10 Surprising Statistics on Women in the Workplace

By   |  February 15, 2010

While there is no doubt that women have come a long way from the discrimination and struggles they faced in the previous century when it came to getting an education and finding a job, the sad reality is that when you look at the hard facts, there is still a fair amount of inequality when it comes to women’s role in the working world. Whether you’re a working woman yourself or just want to help support the rights of women, these facts are a surefire wake-up call that women still don’t always get a fair shake when it comes to getting paid, attaining promotions, or entering certain fields. Take a moment to read through these ten eye-opening stats to see where women really are in the working world and get some inspiration to see where changes need to be made and where advancements can be lauded for this generation and the next.

1. Women comprise 46% of the total U.S. labor force. With almost half of the workforce being women, female employees aren’t exactly a rarity. For most women today, getting a job is an expected part of life. This is a big change from past decades. In 1900, fewer than 20% of women participated in the labor market while today the number is around 75% and growing.

2. Women make only 77.5 cents for every dollar that men earn. This figure comes from data on the 2003 census. Despite this gap, many economists feel that the gap between pay for men and women is due to different personal choices men and women make about personal fulfillment, child rearing and hours at work. Whichever you choose to believe, the reality is that the gap is slowly but surely closing as women become increasingly educated and dual income families become the norm, but this isn’t much consolation to those who feel discriminated against today.

3. The more education a woman has, the greater the disparity in her wages. This certainly doesn’t mean women should shy away from professional positions, but they should be aware that they may have to battle harder for equal pay. Women in professional specialty occupations were found to earn just 72.7% of what men in the same position earned, and women in upper level executive, administrative and managerial occupations earned even less at 72.3%. If you compare this against the average of 77.5%, the numbers speak for themselves, and this graphic from the New York Times makes it even easier to see.

4. Women may work longer to receive the promotions that provide access to higher pay. One example provided by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that women often have to work three years longer in a teaching position to be promoted to a principal than their male counterparts. Some studies suggest that this is because women and men adapt different strategies when it comes to management and pursuing promotions, yet other studies connect it less to work and more to gender-based biases.

5. Women business owners employ 35% more people than all the Fortune 500 companies combined. If you’re like most people, you don’t picture a woman when you think about a business owner. Yet there are about 9.1 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., a number that comprises nearly 40% of all businesses. The idea that women don’t make good managers just doesn’t hold up when you look at these kinds of numbers, with women managing a large number of employees and making healthy profits while doing so.

6. Women account for 46% of the labor force, but 59% of workers making less than $8 an hour. What does it mean? It means that many women are taking on jobs that pay well under a living wage. With nearly 16% of U.S. households having women who are divorced, widowed or never married as the sole providers, this leaves many women at a distinct disadvantage and struggling to make ends meet as they dominate jobs in low paying fields.

7. Only 53% of employers provide at least some replacement pay during periods of maternity leave. Despite the fact that the arrival of a child means extra bills and expenses, many employers don’t provide women with any benefits if they to leave work temporarily to have a child. While there is no law requiring companies to offer paid maternity leave, considering it is an issue that primarily affects women, it’s certainly a blow to their income potential and ability to care for their families and themselves.

8. Four in ten businesses worldwide have no women in senior management. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the way many countries feel about women in the workplace. Here in the United States, however, women still feel the stress of trying to break into upper management, with 93% of the 439 senior women executives surveyed by Korn/Ferry International in 1992 feeling that a glass ceiling for women still existed. Yet new studies report that women outnumber men as managers in fields like human resources, health administration and education–perhaps stemming from reports that many businesses have seen a direct financial impact from hiring women.

9. Women earned less than men in 99% of all occupations. In virtually every field that women choose to enter, they can expect to earn less over their lifetime than their male counterparts. This means that over 47 years of full-time work, this gap amounts to an estimated loss in wages for women of $700,000 for high school graduates, $1.2 million for college grads, and $2 million for professional school grads–a staggering amount.

10. Minority women fare the worst when it comes to equal pay. African-American women earn 64 cents to every dollar earned by white men and Hispanic women just 52 cents per dollar. Whether it’s attitudes about race or gender that are at play, it’s clear that something needs to be done to level the playing field.

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    1. Of course women earn less, get less promotions. You’d have to be blind not to see why! Women go off to have children, are much more likely to cause arguments or bully others in the workplace, often have to leave work because children need them. There are many logical reasons why women are behind and they have nothing to do with men, they have to do with the choices women make and the fact that they find it difficult to get a long with other women in the workplace. They tend to want to compete with every other woman they see, even when they’re already married, they seem to forget that there’s nothing really to be gained, unlike men who are able to work together easily as they’ve been doing it for thousands of years as hunters orignally. Men get along, can work together easily. Women cannot and tend to take a lot more time off for whatever reason usually family. No big mystique, just normal logical reasons. Anyone who’s managed a group or more than two women will know exactly what I’m talking about.

      • I’m guessing you’re a man who clearly doesn’t understand women’s motives, but wants to believe he does.

      • Phil buddy, do me a BIG favor and kiss my fat female ass and suck my feminist dick. :) you came from a woman, do me fucking favor and respect us before I make your boomer ass my bitch. XOXO a female

    2. this shits fucked

    3. Good. Get back in the kitchen Mabel.

    4. If I will discriminate in life i wouldn’t discriminate about age or origin or color… i ll definitely discriminate against women (I hate women simply because i don’t understand them)

      • You can only love to hate women since you cannot live without them. Just the fact that your mom gave your life and if you have a daughter you will love undeniably no matter her gender. Just to say that you hate woman because you don’t understand them is not a good reason to discriminate against them. After all they are human just like you with aspirations for a better life.

      • its not that hard to understand women because women are not as different from you as you think. I don’t know what experiences you have with women but it sounds like there is something extremely wrong with the way you think of women and how you hate them because you don’t “understand” them. It’s not normal. Humans naturally can empathise with other humans regardless of gender so there is definitely something wrong, we are not a different species you know

      • i’m with the other person, you only hate women because you can’t live without them and you can’t and never will have a women in your life.

    5. There are so many double standards here. Men complain that women should stay at home- Meanwhile, many men complain that they only want to be with successful, ambitious women. Not only that, with so many men lacking the maturity to be good husbands, women have to develop independence in order to survive on their own. For the same job, no one should receive different pay that is if they have the same education and experience level. Not all women are meant to be “homemakers.” Not all women want to be either! This is actually a good thing as our world is over populated. So, no man or woman has the right to say how one should or should not live. However one thing is for certain, given the circumstances, the level of work ethic and amount of output- there should not be differential treatment towards anyone if all these are the same.

      • A. Where have you heard large numbers of men say women should stay at home speaking as a man go get a job and work men shouldn’t have to be the only bread winners pay for yourself

        B. People do receive the same pay for the same job despite their sex it is illegal in the West to not do so the figuires in the article do not consider hours worked, what they do in their profession (such as for doctors they go can go into higher payed specialties or become a paediatrician (doctor specialising in kids) which is payed less and women tend to go into the more than men http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/ama-wire/post/medical-specialties-vary-gender), leaving work for a long time to have a family ( not that you shouldn’t but don’t expect to be rewarded with a pay rise like others who have been working), as well as women being less likely than men to ask for a raise (http://www.npr.org/2011/02/14/133599768/ask-for-a-raise-most-women-hesitate).
        Simply put I want everyone to be payed the same for the same work and it to be a meritocracy like it already is but feminism doesn’t help anymore for instance (http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/05/31/british-tech-firm-gives-women-8-6-percent-pay-rise-eradicate-pay-gap/) with one key point in the artical being “So, Brainlabs they took experience into account when making their calculations. But that means that they didn’t take into account all the other causes of average differences in pay across genders — such as job roles, total numbers of hours worked, and whether the employees actually negotiated for pay rises”
        and this artical which is about period leave “http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3471011/Company-reveals-plans-offer-period-leave-women-month-create-happier-work-environment.html” which leave men to pick up the slack for the same pay and as women make up a large majority in the company thats alot of work to pick up.
        To conclude please consider looking at figuires from both sides rather than just seeing the feminist cherry picked studies and results along with obvious lies
        ps if women are paid much less than men but do the same in every other way companies would only hire women

    6. Okay, that hmm I just sent means what I share will be posted, so here goes. If children and most men, especially non-westernized ones, were asked what they think; naturally therefore logically here’s what we would say. Children want beast feeding to occur while men agree. We also do not want a mother to Solely decide when and how many children she will have. That being said, child rearing in every which way was (at least for centuries) a full time career. So, it is impossible to both compete with men for what men have done for centuries, naturally, since they don’t bear children, plus have a Career. Now, the latest is for more ‘smart’ women to blame the system? Okay, but the Government run system bends over backwards so you can “have it all”, which has failed miserably for You, children, and fathers. Conclusion: Since the Government system caters to you first and foremost whether it be hiring more women as Civil servants and more and more in the Private Sector (because most human resource officers screening or doing the hiring are females), women are being hired over men, then since you collectively changed the natural system to a government system through feminism battling men, can you not now alter this course and battle to win back a natural system for the betterment of children, fatherhood and motherhood? If you do not, western culture will continue to abysmal or doomed for obsolescence. Foreigners coming here from Muslim, and Asian countries in particular can see what the Caucasian women are doing to the west and so, they come here for the most part NOT wanting to take part in this destruction. Exceptions are those foreign women at Universities, where all the problems began/ begin (ie. England was the first country to force women’s lib. down our throats and look at their family life compared with their WW2 generation). Empirical Evidence backs up that what is Natural Law cannot be replaced with artificial man-made laws. It is so simple to see yet, so difficult to admit because of the lure of $$$$$ materialism becoming a God.

      • Breast feeding NOT beast LOL

      • Don’t you realise that “naturally” women originally had to bring up children at the same time as providing 80% of the food for families during hunter gatherer times and had the same economic importance as men, please get eduacated before you type out a load of nonsense about how women naturally need to have no job while bringing up kids, my mother and everyone else’s mother I know seems to be getting along fine thank you very much

    7. Hmm …

    8. You all know that NOT ONLY MEN CAN BE SEXIST right?

    9. i’m a young man and I do not think women should be treated unfairly they have the same rights as us :)

    10. this world is full of unfair stuff !!!!!!!!!

    11. everybody’s s a victim now- even those who make the most money-……when other people complain its called whining

    12. Why does it matter? If these businesses are in the private sector, the government should not dictate how much the owner wants to pay the employees. The basis of capitalism will prevent from sexist company owner’s companies from succeeding, as the word will spread of a sexist owner, and people offended by this sexism will refuse to provide business for these businesses.

    13. “2. Women make only 77.5 cents for every dollar that men earn. This figure comes from data on the 2003 census. Despite this gap, many economists feel that the gap between pay for men and women is due to different personal choices men and women make about personal fulfillment, child rearing and hours at work. Whichever you choose to believe, the reality is that the gap is slowly but surely closing as women become increasingly educated and dual income families become the norm, but this isn’t much consolation to those who feel discriminated against today.”

      So what you are saying here is that IF women are discriminated against today, the solution an escalated discrimination towards men.

      This makes you a SEXIST BIGOT.

      I am glad that feminism is finally on the decline as more and more people wake up to its outrightly ridiculous double standards, still, I wish people would wake up a little faster.

      • Where does it mention escalated discrimination towards men? No real feminist discriminates men. It’s about equality not women ruling the world and don’t worry, it’s on the rise by like 200% so I dunno what your on about

    14. Women should stay at home with the kids, makes me sick seeing a working woman. Idiots

      • you disgust me. your conservative, pathetic, narrow minded attitude is the reason the world has not progressed. i honestly hope you have no offspring so you can’t spread your bigoted ideas. you are the reason the patriarchy exists and i cannot wait to bring you tumbling down, have fun in hell asshole

    15. Still a better love story than Twilight!!

    16. The reason there is a disparity in the total wages of women vs total wages of men is primarily because men and women CHOOSE DIFFERENT JOBS. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a woman garbage collector? Woman sewer worker? There’s also the fact that women choose to take time – sometimes years – out of the workforce to have children.

      A woman can choose not to work. They have that option, while all a man has is obligations. Obligation to keep working; to support his ex-wife even after her obligation to him ends; to die in some war.

      Here are some more statistics:

      – Men are 20 times more likely to die on the job.
      – Men are much more likely to commit suicide.
      – Women make up 50% of the people who benefit from defending the country, yet men are nearly 100 percent of the casualties.
      – Men die about 7 years sooner than men. The vast majority of Social Security money is earned by men, and paid to women.

      • Women in the field of engineering for example have a $23,000 annual deficient for the same job. Another story, a personal friend (a female) with a master’s degree was promoted. The man whose place she took was demoted. He had a bachelor’s degree with the same number of years in the field. The result? He still made more than her and by a vast difference!. (And this is very common!)

    17. Men > Women


      Too much rim make the ride too hard,
      Tell that b*tch hop out, walk the boulevard.

      • everybody> narrow minded idiots like you that are scared to lose their social status to women

      • im just a young girl who wants to get a job and live a normal life like anyone else. Like any man or woman or anything in between or whatever. You’ve no idea what it’s like scrolling through these comments and seeing all these people who actively hate the idea of that happening. They hate feminists and some of them just hate women working and I wish you would all just shut up and get on with you’re own lives and I’ll get on with mine. Stop making so much effort to make some twisted reality comment about something that will never affect you

    18. These statistics are false and inflated according the the Department of Labor and Statistics. Currently women from ages 18-25 make 95 percent of what men do and all other women make 85% of what men make. There are many variables in these numbers but when compared to a man of similar age and education the comparison is closer to the 95% and not the 71 percent that this webpage displays.

    19. we live in an unfair world. Told to hush, shhhhh, oh I gots minses…..

      bunch of idiot bullies of all ages…bottom line if you don’t have the following you are fuc$ed

      – blonde hair / blue eyes
      – a tiny waist – or blonde hair / blue eyes
      – black
      – now an illegal mexican
      or just know how to abuse the people you love to gain power.



    20. Fact that most people like to ignore.. There are are not enough jobs in the U.S. for every man and every woman.

      Not to mention the effect the recent recession has had on the total number of jobs available, and the quality of these jobs.

      That means that increasingly both men and women are competing for a shrinking number of jobs.

      Although some may disagree or just choose to ignore the facts and reality, in regards to their career path women are often less dependable when it involves life circumstances, pregnancy, child rearing, family issues, etc..

      Therefore, in this increasingly competitive global marketplace can companies be blamed for doing what they think are in their own best interests? No doubt, some companies have decided to relocate their businesses to other labor markets rather than try to conduct their business in this smorgasbord of regulation and crony political capitalism that exists here in the states.

    21. Make sure Romney gets the binder on this. He needs more binders.

    22. Wow. Well this is certainly a lively bunch here. So many biases and generalizations. There was one interesting comment regarding the racial breakdown vs. gender pay inequality. If someone was making more than you for the exact same job and had equal education and experience, would you be angered? From the comments here, this appears to happen alot in varying circumstances of gender, age, race, etc. all which are protected classes under discrimination law. I for one don’t care what you think some one of some class should be doing with their lives. If an individual is doing the same job as you with equal experience and education, they should be paid the same. Would you want the same for yourself? Carry on.

    23. Heres the thing this article skews facts as most articles do. Yes I do admit there is a gender gap, however, women are taken just as seriously as men. it is not mike at a job interview the guy on the other side of the desks looks at you and goes well she is a women i don’t like women so I’m not going to hire her. We don’t live in the 20th century. If a women has the capability to do the job to its fullest she will be hired. if she is incapable of this job and does not have the best education yes she will not be hired. As to the part about a longer period of time before being promoted unless the boss is extremely against women in that case i would just quit its probably because the company is not ready to promote or she hasn’t done her job well enough. there is no reason to believe that our country is against women in the work place. In fact women have been in recent years developing higher positions in most work places then men. Read up on line or at your library before completely insulting an entire gender of both genders in some ways.

    24. Majority of people should learn about diversity and what makes us who we are. Everyone regardless of sex, etc.. should have the same respect and earn the same pay for the same type of job. People quite being bias and close minded and open your eyes to the reality that we live in a huge melting pot of diversity. Anyone educated would know his! Diversity is what makes businesses better, it promotes innovation, creativity and new ideas. Who says men are entitled to better positions and women should stay at home? Come on people look at the world today how many people can live on one income in a family? The statistics from this article are true. They even teach this in collage diversity classes today on the differences in pay men versus women receive. European descent men also receive more pay than minorities. Its easy proven facts if people just look into it. There are several factors that determine how people behave not just sex. As far as higher positions, it is not that men seek higher positions versus that of women. Some women seek those same positions, but are not given equal opportunity. Try being an educated woman in today’s business world or ask women who are educated and in upper management positions their perspectives on this issue and see what their responses are. Men who talk but don’t really know, should keep their mouth shut. Educate yourself on the issue then have an opinion.

    25. first off, yes I am a male. I am not sexist, and this does have a ton of facts, but they are all old facts. The actuality of equality is more there than given credit. It is true that in the recent census’s within the last 10 years shows that men make about 1-4% more than women overal, and that men do typically make about 60-80 cents on the dollar more than women. However, if you look at actual job placement you will notice that pay is the same for men and women in each job field, the only difference being that men typically choose higher paying career paths than women do. Women have shown to actually have a higher gender percentage in the workforce than man in many areas, states, and even nationally having job employment than men. Financially, there are only 2 reasons as to why women nationally make less than men overall, 1st being that when women get pregnant they typically stop career advancement on many levels and even quit working completely rather than just go on maternity leave, and the 2nd being that women simply choose lower paying job careers. on average men pursue and continue to advance in careers till about 48 where as women who actually go to college etc stop at 39. Women tend to go for jobs like HR and secretarial jobs, as well as nursing and elemtary teaching, where as males typically go for computer type jobs and technology.
      20 years ago and prior, women trully did have it rough and at those times all that negative talk was actually true, and being a woman back than who tried to maintain or even gain a job and advancement was horrible to even think of, none the less imagine. Women who held careers and got high level jobs back then are true heroes of inspiration fighting against the odds. Today however, we are all equal. Some aspects of the social America have variences that affect both men and women differently, positively, and negatively. Being a woman you are more likely to suffer from sexual harrassment. Men are less likely to be hired over a women in jobs that are made up of 90% men or more (when equal experience, education, etc. Women are a huge part of the job force, which beats statistics today of how much of America (both men and women equally, shown in statistics) still believe that men are supposed to be the money makers, and women are supposed to be the stay at home wifes and mothers. Each year the percentage of stay at home men are increasing as couples play reversed roles. The belief that women are greater care givers than men is being displaced making both men and women equal in the Caring and nurturing of the typical “mother” role. We are equal this day and age, and the only things stopping either gender from anything is themselves only and how each individual simply chooses to live their life. If you are a woman and you believe that the man has to be the bread winner, and you are waiting for a rich guy to come along to pay for you to no longer have to work, then you are the typical woman who is the percentage responsible for the fininacial percentage of men making more money than women.

      Genetic facts of parenting, and jobs; men tend to be more aggressive by nature, women tend to be more emotional, both can be used in good or bad manners. Emotionally unstable is more likely for a woman, as aggression is more likely for men.

      Also while men are more proned to sexual harrassment, the job fields for people choosing forms of sexual prostitution such as bikini/nude coffee stands, pornography, sex hotlines, actual sex for money prostitution are nearly 99% comprised of women only. Whether you want to believe it or not, more women push the idea of women being strictly sexual items, than men do. Sexual harrassment is horrible, and more women are sexually harrassed than men, but men are taken litterally ten times less serious when trying to report sexual harrassment to employment and police than women.

      Not only that but 2 out of 5 or 40-45% of those who suffer from violent domestic abuse are men. The majority of men who are domestically abused physically never report, or simply are not taken seriously by police or society in general. The majority of domestic abuse reported for men being victims of domestic abuse are ones where a man is hospitalized or killed by a woman.

      My point to all this that both men and women are equal, and both genders face hardship in various areas. Equal pay is not an issue in America when it comes to gender. Every job pays both men and women the same rate. Simply choose a higher paying profession if you want to make more money. And simply try to put a stop to women demoralizing themselves as being just sexual items if you want to help reduce men from thinking such thoughts. We are all in this together with our own individual issues to face, but ability to achieve financial success is equal. Women are also about 40%+ of business owners these days, so if almost half of all jobs are owned by women, and you can’t get a good job or position or salary at a place owned and run by women, then males are not to blame.
      Trying to say women are brainwashed by men, is not going to help anyones case, because men to are brainwashed by women.

      The majority of boys are raised by both parents to believe that they have to grow up and be the financial providers, and taught things such as “boys don’t cry”, and to “tough it out”, and that it is ok for a female to hit them, but not ok for a male to hit a female. And that it is ok for a female to rape a male, but not ok for a male to rape a female. Both women and men have struggles, but when it comes to job pay, it is equal.

      10 or 20 years ago or more equality was not there. But now it is. Each gender, race, upbringing, financial status, etc, has its own handicaps in life, but don’t try to say statistics mean something they don’t.

      How likely is it for a woman to pay for the first when compared to a man? Society sets its own differences that are just as much influenced by women as it is men.

      More women are against a women being president of the U.S. then men when a vote statistic was done, with the questions being who do you trust more in the white house as president, a man or a woman. I too was highly surprised at how many women actually are against having a woman as president.

    26. Almost every single person who has written anything in this article is completely, and blatantly, biased. I understand the need for your ideas and opinions to be heard, but think of the negative effect on people who are not sure what to think yet. Your innocent exaggerations may just shape the hatred of the opposite group. Does anyone really believe that any one minority or sex should be offered less opportunity?

      If a young boy were to tell you that he wanted to be a stay at home dad and not work when he grew up, would you make it a point to tell him that it was unacceptable? If a physically adept little girl were to tell you that she wanted to become a pro-footballer, would you say that she couldn’t? Equality is not about demonizing any one group for the success of another, it’s about creating equal opportunities for every group.

      I don’t believe in any group holding grudges against previous generations for discrimination, I believe in working together, striving to make things right, and forgoing these pointless and rude arguments. As a young girl, just heading into high school, and part of a new generation, I don’t hold any grudges against my male classmates for chauvinists of the past, and for the most part, they don’t treat me poorly because I am a girl, just how it should be.

      In my school, almost all people accept all races, sexual preferences and genders. People even openly make jokes about all stereotypes, and they are taken as just that, jokes. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, joke about themselves and other races, and nobody is offended.If this is true, if this is possible, then why do people fight with each other over aspects of themselves that they cannot change?

      A person is not defined by what they are, but who they are.

      • Honestly I think your comment has saved my trust in humanity? You are so mature for your age! Like I’m not much older than you I’m still in school but I think you definitely have the right idea of equality

    27. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) A logical reaction to the ongoing War Against Males.

      Where are the gals demanding equal rights AND responsibilities?

      Girls, demand the right/requirement to sign up for the draft or face the consequences for not doing that.

      Blatant discrimination!!!

      Girls, demand equal treatment when sentenced for the same crime that males typically receive longer sentences for while females receive lesser punishments!!!

      How about the study indicating that the highest-paid real estate brokers tend to be females?

      How about males being laid-off from jobs at higher rates than females?

      Far more males are injured or die at work than females.

      I am one of a growing number of males who view today’s “modern” female as a clear and present danger to males and for safety it is best to avoid the emotion-laden, illogical, irrational creatures as much as possible.

      No marriage, no kids, and always take great care whenever in the presence of a female.

      And such is the, to me, facts of life in a disgusting anti-male USA society.

      • Anti male!? Wow you have things backwards mr disgruntled old coot. None of you’re statements are backed up by facts at all and don’t worry, don’t know where you’re from but there’s no need to take care in the presence of a female because they won’t do anything to you because women aren’t a different species, we’re just people ok? And I have terrible experiences with men doing unprovoked things but I won’t judge all men by them don’t worry. Now in the presence of a women unfortunately you will have to refrain from inappropriately touching them and catcalling ok? I know it’s a terrible nuisance but there you go. Don’t assume someone is stupid or lacking in readership skills because they are female and there you go! You have survived this terrible new regime. Now go and do whatever you want because I don’t give a shit

    28. You really make it seem really easy along with your presentation but I find this matter to be really something which I think I might never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m having a look forward on your subsequent publish, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

    29. The question is not whether its true or not. The question is should it be that way.

      I say that it should definitely be that way. Men should always out earn women.

      Its a sexist remark and like most sexist remarks they make sense.

      Why would a woman want to out earn her partner whether it be boyfriend, husband, lover unless she actually wants neither of these.

      Women have to depend on men it’s the only way. The women must bear children to fill the earth.

      Even if women had test tube babies the men would eventually find a way to throw a wrench in the machine. The man hating machine will go down eventually its just a matter of time.

      I see the paranoia that exists whenever I am by myself with a woman that is a stranger whether it be at the supermarket, walking down the street, there is a definite fear a hate.

      This is caused by the sheer desperation of men trying to hold on to their last bit of masculinity an d becoming desperate and so the women knows its a valid fear because there are a lot of needy guys.

      So the feminizt hate machine causes men to be losers a type of men which no woman wants and so they associate all men including me with them.

      To simplify it has gotten so bad in feminist circles, cities and countries that just being a man elicits negative feelings in women. They are fearful and its because they don’t want to be seen with somebody that is “beneath them”.

      There is a pompousness of the modern western woman. She thinks she is “hot stuff”. She thinks she is a unique flower and makes sure that she stays that way. Anybody who brings her to her knees is seen as an enemy and women are little by little starting to become attracted to feminine qualities.

      Women know say “I like shy guys”, “I like guys who dress fashionably”. We have to understand what fashionably means because for many women fashionably includes flamboyant styles and colors, it includes pearcings which have always been associated with women. Tattoos can go either way but I would actually say are masculine yet we see that women are the main culprits when it comes to tattoos giving them the resemblance of street bikers or prisoners.

      Women should undoubtedly NOT MAKE MORE THAN MEN. That is the main reason for the downfall of Rome and the downfall of the United States of America.

      A few years from now perhaps in the near future they will say in history books that the downfall of the modern world the western side of the planet was the emancipation of women. As if they were a sort of slave but thats the way women feel now as slaves but unlike a slave that deserves freedom women are different in that they always yearn for a master and so now women seek a master in other women or the ones who cannot find a master choose to be masters because its better to have somebody else than be lonely. One thing is for sure the modern woman is the most miserable creature on the planet. Having sex very infrequently much less than men are aware of. She is a crazed hungry dog, crazed for love and affection which conflicts with societies desires. Society wants her to be a “someone” not a nobody behind a kitchen somewhere. While the men are all nobodies regardless of where they are. The most popular hollywood people are now women. The lady gagas the nikkis the freaks of the world are the most popular. The men are old and boring it seems not freakish enough for the entertainment minded population. Women will then control hollywood and since women worship entertainment they will worship these women and emulate them. Soon after that happens the United States is a dead country. With no pulse the only thing that can be found is crazed lunatics frothing at the mouth wailing for attention. None will come only in the form of Asian masters. The eastern world will have its day and the western world will be its slave.

      • WOMEN DO NOT DEPEND ON MEN. you are completely wrong and illiterate. men should not out earn women. men are not above women. i dont know what else to say to beat this into your obviously small brain but you are an absolutely terrible human being and you are so wrong. you are the downfall of the human race.

      • in response to Natalie Young’s comment
        Though women do not need to rely on men they are needed to bring up children rather than just work for an example of this if you look at japan many women there tend to put their career before having a family so they have a problem with a lack of children being born and this means that japan is going to have a massive problem with paying the pensions for all those elderly among many drastically important other issues
        in essence boths sexes depend on each other in order to bring up the next generation and what is happening now when we aren’t depending on each other we are getting older and this is the downfall of humanity.
        Also learn some manners.

      • @Chris @natalie young
        This is true, children have lost morality and proper guideance as women enter the workforce, what is worse, is that the government is paying single moms handouts, as they become the father in many cases, while locking men away (dead beat dads) these men are given little to no choice to be successful, rather they become a drain on society, while the taxes are drained from everyone else to support children and women. So instead we get families of deadbeats.

    30. Amanda said: “……..It is good to know the facts and at least be open minded to the issues this article brings to light. They are just statistics which leaves the readers the chance to create their own argument or conclusion…….”

      The problem is that the statistics presented are not an indication of the truth. They intentionally omit many facts and factors in order to reinforce the publishers statements.

      This is like using the following facts:
      -In 2011 more corn was sold than any other vegetable in America.
      -Corn crops cover 250 million acres of the earth, which is more of the land than any other type of crop.
      -The most commonly cultivated vegetable in the world is corn.

      To support this statement:
      More people eat corn with dinner than any other vegetable.

      The statement does not take into account that:
      -Much of the corn that is produced by farmers is purchased by corporations that will use it as a component in processed foods, or, food made for Animals.
      -Much of the corn was purchased to be used in products that are not mean to be eaten, like ethanol or machine oil thinner.
      -People may be eating corn at lunch or dinner time.

      The facts presented are true, but, they are being used to present an argument in support of a false statement.

      It is true that to total amount of working men made more than the total amount of working women. It is also true that they did different jobs and worked at different levels of experience.

      By omitting this fact the statement made is given a meaning that is inaccurate.

    31. this article is biased and downright wrong. Men have lost millions of jobs in the past few years, and now women dominate all corporate offices, with skills related to public services. Just the new demand of pr and fall of skilled labor

    32. These Statistics are true, but are most likely skewed for very obvious reasons.
      1. Women work an average of 6 hours less per week at their jobs. (sorry I can’t find the link to the gov survey.)
      2. Women employing more people than the fortune 500 makes sense since the fortune 500 employ under 25% of the workforce.
      3. There are huge tax advantages to having a woman “run” the company. A friend’s parents run a small business that employs approximately 350 people and though they run it together the wife’s is technically in charge since women count as minorities.

      MY purpose in writing this is not to say that there are not disparities or gender biases, but to point out that these statistics exaggerate the problem. When you manipulate statistics to get your point across you will undermine your efforts to correct the injustices because you lose credibility.

      P.S. Most men get defensive about this not because they’re sexist, but they think you are painting a picture that ALL men are chauvinists.

    33. Companies want people who make money for them…so be it a woman, a man or a midget…if money can be made…you are hired…lots of women simply leave their jobs once they have families and children…thereby losing out on important work experience…so before people lash out at the ‘big bad men’ for every damn problem in the world…its time women take responsibility for something for a change…fact is companies only care about money and they will hire anyone who can make big bucks so in this day and age….other than incompetence…there is no other reason for any particular gender or minority group to be sidelined from the top notch positions….and as to why companies should be forced to pay for a woman who decides to have children on her own sweet will thereby taxing her male colleagues with extra work and forcing the company to pay up for no work done escapes any sense of logic….so while some might wanna call me a sexist racist bigot…I still stand by my opinion and will always do so….btw…I am a black male recently graduated from MIT wit h a major in Mechanical Engineering and I am a firm opponent of affirmative action of any sort under any circumstances….

    34. A cardinal principle of Total Quality escapes a lot of managers: you can’t continuously improve interdependent systems and operations unless you progressively perfect interdependent, interpersonal relationships.

    35. All said nd done,this shows hw people want more for themselves despite gender issues,so if u feel any form of Disparity,then go start ur own bisnes, it wuld pay more by giving you satisfaction and nt just competing wit nobody by complaining.Hmm

    36. I can understand where women are comming from, there have been many women who expirenced discrimination and also the wage gap situtation.Actual companys defend that woman should get payed less such as Allstate( can’t find the link to the article) which is why feminist keep bringing up the idea of sexism in wages.Women brought the issue to surface, which made some improvment to certain areas but not all. I think what women are doing is good a communty creates a voice as long it don’t get hostile :). I have no views against men, they do there work. I would just like for women to be at the same level as them a equal community sounds nice, but hard to do.

    37. I think the burden of proof falls to the ones who accuse guilt of discrimination. Innocent until proven guilty. However I still feel that I would like to voice my perspective.

      Men have a bigger motivation to get ahead. Men need to be constantly thinking about making money because otherwise they become a homeless bum. 95% of homeless people are men. There are shelters for women only. There is welfare for women only. And women have the option to find some rockhead man to take care of them. Since men need to devote more brainpower towards the goal of making money and offering a marketable skill, perhaps they reach their goal more quickly. If a man thinks of business for an extra 4 hour per day after work, and a woman isn’t, then he is going to figure some thing out that the woman hasn’t.

      I’m not saying that this is definately the case, but it surely is an alternative theory that if it were true would also result in the statistics given. Just an example of how statistics can be interpreted differently.

      One final thing, I don’t think women realize how much men think about work. You hear about women wanting their men to pay more attention to them? Well if there was a woman who was genuinely interested in my life, my work, it would be a miracle. They say women are more into relationships? Well maybe men are too, but we don’t have the luxury. There are alot of women who want men to be all involved in their luxuries, but their men are too busy because the woman wont share the burden of being interested in the mans life…his work.

    38. It’s not like bosses sit there and say “I don’t like women, so I’m going to pay them less”. Remember, it’s about money, and not which gender can do more work and help the company kind. For example, if health insurance is provided, the “bosses” sometimes get kickbacks if their employees don’t cost them as much, and since women require more yearly examinations for things like pap smears, mammograms, etc. they affect the ins. companies profit more. It’s not an acceptable reason, but it is one that makes sense and isn’t sexist, just greedy.

    39. I’m a 24 year old white male. Women my age make more than the men my age: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,2015274,00.html

      I spent not one day in school where I was more likely to get a bachelor’s degree because of my gender:

      As for a bit of anecdotal evidence, I attended a job fair a couple weeks ago with my twin sister. She was told in a conversation with an employer that “We like to hire girls. People trust girls.” If you can’t see how wrong that is, replace girls with “whites”. Now does it rub you the wrong way?

      I’m an individual. I don’t believe in reincarnation. People die. We are not immortal, perpetual, or eternal. Therefore, current advantages for females are not acceptable because (to quote a good many people) “Well, it was THAT way for X number of years, so it is okay for it to be THIS way for X number of years.”

      No. Most of the men who benefitted are dead. So are the women who were disadvantaged. You’re not “getting back” at anyone. They’re gone.

      And I’m somehow out of line for not wanting my life to be spent paying the debt. Well, I think the young women who expect the debt to be paid to them are way more out of line than I am. Fellow twenty-somethings: I, frankly, don’t care about the pain you’ve READ about in your history books.

      Most baby-boomers are not yet retired. Your bosses will be mostly male for the next 10-15 years. But the young ladies are filling up the entry level jobs, where all those men started years ago.

      There WILL be a windfall.

    40. Hey, someone mentioned gender reassignment early on. So here I am, a Male to Female transexual. Take it from me, YES. Women are treated as inferior workers. As a (especially white) male, you simply do NOT have the perspective to see the discrimination, or feel it first hand. I don’t mean to belittle or offend anyone, but trust me, women are looked down upon in the workforce. I spent my time as a “male” in the corporate world, and let me say that if you don’t see the “good ole boy” network, you will not make it far in corporate politics. It’s there, and it’s exclusive. Once I transitioned to female, everything started to change for me. Mind you, this is without my trans status being disclosed.

      With my unique perspective on this, I can say that neither side can truly know how the other feels. I honestly don’t think that most men INTEND to be discriminatory against women, and this only helps mask the problem. If the men of the world could spend a day being coddled for being “cute” instead of praised and respected for the same hard work and sound ideas a man (especially the one he used to be) might have, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    41. I’m a merchandise manager and I fired most of the men for women. Women are more appreciative whichever job you give them. Unlike men, they complain and they are power hungry. They will threaten you if you don’t give them a promotion or raise. I agree with most of the statements stated here are true. To be brutally honest, I hired women to minimize cost.

    42. I say that we should not have sexism,an one who does it must be arrested until the pay bail

    43. You guys are so stupid. Let’s stop blaming people and just realize that that the workforce is messed up. It can be in favor for both men and women. There are men & women who get hired for jobs like teaching just based on their looks. It depends on the situation, some women are paid less than men, Some men are stay at home dads and don’t make any money, etc. etc. Stop arguing and saying dumb stuff like women shouldn’t be getting pregnant in the first place…seriously.

    44. I used to work at a marina with 6 other men and 5 women. All of us had exactly the same pay and responsibilities- take care of the bait, filet the customers’ fish, stock the shelves, and work the register. Not once did I ever see one of the women filet a fish, clean out the dead bait from the tanks, or clean the bait house. I did see them sit at the register, staring out the window while I worked in brutal heat doing nasty work, for exactly the same pay. This is not to mention, that it was usually I was eventually fired for missing 2 days due to recovery from surgery, when I cut a major artery while fileting a fish. Most of the women working the register missed at least a few days a month that they attributed to female issues. Almost 100% of the time, they showed up late the next day hungover.

      Next job, working in a warehouse. Equal pay across the board also. The women in the warehouse did not have to do any lifting and if they didn’t want to do practically any labor, they could pass it off to one of the men.

      If you are not capable of fulfilling the same responsibilities, DO NOT APPLY FOR THE JOB OR DO NOT EXPECT EQUAL PAY! I understand that a woman physiologically is not as strong as a man and that is perfectly fine. But don’t expect to be able to sit inside, doing nothing, and get paid the same as the guy that is killing himself working in a disgusting bait stand doing hard labor. In a job that doesn’t require hard labor, by all means it should be equal pay, but in a hard labor job, the pay SHOULD be proportional to how much you contribute.

    45. I’m a woman and I call BULLSHIT on this article..sorry

    46. Here’s some statistics from the American Psychological Association, which has conducted fairly recent studies. http://www.apa.org/pi/ses/resources/publications/factsheet-women.aspx

    47. We ( women ) have a power to get successful in our life . They have the power to get successful in their life. So, we’re partners for men and they’re our partners to get the success. We need them and they need us more than they know!!!

    48. Do the stats in Item 1 explain why we have 8.1% unemployment?

      (“In 1900, fewer than 20% of women participated in the labor market while today the number is around 75% and growing.)

    49. I Agree with James.. It is indeed a whole bunch of statistics but it was a good web site.! I think you got the main idea of the website wrong… I dont think its really trying to prove anything in general..

    50. I like what that one guy (WEB) said before. How many women out there actually want the high paying jobs where they have to sacrifice family time for work time? Not to mention even if we aren’t getting the same pay as men what other benefits do we qualify for that men don’t (i.e maternity leave). I’m not saying it’s fair because it isn’t but that goes for all races, genders, age ect. There’s always gonna be some gap or some disparity. If this world was perfect no one would complain.

      If you are looking for equal opportunity all across the board then America would have to be a “communist” nation and we all know that’s not gonna go over well.

      I’m a woman too but if we want to improve our pay and opportunities we’re gonna have to fight for it plain and simple just like everything else in this country. No one wants to give anything away. You have to work for it.

      Not fair? Sure. Pain in the *ss? I agree. But that’s the way it is. Don’t complain if you’re not going to do anything about it.

    51. @Brooke- Don’t use this website as a reliable source of information. The conclusions drawn from the data are inconsistent and do not consider extraneous but significant variables (such as race, education, geographic location, etc).

      Some of you women on this comment thread need to stop reacting on your “girl power” and ethos and start utilizing your brain. Stop complaining about this inevitable “unfairness” and do something about it. If there does exist such disparity in professions that require higher education and you know this why strive for it? No one coerced you to enter corporate America and become seek to become wealthy. Take the example of other women and start your own business, firms, or companies. Take the route in which you can have control of your own domain, instead of complaining. There is a lot of disparity and inequality in America, it’s nothing new, stop whining. Which would you rather? higher pay or the satisfaction that you evaded such disparity and “unfairness”?

    52. umm im doing a project for my 8th grade class and im still totally confused..! should i use the information from this site???

    53. For all of you ignorant men maybe you should do some research on the pay difference of women. Women are paid 77 cents for every dollar that men are with exactly the same experience/education. And maybe men should take half the responsibility for women getting pregnant you are the ones with a dick.

    54. ummm… this is false information and when a women gets pregnant and has to leave work for a while, it’s her own damn fault, she should’ve used a condom.
      And if she wanted to get pregnant thenshe asked for it and should be able to suck it up. Women don’t have fewer jobs because they’re discriminated, they have fewer jobs because one of the genders have to. Also, if you haven’t noticed, women are dramatic, this website is a perfect example. Basically, women act like they have everything hard, and are the underdog, and have it harder than guys. Well I got news for them, you can’t be a winner unless you fucking tell yourself you can win.
      Thankyou, case closed.

      • first of all the man has equal responsibility to wear a condom you idiot. You’re next point says women are dramatic but like where’s the global statistics of drama in humans? Nowhere. Because that’s just a ridiculous point. Yeah you can’t be a winner unless you tell yourself you can win. I’m in the sport industry and trust me. Try being a woman in the sport industry. It’s a nightmare but you know what? I tell myself I can win all the time. And I do win. But no one gives a shit cos no one sees me win.

    55. Would you then blame God why he made Adam first and not Eve. Be content with what the gods of the corporate world decide.

    56. Remember, Adam was created first, then Eve.

      • Impossible that two people could populate the earth soz but Adam and Eve isn’t meant to be taken literally

    57. certainly like your website but you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth however I’ll certainly come again again.

    58. Sadly the “Women Owned Businesses” do not all have women as the actual bosses. They are owned by women on paper and therefore get preferential treatment for getting government contracts. A women owns it, but the men do all of the managing and overseeing. I saw this all the time when I worked in DC, but it happens at all levels of government. Got to fill that quota :)

    59. Watch it bub

    60. I hear dat.

    61. this is really not fair

    62. whats with this soiailism crap or communist crap! u say it takes freedoms away from the people in order to help women… so ur basically saying that women are not people??

    63. BRAVO WEB…
      That is one of the reasons I’m opposed to feminism … because it’s socialist … Read Ludwig von Mises – SOCIALISM .. it explains that feminism is a communist distraction that requires a state to take more and more freedoms away from the people , in order to help women ..

    64. Oh, statistics statistics. Looking at end results and assuming it all got there by discrimination.

      Equality is about equal opportunity not equal results. There’s something to be said about striving for equal results. The word is “communism”.

      I mean, think about it. How many women actually WANT to be a fortune 500 executive? Where your life revolves around your work? I’d like to see that statistic, and compare it to the percentage of woman CEOS. If the desire was 50-50, then maybe we should look into it. But most girls I know are really not that interested in that high of a level. Many guys feel they won’t have much respect UNLESS they achieve some high level. Maybe we should be looking at that.

      I’m an engineering major, and we LOVE having girls in class, minus the distraction. They bring a fresh perspective to things, and are usually taken MORE seriously.

      But most girls are completely turned off at the idea, and are usually interested in Sociology, English, or Psychology. If they do a major science, it’s usually biology. The most evenly distributed sciences seem to be chemistry and geology. I just think it’s funny that women are quickly dominating college, yet all people look at is “there are more men in engineering”, then claim it’s because the whole world is out to get women.

      Equality is about only opening the same doors, without regarding who is in the rooms. Communism is about forcing the same people into the same rooms.

    65. Cretins…

      Did any one of you contact to author of this article to request the raw data?

      Did anyone examine it in even the most rudimentary way?

      For instance, do we have a statistically relevant sample size for each of the statements in the article? Does the data plot normally, for instance no kurtosis tails? Do the standard errors plot completely randomly or do they show patterns?

      If no one has done even a preliminary investigation, then everyone of you is just talking out of their ass.

      Confirmation for me that America is the stupidest population on the planet!

      @KANYON…if you can type in the box above…you can do a quick Google search..the answers are out there…right in front of you…

    66. I’d like to know the statistics of women with higher education(bach,masters,phd)/vs/gen. pop of women

    67. Women comprise 46% of the total U.S. labor force. With almost half of the workforce being women, female employees aren’t exactly a rarity. For most women today, getting a job is an expected part of life. This is a big change from past decades. In 1900, fewer than 20% of women participated in the labor market while today the number is around 75% and growing

      Get sexy oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. The scope of the range of disparate discrimination ensconced within the disgraceful attacks upon women through the Rush Limbaugh remarks reminds us of how far women have yet to go in obtaining equal dignity and equal opportunity with men in political issues, and why it matters – to protect themselves and their children – from preconceived notions and methods designed to disable their influence in the marketplace and in society sufficiently to defend themselves, or achieve any sort of progress suitable to the human rights as well as the civil rights they should have.

      If single mothers/single fathers do not fare well, it is disparate discrimination against their children as well as themselves because of the dependency nature of children upon their parents. There can be no getting away from that, or the premise that parents act apart from the welfare of their children. Trivializing only makes matters worse. Adults don’t sacrifice younger generations for self enrichment, power, or privilege, typically, and if it becomes a trend, it is a trend toward social and economic failure, and extinction. The pyramid of human survival relies upon the pyramid of families that reside beneath progenitors, or the entire pyramid breaks down, and the pyramid falls. Humans have known that since Egypt.

    69. Where do you get these facts/ statistics?? And to Will: Of course there are different standards for women. Women are built differently than men, and most women can not do the same ammount of hard labor. Of course, there are some exceptions to every rule. But even still, women and men are built differently, and therefore have different standards. It isn’t about discrimination, or sexism. It’s about the physiological differences between the two genders. Women have more fat than men, but that is because of child bearing. Women’s hips are wider, and move while prgnant. The female body goes through a lot more changes, and very different changes than that of the male body. I am not saying the male body does not change, because that would be idiotic of me. Of course it changes. But it is not the same changes that women go through.

    70. There’s plenty of sexism I’ve seen in the workplace that doesn’t benefit men. In the US military there is flagrant, unabashed gender discrimination against men. Regulations are put in place to make sure that as many women advance in rank proportionately as men do, but there’s a cold hard fact that physical fitness standards are far lower for females than males. Those standards are put in place because it’s estimated that that is what you have to do to get the job done. So why the differences is expectations for men and women in fields like military work, police work and fire fighting? The job is the job isn’t it? and yet what a woman might do on a physical standards test that would earn her an outstanding, would only be average or good for a man. A male and female could be competing for advancement and be exactly the same on paper, but she could do fewer pushups and situps and run slower than him, and still have her “superior” fitness evaluation allow her to get ahead of him. Moreover women get paid the same as their male counterparts in the military but are often exempted from strenuous work and dangerous assignments.

      And I’ve seen gender discrimination against men in the civilian world too. Women get away with A LOT of shit at work because they’re females. They call in sick for menstrual cramps, they always find a male coworker to do the lifting even when they can do it themselves, and I’ve never worked anywhere that didn’t have at least one female using her sexuality to cull favor from her male superiors.
      I remember once when I was younger I worked at a grocery store as a baggers, and there was a girl working who was normally a cashier (oh and btw women were never hired and made to start as baggers here, they always were hired as cashiers. Well except for one middle aged extremely unattractive and man-ish girl) and because of some irregularities in her till she was demoted to bagger until they made a decision about her situation. Well one of our duties was to go out to the lot and collect carts, and anyone who was about to end their shift had to do this before they could clock-out. Well, when it came time for her shift to end they came and asked me to go out in the rain and take care of her duties for her, and when I protested that it was part of HER job, they straight up told me to be man (aka chivalrous).

      So there’s a lot that needs to change in society along with the so-called wage gap. Women can be paid as much when they’re willing to experience the same expectations across the board at all jobs, and when they’re attitudes about their roles and what’s fair in and out of work changes. I’ve never heard a woman complain about men always paying on dates. And it would be nice if they weren’t such sexual harassment lawsuit time bombs. At that same job I just mentioned I had a buddy get reported by a separate woman because she walked in a sex-related conversation that had nothing to do with her. This same woman would tell that guy he was a “faggot” all the time before that incident. Thankfully it gone thrown out.

    71. Hi Guys,

      This has nothing to do with the article. I just want to seek your expert help in securing statistics to prove that indeed the attractive people are successful than the average looking ones. Please provide the statistics since this will be used for my daughter’s college project.

      Thank you very much.

    72. Our company really reduced the risk of long and short term sickness by using a OH provider called COPE. Really helped improve morale of employees also.

    73. But women have to fight their rights!

    74. Centuries ago, families lived a completely different lifestyle, only the husband was responsible for earning the money for the whole family. However, the role of the mother was also important, she was responsible for bringing up the children. Nowadays, the role of women has changed. They try to make a career instead of taking care of the family. I think they should be stay longer at home with their family.

    75. The only point I agree with is that women should not be forced by the government to work after the pregnancy. A baby needs a mother, especially at this age, and because of the low amount of maternity leave, or the lack of it means that the woman has to work and a stranger rises up the child instead of her.

    76. I hate statistics. I don’t really know whether this is a big problem or not. I think in a normal family men should work and earn money, and women should take care for the household for the children. If the men can not earn enough money for the family than women should also find a job, but not as serious as the men have.

    77. My opinion is that I dont think the situation is so bad. I think this website make mouse to elephant. Plus i dont think so that the womens should make a bigger and bigger and bigger career.
      In a normal family, she should stay home with a kid, do the housework, cook. After when the child is bigger, they should go back to work.

    78. On one hand it is just not fair that women recieve less money and respect for the same work but on the other hand we have to accept that women just cant work and prepare at home as much as men can because of the household and children. I belive that women should stay at home and create the warmth of home and bring up children because this is the most important work for a woman, for a mother.

    79. always better than in Europe.
      we can’t choose gender,we havee to learn how to live with our own problems.
      no one told that life is not a b***h

    80. this articles sucks

    81. this is not fair women always do most of the work and still they get less pay. :(

    82. I’m writing an editorial for an agency and I need good statistics these are the worst statistics ever.

    83. I found Patricia’s comment most interesting as it was based on her own real-life experience. Thank you.

    84. women do most of working

    85. This month’s issue of Men’s Health has the statistics on this. As women become more confident they get more jobs and earn higher pay. The recession has hit men a lot harder than women. 51 percent of women own jobs. My girlfriend has a higher paying job than me. The tables have turned, men have stopped being men and the women have our balls in a tight vice grip. Before complain about how bad the women have it think about the latest statistics, not these outdated ones. It’s true, though. Men are just pets to women while women grow more and more independent. Next they will have us donate our sperm so they can get themselves prego and get us fixed like dogs.

    86. The underlying assumption here is that men and women want the same things in life – corporate status, long work hours, work related stress etc. Could it be as simple as the fact most men don’t want to spend most of their time with the kids and most women would rather get satisfaction from caring for their family than going to meetings? Why does “equality” mean that women should define a successful life the same say testosterone laden men do? If a woman wants to be a CEO she should be allowed to be, but the fact is most women would not say that a life spent in board rooms instead of spending time with her kids was a successful life.

    87. The three main privileges in America from day 1 to now are whiteness, maleness and wealth. So the three main disadvantaged groups are non-whites, non-males and the poor (or less affluent). Often these characteristics intersect in various and diverse ways.

      The response to race privilege has been a charade: ALL indices for poverty re the Black community are the same today as they were 40 years ago (& solving poverty by killing the poor won’t work so we can stop the abortion charade–“We hold these truths…unalienable Rights…Life…; “without life there are no other rights; etc.; the women’s movement was co-opted by white radical feminism, merely trading misogyny for misandry and white patriarchy for white patriarchy AND white gynarchy; wealth has been challenged before (see MLK Poor People’s Campaign) and today (See Occupy…) with varying success. But without looking at the intersection of privilege/disadvantage we have Black Feminism & Womanism (b/c of white privileged women’s disregard for their sister’s Blackness–too much for this comment); “female law” based on a reaction to patriarchy & not WHITE patriarchy (b/c non-white males never had the power/control that “Massa” has but are being victimized by these laws (too much to comment here). Bottom Line: AJ is correct.

      Re the “earnings gap” based on gender, the statistics put out there are biased. The DOL/BLS collects data based on gender AND ethnicity (Black, white, Asian, Hispanic). When viewing those 8 categories the REAL story about earnings gaps becomes clear: it’s been a while since I analyzed this but if memory serves correctly (please verify with DOL/BLS)earning power numbers (for 2008) were that for every dollar Asian men (highest earners) earn, Asian women earn 89 cents; white men, 85 cents, white women, 77 cents; black men, 64 cents; black women, 61 cents; Hispanic men, 58 cents; and Hispanic women, 55 cents. While men in each racial group earn more than their female counterparts, the difference is approximately only 10% or less for Asian/white(parity within the racial group)and less than 5% difference for Black/brown (parity within the racial group); whereas, those of a darker hue average a full 34% less than their racial counterparts! That is, reality witnesses that the greatest disparity is racial. Put another way: Black men earn 64 cents to every 77 cents a white woman makes; Black women 61 cents, and so on. The reason for Asian white disparity are fields chosen (Asian, high finance & engineering; whites, not so much). The reason for the A/W versus B/B disparity? History says racism; cognitive dissonance says that eugenics is right and B/B are inferior degenerates.

      Trying to “solve” the complex problem of power/privilege/control with simple answers is merely an attempt to justify one’s own power/privilege/control. The truth is easy to see but hard to admit. -Harry Tubman

    88. Yes, there is a gap in pay between Men and Women. There are two things I have to say. My mother is an exception to the rule, and I’m sure there are others ie. Gerri up a few weeks earlier. THere are ways to get around the Gender gap, one is to be very insistent, persistent, and aggressive. This is how a lot of women get ahead. A very persistent, insistent, and agressive women can get any benefit that a man has, because she has paid the cost, to be the boss.

      The other thing that I wanted to mention, is that the above statistics, take into account all the women, but doesn’t designate by ethnicity. That is a huge variable factor in ALL of this. Minority women by statistic earn far less than their counterparts, and the gap is greater among minority men to theirs. Maybe we should discuss that, and get the statistic correct first, prior to going off on our tangents about the initial overview of the subject. Lets figure out why there is gaps within each ethnic group first, and put everyone on a so called (from earlier) “true even playing field” before we go any futher. Without this, all numbers contained in the statistic will be skewered in one direction or another. Lets get this out in the open.

      AJ- Educated Minority Male in Corporate America

    89. @Mark

      What is this disadvantage? Women have more advantages than men overall…
      What is “a fair shot”? Does anybody deserve a “fair shot”? I said in the previous post that this “not so fair shot” in the workplace is caused by biology, and women complain about it… Should blind people complain that they don’t have a “fair shot” to get a drivers license?

    90. LC, you dont need to have a high IQ to be able to notice that women are at a high disadvantage. Reasons on why they have disadvantages are not important the important thing is that they dont have a fair shot.

    91. I don’t see you making a counter-argument… FYI my IQ is 130 … yours is most likely ~80 …

      “more based on worry of an incident” — wtf does this mean??

      “I thought this whole article is ” — no ..thinking is way out of your league..

    92. I thought this whole article is bs. I have a job that pays both sexes the same way and if anything women get chosen for promotion more based on worry of an incident. But LC your comments are only making any argument guys have worthless with your stupidity.

    93. There is another explication to this phenomenon.
      Discrimination based on the FACT that women can be far less productive in the workforce as men. Why? Easy … biological reasons. An employer can safely assume that a women under 40 is a temporary employee, not to be assigned to important (high wage) jobs that require a long continuity in the firm (like CEO) because they are very likely to leave the company on account of pregnancy. So:
      1)they make less because they are not selected for the better paying jobs
      2)they make less on the same job because the employer takes some “insurance” money for the risk of losing the employee (pregnancy)
      This is where your biology fails you ladies. I believe these are valid reasons for the pay gap.
      Also mothers returning to the work force are payed less because they require flexible working hours, which is incompatible with a high paying job…

    94. This is accurate information the pay disparity for women is real, as it is for people with disabilities. Even if you correct with regression analysis the indicators point to the inequities for women in the workplace.

      Sometimes when managers think they are helping they are causing harm. E.G. If you have a team with a job and travel is required, you may think you are helping a single parent by cutting their required travel type duties (field audits) and giving them more assignments that are in-house-work (desk audits) However, when awards, opportunities or they compete with others for higher position, they will have less experience/valued input than their peers. Women have this happen to them more than men.

      That’s one of the ways, income disparity happens in the workplace.

    95. I believe that anytime you use statistics as concrete evidence for anything you’re a moron. Statistics can easily be distorted in any number of ways to accomplish whatever “facts” you want. Take CNN and Fox for instance. I think in all jobs females should be paid based upon merit. This would still leave females at a disadvantage in heavy labor jobs such as working on an oil rig or a construction worker.

    96. If you deny the fact that women make less than men then you are a fucking retard and have never held a real job. They’re not talking about the little podunk burger flipping jobs people. When it comes to executive pay and women who have real careers they make less.

    97. Males struggle to get Any workplace to hire them. Examples: I applied at a Vitamin Shoppe and I anonymously visited the store to check it out, and I overheard the manager say they are only looking to hire a girl. I persued that minimum wage job and sure enough I was not called back and a week later the new girl was in the store. A similar thing happen to applying at Target for a minimum wage job. Again I interviewed fine but was rejected for the job. The next week there was a new girl in the department I applied, and I asked her some questions. The store cameras must have spotted me because the hiring manager was then on the floor and had other managers approaching me with odd over friendly passive aggressive weirdness to get me out of their store.

      It is discrimination.

      The other day I returned to Target to get supplies and noticed about 16 employees at the line of registers were females. The workers in every department were females. No males. Then I found one very unkempt male employee in a department. That is weird they hire him when I am clean and don’t stink and I can’t get a minimum wage job no matter how many places I apply.

      I would not have to apply had I not been bullied out of my past 3 jobs by female bullies. I had to move back in with my mom, and she is bullying me, and she has a job at a store that has 14 female employees and zero males working there.

      Go ahead and complain all day long about how females have no rights. It’s no wonder why our country failed so fast. I’d traveled all around the world and then some and I learned that a society is only as strong as the men. Who takes care of men? Women. Who births them and is supposed to nourish the children? Women. Men are treated as sub-human by American women.

      We live in a poisoned, sickened society. The best thing for humans is to poison the population to death and literally start over from scratch.

    98. Look at all of these mad people. They waste their time rambling about stuff that no one else wants to listen to.

    99. It seems that most people are getting somewhat defensive about all this. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, some of you are bending the facts to fit your story. It’s true that there are some discriminators out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all people or offices out there are discriminators. And for those of you complaining that you do all the work and get the least pay, it’s the way it works. The president of the company always starts out in the mail room.


    101. @AA – I would make sure and document any correspondence I had with the DM (date and time of conversation(s), any witnesses to conversations, what was said by whom), or send a letter of complaint to him/her by certified letter, and keep a notarized copy for yourself. That way, if the company attempts to retaliate, you have documentation that you are being targeted for “whistleblowing”. You’re sure to either get your old job, or at least have his taken from him. Either way – a win/win for you!

    102. @AA – Sounds me like you have the very good beginnings of a gender discrimination lawsuit. If your sexist boss actually cited your age to you as the reason for your demotion and he currently has a male of your same age serving in the same capacity or at the same level of your former position, you would be smart to take your copy of any documentation he had you sign and a copy of the EEO citation posted on site (I’m guessing in your break room), then obtain legal counsel and notify your District Manager (or your boss’s boss) that your boss is in direct violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

      Men aren’t more capable (unless you count their ability to produce sperm — which, in your case, should only be a factor if you work in a retail establishment that sells donated sperm for profit – and I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case, right?)

    103. I am the youngest manager at the store I work for and became a manager at the age of sixteen. I have now worked at this store for three year and started when I was fifteen. We recently got a new manager who is EXTREMELY SEXIST. He demoted me to a cashier because he says I’m “too young” to be a manager. However there is one guy manager who is my age and it does not seem to matter. Girls who work there are no longer on floor all they do is cashier because floor and manager jobs are for men! HA! If that isn’t a joke. I still do all the work while they sit in the office and yet get paid less. What is it that makes men more capable?

    104. do people think differently now as far as women at work are concerned ?

    105. I am doing a research paper on woman’s rights. I am an older college student. I worked for a woman attorney in a small town in Texas before Hurricane Ike. I ran the front desk. I took payments, answered the phone, did filing, met with clients, ran errands, did research on the Internet, and typed decrees. I was paid minimum wage. The young Hispanic gentleman who worked in the office, would give me his research, sign off on it, and would testify in court. He got paid a good deal more than I did. I did his work and he got the credit and the better pay check. Yes, it happens all the time. Things are unfair, but I am older. I know there is unfairness in the world. I know that our politicians do not care. I have learned to be self – reliant. I also learned that if you don’t like something, don’t complain, do something about it.

    106. *do what Gerri did I meant

    107. Listen to what Geri said. She found that the system was standing in the way of her personal goals, so she started her own business. This is the solution instead of whining about unfairness. Part of being human is making friends with people like yourself, people with common interests, humor etc. To think that men have an obligation to stop making friends with each other, thus creating this “old boy netwark” is completely unreasonable, and more importantly not going to happen.

      In this life equality is not guarantied, nor is it possible. Make your own destiny and be glad for what you have is my advice. Instead of mumbling over unfairness, if it bothers you so much do as Emma did and create your own rules.

      Just some thoughts and yes I am a guy, but I don’t make more money than most women of my educational level by the way – and am not complaining. I don’t live in a egualtarian paradise and that’s just fine with me.

    108. I Think This Is Horse Shit

    109. this info shocks me why are women payed less?

    110. Look at the referenced NYTimes article, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau. I talk to a lot of women, and it’s amazing that some of the same biases exist, especially in the male-dominated worlds of engineering and finance, that existed when I worked in corporate in the 60’s. Yes, I feel women have come a long way, but there is still disparity and underlying prejudice. In conversations with women in corporate, the “old boy network” still exists. That’s why I have my own business! I determine how much money I make!

    111. I personally would like to see what references were used for this article. There were some mentioned but for a bunch of the percentages it seems a bit far-fetched same as some of the information used.

    112. quit bitchin and make me a goddamn sandwich

    113. The income gap is easy to see if you think about it and easy to miss if you don’t. Most lower paid jobs are equal, ie. call center, restaurant, etc. But once you get into the jobs a little over the 7.25 wage, it becomes relevant. A complain that is a little understandable is that with a man, you don’t have to worry about maturnity leave, which may be true, but statistically the average woman works more hours than the average man and that’s including maturnity leave.

      No normal truthful man that has been in the workplace for over 5 years is going to argue the gender gap in pay. It’s there, everyone knows it and if they don’t, they are too ignorant to understand it.

    114. Dustin…in response to your references to “more women graduate high school, more women earn bachelors, and more women earn doctorates than men now”. If you read the statistics the more educated a woman is the more disparity there is in pay and advancement. It doesn’t seem that all that education will help her unless she is given unbiased, fair opportunity, pay and advancement. Also, as a woman who has walked the walk it has been my reality that a woman has to be much better than a man, in certain fields (if not most), to get half the respect and recognition. Anyway, you wouldn’t know first hand what it is like to be a woman in a man’s world. When you have that gender reassignment and you live as a woman for a while, then we can talk.

    115. It may be rubbish to some people but everybody struggles and this person, in particularly, feels stongly on the fact that male dominance is still very relevant. It is good to know the facts and at least be open minded to the issues this article brings to light. They are just statistics which leaves the readers the chance to create their own argument or conclusion. We can take the information and work for a better, more equal future or disregard the facts as rubbish.
      Now, if the facts listed are not correct, that’s another issue.

    116. Thats a great observation Jana.

    117. All three of you are biased. Notice how the men defend the men and the woman defends the women. I’m a kid and even I can tell that.

    118. If you took the time to investigate the data for yourself, Amanda, you would find that what James says is correct: the above article takes statistics and facts out of context to paint women in the role of victim. I don’t know if you heard or not, but more women graduate high school, more women earn bachelors, and more women earn doctorates than men now. Over 50% of the labor force is now women. My advice is to read Thomas Sowell’s book “Economic Facts and Fallacies”.

    119. James, that is a real ignorant response. Why respond at all?

    120. This is such a load of rubbish. There’s no constructive argument. All that has been done here, is statistics have been taken and claimed to indicate that women have a harder time than men.

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