Laurentian University of Sudbury

A.K.A.  Université Laurentienne
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Laurentian University of Sudbury is a Public, Non-Sectarian, Research, University established in 1960. The campus is located in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and hosts students with an endowment of .  
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Address:  935 Ramsey Lake Road, Greater Sudbury, Ontario, P3E 2C6, Canada
Phone:  +1 (705) 675-1151
Institution Type:  Public, Non-Sectarian, Research, University
Established:  1960
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  N/A
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Latitude:  46.466352
Longitude:  -80.973021
Tax ID:  N/A
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8 Student Reviews of Laurentian University of Sudbury

  • shameless place that shits up your life, shameless administration that doesn’t give a crap to the student, I mean what the hell were they thinking when they made this place? it’s like you see some downtrodden building and decide hey, let’s make this a ‘university’ and actually think anyone reputable will go here? as a person with a constantly changing life, attending five elementary schools, two high schools, and another university, I can say with promise that the people here are goddamn psychiatric patients with serious problems. the students here are still stuck in elementary not just with their lack of intelligence but their undeveloped social behaviour. people here who are from somewhere else think of these people as the stupidest things in the world and that explains their entire failed town and school. don’t get me started on how horrible residences are. first years usually choose residence to make friends and have a good opportunity to learn and grow but no that wont happen unless you like losers who have no respect for people’s stuff or boundaries. my food was stolen from my fridge from a fat pig who pretended to thinks she couldn’t tell the difference between her “shelf” and my “shelf”, my containers were stolen by another also fat pig, and when I tried to move to another building the stupid girl next to me would make vulgar inappropriate sounds and bang on my wall whenever my alarm rang. they were first years themselves but their guts in trying to control me and my every move was alarmingingly hilarious, trying to prevent me from washing my dishes whenever they pleased, but blasting the T.V. past midnight was fine, even though I had early classes the next day. the ‘quiet’ hours are a joke, and don’t get me started on how they steal your money for ‘campus modernization’ that never happened in years. like, spend that money on getting proper staff in administration who know how their effing office works and in teachers who know what the hell they’re teaching and doing. what a top to bottom shit.


    Has no stimulating courses that will teach you anything. Administration just ruins everything. Spends lots of money for no services, nothing. This place isn’t one of standard or class. In all meanings, it has no class. the people who rot here stay here. don’t come here and waste your life. the amount of close minded people is just not normal. they are like sealed off from the rest of the planet, in their own nightmare of an existence. they’re clueless about the world around them, they see nothing but themselves the people here. something about the shitty trashy losers on the campus makes the place really creepy and unsafe. it’s not a safe campus and there’s no reputation. hell even old wrinkly women here don’t know how to work or behave. this isn’t even worth calling an elementary school. it’s a ditch for shits.


    Just finished the first year semester and immediately applied for a transfer in February. No way am I getting back. didn’t like the run down place and demeaning professors or batshit crazy prices that’ll make you go bankrupt for no services. it’s the one place that has virtually no student service no matter what they claim, they do nothing for the welfare of the student population which, by the way, is just as disgusting and doesn’t deserve anything anyways. Yes, I’m talking about how negative the town is, and the same negative people is the only demographics you will find in the campus. if you’ve ever thought of people who are bigots or thrive on fu*king other people up this is the place, and I mean the teachers here don’t know nothing and THEY’LL fu*k you up as well as other people who call themselves “students” who despise their lives. if you ever thought of a half dead place then this is it, zombies everywhere. I’m glad I’m transferring, this place needs banning.


    Hahaha this place is fucking shit with dipshit people swarming around like bugs from the lowest bowels of earth. they’re fucking pieces of shit who are failed, the entire student body and the “working body” like the office of the registrar, admission, envision, etcetra you name it. these people WORK here? by what hanging up on your face or giving you fake information and then screwing up your degree or fucking you over because they lied to you and couldn’t take responsibility for it. this place should seriously be complained to under the Ontario ombudsman. did you know this piece of shit doesn’t come under any ratings of any school in Ontario itself? its in the end of the world apocalyptic wasteland appearance with garbage people. the school is shit and the town is shit, and luckily I am NOT from this shit town and anyone I ever knew who ever went to this shit all think that the people here are stupid and repulsive people. you will get major depression here. and when youre fucked up the fucked up registrar’s or other person they will tell you to talk to the manager to solve your issue and the managers happen to be fucks too LMFAO! Yo ucan’t even rely on the words or WRITTEN words of these fuckers because they misguide, mislead, misdirect you and then blame you to have a “misunderstanding”. I was scammed out of all my student card money that I PAID thousands for when I stayed in the dingy residence because of the “mistake” of some shit employee who LIED that she was the manager. later when I actually talk to the manager, apparently that employee was NOT the manager and gave me false information and all I got was a “sorry” well bastards that doesn’t bring back thousands of dollars. like someone here below said they gouge out all your money with scams like this, by fucking noobs who “work” there but hey fucks I don’t know anything about my job I just sit here like an ugly retard and lie to you because who the fuck will trace it back to me! It taught me TWO THINGS one thing is ALWAYS ask for the name of the shit you’re talking to and second set up some sort of recording app in your phone so you can record all your calls so in the future if someone fucked you up, you have proof of it. THIRD thing I learnt is do NOT try to make too many changes to your program or courses and do not be innovative or creative because they will fuck your degree up. for people who accidentally “hack” into your account you can imagine how they will treat your sensitive information like bank info. these morons have had so many hack attacks so recently that I no longer want any of my address or phone numbers on it anymore. with losers who can’t even spell hahaha in the emails they send you, and yes this is coming from illiterate MANAGERS, of course they won’t have the proper state-wide enforced security that all other universities have. it tells you the standard of a school from security infringements like these imposed by the school itself because of its laziness in having proper security and another weird thing I found out is doesn’t matter if you put lower and upper case in your password, it will pretend like it matters but it DOESN’T. Another thing that shows how flawed their security system is. Campus is also unsafe with goon looking drunkards walking around and extremely obese vulgar tim hortons workers who keep dropping all the food down. you’re dealing with real low-class shit here in sudbury so don’t bother wasting your life coming here. I actually think I will just transfer out and I’m just in my third year, JUST to finish my schooling in a standard place. only good thing about this shit is you get really easy high marks, which again shows the low quality of its education, so my high GPA will let me get into good schools…please don’t make the mistake, don’t go to laurentian. talk to anyone who is not from sudbury they have fucked their lives going here. you can’t even be proud of your diploma for it means nothing. a place where you can’t even trust the administration is not a place you should go to, and don’t forget the slum everywhere for rent. there’s no decent housing here.


    Shit hole.
    Malicious people. Malicious students.
    Aggressive and attitude. Shitburians be having too much attitude for their low worth.
    Social media attacks all over the place. malicious students harassing others.
    Black holes are better than shit holes.

    Now do the math and deduce. Don’t come to shitbury.


    The school of education has the worst workers in the entire fucked up campus. they lost my entire portfolio for years of placement work, did the same to some others, and then forced them to redo their entire everything.
    Not only that but when you see the actual loser students who think they can be teachers you’ll laugh and appreciate all your teachers you’ve had. Glum looking fuckers who hate their lives and are self-loathing warped shit shouldn’t be in a teaching program.
    One more thing. For a department that expects strict discipline and respect for deadlines, they are stupid fucks who don’t know about their own program and fuck up student portfoliosand lives. Holy shit OCT why did you certify this toilet bowl as a valid accreditor of any teaching degree? anyone who graduates from this bitchy shit is worth staying back in this dirt town.


    Forgot to mention the campus is unsafe especially at night when drunk fucks will be everywhere ew I wanna vomit.


    this place is wasted. want any parking? there’s absolutely no space. want to park safely? these illiterate shitheads don’t even know how to park. it’s like no one here learned DRIVING and decided to speed along the roads at illegal speeds. they’ll gouge you for money here but they can’t so much as have basic proper internet connection. buffering all the time, so slow and lame, unable to process any webpages. heck look at the website of this shitty place, it doesn’t even look like it was made by anyone with basic web designign knowledge just raw html with an ugly white background. you can’t even find basic information about anything on the website. the registrar is no help. they cna’t even answer your friggin questions lmfao they’re mental retards, they no nothing about the office they run or anything about how this shitty excuse of a shitty school even works. half of them sound like they hate life, like stop working there then. never have i seen something so unprofessional as in this place. and there’s no engagement in the course you will not wanna have a degree from here, no one recognizes it. honestly, no one. this place isn’t even in rankings anwyhere. it’s for a creepy group of shit from barren lands of the north. and there’s this type of creepy negativity here where everyone looks liek they hate everyone. if you ever wanted to visit a rundown village of canada then this is it. if you look like you’re from a good city, as in professional and smart, these people will hate you. lmao like what the eff when some retard here catches you look at them for a split second, which all humans do, they will stare at you with such utter hate as if you just called them a swear word. think back to those abnormal, unreal shitty depictions of high schools that are highly white dominated and in some shitty area. this is literally that. they may be over 20 and they act like filthy shitty 14 year old bitch teens who need to be beaten with a lash. you will become sad, depressed, negative over here in just a year. you need to never go here man this place is such a shit. go for yourself and see, you will just know from looking at the type of place and poverty struck scum shit people here what kind of place it is.


    this has got to be the worst school in the world, it’s not even worth being called a place of education. it is so dull and dreary with the dullest and most unqualified of teachers wh o know like nothing about what they’re teaching or anything. you don’t even feel engaged in the slightest with any of the homework or course work, it’s like you sit in class to hear the teachers drone on and on about some crap. it’s so unengaging. it’s a big false lie that the classes are ‘small’ and so there’s more teacher to student interaction. the class is small and STILL there is no teacher to student interaction because teachers are just so disinterested in the students. another very strange thing I noticed here is the negative atmosphere, it’s like a group of the world’s dullest, dumbest, most moronic losers come here to get a namesake of an education. do you know the degree of laurentian is worth nothing? no one has heard about this place in canada, let alone worldwide. what more can you expect of an isolated little shitty dump? speaking of isolated there are only mostly white people here and they are not the ‘good’ whites, they are white trash. they are not only impoverished, drug-addicted, and filthy, literally reeking of disease and demise, but they are so incredibly racist, it’s damn scary. it’s like they haven’t seen the face of any nonwhite creature in the whole entire world, they just ogle at these people like they’re specimens, they look like they absolutely hate non-white people. even to decent white people from proper posh places of canada, you probably don’t wanna go here. these people are not just racist but also have a really abnormal way of interaction, i have seen bitchy white girls staring at other white girls like retarded high school teenagers with no life, and even bitchy white boys staring at other people in a really weird way. it’s just not the normal human life one observes in the rest of the world. oh man how do I express this, you will nto DEVELOP here there is no way to increase your intelligence or anything, it’s such an ugly unkempt place full of filth looking people. Can a place on earth be so ugly? yes, yes it can, and it is sudbury. if you like an ugly dull plain blank white campus full of mentally retarded scum and a joke of an education then by all means waste money and ruin your life in this piece of shit trash shit.


    -Very ugly campus
    -No-name place
    -Not a real university
    -No real professors
    -Racist people, including professors
    -No education
    -No affordable pricing
    -No proper transit
    -No proper snow and ice removal
    -Disgusting drivers

    This place literally looks like broken mountains and ragged roads. Ice isn’t properly removed, despite being a ‘campus’. Pedestriansdo not come first, so wait for 50 speeding cars before you can cross. Campus very ugly, very ugly rooms. No one has heard of this place. There is nothing to learn and no one to teach. Very high fees and something very ridiculous: if you pay for one course and want to switch to another course, you should be able to simply SWITCH since you have already paid the price for one course, but no; you won’t even get the full refund, and will have to pay all over again for the new course. Racists and narrow-minded people.

    Still want to go there? You probably belong. No one sane will.


    Overall quality – Deserves a zero. There is no quality to begin with.
    Stimulating courses – So uneducational and boring as hell that one would fall asleep in classes and not want to go. So meaningless, a waste of thousands of dollars, unqualified professors who can’t teach and just drone on about crap.
    Quality of professors – Again, zero, there is no quality.
    Networking and job opp – You can’t network in a hostile, negative environment. There are no jobs here, not even campus jobs, they’re all limited and sparse. And lame.
    Area around campus – junkyard.
    Affordability – Thousands of dollars for no-quality crap.
    Housing situation – the most disgusting people seen in residence ever, who have no consideration for others. Their fake ‘quiet policy’ is a lie, for within rooms, the extreme levels of noise and disturbance will not let one even sleep. Very strange and unwelcoming people as well who will harass others.
    Extracurricular opps – again, none.
    Teacher/student ratio – very low number of students. Of course, not many people choose this dirty place in an unknown and filthy little town. Still, that doesn’t make teachers more helpful or anything.
    Administration/staff – Do not even go there, they will ruin your everything. Retards at the registrar’s and other offices who don’t know what they’re talking about, don’t know what to do and mess up students’ accounts. Simply ask them to change an address and they can’t even follow that properly. So dull and unhelpful on the phone.
    Hotness factor – negative.

    Overall, this place is really horrible for anyone who has a life.


    This is by far the most negative place a person can ever experience, despite its surprising status as an ‘educational institution’. The atmosphere of this place is so extremely reeking of negativity and hate. It’s not a place for decent people at all, or if anyone wants a positive life experience, growth, development. Go on any Facebook page of this crap place and you will see negative, hating, cyber-bullying, harassment-causing, filthy people who constantly spam, troll, and attack others. The place is full of drunk, dirty, roadside, shit-stenchy, ugly people in a very filthy, isolated campus. IT IS A MISTAKE TO GO HERE! There is NO quality to academics, there is NO education here, there is NO professionalism, you will not find ANY decent human beings, they are mostly from remote, impoverished, broken down areas scattered around in the unkempt wild who have never seen or heard of civilization. It is not surprising that this place isn’t rated in the first 100 universities of the entire country either. Why would anyone want to come here? I’m warning you now, save your life. And, if you think it’s ‘cheap’, it isn’t. For NOTHING, you will pay thousands. Do not.


    The people here are self-hating as well. They criticize the useless degrees and whatnot, but the funny thing is, the university is shit because the crowd attending is shit. Not because of any other reason. A shit place that caters to shit people. You have any other place in canada to go to but this nonsense. It is the epitome of uncivilized, uncultured, uncouth insects.


    The other reviews on the truth of this filthy place are right. I am a student born and brought up in Canada but with parents from Asia, and this place is so inexplainably racist that people of my background have all felt the negative hostility and racism here, this place has intolerable people who are themselves very backwards. They haven’t seen basic technology in their lives and dress like peasants, which just shows the type of place it is. They come out from nearby jungles and haven’t seen any non-white skinned person, and feel the need to give them very ugly and vile stares and glares of contempt and hatred just for existing. It’s not like high-achieving Asian students want to go here when there are many options in the world. I spent only two years in this filthy place before transferring to a world wide recognized university like University of Toronto. Full of multicultural people and not just that but NORMAL people, this place is full of what LIFE is supposed to be. It doesn’t have hostile, aggressive, negative, drunkard filth in it but proper people from respectable families. On the other hand, the entire village of Sudbury is full of the most dirty creatures and its dirty namesake university is full of the same people. the degree has no meaning and administrators in offices literally do not know anything about basic things, they sound bored, sleepy, and rude, they don’t know how to organize anything it’s revolting. No other university in the world is like this. there are teachers who get mad if you don’t address them as ‘doctor’, even though they show no qualifications. Maybe learn to SPELL and use ENGLISH and then demand to be called ‘doctor’, narrow minded and loser-level idiots. These people haven’t even seen the face of Canada, they’re too busy being bullshitters behind rocks. Anyone in southern Toronto who hears of Sudbury thinks of it as an unknown and dirty end of the world, which is what it is. this place is VERY INHOSPITABLE for minority races, that is, races that are minority in this village, not in the rest of Canada. non-white students here feel threatened when they go to class, on the bus, etc, by obese and dimwitted racists.


    This is a low-rate piece of garbage place nobody should ever go to. Laurentian is a disgusting, sickening, racist, low-quality place, like others have said. The ‘education’ here is pitiful and has no standard or value, I am shocked at the junk for ruining my entire university experience, which I will never get back, so do NOT make the mistake of wasting any moment of your life in this wasteland. It is literally full of the most obnoxious people in the world, extreme racism that happens ON campus as well if you’re a visible minority (aka not white). There are obnoxious people who themselves are losers of zero IQ out of ‘the bush’, but they have the nerve to make ugly faces and give dirty stares at minority people. A few of my contacts of the minority races all experienced and realized the overt racism on the campus, including Indian people and blacks. People here are mannerless, have no courtesy or sense of proper human interaction and behaviour, even amongst themselves. If you are looking for a NORMAL place where you can make normal contacts, friends, enjoy your life, do NOT go to this height of racism hell, and also, if you want a degree with any merit ANYWHERE on earth, do not go to this low university, which isn’t even rated in the top 100 universities of Canada. The shocking rate at which ‘professors’ here make spelling, grammar errors in emails, lectures, syllabus, etc, is repulsive, they do not care about you, helping you, there is no genuine reaching out to students. The registrar, fees dept, etc, basically all the management here, is completely disorganized beyond words, they will mess up your program, don’t try to change ANYTHING in your account or they’ll mess it up. I told them once to change the address on my account and they messed that up as well. I told them to make a slight change to my program and they added the wrong program, can you believe that nonsensical garbage? They don’t know what they’re talking about, they don’t send out important messages to everyone, it is utter rubbish. This place is a serious disaster, a mess. Want to live in residence? Be forced into rubbish meal plans at exorbitant rates for crappy food. Not to mention there is no enforcement of rules in the residences, no matter how much they claim it is ‘quiet’, it will never be. The people in the residences are all the same, racist, disrespectful villagers from uncivilized jungles who behave repulsively. Oh my dear God, I am so remorseful that my years, my everything was spent in this dump of a land. My program didn’t allow me to transfer anywhere else, so I was stuck here, do NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE, take any other place. As someone here said, don’t go anywhere in ‘northern ontario’ because you’ll only meet crappy people and literally nothing. Especially if you are not white, going here is a serious risk to your sanity and life. You don’t have to suffer racism from disgusting villagers when you have such a diverse country that’s reflected in places like Toronto, anywhere in southern Ontario. Only people with no life will ever go to this junkyard, period.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This place is sickening. They will gouge students for ever penny they have. Want parking? Cough up $600-$700. Want books? Cough up $1000. Pay tuition at your own expense? Cough up $13,000/year. Want a tutor? Cough up $20/hour. ETC. ETC.

    Not to mention the professors are a disgrace. They don’t give a single shit about anything. Not even the program from which they teach. The school can’t even afford to employ enough full-time professors. When you reach out for help if you are struggling you don’t hear a peep. The teaching assistants are told to hold off on marks. They intend to fail you.
    There isn’t enough enough parking spaces on campus to allow everybody who bought a parking pass to park. The school also has made a deal with the city when it comes to handing out parking tickets… They need a certain quota in order to make their money back. Yeah, expect a ticket at least once or twice even when you have parked correctly WITH your $700 parking pass.
    The school would rather use your tuition money for it’s “campus modernization” project rather than employ more professors, improve quality of education, or provide assistance to those who struggle.
    My program is currently about to lose it’s accreditation and not a peep was heard about it until it was TOO LATE. The school knew long before any of the students knew.
    I can go on but I will save myself the time.
    Thanks Laurentian for screwing me over.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • very disappointed and thinking that, why i decided to enrol with LU, may be i didn’t have choice because of CGA’s affiliation

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Every 1 star here is real. Quality? How can a dump have any quality? This dump is full of crappiness in everything – lame courses, lame professors, disgusting students, and the worst part is all the offices and how there is absolutely no knowledge here of anything. Paid employees working in the registrar’s can’t answer any questions, they have no information, they’ve been working here for who knows how long and they know absolutely NOTHING, throwing out wrong information that’ll cause hassle later on. There is no management here at all. Not only this campus, but this whole town is extremely racist and close-minded. They are racist to anyone who is not visibly of European descent. There are serious racial microaggressions that occur on this campus and in this entire town, something that is rare anywhere else in Ontario. Simply don’t go anywhere in northern Ontario, it’s full of the most low-level people I am shocked still populate Canada. Laurenshit is not a qualified place to be for students seeking an authentic and pleasant university experience. By all means, if you are a low level person, have a serious lack of manners, morals, etc, you can go to this junk all you want. This experience is shared not only by me, but many other people who are not originally from this unheard of town.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • It is legitimate a first rate institution. I don’t get the slam on the transit as i can always get downtown in a matter of 10 minutes and there is no need for a car, the profs work hard for the students, even in first year and i have no complaints. The snow is a bit draining at times but all the buildings are nice and warm so no need to worry. Also there is always decent stuff happening around the campus, plus the residences are quite nice, legitimately a first rate university experience.

    Overall Score: (5/5.00)
  • Laurentian U is an above average school in a way below average town. They emphasize some programs (Engineering or Psychology) above others (Comp Sci.), so be warned, but other than that it’s a decent choice for the region. It’s a shame that the transit system sucks and it’s located in the middle of nowhere, so no close-by student life. Get a car and spring extra for one of the parking lots that isn’t a mud pit. The pub’s decent. Professors are a mixed bag like most schools, but my experience with them is mostly positive. Programs are alright. Class size isn’t too onerous and I haven’t had any big issues with overcrowding. I didn’t live in student housing but they’re continually adding residences and the ones I’ve been in seem reasonable.

    Once you graduate, leave Sudbury. I can’t stress this enough. Four years will be all the Sudbury experience you’ll ever need.

    Overall Score: (3.63/5.00)
  • i just finished my degree here….overall, not a bad school. from my experience every program is very “clicky”…adn then within the program there are easily favourites. This happens because of the great teacher to student ration (ex: 4th year classes with 4 people in it), but it allows the teachers to label and write of students.

    The residences are good, the new gym facility is solid but probably the biggest factor in laurentian student happines…..THE WEATHER

    you might think “so its abit north, no big deal”…..Abit cold is an understatement. How about snow is april? how about below zero weather in september.
    Also, the tyransit system sucks, dont come unless you have a car.

    Great school, terrible location (sudbury)

    Overall Score: (3.54/5.00)
  • No Comment

    Overall Score: (3.90/5.00)

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