FREE Personality Test: Determine Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type Online In Less Than Five Minutes

By   |  December 31, 2014

At some point, nearly everyone asks themselves: “What is my personality type?” followed by questions such as “What career path should I choose?” and/or “What college or degree would best match my personality type?”

While some mysteries of humanity may never be answered, modern psychology has made great strides in understanding the various human personality types that exist. While you may never know how much of your personality is nature (“God-given”) vs. nurture (influenced by your environment), you can better understand what drives your personal habits and thought processes by taking our scientific personality test, below, and thus better contemplate your life decisions going forward.

Below is a FREE personality test based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which was developed in the 1960s by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, during World War II for American women entering the workforce. It is based on the research of Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, and remains the most popular personality indicator in the world. At the bottom of this page, you will be able to explore careers, degrees, and colleges related to your personality type.

1. Are you more concerned with the tangible world outside your mind, or the intangible world inside your mind?

Every person has two faces. One is directed towards the OUTER world of activities, excitements, people, and things. The other is directed inward to the INNER world of thoughts, interests, ideas, and imagination. While these are two different but complementary sides of our nature, most people have an innate preference towards energy from either the OUTER or the INNER world. Thus one of their faces, either the Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I), takes the lead in their personality development and plays a more dominant role in their behavior.

Read both options, and choose only one

Extraverted Characteristics

  • I usually act before I think
  • If I’m away from other people too much, I feel quite stranded, like I’m missing out on something
  • I feel motivated and inspired by being around other people; I welcome new situations and conversations
  • I enjoy a variety of friendships and situational changes

  (E) This sounds like me

Introverted Characteristics

  • I usually think before I act
  • If I’m around other people too much, I feel quite annoyed, and require alone time to feel refreshed
  • I feel motivated and inspired by my own thoughts and ideas, and I sometimes forget about other people
  • I prefer a limited amount of friendships and situations

  (I) This sounds like me

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2. Which style of perceiving or understanding information and memories is most “automatic” or natural for you?

The Sensing (S) side of our brain notices the sights, sounds, smells and all the sensory details of the PRESENT. It categorizes, organizes, records and stores the specifics from the here and now. It is REALITY based, dealing with “what is.” It also provides the specific details of memory & recollections from PAST events. The Intuitive (N) side of our brain seeks to understand, interpret and form OVERALL patterns of all the information that is collected and records these patterns and relationships. It speculates on POSSIBILITIES, including looking into and forecasting the FUTURE. It is imaginative and conceptual. While both kinds of perceiving are necessary and used by all people, each of us instinctively tends to favor one over the other.

Read both options, and choose only one

Sensing Characteristics

  • I usually think about today’s events, or “right now” kinds of issues
  • I use common sense to find practical solutions to solve problems
  • My memories are focused on facts and specific details about the past
  • I best improvise and learn about life based on my past experiences
  • I prefer clear and concrete information; I dislike guessing or surmising when facts are “fuzzy”

  (S) This sounds like me

Intuitive Characteristics

  • I usually think about future issues and potential possibilities
  • I use creative thinking and imagine scenarios to solve problems
  • My memories are focused on patterns, context, and relations
  • I best improvise and learn about life from theoretical understanding
  • I am comfortable with ambiguous, “fuzzy” data and often enjoy figuring out what the “bigger picture” is

  (N) This sounds like me

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3. How do you tend to form judgments about people and environments, and how do you make important decisions?

The Thinking (T) side of our brain analyzes information in a DETACHED, objective fashion. It operates from factual principles, deduces and forms conclusions systematically. It is our logical nature. The Feeling (F) side of our brain forms conclusions in an ATTACHED and somewhat global manner, based on likes/dislikes, impact on others, and human and aesthetic values. It is our subjective nature. While everyone uses both means of forming conclusions, each person has a natural bias towards one over the other so that when they give us conflicting directions – one side is the natural trump card or tiebreaker.

Read both options, and choose only one

Thinking Characteristics

  • I rely on facts and logic when making most of my decisions
  • I naturally focus on what tasks and milestones need attention
  • I am easily able to provide an objective, critical analysis
  • I accept conflict as a normal part of relationships with people

  (T) This sounds like me

Feeling Characteristics

  • I rely on personal feelings when making most of my decisions
  • I naturally notice when people and their feelings need attention
  • I prefer seeking a consensus of opinion with the people around me
  • I am unsettled by conflict with others and try hard to avoid it

  (F) This sounds like me

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4. When it comes time to “take action” on opportunities and make life decisions, how do you typically react?

All people use both judging (thinking and feeling) and perceiving (sensing and intuition) processes to store information, organize our thoughts, make decisions, take actions and manage our lives. Yet one of these processes (Judging or Perceiving) tends to take the lead in our relationship with the outside world . . . while the other governs our inner world. A Judging (J) style approaches the outside world WITH A PLAN and is oriented towards organizing one’s surroundings, being prepared, making decisions and reaching closure and completion. A Perceiving (P) style takes the outside world AS IT COMES and is adopting and adapting, flexible, open-ended and receptive to new opportunities and changing game plans.

Read both options, and choose only one

Judging Characteristics

  • Plan many of the details in advance before moving into action.
  • Focus on task-related action; complete meaningful segments before moving on.
  • Work best and avoid stress when able to keep ahead of deadlines.
  • Naturally use targets, dates and standard routines to manage life.

  (J) This sounds like me

Perceiving Characteristics

  • Comfortable moving into action without a plan; plan on-the-go.
  • Like to multitask, have variety, mix work and play.
  • Naturally tolerant of time pressure; work best close to the deadlines.
  • Instinctively avoid commitments which interfere with flexibility, freedom and variety

  (P) This sounds like me

Your 4 Personality Type Letters:


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  1. ESFP- It seems like I am all over the place after taking this test.

  2. This quiz was very familiar in the line of work I currently provide your communication and helps in responding to different personalities.

    • INSJ


    • Thank you for the update of my personality test ISFP

  3. Thank you for the knowledge

  4. My first thought after reading my results was. Everyone cant be happy with there results because it implies that you are a type weather good are bad or weather i wanted to be a INJP or not thats who i have become because of my thoughts and actions. Which made me aware that i am incharge of my thoughts and action, So if i dont like my type i can change it.

  5. After learning that my letters are INFP i have desided to pay more attention to thoughts and actions.

  6. INFP

  7. My personality letters are ISTJ which fit me perfectly.

  8. Am an intorvert….its something that I wasnt aware …..I thought I was soo much to myself but it’s now real.. it’s me and I feels better at that.

  9. I. N. T. P.

    As I scrolled down I noticed that there are not that many people that have this personality.

    • I am. Seems ok to me. I like me tho. Hbu? Keep ya head up bro!

  10. INTJ

  11. INTJ

  12. I took the test but i feel like i us all of them depending on the situation. but my letters are INTP AND ISTP

  13. Well ive been trying to take the test but i use all these depending on the situation at hand….. there should be line a three answer ….

  14. My letters are I,S,F,J would really love to know more of what they mean.

  15. IFSP
    I plan to learn how to add the other ones to improve my social and business skills. Thank you for this test, very helpful.

  16. i will love to know more about iftj.

  17. This quiz was real interesting. my letters are ENFP.

  18. ESFP but depending on what’s going on I can be Introvert as well

  19. INTJ

  20. the test hit the nail right on the head about my personality.

  21. I really feel like I too have mixed personalities. The test really helped in showing me how to identify my personalities.

  22. this is amazing.

    • I too am isfj and like you would like to know more about them.

  23. learning and understanding myself more and more is a great feeling. This segment was very imformative.

  24. ISFJ

  25. The personality test was very accurate. I have always been curious about my personal habits as well as my thought process. My personality type letters are: I S T P

  26. INFJ

  27. ENFP Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving type of Woman. I do concur.

  28. ESFP I’ve always wanted to learn what my personality was and I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Hi! G Jermaine, I was trying to post my comment it want let me open screen. My letters are ISTJ , You tend to take the lead in all your decisions

  29. INTP

  30. I couldn’t agree more.Take life day by day and make the best of it. We all have heard “you act like” but you are you own self.

  31. ENFJ Josh Van Hout.

  32. ISTP

  33. ISTP

  34. I S F P

  35. I would’ve never known. ISTP

  36. now that i know that i dont know but at least im in the know……ya know?…WOW really, there is so much to know about life ,how choice makeing ,and other aspectecs help determine who we are or what type of aperson we are.. does it matter ,to who???r you askimg or telling? um….now wait…haha

  37. ISFP

  38. esfj

  39. Enfj.. I’m bossy, love to converse when people, love to problem solve.and quarantining is like a terrible punishment for me.

  40. What does ESTJ mean??

  41. Istp

  42. ENFP it interesting to learn about my personality traits, and at the same time i could relate to both ? So if I were to make an educated guess there is alot I don’t know about myself.


    • I am also ENFP and there is still stuff I don’t know about myself as well. Maybe we can help each other out in life.

  43. E.N.F.P

  44. This was a cool quiz, didn’t know a lot about myself until now. I am an introvert by nature, and an extrovert by choice so that’s pretty cool. I love this class so much because it really helps you identify the type of person you are in a natural setting versus a social setting, and learning, and knowing about yourself is the most key part of life.

  45. E.N.F.P

  46. What is istp

  47. ISFP

  48. I am I S T J what does this mean?

  49. I,N,T,J

    • i am totally lost i would love to know what does I.N.T.J. means.

  50. estj

  51. INFJ

  52. I.s.f.p

  53. This is nice to know that there are things I m still discovering about my self. INTJ is my optional in determining my behavior trait.

  54. ISTJ For sure! I didn’t really believe in doing little test like this before because i didn’t see how they could pinpoint me to a T or even close. But after this I can say a have a little more faith in it than I started with. My results are 100% me to the T.

    My Letters are ISTJ

  55. I am I S T J. That sounds about right to me!

  56. I’m listed as I..S..F..P
    I can for sure say that I have many of the personality traits that were listed, but I do also have some other amazing personality traits and like everyone else some not so great traits..

  57. I am a isfj

  58. My letters INTJ>> I can now recognize myself through taking this little quiz. I was able to determine who I’m really am and I have gained confidence out of knowing whom I am.

    • I found myself agreeing on both questionares. However I did choose the one with the most likeness of my choices. I anaylize things far to to greatly thinking of the outcome, reasons why people are saying certain things they say, etc. Which leaves me most if the time not saying many things I want either because I’m always wondering before-hand if I have the right things to say it not.

  59. Mine is ISFP

  60. I am I N F P I tend to be more of a soft spoken into my feelings kind of guy.

  61. I am I N F P

  62. I am trying to be a better me and be great

  63. I am esfp. Interesting, to learn more about myself

  64. I am a INFP = Enthusiastic, Imaginative, Energetic, Creative, Warm, Future-Oriented, Individualistic, Insightful, Caring, Optimistic, Possility Focused, Open, Playful, Novelty Seeking, Spontaneous

  65. I’m considered ISFJ

  66. my is entp

  67. I am INFP. Enthusiastic, Imaginative, Eregetic, Creative, Warm, Future-oriented, Indivudualistic, Insightful, Caring, Optimistic, Possibility Focused, Open, Playful, Novelty Seeking, Spontaneous

  68. Learned something new about myself tho it fits like a glove so i need own it. Never thought about it much here goes I’m a :ESFJ
    Extraverted,sensing,feeling,judging personality

    • Hello you hidden ghost
      My fellow EntP I’ve never ever met a entp and have just learned about it.

  69. Mine is I.N.F.J

  70. Today I learned thatvI am an introvert, sensing, feeling, perceptive. I hadn’t really thought about it before.

  71. I learned a little bit about myself today. My Letters are

    • I got the same letters but some of the questions were a tie for me.

  72. ESFP

    This morning I learned about my personality through this test. My letters are: (E) – Extrovery, (S) Sensing, (F) Feeling, (P) Perceiving.

    I found it to be pretty amazing, as many things of the characteristics that were listed were things that I had already known about myself. However, in reading each one, also made me realize that depending on the situation, our personality adjust accordingly depending on how we receive the information brought before us.

    I have to say this was a great exercise!

  73. My personality letters are ENFP!

  74. Good Evening All,
    The results of my “mini-test” about myself are:

    That is one thing I do know and understand about myself:* Love people- Love just when its me. *Know the things that I need to get accomplished -Yet everyone’s wants/needs come before my own *Very independent: Preach people becoming more self sufficient everyday – Yet tend to volunteer the gobs of extra time in a day
    (that is NON-EXISTINT) that I have to solve anything ‘they’ “need my assistance” on… like I can save the world

    • I too am INFP so I can totally relate to your entire message and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  75. Mine said RRS I think

  76. INTJ

  77. ESTP is my personally trait. I don’t know what it means but it sure is cool learning this stuff about myself. Maybe one day Ill learn how to read myself in a way that I could me doing something before I do it.

  78. My is E S F P

  79. I cant even see mine

  80. ESFP are my personality traits

  81. INTJ

  82. Inga Faye Jones

    My letters for the personality traits are
    ENFP. I never sat down and wrote down my traits that was interesting.

  83. Inga Faye Jones

    My personality type is ENFP which I never put on paper like this interesting way of perceiving personality.

  84. Emfp

  85. ISFP

  86. ENFP

  87. ESFJ

  88. ISFJ

  89. Mine was I.N.T.J

  90. I enjoyed taking the Personality Test. My letters are:E N T P

  91. intj

  92. Very interesting, learning the different personality types and taking the quiz. Has helped me to discover more of what makes me who I am! My personality type letters are: E N T P

  93. ESFP

  94. pm a enfp

  95. My personality type is ISFJ

  96. ISTP

  97. isfj

    • My personnality type is ISTP now I understand my personnality thank you for that.

  98. I N F P

  99. Wow this is so me ?

  100. E.S.T.P. I predicted this acronym before beginning the test, and while I have characteristics of both sides, I felt most relatable to the ETSP side of life.

  101. ISTJ

  102. I.S.F.J.

    Certainly a lot to take in.

  103. I have learned a lot of information in this part that I never knew about myself very helpful thanks Barbara Jackson

  104. ENTP

  105. I am E.s.f.p I’m really not sure what that all adds up to. but there it is in black and white I just wish there like a final analysis of what all four personalities mean for instance does all four of these traits make me a prime candidate to become a Pulitzer winner or a seriel killer/ just saying…

  106. I learned a whole lot about personality, very interested learning about myself

  107. This quiz really helped me to understand more of what type of thinker I am. This learning material was extremely helpful.

  108. Hi, my letters are ENFJ. What’s my result of this study? I hope I could be informed.

  109. This was a surprising and interesting exercise.

    • I pretty much knew I was a introvert and I usually think before I react on anything I’m not a crowd follower. i don’t like crowd’s, but yes! the information was insightful,

  110. My letters are INTP very interesting.

  111. I got alot out of this test. It’s nice to know more about yourself.


  113. E.S.T.J.
    Me in a nutshell..
    Im lo ing tbis class.

  114. I S T P. Helpful way to examine ourselves!

  115. My letters are INFJ, interesting. Never did that before.

  116. Hi Michael my letters are same as yours.But i don’t know what they mean.Do you?

  117. I’m I S T J and proud of it!

  118. ENFJ


  120. My letters INFJ

  121. My Letters are ISTJ

  122. I’m ISFJ. I leaned toward some selections on both sides, but chose to go with the side that’s more often than not. Mainly, I think the results can depend also on the events or dealings that may be occurring presently in one’s life. These traits may change month to month and year to year, at least for me anyways.

  123. ISFP

    • You are alit like me in the terms of the personality test . There is a word for what ththey call this behavior . An only about 15-20;% of the worlds population are like this ouour DNA is like no other we are what they cacall empaths not to be confused with empathey. Every one has empathey. But as a empath we have special characteristics about us that not everyone understands . We feel other pain as if it was our own we are able to actually step inside ones feelings . Weather good bad happy sad. There is more to it but I’m not going to get any farther into iit. At this time . But it’s a gift an a curse.

  124. Today I was able to confirm some things as well as learn things about myself. My letters were ISTJ

  125. INTJ

    • I really don’t rely on this personality test because I have a little bit of both personalities.

  126. I’m ISFJ

  127. ISTJ

  128. My results: ISFJ,

    Although, on the second frame of selection. I feel as though my answer were mixed. on some things in both frame were related to my personality.
    I think that it depend on your age also. Young adults,dont have experiece of life.
    and an older person, will think maturalily, cause they have more experience in life.

    • Yeah it also fluctuates on certain situations… when i took this years ago before i did any research, I thought about where i leaned the majority of the time. we can take this test day to day and our answers will change, but if u look at at all of those scenarios and combined them together how often are you to lean towards one option versus the other…. I Think I’m INFJ But this comment screams INTJ lol…. but like i said I lean more infj

  129. I’m ESFP

  130. Im INTJ

  131. It was very helpful to know that their is a sense that I’ve used with my personality INFJ

  132. Intp

  133. I N T P

  134. INFP I think help me out to reach some of my goals

  135. ISTP

  136. intj

  137. ISFJ=no surprises there!

  138. I am an E.N.T.P. personality.
    Interesting to say the least.
    I’ve been on my own since the age of 14.
    So whether extremely structured or free range,Im comfortable

  139. I learned more about myself.

    • In a pressure situation is when i learn the most about myself.I feel as though i am a ESTJ

    • Esfp… thts me!!!

  140. I’m a I.S.F.J – it’s explains so much about myself, I thought I was imagining that I judge too much and also waiting for the future

  141. that describe a lot about my human nature

  142. My results says that I am INFP. I’m not too surprised.

  143. I got e s t sounds just like me pauline oliver

  144. I got e s t sounds just like me

  145. I a an INFP………….

  146. I AM an INFP and I agree 100%

  147. ISFP is my personality test

  148. ISFP is what I found out about myself and I guess it is what it is…

  149. Great test, it was all me,

  150. My score was ESTP. I’m an “artisan,” and more specifically, a promoter. I learned a lot about myself. I also carried some of the “creator” traits. Very interesting test. I learned some new ways to de-stress.

  151. istj hats the reason i always got a headache to serious about life got to change

  152. My name is Shanae and my personality type is INTP. I hadn’t seen Anyone say something about that particular one, however I found I fit different personality traits in the other categories as well

  153. I have a better insight understanding of my personality, Sense of characteristics, actions with life decisions, and thinking characteristics. It has given me complete comprehension of my family inherited traits and non- inherited behavior.
    I have a better understanding of why Alzheimer exists within my family but still don’t understand why only our women? I’ve done this research for classwork. On my own time, I think researching more on the subject of Alzheimer’s brain function.

  154. Mine was e s t which is right on

  155. My 4 Personality letters are ESTJ. I hope I can learn more about my self.

  156. I got I s t so much like me but I couldn’t see the 4th one

  157. I’ve taken this test many times before and always get similar results IN**(INTJ today). Good to know since I’m in School again. Hopefully, this will help inform me during my studies.

  158. My results were ITSJ. I learn quite a bit about myself. This hit the nail on the head about me.

  159. This is very interesting . It would be great to be able to learn how to make things easier in my life . My letters are ISTP .

  160. I got the letters ISI something couldnt see the 4th one.

  161. Hey name is Frank Muhammad, that was great test to learn something about your self, I still felt that judging characteristics & perceiving characteristics for me, I think use both sometimes. Great quiz to get to know yourself!

  162. Learned something I never knew today .

  163. INTJ is interesting to learn about myself.

  164. Surprisingly found out the truth about me. Love it.

    • ENTJ was great way to about myself as well, some instant I thought maybe I could have both personalities types, judging characters and perceive characteristics, however it was great test exercises.

  165. I liked it I figured this about me

  166. ISFP very interested in more about how stressed I’ve become through somethings. So I am not as stressed moving forward in life????

  167. My letters are ESTJ and although they do represent me many of the statements in the other categories did too. I am sure I am not alone with this idea. I guess I don’t fit in a box!

  168. ESTP is my personality

  169. I am ISTj. I’m comfortable with this assessment.

  170. What is E S F J?

  171. My letters are ESTJ. I had a hard time trying to decide between some of these personality traits because i have seen some of each in my journey through life. As an older man i looked at what was most consistent in my life and that is how i came up with my decision.

  172. My letters were ESFJ. A couple of the questions I could have been both, so I made the choice based on my better half(husband). Lol. Guess we’ll see in the near future.

  173. ISFJ

  174. ESTJ Now I understand why I did and said some things in my past. Very helpful for future reference. Thanks

  175. My four personality type letters are ESFP, The video and test intrigued me to want to know more; What does this combination of letters mean grouped together ?
    Was I born with them or did I learn them?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of these four letters combined? Over the years will my letters change ? This is exciting information to learn and take the time find out. I think this is going to help me in a lot of different areas of my life, just having the understanding of my personality types and how to use them all together as a asset in my life.

    • My personality type is ESFP. Learning this about myself, made me step back and have a better perspective on what kind of person I am.

  176. I’m E S F P I’ve learned something new about myself.

    • Mine was ISFJ.. I’ve learned something about myself today.

  177. My personality type letters were: ESTJ. I think these traits are in line with my world these days. I’m hopeful in the future my personality will be a bit more sensitive to the needs of others.

  178. I got INTP

  179. I enjoyed this test cause I learned a lot about myself by taking this test. but some of them I feel like I have a little of both mind sets in my personality. But like I said I enjoyed this test.

  180. I am etjs personality I work hard, play hard and have no extra time on my hands

  181. ISFJ is what i got

  182. my letters are INFP

  183. E S F J are the answers I received could u please explain them to me.

  184. My letters from the personality quiz were ESTP. The analysis makes sense in a lot of ways. I was recommended to take this quiz by an online class that I am taking.

  185. INTJ
    It was a bit difficult choosing on almost all questions; the situation at hand determines how I react. I just had a pop up saying my post is a duplicate!!
    My words/thoughts/ideas are my own.
    I’m completely authentic..

  186. INTJ
    It was a bit difficult choosing on almost all questions; the situation at hand determines how I react

  187. I’m ESFP. Some are mixed though I must say, because I may fit some characteristics in one column and one or two from the other

    • Yes they have characteristics in both groups. In addition I have noticed that through lifes’ experiences that the characteristics change. There is no mention of this that a person may have certain characteristics when they are younger and different characteristics when they are older.

  188. Mine was I.S.F.P. Which I thought was very interesting.

  189. My letters were I.S.F.P. I learned a little more about myself taking this quiz


    • ISFP very interested in more about how stressed I’ve become through somethings. So I am not as stressed moving forward in life????

  190. This is great. I have learned more about myself. I will try more of these.

  191. today, I learned that most people have different sides of personality. My score is estp. I will change the way I look at things now that I know what it is.

  192. My letters ESTJ… this was very interesting it showed me good traits and bad ones in reference to my acting and thinking ?


  193. It makes alot of sense after carefully reading it and getting some of the knowledge that I’m just finding out about. I know you’re supposed to plan ahead of time to keep u on track and the right place. What I want to Know is how can you stay on track and keep that steady pace if your juggling alot of things. How can you go about making time to do those things without being overwhelmed? I’ve learned by managing your time and taking notes on how to make your time more flexible is by pacing yourself to take in the knowledge and learn more about that lesson and still give yourself plenty of time to do so.

    • Brandy James…mine is INTF

    • Hi I’m Aisha R., I personally think that the test for the personality is a good idea but not at the same time cuz there’s a lot of different to us we have to go through every day that changes our mind frame and make us think different so as far as an IQ test I don’t know if that’s like a total good thing it’s just about the things that you go through through life I think that makes you have a different outlook on life and what change your IQ actually to go and demonstrate the ties to other people have tasks you know like hunger and being outside being homeless you know different people have different mindframes about different things so an IQ test is not like one of the best ways to determine the way a person is going to think I think it’s the problems people face everyday in the test schools they have to cool through that affects their IQ and mine friend and mine said and everything that they faced in life.

  194. I am a INTP? What does that mean for me in total?

  195. Mine was. I S F P…..interesting

  196. Mines was ISTJ I’m very serious about my life and know sometimes that can be a pain for others . i try not to forget that its not just me in this world that I’m living in and focus on the bigger picture of people and their feelings.

  197. The Letter’s that identified My personality traits were “INFJ”. The questions,they asked?
    Honestly, I were mixed with all those.I wish they could have had an answer,different from those ones,more than likely I would have choose both.

    • Hello Jamal,
      I hear you , mine was I n .
      Casey thus is the learning curve for most of of us.

  198. well my personality is I,N,F,J
    its right on the money with my personality.

  199. that explained a lot about myself.
    letters E,S,F,P

  200. well I’m not satisfied with my outcome, Maybe after more knowledge I’ll revisit the site to see the difference.

    • It makes alot of sense after carefully reading it and getting some of the knowledge that I’m just finding out about. I know you’re supposed to plan ahead of time to keep u on track and the right place. What I want to Know is how can you stay on track and keep that steady pace if your juggling alot of things. How can you go about making time to do those things without being overwhelmed? I’ve learned by managing your time and taking notes on how to make your time more flexible is by pacing yourself to take in the knowledge and learn more about that lesson and still give yourself plenty of time to do so.

  201. After reading about it. It made a lot of sense

  202. ESFP. Once i broke it down it actually made sense. So many times in the past i have seen people mention what they were but avoided taking any personality test. LOL guess i didn’t want to see what i was!

  203. I don’t see to many EN but it all good due to the fact that a lot of both sides seem like I have or feel most of those traits, or feelings. But I think ENFP are my letters but that still opens so many more questions.


  205. My letters are ISTP. I figured this is how I would see myself. I go off of the basis of facts, I enjoy being around people majority of the time and so forth. When reading this, I actually see that I have traits in both categories.

  206. Mines says INFP what does that mean

  207. Initially I thought I was clear about myself and what I was about but the results my test INFP gave me a clearer understanding of myself I hope I can use this information as guide to improve my life as time progresses.

  208. This test says my personality type is:
    I-N-F-J. what do it mean?

  209. my test results were I – N – F – J

  210. I got isfj that tells me a lot about myself its a lot of things I would like to change

  211. My Personality Letters are I S T J

  212. My 4 personality type letters were; I S F P..
    My opinion as far as the “Myers Briggs Personality Test” I do not believe that any one person fall into such neat categories. I felt that I could go both ways in each of the categories. I can be introverted at times, I can also be an extravert. I believe that there were times I was more of one than another. Just like maturing from a child into an adult you change. Some of these personalities were me and have changed sides with age.

  213. My 4 personality letters are I S F J

  214. My letters are ISTJ

  215. Interestingly enough I ended up with ISFJ. Some of the traits and questions seemed to contradict who I am but they do make sense as I enjoy groups of friends, though it becomes to much at times. Alone time to gather my thoughts is also important, it helps releive the overwhelm of stress. Letting “little things” roll off like rain drops since I really can’t do anything about it. Never forget there’s always a posative to get you pasts a hard time.

    • I’m ISTP. The T was very unusual for me because I normally use my feelings mostly in my thoughts and actions when dealing with the public. I guess that I’m more analytical than I thought myself to be.

  216. I am Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving characteristic types. This definitely solidified what I already knew about myself. I have always watched others and learned from the mistakes they made from the time I was a little little girl. I like having fun with people but deeply enjoy spending as much time to myself as I possibly can. I would rather make other people happy to avoid conflict but at the same time I don’t necessarily mind conflict either. Sometimes I avoid it and sometimes I instigate it to test the waters. I hate sticking to a schedule but I know I need to learn how to be better with my time management because i’m ALWAYS LATE, and…………….. I don’t care most times. Also my memory is trash. I have the hardest time trying to remember birthdays and special occasions even if I put them in my calendar. This lets me understand exactly what I need to work on and what i’m actually pretty good at. I’ll be sharing this with my management team tomorrow.

    • Im E&N. But a lot of those other ones sounds like me as well. This was interested. But no one knows you like you know yourself. So to me i will say its about 55% to 65% me.

    • Im the opposite of what i just read. Im good at sharing now . people gravitate to me so im more hands on.

    • Isfc

    • I am also ISFP I enjoy having a few friends but enjoy time to myself. I agree with you. Sometimes I am introvert and sometimes extrovert depending on the situation. I am not a person who plans ahead although I do make to do lists daily.

  217. I am I S F P

  218. I am I.S.F.J!! I think this is normal for me, You learn something new everyday.

  219. I got the letters infp and I don’t have a clue what it means

  220. My letters that I got was INFP whatever that means it doesn’t matter to me I really don’t believe in any of this but ok I did my a assignment that is it

  221. ISTJ

  222. I am a enfp letters I don’t know what they mean though

    • I got the letters infp and I don’t have a clue what it means

  223. i am an e.s.t.j this is an cool teast

  224. ISFJ

  225. Mines Was ISTJ

  226. This was interesting. My Type is INFP

  227. My personality type letters was ESFJ

  228. I am ESFP

  229. isfp but I really feel like Im every letter

  230. It was interesting,I’ve done a similar test in Nursing school .

  231. The test was okay. But there was some answers I felt like it was me and others did not pertain to me.

  232. hi; it says I am ESTP sounds just about right.

  233. It says I’m INTJ, but I fell in the middle most of the time and simply chose one. I definitely will be taking the test on some of the other sites.

  234. The personality traits match me to a tee! I am excited to learn how to master my stress level and understand my own personality. Knowing ones self is very important in controlling stress levels.

  235. I like this. I am an ESFP. This test for me is pretty accurate

  236. INTP

  237. ESFP

  238. ISFJ

  239. INJF

  240. ISFJ

  241. I’m ISTJ

  242. I like the test, but I believe i am both

  243. I think this had a lot of things that I am

  244. Smile and quit stressing

  245. I’m INTJ

  246. ENTP

  247. ISTP

  248. What if you find yourself having a couple characteristics in each analysis, is there ever more than two options? This is almost like having the choice of democrat or republican, and that’s all, but I do believe that there is an independent party as well….. ???

  249. I love this test

  250. I am glad to learn more about myself.

  251. I had to reflect on how I do things true reality check

  252. I liked the test as well. I am an ISFP, I guess. Does any1 feel like in some of the questions they felt related to both of the responses? I sure did. I totally agree with the outcome tho.

  253. I’m a esfp


  255. I N T P !
    I am not seeing many others with this particular combination of traits. I always knew I was a bit different. Unique and just fine with it! We all have our individual ways of navigating through life. I think it is facinating. I enjoyed learning more about my own personality…
    Helps me understand and find coping skills that work.

  256. ENFJ

  257. INTJ

  258. I have INTJ. Interested in knowing my personality.

  259. My letters are ISFP. Will sum1 please tell me what they mean.

  260. I S F P
    I never had put much thought into my personality before.

    • Hi Rhonda. My letters are the same as yours. What do they mean?

    • I’ve just redone the test and I understand it now. I needed to reread the info.

  261. ISTP

    • I really never put much emphasis on it one way or the other. My letters are, ISFP

  262. Well today I learned a lot about myself. I never really sat down and thought about what type of Personality or what type of person that I really am or what other people perceive me to be. My letters are I S T J

  263. ISTP

  264. I am INFJ I love this mini quiz

  265. I liked this test. I may have found out a little bit about myself. Knowing what type we are wll help us in our courses.

  266. Results

  267. My letters are I S T J.

  268. intj

  269. well I really enjoyed this section because I had taken sicilogy years ago and remembered a lot of this and realized that through the years I have changed from one state to another when it comes to ESTP. Wow its amazing how my way of thinking has changed with time

  270. Never knew this about myself.

  271. wow I am Ispf did’t know.But it’s good to know.

  272. ENTP

  273. I am isfjMine turned out to be ISFJ me to a tee.

  274. I like it

  275. intj

  276. ENTP

  277. INFP

  278. ISFP ! Look at the bigger picture !

  279. I learned something new about myself today. I am ISFP.

  280. I am ENFJ?

  281. Well my personality test results are INFP which actually is quite personality has been in a lot of tug of war matches. But ultimately has lead to the above results. I’m glad.

  282. ISTP

  283. my test says I am (ISTJ?)

  284. The quiz is interest IJP

  285. The quiz is interest

  286. ISFP
    I agree wholeheartedly with this assessment of myself

  287. INJF is mine but my brain. Does not shut down ever

  288. INTJ but honest I am a full blend of everything because I blend the traits of each when it ultimately comes down to it basically for me to think completely clearly and be able to understand my own thoughts as well as share them with others in a way they’re able to be understood fully I have to use the full spectrum of thought methods otherwise my brain shuts down and I struggle to focus…..

  289. intj

  290. I am ESTJ, but I agree that I find both are some of the qualities in which I can identify.

  291. ISTP is supposedly mine.

    I do have to iterate that this test does not state who I am as a person. I do multiple things from both categories. but I had to choose one. It depends on what type of situations I go through depending on which technique I use. so this test means nothing to me in my eyes. or does it tell me what section I mainly use.

  292. I am ESFJ

  293. ESFJ

  294. ENFJ

  295. i am INTJ

  296. I am ISFJ

  297. I am ISTJ

  298. Mee too ?

  299. I am isfp

  300. sure like to take the real test.always wondered what type of person iwas.

  301. I have an ( I.S.F.J ). i”ve always thought I think differently than most people. some times I no what people are gonna say before they say it. I have a great personality, but little patience.. working on that too.

    • Hello jaimie . Thinking differantly than most people has always been what i thought about myself. It has always been a part of me way back as a child. However going through some of these studies makes me consider if my mindset has changed over time and that thinking differantly has that made me to comfortable. Im still amazed at the learning curve hear and i believe that i will soon be finding out about a new me. Either I think like a of others people now and do i recognize it or do i think differantly still. SMH great stuff…

  302. That was so informative

  303. Im a ESTJ????

  304. I’m INTJ. I can see how I have changed over time.

    • Knowing my personality type puts me in a better perspective of bettering it

    • Mind changed from taking this test years ago from ENSJ.

  305. Hello, My personality is INTP which is interesting because this personality has adapted itself with age. Very interesting how your personality can change as you age.

  306. I have an ISTJ type of personality.

  307. INTJ not surprising

  308. I am ISFP I learned something new about myself

  309. I’m a ESTJ

  310. ESFJ

  311. I have an very interesting pattern which is E,S,F,J.This open my mind to trying various ways of studying.Very useful.

  312. Im a INFJ

  313. I am I N F J

  314. im intj this was a very cool test!

  315. This was a very interesting test. I tested ISFJ

  316. Im an ENFP It made me laugh at myself!! Does humor count?

  317. I am ISTJ

  318. I tested as an ISFP
    I found the lesson to be very interesting. I remember taking this test years ago…unfortunately I do not remember what my rating was at that time. I would love to take the actual test again.

  319. I am a I S F J

  320. I am an ESFP…

  321. INJF not sure what it means but ok

  322. I’ve done this before, nothing has changed. I liked taking this again, though.

  323. INFJ I really enjoyed doing this. Thank you.

  324. I’m really excited to be able to learn a little bit more about myself and how I truly am. if feel as if this will be a fun thing to learn and will probably do more of these test.

  325. I’m truly excited and interested in learning more about my personality. I found the testing to be helpful and educational.

  326. This section has given me an internal breakdown of my actions. This was a great learning exercise for future improvement based on future endeavors.

  327. INFP

  328. IM infp

    • Reading these questions and answering them based on my life experiences, helps to view things differently and now I want to learn how to prioritize and not procrastinate.

  329. Mines is isfp

  330. I am ENTP.

  331. I discovered what type of personality I fall under. It was very useful and educational for me.

  332. istj

  333. I have taken this task and I realized some things about myself. Very interesting

  334. I will like to improve myself i just need a little more support

  335. ESFP

  336. really life experiences is the best teaching as to understanding who we really are

  337. it is very amazing how the anatomy of characteristics can be broken down for each one of us as we go through life we constantly learn ourselves everyday

  338. I.S.T.J

  339. ESFP: So this basically describes your character?

  340. EF

  341. ISTJ

  342. Mine was intj very interesting

  343. I’m not sure how this was supposed to help me with anything really except figure out the type of thinker that I am. If i respond and think both ways what does that say about me?

  344. I found the survey interesting and in this aspect I think I am a mix person. I can behave like an introvert as well as an extrovert is some situation.

    • so what does that say about our organization skills and the ability for us to meet deadlines?

  345. ISPF

  346. It was interesting

  347. I am ESFP type.

  348. Awesome thanks

  349. I really appreciate and enjoy the presentation!

  350. ISTJ

  351. istj

  352. I do not fit in these personality boxes as cut and dried as are defined. I have been training my thinking, emotions, and reactions to conform with spiritual connection with GOD Thru the Bible and spiritual advice Thru revelation by way of word of knowledge and word of wisdom is discerning of spirits. There are no secular or natural, “boxes”
    for these choices. In reality,I do not fall into the standardized categories given as choices.

  353. ESTP

  354. ENFP

  355. ESTP

  356. INFJ.
    I learned a bit about myself

  357. Having to really think about my reactions, comforts and reality I learned some things about myself. I need interaction.

  358. ISFP

  359. ISFP

  360. Says I am ISTJ

  361. I think the presentation is very informative, I enjoyed doing the quiz test and I did learn a lot about myself .

  362. I am E S T J. Hoping that’s a good thing !!!

    • My husband is an ESTJ…definitely an executive…a wonderful thing. Me being an ESFP and him being an ESTJ has made for a dynamic marriage. Together we make an unbeatable team….some call us a power couple!??✌️???

  363. I am E S T J. Hoping that’s a good thing !!!!

  364. Says I am E S T J. Hoping that’s a good thing !!!

  365. ISFJ?

  366. E*S*T*J…

  367. I know a lot more about myself , I can deal with that.

  368. ENTJ- well I am okay with that

  369. EN

  370. Entj okayy???

  371. E S T P ???

  372. I am I S T J.

  373. Mines is ISTJ

  374. My personality type is ISFJ.

  375. I just found out I’m an ISFJ type of person, that is very interesting to me explains a lot

  376. The descriptions are very helpful to understand ourselves better. It’s interesting and fluid having traits from both sides. ENTP

  377. very interesting

  378. Interesting, it really describes me, my four personality type letters are E N F P.

  379. This really describe me…very interesting.

  380. the imfomation in this setion open my mine to a lot of thimg I did”nt know

    • To me there is no other way than to think before you react. My Pastor tells us {The Church} all the time “Watch what you say because once you say it you can not take it back”.

  381. the quize was enterresting gives me a more open mind on how to get work done

  382. WELL I FIND THE QUIZ IS HELPFULL AND IT DO’S HELP WITH THE discovering for self awareness.

  383. This quiz let me know that I need to change some things, it was very helpful

  384. i think the footage was interesting

  385. I did not find it interesting, but I did find it accurate I saw myself clearly in every ?

  386. I thought the test was interesting cuz I didn’t anything about my self…

  387. This quiz really show me my downfalls and what effect my everyday life. This shows me what i have to fix in my life.

  388. The quiz was very helpful,and helps become in touch with our weaknesses.

  389. Life itself is a challenge. Our personalities are a unique part of our make-up as human beings. All of the above characteristics entertwine to make us complex individuals.

  390. I think that the quiz was very interesting

    • I thought it was interesting cuz I didn’t know anything about my self know I know ….

  391. I think it’s a challenge to determine best descriptors as options can be based on natural and adapted/situational traits.

  392. I think the summary of the above article call for self discovery. We need to discover our self before we can genuinely do the test, this is because if we fail to answer the test questions accurately we may not get the accurate or correct desired result.

    • this was very interesting i discovered a lot about myself.

    • Well today I learned a lot about myself. I never really sat down and thought about what type of Personality or what type of person that I really am or what other people perceive me to be. My letters are I S T J

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