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RCC Institute of Technology : Steeles Campus

  (1.92/5.00)  |  16 Reviews
RCC Institute of Technology : Steeles Campus is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  
Stimulating Courses
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Institution Type:  Unknown
Established:  Unknown
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
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Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  N/A
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
Quality of Professors
Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
Extracurricular Opps
Teacher/Student Ratio
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16 Student Reviews of RCC Institute of Technology : Steeles Campus

  • I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering. I had an outstanding experience at RCCIT. You get what you put in. If the profs see you work hard, they follow suit. I have zero regrets about attending this course. It is unfortunate to see the recent change in direction as the faculty involved in the B.Tech truly changed my life and put me in a successful position with an amazing company.

    Overall Score: (3.90/5.00)
  • Hello people i went to this private college since it was near my house but that proved to be a problem I used osap to come here and i took the video game design and development program which is also as game programmer the school it.was introduced to by a guy called Robert Robinson and i don’t care if i expose names heres since people who work here only care about making money so this school has so many drop out because a lot of students end up failing and dropping out the teachers in the programming side are not cool everything here is fast paced learning if you have a learning disability good luck studying here also this school has awful tutors and some year they cancel that option if you ask me I made a huge mistake coming here. People told me the video game classes here are terrible and that your better off learning on your own or going somewhere else. Also the art teacher Franklin is horrible he enjoys failing new students because if he does not like your art he will fail you and the teacher toper is a good guy but he will fail you if you dont know how to use.3DS Max. I made a few friends here. This college is the worst college i been to i highly dont recommend. Also the guy who introduced me to this school and the person who helped me for osap left the school just like that. I was in a class of 30 students and within the third week only 12.were around. Humber college or geroge brown college is a way better choice. Have fun trying to learn C++, C sharp, javascript, Photoshop, 3DS max, and aslo a guy called Walter does.not know shit about any of the courses here. So yea i dont.recommend this school at all . Trust me it sucks i tried staying for 2 years but it did not work

    Overall Score: (1.90/5.00)
  • Great as distance learning programs.

    Overall Score: (5/5.00)
  • If you want to pay a ridiculous price to be treated like a high school punk then feel free to come here. If you want a good mark you have to kiss the teachers ass regardless if you know and understand the material or not. If you have a complaint or a concern don’t bother voicing it you’ll become a pariah. After ‘graduation’ NO employer has ever heard of this place and it will be next to impossible to find a job in field. If you do you’ll find out the hard way that everything you ‘learned’ was wrong. My advice is to avoid at all cost. Go to any other place and you’ll save your bank account and your sanity

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • I am an RCC grad and it definitely was the biggest mistake of my life and I am still paying for it (quite literally) 5 years later. The salesman oversold the school and plain out lied about the programs and RCC’s position in the industry. Their programs are borderline scams. You can get the same jobs with just an highschool education for the most part. If you actually want to learn you’ll be stuck learning on your own as the information taught is very basic and outdated. Foreign students are preferred and allowed to cheat on labs/exams as they pay more for the programs(had RCC staff tell me this straight up after complaining that one of them stole my exam while i was writing it in order to copy it, the student was never disciplined). I had to take a year off as my OSAP came in late and the **** in finance wanted me to come up with 2k$ in 48h or would kick me from the program. This was against school policies and I only realised after the fact that I could of challenged it, either in the school or in court. I eventually finished my program but I still haven’t received my papers as I began working the week after exams and so skipped the grad ceremony. I was told not to worry about it and that they would send it to me in the mail, after calling i was told I was missing courses (that I had already taken) and it would take them 3-6 months to return calls and even then they would tell me they were too busy due to exams/new semester/tech fair/etc. every time.

    RCC is SUPER expensive compared to other schools and the quality of education is abysmal. Stay away from this school, it will set you back in your career.

    Overall Score: (1.18/5.00)
  • Hi Val, I am glad I found someone who was interested in the Interior Design program like I was. Here is what I think of this program: IT IS ODLY EXPENSIVE! I have applyed for Mount Royal University in Calgary which has been accredited by CIDA for a few years now and I didn’t make it. In order to get there you have to make a portfolio, go through a interview and a still life drawing in person in front of a member of the department. Unfortunatelly I didn’t make it this time but now that I know how it works I will be more prepared to try it again next year. There you complete your graduation in 4 years. Each year cost about 6.500 CAD for tuition and fees (books, supplies and everything else not included..) and that price is considering you will take 5 courses per semester, which is pretty much the normal thing in any school. Now, lets talk about the RCC. I was searching for another accredited school and learned they they were just recognized by CIDA. I am shocked it happened though… You don’t take courses there by semester but terms, 12 terms of five classes each!!!! They say the lengh of the whole course is 3 years which means that you have to take 20 (TWENTY!!!) classes per year to graduate that soon and each of those classes will cost you about 1200 dol since they will charge you not by class but per credit. Make your own calculation…How did they come up with that many classes in a three year course is what I can’t get my head around. Are they shortening the classes? Are they diving classes in two to make more money? I don’t know… But they will defenitely make a hell lot of money out of it. And how is it even possible that someone can take 10 classes a semester and do well if most people barely make it taking 5? It is pretty strange. I will stay away from that school and hopefully other people will realize what they are doing here. I will try Mount Royal again next year. Good luck to you…

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Hello there,
    Is there anyone that has taken the on-line interior design? I have registered to the program to start on April and now, I found this review from some people.
    Should I stay away from this experience or is this the opinion of only a few? Is this too good to be truth? I’m really confused.

    Any one?
    I would really appreciate any info.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • The school is not good. your better off going to a public college where the learning experience and college experience is good. Spent lot of money and got not much out of it.

    Overall Score: (2.18/5.00)
  • It’s a scam. I received employer names and the people that got back to me were not helpful at all, trying to distance themselves from the place. They were pretty hostile. I found the whole experience pretty slimy and would definitely not spend the $75 to even apply. They don’t play the game aboveboard. There are so many good schools in Ontario – go to them. Good luck. I was scammed! They don’t know retail law and said that there are no refunds after 24 hours but it is actually 72 hours, even though it was stated right on my comments not to apply it unless I was able to get in for January. Okay my conscience is clear and I’ve ensured that others aren’t scammed. Best wishes.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Graduated from RCC with a B.Tech in June 2015 and was hired two weeks later as a Telecommunications Technologist. Yes, the equipment at RCC is OLD, but you are more likely to encounter that in the field. The labs were very hands on and you get a lot of practical experience. Some of the professors will recognize your hard work and give you opportunities to do more than the student that only does bare minimum. You really get what you put into it, it may be hit and miss sometimes but I feel like I received an excellent education, only because I worked my ass off to receive one. The private/corporate nature of the school could be felt when attending RCC, a lot of the faculty candidly admitted to some disappointment in how the school was being run by those in charge. However the receptionists were always nice (I made a point of saying “Hi” whenever I passed them). I finished the program and got a job in my field, they must have done something right.

    Overall Score: (3/5.00)
  • Terrible school, nothing is in good condition. They will treat you good until you are their student. I was taking the bachelor of interior design, part online and part in school. The teachers are very unhappy with their jobs and are really not patient. BUT THAT IS NOT THE BAD PART: now after I realize that my education is not valid for any other college or university and realized that I wasted so much money. Is 3 times more expensive that any other school. I asked for my transcripts 4 months ago and after more than 10 emails and phone calls only now they tell me they are ready. Here I am 1 hour after getting here still waiting for the receptionist to show up. Terrible costumer service as well. CONCLUSION: waste of time and money and a bad experience overall. Do yourself a favor and never go here. This is a scam

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Agree with all prior. OLD (!!!!!) equipment. Seneca/Humber/Sheridan is state of the art, compared to RCC. While I was working in the lab, I personally witnessed/experienced 5 instances of the crumbling of instrument knobs (as they were being turned by students).

    Professors are either superb, or awful (VERY black & white). Reason for the awful ones: their qualifications are simply not sufficient for official ON colleges. Example: a man is a Ph.D., and knows his material well, but is outdated, and lacking all soft skills necessary to communicate with class.

    Admin and management are biased, greedy, and desperately court potential students in the same way a salesman will court a prospect; after the money is paid, the student becomes a number, interest & respect for her are gone.

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • Waste of money. Go to a real school.

    If you go here, you’ll spend your years telling people you only have a high school education because you’ll be too embarrassed to say you spend $20k attending this shithole, even though no one you ever tell will have ever heard of it.

    There’s a reason they recruit their students from rural towns everywhere in Canada EXCEPT South Western Ontario. People from Ontario have never heard of it because it sucks.
    Outdated teachers. Outdated equipment.


    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Stay away they will sell you with false promises. supply you with sub standard teachers. and when its all said and done they hang you out to dry and inform you that you should have worked harder during your own time. As if they give you any. if you have a life and wish to keep it that way. DO NOT ATTEND RCC.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Stay away from this one! The instructors are great but the management is very corporate. They don’t care if you learn, as long as you pay!

    Also, credits from RCC will NOT transfer, anywhere, ever. (They don’t mention that tho)

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • go to community college or pubic university instead plz

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

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