Interview: Kate Welenc, Business Student At Webster University London, Recounts Fraud, Illegal Practices

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with Kate Welenc, an undergraduate student in the International Business Management program at Webster University : London campus, known locally as Regents American College London (located at the campus of Regent’s University London). After CollegeTimes revealed rampant fraud and corruption going on at the Webster University Thailand campus earlier […]

Webster University Thailand: Rampant Corruption, Fraud Put Blemish On Growing International Brand

Author’s Note: Journalism ethics often call for 3rd-party dissection of information and experiences in order to provide a non-biased view of a story. In this case, due to my personal involvement with Webster University : Thailand, such pure dissection is not possible at CollegeTimes. I have done my best to present a balanced perspective, including […]

Accreditation: When Talking About Higher Education, Nothing Could Be More Relevant – Or Controversial

Accreditation. It’s a word that most college students have heard at some point, but that (unfortunately) very few actually comprehend on a meaningful level. And that is NOT a good thing. With greedy investors and corrupt congressmen aggressively turning college into a for-profit industry devoid of traditional academic discourse and teeming with unqualified faculty, dishonest […]

The Neumont ‘University’ Scam: A Mormon, For-Profit, Career School Commits Fraud, Threatens Students

Is Neumont University a scam? That is the question asked online by a growing number of prospective students each year as they react to junk mail they’ve received from Utah-based Neumont University, a career institute focused on computer programming and video games, despite a lack of internationally-recognized ABET accreditation. See also: Interview: Jeme Deviny, Former […]