Role models

By   |  July 26, 2008

On one of the morning news shows recently, there was a feature on Miley Cyrus. It boggles my mind how she is considered a “good” role model for pre-teens. Sure, she’s not reckless like Britney or Lindsay, and on the Hollywood continuum, she is pretty wholesome. Nevertheless, she still has an air of flashy Hollywood, which is not something productive that these little teens should be aspiring for. If you listen to the lyrics of her songs, they are often about just having fun or not liking school, which I don’t think are really that encouraging for being an upstanding citizen. She seems like a really nice girl, but she, along with the vast majority of people in Hollywood, is not exactly what I would consider a realistic role model for young girls.

Also on the morning news, I heard about the death of Randy Pausch who was only 47 years old. At first I had no idea who he was, but upon googling him, I was blown away by how much he accomplished as a professor and as a person. He gave an entertaining, inspiring “Last Lecture” last year as he battled metastatic pancreatic cancer, which is one of his claims to fame. I would highly recommend watching it on youtube or reading the transcript of the talk. His determination and outlook on life are so amazing. I would definitely consider him to be a role model.

Finally, on a personal note, I have been so honored this summer to have been able to interact with some awesome doctors who represent all that I hope to be as a physician in the future. Not only are they really smart, knowledgeable, and influencing the direction of medical practice but they have such a pleasant rapport with their patients and with young medical students. It is really encouraging to know that there are really great docs do exist, and I hope I can be among them in the future.

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