Rap Song ‘Sallie Mae Back’ Goes Viral

Department of Education employees are chuckling this week after a new rap song dedicated to paying off student loans went viral around the web. New Orleans-based rapper Dee-1 is the lucky star, after his new track ‘Sallie Mae Back’ — which recalls his real life story of being able to finally pay off his student […]

Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig Makes 15-Minute Case That U.S. Is Nowhere Near A True Democracy

American democracy. The oft-repeated phrase rolls off the tongue perhaps a little too easily, according to at least one American academic. Lawrence Lessig, a renowned professor at Harvard University‘s Law School, tackled the issue at an event sponsored last November (2014) by Quartz, an online magazine operated by The Atlantic family of publications. In the […]

Hoverboard World Record: Canadian Inventor Displays Homemade Hoverboard Flight In Unbelievable Video

To be sure, this is not an April Fool’s Day stunt. (In fact, the below video was filmed and published by Guinness World Records themselves, so you can take comfort in knowing that you aren’t being pranked this time around.) An inventor from Canada has set a new world record for “farthest journey by hoverboard” […]

Kid Smoking Experiment: How A Young Boy Asking For Cigarettes Makes Smokers Re-think Their Habits

“Can I have a light?” asks a young boy to strangers in Santa Barbara, California. The boy – a 9-year old known only as ‘Jensen’ – is undercover, mind you. But rather than working with local police as part of a sting operation, he’s the star of the latest public prank video filmed by the […]

Documentary: ‘College Conspiracy’ Argues That American College Students Are ‘Debt Slaves’ For Life

College is a scam. At least, that’s what quite a few extremely intelligent and successful Americans have been saying over and over for the past few decades, as the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket like never before in history. See also: Student Loan Default: A Complete List Of Horrible Consequences That Arise When […]

Domestic ‘Abuse’ Timelapse: A Serbian Woman Taking Horrendous Selfies Is Just Another Marketing Stunt

At first glance, the background music and setup of the video look familiar: another person on YouTube doing a time lapse video of themselves in the most vain way possible – capturing an entire year’s worth of selfies. See also: Elisa Lam: The College Girl Whose Hotel Death Is So ‘Mysterious’ That She Inspired A […]

Video: 3D Animated Videos Offer Comical Insight Into The ‘Profit’ Motive That’s Driving Law Schools

A short 3D video series published on YouTube that excoriates the corrupt, profit-hungry ‘industry’ that higher education (esp. law schools) has rapidly become in the United States has slowly been gaining popularity over the last few years. The videos, published anonymously by a user named ‘JoblessJane’ have accumulated approximately 150,000+ views altogether, and were produced […]

Video: California College Students Sign Fake Petition To ‘Execute’ Gun Owners In ‘Concentration Camps’

California college students want to murder gun owners. At least, that’s what many of them verbally agreed to while signing a fake petition created by Mark Dice, a self-described ‘media analyst’ from California, that called (in part) for going “door to door” and repossessing all privately-owned guns before sending the gun owners to “concentration camps” […]