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By   |  February 27, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe, once again our Government proves it is one big revolving bed. Once again “we the people” are just an annoyance to the power elite. Who cares what we think and need. They will do what they want, and boldly. Our only recourse is a few megabytes of space on a message board. They may read it, but they will go on their merry way, blatantly making decisions that are not in our best interests whatsoever.

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Cody Willard said a mouthful:

“The “Illuminati” isn’t some sort of secret organization running around in pyramid-emblazoned robes — but it does exist and what I mean by that is that there are people running big business and government who are all in cohoots together (often without even meaning to be, I hope) to use the government and its laws and policies and monopoly on the use of legal violence to redistribute wealth from the citizenry and to create unlevel playing fields and barriers to entry (read: barriers to commerce) for themselves and their shareholders, lenders, cronies and other friends.

Case in point — how about all these buddies, cronies and otherwise less-than-arms-lengths dealings amongst the guys who apparently were running out and out frauds and/or ponzi schemes and the non-elected bureaucrats who were supposed to be regulating them. And more to the point, as I’ll highlight later — remember that these same folks are BEING PROMOTED right now under the latest Republican/Democrat Socialist Regime in power.”

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New York Supreme Court Judge Herman Cahn “was asked to pronounce judgment on the Milberg payoff. A month later he agreed to let Melvyn Weiss have his booty, even as the judge acknowledged that law firms are generally barred from sharing legal fees with nonlawyers, and that Melvyn Weiss had forfeited his right to practice law.”

And now for the latest news: In December, Judge Cahn retired from the bench. Last week, the renamed Milberg LLP announced it had hired a “distinguished” new attorney: Herman Cahn. In its press release, the firm listed his most notable cases, though omitting any on which he’d ruled on its behalf.”

Read the full article here >>

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If you are not familiar with the Millberg Weiss Law firm, I have included several articles in this story, to get you up to spit.

This same clique of short-sellers has attacked dozens of other companies, almost always resorting to similar tactics: false “independent” research (dictated by the short-sellers, who trade ahead of it); harassment of targeted executives by thugs and criminals; scurrilous rumor-mongering; so-called “bashers” who are paid by the shorts to flood the Internet with smears and distortions; corporate espionage; government investigations (which are instigated by the shorts, and drain corporate resources, but usually end in no action); and bogus class action lawsuits (usually filed by a corrupt law firm called Milberg Weiss until Milberg’s top partners went to jail for bribing plaintiffs).

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We see time and again. SEC administrators leaving the agency and going to work for the hedge funds they refused to prosecute for illegally manipulating stocks and insider trading.
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Andy Von Eschenbach just left as FDA Commissioner to work for Greenleaf Health LLC. He refused to step up when he was at the FDA to help get the immunotherapy Provenge® to the 30.000 men who die from prostate cancer each year. See Care To Live

Pass out the bread, here comes the baloney.

Now Von Eschenbach is going to help bring life-saving therapies to patients.

“Andy’s experience as a former FDA Commissioner and former director of the NCI, together with his decades of service as a cancer researcher and practicing oncologist, enables him to bring unparalleled experience and knowledge to Greenleaf Health,” Ronan said. “His addition to the firm sets Greenleaf apart with respect to the depth of knowledge about FDA decision-making, critical health policy matters and the global public health community.”

“As I look forward to new opportunities to transform healthcare, I am pleased to contribute to Greenleaf’s efforts on behalf of the public health,” Dr. von Eschenbach said. “Working with Greenleaf’s clients to help them bring life-saving therapies to the patients and doctors who need them is one gratifying way for me to provide input on crucial health policy issues.”

Read the full story here >>

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Alison Martin, of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), avoided turning over some of the Freedom of Information documents we requested about the Provenge debacle, since she hurriedly left the agency, and went to work for Surprise…Surprise…another “charitable” organization Michael Milken recently started. Michael Milken…Surprise…Surprise…did not go to bat for Provenge…having major conflicts of interest in competing therapies.We are still pursuing the information, as “no longer works there” and “it is personal”, are bogus excuses and avoids the reason the Freedom of Infomation act was enacted in the first place.

* * * * *

We cheered when Anne Nazareth finally left the SEC but our celebration did not last long. Now we read this insult.

Nazareth Said to Be Leading Candidate for Deputy Treasury Chief
By Rebecca Christie and Robert Schmidt


Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) — Former Securities and Exchange Commission member Annette Nazareth is the leading candidate to become deputy U.S. Treasury secretary, according to people familiar with the matter.

If nominated and approved by the Senate, Nazareth would be second-in-command to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the only Treasury official confirmed in the Obama administration’s first month. Now a partner in the Washington office of law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, Nazareth would likely work on Treasury’s campaign to toughen financial-market supervision.

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Mary Schapiro of FINRA was promoted to head of the SEC.

February 25, 2009 11:40AM Mary Schapiro: Either a Tool or a Leader of the Illuminati Be – And She Needs to Be Fired in Disgrace By Cody Willard


I mean, can you imagine how outrageous it is that FINRA, the regulatory body whose only job is supposedly making sure companies like Stanford aren’t lying and cheating and stealing from their customers, seems to have basically figured out that Stanford was one big fraud, but decided they’d stand down and even close the file? Say wha? How could that happen?

Oh, that’s right, there were a few little conflicts of interest between FINRA and Stanford, including –

Stanford workers had ties to regulator FINRA | Reuters
By Anna Driver

Read the full story here >>

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Milberg’s New Hire The plaintiffs firm has an eye for talent.


“Only later did we learn and report that Milberg the law firm had agreed to pay indicted partner Melvyn Weiss a slice of the firm’s future lawsuit winnings, and was also picking up his legal fees. The supposedly remorseful firm made sure its founding felon would receive this cash even if he went to prison — which he did. The Justice Department later admitted it had inexplicably sanctioned this sweetheart deal.

Meantime, as a felon, Melvyn Weiss had to obtain court approval for any fees for legal services he provided. In July of 2008, New York Supreme Court Judge Herman Cahn was asked to pronounce judgment on the Milberg payoff. A month later he agreed to let Melvyn Weiss have his booty, even as the judge acknowledged that law firms are generally barred from sharing legal fees with nonlawyers, and that Melvyn Weiss had forfeited his right to practice law.”

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Class-Action King Weiss Sentenced Staff 06.02.08, 7:56 PM ET

In the Aug. 19, 1991, issue of Forbes, Melvyn I. Weiss, the attorney who built the model for the shareholder class-action lawsuit, argued that his firm and others like it were helping keep business honest. “We’re doing the job that the SEC doesn’t have the time or the resources to do,” said the founding partner of New York law firm Milberg Weiss.

On Monday, Weiss, 72, was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison after admitting to paying secret kickbacks to clients. His sentencing caps a seven-year federal investigation of America’s top class-action firm and the lawyers who built it. (See: ” Class Crackdown“)

The sentence was less than the 33 months requested by prosecutors and more than the 24-month maximum sought by Weiss under a plea-bargain agreement with federal prosecutors in Los Angeles under which he will also pay $10 million in fines and forfeitures.

Read full article here >>

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Here is a good primer on the sordid Milberg Weiss story

The fall of America’s meanest law firm

Milberg Weiss, the lawsuit factory that took corporations for $45 billion, is in the feds’ cross hairs. Fortune’s Peter Elkind reports on the saga

(Fortune Magazine) — For decades, few things have inspired as much fear and loathing in the executive suites of corporate America as the law firm of Milberg Weiss and the two outsized personalities who ruled the place, Mel Weiss and Bill Lerach. Through creativity and ruthlessness, they transformed the humble securities class-action lawsuit into a deadly weapon.

. . . . .

Weiss and Lerach have also found themselves in the cross hairs of federal prosecutors. In the most extraordinary federal case now afoot in the land, Milberg Weiss has been indicted for allegedly paying three plaintiffs $11.4 million in illegal kickbacks in about 180 cases spanning 25 years – and then repeatedly lying about it to the courts.

The government says Milberg kept paying kickbacks into 2005, long after the firm knew it was under investigation. Name partners David Bershad, 66, and Steven Schulman, 55, have also been charged. (Both have pleaded not guilty, as has the firm.) The criminal probe has triggered an exodus of lawyers and clients. Once a veritable lawsuit factory – the firm averaged more than one new case a week during 2005 – Milberg has filed just a handful of suits in the five months since the bombshell landed.

Read the full story here>>

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Remember, according to the DOJ’s indictment, Milberg told its bribed witnesses to buy stocks, knowing that their prices would decline. Many of those stocks were Rocker shorts. Most of them were sold, and never delivered, in massive quantities. And nearly all of them were the subjects of negative media stories, released at around the same time as the phony lawsuits. Nocera’s friend, Herb, has written negatively about almost every Rocker short-his stories always coming out around the same time as the Milberg Weiss lawsuits, the massive phantom stock selling, the release of false information by questionable research shops like Gradient, and the execution of an array of other dirty tricks.

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(Written to the tune of Anastacia’s Paid My Dues

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