Video: 3D Animated Videos Offer Comical Insight Into The ‘Profit’ Motive That’s Driving Law Schools

By   |  May 8, 2014

A short 3D video series published on YouTube that excoriates the corrupt, profit-hungry ‘industry’ that higher education (esp. law schools) has rapidly become in the United States has slowly been gaining popularity over the last few years.

The videos, published anonymously by a user named ‘JoblessJane’ have accumulated approximately 150,000+ views altogether, and were produced using the (now-defunct) free animation software known as Xtranormal, which became rather well-known because of a 2010 video called iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo.

‘Jobless Jane’ is however, an apparent alias of the blogger behind the Fluster Clucked website, a relatively short-lived online collection of stories and anecdotes about the massive ‘scam’ that American law schools have become. The posts, signed by the writer only as ‘Frank the Underemployed Professional’ recount dozens of personal experiences both in and out of law school. Frank, who is apparently a qualified, yet-not-so-currently-employed lawyer, describes himself as follows:

I am a proud American, or at least I used to be. In the past decade I have come to conclude that our once prosperous nation is transforming into an overpopulated, impoverished third world country for a variety of reasons, both political and cultural. It is a real cluster fuck, and I want to chronicle America’s race to the bottom and rant about what ails us.

I am specifically interested in these issues:

  • The U.S. Economy
  • Global Labor Arbitrage–Foreign Outsourcing, H-1B and L-1 visas, Mass Immigration
  • Health Care
  • The Education Bubble or Education Arms Race
  • The Value of Going to Law School
  • Population Explosion and Environmental Degradation
  • The nation’s “Rationality Factor” (more about that in a future post)

Although Frank’s blog hasn’t been updated in quite a while, some notable stories detail indoctrination of higher education in America, a PBS documentary about how for-profit scam schools function, and even a not-so-shocking story about a law school in America caught paying students $250 to post positive reviews on their website.

Frank also provides compelling arguments for why 60% of American law schools are unneeded now that over 50% of American lawyers can’t find a job in the legal field.

Back in 2010, CNN featured a similar animated video on YouTube called ‘So You Want to Go to Law School’ that was written and produced by one David Kazzie, who went on to write a best-selling legal novel on called The Jackpot.

We’ll leave you with a quote from one of Frank’s more controversial posts:

Why is it that our nation’s politicians and intellectuals (perhaps unwittingly) support the higher education scam by advocating higher education as a solution to our nation’s employment problems? Basically, the promise of higher education as a means of upward economic mobility serves a function similar to that of religion – it’s a means of social control. That is precisely why our politicians, intellectuals, and university elites love to advocate it so much. Also, it is completely uncontroversial. The upper classes are being confronted by an increasingly angry populace that feels that our nation’s social structure is becoming akin to a caste system with a lack of upward (but not downward) economic class mobility…

So, our politicians, intellectuals, business executives, and their media lackeys have been falling all over themselves to sell the promise of higher education to the masses as though it were an opiate. This goes for practically all of our politicians on both sides of the aisle; this is non-partisan. The implicit and sometimes explicit message is:

“Your unemployment and underemployment problems will be solved if you earn a college degree or obtain an advanced degree.”

“The reason you’re unemployed (or that your wages are low) is because you only have a high school education.”

“Even though you have a bachelors degree, you’re unemployed because your grades weren’t high enough… or you don’t have an advanced degree… or you didn’t major in the right field but if you go back to school and major in a science-technology-engineering-math (STEM) field you’re guaranteed to find a good solid middle class job.”

From a quick Google search, it would seem that Frank is not alone.

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