Looking back, looking forward

By   |  May 13, 2008

I just finished M1 year, and I’m realizing things aren’t exactly as I had pictured in my head. Even though they tell you that med school is tough, never did I dream that I would study as much as I have. At UCI, I learned that powerpoints are your friend while textbooks are not, but review books are most definitely awesome too. Of course, nothing is ever exactly as you imagine, but I think it can be helpful to hear from other people’s experiences.

I do hope this becomes a productive creative venture that I can look back on with fondness. I’m really excited about this summer as I have some really interesting research planned in an out-of-state metropolitan area. Since I won’t have school for a while, I’ll probably be reminiscing and providing insight about med school admissions or M1 year in addition to basking in the beauty that is summer. OK, I think that is all for now–still can’t believe summer is here!

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