The Scream – A global political picture

By   |  February 18, 2009

Prior to 9/11

2nd August 1990 Iraq shocked the world by actually invading Kuwait city after threatening Kuwait since January 1990 where as some troops had entered Kuwait territory. This being related to an argument over the $14 billion that Iraq borrowed from Kuwait to finance the Iraq Iran war, Iraq had argued that the war had prevented the rise of Persian influence in the Arab World, thus protecting Kuwait asking that the loan be made none and void. The talks broke down, then Iraq had tried repaying its debts by raising the prices of oil through OPECs oil production cuts. Kuwait then prevented a global increase in petroleum prices by increasing its own petroleum production. This was seen by Saddam Hussien as an act of aggression. Other problems arose in reference to oilfield drilling on the boarders of Iraq and Kuwait. Saddam also found many other excuses as reason for the invasion. 6 days after a United Nations coalation force operation ‘Desert Storm’ soon freeded Kuwait of it illegal occupant. UN and the US placed sanctions on Iraq of which caused further problems to the oil rich nation with a bad economy. Soon after Iraq was making plans to supply oil to China by building a oil pipeline from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan to meet with a Chinese financed pipeline into China. This was to surmount the oil embargo placed on Iraq by the sanctions.

During the cold war, the Soviets in Afghanistan, and the Soviet-backed Afghan government, were met with fierce popular resistance. Guerrilla forces, calling themselves mujahideen, pledged a jihad, or holy war, to expel the invaders. Armed with outdated weapons, the mujahideen became a focus of U.S. cold war strategy against the Soviet Union. Washington began smuggling arms to the mujahideen’s. On the withdrawal of the Russian troops the Taliban a group of mujahideen’s took over overall power of Afghanistan. The Taliban imposed a strict Islamic state based on following the original Islamic laws within the Koran.

On 26th February 1993 a car bomb exploded at the World Trade Center the first alleged Al-Qaeda attack on USA soil; later intelligence reports link this terrorist action to Osma Bin Laden

On Aug. 20, 1998, U.S. cruise missiles struck a terrorist training complex in Afghanistan believed to have been financed and run by Osama bin Laden, a wealthy (ex-Saudi Arabian national), Islamic radical sheltered by the Taliban. USA asked for the deportation of Bin Laden. UN and US placed trade sanctions on Afghanistan because the Taliban Government would not hand over Osma Bin Laden and close down the Al-Queda training complex in Afghanistan.

9/11 2001 Osma Bin Laden involk his plan to shock america and the world there are no doubts in my mind that Al-Queda operatives destroyed the World trade center and there where no conspiracies of US or Saudi Arabian interference. This was the work of Osma in retaliation to US backing of Israel and its comercial intrusions into Islamic affairs. Bin Laden’s private and continuing war on the USA. His objective is to have a one hugh united islamic Islamic State obeying strict Islamic laws of the Koran.

The China syndrome unfolds.

Deng Xiaoping, the former Premier of China set forth the current transformation of modern China in the early 1990s. His actions open the door to international corporations to exploit China’s ability to manufacture cost effective products. The main attraction of Deng’s new plan for China was the low manufacturing overheads, due to the cheap labor, leading to larger profit margins for the international cooperates. Since that date the initial international investments has place China as the world leading manufacturing base, with an economy and infrastructure that has improved in leaps and bounds.

China actually produces a large amount of its own oil, and as of 2006 China ranked as the world’s sixth largest producer of oil. China has found new rich deposits these are being exploited but due to the speed of its developing infrastructure demand far outstrips domestic supply. 2006 see the need of China to import 145 million tons of oil mainly from Saudi Arabia.

China has thus has become the most important, potential oil and gas client in the World; The U.S. consumes approximately 20 million barrels of oil per day. In 2006, China consumed approximately a third of that, or 7.4 million barrels per day. But its future requirements will exceed USA’s within 15 years or so, if China’s continues to expand its infrastructure and manufacturing abilities.

China is now seeking cost effective delivery of its future oil and gas requirements, at present China relies on its imported oil to be shipped by oil tanker this is not cost effective. China is now started to construct a series of cross-border oil and gas pipelines. In order to avoid 90 percent or so of its oil imports being shipped through the some what vulnerable Malacca Straits and of course pipelines are much more cost effective. Iran had a plan to pipe its oil through the proposed Trans-Arabia pipe line across Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan en-route to connect to the Chinese pipelines. China has already invested a fortune within the oil industry of the oil rich countries of the Middle east and is now concentrating on the Caspian sea projects.

Sanctions where placed on Afghanistan by US and the UN, it could be said to stop further development concerning oil and gas pipelines. Similar sanctions where placed on Iraq at the other end of the proposed oil pipeline

USA’s concerns about China’s energy needs plus the issues concerning US security can be glean from the 09/11/07 Transcript of the June 14-15 Hearing on ” China’s Energy Consumption and Opportunities for U.S.-China Cooperation to Address the Effects of China’s Energy Use”. On the site. In brief China’s oil requirement and it secured transportation, the expansion of the Chinese navy and arms manufacture and supply. There is only a slight concern over the fact that the Chinese government has $1.2 trillion in foreign currency reserves. There is however no mention of the oil pipelines.

The Bear is not sleeping.

Since the Soviet collapse of 1991 left four former Soviet republics Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan on the Caspian Sea’s shore along with Iran have discussing the future exploitation of the rich reserves of oil and gas found in the Caspian Sea basin of which is expected to meet the present yield of the reserves found in the Persian Gulf. The Russians have tried to remain dominant especially in an attempt to police the Caspian Sea. But Iran the U.S. and Europe have made inroads in gaining access to its energy reserves, with major projects in Azerbaijan’s rich deposits in the sea’s west and pipelines leading to Turkey. The Caspian Sea is landlocked its is however linked to the Baltic Sea, the White Sea, and the Black Sea by an extensive network of inland waterways, chief of which is the Volga River. These waterways provide access to northern Europe to the oil fields of Baku, Azerbaijan.

Soon after a large reserve the oil was found of the coast of Kazakhstan, plans are being made to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to China. One can imagine that Saudi Arabia was not happy to the fact that one of its biggest clients was opting to use cheaper sources of oil and gas for its future supplies, in fact the whole of central Asia where also being targeted, plus Russia wanted to dominate the oil and gas supply to central Asia pipeline. USA has very good relationships with the government of Kazakhstan and USA cooperates have got the foot in the door, of which is very annoying to the Russian president.

Iran has a big argument concerning its share of the Caspian sea pie, when the plans where drawn up Iran found it self with only 13 percent of the Caspian sea bed, plus the factor Iran’s Caspian sea resource lie at the some of seas deepest depth.

The activity within Iraq and the Caspian Sea had put some threat on future oil supplies to Europe and the USA at the benefit of Russia and China. The biggest problem being China as its growing economic power must be observed as a future world problem. This is a communist regime that is achieving the power and wealth to possibly fund communist take over of Asia or else where. This is probably not the case but there are those in USA and Europe thinking that this is China’s aim. If it is however the aim of China to spread its communism then I can see the sad comedy that international corporate companies have been used to suit China’s aim. There is also the problem that the hard line communist maybe still in the seat of power in Russia, that both Russia and China a conspiring to achieve supremacy over capitalism, to spread their own ideologies.

The Year 2000 US Global strategy.

It’s my thought that plans where made to cull Russian influence in the Caspian Sea Basin, Iran and Iraq. Also to ensure that China’s growth is slowed down by making it harder for china to import its oil requirements. USA wants to control the supply of oil on an international scale, so that it maintains its world dominance as a capitalistic entity.

After 9/11

What ever the conspiracy theories what happened on 11th September 2001 allegedly by Osma Bin Laden’s group of Al-Qaeda terrorist, this event gave the Bush administration an excuse to cure a few oil related problems in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The 2001 War on Terror.

On 18th September 2001, Congress passed Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002. giving the president the power to send US forces to war.

‘Our country is strong
America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.’ George Bush (speech to the nation)

President George Bush addressed the US nation on 20th September 2001, stating “we stand together against the war on terror”. Since that day Osama Bin Laden has not been caught or punished and it would seem the original search for this terrorist leader was given less priority than one would think. Just this fact alone states to me that Osama Bin Laden was used as a scapegoat in part of a plan that would secure the oil and gas for the USA and Europe. To stop Iraq dictator from supplying cheap oil to China and surmounting the embargo and to have a deployment base to invade Iran if necessary.

The 2001 Afghanistan War.

In October 2001, USA and NATO invaded the Afghanistan to find and remove al-Qaeda forces and wrest the country out of the hands of the Taliban regime. After the initial battle, the Taliban’s force was overwhelmed from that point the NATO forces where left with the task of dealing with insurgence. Osama disappeared reportedly to the mountains on the border of Pakistan or in Pakistan. Then the war on terror suddenly switched to another un-conceptacle battle front completely unrelated to al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Iraq at the time seemed a very unusual target. USA and NATO installs a new democratic government and US friendly corporations take over any further plans for oil pipes and help with Afghanistan’s infrastructure. Plan A concerned one thing only stop the pipeline being built from Iraq (or Iran as well maybe).

The 2003 Iraq War.

After lying to the US public and the World President Bush was able to invoke a plan to invade Iraq with the excuse that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. On the 20th March 2003 operation ‘Iraqi Freedom’ began a largely US force supported by small contingents from Britain, Australia, Denmark and Poland invaded Iraq. Of which soon led to the defeat and flight of Saddam Hussein, of whom was later captured, put to trail then executed. USA did not foresee the problem, yes they had successfully taken over Iraq, secured the oil but just as in Afghanistan they had an insurgency problem but to make matters worst Terrorist also started to join a constant urban battle within Iraq. Over the years of occupation a new democratic government has been installed and a new Iraqi Army and police force has been trained. Of course no weapons of mass destruction have ever been found.

What Next.

‘The initial plan has not been completed due to the constant conflict in Iraq and Russian and Chinese influences concerning the future of Iran. Its considered that Iraq was thought to be a good platform to invade Iran from and due to the fundamental Islamic nature of the Iranian governing régime based on a hatred of the west and on old Islamic values. Iran is viewed by most of its neighbors as being dangerous as Iran is thought to harbor terrorist groups. The threat of fundamental Islamic values spreading within the middle east is a great threat to establish capitalistic Islamic societies.

Thus plans have been made to secure oil supply against attacks from Iran or the Al- Qaeda terror groups. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen have launched the vast Trans-Arabia Oil Pipeline project with encouragement from Washington. By crisscrossing Arabia overland, the net of oil pipelines will bypass the Straits of Hormuz at the throat of the Persian Gulf and so remove Gulf oil routes from the lurking threat of Iranian closure. The 35,000-strong new Saudi security force is being trained to police the pipelines. The Pipeline Installation will start in November 2007.

It my opinion that at present it is only Russia that has placed a halt on an Invasion of Iran. I expect that if USA allows Russia more freedom to supply China with gas and oil from the Caspian sea basin, Russia would change its view. Great pressure is currently being placed on the president of United States by Middle East and international oil conglomerates to eradicate the Iranian problem.

The sadness.

I am against war, I live in a world ruled by money and greed. Where politicians, dictators and religious leaders indoctrinate the public into believing in the outrageous propaganda all in the name of making money or for power. Looking at the Global picture I see many thousands of people that have been maimed and killed, where others have had their life’s placed in ruining by a few men and women playing a game of international political chess. These types of games have been played down the centuries where as millions of lives instead of thousands have been effected by greed and international power struggles. The problem is that more civilians are now become a target for these bastards to claim as collateral damage in a game that’s getting more dangerous. The saddest thing there is nothing much we citizens can do, as only the political parties, corporate and religious sects are the ones that have the power to change things. They do not want to change a thing.

In a capitalist society when we vote someone or a political party into power, because we prefer their propaganda that they can make our lives better. We are actually in reality, choosing the next team, or, leader to play a game of international chess, on behalf of international corporate entities. That will insist that the person that sits in the seat of power, send our sons and daughters to war to secure their wealth.

Unfortunately this global picture is caused by a bad human trait that is we are very easily indoctrinated, people throughout the centuries of our existence have exploited that factor to the fullest. When we are able free our mind of most of our indoctrination and become wise to what is happening and how people and organizations control our lives, its to late and no one else will listen. To me that feeling is similar to how I feel after viewing Edvard Munch painting ‘the scream’.

Yes its time the citizens of the world woke up “WAKE UP!”, but the people in power know that will never happen and if it does what can the people do?

What can be done?

Perhaps if every citizen in the world went on strike, refused to buy gas or petrol for a few days and demanded changes to stop corporate influence on governments. Perhaps one day the power of the internet and email will be used to do just that. But first the indoctrination problem needs to be resolved.

Your indoctrination.

Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Communist, Fascist, Socialist, Lefty, Righty, Christian, Muslim, Jew any form of religion and culture. Someone influenced you to be so. Yes you, the reader have all the bad traits of being human. Somebody is using you in fact many people are using you. You think your free no you are certainly not, your just one of the sheep

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