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Humber College : North Campus is a Public, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute established in 1967. The campus is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and hosts students with an endowment of $0 (2014).  
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Address:  205 Humber College Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 5L7, Canada
Phone:  +1 (416) 675-5000
Institution Type:  Public, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute
Established:  1967
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  $0 (2014)
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Latitude:  43.728098
Longitude:  -79.607602
Tax ID:  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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42 Student Reviews of Humber College : North Campus

  • Meh- the Travel Management program is pretty solid.

    Overall Score: (2.90/5.00)
  • How is the Drug Addictions Mental HEalth Grad certificate at Humber?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • My worst decision ever is to choose this place.I know there are indeed some wonderful professors and majors here but I have seldom noticed that.So now I am talking about my experience objectively.
    Don’t ever waste your time here. They just wanna take your money ,confidence and precious time. This place is like a pitfall.They don’t give a shit about student.Some so-called professors has been absent or late for the class and just give 2 min lecture and then leave the classroom. Some so-called professors know nothing about the major and industry,so groups of international students come to the co-coordinator to talk about changing him or her and everything is in vain.Even in some final-exams, one of the professor was out of room to let the students cheat from each other.But I cannot report it to anywhere because the coordinator won’t help the students.Most of the classmates haven’t found any professional job after graduation and start to blame the college on social media.I have talked this to one part-time but responsible professor and she replied like: ‘I know what happened here but I have no idea about how to change it.’In the process of KPI,some so-called professors came in and said,’We could recognize your writings’.As for me, I read that as a threat.And Can you imagine the college doesn’t deliver the learning material until 7th week of the new semester. PS: We spend about 2000 dollars on the learning packs.
    Again,I think this place will be wonderful without some so-called professors.
    Run away,please,go to some place which they really value and care their students.
    Don’t ruin your youth here!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I am giving one star because that is the minimum. This place is a thieves` guild; where ‘sophisticated thieves’ lure you ‘legally’. The value of the course will be zero in market and if you even imagine that after doing course here there is possibility of getting high salaried job!!! then remember; it is possible that if you play lottery 10 times and win jackpot 10 times straight, but it is way more impossible to get a high salaried job by using the certificate of this shitty place called ‘Humber College (a thieves` guild). They will say honey glazed words and lick your shoes when you go for admission as they do not look you or your career; they only look a ‘bundle of cash’ in you. After you pay your full fees, your days are gone!!! they treat you as if you are of no value. Unfortunately I wasted my life`s one year and money by enrolling in this college and today its certificate`s value is nothing; I would say a tissue paper is better than the certificate from this college as at least you can wipe your as off from it!!! No word has been invented worse than worst therefore I am using it is a worst college; but ‘the worst’ is too much less for this college and specially the staff on basis of their behavior to their students.

    Please Please Please, if you really want to get a quality education then get admission in Universities as the value of certificate from university is way high than this useless Humber College. Before your course is completed you get your dream job offers from top most companies of Canada with really good wages and you feel that you did something meaningful in life. If you want to repent later like me and lot other people who wasted money in this college then it is your own risk but there is a guarantee that you are throwing your time, career and money in a darkest well (Humber College) from where it is useless to hope for any good output.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I’m in my 4th semester in the hospitality management program and I absolutely hate it. Don’t do it, don’t go into it. It’s pointless and I’m not learning ANYTHING valuable of all the four semesters I’ve been here. All that will happen is that you’ll become mentally unstable and broke.

    The teachers are horrible. They lure you in with fancy words saying, “we want you to graduate” or “we care about your life.” Can I call bs? They don’t. Last semester (3rd), my teacher says to the entire class that has surprised that there were so many of us because he was hoping that all the group projects would make us drop out. I mean seriously? After we paid thousands to enroll and learn? So much for caring about us.

    Just today my teacher, who happens to be the program coordinator as well, calls me out in front of the class because I ”wasn’t paying attention” and was on my tablet. The only thing I was doing was trying to open blackboard and open the stupid PowerPoint of hers. She totally ignores me and then later during the break she comes over and comments how I didn’t attend my class the day before, which I replied that I had a doctors appointment to remove my mole for testing of skin cancer. She doesn’t even pay attention and just tells me to send an email and have proof. Of course, I’m going to ask my doctor who’s already busy to write me a note. Should I show her my stitches that I got too? She totally walks away before I can even say anything else.

    Not to mention that she doesn’t call out people who are ACTUALLY on their laptops playing games or skipped multiple classes by now. Of all the four semesters, now you’re going to ask people about why they’re not in class?

    Before you say some snide remark about how I must have a bad grade or I deserve it, I don’t. I have honours with a 83 overall GPA.

    All I gained from that program and course is depression and where not to spend my money. Do yourself a favor and choose another college or university.

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • Let’s start by saying this is not a college for sensitive people, or anyone with special needs that don’t come with documentation.

    The faculty and your fellow students will both wreck you if you aren’t studying your ass off. I applied for Culinary Management a few years ago and dropped it due to lack of interest. This isn’t to say the program was poor, just overly competitive and has less of an emphasis on learning as opposed to results.

    If you study hard and make this school your #1 priority, you’ll do alright. But if you have other things going on in your life then I suggest finding another school that will be accommodating, because humber will NOT. It’s a great school, but you need to be on the ball 100% of the time or you’ll going to fall behind.

    Going back this year, I had a mixed experience but still have fairly high expectations.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Do not send your kids to this college.Terrible experience.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • As a applicant for 2016 RPN Program, this school sends me a lot of emails and all these shenanigans. I called this school to know about my application status and this lady that I spoke to was mean and giving me irrelevant answers to my questions. It seems like she doesn’t know the answers to my questions. They sent me an email that says” please submit all transcripts to” so when I told this to the lady that I was talking to she said “oh I’m not sure what you are talking about” for real? I applied to this college a year ago because theh said it is a good college but I never receive any informations from them. I tried to applied to this college again and boom it is still the same thing. Please be nice sometimes to all applicants because we are trying to build our FUTURE with you guys. I should give up my application.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I transferred from another college and regretted it immediately.

    Everything is a cash grab for this school. You pay to do an English placement test so that (no matter what) you get placed in the lowest grade – ensuring the school gets to leech two semesters’ worth of payment off of you. And that’s just to start. I pay to qualify for my placements – then pay the school to make sure that I’ve paid. $40 for a stamp saying that someone in the office saw all the paperwork that I have to carry around with me anyway? Why??

    The only redeeming quality would be the teachers – all of mine have been genuinely nice people. However, in order to make ends meet, ALL of them are currently working more than this job and/or going back to school themselves because teaching here just isn’t cutting it. All of my teachers are tired and worn out all the time!

    Getting bursaries/scholarships is like pulling teeth. I *just* got accepted for one now (November) that I applied for in August – and then found out that the money for this “Fall Scholarship” won’t be available for me to use until December. Oh, and fall fees were due in September.

    If you have a question, you won’t find the answer on their website and sending in emails is a waste of time. They’ll direct you to three or four other sources for your answer who will just waste your time ignoring what you’ve asked of them and just keep replying “Cool question, but what’s your student number?” – whether or not it is LITERALLY your email address or LITERALLY the first line of your email since you’ve been running around this freaking circle for days already. And talking to an actual person in the office… better not. I have not had a single interaction that didn’t involve them saying “I don’t know” and then attempting to leave it at that. If you don’t know, help me find someone that does!

    Overall Score: (2.27/5.00)

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • One of the worst, if not worst college in all of Ontario. Dont make the mistake of paying for these overpriced and low quality programs with garbage teachers not fit for teaching, yes there are some teachers that are of quality here but even they complain about this shitty school and its dishonesty towards its students. Go for something else. Humber is shit.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • If you are considering Humber as a potential college, DON’T. I have been here for 3 years trying to complete my program part time, since I work full time. The program coordinator was equally as useless as the staff in the call centre. Every semester I was set back to full time without my consent. Which has resulted me in missing class dead lines as getting through to someone who actually knows what they are doing is nearly impossible. No one ever has an answer, and the staff seams to be as clueless as the students with the questions. I am so disappointed in this school, I was so excited to be a Humber student, however shortly after I switched to part time I regretted my decision.

    I can say this experience has truly been a waste of my money.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • I’m trying to figure out if I’m qualified to apply for a particular course. However, emails after emails directing me to different person and website. My questions are not answered and I’m still clueless. I’m not sure if this is the kind of college that I’m looking for.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Humber college is the worst college ever dont go there even if its cheaper. You will regret it.

    My boyfriend went there and he called the instructor out on his mistake and the instructor out of personal grudge failed him with a 49. his average is always above 80. Worst of all the program coordinator is a personal feiend of the professor and when my boyfriend called for an appeal they gave him a 2/20 and i saw his assignment which was rlly good. they r dishonest a holes who screw ppl over out of personal grudges when the student soesnt deserve it. So if u know whats good for u dont go there. humber sucks a.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • First Semester 2010; teachers too old to speak load enough, Thick accent to the point where we complained because we couldn’t understand.

    Second semester, in addition to first semester issues, teachers have no idea of how to deliver their ideas CAN NOT TEACH.

    Second Year, teachers do not obey the same rules, everyone has their own rules that you have to work with. No standers are set by the school.
    Goes on till the end.

    Double Major, (NEST and CENG) Coordinators do not give a damn about what you decide they sit their waiting for you to say what you want and just do it for you, no help in making a plan and no suggestions.

    Labs: Java, Unix, and Embedded systems, are so complicated due to the lack of poor materials and teaching skills, that even Stack Over Flow are not good enough to find help.

    Teacher assistants: extremely Helpful, anyone can imagine why.

    The Crib (where you borrow your materials) Pure monopoly. We had to pay $75 cash (no Receipt) for a PCB ,board to build a mouse, PCB ONLY AVAILABLE FROM the crib. Extremely rude Manager, who makes you feel like an ignorant stupid moron confused lost and hopeless P.O.S. After I complained to the PC, fee was waved for next year. I wonder where that money went.

    My father passed away, missed some classes, spoke to the teacher wether I should drop off the course or I should continue as I missed so much. He said I will make sure you are alright. Failed the course.

    After failing that course, Instead of graduating in 2014, My only option that I will graduate in 2016. According to the coordinator. Dropped CENG program. 20K OSAP debit.

    Coordinators, only reply to emails with easy requests, ask for help on an important matter, then wait for months. At some point, he did not know how to check my Time Table.

    Washrooms are more dirty than public washrooms.
    Bad smell in the hallway. Library Noisy as hell.
    BookStore: NEVER BUY BOOKS, available online for next to free. All of them.

    Ah man, I can keep going none stop.

    If you are a nerd, and you have nothing to do but play video games and study, then this is the perfect place for you. Because Mommy and Daddy will provide the $$$.

    If you are a hard working person, responsible for paying bills, and always looking for help along the way. DO NOT COME TO HUMBER. They do not give a S**t about what you can do cause they compare you to the nerds.

    If they hire real trained teachers, I will come back and do my course again. So I can learn something.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I dealt with the most condescending bitch of a dean they have, who literally belittled me about my feelings and problems with the program coordinator. She laughed in my face at several complaints. This is a small bit of her emails with me, which were as unprofessional as they come.

    “You have lodged a complaint. We do not need to hear something from more than one person to respond.
    We have a process. Things do not come down to “my word against hers”. We know how to work through conflicts and issues.
    In order for me to act further on your complaints, we need to speak. Noni also has the right to hear what you are saying. This can be managed in a mutually respectful way.
    Students can contact me anytime. Your classmates are welcome to do so.
    I will await your response on when we can meet. ”

    I wouldn’t suggest this school for anyone, not even my worst nightmare.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • I’m shocked by the reviews

    HUMBER is a really great college I’m passing with A ‘s. Just because some of you aren’t doing Good doesn’t mean you should give Humber a bad name. -.- Proud to be in Toronto. Proud to be at humber

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I will let you know if you are serious about studying then this is not your college. I studied 4 business degree there on lakeshore campus. It was the worst time of my life. The first year was ok but i wasnt actually studying or attending my classes and i was getting 96% in some of my classes. I was surprised and happy at the same time because i was devoting most of my time working and i used to be a smoker and a very depressed person from past events in my life and i was doing great in school! but in the second year when i found a gf (outside of school) and when i was happy in life again and i was doing sports and i had quit smoking it turned out that poeple in humber are jealous people and things started getting difficult and passing wasnt as easy as before. its TRUE! Humber consists of jealous people who hate to see you happy in life or with confidence. Even the teachers are like that. That is why i did ok because i had no social involvment in school and nobody tried to hold me back from doing good in school. Third year i even got a job in their federation and i had alot of fun working there. I will be honest working at the student federtaion for a semester was actually one of the best times of my life, but the staff there did not like see me happy and they fired me, specially that i was meeting alot of girls and representing the school at the same time, they didnt want to see me working in the same company as them and talking with more women! in the third year and forth year the teachers were the worst people i had ever encountered in my whole life socially. They would actually make things worse for students instead of helping if we had a concern. They would only pick few students to like from the beginning and only favor those students the whole semester which were mostly girls. The students were even worse in my class. I had encountered some of the most childish people as class mates who didnt want me in their groups for no reason. I even told the teacher and the teacher put me in a different group, but whats the point of handeling a situation like that when a whole group of class is isolating me as students out of their groups for no fucking reason! i swear i hope god and karma gets those people real bad even after they are dead in their graves for trying to put me down and probably wanted me to quit school. if you are gonna go to humber rethink properly because humber is not for studying, its for students who wanna socially hurt others and wanna develop skills in being mean to others socially. you will never be able to study on campus as the library is full of people talking loud, listening to music and laughing and doing whatever and their quiet study rooms are always loud and the study rooms are full of students hanging out and talking. so dont bother imagining humber as a studying school, its just a place where you go to class and leave, thats just it! thats the best way to enjoy humber, just go to your fucking classes and then leave the school after class, dont get involved with anyone and dont tell anyone anything about yourself.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Web development program at Humber, it’s a waste of time and money! Very bad program!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The worst college ever, funny enough they decieve you by granting you admission so that they are you first choice of school.
    Attended nursing, worst experience ever, I have never failed before until I started humber, even at clinical I know my stuff well enough. The teachers bombard you with materials too much and unnecessary that if you can’t memorize all their junk, its a fail.
    Thought of leaving the school at first, I thought it was me, but then I realized that they just have you read too much books for exam which you cannot finish and which is not necessary in real life work as a nurse. Can you imagine, they basically set up people for failure.

    Such a regret going to the school….

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This college is for-profit and its only intention is to get you to leave after you pay tuition. My program is called Game Programming, and our curriculum ranges from being four to ten years out-of-date. The previous year of students tried to petition our program coordinator about the blatant lack of teaching skills that our professors possess, and they were given empty promises of action from the coordinator (Rob Robson) and the dean of media studies (Guillermo Acosta). This year, it’s evident that nothing was done, because now I’m in the petitioners position with the exact same curriculum and faculty. Rob Robson’s only job is to increase class sizes, hire piss-poor professors with no game development experience, and keep the curriculum outdated so we never find an actual job in the industry. Oh, and PR. All this to make sure we leave without a diploma after giving him our tuition money.

    Do not go to Humber College for anything in the school of media studies and info tech. It is 100% a scam. They keep increasing our class sizes (recently doubled student intake into the program from 60~ students (2 classes) to 120 in 3 classes). We see each of our professors once a week (last two semesters we had our classes evenly divided across the week, now it’s 1 professor for 5 hours straight each day). This program will destroy your dreams of game development if you had any.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • Hey Taylor. Troll much? or..You’re being Gangstalked, to make yourself look like a troll.

    hmm…Let’s ask philosorapter.

    Is he a troll or, gangstalking victim?

    Let’s take a poll, shall we? A troll poll.

    Oh yeah, i also forgot to mention that Humber Sucks the big, black, hairy, wazoo! Enrolled in humber for Automation and Robotics. I effing hated all of my courses, and dropped out first semester. Failed workshop practice.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • This school is filled of f@%¥ing satanist. I’m taking business this year at humber North campus.
    Near the university of guelph I have a class, and every time I get asked to join some fucking satanist clut.!!!!
    I can’t believe this. Humber is a satanic church. I don’t trust the teachers nor do I trust the students because every
    time a different person asks me this question. Not only do I feel uncomfotable I don’t feel safe.


    My life at Humber College North Campus.

    I sheaded tears for grief and sheaded tears for joy. In the first few weeks I arrived it was considered, “normal,” atleast to my standards. Week four came around, the day I saw the mascot, and everything changed. You must know that I’m a handsome young man, but I don’t think that’s why they came to me. They looked, “normal,” atleast to my standards… It was Tuesday, mid day, and that’s when they asked if I would like to join in an after school group. I was rushing to my 3rd period class while, the main guy, placed a card on top of my books. I blanced that card all the way to the computer room. The card said, floor D after school secrets. It was all fancy. After my last class I noticed that there was no door number, but I was on floor E, so I gave it a chance. I spotted them infront of some academic class, atleast the door said academic. I think it did… Anyways, I thought it was just an coincidence, but now I know it was no such thing. Two males, the ones from before gestured me over. I headed to a class close to a washroom, and inside a group of people, nomore than ten, were already there. Making thirteen when the two boys and I stepped in, the room became silent. They all stared at us. … One guy stood in the middle of nine beautiful girls… and I mean beautiful… The silence broke when the man in the middle ordered the two behind me to close the door. I wasn’t nervous. You must understand this felt normal…. atleast to me… I grabbed a seat few chairs away from the group infront of me, and a girl broke off from that group and sat beside me. At this point I still did not know what this was, but all I could think about is this hot girl infront of me… I now feel absolutely vulnerable. Answering all the questions she asked. She managed to glean information about me, my schedule, my name, the city I live in, my family… I gave her it all… and everyday I worry. Stirring around, I was conscious of the time, well actually I don’t quite remember, but I ended the assult of questions, and asked her the question I should’ve asked from the moment I got that card. You must understand; I am extremely scared one of them might read this. The room became silent when I asked, “What group is this.” She did not answer, but the man who ordered the two from before did. He said, “This is a satanic group.” I wasn’ t scared just startled by his seriousness which I mistaked as humour. I redirected the question to the girl, and she got up and left the table, and I knew it was time to leave. The foreboding feeling came when they all stared at me. I noticed one thing…. and yes the cops now know. They all had purple eyes. I don’t know if this is how they identify themselves, but it was something they all had, and they were not contacts… How the two guys rushed me before I left, I do not want to write down… but my mom has died yesterday, and…. if they have anything to do with that I.. I am going to do everything I can to get them.

    I do not attend that college anymore. Police come over time to time… I think they watch me… I never seen them since… The appearences they take are not normal… they look smart and talk smart. But their eyes give them away.. I saw two white males and one black male. They looked really young and innocent… the girls where all caucasian. Stay away from strangers.

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • The college is a huge disappointment. There are two teachers in particular who show gross unprofessionalism (and yet are on the sunshine list…i.e. making over $100K a year from Ontario taxpayer money). They collude with each other, show favoritism to certain students and make rude and nasty comments to other students e.g. giving hints and letting certain ones hand in assignments late. One of them makes sexually suggestive, grossly inappropriate comments (this would be grounds for firing for any government employee!). It reflects SO BADLY on the college directorate that they allow this teacher to continue working here. There is some sort of funny business going on as well…one teacher was pressuring a student to buy the equipment from the school (which suspiciously comes out-of-box). The school is a joke and everyone should know it. Once Humber begins to really slide in the standings, maybe then they will take action and correct these out-of-control teachers and the horrible atmosphere for students. I wish I had done my research beforehand instead of relying on the outdated reputation of the school.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Okay. Where do I even start…
    If you are considering going to humber DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS. I REPEAT DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS. I am appalled at how the residences are run, the cafe food is absolutely revolting and cold every night… and several people complain that they feel sick after eating there. But my main bone to pick is actually with the staff/security/faculty members in the residence buildings. I was actually “evicted” for ridiculous reasons and I appealed it and won because it was so unheard of. I was actually in trouble for defending myself after a strange man was preventing my friends and I from using the elevator. He was physically using his hands to rip the doors back open and actually broke the elevator, and then turned and attacked my friend and I. (there was no security responding to that incident or to ask if we were alright afterwords) One of the RA’s assured us we weren’t in trouble and that she just wanted us to make statements. The next morning we were called down and had to speak to the director of residence life guy, where we basically got ripped a new hole and was questioned as to if i had anger issues and if i had ever considered anger management before. I was so shocked that this was being spun around to make it seem like my friend and I were thee aggressors, for defending ourselves. He would arrange these meetings with us to give us our “outcomes” of whether we were being kicked out or not and kept cancelling to mess with us and our sanity while we waited for our fate. No matter what we said, they already had some undermining comment to give us back. oh and P.S the attacker still lives on residence, and got away with it. When I questioned the faculty member about this, he talked his way out of it in circles and talked a lot about nothing. Several of my friends have gotten into severe trouble for petty things like giving an RA a little attitude when they were confused as to why they were being interrogated, or having their door’s dead-bolted etc. The ra’s are useless and you can tell they are power hungry and continue to try and intimidate even when you are being cooperative, they will find a way to document you. A friend of mine actually caught a security guard outside her room with his ear pressed against her door making notes on her personal conversation, to use against her.

    bottom line, its dirty, poorly run and dangerous area to live in. Waste of time and money. I suggest you do not live here.

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • I wasted a year and half, while enrolled in their Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (Automation and Robotics) program, and I hated every minute of it.

    Here are some of my favourite ‘word-for-word’ quotes from the Automation and Robotics profile on

    “Develop skills in industrial automation, robotics, control systems, machining, hydraulics, pneumatics, safety, mechatronics, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), electrical, programming, manufacturing process, and computer-control methods.”

    …We get to make a cylinder go back and forth, and we get to pick up a block here, and put over there…That’s it! The material itself isn’t all THAT challenging, in that the real challenge is competing with 35 other students for the attention of an instructor who is already tired from their other job, and can’t seem to give more than 10-30 seconds of unhelpful or incomplete advice! I spent the majority of my classes with my hand in the air, waiting anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to get sub-par help, and I’m often left to either twiddle my thumbs and wait, or fend for myself. Sometimes I don’t even get helped at all.

    The wind generator project was cool, but it didn’t make up for the mountains upon mountains of boring, un-engaging labwork and assignments, and stressful exams, which desecrated my academic experience.

    The assignments and lecture notes were endless, and the instructors raced from one concept to the next at warp speed, not giving students a chance to absorb the information. This whole process isn’t even close to developing any kind of skill, other than pure frustration tolerance. The large class sizes just added more fuel to the fire!

    The practical component, with the exception of workshop practice (which was very enjoyable, and taught by an excellent instructor), was deplorable! The whole program was a big race. The labs were boring, a lot of the equipment was broken in my first year. Although the labs were repaired over the summer, by the time I started my second year, I had already grown weary, and the faintest shadow that was left of my interest in the program had fizzled away completely, and I was dead inside. was

    “Coursework reflects real-world demands through independent and co-operative study in practical environments, including experience with industrial size modern equipment. The industry-relevant curriculum is taught by faculty at the top of their fields, to provide you with the skills and knowledge employers are looking for.”

    …maybe in 3rd year…but it is not worth the backbreaking, frustrating, anxiety-invoking heartache that is first, second, and third semester! I, like many of my peers in this program, grew weary, dropped, and moved on to greener pastures…

    In terms of the physical aspects of the campus,

    The campus is crowded, there are not enough places to eat, and the places that are there, are overpriced! The food is absolutely dreadful, and the wait times are over a half an hour, if you want a good meal. Half the time, they screw up your order, and you have to wait even longer for them to sort it out! It’s agonizing, when my blood sugar and protein levels are crashing through the floor, and I need something to eat RIGHT NOW, or I feel sick!

    Speaking of sick, the washrooms are overcrowded, and there are not enough washroom facilities per building. To add insult to injury, there were not enough stalls or urinals in the washroom. Naturally, the washrooms were disgusting, with urine and fecal matter all over the floors, and walls. The stench is permanent, even after multiple cleanings per day, by the janitorial staff (who are not paid nearly enough for what they endure on a daily basis), and the combined smell of excrement and chemicals wafts into all of the main hallways. The school smells like one giant, dirty bathroom!

    The one positive comment I have about Humber, is their disabilities program. Their disabilities program is TOP NOTCH, and I COMMEND THE DISABILITIES STAFF for the help that they offer students. The Math centre is also excellent, and I would reccomend it to any student, who needs help in math, or just wants to brush up on their skills.

    Aside from the disability services, administration, and the math centre, which are excellent, the school is not worth your time or money.

    However, the disabilities staff and the math centre do not make up for the overall unpleasent and unenjoyable atmosphere that humber has to offer.


    A severely dissappointed student!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • in the 3 years that I was here, I developed numerous illnesses related to stress. I even failed once but never learned my lesson and came back as a returning student. what makes it stressful to study there?
    for my second year clinical, we received a 6 hour orientation plus a demo using a mannequin for 10 minutes for the skills that we need for our clinical. with this very limited knowledge, we are sent to our clinical placement. for students who have prior health care experience and degrees, this is not a problem; however, not all students have this advantage. taking care of patients with complex condition and not feeling confident in performing the nursing process plus the frequent scolding from clinical instructors slowly take away your self-esteem and passion for the program.
    Finals are also stressful just like in every school institutions but what makes it unique in humber is that you don’t have an idea that you will fail. even if you do and feel like you need to decrease your course loads to manage academically, you have no option except to soldier on because humber doesn’t offer any summer intersession except for those that they have fixed eg. summer intersession for unb students. I did and it was 16 days of hell ( 4 wks, 4 days/wk, 6 hrs/day). at the end, I chose my health and sanity over years of hardwork, and tons of money over tuition and books… I quit. I struggled with my decision because I am in my middle age but then, I need to move forward to cut my losses. its like being in an abusive relationship and you cannot leave because you’d been married for so many years and there are children who will be affected. that’s how I see myself then. you can talk to any of the unb nursing students there and 4 in 5 will say that they can’t turn back because they invested so much in their studies; time. money. family time. relationships. health.
    the greatest lesson I learned from my experience is not all that glitters is gold. I thought that having a university seal ( university of new Brunswick ) attached to my diploma while receiving my education in humber college will save me a lot of money and yet give me the education, experience, skills, and confidence that a normal university offers. I was proven wrong. it was a very expensive mistake; time, money, and healthwise.
    the only thing that I can do is to warn other mature students like me who are starting a second career. unb-humber is not the place that will meet your needs. it doesn’t care if you have family issues, death in the family, or ill family members/children so at the end, you’ll either fail or quit. I chose the latter and although, I was wounded emotionally and financially, I know, i’ll get to where I intend to do years from now. start right and do the right thing. reject your acceptance from unb-humber.
    thank you

    Overall Score: (1.85/5.00)
  • Humber really is a bad school. The location… you might as well be on the moon! The faculty do not care about student success but only how to line their pocket$. It’s chalk full of catty backstabbers and the faculty are much the same. They’re honestly going to get sued big time eventually – the day will come where they mess with the wrong person and BAM – LAWSUIT! Humber is the dumping ground for people who can’t get into better schools. You will get turned down if you’re education is from there. BTW – their prof sexually harassed me via email & still works there.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Humber is a greedy school that will take students’ money and teach nothing. I have never experienced such low morale at any campus. The instructors learn the material just before they teach it, so they don’t actually have the background and working experience to teach what they’re suppose to teach. They wouldn’t even be qualified to teach daycare. They are also really nasty, are disinterested in students and don’t give feedbacks, and tries to intimidate, bully, and belittle students, simply because they don’t know how to teach the subject.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Absolutely brutal school. If you have a learning disability of any sort – you will be thrown under the bus. Horrible teachers. All but one of my teachers (media foundations) are complete idiots that are completely full of shit. Can’t teach, gave no passion for it and are simply there for the pay check. They couldn’t give two shits whether you are successful. DO NOT COME TO HUMBER

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Humber College don’t even get close to this building, run as fast as you can.
    Don’t waste your time, energy and money. From the front desk people to lousy instructors, you won’t get anywhere. Another school has offer more, and you will fell respect from anybody around you.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Humber College don’t even get close to this building, run as fast as you can.
    Don’t waste your time, energy and money. From the front desk people to lousy instructors, you won’t get anywhere. Another school has offer more, and you will fell respect from anybody around you.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • What ever you do, do not waste your money at this school.
    I have had the worst treatment from the staff and the dean because I don’t fit in. Take it for what its worth. THis is a business school and the courses they offer are pure garbage in comparison to other schools. Some teachers are not even qualified to teach. I tried complaining to the dean at the school about some of his teachers and he said that he didn’t want to look bad so therefore I must have done something wrong and was accused of cheating on more than one occassion. However, if I went along with him, then I was promised things that I did not request. If you know what I mean.

    They have taken my money and refused to offer a solution to a problem with one program, so I am left with some horrible grades because the curriculum was bad and they refuse to honour anything. I was told that I have completed one program and to get out because I am not welcome there. I cannot believe the treatment. It is common knowledge that the staff and the faculty at this school hate the school itself and it shows. They take it out on the students. They do not even grade properly, they grade down based on their personal opinions.

    Really simple facts here folks, don’t go here if you are caucasian, you’re not welcome. Don’t go here unless you are attending right out of highschool. Avoid the faculty at all times, never ask questions because they will harrass you. This school is mostly for foreign students and they allow them to enroll without prior English courses. I have been looking for a job recently and have been specifically told by HR recruiters that out of all the schools in Toronto, Humber is considered to be the worst educational facility because the curriculum sucks for all their programs and the students walk out of school clueless. If you are not getting a job interview from the companies you want, its because Humber is listed on your resume. I have effectively hidden mine way at the bottom on page 2 and recently started an excellent program at a University. Stay away from Humber. The school has gangs and a girl was assaulted on campus. You know which kind of assault, I don’t have to spell it out. I feel horrible after attending and am told by HR people to eventually remove it from my resume. I hope this helps someone’s decision. Go to Sheridan instead. Its a way better school for young people. If you are older. Find a different alternative. Their continuing education courses are meant only for immigrants and foreign students. This school does not serve the local community.

    I was ready to take up some issue with their human rights department, but was threatened by the dean that if I said anything he would change my grades and lower them because he didn’t want to get in trouble so I had to stay away. I still have not received my credentials and every time I call the school, I get some bimbo telling me some different story. Unorganized garbage really is what this school is. I hope to get my money back and the time I wasted there, but I will take alternative measures outside of the corrupt organization.


    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • fooled me once shame on me, fooled me twice shame on you -Humber sucks, maria macintosh and karen young give shcumber a bad name !

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Just “finished” the bachelors of Industrial Design program and was short 1 elective because of their recent strike in Sept 2011. Since I was the only one in my class with this issue (OSAP was also another contributor to late acceptance), the school refuses to let me graduate with my class. I’m working on the elective right now and do not have a history of failure. I am disappointed with the school’s lack of action to fix the issue and to even notify me OR the staff that the policy had changed from allowing people like myself to receive an empty envelope at the ceremony. Now my options are: don’t go to convocation, or go with a bunch of strangers. Had they bothered to inform their own staff I could have done SOMETHING before this point.

    Now my class doesn’t think I passed my core courses because of Humber’s lacklustre communication abilities. I suffer for their failures? This isn’t right.

    The school’s administrative staff is useless. Once they have your money, they couldn’t care less.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)



    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • after reading the earlier post I agree as well. The head of Percussion Dept is a joke. Please pass this on to the owners, They are not treating the students fairly, not doing the job for auditions, either prejudiced or threatedned by their jobs, THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR YOU HUMBER COLLEGE MANAGEMENT, PLEASE RECTIFY IMMEDIATELY, I HOPE ANDREW SCOTT IS READING THIS AS WELL. thanks… I tried attending a clinic last month @ Humber, I didn’t like one of the teachers there, I forgot his name, it was Barry I think, he came in and said I am not sure what I am supposed to teach? LOL, wasted $250, didn’t say what was going to be on audition, day of audition head of percussion comes in with different questions and audition. TIME TO START PETITION AND PROTEST THESE GUYS.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • HUMBER COLLEGE MUSIC DEPT DISAPPOINTMENT ********************* I rate this school very disorganized, specially for music program, took the music clinic for @250 for the weekend, some teachers had no clue to teach very disorganized, very misleading to audition, I will not recommend this place to anybody. Some of the head depts are there to make name for themselves and their own interests. The teacher who audition are merciless, don\’t check your background and end up grading quickly to get rid of you.. I AM VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED***** PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO PRESIDENT\’s OFFICE

    Overall Score: (1.81/5.00)
  • I am in the Fitness and Health promotion program and i must say that i am
    very disappointed with Humber College. I did have many fantastic proffesors who are very passionate about their jobs, but also some rude and unprofessional ones(Karyn Humber). Courses are good, however the course load is very heavy. Area around the campus is AWFUL full of litter, dog feces and spit on sidewalks. Depending on where you look for housing you might be able to find something cheap but expect it to be gross. Humber offers many extracurricular opps and i find that great. People at the Registration office have no idea what they are doing and might screw up your paperwork and transcripts. If i had to do this all over again i would DEFINITELY STAY AWAY from Humber.

    Overall Score: (2.90/5.00)

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