15 Hottest Female News Anchors

By   |  November 4, 2009

Television news features unadulterated partisan entertainment, and it never has a day without shocking, blood-soaked image after image presented by people who love to lie. For some, TV “news” is the only news. But others tune into CNN, Fox, or MSNBC for other reasons. One reason, perhaps, because of the incredibly attractive news woman who makes the aftermath of a Pakistani bomb seem like filler about newborn puppies.

There aren’t too many reasons to turn on the TV these days. These ladies might change your mind.

Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee

15. Jenna Lee – Instead of following her father’s NFL footsteps, Lee joined the ranks of her granddad (a former correspondent for AP) and became a journalist. She mastered her craft in Columbia’s journalism school, and is now an anchor for Fox Business Network. I wonder if they taught her that enticing tongue move.

Liz Clayman

Liz Clayman

14. Liz Claman – Fire crotch?

Tamron Hill

Tamron Hill

13. Tamron Hill – Hills sports her bravado on MSNBC.

Norah O'donnel

Norah O'donnel

12. Norah O’Donnell – The Georgetown graduate and mother of three can be spotted all over MSNBC. She was White House correspondent for NBC from 2003-2005. She is not related to him or her.

Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo

11. Maria Bartiromo – The Brooklyn native graduated from New York University. She talks numbers on CNBC’s “Closing Bell.” In 2002, Joey Ramone wrote a song about Bartiromo on his solo record. “I watch you everyday / I watch you every night / She is really out of sight,” he sings. We understand why.

Christianne Klein
Christianne Klein

10. Christianne Klein – Klein’s girl-next-door appeal worked well on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She graduated from Wellesley College in Massachusetts and studied political science. No one would mind talking about game theory with her.

Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow

9. Rachel Maddow – Ok guys, she isn’t a man. Maddow’s Stanford/Oxford-educated tongue likely brings joy to any dinner conversation. Be careful of your diction around her.

Betty Nguyen
Betty Nguyen

8. Betty Nguyen –  Halfies are always hot. Nguyen is no exception.

Erica Hill
Erica Hill

7. Erica Hill – Hill turns heads as a correspondent for CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The Boston University graduate and mother of two is also fluent in French. How do you say milf in French?

Ainsley Earhardt
Ainsley Earhardt

6. Ainsley Earhardt – This Fox correspondent impressed her colleagues at the University of South Carolina and was named Outstanding Young Alumna by the j-school. A pretty face and solid journalistic credentials? Exactly what Fox needs.

Linzie Janis
Linzie Janis

5. Linzie Janis – Sizzling.

Contessa Brewer
Contessa Brewer

4. Contessa Brewer – Brewer’s model features glow on MSNBC, the same network where she mistook Jesse Jackson for Al Sharpton. But most didn’t notice. People were too busy looking at her … green eyes.

Courtney Friel
Courtney Friel

3. Courtney Friel – She reads copy while doing ab exercises. Enough said.

Robin Meade
Robin Meade

2. Robin Meade – This Native American mix reads headlines on HLN. She was Miss Ohio and participated in the Miss America Pageant in 1992. World peace is an admirable dream. Tell us about it again, Ms. Meade. And again.

Margaret Brennan
Margaret Brennan

1. Margaret Brennan – Brennan works at Bloomberg. Anyone interested in wooing this confident and sassy Connecticut native better brush up on his (or her) Middle East knowledge. And knowing Arabic wouldn’t hurt. She received a B.A. in foreign affairs at the University of Virginia where she was later named an Emmerich-Wright scholar. Maybe you can replace her Arabic language tutor who visits once a week.  Buying Rosetta Stone is more necessary than we thought.

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  1. Several of them are not hot at all and even below average. A few are super hot with Betty Nguyen being the hottest!

  2. First of all Katy Tur has a set I would blow bbaby batter all over. Tamron Hall, negro washer woman porked that dead half and half junkie Prince. Stephanie Ruhle I would cornhole in a second

  3. Not all of them are hot but a few are super hot. Betty Nguyen is by far the hottest.

  4. I don’t want to denigrate any of the fine women mentioned above but Jennifer Griffin is awesome. Her obvious coolness and intelligence proves just how brains translate into attractiveness (for women and men). Jennifer, I know you are way out of my league but please call me!

  5. Headline News Anchor Teams

  6. Add Kennedy to the list as well as Dagen Mcdowell!

  7. Contessa Brewer is underrated and Betty Nguyen is way underrated. Both wear such beautiful lipstick.

  8. “In 2002, Joey Ramone wrote a song about Bartiromo on his solo record.”

    Actually, in 2002, Joey Ramone was dead. He wrote the song prior to the year.

  9. The hottest, these ladies all are in great shape with amazing figures and extremely beautiful faces with gorgeous lips!

    7) Jenna Lee
    6) Margaret Brennan
    5) Contessa Brewer
    4) Liz Claman
    3) Christianne Klein
    2) Norah O’Donnell
    1) Betty Nguyen

    • Agree expecially Liz, Christine and Betty, those lips wow!!!

  10. Betty Nguyen is the hottest with amazing legs! This picture does not do her justice.

    • Betty is really hot. She has the most beautiful face, amazing legs and nicely toned arms and a perfect figure! And she dresses so sexy with a pretty dress and heels.

    • Betty is in really great shape! Her workouts have got to be really really grueling. At the same time she’s super feminine and girlish and super beautiful, and she’s outstand at her job. By far the best on this list. Truly a role model!

  11. Betty Nguyen stands out with her beauty! She is the most beautiful on tv and is awesome!

  12. Rachel Maddow? You f*cking moron. She’s a dyke.

  13. Is that the best the liberals media has got?? Fugly… FOX gets massive ratings for a reason kids… didnt anyone study marketing in school? If you think Msnbc is actually news, your parents are wasting their money on your schooling!!

  14. And you didn’t feature Harris Faulkner! She’s the hottest one ever! That face, that shape, those legs…..that’s what dreams are made of. I’ll never forgive her for being married to someone else.

  15. Maria Bartiromo? Don’t get me started about her! You people cannot be serious! Her lips are about as big as Mick Jagger! Christi Paul was not on the list, and she is way hotter than her!

  16. Lauren Whitney on CBS Denver is the most beautiful anchor on TV I’m her biggest fan

  17. The question was “who is the hottest NEWS anchor on TV” that does not include FOX who for sure are not doing news. All fox does is propaganda from a fruit loops point of view

  18. my favorite news anchors are brooke baldwin and rosemary church of cnn.i think there both good anchors and are very attractive.i like broke baldwin the best.shes so pretty and has nice legs.d.h. roch-gates,ny usa

  19. This is why I’m a news junkie!!!!!!!! They are all SMOKING! It ought to be against the law to report the news dress like those news women those sexy shoes, short dress wearing, long hair having, burning up my tv weekly, but God bless every one of them! Now,(a-hem, I hope I just didn’t blurt that out loud, I mean being a college grad and all.)

  20. How in the world can you put Rachael Maddow on this list? Let you put the most beautiful female news anchors into the right list:
    1) Martha Macallum
    2) Andrea Tantaros
    3)Gretchen Carlson
    4)Norah O’Donnell
    5)Ainsley Earhardt
    6)Anna Kooiman
    7)Brooke Baldwin
    8)Harris Faulkner
    9) Cheryl Casone
    10) Kimberly Guilfoyle
    11)Sandra Smith
    12)Heather Childers
    13)Robin Meade
    14)Susan Hendricks
    15)Elizabeth Hasselbeck
    Please publish this list and take Rachael Maddow off.

  21. Aloha I’d LOVE 2 catch Miss TAMRON HALL under the missle tow fera LOOONG, DEEP, INTENSE, VERY PASSIONATE LOVE filled kiss : ) hb aloha

  22. Regarding newscasters they are all wearing low cut dresses and trying to out do one another what happened to the classy newscasters they have vanished what a shame. Besides none of them are really overly attractive I have seen better looking woman walking around NYC! Sorry but my colleagues agree with me maybe these newscasters are trying to find away into modeling or acting but they are barking up the wrong tree I feel they are sll overrated just like Kate uptown so called loose old floppy breaststroke with no waists line. Oh well that’s the media for you!! N. N

  23. Aloha LOVE 2 catch any 1 of em unda the missle tow : ) Where’s SHARON TAY? ANNIE CURRY? KATHY VARA? MICHELLE CHARLESWORTH? NICOLE JOHNSON? (YUM) TONI YATES? aloha hb

  24. Pretty good list but I would make a few changes to it. For one, I really like Rachel Maddow but she’s hardly “hot” so Zibwould remove her. Also Norah O’Donnell is way to sexy to be ranked #12. She’s at least in the top 3, easily. I’d also add Paula Faris who was an anchor on Abc’s World News Now (now 20/20) & Brandy Hitt who fanchors in LA & who also filled in for Paula on WNN. Two very hot ladies indeed. But, for my money, the sexiest woman on tv is Ginger Zee who isn’t even an anchor. She’s the meteorologist for GMA & is so damn sexy that she could probably make a blind man see. Yowza!

  25. my favorite tv anchor babes are-brooke baldwin,rosemary church liz claman,oriel morrison and melissa francis.id like to get in there panties.

  26. my favorite news anchors who i think are so sexy and hot are-rosemary church,brooke baldwin,melissa francis,oriel morrison,karen tso,chloe cho,robin meade and maria bartiromo.i love them head to toe.d.h. roch-gates,ny usa

  27. Good Time Charlie Lee wrote the blues!!!? 1112 Thanks for the open space… That and Walk in error please let me know if you area in this message is a good for this is a lot

  28. by farrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    no 1. is ………….

    ROBIN MEADE!!!!!!!!!

  29. Whoever picked the 15 hottest news ladies did not watch much TV.

  30. Natalie Morales has to be the most sexiest news anchor on tv! I can’t believe she is 43!

  31. Rachel Maddow?? Really?? Do you need your eyes checked? I don’t care how drunk I might be, I’d rather bang a blow up doll!

  32. Search Wendy Ryan WFTS Channel 8 Tampa for a short haired smokin hot sexy treat. She’s gotta be a freak between the sheets!

  33. Kim Guilfoyle and Dana Perino and very sexy and Andrea Tantaros usually see them on the 5 on FOX to me are the sexiest women on there they have all legs!!

  34. I left a badass comment last night on this dumbass site and now it’s gone. Maybe because the jerks who run this show don’t believe that I’m Jerry Garcia (been laying low), maybe because my comment was too poigniant, perceptive, and informed in contrast to the rest of the chimpanzees smearing sloppy commentary around like diarreah inside a primate enclosure. Whatever. I basically said that Robin Meade shoulda topped the list. I said lots of other things that no-one will ever enjoy because of some juvenile pillow-biter who removes well composed and articulate comments from his precious three-year-old “top 15” list. Better take this one down too! It’s the only power you have, and you need to preserve your appearance of coolness for the “ladies”… Can’t be punked on your own site- so hit delete, go visit your “girlfriend” on some other website, fire a batch of baby batter on the underside of your roommate’s computer desk, and curl up with your blankie and a warm glass of milk to go nighty-night while sucking your thumb. But how many will have read this before you delete it? Hopefully someone that knows you so you’re clowned properly. Peacey-wees, beeyatch.

  35. ROBIN MEADE…. Wowa-weewa!! Definitely shoulda topped the list. Her smoking hotness prompted me to go online to find out her name (how I found this stupid site) and actually post a comment- the first time I have ever done so. I’ve seriously never posted a comment on any site; that woman is so fucking sexy that I felt obligated to express that fact and possibly set some of you retarded chimps straight. She takes the cake, but just barely- Candy Crowley is a close second. Just kidding, Candy eats the cake. Good journalist though- you know she must be with that mug. Someone I honestly think to be a fine-ass damie that many might think I’m not being serious about? Arianna Huffington. Yes, THAT Arianna Huffington. Sure, she’s a GMILF, but she is certainly sexy-the accent alone drives me crazy. There’s definitely something to be said for intelligent women- intelligence only makes hotties hotter. Which brings me to my next point… Rachel Maddow IS a FOX. Anyone who says she isn’t is an idiot, they’re probably the same people who were surprised by the actress’ sexiness in those stupid high-school movies when they “make over” a nerdy ugly duckling by taking her glasses off and letting her hair down… “whoa- she took off her glasses and she’s actually PRETTY? That’s IMPOSSIBLE!! Duhhhh…” I don’t mean to melt your brains, but if Rachel Maddow took off her glasses she would be welcome on anyone’s list of cuties; I personally don’t mind the specs but it seems that many can’t see past them. Robin’s still WAY hotter, I mean, like perfect- but I’m just sayin’. Speaking of Rachel, there’s nothing “politically correct” about putting her on the list as some of the above commenters indicated- what IS politically correct is putting the ONE black chick on there so you don’t seem racist, dude who wrote the list. I’m done, rant over. Robin- a dime of a dame. Angelic. She could be an air hostess in the sixties.

  36. Whitney Drolen CBS 11 traffic Dallas. Betty Ng started there too

  37. No Amy Robach or Ginger Zee (I know not officially an anchor but come on)? And sweet Lord above you have Rachel Maddow up there? Come back to us big guy. Some of your picks are very good. Some, not so much so but your tastes are your own and I respect that.

  38. Liz Claman, end of story! You bunch of homos.

  39. a bunch of damn white women

    • There is no hot black news women!
      That is why rich black men go after white women

  40. Jen Holloway should have made the list. Rachel Maddow??? LMFAO! Even the left wing lemmings have infiltrated the perv sites!

  41. Betty Nguyen – I definitely agree with that selection. Someone else named Univision’s Jackie Guerrido – another definite “yes.” But, I think one of THE most lovely women in all of TV news is NBC/MSNBC anchor Veronica De La Cruz. What a stunning lady, and a great reason to awake early to watch NBC’s “Early Today” show when she is anchoring. Not only should Veronica have been on this list, but she should have topped the list.

  42. Great list only problem I see is that Robin Meade should have topped the list. What a sexy woman! Oh yea you forgot the sexist one of all Barbara Walters. Now thats one that knows how too deliver the news.

  43. I beloved as much as you’ll obtain performed proper here. The comic strip is tasteful, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an shakiness over that you want be turning in the following. sick indisputably come further until now once more as precisely the similar just about very frequently inside case you protect this increase.

  44. Where is Brooke Baldwin and Erin Burnett from CNN ?? Of course my all time fav is Tawny Little-remember her-a former Miss America???? And how about Ann Pulice from Orange County news here in So.Cal-she is hott too !!!!

  45. ithink chtisty jansen.christ paul and suan hendicks shoud be on there hehehe

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  50. No Jaime Colby? Are u guys gay?

  51. I do not even know how I stopped up here, however I believed this submit used to be great. I do not recognise who you might be but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger in case you aren’t already. Cheers!

  52. Megyn Kelly lacks a brain as do all the Fox News Channel bimbos.

  53. Megyn Kelly has it all…my number one

  54. For viewers in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, WLNE-TV has two new hotties in Alexandra Cowley and Courtney Fallon. Also MSNBC’s Alex Wagner should be number one on this list.

  55. those are ok. these are hottest :
    BELINDA HEGGEN – AUS CH 10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8Bc7eRTdWY
    MELISSA THERIAU – FR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg89TfgbERk

  56. Correction Hasselbeck

  57. Honorable mention
    1. CNN -Brianna Keilar and Zorida Sambolin
    2. Fox News -Julie Banderas and Juliet Huddy
    3. HLN – Richele Caray and Susan Hendricks
    4. MSNBC – Lynn Berry and Michelle Kosinski
    5. NBC – Ann Curry and Bobbie Thomas
    6. ABC – Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Elizabeth Vargas
    7. CBS – Erica Hill and Betty Nguyen
    8. ESPN – Heather Cox, Hannah Storm and Erin Andrews
    9. Univision – Jackie Guerrido, Giselle Blondet and Karla Martinez
    10. Telemundo- Sophia La Chapelle and Maria Celeste

  58. Hottest women in my opinion by network.
    1. CNN – Brooke Baldwin
    2. Fox News – tie Megyn Kelly and Ainsley Earhardt
    3. HLN -Robin Meade
    4. MSNBC – tie Alex Witt and Chris Jansing
    5. NBC- Natalie Morales
    6. CBS – Rebecca Jarvis
    7. ABC – Lara Spencer
    8. Espn – Jenn Brown
    9. Univision – Tie Satcha Pretto and Paola Elorza
    10. Telemundo _ Carmen Domminici

  59. Choosing Rachel Maddow (rymes with cow) invalidates the list.

  60. Hollie Strano of Cleveland and Gina Ferraro of Chicago are cuter that all of these except maybe Robin Meade


  62. How bout Susan Li?!?!? she’s superhot

  63. Megyn Kelly should be on the list, Holly Sonders even though she isn’t technically an anchor…and new to the Phoenix market is Stephanie Hockridge. Georgio was right, she is smokin hot and headed for the big time. When she makes it to network she will be on everyone’s top 15 list

  64. The woman from Univision, Telemundo, and other latin news are way, way hotter than these. I mean way hotter!

  65. gretchen carlson has them all beat

  66. you forgot by far the hottest news woman……Lauren Simonetti !! now that’s a beautiful woman !

  67. Courtney Friel, she is the best looking on this bad list.

  68. Jenna Wolfe weekend today show, fire the know it all. She is so annoying.

  69. Where’s Rudi Bakhtiar?
    Where’s Erin Burnett?

    Rachael Maddow? I’m all for equal opportunity, but that tests the bounds of common sense. She’s cute I guess. She’s not top 15. If she were straight she wouldn’t sniff this list.

  70. Tamron Is it. Email me her Phone number.

  71. You gays missed the #1 ERIN BURNETT…

  72. Tamron Hall of MSNBC is the hottest female news anchor.

  73. Tamron Hall of MSNBC is the hottes!!!!

  74. Racheal Maddow, I love you. You are very attractive,those A-Holes don’t know what real beauty really is. Mr, Collegehaze what ever that means you are an idiot, all these women are beautiful,HOT, and SMART. And if you are any kind of A MAN you wouldn’t be talking bad of any WOMEN remember where you came from if I’m not mistaken you came from one. More than likely you also may have a sister, or daughter maybe even a Grandmother.But What you might not really have is a GIRL FRIEND.

  75. I need help! Can anyone tell me the name of the woman Political journalist on one of the tv stations in CT? Her first name is Liz, or Elizabeth, and is a brunette. Might u also know where she works?
    Please email me the answer! Thank you so much!

  76. what happen to fox news. every anchor on fox is better than what you have posted .,can you prove rachel maddow is a female.

  77. Erin Brunett? she is kinda hot not to mention pretty damn good lookin’

  78. Can’t believe that Martha Macullum is not on this list the top of it!!

  79. FWIW – I would be a lesbian for a night for Maddow.

  80. Good lord. There are 15 girls just on Fox News that are hotter than most of these choices. By the way, did they think this list included men??? Rachel Maddow?????>

  81. Rachel Maddow? See an optometrist immediately.

  82. u stupid fucks are in COLLEGE and you can,t do any better than this! get a fucking job you losers aside from a magazine u guys have obviously never EVEN SEEN pussy!

  83. Rachael Maddow? U cannot be serious !

  84. Cut RAchel some slack…she’s very attractive,,sharp, bright, well spoken…that in itself is attractive..not your “bubble headed beach blond..on at 5..”
    she doesn’t need good looks anyway…and I’d be intersted to see the rest of her body too..!

  85. aloha Nice list buut RACHAEL M? Luv 2 teach her how 2 KISS. Laying a DEEP LONG PASSIONATE FRENCH KISS on her IS VERY appealing. i’d wear RED LIPSTICK so she could think she’s kissing a woman mahalo aloha hb

  86. Linzie Janis is nice to look at but she has such annoying facial expressions when she speaks. Very distracting, I want to sew her lips shut.

  87. tamron hall is beautiful, I bet she does not even need makeup. I love her on msnbc, very smart also smart and beautiful what else is there

  88. natasha curry should be o the list
    what a sexe lady.

  89. The news ladies ON CNN want to see it now

  90. Becky Quick rocks my world

  91. I feel contessa is much hotter!

  92. Rachel Maddow??? ROFL

  93. Uhmmmm can someone explain hot and the fact the so called Fox beauties are on here that alone disqualifies this list totally for me.

  94. You left out a lot of FOX beauties like Molly Henneberg, Gretchen Carlson, Patti Ann Browne, Harris Faullkner, Uma Pemaraju, Martha McCallum, Liz Wiehl, Alicia Acuna, Laura Ingram, Julie Banderas, Lauren Green, Caroline Shively, Monica Crowly, Ann Coulter, Elizabeth Hasselback (not FOX), Dominica DAvis, Laurie Dhue, Rebecca Gomez, Kimberly Guilfoyle (exotic — is she white, black, Asian or a combination of all these?), and the most beautiful of all — Megyn Kelly! FOX is a beauty parade.

    • Are you on drugs? The Fox Hos have all been molested by Roger Ailes, aka Jabba the Hut.

  95. What? You left out Jeanne Moos? You have Rachel Maddow and no Jeanne Moos?

  96. Rachel Maddow? Are you kidding me? To leave Kiran Chetry off this list and put Rachel Maddow ON the list indicates the list is totally insane.

  97. Courtney Friel much deserves #1! Jenna Lee should be #2. Rachel Marrow is fucking ugly as shit. Robin Made is getting noticeably older so she’s off my list :(

  98. I must say that Susan Hendricks is the hottest news anchor television has seen in quite some time. Erin Burnette is a cutie too…but I beleieve that if we are to post the top 15 then we should see the top 50 and over the course of 60 days or so-pick ’em. Get real though guys…there are prob two of the actual top 20 in this list. The rest are fluff. Maria made it on this list-Bravo!

  99. Number one on that list should be Nicole Petallides and she isn’t even on it. Something is wrong big time.

    • I totally agree with you; friend! She proudly shows off her long, thick juicy legs! She never pulls down her dress! In fact, she lets all of her legs show! I’ll never forget the time she was on Fox and Friends when she actually pulled up her skirt while on the air!


  101. I’ve got one for you: Amanda Drury. She works on CNBC and she is very, very attractive. She even got involved in some controversy over showing too much cleavage. She also goes by Mandy.

  102. What Rachel Maddow???? are u blind. She is freaking ugly.
    List is about hot females anchors, not sensless, gay, Obama sympathizers.

  103. Y’all really need to check out Jennifer reyna from channel 2 kprc news Houston.

  104. Erin Burnett, in addition to being gorgeous is very smart and very personable should be at the top of your list. Soon to be a CNN anchor she will shine as she brings her charming personality to that position.

  105. I’ve read a lot of bad articles and kept my comments to myself, but this author is a complete idiot. How in the hell does Rachel Maddow make the list of “15 hottest female news anchors”? I got find at least five women on CNBC that could easily take her place.

    And then with the descriptions defending this guy’s picks talking about how educated these women are? This is a list of the HOTTEST women, who gives a shit if they are smart? This guy would have been better off titling the article, “15 female news anchors I would like to have a nice dinner conversation with”.

  106. i watch bloomberg ( margeret brennen ) now over cnbc ( Erin ), she look elder now than the pic shown, but what a smart, sexy and elegant milf

  107. Please, Rachel Maddow I would like to see any poll that lists her in their top 15. Apparently you are trying to be politically correct.

  108. Kiran cheltry from cnn is by far the hottest lady in the world. What is wrong with you guys. I know its your opinion, but if you. Knew how beautiful and hot kiran cheltry was. My dreamgirl. Watch cnn 6-9am m-f I love you kiran along with the rest of guys with our heads on straight.lol

  109. Someone do need very thick glasses. I may only see a few. But I really think Tamron Hill a very Beautiful Woman. Is she single.

  110. The Fox4 station in Kansas city has Mary Pulley and Stephanie Hockridge, the 2 hottest anchors i’ve ever seen on tv for their night heads. Smokin hott!

  111. Rachel Maddow question your taste in beautiful anchorwomen. Ann Curry, good you have Tamron Hall omg she’s hot.

  112. I don’t see anyone praising the journalistic skills of the anchors shown. Where are TV icons such as Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer to name the most famous?.

    They are dedicated to the presentation and the delivery of the product they were hired to perform, and perform, they do it flawlessly. What viewers are looking for is not high quality of the anchor’s job but the quantity of flesh the anchor’s exhibits.

    After all TV is an expensive commodity. We should get good performance not good legs or good cleavage. This is sordid.

    Anne Brewbaker-Dallas

  113. I agree with Scott, where’s Martha Macallum. Rachel Maddow?????

  114. Linzie Janis is my #1. I love her so much!!!

  115. whers kiaran chetry,christie paul,or any of the spanish newscasters?this list needs a lot of fine tuning

  116. Megyn Kelly has it all, and should be number 1. Putting Rachel Maddow means we have a bigger drug problem than we thought.

  117. what about jamie colby best legs in tv land.

  118. Maddow…you have to be kiddding. What about Megan Kelly or Martha McCallum???

  119. they are all hot, except number 9. u should check out some hot latina anchors, like barbara bermudo, ilia calderon, satcha pretto, carmen dominicci. and talking about hot girls there is this hot puerto rican weather girl named jackie guerrido, i want to have her so bad. but nice list. number 8 betty nguyen is f***ing good.

    • Betty Nguyen has the hottest legs and the most beautiful lips on any list.

  120. Where is CNBC’s Erin Burnett? she’s easily top 5

  121. all are beautiful

  122. Kristie Lu Stout and Zain Vergee both of CNN. They are the BOMB!!!!

  123. No way. You must check out Francis Scott from WTVD11 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Big mistake by missing her.

  124. With genuine respect for all the ladies. Linzie is white hot- much deserved #1.

  125. I think Cher Calvin is quite interesting.

  126. Great list, except Rachel Maddow has no business being on it.

    Question for Linzie Janis- Will you marry me?

  127. You left out the champion of them all, the one who has become an Internet phenomenon, Melissa Therieu.

  128. A very nice list, but I cannot agree on the selection for #1.

  129. Rachel Maddow???? ROTFLMAO. Someone needs glasses. That, or not allow their political leanings to get in the way of a “hot” list.

  130. Linzie Janis on Bloomberg is totally hot!

  131. Numbers 6,9,10,14 and 15 need to be scratched off the list. These are some of the hottest you guys could find? I’d hate to see what your girlfriends or wives look like if you really consider them to be “HOT”. They are attractive but definately not the hottest. Tracy Early from News 14 Carolina should be on that list. Sure she’s local but hot none the less.

  132. What a collection!

  133. @Margaret Brennan, holy oof. Talk about a poubty doll face! Yah, tell me more about oil futures in Saudi Arabia… ;)

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