STDs In College: 3 Most Common STDs Among College Students Include HPV, Chlamydia, and Genital Herpes

By   |  February 25, 2011

Going to college is something that many young adults look forward to throughout their high school career. The freedom of living on your own, and making all of your own decisions, as well as meeting lots of new peers who will eventually become life long friends is a very enticing idea.

Once there life is just as good as expected. They learn, meet people, and go to social events such as clubs and parties. Which is all a good thing if done responsibly. Unfortunately this is not always the case. College kids these days are drinking more and not being as safe as they should with their actions.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a becoming a major problem in today’s schools and the issue is not getting the coverage and attention that it deserves with 25% of college students infected with an STD. According to the Center for Disease Control the most common on campus STD is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) the cause of genital warts as well as cervical cancer. HPV is an incurable virus that is easily transmitted through sexual skin to skin contact and in many instances there are no symptoms making the transmission rate very high.

A close second to HPV is the bacterial STD Chlamydia which is transmitted through vaginal, anal and oral sex. If left untreated Chlamydia can cause serious and permanent damage to both men and women’s reproductive organs. Fortunately though Chlamydia can easily be treated and cured with antibiotics when caught.

The third most contracted STD is Genital Herpes or more specifically HSV-2. With almost one in five college students infected it’s becoming a pretty large problem on campuses across the country. It’s spread very easily the same way as Chlamydia but is not curable so once you have it it’s with you for life and can cause redness and multiple blisters on and around the genital area.

These are fairly shocking statistics that need to be dealt with. Some of the biggest reasons that these diseases are running rampant around our campuses are lack of education (People don‘t realize how easy it really is to catch an STD) and believe it or not, birth control such as the pill. The pill offers no protection against STDs what so ever and in many studies young people that are intoxicated and on the pill were shown to be far more likely to not use condoms during intercourse which as we’ve discussed can create a one in four chance of catching an STD.

Obviously the easiest way to stay free and clear of these social diseases is to practice abstinence but for many that is simply unrealistic. Regular testing, education, and use of a condom every time are our best chances to curb the growing silent epidemic on our country’s campuses.

If you have any questions you can read more about sexually transmitted diseases at or find a local clinic to get tested and treated at here.

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  4. why are you censuring the word SEX?? when did it become a bad word?

  5. Whoever wrote this needs work. Go back to ENC1101!

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  7. Used to be if Your gal fucked she moved into the special category of whore and was shunned by everyone, so getting laid was mostly talk and syphilis and gonorrhea were the only talked about diseases that you were taught in health class you were going to get no matter what. Times have changed and even when i went whoring around [while married] AIDS was not around nor were some of the many other sexually transmitted diseases that are a problem today. But i still got a nasty kidney infection that was the most painful thing i ever experienced . With females so much more liberated , if i were younger I’d e be like a kid in a candy store and with my dick doing all the thinking I might get one of those diseases and have a hard time living with it. Be safe!

  8. My e-mail is:


    Thank you

    I am disabled: H.I.V.; Thyroid (removed recently); Pacemaker implanted 8 months ago; Neuropathy; and, Diabetic-Insulin dependent.

    I am attending school full-time. Working towards “nursing” degree, etc.

    jerry randolph

  9. HPV is the #1 STD in colleges. Interesting. Considering the CDC themselves do not say condoms protect against HPV don’t you think it is irresponsible to say condoms will “curb” the growing “epidemic”?

    From the CDC:

    Genital ulcer diseases and HPV infections can occur in both male and female genital areas that are covered or protected by a latex condom, as well as in areas that are not covered. Consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of genital herpes, syphilis, and chancroid only when the infected area or site of potential exposure is protected. Condom use may reduce the risk for HPV infection and HPV-associated diseases (e.g., genital warts and cervical cancer).

    “may reduce” does not mean protection. And if you read the whole report you will note that in regards to genital ulcer disease the CDC say that condoms reduce the risk to “a lesser degree”.

    Wanna know why STD’s are running rampant in our colleges? Because they think condoms actually protect you. Problem is, they are as good at protection as a seatbelt is in a head on collision.

    Let’s stop the lies, shall we. Let’s start telling the truth. How many more young adults have to contract these diseases before people wake up and realize that promiscuity is making us sick!

  10. I guess having herpes/HIV/HPV is not the end of the world. I’m living with HIV positive for 2 years. I was upset at the beginning.
    A std support site helps me find useful, up-to-date information for lots of warm-hearted people..No rejection or discrimination. We’re not alone.

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