‘Antarctica’ Drone Documentary: Breathtaking Scenes Of Blue Ice, Whales Filmed Completely with GoPros

In the latest “drone-umentary” to capture a wide audience of fans online, a bird’s eye view of what appears to be a mother blue whale and her calf along with stunning views of blue ice can be seen captured in various spots of Antarctica. Swedish filmaker Kalle Ljung explained the film briefly on Vimeo: This […]

Studying in London, Homeless: How My Dreams Were Robbed By 3 Rogue Universities (By Mehran Karim)

Below is a guest post submitted by Mehran Karim, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in “international business management” at Webster University : London a.k.a. Regent’s American College London which is located at the Regents University London campus. (Karim is one of several dozen students who formerly attended American Intercontinental University : London before its […]

GTA ‘Drone’ Fan Film: Grand Theft Auto Fans Re-Create Early Version Of Game Using Drone For Aerial Views

Grand Theft Auto is one of the highest grossing and most successful video games ever created on any platform. In the latest version, GTA V, which was released in April 2015, the graphics and visuals have become so stunning (even on 4K screens at 60 FPS) that many critics have found themselves at a loss […]

Interview: Kate Welenc, Business Student At Webster University London, Recounts Fraud, Illegal Practices

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with Kate Welenc, an undergraduate student in the International Business Management program at Webster University : London campus, known locally as Regents American College London (located at the campus of Regent’s University London). After CollegeTimes revealed rampant fraud and corruption going on at the Webster University Thailand campus earlier […]

Neumont ‘University’ Lawsuit Ends In Epic Fail

Update 4/28/2016: Despite failing miserably in their 2+ year long effort to take down CollegeTimes, Neumont University’s new owners (who remain unknown since the secret 2015 buyout) have decided to allow Edward ‘Nasty Ned’ Levine to remain on their board of directors (at least for now) apparently to help him save face as part of […]

Interview: Charles Brumfield, Former Professor At Webster University Thailand, Reveals Mass Abuses

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with Charles Brumfield, a former lecturer at Webster University : Thailand with a PhD in Economics who has spent over 25 years of his life traveling and teaching at universities across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Dr. Brumfield is one of dozens of faculty members from the […]

Webster University Thailand: Rampant Corruption, Fraud Put Blemish On Growing International Brand

Author’s Note: Journalism ethics often call for 3rd-party dissection of information and experiences in order to provide a non-biased view of a story. In this case, due to my personal involvement with Webster University : Thailand, such pure dissection is not possible at CollegeTimes. I have done my best to present a balanced perspective, including […]

FREE Personality Test: Determine Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Online In Less Than Five Minutes

At some point, nearly everyone asks themselves: “What is my personality type?” followed by questions such as “What career path should I choose?” and/or “What college or degree would best match my personality type?” While some mysteries of humanity may never be answered, modern psychology has made great strides in understanding the various human personality […]

Change MAC Address: Use Public WiFi Signals Without Any Limits, Not To Mention Serious Privacy Benefits

Chances are, you’ve heard of an IP address before. But in the vast world of computing, have you ever heard of a MAC address? See also: Digital Life Backup: How To Organize, Secure, And Sync Your Data To Minimize The Risk Of Loss Or Theft Knowing the difference between the two could mean protecting your […]

Interview: Luke ‘Gold Jacket’ Eilers From YouTube Talks Girls, Psychology, And The Human Experience

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with Luke Eilers, who has developed a strong following on his YouTube channel, where he focuses on social experiments, human psychology, moral questioning, and other intriguing topics. I first came across Luke due to an experiment he did a few years back dressed up as Santa Claus where he […]