Glen Allsopp: How ‘ViperChill’ Lost All Credibility

By   |  November 20, 2014

For the past several months, I’d been considering writing an article about Glen, a rather well-known “internet marketer” from Last week, after seeing his latest email newsletter in which he partnered with Alex Becker to promote a rather seedy product to thousands of webmasters – only weeks after having criticized a related product via Twitter – I called him out via email and invited him to an interview, noting that he had apparently disabled comments on that blog post in an attempt at censorship. Glen refused, insisting that he “uses the product” and it’s “changed the way he does business” and that I was only “insulting” him out of jealously (etc). He concluded, “Feel free to write whatever you like. I’ll be sure to forward it to people who ask why I don’t answer emails anymore.” I finished by asking, “What happened to the old, honest Glen? Flashy car photos, bullsh*t products, and Alex Becker… Glen 2.0… an email marketer who doesn’t answer emails? That pretty much sums up the industry.” I privately confirmed with Glen via email, twice, that he was not willing to answer any questions for this article. I always believe in giving people the chance to publicly explain themselves, but apparently Glen has nothing to say, which is rather tell-tale (see bottom).

Update 11/24/2014: It looks like Glen has pro-actively removed me from all of his email mailing lists. At least one website has already removed a glowing recommendation of Glen’s resources because of this article. My intention was not, and is still not, to create bad blood. In the spirit of debate and conversation I encourage thoughtful discussion, and not black-listing, etc. Anyway, cheers ~

Update 7/9/2015: Charles Floate, the increasingly well-known blogger behind GodofSEO, responded to this article in a passionate blog post of his own. Earlier, I had had a friendly Facebook exchange with Floate after noticing he was promoting Glen’s recently updated Marketing Inc 2.0 courses, a follow up to the online series that I had encouraged Glen to pursue and which partially influenced my LittleBizzy relaunch.

Update 4/11/2016: Looks like this piece is spiking again, so I should say that I recently had a guest post on MaxCDN’s blog about how to launch a high quality web hosting business and I mentioned Glen’s Marketing Inc project (again) as part of my inspiration. I will always oppose some of his bad decisions mentioned below, however ;)

Is being critical of one of the web’s ‘top’ internet marketers wise?

That depends, I suppose, on your moral convictions. As Sergeant Landsman sternly asserts in The Wire, “It’s all about self-preservation, Jimmy. Something you never learned.”

Well, I just so happen to be more of a McNulty fan, in the end.

If there’s one thing I hate in the digital age, its the virtual dicksuckery that now pervades the SEO and internet marketing industries in a way that so perpetuates quackery that nobody seems willing to call a duck a duck. And while I could (perhaps later) address multiple examples, today’s post is about calling out Glen Allsopp of ViperChill, one of the most followed internet marketing “gurus” online.

The Decline Of A Once Great Marketer

I have followed Glen for several years now, along with a multitude of other marketing bloggers. Despite my skepticism about most of his fly-by-night “products” and my disagreement with many of his opinions, I gave him the benefit of the doubt because so many people seemed to respect him and his case studies. And, over the years, I can say that Glen genuinely inspired me, either directly or indirectly, in some of my own personal thought processes. Don’t get me wrong – Mr. Allsopp is a clearly intelligent individual, who is a more or less likable character among many in the blogosphere (and for what it’s worth, I rather enjoyed his recent Marking Inc. video series).

Unfortunately, Glen seems to be backsliding. In recent months he has:

In fact, Matt Cutts, the now (in)famous leader of Google’s Web Spam team, even made a rare public jab at black-hat SEO “hype” promoters like Glen, calling them “used car salesmen who won’t show you their cars.” Ouch.

Making Money From Selling False Hope

This is not an anti-Glen Allsopp piece, or an anti “internet marketing” piece. This is an anti “pretending to offer real world value when all you do is make money from re-packaging false hope each month to a new crowd of desperate online newbies” …piece.

There are dozens, if not thousands, of “gurus” who do this on the web, and Glen is nowhere near the worst. In fact, its been a cornerstone of internet commerce since the beginning, with communities like Warrior Forum, Digital Point, BlackHatWorld, and others churning out bullshitter after bullshitter with absolutely no end in sight. Generally speaking, these bullshitters rely completely on the likes of ClickBank, and other digital affiliate product markets that have very lax standards when it comes to fraud. They then, sometimes with the help of others, hype the hell out of certain products, censor any critical feedback, avoid conversations with non-newbies who see through their bullshit, and make a good bit of money (sometimes) from all the clueless desperate people who purchase their get-rich-quick software “products” – which often involve black-hat SEO (although, in recent years, this approach has shifted more toward “online courses” and “members only” forums in place of traditional eBooks and software.)

Glen’s latest promotion, Source Phoenix, is yet another box of re-packaged false hope developed by Alex Becker, who got together several other internet marketers to help him hype the hell out of it in order to avoid criticism from competitors – that way, “hype” is maximized, and “affiliate” profits are shared all the way around. (Source Phoenix is yet another hype-promotion involving PBNs, a black-hat SEO tactic frowned strongly upon by Google, which has gotten thousands of websites banned – it also takes significantly more time and money than affiliates would have you believe.)

And while every emerging webmaster/marketer/human being could be expected to dabble in shittiness from time to time – especially when starting out – people like Glen Allsopp are old enough and experienced enough to know what they are doing is simply ripping off newbies who desperately want to find some success on the web.

Glen Allsopp Tactics In A Nutshell

As far as making money on the web goes, there are generally two types of people:

1. Those who start out hyping “crap” and evolve to selling something of value
2. Those who start out hyping “crap” and several years later, are still hyping “crap”

With all due respect, Glen currently falls into the second category. Despite his shining “case studies” on ViperChill, he continues to regurgitate the same iterations of ripoff black-hat SEO products and Super-Secret VIP Members-Only Clubs! despite it all ultimately coming back to him promoting his high-risk PBN backlinks (etc).

But if developing a micro-cult following online is your biggest goal in life – rather than, say, launching a successful eCommerce store, leveraging digital marketing for real-world business, or finding ways of adding true value to society… then here are some steps you can take to emulate “used car salesmen” on the web:

1. Project Superiority, Always. Become totally immersed in condescending language with every single email you write, comment you make, or discussion you have. Use patronizing phrases like “glad it helped you, bud” to remind every conversation of your self-importance. Like an alpha male on a reality TV show, establish yourself as intellectually superior, overly reasonable, and profess the success of your “followers” as your top concern. However, if anyone challenges you or criticizes anything you say, cut them off immediately, and move to item #2.

2. Pretend You Don’t Care. Combining your bloated ego (above) with a sense of indifference is a lethal combination. In fact, its the same psychological approach used by the 21st-century man-children who call themselves Pick-up Artists (PUAs) when they harass troubled girls with daddy issues down at the local bar – except in this case, you are targeting needy young webmasters looking for an online father figure. Respond to any and all criticism with reverse-psychology phrases like, “No worries if you don’t want to follow me after this” (quote via email).

3. Act Like Everything You Do Is A Favor. I’ve spent the better part of a decade devouring news, blogs, and the like online, and never have I come across others who can so cleverly make everything they do seem like a gift from Christ above. This is clearly not something that guys like Glen learned on Warrior Forum, but rather something that comes naturally to a select few. (If guys like Glen or “Becker” were born a century earlier, they’d be selling snake oil tonic up and down the Mississippi River.) In fact, the first thing Glen said to me when I asked him why he was promoting scam-ware was “What’s your problem, bud? I’ve replied to your past emails!?” (drastically paraphrased).

4. Master The Art Of Subtly. Best reserved for a future article, but suffice it to say that the only way you’ll be able to accomplish #2 and #3 is by way of subtle, subconsciously-manipulative language in a controlled environment.

5. Control Your Environment. Something that most IM’ers like Glen understand well is the power of groupthink, or “crowd” mentality. The fastest way they can maximize hype and create a false sense of celebrity is by controlling what their audience is exposed to. Specifically, only blog comments that worship and adore them are typically accepted, and receive an immediately reply that simultaneously A) “encourages” the person commenting and B) condescends to the person commenting (reinforce #1, always). Very little interaction takes place on public forums or any environment which such “hype-artists” cannot control, which is another reason they LOVE email lists so much.

6. Create Fake Celebrity. A surprisingly easy thing to do on the web, where nobody knows you from Adam. Making yourself look more famous or successful than you really are is a guilty pleasure of most netizens, if we are being honest. If you are Glen, you post The Guardian newspaper’s logo all over the place making it look like they’ve endorsed your marketing services, despite you having reached out to them several years earlier as part of a “who’s traveling the world and making money online?” survey. But hey, if you’ve got it, then use it — it’s not like… anyone’s going to track down those articles…

(If all else fails, take a cue from Glen and put logos from the likes of Reuters, Forbes, etc. on your site, and pretend like news corps around the world are talking about you. And for the record, when guys like Glen say they’ve done marketing for “Fortune 500” clients, its bullshit, as large corporations NEVER hire rogue marketers. Most any SEO who’s worked with agencies in a developing country – i.e. South Africa, as Glen did – has done work on behalf of Fortune 500 subsidiaries as part of that agency’s client base. Or, feel free to call up Land Rover and ask them if they’ve heard of Glen Allsopp.

7. Create A Sense Of Mystery. Probably one of the only items on this list that I still quite respect about Mr. Allsopp is his unique ability to create mystery. With every email he sends or blog post he carefully constructs, Glen has a keen ability to make you feel part of something grand, something that the rest of the world is missing out on. Take for example, his Private Inc. email list for black-hat SEO backlinks — despite Google’s Web Spam team clearly knowing about the list and Glen’s sprawling PBN network, you can’t help but want to know more about this minimalistic wonder:


8. Churn Out New Crap Every Month. The problem with “hype-artists” is that after they’ve been in the game too long, its the only business model they know. In fact, they’ve built up such a facade online that by turning to anything else, they would literally have to tear down years of carefully constructed bullshit, and admit the truth to themselves. Obviously, that becomes a lot harder after you’re into your late 20s, 30s, or even beyond, which is why guys like Glen are still putting crap up on ClickBank, recycling eBooks and video courses and “nich affiliate” products year after year.

9. Create Artificially Low Supply. Economics 101: When there’s not much demand, the only option you have is to create less supply. Companies like Apple and Nintendo have been doing this for years during new product launches so that pre-order queues and launch hype is maximized (nothing helps sales more than the Wall Street Journal screaming, “Nintendo Wii sold out, factories ‘rushing’ more deliveries.”) The first email you get after signing up for Glen’s Private Inc. list literally says “Please Unsubscribe from the Waiting List” as subsequent emails go on to explain how the team only “accepts” new clients once a month to deal with the massive “demand”… but don’t worry, says Glen, this is not hype!… He is just seriously too busy to accept new customers… except maybe now… or NOW… or… why haven’t you ordered any backlinks yet!? :)

10. Rub Elbows With Well-Knowns. Last but not least, attempt to associate with reputable people in the industry, i.e. Rand Fishkin, on his own website,, even just days before you insult him on your own blog. (If that doesn’t work, try shooting the s**t with Brian Dean, or other high profile white-hat SEO guys.) In fact, blatantly copy website features from Pat Flynn’s homepage, since he is your idol, and maybe readers will get confused and think you haven’t made your cash by scamming newbies when they look at your income reports and listen to your Pat Flynn-esque podcast on iTunes.

In conclusion, I humbly implore Mr. Allsopp to return to his “roots” as a down-to-earth marketer, promoting quality products, while keeping in mind the thousands of young webmasters that look up to him. After all, it was his younger self with the best advice:

“Don’t be an internet marketer for the ego. I think at times we all love to share how good we are but it is not about how many visitors you can send but the results you can get from those visitors in terms of subscribers, buying products and clicking on ads. If you want to get in this space because you want to appear like you know it all and get some e-fame then you are wasting your time, but if you really want to help people get traffic to their sites then I fully respect that.” – Glen, 2008

Anyway, so here’s my bet: Without any help from PBNs or black-hat SEO, I’ll rank this article at the top of Google for terms like “Glen Allsopp” and “Glen Allsop” and “Glen Alsopp” and “ViperChill” and “Viper Chill” to prove a simple point:

“Every link I’ve managed to build has come from nothing but: Writing excellent content, Engaging in my niche, Repeating what works.” — Glen, 2009

But don’t take my word for it… I’m just some hack writer with an axe to grind.

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  1. I just finished going through Mr. Allsop’s latest SEO offering from Have no idea how that link arrived in my inbox but I got sucked in. I must admit he is quite persuasive.

    Thank goodness I came upon this post to set me straight. And to learn he was involved with that punk Becker — that’s all I needed to see.

    You have a new fan for sure and I’ll be following you from this point forward. You just saved me a grand.

    • Me too!!! However, it closes soon and hasn’t opened for 15 months.

  2. I reached out to Glen once, regretted that pretty quickly. I think this article just sums up internet marketing in general. People like him give it a bad name.

  3. Since you you highlighted the bad about Glen and South Africa. You sound like a guy suffering from small penis syndrome.

    Nice marketing-self technique I suppose to act like the internet Goody-goody.

    Using a famous persons name to get some online attention, nice strategy to raise you level.
    Hit them from an emotional level to position your Brand, an excellent idea to manipulate the reality of size.

    Only problem is that it shows, when keeps slipping out when you change positions in you down look on other countries and words like “Viper Chill”.I hope you get noticed as the “good adviser” that most shady marketers aim for.

    You seem to spend lot’s of time on watching others rather than: High the problem- Show the solution- Lead by example.

    It might get you off faster,Im not sure but you sound defeated and you need people to side with you.

    Stop interviewing to gain traffic, start showing how you do it better.

    An stop asking favors and when you get rejected, you use you “false ransom methods” to rule by imposing fear. Is this you passion? What is you niche?

    Oh traffic first than sales later, a good strategy to gain traffic faster and appear like the online sheriff.

    What is you true motive? Are you being transparent?

    The answer is rhetoric- This you traffic wild card method ( Ace up you sleeve).
    Good luck I hope you are perfect?
    Sneaky sales guys always sounds like the once that diverts the flaws in others rather than revealing theirs.

    • Thank you for pointing this out – I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Ugh, shut up, Glen’s the best.

  5. Wow! How did you do that? How did you ranked this article on top of I wamt to learn.

  6. Ew, I can’t believe how naive I am. I just looked at the rest of your posts, “THIS SITE SUCKS!!!” “THIS PRODUCT SUCKS!!!” I thought you were misguided, but no… you’re a TROLL?…

    Yeeeeah, niiiiceeeee…..

  7. So…you called him out for…. preferring one product over another..and recommending that product.

    You basically accused him of being a fraud and then asked him to do an interview to ‘explain himself’… weird I wonder why that didn’t take.

    If this was dating instead of networking, you basically approached the hot popular chick at a party and told her she was fat and a phony — You negged her and then asked her on a date.. and it didn’t work.

    What’s wrong with Alex Becker? He sells things to people? The thing about Becker is that he’s completely transparent about that… like, is anyone unaware when he’s selling something after he posts free helpful content? He’s upfront about all of this… his whole personality is honest and upfront about his feelings and intentions..just like Glen…

  8. THANKS FOR THIS !! Saved me a lot of money, after checking: he is a scam
    It looked like it the whole time, i was not sure but yes: scam, dont buy into it.

  9. Today I had an interesting conversation with Glen (if it’s his real name) about his marketing course:

    Me: your course plan sounds really promising. and I’m thinking about joining it. I also watched testimonials from your former students. May I ask you to send me the links to their businesses and profiles in social media?

    Glen: Sadly I can’t share their businesses as they would just get too much competition which wouldn’t be fair to them.

    Me: Then how would i know that they real?

    Glen: I’m pretty sure I would get locked up for faking that kind of information.
    I’m not really sure what to say to that to be honest.
    If you doubt they are genuine then by all means I would definitely not join if you are on the fence.

    Glen (in a few minutes): Daryl (the $10K/m video) is the only one I know that is open about his online SEO ventures. Here’s his link:

    I checked the link. And I’m supposed to believe that this guy is making $10K a month??? Come on!!

    • yes, the video has 500 views, and the guy is max 18 years old, real expert.. 50 minutes of zero news

  10. I am a newbie at this and basically find your article on Glen quite useless as you really didn’t clarify anything and pointed out mostly the bad. I follow Glen in particular and find him totally inspiring his thought process is awesomely incredible and something gI wish I possessed it would so much more refreshing and helpful to write an article that pointed out the positive and whatever negative you have that’s PROVEN negative could follow. If Mr.Allsop is taking advantage of newbies he will eventually be his own demise

  11. Thank you for writing this. I stumbled on his sites and started reading with interest. But his language and tone set off SO MANY alarm bells, I had to stop. I kept thinking, “Wait. Do people not notice this?” I googled him out of curiosity and your article perfectly captured my suspicions. Thanks for being the sane voice.

  12. Without any help from PBNs or black-hat SEO, I’ll rank this article at the top of Google for terms like “Glen Allsopp” and “Glen Allsop” and “Glen Alsopp” and “ViperChill” and “Viper Chill” to prove a simple point:

    The only point you proved is that you are either clueless or as deceptive as those you criticize. No one is trying to rank for those keywords, so there is virtually no competition for them. Get back to us when you rank for something even remotely competitive in the same way.

    • So then you admit PBNs aren’t necessary? Okay, got it thanks.

  13. Jesse,

    I just posted my first post on a new blog a few days ago. I came across your post and site by searching for info on Glen Allsop. I have to tell you, I am writing another post now as an update on my previous post. I mentioned your post, and your name, so I am letting your know in advance of posting the article. I will send you a copy before it goes live.

    The reason I am commenting here is to thank you for the piece, it is exactly what we need in this rapidly expanding space of information that is uncensored for the most part. The good information is blended in with the not-so-good, and I hope to be able to publish information of both types on my blog.

    Thank you,


  14. Well i’m confused! Jesse are you saying that you recommend Marketing Inc 3.0 and it is money well spent?
    With their rank and rent model do you know if they try to sell you links from their PBN’s to make them rank faster?

    • I haven’t seen the latest versions of Marketing Inc but the first version was definitely helpful. Please note that they did not touch on PBNs or rank/rent in that version as far as I recall, and I do NOT recommend getting involved with any of that.

      High risk, low reward. Build something of value instead.

  15. My instinct is he knows his SEO inside out, but… I don’t like income reports and I don’t like lifestyle pics (even if accompanied by disclaimers about the sports cars being hired for the day).

    I am insufficiently informed to comment on how genuine he is. But simple maths tells me this:

    Make a premium e-product and sell it for $1,000 a pop and then hit a HUGE EMAILING LIST with a Jeff Walker “warm launch” and maybe you will sell a thousand of them and make yourself a cool million.

    I see Neil Patel and others doing the same and I actually resent being marketed to in this way, presumably because I now know how these things work. Surely it can’t go on, this style of marketing, as more and more people become exposed to it?

  16. I’ve been following Glen’s ViperChill blog for some time now and I must say I’ve learnt quite a lot. I have never used or tried any of his products but his blog posts are in-depth and I do get some ideas and inspiration from them. I’ve recently been getting some videos about his marketing inc so I’ll give it a try.

  17. Wow…now I can’t even come to a conclusion. Glen’s marketing inc 3 closes in a few hours. Don’t know whether to buy.

    • I recommend his Marketing Inc courses they are high quality and very helpful. As far as his other products including PBN links, I can’t really comment besides saying PBNs are high risk and against Google guidelines.

  18. Something I found interesting is he doesn’t seem to bother in dealing with reputation management. It is as if he just doesn’t know how to push the negativity down the SERPs and the positives up the SERPs when Googling for his brand name (viperchill). That is SEO 101 IMO.

  19. Glen has always been a shady character, going back to the days of DigitalPoint forums and PHPFox forums. I always assumed he had grown up, but clearly he’s just graduated to learning how to monetize his shady tactics.

  20. I was nearly sold on this man’s charms. I’m confused pls. Tell me what’s working,who to follow ,whose course you recommend. I’m still a newbie and have not made a cent online but have been taken for a ride countless times. Pls. Help !

  21. If anyone’s going to be criticizing Becker, it’s probably going to be me.
    Take a look at these 2 categories on my blog:
    And you’ll see Becker products, and products he’s promoted being wiped out the game by my factual reviews.

    It’s probably not wise to call people like Glen out, but I’ve called out just about everyone in SEO/IM, except those that are actually good at it.

    Before I get into Glen, you cannot really talk about promoting bad products when you have an interview with Wyatt on your site – Which promotes his CloudPBN Product, which is a black hat product.. and also a very bad black hat product, which resulted in multiple people having their PBNs deindexed (Check my review – which you linked to in your own interview.. Which wasn’t criticism, it was FACT. I even managed to reset Glen’s CloudPBN password, TWICE.)

    Now, for Glen.. I’ve been a fan of Glen for a long time, he’s one of the very first bloggers I started following, along with Matt Woodward and Marketing Inc and Marketing Inc 2.0 do offer great info, a good community and if followed & used correctly will build a sustainable long term, from home business.

    He didn’t really trash talk Rand, Rand says Black Hat is short term.. Yet when I proved him wrong – He didn’t even reply, when I emailed him the link, his reply was “5 years isn’t long term” – Are you insane? 5 years in Internet/Computing time = 2.5x faster processors… And has beaten every Google Animal update ever released.

    I hate censorship, I’m an advocate against it.. I do NOT agree with his decision to remove comments, and will say to Glen: That is a stupid move, and when I first saw it, I called him out on it myself..

    He didn’t partner with Becker, he was purely an affiliate on behalf of him.. Which I didn’t like. If he wanted to promote a product, he could of promoted an actually good Black Hat SEO product. BlackHat.Community, a BH Product I founded has grown to over 800 paying monthly members in under a year.. We offer an affiliate program, he decided not to join or promote it.

    Source Phoenix launched and was closed by December….. I’ve seen 0 people or case studies from people who have bought the product seeing ANY benefit, and Becker has already launched 2 new products in the time since he closed it.

    Becker isn’t a churn and burn SEO, he can’t even do SEO successfully himself, he’s just a churn and burn product maker.

    Glen on the other hand, messed up here.. He promoted a bad product and he’ll have to live with that. It was stupid.

    Still, Glen’s own product (Marketing Inc 2.0) is good, and I promoted it myself. His SEO skills are good, and I’ve personally seen him rank multiple sites.

    I can’t speak for his PBN Service, I haven’t used it or seen it. Though my own PBN Services have never resulted in ANY deindexation, and are publicly available..

    Overall, I agree it was stupid and greedy for him to promote Becker’s product, but I wouldn’t say his reputation & skillset is destroyed because of it.. It simply isn’t. I still think he should take his promotion of it down, and replace it with a page about how genuinely sh*t Becker is.

  22. Genius!

  23. No glen and diggy are not scammers they are scam artists. Their articles are not clear cut leaving you want more more detail and then they sell you something. Its quite obvious.

  24. Since you don’t censor, I look forward to seeing this published…

    My main issue with this article, is that it felt very lacking in substance. Nothing you wrote struck me as good evidence of what you are proposing. Kind of wasted my time if I’m being honest.

  25. “Good article. But how can you say this when you interview and write about this kid…

    Kid is a scammer with terrible service.”

    Agreed with the previous commenter.

  26. @Jake,

    I agree with all of your points, and think you are spot on, except for the issue regarding identity. I’m fairly certain Glen is like me and many other introverted guys who do blogging etc. online and simply doesn’t enjoy throwing his face and personal life all over the web, to be honest.

  27. I also found this article via Big SEO subreddit.

    When I first discovered Glen, I found his articles to be extremely in-depth, helpful, and inspiring. Though he was more black-hat than I would like, I also felt like he brought interesting white-hat ideas to the table, like how to create a viral distractify-style website.

    However, I must admit that his products and promotional tactics definitely prey on the less knowledgable in the space who are eager to “make money fast”. Yes, he writes helpful content, but I don’t think that gives him a pass. If anything, it’s the best way to reel in people and get them to trust you.

    Like you, I think he’s very talented, but I think he would be able to have a better impact on the world if he stayed away from the snake oil hype style marketing tactics and focused on quality products and transparency.

    To me, the fact that he doesn’t really share who he is and hides behind a possible pseudonym/unclear face images is a huge red flag. Also, it seems like every attempt to bring up a legitimate criticism is met with an attack, whether he says you are “jealous” or wasting your time or trying to tear down his work when you should be focusing on your own, because it’s not as successful as his. It’s just misdirection.

    Personally, I think a lot of this has to do with his age. He’s relatively young and I think given another decade, he might have a different outlook. Or, he could just turn into a Frank Kern type who doesn’t care how he makes money, just that he does.

    All this being said, I will still read his articles because I find them interesting, but I would never use the black hat SEO tactics he suggests or buy any of his products (owned or recommended).

    The funny thing about this comment is that I am not in his target market. He is targeting the poor saps who don’t know any better. Hopefully, they read this article before buying into any of his hype.

    • Wow, wise words, well said. Taking into consideration but have you ever purchased any of Glens products?

  28. @Diggy,

    Yes, I do feel this article helps people, because they have said so. It’s already receiving hundreds of hits from people researching on Google re: if they should buy black-hat PBN backlinks for their business, etc. If it helps innocent business owners from getting penalized, I think that would be a “positive” result.

    Nobody is 100% perfect, yes. I believe in forgiveness, and second chances, and self-improvement. But I also believe in public debate and transparency. Bernard Madoff also made some people rich and taught them a lot about investment, but thousands of others had their livelihood destroyed by the man.

    I know that you and Glen seem to be generally good guys, but its a shame that your recent content and services don’t reflect that.

    Ironically, a comment like yours probably would have been deleted by Glen.

  29. Appreciate the article, Jesse.

    It seems like you have a habit of doing this kind of thing.

    Glad to see you got your rankings back:

    Apparently my “bud” at the end of the email was insulting to you? Haha.

    This speaks volumes:

    I won’t expect this to be published. :)

  30. Jesse,
    it’s a shame that you feel this way. What have all these hours that you put into writing this accomplished? Do you really feel that this article helps people?

    Like, just imagine you actually wrote something that would help people, instead of adding to the negativity in this world.

    Nobody is 100% perfect, but if you take action and work relentlessly there is a ton of money to be made, by adding value to people’s lives.

    While Becker has a bit of a bad rep in some regards, he has literally transformed the lives of dozens if not hundreds of people through his content, courses and work ethic. I know because I am one of those people, and I can personally point out a dozen more that I interact with regularly who have become financially independent because of Becker’s teachings.

    Glen has done the same to improve people’s lives and add value (and since we work together I can say we’ve helped dozens of people improve their financial situations with our courses, products and services).

    I’d wish you can read your article from another perspective and realize that trying to tear people down isn’t a good way to go about life.

    The glass is half-empty or half-full. It’s all about perception and attitude.

    Hope you have a great day!

  31. @Mohul,

    I don’t censor comments or differing opinions, I believe in debate.

    Maybe my writing style is a bit dramatic, and maybe history repeats itself and everything is pointless in the end. But the neat thing about the internet is that ideas can be shared and debated across generations.

    And maybe you are right that I shouldn’t rank this article for his name, as that may be a bit uncool… but what is more uncool is scamming honest people around the world into buying crap internet products or even worse, getting their small business website penalized from PBNs.

    In any case, my articles usually rank high without my trying to do so, simply because they are in depth posts on specific topics.

  32. Oh well. Your article is like a furious bear, who is hungry to hunt down any God damn thing which walks on 4 legs.

    Glenn is a super star marketer, no doubt. And the quotes you have used at the end proves that.

    In case he is promoting a product or two, created by established marketers, I dont think it should create much of an issue. The claim that you are going to rank this post on certain personal keywords of Glenn, is again, the same thing you are writing against.

    I suppose you should chill down. Have a beer, and think hard on what ‘you’ can do in this space, rather than complaining and bitching about another marketer, who has no qualms on promoting other’s products.

    The world goes on.. The hunter, the hunted and the forest, will be the same always :)

    PS: Lets see you publish this comment or not!

    PPS: I found you from reddit. BigSEO subreddit..

  33. @Adam,

    Wyatt is controversial, but he manned up and did an interview with me. If someone is willing to answer some tough questions, I think its fair to let them speak for themselves. He’s a really young kid and I think he’s realizing lately that he’s got some choices to make going forward. I hope he puts his talent to good use.


    Fair enough point, but I’m not really sucking off Google. I’ve “hated” Matt Cutts as much as the next blogger from time to time. At the end of the day, I’m not really calling out black-hat SEO as much as guys who sell crap to decent people who are looking for solid advice on how to make money online. A lot of those people don’t really know the difference between white-hat or black-hat or otherwise, and getting them penalized for a quick profit is shameful, IMO.

  34. It sounds like you have a bigger problem with using/promoting black hat tactics than you do with specific internet marketers.

    It also sounds like you might have a problem with internet marketers actually (gasp) marketing!

    Google dicksuckery might get you a gold star from Mr. Cutts but that’s about it. You’re still engaging in the same dicksuckery as everyone else, just a bit more jealous and a lot less profitable. :)

  35. Good article. But how can you say this when you interview and write about this kid…

    Kid is a scammer with terrible service.

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