said, just dont be dumb about it. If you think you can hold that vile stuff down give it a shot. Its a lot of fun.

  54. It’s interesting to read all these comments on how deadly all these drugs are.
    ‘only retards’ and people who try to be cool* do drugs.
    I’m about to start my last semester of high school and I’m graduating with my a’s and b’s
    I play sports and I’m in shape.
    My school is in the top 3% of schools (with high graduate rates)
    An I’m proud to say….. I like to smoke weed.
    My whole town is ranked as one of the top stoner towns,
    Nothin by good times here.
    smoking hasn’t killed anyone here, ( or anywhere else
    I know a large number of people who do more then just get high off marijuana
    The only thing bad that I got out of smoking was an angry father, bu he always pissed about something
    As far as cough medicine goes, I think it might be fun but I’m not gonna do it..
    Cough medicine does kill people but because some people can’t handle it or know how to use it.
    Taking drugs is like anything else, it can be fun but in most cases dangerous if you don’t know how to do it.

  55. (Shrouded mumbles arcane post necromancry)

    I also have an opinion. Cough syrup, provided it’s only DXM, is a fun, wierd and extremely wasteful use of time.

    More people should comment on this into the future……


  57. U guys are all over reacting. There’s shit in the world that will fuck is all up in one way or another. But instead of blogging about it y don’t we all just shut up and accePt it happens and that were not doin it or we are doing it. Ppl (father) sit behind ther screen nd flip out at ppl. It’s gonna happen always will always has nd it’s just our society.

  58. I have robo-tripped multiple times..smoke weed everyday and drink occasionally as does not mak a you dumber or make your brain soft or anything that these parents claim it does. Its fallacy of composition: its the person not the drugs. I scored a 35 on my ACT graduated with a 4.2 and have a full ride to the best school in ohio, just be responsible and dont mess up your life.

  59. This stuff is wild.

  60. I’m legitimately robo tripping right now, and a had a little bit of alcohol with it. I have a drug test Tuesday, and after not doing anything for a few weeks (besides drink a bit on the weekends), I just need something to calm my head. As I’m experiencing it, I can tell you I’ll probably not do it again. It is a little similar to tripping, and I feel really out of it. But it just seems sort of pointless. As a result of the medicine, I’m getting extremely lost in my comment. I guess my advice is to be safe and smart about what you do. If you can’t respect yourself enough to take care of yourself (which is perfectly acceptable in my opinion), please take other people’s feelings into consideration. Cheers.


  62. I would just like to say to pe
    ople do your research on drugs before you assume how terrible they all are. I don’t even use drugs but marijuana is harmless and LSD is one of the least toxic chemicals in the world. Look it up Harvard researches with it.

  63. Im getting really tired of listening to people say that weed and robotripping lead to violence or other crimes. It really doesnt. While your high on either of these you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy it. In moderation both of these can be safe drugs and completely fine to use. I agree damn near all other hard drugs are bad for you and cause minor to major problems. These two on the other hand are easy to quit and not harmful unless you take to much of the cough medicine, which obviously you need to keep to a max of a bottle for your liver. Basically to sum up, dont demonize things you truly dont know about.

  64. I say let college kids do all the drugs they want so long as they are not driving and putting others at risk. The stupid one are supposed to die. I’m so sick and tired of my tax dollars being spent to regulate the morons that society has decided it needs to protect.

    If you want to destroy your mind and body, go for it. One less mouth to feed and one less pathetic waste of life to deal with. Just don’t ask for help when you are on your deathbed – it’s your own damn fault.



  66. man this robotrippin bulls so sad, what THEY GONNA THINK OF NEXT ‘ HOMO TRIPPING!

  67. Yeah! Look at me i’m so cool I drink cough syrup to get high because I can’t get real drugs that are probably 1000x safer!

  68. I must admit i didnt even read much past this father guys statements but, this is one of the biggest string of idiotic and uneducated statements I have ever had the misfortune of stumbling across. Personally Im only really a fan of pot, and believe that some of the other drugs are bad for you and probably should be things to stay away from (Yes, i have researched them thoroughly, my opinions are based on facts and not stuff i pull out of my ass) i would never try, or use anything, drug or otherwise that i knew nothing about), however i also support peoples freedom to do to themselves as they wish. if it doesnt effect me and mine, why would i care? It is foolish to think that everyone should believe what you believe, justifying your opinion by saying “its bad because its wrong.” We all know there are idiots on the pro-drug side as well, but no more than against it. I also find it worth mentioning that most of you people who are of the opinion that everyone who uses drugs is doing it because they think its cool are total morons and absolute hypocrites, but you are all correct. drugs kill people, so do airplanes, and cars, and guns, and sometimes cans of tuna that are past there expiration date… and of course none of these deaths could be attributed to natural selection, like idk, some moron using any of them without knowing what they are doing. Any issue or “crime” attributed to any of these usually all comes down to people who have mental issues prior to use of substances. Why dont you all go educate yourselves and worry about your own damn problems instead of getting off on getting on everyone else like you are supreme judge and jury. Lets worry about real problems like the economy and the recent Rape of our bill of rights instead of the petty bullshit that doesnt affect you.

  69. No one has the right to tell others what to do. If someone chooses to do this its their desicion and no one else. Most (note: I’m not saying all) people are aware of the consequences from robotrippin so its their responsibility of what happens. People have motives for what they do so don’t interfer.

  70. lol sippin’ on some cough med right now.

  71. OMG, do you see whats occurring in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the demonstrations continue

  72. Someone tell me: how the hell could someone drink an entire bottle of Robitussin without vomiting? Stuff tastes so foul, I have to be hacking up my lungs to even think about taking any.

  73. This is the worst article i’ve ever read

  74. Real good visual appeal on this web site , I’d value it 10 10.

  75. Stupid article you are not describing the effects correctly at all, it is a dissociative drug similar in effect to ketamine and pcp.

  76. So, I tried robotripping last night on a whim for the first time with an experienced friend. I was a little hesitant because I’ve known people that make a regular habit out of it, and they are pretty fucking sad. But, I am also curious enough to want to try new altered states within reason. So we both took a full bottle of twenty generic tussin caps (just DXM, no liver killing acetaminophen or any other crap).

    The first half hour once it kicked in was terrible, I got intensely itchy all over and started burning up. But after that, I felt perfectly centered and at one with the universe. Played some fighting games while fucked up and felt a greater sense of control with the arcade stick than normal, like I was moving mentally with Chun Li rather than telling my hands to move in the proper sequences and trying to react properly. I just started owning my friend over and over again (we had redemption matches the next day and things were a little more balanced, which means either it buffed my performance a lot or really hindered his, which is more likely I suspect). We also discussed life, philosophy, the folly of addictions and judgementalism (lol irony), took in the sheer beauty of the full moon and night sky, and went to sleep after the come down feeling more at peace than we had in the last few months.

    tl:dr, It was a fun, enlightening experience and I’d do it again, though just as a once or twice a year thing (so…god…damn…ITCHY). It’s not technically dangerous (in the same class as PCP but not shown by research to have the same neurally degenerative effects), but it CAN be if you don’t do your research in advance and take the wrong shit. But hey, if you’re gonna jump head first in a creek without testing the depth first, that’s really your own stupid fault, isn’t it?

  77. smoke weed pop pills snort dust inject liquids and eat mushrooms who gives a fuck

  78. Baha, robotrippin as we speek. first time. and LOVIN IT!

  79. U got that right straight trippin

  80. Fuck all da hataz nigga.. We gunna do us n they can do them. Stay high niggas

  81. Wow! To the one who said you cant die from drugs and why wouldsomeone give them to you if it could kill you..are you a total moron? Ppl die every fucking day from stupid dumb fucks who say that that have never done any of this and someone new enters there life with experiences who sells this shit to them. You are the kind of person whoget ppl involved with it. Im all for tripping out on shit but dont sell ppl the lie that cocain and meth wont hurt you because I infact know thar it does just that, it tears ppls families apart. But if you truely think that it wont hurt anyone, I am here to tell you that it does.and if u think it cant harm you then you must also think that the tooth fairy and santa are real, which they infact are not. You need to get your facts straight

  82. so i used to robotrip about 2 times a week. id do it to have fun. i never had any long term effects, i just feel more aware of life. anyways the first times i robotripped i would feel like shit for an hour then it would kick in so amazing! after robotripping more those side effects go away and all you feel is the positive effects. one time i did too much tough and i felt out of reality the next day, like everything looks fake. its so weird. but everyone should try it, its great

  83. Guess what? Weed Isn’t a gateway drug. It was thought to be one but now isn’t! Check the facts online

  84. I am coming down from them right now. This is the third time I’ve ever robo-tripped. The first time, while I was tripping, I was told that Triple C’s were the base of meth. I’m pretty sure they’re not because I researched afterwards and didn’t see anything about it, but if anyone can tell me otherwise, let me know. Anyway, I was also told that every time you take them, you expose yourself to the risk of being stuck like that. Of course, I was told all of this after I had already taken them. I didn’t have a bad trip. There were points in it where I was bored, a little. The next day after I researched DMX, I was asked if I wanted to do it again. I said, “Sure,” like a dumbass. That day, I was tripping balls and I got myself into a situation where I had to drive. DO NOT DRIVE ON DXM. It’s not a good idea. At least it wasn’t for me. After those two days of tripping, I couldn’t sleep for weeks. I kept being woken up by nightmares and could never go back to sleep. It’s been a while since all of that, and I was telling my friend about it, but I guess I had forgotten most of the bad stuff. She told me she wanted to try it so I did it with her tonight. I went to sleep last night and in my dreams, all I could hear was myself yelling (hopefully in my head) “I just want to go back.” I do not recommend this drug. It has long term effects. Since the first time I took them, I haven’t been the same.

  85. to anonymous: marijuana is safe

  86. I’m a teen and i tried this robotripping, it’s awful guys gives u a bad headache after and then you just want more stick with real booze

  87. To the girl who tried acid
    I would not do acid
    You think acid is gone from your body but actually its going to be in your head till you die. The feeling u get when u tried acid, you can have it at any moment. Ill jus stick to weed.

  88. If you throw up a lot you probably took the wrong one. It’s not just just ANY robitussin. You don’t want to take one with guaifenesin in it, you will throw up a lot. If you take one with acetaminophen you might die. You want *just* dextromethorphan, jees kids do your research before potentially causing permanent damage.

  89. The automatic presumption that there is something ‘wrong’ with getting high is idiotic. From bacon to caffeine almost EVERYTHING is a mind altering substance. Don’t tell me you don’t feel different when you’re hungry and eat a big bowl of cornflakes. People have been getting high as long as we’ve known how to. Yeah, some people do stupid shit. Well, that’s their problem. The fact is that life is boring and drugs make it more fun. Don’t like it, then fuck you.

  90. I robotripped last night. Worst experience on drugs ever. It is the equivalent of someone breaking your spine and drinking out the marrow. I wanted to die. Don’t do it yo lolol. You’ll throw up boatloads.

  91. I fricken robotripped last night and I wanted to die. Don’t do it yo. Its the equivalent of someone breaking your spine and drinking out your marrow.

  92. ok i’ve used it u people wanna sit and bitch cuz someone is trying to warn u sorry asses ok think it this way if your friend eats rat poison and says here take this u’ll feel great will u do it if not then u are the 1.5% of people who uses there brains if u say yes ur retarted i was the retarted 1 when it came to dxm i tried it 1 time then it became an every day thing that lasted me almost 4 months in the end the very last 2 trips i had i almost died because i had reached my limit yeah doing it is bad no you shouldnt do it u know why because there are so many better drugs out there like pot or the ocasional drink if u wanna fuck up now do dex if u dont die u’ll shure ass hell od and end up like a good friend of mine in foster care for it……….. this is what being stupid gets u no where just think about it the next time someone recomends it hey kids wanna little rat poison???

  93. I just took 1/2 a bottle of liquid Tylenol couch medicine, waiting 4 the great high feeling… this is my first time trying it, how good does it make you feel? like Percocet or vicoden?

  94. I see many people implying that the main reason people use substances is to be ‘cool’ or to ‘fit in.’ The main motivation for me and those around me that do choose to partake (about 1/4 users compared to 3/4 abstainers) do so for the feelings and hallucinations that they produce.
    Another comment I see a lot here are along the lines of “Look , drugs made you type like an uneducated incompetent.”
    Protip: The majority of kids on the internet have attention spans so low that they don’t care to use proper grammar and punctuation. It’s not necessarily the drugs. You’re concluding causation without any solid evidence.
    As long as people do their research before tripping, coupled with a healthy dose of common sense and an open mind, there’s no reason that one shouldn’t experiment with substances.

  95. I’m 16 and have done acid, morphine, oxys, perks, vikes, zanex bars. Ritalin. Adderal.. The great gift called ganja:) fuck I prolly done more but icant remember xD but I got good grades and I’m just fine. Maybe a lil fucked up in the head but everyones a lil crazy. Drugs make you healthier. Noe I’m gonna try Robotripping and soon mushrooms. It’s all good everyone needs to chilll

  96. Listen kids, marijuana is healthy. But why smoke pot? If you really want to be cool, try cocaine. The only side effects are that it wears off. You CANNOT die from any drug? Why would someone give you something that you could die off of? Trust me, do drugs and be happy. All the cool kids are doing it. And why do you think its called HIGH school. Just smoke some weed, trip on acid and snort some coke. You’ll be fine.

  97. It takes a certain person to be able to deal with drugs and be functional in the real world. My life was so messed up drugs helped me deal with my problems but i also had the drive and motivation to make something of myself. I make way more the the average person does im a loving father and guess what people who say drugs are bad? I was high most of my life after 16. I mostly smoked weed but i did a little of everything along the way. No meth or needles or lsd, but pretty much everything else. Drugs are fine in moderation. And for some of the uptight people on this blog maybe you should try to get high every now and then and open your mind hahahaha. Too many close minded people in the world

  98. well drugs are not all bad. For instance weed is good for ones soul. It makes you feel good, it relieves pain, physical and mental, and contrary to popular beliefs many studies done by american government have shown that their are no long term affect of weed smoking besides small lung damage, much smaller than that of a cigarette. It doesnt make you dumb or lazy, but it makes you satisfied which if not handled properly can lead to laziness but does not have to be. other drugs like lsd, and shrooms are not to be fucked around with, I think its fine to use them as long as one is cautious and safe about it. Just dont be stupid. robo tripping id damn right stupid and it shouldnt be done. Ive done it once and wont do it again im glad to be alive still. its stupid and im ashamed to have done it but some drugs are important and can lead to a great enlightenment

  99. Drugs have been around and will always be around drugs like meth crack heroin and X I say no go dont even try its not worth it that shit fries your brain and body in ways you cannot even imagine yet look it up before you try it. robo tripping is also very dumb believe it or not it rots your brain very fast and will litterealy put holes in your brain I had a friend have his throat slit bye a guy who robo tripped alot and didnt have the brain functions to realise what was going on and they said he was mentally handicapped and didnt have the ability to know what he was doing. I smoke pot and I drink do I think its cool or right no but its what I do and I enjoy it as long as I can keep control

  100. To above, people have died from it you moron, and to say that it’s cool is to undermine what parents are trying to do. I’m not going to bother refuting the drivel your “expertise” has smeared across the page, what I would suggest however is that you come down out of your drug haze and pull your head out of your anus, maybe get an education in biochemistry and learn the truth, prat.

  101. I’ve gotten high off the dextro-methorphan in Cough syrup, educated guess, well over 100 times. Everything I say is from my experiences and not something I read from Wikipedia. I’m here because I was looking for the effects of DM and all I could find is ignorant people posting articles from another source who have no idea on it.

    I never had a depressed hour after side when drinking cough syrup besides the horrible taste of it and trying to keep it down without puking. That’s really the hardest part. If you are going to say that you can get addicted. Try drinking a bottle of it and come back and tell me. The hardest part is putting it down and keeping it there.

    The high is not a high like drinking alcohol or smoking weed. As we always put it, a brain buzz. It does not effect motor skills. Its like a roller coaster. You feel really amazing like a soul orgasm then it levels back out to normal, non-high. This will occur every 5 – 30 mins the intervals being 75% great feeling, 20% orgasmic and 5% back to non-high. The way we all described it being was like having the best day of your life. You could tell it was the chemicals in your brain, but its similar to achieving your life’s goal. We felt a great sense of accomplishment but for no particular reason. We would also have the deepest talks about religion and politics for hours throughout the night, sleep for an hour and feel like a million bucks the next day. For some reason I felt like we were really smart, accessing more of our brain in ways like being psychic and “your third eye was opened”. I cannot say if that is true or not because I never wrote anything down as notes.

    The immediate down sides weren’t really that bad. I had a really bad bout of diarrhea about 1-2 hours after consumption, then was fine. Also you get bad cotton mouth. I could not sleep for the life of me because when you attempt to, you’re imagination becomes reality. It feels like your brain is working at 500% and your thoughts begin to become viewable objects and eventually like you are dreaming while awake, mixing the truth with fantasy. My problem was I always felt like I was trying to define everything and everything was new again and I had to re-categorize even the simplest of things. After 4-6 hours you will eventually fall asleep.

    My final note to parents concerned about their children doing this is that you need to worry about your parenting skills and not the drug store that sells it. That’s if you actually can let your pride down and give “2 shits” about your children. Cough Syrup makes you feel like you are having the best day you of you life. I would compare those days to being at the park with my friends, going fishing with my dad and landing the big fish, and even learning how to ride my bike without training wheels. Parents need to challenge their children and give them goals. I know people addicted to heroin, none of which I drank cough syrup with so I don’t believe it is a “gateway drug”. Its like saying guns kill, but with no operator, how does it kill? This is similar to the problem doesn’t exist in the substance, it exists in the person life regardless. Try it for yourself. Usually half a bottle 4-6oz with your significant other and you will see what you are up against.

  102. If you’re gonna robotrip, do it when you’re actually sick. That way, it’s socially acceptable to be high as shit off the stuff and plus, if you’re that sick, you’re not going anywhere or doing anything important anyway. That being said as someone who once accidentally robotripped, I don’t see the appeal. It’s kinda entertaining, but it seriously makes you straight stupid.

  103. word open minded

  104. i wish that people would stop being closed minded about stuff.

    I have smoked weed since my freshman year of high school and am now finishing my first year of college. I have been on the honor role and kept my grades around A’s and B’s. 4 years of smoking weed hasn’t made me retarded or a burnout.
    Alcohol is more dangerous than weed. It kills people. If you drink enough of it it will kill you on the spot. People get killed by people driving drunk,
    Ever heard of an overdose on marijuana?
    Didn’t think so.
    And fuck that shit that its a gateway drug. I have never done anything except for weed. I never had any desire to and even when i was offered the “harder” drugs (like heroin or cocain) I was sane enough even when high to refuse.

  105. fuck the following:Clean, Concerned Mom, BPC and especially father whos tryin to publish a mothafuckin novel over here. SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY AND DRIVE HIGH I DONT GIVE A FUCK

  106. Okay now listen, I know all of you parents are worried for you children, BUT…. you’re being very judge mental on this subject not all “stoners” are retards, maybe, just maybe, some people like myself use it to unwind at the end of a hard week at work. But I do agree to a certain extent on this subject, some kids (and adults) abuse drugs, I have done DXM with one of my colleges, we meditated, and just thought about life. We both gained something out of this experience. I do not recommend doing DMT unless you just want to “trip”. but parents maybe your kids are mature, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all of them certainly not, but maybe your kids understand what they’re doing and sometimes you must let it go, now as far as cough syrup goes, I do not recommend it unless you have done the proper research! Once you have done this it is now your choice to do it don’t do it to be “cool” never do anything to be “cool” I started smoking marijuana when I was 15 just once a month I am now 26 have a great job and I’m not a mindless idiot. Now parents watch your kids and do not let them slip up, but don’t hate anything until you tried it or done actual research not look at the first bad thing and be like “Oooh that must be true because its bad!” No your just being an ignorant ass. But to my fellow successful stoners SMOKE ON!

  107. you are all dumb assholes. there is no safe drug

  108. People are gonna do what They want anyways, idk if parents preaching on this site Is gonna help shit. focus on your kids problems, not others. Nuff said

  109. fuck you

  110. damn yo ppl gota chill drugs are nothin just because a drug has a side effect, or could damage the brain or could kill you doesnt mean it will its all about tolerance to diff things. if its ur first time tryin something u gota reserch it first to know how much you should do. Iv done every drug i can think of…damn near anything thatd get u all but crack meth inhalents cigeretts or injecting shit thoes r the ones that have zero purpous. im not depressed or addicted i just enjoy differant experiances the body and mind are capable of amazing things with some enhancement. I feel confident sayin theses drugs didnt really effect me besides for my memorie other then that im very helthy. drugs are just somthing to do with friends for some ppl just like going to a movie or somthing like that is for others dnt knock it just because some ppl WAY over do it. Thats there own retarded fault. Drugs dnt kill you if you know ur limits and are able to main tain ur self control. Just be safe an reserch if ur doin somthing new

  111. DUM EXPERIENCE, yeah, ok, we’re all assholes because we don’t fuck our brains on drugs, while all you `clever` trippers are so perfect, dickhead!

  112. yall are all assholes. except for my fellow trippers. but when i robotrip, i take 20 mucinex maximum strength pills. they have 60 mg of dex in each pill. you havent tripped until you’ve reached the 4th plateau :)

  113. well, while many of you think that robotripping is safe, you may wanna think again. i have a very close friend who was on a permanent robotrip.. if the person robotripping isn’t in a good mental position, that could potentially become a very bad trip. she ended up in a mental institution. you lose track of reality. things become so different and, at times, quite frightening. please just be careful, guys. stick to greeeeeen. ;)

  114. Im scared to see what all the squares will say about my mental retardation…most people that hate on drugs haven’t tried them Im feel fine and I’ve used almost every drug though of and i have a job a hous..

  115. Im robotrippin

    Its fon to due!

  116. i robotrips. is so fun! i like a swimming and then yes yes. when is it to go with me to robo? M-O-O-N that spells robo!

  117. this will give you the worse high ever. you’re practically going to be begging for it to be over. badbadbadbad trip. really, don’t do it. spend a little more money and get something that you’ll actually enjoy using.

  118. d00d this is the worst ever trip. I didn’t want to do it, I was just sick, ok? Minding my own business and took some, then took a bath, and when I got out I was still coughing, enough to make me vomit, so I took some more in hopes of no longer coughing… An hour later? I was hallcinating and seeing my body on the floor and I was dead.. etc etc etc.. a million things happening at one time.. I can say that I’ve never done any kind of street drug, but if this is what they’re like? I never wanna try one… it’s the sickest ever feeling, and if you think it is ok and not harmful, you’re fried. This one time has cured me for a lifetime, and i WAS NOT seeking an “experience” I was trying to stop coughing… That’s it. BAD BAD BAD experience… in the WORST way. You saw things, you heard things, you fall right out of your body and you see yourself dead. BAD BAD feeling. And 5 hours later? You’re STILL coughing and you STILL feel like shit.

  119. So I just read all the comments on here, and….wow! What a huge range of opinions. I’ve been doing drugs for years, have done years of research on drugs, and only have a few points of advice for anyone thinking of trying hallucinogens.

    1. is your best friend and will save your life. You want to read up as much dosage info and experience reports as possible before trying anything, it’ll save your ass in the short term and give you more peace of mind while tripping so it doesn’t go bad.

    2. While Erowid provides great information about avoiding short-term consequences of drug use, it doesn’t address long-term dangers very well. Best to not make anything a regular habit.

    3. If you’re gonna trip, don’t use cough syrup. It’s a neurotoxic dissociative that can cause Olney’s lesions(aka brain damage), you can’t remember most of the trip, and it’s not worthwhile overall. Better to use something natural and less toxic like mescaline or DMT and have a more fulfilling trip with little risk of addiction and a chance of actually having a legitimate spiritual experience that you can make sense of and integrate into your everyday life, if that’s your goal.

    4. Hallucinogens aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re not open and ready for an earth-shattering and life changing experience, If you’re afraid confronting your mortality, forget about it.

    Now all you parents and drug haters, come on and tell me how horrible of a person I am.

  120. you dont get drugtested for cough syrup because dxm is almost imossibe to text for unless u spinal tap someone which is illegal in almost all of the united states btut it does bake ur brain lol

  121. Down a bottle of Robotussin Gel Caps. There are 15 mg of DXM in each, and 20 gel caps in the bottle, equating to a dosage of 300 mg (right in the middle between a common and a strong dosage). It takes over 2500 milligrams to overdose, so don’t even worry about that. It only costs 5 dollars and is available at Wal-Marts and Meijers and some Krogers. It takes about 45 minutes to feel anything, but then you’ll be completely gone for about 4-5 hours. During those 4-5 hours I have an overwhelming sense of peace with the world, I experience music euphoria (MGMT), and it makes me more comfortable to talk to people I’m with about virtually anything. There is no crash, the DXM just makes its way through your body and you are left with a sense of calm and complete peace with life during the final hour or two. Its not addicting from what I can tell and all the research I’ve done. After I robotrip I typically don’t even feel the desire to do it again for at least a week, if not longer.


    Robotussin Gel Caps are the best way to robotrip. Very cheap, readily available, non-addictive, and long lasting. Not to mention completely legal to buy and possess. It doesn’t even make you feel poorly the next day.

  122. aight, im 16. i guess i would still be a considered a heavy pot smoker, but anyway last night i decided to quit smoking weed so i smoked a bunch and went and sold every weed-related thing i had. but my opinion on weed and drugs is: (and remember, everything i say is STRICTLY MY OPINION, so if what i say sounds like im saying it to degrade any of you in any way, i promise it wasnt meant that way. its your life and everyone has opinions, this is mine)

    weed: i love it. i really really do. it is NOT a gateway drug in the sense of that it makes you feel like you need to get higher so you want to try harder drugs but i do agree that its a gateway drug just because when you smoke weed, you have to get it from somewhere, a drug dealer, who most likely will try to sell you something else or want you to try something else (which happened in my case, i snorted X and coke with my pot-dealer) i think legalizing for medicinal purposes would help that cause, getting it from a state government funded outlet would eliminate the chance of getting it from some sketchy dealer who only cares about your money and not your well being. now as for weed being addictive or not, i personally believe it is and i think i was and still am addicted to it. i am actually on this site because i cant sleep because this is my first night not smoking weed and i was thinking about taking some robitussin to fall asleep and i was trying to do some research so I WOULDNT ROBOTRIP(i smoked weed every night to help me sleep, because i have insomnia but my mom doesnt want me messing with ambien or other sleeping pills)

    but im really trying to stop, at least until im older because your body is still changing and needs to develop properly as a teen.

    wtf, i typed way more then i meant, im sorry, but in conclusion
    i love weed, but im stopping for now because i think it is harmful for teens because there is a higher chance of misuse

    and all the druggies on this board, please dont verbally attack innocent people over the internet just because THEY DONT WANT YOU TO DIE. seriously thats fucking retarded. just please use responsibly cause it will fuck up your life.


  124. robos make me itch,, and burn up, lol but i love the feeling of it. i love drugs. :)

  125. well, honestly,, anything that gets me high is for me. i like weed, pills, robos, shrooms, x, etc.

  126. so ive been abusing cough n cold medicine since i was 13 years old i am now 18 i will be 19 in a couple months, its a bad addiction for me and for those of you sayin you like it good for you? ruin your life just like i did, one day you will learn once u pass your hard headed immature stages, it sucks, do you not know all of the damage it does to you? ive overdosed so many times takin up to 35 pills a time or drinkin 4 bottles of delsym! that shits not cool and i wish i never would have done it but if you havent please dont try it, its not worth running your body or life over

  127. Depends on what you got. I’m very much into tripping on almost anything. It’s a ordeal outside of my reality which Is something I love to explore.

    Don’t take and cough meds with acetroptimane( lol I hate that word but basically it’s tylenol)
    or any glufeline ( hate that word as well lol) it will make you puke and get you severly nauseated

    I suggest robo cough capsules. 20 in a bottle and 15 mg per pill and no other active ingredients.
    Don’t risk it for a robo trip. I know psychedelics can be hard to find bu go without for a while unless you have stuff with dxm as the main ingredient.
    You are young so you can take in less dxm to get high but… Even less acetroptimane.. ( tylenol stuff)

  128. so uhh im 15 whats a good amount to take for a first time?

    im bored out of my mind stuck at home with no weed.cant get out either, this is pretty much my only choice. so how much would be “safe” and enough for a good time?

  129. A lot of you guys are attacking the people that are trying to help you stay alive like father and people like him. They are just there to try to make a difference and stop people from killing themselves. You can go out and not do drugs and have a good time. If you can’t go out and not do drugs without your friends getting mad at you then are they really your friends? If you do it by yourself then that is just sad but don’t take out your misfortune on people trying to help you. That is all.

  130. you shouldn’t do drugs, ESPECIALLY pyscadelic drugs, to ‘be cool’.
    Its a very insightful experience, my cousin OD’d last year and i never got to say goodbye since it happened so suddenly, but while on my last acid trip i came in contact with him, ever since ive been at peace with the fact that hes dead (was only 18)
    im sure all you anti-drug people out there are gonna say that an experience like that is proof of how dangerous drugs are…not true, made my life so much better.

    robo-tripping is a very dirty high/trip and more dissociative than psychedelic .


  131. You kids out there, please know one thing – your parents love you and if something was to happen to you it would crush them.

  132. im coming down……..dam

  133. but i was really icthy and dont know why
    still trippin

  134. woah jus havin my first robo trip and ……..dude im tweekin

  135. Drugstar, we only have your word for your claims, but even allowing that it’s all true, just consider how much better your abilities would be if not impaired?
    Better Living Thru Chemistry, lots of things sound cool, doesn’t mean they are. Don’t claim to know what’s best for everyone, but if you would like to do the opposite of what I say then here you go, I say the best thing for everyone is not to stand in a vat of molten metal. Have a nice day. :)

  136. robotrippin? sounds cool. and for all the people out there who think they know what’s best for everyone else… shut-up.

  137. so i do drugs smoking and drinkingggg for three years now im still doing great in school all A’s and im on varsity track and footballl….?

  138. Lol, didn’t mention weed, but do have a neighbour whose son is completely fried as a result of having mental problems and who used to do weed heavily, so for those with mental problems weed can do a lot of damage. The parent comment is moronic as you clearly forget that “parents” start out by being kids as well, duh. Statement about being false in reality, you really need to check out medical facts before you make silly comments, and last of all, the car exhaust comment was sarcasm you dolt.
    P.S. Just so you can get one thing right, car exhaust fumes are not carbon dioxide, they’re carbon monoxide. :)

  139. @ LOL – actually marijuana can induce psychosis. It happened to my friend, he was hearing voices and tried to kill his brother. And Schizophrenia doesn’t just go away, it’s there for life. There are numerous scientific papers published on this. Here is a link to a story in the London times, a really reputable paper. Please read it:

    And here is a page from with a bunch more links for articles down the bottom of the page.

  140. Unjudgemental human had some judgements. Drugs are inherently ‘bad’ because we call them drugs. However the creativity and mental activity that is stimulated through the use of real psychedelics is scientifically fascinating. Now none of you parents will ever understand this as you are “programmed to receive” ( thank you eagles ), but know that your opinion/s – while good in nature, are false in reality. I totally agree that robotripping is bad ( having done it as a kid )… but slamming marijuana? What is it that’s caused such a harsh opinion? Has it ever hurt someone? And whoever said ppl on weed rob banks- uhm, I think u meant crystal nething or heroin. And the car exhaust comment was completely retarded, if ur going to slam someone for drug use , use a real drug and not CO2 vapors

  141. Ungudgemental human, just so i’ve got this right, you’re saying that if we stick drugs in our bodies, we’re clever individuals, but if we don’t, then we must all automatically be boring, t.v watching, fat eating, worker drones? Ooookayyyy, you don’t visit the real world very often do you.
    News Flash, you’re an idiot, now go suck a car exhaust.
    Oh, and have a nice day :)

    P.S. I assume your name was mean’t to be “unJudgemental human”, or maybe “unintelligent”

  142. Tim Leary is dead you moron

  143. all these people against drugs “oh its bad for you,your a retard” are boring ass everyday “work for the system” people,who are borign as fuck,HEY continue to eat all the fat processed food in america,get fat,couse we all know THAT is oh so healthy for you,watch the dumb ass shows,GO to your slave job and be shut off from the lil bits of happiness that we as humans get from life,if youve never been in a trip,then shut the fuck up,you dont know what its like,if you were to tripp,youd wake up the next morning going “why did i never do this before?”

  144. ok i have smoked pot for about a year now and i dont want a stronger drug i dont drink or smoke cigs never have took another drug in my life i have an amazing job get payed well nothing is wrong with me

  145. Yo dawg i be robotripppiinnnn shhhhiiiitttttttttttt dis shit iz gooood

  146. I read through a decent chunk of comments on here, and wow. Parents and concerned posters, I’m not sure you’re aware of how much reupdiated 1930s anti-drug propaganda you’re using to formulate your arguments.

    To the people citing erroneous statistics or still clinging to the notion that cannabis is a gateway drug, I would like to direct you to It is a non-profit compendium of information pertaining to all psychoactive substances known to man. It makes a solid attempt at to collecting completely unbiased information about each psychoactive. I’m not saying it is an infallible source of information and that you should take it all as fact; I’m merely suggesting you do your own research and dig a little deeper into the issue than what the government and the media shares with you before forming aggressive arguments towards others in a public forum.

    There is another point I’d like to bring up. I’m sorry, parents, but many of your judgements and opinions are tinged with a bias born inherently out of your parental instincts and thus allow them to become clouded with irrationality and fear.

  147. The only thing I remember when I was a kid was taking nightquil.

  148. SIPPA ‘N’ SMUKKA, with all due respect your knowledge base is a little short on facts and experience, perhaps when you have more of both you might want to reconsider, until then enjoy slow, or potentially fast, brain death.

  149. Hey, im 17 years old, ive tried quite a few drugs seen as ive been doing them since i was about 11 and i may not know quite as much as “time traveler” but cough syrup is not that big of a deal. its a big deal if your out there rippin meth everyday or droppin acid. but its just cough syrup. and weed is just heavanly to me.


  150. im 24 and robotripped when i was 14 or 15 for about a year straight what seems perfectly safe and fine to do isnt.. the dxm actually eats small holes in your brain tissue so if u want to lose some of your brain function be my guest but it also leads to chemical inbalance in your brains which lead to depression i think most teens experiment with it due to availibility but what they dont relieze is the long term affects is has on you before you decide if u want to experiment with anything you should research all facts about it then decide my personal opinion is in the long run its not worth it



  152. im gonna stick to weed. new experiments show that weed helps brain cells grow and that it helps protect your body against cancer. Cough medicine is disgusting but i dont view people who use it as inferior. We are all the same right? Peace and Pot

  153. how can you people keep drinking any can of cough sy. my son is 24 been doing this since he was 17 years old he has tried to stop but seems he cant he has been in rehab and jail so many times over this stuff. It is so very dangerous it does so much damages to your body and brain just please stop now. He had such a future he wanted to be a teacher and had his collage payed in full but he had other ideas like robotripping and drinking. i just wish all stores would put all of these cough sy. and cough pills behind the counter, and they do test for this and it comes up as pcp. I know it happened to my son when he had to be tested. Dont be stuiped QUIT NOW before it is to late it well kill you, or be where my son is now rehab and maybe facing jail time. Just think before you do it PLEASE.

  154. oh and jumping over camp fires sounds a bit dangerous LOL

  155. so i’m a bit confused. how i found this page anyway. maybe i googled ‘dxm’ is awesome is everyone here from the UK? i’m robotripping now. and taking like 4 other prescriptions and 8 ibuprofen. i’m having a nice experience but i you can not drive and i’m certain it’s not good for you. obviously. my exp. is diff than everyone elses. we all have diff. body chemistry. so if you’re a kid and you go drink a bottle of something… you’ll probably throw up or die. when you are younger your metabolism is different and you are smaller right. there’s also just like infinite amount of variables in dxm use. is the person depressed? is the person on other drugs or prescription drugs and how much did they eat, what the body mass is and even with all of that, each person reacts differently and to those who enjoy it and are safe somehow, not everytime will be safe. the body isn’t the same everytime.

    i made the choice to use dxm after reading a lot about it and i know that it’s bad for me and i use it once or twice a month or less and i know it’s effects on me. DO NOT DRIVE. stay home with a friend or something at night. don’t go out.

    and if you must take it, take the bottle that contains ONLY dextromethorphan HBR as the active ingrediant. take it with a tall glass of milk and 2 slices of bread. if you’re a little kid, it’s too much at all to take and not great of a high so you should not be doing this. there are also complications with anti-histamines and anti-depressants and mental states, cardiac arrythmias (sp) at some doses.

    i’m at an age though i can make these decisions, think what you may, everyone is different in this world, so some won’t agree obviously.

    i know for me even after taking precautions i will feel very depressed and have anxiety quite bad usually 2 days after the night i took it. sometimes sooner. it’s interrupting natural chemicals neurotransmitters and this is not good. i know.

    so i have no kids. i can say nobody else do this but me. it’s hypocritical, but it’s human. i haven’t heard of people dying from it, but i’m sure hospitals and nurses know more about stories of people having serotonin syndrome which even if you don’t die from, is very scary and very unpleasant to say the least and you think you are dying.

    it would be nice if we could lock all the stuff away and nobody would hurt themselves in the whole world right. but that isn’t reality. so you must have knowledge. abusing drugs can go down a bad path. i’ve been down it with prescription drugs. sometimes i think maybe people or even myself do it to play with fire, perhaps they do feel as if they’re done with the world. so, why not? :)

    but i know i will wake up, my vitals are stable, i could die, but you could die crossing the street…but i know, why put yourself there.. it wraps my mind. or the concept that someone around the world will even read this.

    when i wake up (assuming so) i have to face the hang over type which is about 3 days for me. depression and anxiety for 3 days. so it’s shite. but i’ve chosen it.

    i just hope any kid can see it’s a bad cycle that goes on forever. few people can use any drug recreationally i think, maybe weed or lsd, but even liquor, we all think it’s a laugh writing on some poor mates face after he’s pissed drunk. wait i don’t live in the UK. wish i did, though. i want the accent. and usa isn’t very great but full of people who think it is the best. i hate it.

    that’s another topic anyway. see what the dxm has done to me. but i love HOUSE can’t wait to see the show. sorry if someone died, my condolences. do more research on dXM. and wishing everyone love peace and a good day… i send it out to the universe for you peepz. and you can reply back all angry, but it’s useless. i doubt anyone will this anyway. cheers. peace.

  156. MAN, the problems lie in the fact that people have different metabolic rates, weight, addictive personalities, etc, so therefore it’s far more logical not to do it, after all you have people for example who do things like jumping over camp fires, you only have to trip once.

  157. i know robotripping is dangerous. But if you do it safely no one should control you. I do it once every 6 months and before i started i read up on it. I feel some drugs you should be able to use in moderation without being ridiculed. And as for when people were saying weed is a gateway drug, that is debatable. If you look up the statistics it would be alcohol and if you include all drugs it would probably be milk because of the drugs they give the cows or caffeine.

  158. I took dxm twice a week all one summer. Made me euphoric 24/7. But now I believe it also damaged my brain. Now I cannot ever get enough sleep. I am chronically drowsy.

  159. My sister, 24, died using this stuff in February. I hope you all realize the risks you are taking and how much it would hurt your families to lose you.

  160. i’m not even into half the bottle of tussin dm, tastes like sh!t that’s true yeah it’s 4:20 by my watch hell yeah “trip on my friends” it was hilarious buying this is rite aid a second ago. just reminded me of how messed up it all is… anyway, a friend just called, so my trip will get more interesting, love you all, safe trips.

  161. Robotripping: You Boys Wanna Go Die on Cough Medicine?

    Sorry, but I thought you could do with a little more accuracy in the title. :)

  162. robotripping has put me in the hospital 3times. i have a heart mummer from it. robotripping is not safe. it is probley one of the dumbest things ever. it kills your liver and kidneys. puts stress on your heart and maney other things. my heart rate was 158 when i was laying down for a number of hours. robotripping will kill you. and for all the people who think it doesnt show on piss tests it does it comes up as pcp if u drink enough of it. i have been on probation for 3years and have had it come up as pcp 4times. i have neaver even done pcp. it is also illegal you can be violated for it because the bottle says do not exced doeses.

  163. iknow a kid who took the lethal amount for a robo trip. he took i believe 5 or 6 bottles. and he became unresponsive for a long time. his eyes got really deep in the sockets, with big purple lines underneath. well all babysat him in a burger king where he just sat there sometimes never saying anything and sometimes he would say something that did not make any sense. he was like this for 5 hours. the day after he said he couldnt remember anything about what happened. do i have to ask if robotripping is worth it?

    sadly, robo is his favorite drug of choice, next to x. no one can stop this kid, he knows he is on a road to death.

  164. Robo-tripping is like playing Russian roullete with ALL BARRELS LOADED!
    I prefer a much safer and enjoyable way to get high, a machete to
    the groin, It has a 50% chance of making you sterlie and 50% of giving you a crazy orgasmic High.

  165. Robo-tripping is like playing Russian roullete with ALL BARRELS LOADED!

  166. Wow, That was a long comment. Maybe that was more like 3 cents. ;)

  167. I’d just like to throw in my two cents. It’s not my place to tell any of you what to do. However, I would like to advise all of you drug-curious teens to think before robotripping. Just because it’s not illegal doesn’t mean it’s safe. In my opinion marijuana is the safest drug. In my opinion it is far less dangerous than alcohol. Think about it: everyone knows an angry drunk. But when was the last time you heard of a hippie parent beating their child? Exactly. Also, alcohol impairs your judgement and tends to make you make stupid choices. This is incredibly dangerous. Marijuana, on the other hand, just calms you down and makes you content. Rather that going out and doing stupid things like you do when your drink, you want to just stare at the sky and think about the universe and/or god. Marijuana is still quite dangerous due to it’s gateway effect but it is not impossible to resist the urge to try stronger, more dangerous drugs. I’m a teenager myself (only 14). So I know that right now is a time of exploration and self-discovery for all of us, but I encourage you all to discover safely. I smoke marijuana but I do not drink or shoot up and I certainly don’t robotrip. I choose to stay away from these thing because these are incredibly addictive. When people become addicted to hardcore drugs that drug becomes the most imporant thing in their life. This is not okay. Many of us don’t realize it but friends and family should be the our number one priority. They are the most amazing thing we will ever have. :) Dont take them for granted. I’m not encouraging my fellow teenagers to start smoking pot but I am suggesting it as an alternative to more dangerous drugs. Remember: Be Safe, Be responsible, But don’t forget to live life. :)

    ps: Please excuse any typo’s. As I said, I’m only 14.

  168. Hey
    one stop the hate
    if people robotripthats there choice
    there is no reason to throw bad noise at
    just let them be

    to all my fellow robotrippers
    all I can say is be safe,know yer limit and
    above all
    when you are trippig

    you’d better be listenig to music

    peace ^-^

  169. Wouldn’t “responsible” use mean follow the directions on the bottle, as in “use as directed.” Drinking it by the bottle is kind of like snorting your ADHD medication…….I don’t think it was tested or intended to use that way. Oh well, to each his/her own, and all that.

  170. As has been said above, everyone is different, therefore your claim to do it in a certain way is meaningless and irresponsible

  171. I think the worst thing about drug use is that it usually limits a person’s ability to have a loving and meaningful relationship with another person. You’ll never find peace of mind in a bottle or a baggie. If you can’t find it in the mirror, it isn’t worth a damn.

  172. Some people have addictive personalities that are naturally prone to addiction, also it’s impossible to specify a safe amount as peoples sizes and weights are so various including their metabolic rates, to say that it’s an extremely small percentage is foolish and completely without logic as their is no defining evidence to support your claim,as regards legalising pot and lowering the age for alcohol, you must be kidding, a person who is high on pot is just as dangerous as a drink driver, in regards alcohol if you were to collate the problem properly you would see it’s far more dangerous than tobacco which everyone pounds on about. The figures that were given re the alcohol v tobacco argument was 4% alcohol v 4.3% tobacco in relation to medical reporting, this figure is in fact false as they deliberately did not include acts of violence(IE. murder, rape, assault, etc), drink driving deaths, etc, if you were to include all that on to the alcohol side of the equation the alcohol side would be vastly increased(after all, how many people have been killed because someones had 1 to many cigarrettes?
    The point is at the end of it all is legalising something is not a cure but rather a way to pretend that there is no problem, and just because you claim to have had no problems doesn’t denote the same for everyone, plus we also don’t know how true or false your statement is, nor for that matter do you as you cannot see what damage has occured inside your body.

  173. I mean, yeah its illegal, and a little on the dangerous side, but come on guys, drugs used recreationally and in moderation are not really that big of a problem. Although there will always be the trouble of an extremely small percentage of people that cant handle their drugs and turn out to be fully blown addicts, drugs, especially alcohol, weed, and cocaine (I’m talking about a gram once every month which isn’t addicting) can be a blast (just do it safely and avoid the cops).

    In a day and age when weed has been made out to be an evil substance what did you guys (thats you baby boomers!) expect from your kids? Youth internationally have been getting high and or drunk for time immemorial, Robo tripping is a cheap, easy way to get high (although it can cause death). But maybe if you would get off your high horse and lower the drinking age and legalize pot, your children wouldn’t be sucking on purple drank.

    Me, Myself, and I had that bit and made it through fine, although I stick with white russians and nug these days.

    You know Portugal legalized pot, heroin, and cocaine last year. Addiction rates have actually dropped off after an initial spike to lower than before. Just food for thought!

    Take er easy dude!

  174. To Anon Mom, I agree with everything you say, but be prepared to be subjected to ridicule, insult and slander, etc, they’re also likely to make repulsive remarks about your kid as well.

  175. Oh My God, I can’t believe some of you.

    My teen daughter is in a really bad way because of Robotripping.

    Look, geniuses, since your mental capacities are being diminished, you aren’t smart enough to tell that your mental capacities are being diminished. Trust me, others can tell.

    This is very very dangerous stuff. I know some of you are doing this to get around the drug tests. Stupid stupid stupid…..

  176. To kelly, you should have seen the comments slagging off father before they were deleted, because he’s against it he was being called a pedo and all kinds, mostly by somee coward who was using the same name. The point is most of them don’t care and if you try to say anything against it they’ll slag you off, don’t forget the internet lets they pretend they’re hard so they will no doubt be making some sick comments soon, though as you know they won’t ever have the guts to do it in real life.
    My condolences to your freinds family, I hope their pain will ease with time.

  177. This is an absolutely ridiculous article & thread of comments. Robo-tripping killed someone I knew who was only 16. The people he was with were too messed up from their own trips and didn’t call an ambulance in time. He was in a coma for a week and then passed away. Don’t fool yourself, it isn’t safe. Stick to drinking and marijuana if you’re determined to get messed up, at least we know what that will do to you. Medicine comes with warnings FOR A REASON, pills and robotussin alike. There is a REASON you can’t buy robotussin until you’re 18 (I think thats the age anyway). Because some idiot decided he needed a new way to get high, and now people are dying.

  178. Abort-a-dick, you’re talking crap, the pills are just as bad, robotripping is for idiots, or perhaps you’re pretending that no one has died from it, such as teenagers and rap stars. Maybe kidney failure, etc is all an illusion, oh hang on, I forgot, were reading the wisdom of someone who knows what they’re talking about, lets see they’re at cmu taking calc, umm, hang on, your not at doctor, or even a med student? Gasp, oh you little liar, you haven’t got a clue what the fuck you’re on about. Here’s a suggestion, don’t go to druggies forums or listen to dead heads, try asking a doctor, or a pharmacist, maybe have a chat with the parents of the girl who died r/ting, maybe they know just a shit load more than you, now fuck off cock taker from cmu.

  179. People who bash robotripping are stupid. Everybody has their own poison, and the reason teens robo trip vs lsd, or shrooms, or ectasy is because its easy to get. I’m on probation right now, I get drug tested 3-5 times a week. I robo trip all the time. I’m going to CMU, and I’m taking Calc. 3. I’m not a burnout or a retard. Now, there is a proper way to robotrip. Sure, you could drink a bottle or two and feel like shit, then feel amazing, but for all those robotrippers out there, you should know this;
    Get the red gel caps. 20 per bottle. I’m about to swallow 40. The gel caps are not only easy to swallow, they don’t give you nasuea, and they dont have anything in them except for dextromethorphan(DXM). The liquid however, have things like Gucifen and other toxic shit. Dextromethorphan is harmless. I’ve been on 2100mg of DXM and didn’t die. I didn’t even feel bad. I actually went and saw Avatar 3D, then drove home at 95mph. Very fun experience. I don’t reccomend swallowing bottles, but instead, just stick to the gel tabs :)

    Happy Tripping

  180. Fetus, it’s true to say that both liquor and pot are bad, the irony regarding alcohol is that if you include violent acts, abuse, stupidity, etc onto the health quotes for alcohol it’s danger level has always been far higher than that of tobacco(though no doubt there will be a flurry of denials any time soon),the probhlem re pot is that it’s far more common for people to slide into worse drugs from it than from alcohol. In regards physical addiction that’s one thing, but people forget mental addiction also occurs as well, and the mind is far, far harder to treat. In reply to good/evil anyone with intewllect will recognise all the grey shades in between which makes it harder to discern right from wrong, but no matter where you come from you know the law states selling drugs is wrong, so when you sell drugs which will generally result in mental/physicall ruin, loss of morality and death, as the guy previously has said it kind of makes sense to view drug dealers as being at the very least partly responsible, after all in dealers and suppliers and growers didn’t do what they do, then it would be infinatly harder for people to get, well i’m sure you see the logical progression of that line of thought, therefore if we came down on the criminals properly the benefit to risk ratio would drastically alter.

  181. I think we live in a society that has been told that recreational drugs are bad so much that we find it impossible to think anything else. In reality, deep down most of us know that pot is no more dangerous than liquor. Most of us, if we really give it some thought, know that pot is actually less dangerous than liquor because you cannot become physically addicted to pot. Too much of anything is bad for you. Some drugs are worse than others. Sadly most people must think in one of two preconceived notions: GOOD or EVIL.

  182. The cowards are back
    pseudo father, you really are gutless aren’t you, why don’t you say it to his face
    m c coke, it seems the guy is saying one leads to another, which is true no matter what fairy tales you tell yourself, it’s commonly seen by drug counselors how kids will start off on grass because someone says it’s cool, then gradually start going on to the stronger stuff. p.s. you shouldn’t call someone something you’ve always enjoyed yourself.

  183. “To some kinda long-haired hippy, I could care less if you want to ruin your life, it’s when you lie to kids that annoys me, also you know that many who start with weed go on to stronger stuff, this as you cannot honestly deny results in crime such as burglaries, shoplifting, pickpocketing, bag snatching, mugging, etc. So the problem is you don’t stay out of the way, also tell me how many junkies living in squats, whatever are having a good time when they can’t see past their next fix? As far as i’m concerned drug dealers should be co-charged with all the crimes their addicts have commited and if any of their addicts die, then they should also be charged with man slaughter or murder. Do the world a favour stop lying about drugs to kids just because you’ve screwed up your life, failing that throw yourself into a composter, that way something useful might actually come out of your pathetic existence.”

    WOW really? your knowledge of drugs just baffles me sir. wait back to reality what the fuck are you talking about i can agree with a little bit of what your saying but just the simple fact that you are compelled to attack that guy because he is talking about pot is the most pathetic thing ive ever seen also i dont see in one way he is lying about any of that and i agree with him fully so aside from that fuck you and fuck your family dick smoker…

  184. To some kinda long-haired hippy, I could care less if you want to ruin your life, it’s when you lie to kids that annoys me, also you know that many who start with weed go on to stronger stuff, this as you cannot honestly deny results in crime such as burglaries, shoplifting, pickpocketing, bag snatching, mugging, etc. So the problem is you don’t stay out of the way, also tell me how many junkies living in squats, whatever are having a good time when they can’t see past their next fix? As far as i’m concerned drug dealers should be co-charged with all the crimes their addicts have commited and if any of their addicts die, then they should also be charged with man slaughter or murder. Do the world a favour stop lying about drugs to kids just because you’ve screwed up your life, failing that throw yourself into a composter, that way something useful might actually come out of your pathetic existence.

  185. To all my fellow stoners: trip on my friends
    To all the stoner-hating communist fools: If we stay out of your way you have no right to give a dam about us. If we ruin our lives and die a painfull, organ failure realated death then at least, unlike you, we will have one hell of a good time doing it.

  186. I robotripped this very evening. It was great! I’m not saying its the smart thing to do, but I will say that it was very interesting.

  187. To each there own, but there are so many more wonderful and beautiful things in this world to do then drugs. I’ve seen first hand how drugs can ruin peoples lives, how the ripple effect of acting in the moment can crush the spirits of those u care about and urself. Sadly judging people and critisizing is the norm when in these situations, but the way to get anywhere is to listen, understand a persons situation and background, hear there pain or anguish or whatever is making them do these things and help from there. I don’t condone doing any form of drug and that’s my opinion, but I would not judge one that does. I just hope all of you who do be safe.

  188. im 14 and i think im going to try “robotripping” i suppose you could classify me as a “stoner” and i sometimes “sip sizzurp” so…. why not try robotripping?

  189. Thanks, Anonymous. It’s been taken care of.

    And yes, I can hardly blame father for reacting. Only on the safety of the internet do we see such disrespectful idiocy.
    .-= Tinct´s last blog ..And We’re Back =-.

  190. Tinct, I now see you have removed the majority of them, I applaud your taste, I did see one you missed, it’s by the pseudo father, first portion below.
    father says:
    December 27, 2009 at 12:36 pm
    I’m glad to see that you are dealing with these types who hide behind their keyboards and make comments that face to face they would’nt even try, no wonder father was so infuriated, I would be the same in his place. Unfortunately the ones who want to give reasonable responses are often dragged down by the lower minded who think that insult is entertainment, keep up the good work.
    (Standards only drop when people allow it)

  191. Anonymous:

    Try reading the comments again.

    You’ll see I removed the offending nonsense. If I missed any, point them out and I’ll remove them.

  192. Tinct says:
    Readers are reminded to keep their posts on-topic and refrain from excessive swearing, or they will be removed.

    Yet it’s ok for them to call children whores, etc and pretend to be other commenters so that they can drag down everyone to their level, like fake father, etc?
    Be consistent.

  193. Readers are reminded to keep their posts on-topic and refrain from excessive swearing, or they will be removed.
    .-= Tinct´s last blog ..And We’re Back =-.

  194. um “asdpok” your retarded..u CAN NOT drive while robotripping…i have done it and i couldnt even play a video game cuz i couldnt see clear. And all of you avid robotrippers are going to have severe liver problems later in life. I robotrip from time to time and i did A LOT of research be4 i did it. I never even take anything close to a lethal amount and i do it so rarely that i give my liver ample time to recover.

    It is possible to try things safely (well, at least safer) people. Just because you know your doing something bad doesnt meant you need to just say fuck it and have a complete disregard for your life.

    Im i guess a responsible drug user (MJ only and rarely Robo) if that makes

  195. I don’t drink or take drugs, I do however smoke cigarettes which of course are bad for you as I freely admit to my kids, I’ve told them that just because I’m a moron who got addicted to nicotine it doesn’t give them an excuse to be dumb as well. After all you can learn by your own mistakes and you can avoid other mistakes by not following the stupidity of others, unless you’re a complete idiot you’re not likely to jump into a fire just because the retarded crispy kid says it’s fun or for that matter stick your dick in an alligator’s mouth because the squeaky voiced kid says it’s fun. :)

  196. Funny thing is that many adults posting here calling people idiots for using drugs and drinking cough medicine probably drink large doses of alcohol for the same reason, which is to get high. And alcohol is by far one of the most dangerous and abused drugs there are.

  197. drugs are good, my dealer said so, doohhhhhhhhh


    Heres a link to a video of some of the effects of robotripping/dxm it explains it very well i think

  199. 41, married, 3 kids, no i’m not “ripped”, I repeat above to you anytime, I live in u.k, anytime you want to try, thatdude.

  200. I can see why the guys pissed off, would be amusing to you if someone described your child as a whore, slut, druggy, etc?

  201. Alright, dude. Chill. Just.. chill. You’re taking a stupid comment on the internet (Which, if I may add was quite amusing) and blowing this way out of proportion. Chill the fuck out, dude.

  202. Seriously?, It’s true that what I say will in the vast majority will not change a single thing, but if by writing something that tells the truth rather than just go with the flow, it might, just might give someone pause, or even if i’m extra lucky stop someone from following the herd into the slaughterhouse, to paraphrase an old quote “all it takes for evil to win, is for good people to do nothing”! I’m not all that good, but at least i’m willing to try, I suppose seeing someone I knew die from drugs helps with my opinion, it’s no fun seeing someone waste away from addiction, also he was like a lot of the smartmouths on here who say or think, “that’ll never happen to me”, guess what wrong, it probably will. I have my life, I just happen to believe in trying as well instead of just focusing on self.

  203. get a life. You want to change the world, join the military. you cannot change people father. infact, there really isn’t a damn thing you can do about alot of things. your no one, and even the people that are someone, still can’t change a damn thing.

  204. Insulting defencless children is ok? somehow I seriously doubt even Voltaire would stoop to that level, but if so then he too would then be no more than vermin, fame, etc does not automatically mean you are right. You say it’s useless pontification, by that I take it you mean no one is allowed to say drugs are for retards who think they’re tough, but rather agree with everything aforementioned retards say, and if you do dare disagree you must be on a soapbox, well at least I have an opinion and don’t follow the herd like a mindless drone, IE, the nazis with their blind following of twisted Nietzscheien ideology are an example of mindlessness, somewhat similar to yours, even if you do throw in a Voltare quote to make you sound clever.
    If you want to respond to a persons point of view, you don’t do it ny attacking that persons family, you counter them with an opposing reasoned response, assuming you are capable of doing so, therefore to bring it back to my opinion of robotripping, my answer is that it has never been shown that deliberate overdosing on mixtures of drugs is safe, in fact it has often been shown to be deadly and anyone who says otherwise is either an idiot, ill informed or an outright liar.
    P.S, as regards my ego, if it’s heavy, well at least it’s not swelled by false bravado and regards how many people dislike me, I suspect it’s far more likely to be 1-2 cowards under different names but even if it were a thousand at least I know it would only be sad individuals who can’t get through life without chemicals altering their feeble minds

  205. clearly, father, not very many people like you. taking anything on a comment board on the Internet that seriously shows all of us how very dumb you really are. this isn’t the forum for your useless pontification. I hope that soapbox doesn’t get crushed under your ego.

    p.s., i do sincerely believe that everyone has the right to say whatever they want to whomever they like. I do believe it was Voltaire that mentioned his willingness to die for that right.

  206. hasanimpressivepenis says:
    I think the one screaming and bitching over other people’s recreational (and personal) drug use. the other guy was hilarious.

    So because I’m aware of what drugs do and the resultant crimes, etc that come from it, i’m a screamer. This because I didn’t lie like those who say it has no effect, well at least I don’t stick my head in the sand and ignore it, or find pleasure in the comments of keyboard cowards, lets hope you see it that way when it’s your kid being harassed, but then you’re the one who hasanonexsistantpenis, I suppose you also believe that drugs are not linked to increases in violence, etc. Of interest how would you respond to unfounded allegations against any member of your family? Or perhaps you think that vermin should be allowed to say whatever they choose and get away with it, I mean if some freak came up and called your mother, sister, daughter a whore or whatever would you go and laugh and join in, if so then that’s another bunch of people who I feel sorry for, after all if you won’t stand up for your family, what use are you? It’s a sorry and pathetic world when vermin can say and do what they want whilst losers encourage them from the sidelines, if that’s what kind of future you wish to create for any descendants of yours, then do any prospective mate of yours that you will find it ok for people to call her and her children whores, etc, I wonder what your chances of getting married to someone would be then?

  207. Interesting to see how the ones who approve of drug taking are slagging off the child of a guy who opposes their skewed way of thinking.

  208. Dman says:
    my friend did this kind of tripp the other day he really likes them. i have about 3/4’s a bottle of one and i am going to try it out tonight. I am going to mix it with soda so its easyer to get down. I love mushrooms and lsd so i hope this will be like it


  209. my friend did this kind of tripp the other day he really likes them. i have about 3/4’s a bottle of one and i am going to try it out tonight. I am going to mix it with soda so its easyer to get down. I love mushrooms and lsd so i hope this will be like it

  210. ABK, unfortunately in this day and age you have sad retards who want others to do it so they can go “hey, i’m not the only one”, and also because when it comes time to take exams they won’t be the only thick pillock in the room. Oh and of course if you’re one of the ones who tell them to f**k off, then you you must be “uncool”.
    My 14 year old told me about one of her older “friends” who suggested this to her, I told her exactly how many decades she’d be grounded for if she even thought about it and I also told her to tell anyone who suggested it again to come and tell me to my face that it’s safe, 6 months and no ones come yet, surprise, surprise.

  211. WTF is all this “Pro-Robo-tripping” about? Robo-Tripping, like using Meth, Coc and LSDs is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. The kid on probation made a comment that they don’t drug test for Robo/DMX – guess what? They do. Real probation drug tests checks for more shit than you think it does. But since you’re so busy doing all this shit, your brain loses the ability to process anything else.

    Sad really. When I was in high school, very very few people ever tried more than alcohol, pot and maybe speed .. It’s horrible as a parent to see how desperate people are to try to do the illegal HARMFUL stuff. Most even forget the LEGAL ramifications.

    In moderation, alcohol and pot can be enjoyable if you are smart enough to remember not to do it in excess, don’t drive while doing and for God’s Sake … do it in moderation.

  212. FUCC DHA HATAZ says:
    SM0KiN WEED iS S0METHiN i D0 24/7. BUT i LiKE T0 R0B0TRiP iTS GREAT=]

    Evidence of drug damaging thought function, well done!

  213. SM0KiN WEED iS S0METHiN i D0 24/7. BUT i LiKE T0 R0B0TRiP iTS GREAT=]

  214. Drugs Are Good says:
    Robotripping is perfectly safe and healthy for all kids to do! It’s not dangerous at all, and I can drive perfectly while on CCC’s. Just don’t take more than 40 at once and you’ll be okay.

    There speaks the voice of retardation
    P.S, just so you know people are different body masses and also have different rates of metabolism, to name just 2 errors in your drug addled logic

  215. Robotripping is perfectly safe and healthy for all kids to do! It’s not dangerous at all, and I can drive perfectly while on CCC’s. Just don’t take more than 40 at once and you’ll be okay.

  216. This is terrible. I think that instead of continuing to use drugs people should get help and stop. Drugs are very harmful and something needs to be done about them.

  217. I think Hash is the best thing to get used to (If you’re into the get-high drugs). Hash is almost harmless to the brain, unlike weed. I recommend you go for the Afghani stuff ;) AMAZING

  218. always stoned says
    Yea I mix drugs to feel that God head feeling.

    Oh look, another braindead boaster, well you just keep on dimming the bulb, hopefully it’ll soon go out.

  219. Yea I mix drugs to feel that God head feeling.

  220. all of my friends robotrip…i was thinkin bout trying it, but idk.. haha

    i am definetly stickin wit the weed tho….

  221. im robotrippin right now says:
    im on probation and i cant smoke or anything so ima robotrip instead! they dont test for this shit.

    How Sad

  222. im on probation and i cant smoke or anything so ima robotrip instead! they dont test for this shit.

  223. My daughter almost died this weekend using alcohol and cough medicine. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen.

  224. No matter which way you depict it, taking drugs is stupid and can lead to addiction, to say anything else is moronic

  225. yeah this article is right, cough medication kind of sucks. Stick with the traditional Hallucinogens guys i.e. LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Mescaline, salvia, these are your best bet for a clean trip, unlike the cloudy and somewhat corny DXM trip. And of course herb is a must have.
    peace, happy tripping and good vibes to all
    -Mr.Timothy Leary Ph.D

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