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Career College of Northern Nevada

  (1.53/5.00)   |  8 Reviews
Career College of Northern Nevada is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  
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Institution Type:  Unknown
Established:  Unknown
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Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  N/A
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
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Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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8 Student Reviews of Career College of Northern Nevada

  • After conning both my daughters to enroll in the medical school, at a high cost, and duping me into a parent loan through Sally Mae Bank that I still can’t pay off after 8 years, neither of my daughters were ever able to obtain work in this industry. Very few companies will even consider these degrees in the medical field as a genuine education, laughing at my daughters choice in institutions. How this fake college escaped scrutiny from our attorney generals’ eyes is beyond me? They must be conning the government as well. It should be shutdown and forced to repay all money their fraudulent activities earned. If you want to be ripped off, find yourself in debt for the rest of your life, then this is the school for you.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • currently attending the welding course. just like every review before this, it is horrible. we are part of a new year long program they started. still sucks. they fired two of the 4 good instructors we have, and mike Santiago (the deans husband) is still teaching, and he sucks ass. long story short save your money, join the union and make some real money and learn from people who will teach you exactly how your job is suppose be done.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • We were one of the first classes to go through this program, reading the other reviews what has been said about the administration is very on point, as well as how well the front office is able to sell the school. I was pumped to be going here, they made it sound great. When I asked about the program they said they would be able to certify us and that they had ins with a lot of the bigger businesses locally so they would have us lined up with jobs. The $17,700 seemed very steep for a 9 month program but with how they made it seem I felt it like it was definitely worth it.
    So to start, we were told after the first 6 weeks we would have full hands on training and would be welding. We also had a full class of 22 people. First 6 weeks were strictly based around safety and basic terminology, and then was closed off by one week of getting our OSHA 10. In that time we had I believe 4 or 5 people drop, and each one was replaced. So first 6 weeks are done.
    Getting into the next 6 weeks we started cutting, 3 weeks oxy, 2 weeks plasma and one week carbon arc. We were told that we would start welding 6 weeks in, now it’s not till week 13 that we were told we’d start. So we start week 13, and now they have is grinding bevels for two weeks and then stick welding the next 4. After that we were thrown around a lot, there wasn’t much order with what we were doing. We were supposed to be on one thing then the next thing you know we were on the wrong lab or weren’t doing it in order, then you’d hear Mike Santiago (the department Head) go and throw the blame on someone who’s never instructed before. It happened a lot, it wasn’t just 4 or 5 times, it was very common and very frequent. Every time Mike would throw the blame on someone else saying it was their fault, well when it happens that frequently it’s the person in charge at fault. It was all due to bad management. So the curriculum was crap, and they had no focus. And to top it all off they told us that they were not able to certify us as they promised when we first started, which is the end goal. Certs do much more than a diploma. From January to July we lost at least 5 instructors, all of which were great welders and did a great job teaching. Every single one of them talked about how Mike and the other people above Mike in the school were very degrading and had no clue what they were doing. By the end of the 9 months there was only one instructor that was still there from when we started and we only had 11 or 12 students due to the lack of structure and the bullshit that the people in charge threw at us.
    Now, on to the deans and owner. After a while we had the deans coming in regularly since we were very unsatisfied. They never fixed a thing, they would always tell us to talk to Matt (the owner) and none of the problems ever got solved. They were the deans overseeing our class, it was their job to keep things in line, and they failed to even try. On one account they even tried turning a sentence somebody said back around on them in front of everyone so that they could avoid the blame.
    Going back to the curriculum, they also failed to give us any projects, we just did weld coupons for the entire time. So it wasn’t even a fabrication course. The only time we really used the saws was to cut out pipe.
    While we were in the cutting phase they told us to cut as much as we could so that we’d have enough metal to last us through the program. So we cut a lot and put it on the shelves that they asked us to put it on. Well as you probably know, steel is heavy… And someone thought it’d be a good idea to make the shelves with particle board. So the top shelf breaks first, witch breaks the one under that, and that happens until every shelf is gone. Then Mike comes in and starts cussin and yellin about how we cut to much steel and overloaded the shelves. Sorry for doing what we were told.
    Now as far as finding a job goes they really helped out. One of my instructors got me a job 2 months in, and the placement department really goes out of their way to help.
    So, a short recap. The instructors were all great, they really knew what they were doing. The people in charge have no clue what they’re doing and this isn’t worth the money. My advice is to go check out TMCC or try to get hired on someplace doing grunt work and move up. Please do not waste your time or money here.

    Overall Score: (1.90/5.00)
  • Worst school around. My wife is going there for welding. First it is $17,000 for a level 2 qualification not certificate. Second you can get level 4 AWS certified way cheaper then that. Third director is let’s just say not nice. Fourth come to find out they are PPP lying playing off of Tesla coming here telling people they have a deal with Tesla for pipe welders. Sorry my hall has that deal for that and no one else. Forth they letting people in shop to play with plasma cutters with no OSHA cert. People have hair down cutting with clear safety glasses. Sorry but that’s no way to teach.

    Overall Score: (2.27/5.00)
  • I would NOT recommend this school to anyone. The IT instructors are not qualified. I am taking a Cisco Certification Course with an instructor who failed his certification exam and is too afraid to go take it again!The president Nate Clark himself is not even a college graduate! You will end up paying around $340 or more per credit compared to $84.50 at TMCC. In all for 5 months of education provided by instructors who can’t even spell and copy and paste previous lessons from years back. I have already paid $15,000!! NOT WORTH IT! We are learning from outdated books and barely get to use the broken equipment. We have been told on several occasions that everything will change after our course is over. We have been told that we will have to retake several classes because we are being taught out of date material.. A couple of our instructors would do anything and everything to “blue sheet” or fail you. On a daily basis we are treated like we are inferior and down right stupid. When I signed up here everyone was so helpful and great! Now I am wishing I would have never discovered this place. We were told that our credits were transferable. I recently discovered (by speaking to a TMCC and UNR adviser) that they are most certainly not transferable. I hope that someone, anyone will read this review and it will help them to make the right choice.


    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • We signed a contract with CCNN. We would pay our fees, attend classes and put forth our best efforts during classes. In return for our investment, CCNN would provide us with adequate equipment, adequate instructors and a viable education.
    From the beginning our investment has been fraught with issues. I’ll start with Day 1 of Phase One: 22 Students, 20 computers. Of those 20 computers, less than half of them had working DVD/CD drives, (A condition which still exists, over a year later).
    In August of 2012 when we started this ordeal, we students knew we would have a class to learn how to use Apple Computers. This class was to start in April of 2013. We knew this because it was in our schedule. Well, April comes, the phase starts and there are no Apple computers for us to learn on. We endure 2 weeks of Apple infomercials from Alex Burca but still no Apples. When the machines finally arrive, there are 10 machines. Fine, great! Except for the fact that there are 12 students. Once again, CCNN breaches the contract by providing inadequate equipment.
    Here we are starting out 5th week of the Phase that has us “Learning” VMWare and we have no equipment. Once again, CCNN…, well you get the picture.
    Let’s move on to CourseSmart. Issues during the First Phase. Book code goes to the wrong book or to an expired book. CCNN’s response was. “Don’t worry, we’ll have it fixed for the next Phase.” CourseSmart issues continue to date.
    Frustrated? Yes. Exasperated? Yes.
    When a concern is voiced to ANYONE at CCNN, the responses are, “We’ll fix it for next Phase.” or, “We’ll fix it for the next group”. How does fixing it for the next group help me? I’m paying for ME!
    Am I getting a return on my investment? NO!
    The main question that’s asked on EACH and EVERY survey is, “Will you recommend this school to family or friends?” NO! I wouldn’t recommend this school to anybody I wanted to keep as a friend. I surely wouldn’t recommend this school to family.
    Is CCNN concerned about my education? From what I’ve experienced in over a year of attendance, NO. If I stop attending, will they be concerned? Absolutely, because there will be less money coming in. Would they be concerned about the state of my education, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! A nurse at a local medical facility stated to a fellow student that when they have hired a CCNN graduate, they have had to re-train each one. Not a glowing endorsement.
    Current instructors said, “I believe people learn better by making mistakes”. Possible but, how can you make a mistake when there is no equipment to use?
    I was very excited over a year ago when I first started at CCNN. But, after a year of getting kicked in the teeth at each turn due to lack of equipment, inadequate materials an instructor that reads his lesson plan the morning of class. That same instructor mentions things like “Identify and Document the Issues and Return on Investment”, obviously these are not practices that CCNN follows. Then he makes veiled threats pertaining to making adverse recommendations for students.
    My enthusiasm has waned, my desire to continue throwing money down the hole called CCNN is fading fast. Should I pay for this Phase?

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Strong salesmen in the front office. Weak in instructor retention, I had 6 instructors for one class because people kept quiting or being fired. The head of my program quit 2 weeks before I was done with classes. The school stresses professionalism in students but the organization is not very professional. There is a feeling of closed door politics and secrecy about administrative actions and decisions. Poor communication between administration, teachers, and students. Changes are made every phase with no input from students. Requirement of an externship to graduate, but when a student gets to that point the collge is unable to provide the externship. I have effectively paid for 18 months of education and cannot graduate because the school can not provide the final requirement. They had 18 months to secure an externship and have not done it. More than half of my classmates do not have externships, all the school is providing me with is lame excuses and kind of an “oh well attitude.” To say I am frustrated is an understatement. I would not recommend this school to anyone unless they are in no real need of a degree or employment in a specific career field. I did have some excellent, caring instructors. Unfortunatly great instructors don’t make up for a program, that is sold as something it is not.

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • Worst school ever!!! Scam!!! I usually dont regret anything in life but this is something I will never forgive myself for!

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)

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