Glen Allsopp: How ‘ViperChill’ Lost All Credibility

For the past several months, I’d been considering writing an article about Glen, a rather well-known “internet marketer” from Last week, after seeing his latest email newsletter in which he partnered with Alex Becker to promote a rather seedy product to thousands of webmasters – only weeks after having criticized a related product via […]

Dirty Words: A Brief Review Of The Most Offensive, Suggestive Words In The English Language. Panties.

What do you get when you mix Latin, German, and French, along with a bunch of other linguistic tidbits (eww)? You get the English language of course, one of the most impressively adaptive yet horrifyingly dirty languages in human history. And when I say dirty, I’m not just talking about your F*CKS, SH*TS, and C*NTS. […]

Dental Insurance: ‘Scam’ Or Not, Why You Probably Don’t Need It And How It Often Leads To Problems

Going to the dentist is a necessity. But dental insurance? Not so much. Dental insurance is a relatively recent consumer phenomenon that exists primarily in North America. The industry sprang up almost completely overnight due to large American companies who decided to begin offering dental insurance as an extra benefit to their employees, in the […]

Kid Smoking Experiment: How A Young Boy Asking For Cigarettes Makes Smokers Re-think Their Habits

“Can I have a light?” asks a young boy to strangers in Santa Barbara, California. The boy – a 9-year old known only as ‘Jensen’ – is undercover, mind you. But rather than working with local police as part of a sting operation, he’s the star of the latest public prank video filmed by the […]

Teachers Unions: No Matter How You Try To Slice It, They Are Corrupt, Self-Serving, And Hypocritical

Teachers unions are vile, self-serving rackets, plain and simple. Despite what public school teachers in the U.S. (and elsewhere) would have you believe, their primary concern is not for “students” when they march, rally, and protest aggressively for higher wages, more benefits, and longer holidays. See also: Humans Need Not Apply: A Sobering Look Into […]

Lol My Thesis: The Facetious Tumblr Blog Offering Anonymous Online Sympathy To College Students

If you had to sum up your college research in one sentence, what would you say? That is precisely the question asked by Lol My Thesis, a minimalistic online blog that posts one-sentence synopses of academic accomplishments as submitted by anonymous college students from across the U.S. (and beyond). And in good faith of all […]

Campus Explorer Attempts To Coerce CollegeTimes Into Compliance Contract For For-Profit Colleges

PHOTO: This shady, unmarked office building in Santa Monica, California is the headquarters location of Campus Explorer at 2850 Ocean Park Blvd. The lack of transparency at their headquarters seems to reflect a larger corporate culture of deceit, fraudulent student recruiting, and promotion of for-profit colleges. If you are one of the people that innocently […]

Student Loan Default: A Complete List Of Horrible Consequences That Arise When You Let It Happen

Quick! Write this on your bathroom mirror: I will not default on my student loans. I will not default on my student loans. See also: How To Legally Get Out Of Paying Back Your Federal Student Loans To Avoid Defaulting Or Bankruptcy Actually, write it down all over the place, and burn it deep into […]

How To Legally Get Out Of Paying Back Your Federal Student Loans To Avoid Defaulting Or Bankruptcy

Student loan debt is crushing the American middle class. In fact, the total amount of debt from student loans in the United States is now greater than credit card debt AND auto loan debt – and it’s growing, quickly. See also: Here Is The Exact Letter I Used To Get Back A Security Deposit In […]

Dutch Student Fakes 5-Week Travel Holiday To Asia Using The Power Of Photoshop And Social Media

If you hate seeing all those adventurous photos your friends post on Facebook while you sit at work trying to scrape money together for dinner, this story’s for you. Zilla van den Born, a college student from the Netherlands, faked an exotic trip to Southeast Asia for five solid weeks, under the stated guise of […]