Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig Makes 15-Minute Case That U.S. Is Nowhere Near A True Democracy

American democracy. The oft-repeated phrase rolls off the tongue perhaps a little too easily, according to at least one American academic. Lawrence Lessig, a renowned professor at Harvard University‘s Law School, tackled the issue at an event sponsored last November (2014) by Quartz, an online magazine operated by The Atlantic family of publications. In the […]

Teachers Unions: No Matter How You Try To Slice It, They Are Corrupt, Self-Serving, And Hypocritical

Teachers unions are vile, self-serving rackets, plain and simple. Despite what public school teachers in the U.S. (and elsewhere) would have you believe, their primary concern is not for “students” when they march, rally, and protest aggressively for higher wages, more benefits, and longer holidays. See also: Humans Need Not Apply: A Sobering Look Into […]

James O’Keefe Crosses The U.S. Border As Osama Bin Laden, Internet Reacts With Mockery And Disdain

Context is everything. Or so they say. If a video of some guy in a Bin Laden costume crossing the Rio Grande was uploaded to YouTube by say, Stephen Colbert, it would probably have millions of views in a matter of hours. But a clean-shaven, running-shoes-wearing, Conservative white guy does it, and – besides the […]

Interview: Felicia Anna, Romanian Prostitute From Amsterdam, Humanizes The Life Of Sex Workers

Author’s Note: Below is an exclusive interview with “Felicia Anna” (pseudonym), a Romanian prostitute working in Amsterdam. I came across her comments on YouTube in regard to a prank video that CollegeTimes had written about in August 2014. Intrigued, I checked out her recently launched blog where she offers unique insight into the world of […]

‘Advice To Young Men From An Old Man’ – Craigslist Post From 2007 Reflects On Life And Growing Up

Editor’s Note: The below is a ‘best-of-craigslist’ post written by an older (anonymous) American man living in San Francisco. It was posted to in the community section in early 2007 when the website was experiencing fast growth throughout California and the United States. An ex-Marine, the man reflects on life as an American male […]