LittleBizzy Review: Technical SEO Web Hosting

When I re-launched LittleBizzy, a managed WordPress hosting company, in early 2015, my business took off like never before. It was the direct result of narrowing my focus, emphasizing quality above all else, and making sure that customer service was fast and actually solved problems. While I’m not particularly “good” at business nor do I […]

Rap Song ‘Sallie Mae Back’ Goes Viral

Department of Education employees are chuckling this week after a new rap song dedicated to paying off student loans went viral around the web. New Orleans-based rapper Dee-1 is the lucky star, after his new track ‘Sallie Mae Back’ — which recalls his real life story of being able to finally pay off his student […]

Case Study: ‘Thompson Career College’ Reveals What’s Wrong With Canadian (American) Higher Education

PHOTO: A group of Filipina “student” immigrants play a lingerie game apparently at the site of one Thompson Career College campus in Canada during May 2015. The school, which changed locations several times in its short 15 year existence, apparently lost control of its Facebook page which fell into the hands of these ladies. TCC […]

Upwork Sucks! #1 Freelance Site Is HORRIBLE

Author’s Note: the below article is written from the freelancer point of view rather than a business owner looking to hire freelancers. Whichever you are, hopefully my experience sheds light on both positive and negative aspects of online freelancing. Although my first year on Upwork left me feeling quite jaded, I still maintain an active […]

Neumont U. Fires Edward ‘Nasty Ned’ Levine

Update 8/30/2015: Acquisition reports remain unconfirmed. We are now being told by some sources that Neumont was in fact acquired by Caltius Capital Management out of Los Angeles, California, despite Neumont not being mentioned on their Portfolio page. Emails sent by CollegeTimes to Caltius have not been returned. Update 9/13/2015: Caltius Capital has refused to […]

TeachingCenter: ‘Key & Peele’ Video Spoof Of ESPN’s SportsCenter Show Is Hilarious, Thought-Provoking

Sometimes, satire is the only good way to make a point. In this example – when whacking at balls and sticks earns you millions of dollars a year, while teaching and inspiring (in theory, anyway) young minds barely breaks $40,000 average salary across the United States – to parody the most watched sports show in […]

Department Of Education Report Cancels Student Aid, Confirms Foul Play At Webster University Campus

As was expected by several Webster University : London students earlier this year, a report released by the U.S. Department of Education in June 2015 confirmed that all federal student aid has been indefinitely suspended to that campus due to a long history of foul play on the part of Webster University : St. Louis […]

Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig Makes 15-Minute Case That U.S. Is Nowhere Near A True Democracy

American democracy. The oft-repeated phrase rolls off the tongue perhaps a little too easily, according to at least one American academic. Lawrence Lessig, a renowned professor at Harvard University‘s Law School, tackled the issue at an event sponsored last November (2014) by Quartz, an online magazine operated by The Atlantic family of publications. In the […]

Hoverboard World Record: Canadian Inventor Displays Homemade Hoverboard Flight In Unbelievable Video

To be sure, this is not an April Fool’s Day stunt. (In fact, the below video was filmed and published by Guinness World Records themselves, so you can take comfort in knowing that you aren’t being pranked this time around.) An inventor from Canada has set a new world record for “farthest journey by hoverboard” […]

Cost Obsessions Map: From Prostitutes To Nose Jobs, The Most Researched Purchases Online By Country

“How much does ___ cost?” is an apparently very interesting lens through which to judge countries – or more specifically, the obsessions of their (would-be) residents. From “prostitutes” in Thailand, to “kidneys” in Iran, and even “slaves” in Mauritania, a new report published by compiles the most popular auto-completed searches on Google in relation […]