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Monroe College : Bronx

  (2.13/5.00)  |  13 Reviews
Monroe College : Bronx is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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13 Student Reviews of Monroe College : Bronx

  • I am a former student. I worked my tail off to receive my AAS. After completing that and starting on my Bachelors, I had a tragic family occurrence. I ended up having to drop my classes mid semester. After explaining my situation I was told by administration: Sorry for your misfortune, but since you dropped your classes, financial aid has stopped, you owe us $2000 and although you EARNED YOUR DEGREE and your tuition covering your associates degree has been paid…. we will not allow you to walk the stage or release your degree or transcripts until you pay us for the semester you dropped due to your bad luck! The professors were awesome but as far as the administrative staff, they are only worried about the money and not at all concerned about the students! I would never recommend this institution to anyone!!

    Overall Score: (2.09/5.00)
  • I attend Monroe for free as a vet. Referred by a friend if mine to the accounting department. My friend worked at a major US Bank as an analyst after graduation. Plenty of kids I’ve met in the accounting department have internships in the Big 4. I can only speak on the Accounting program, it’s great. During my second semester I had two different attourneys for two different business classes, one practicing accountant, one pro math teacher, and one 40 year vet at a big 4 firm specializing in taxation. It’s a strong program.

    Overall Score: (4/5.00)
  • This “college” is overall pathetic. They only have 5 majors and want over 6g’s. They want you to go without pell and tap for one semester, to make you take out a loan. Some of the chefs in the culinary arts department are bias, unprofessional and hypocrites, especially Chef V. Everything that I said or did he would always conpain about. He said the f word. I was talking to my friend and said the s word. He got all pissy and said “I think you need to go talk to the dean about your future here” hey moron, that was my last semester at that damn college. He called me unprofessional cause I didn’t tell him I withdrew from the internship (I didn’t know I had to tell him) next day, he gossiping about me to my friend. Monroe is more of a last resort to any. DO NOT ATTEND.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • How I Flunked out of College
    My name is John White and for the past 10 years I was a Professor of Psychology and Sociology at Monroe College in the Bronx, New York. I was dismissed for passing all of my students. This is significant because THE COLLEGE teaches mainly African American and Latino men and women who heavily rely on federal student aid to complete their educations, Failure is almost certain financial ruin based on federal repayment guidelines. If my dismissal alone was the issue I would try to handle it myself However I am being tried in Bronx Criminal Court on December 16th for :
    Aggravated Harassment (2nd degree)

    These charges stemmed from me fighting to keep my job and work with the students who need a good education to face the world with at least a fighting chance.

    The OWNER of the college asked the 52nd precinct commander to come arrest me in an attempt to ruin my reputation,
    I was arrested waiting for a bus. I want to teach and assist poor and minority students earn degrees so they can better their lives.
    I hope you will assist the community by discussing this situation as THIS MILL is now being recognized as a National Leader in “Urban and International Education” I can be reached by GOING TO JOHN WHITE ON FACEBOOK.

    As a African American Educator I feel the need to provide students but especially students of color every opportunity to persist in College.
    Commitment to your students is the key to a successful career in education, My students worked hard and grew. I was determined to work toward their graduation. To give a student a chance to succeed it requires you to be teacher, mentor counselor and in time FRIEND.
    On the night I was arrested I was sent to Central Booking at 161st street in The Bronx, Going to jail is harsh, but one of my former students was the intake clerk for criminal session.
    She remembered me and took it upon herself to protect me from the harsh realities of incarceration. She tried to expedite my trial process going to night court twice to assist in me being released.
    My point here is teaching has its rewards. My student remembered and showed me in a deeply personal way that she valued the instruction I provided.
    Colleges like THE LAST PLACE I WORKED take advantage of a system that does not care about the educational growth of minority students. The
    Federal and state financial aid funds available to these students has made the family owned proprietary DIPLOMA MILL Millions of dollars.
    The risk of financial ruin is over the head of every student of color who rather than go to a public state supported school, goes to a private school seeking a better life. I was fired for being there for my students and doing everything in my power to make them successful.
    I watched for 10 years as the leader of the school told the students and their families that the college was there to help them and that the faculty was there to DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, to make them graduates. But I was fired because I factored in effort and desire in their growth as students. I was not allowed to explain my grading criteria and forced to change 30 plus grades resulting in the academic expulsion of students and “evidence” of My incompetence as a professor
    A TOP ADMINISTRATOR sent emails to all departments seeking evidence of my incompetence to provide the paper trail for my dismissal.
    I want students of mine to know that I have not retired, found another job or moved on to another institution. I was sent away from you in the name of business. Several of you and I were on the verge of seeing you develop into scholars and eventually graduates and professionals
    Keep in touch with me through FACEBOOK and we will get you to graduation.
    Please post to FACEBOOK comments that reflect our association together. I want to return to THE SCHOOL to reunite with you. I am not afraid of administration if YOU WANT ME BACK I will return for YOU,
    ASK administration relevant questions as to my departure, Why would you fire a professor WE all SUPPORTED ? And if we attended his classes and did his work why would you say to him that he gave us grades we didn’t deserve?
    I will update you on the progress of my career. ‘I’m 62 years old and face early retirement I would love to close out my last few years teaching some of the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

    Overall Score: (2.36/5.00)
  • I can’t believe I read all these comments… Monroe is a great place to get an education. I have a BBA and I can’t complain if I needed help they were there. I graduated with honors and it’s becuase I earned my grades. If you
    fail at Monroe you don’t want an education..
    .. they are very helpful and guide you through out your entire career. These comments are probably from people who failed and didn’t really want it.

    Overall Score: (4.36/5.00)
  • I can’t believe I read all these comments… Monroe is a great place to get an education. I have a BBA and I can’t complain if I needed help they were there. I graduated with honors and it’s becuase I earned my grades. If you fail at Monroe you don’t want an education…. they are very helpful and guide you through out your entire career. These comments are probably from people who failed and didn’t really want it.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Worse place – run don’t walk a,d make sure you don’t take out loans if you go near this place

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • Monroe College is a joke. . . let me give you a little bit of in site on what Monroe does. Monroe seeks out poorly performing high school students (from both the U.S. and abroad) and gives them a chance to go to college. Sound great right?

    Well, it’s not. They take folks who aren’t qualified or ready to attend college and help them sign up for student loans, government grants, etc. . . Monroe pockets the tuition, and a bunch of poor fools are crammed into a classroom to learn nothing and earn a completely useless degree.

    The credits do not transfer to any other school on the planet. So there’s no chance of continuing your education, or taking anything any further than the Monroe Degree that everybody laughs at.

    As an employer myself, the words Monroe College on a resume are a red flag that mean “Do Not Hire”.

    There is also a lot of negative energy from the community that does not want this “school” in their city, and can you blame them?

    Thugs being bussed up to a school for the sake of making it’s share holders a profit.

    Do yourself a favor and go to your local community college.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I was a student there and was able to go somewhere else. I lost half the classes from monroe when I transferred to the new school. Basically I started my sophomore year over and I’ll have to take out loans 5 times more than before. I have loans from Monroe that need to be paid for no reason. I thought about hiring a lawyer to not have to pay the loans to Monroe, since it was a waste of time. Nobody should ever go there, as there’s plenty of options to go with good sports everywhere. Monroe was basically a joke and a waste of time for 2 years. Dont make the same mistake I made and I wish I could take that school off my transcript cause everyone laughs at me when I tell them I was there.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I agree with Seb Ridout. The school is a hoax, they have masterminded these poor uneducated low income families into taking out minimal loans they can’t afford to attend a college that caters to athletes. The degree means nothing (hence the 2009 law suit). The students are so poor they steal textbooks from one and other during finals. There has to be some sort of violent incident on a daily basis because the students don’t have any problem solving or conflict resolution skills. the rules are ridicoulosly strict because if they werent all hell would break lose because of the demographic they are dealing with.
    They hire their graduates on a “part time” basis but make them work full time (with no health insurance) to improve their graduate employment rate. When i worked there an employee who earned her masters degree didn’t know how to date a letter in English, only in carrabian, and had no clue how to mail merge.
    this place is terrible, I wish there was more negative press on the way in which this place runs itself. I’d like to ask the Vp’s if they would send their children to this god awful place. The dorms are in the projects, and they are to cheap to paint and clean them for the fall. Oh and Carolyn Bennett is a lying manipulative person, who punished me and accused me of being somewhere I was not and doing something I did not do.


    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • Monroe “College”, the reason I write college in quotation marks is that you can barely class the place as a college, in fact it is better comparable as the closest thing you will find to being incarcerated without committing a crime, I would know as a former international student for two LONG semesters (currently as I write this I’m having to use word until the forever inconsistent internet fixes itself and I can submit this to a college review website). The student body compiles approximately 60% black students, 35% Hispanic or Latino students, 4.5% Asian students, and 0.5% white students. With extremely low school fees the college attracts students coming from a low-income background and in turn recruits extremely poor and in some cases delusional professors with the exception of a few.
    The school itself is centered around a series of ridiculous, restricting, immature, and fun destroying rules; for example one rule restricts you to having 2 guests per room and those guests have to leave by 11pm sharp, if the guests have not left by this time on-campus security will come round and escort them out. Other rules include a room inspection, which I understand is standard however this is not your normal room inspection if you are not present during the room inspection the Resident Assistants/ Resident Directors will unlock the door, let themselves in and rifle through your personal belongings in an attempt to find incriminating things, if you are lucky enough to be present during the room inspections you will see overly pedantic “power happy” authorities pick at little things such as a dirty hob or unclean dishes.
    To pick out a positive, the athletic department is of an extremely high quality from the trainers to the coaches, with all teams being extremely successful. I was recruited to be a part of the soccer program and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of playing and training with the team and under the authority of the coaches and the location of the college is fairly close to Manhattan which is undeniably one the best places in the world also whilst here I have met some people that I have a lot of time for and will continue to keep in touch with after leaving the school. Which leads me to the question; do these reasons make up for the fact that the school is so poor? Possibly, but I believe that most athletic departments in America are of a high quality, run good programs, are in a nice location, and contain people whose company I would enjoy however very little colleges in America are as bad as the “Monroe Experience”.
    If people look at this review and think it can’t be that bad and I am maybe one person that didn’t fit in, take to, or give Monroe College enough time to grow on me which is what I thought at the beginning of my stay here but upon discussing the school with other students here it wills me to ask any reader to use Facebook or any other social network site to add someone that studies at Monroe College about their experience here, my guess is that the 98 students out of 100 would give negative feedback.

    Overall Score: (1.45/5.00)
  • This school is affordable and works around the working adult. The major downside is there is no challenge and 50% of the students get easy grades.

    Overall Score: (2.09/5.00)
  • This is a very affordable private school. The quality of education is very good. The professors are very knowledgeable. The staff if very helpful. Great experience for me. The only downside is the location, and absence of that campus feeling. But that is true for many other New York City colleges.

    Overall Score: (4.09/5.00)

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