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Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig Makes 15-Minute Case That U.S. Is Nowhere Near A True Democracy

American democracy. The oft-repeated phrase rolls off the tongue perhaps a little too easily, according to at least one American academic. Lawrence Lessig, a renowned professor at Harvard University‘s Law School, tackled the issue at an event sponsored last November (2014) by Quartz, an online magazine operated by The Atlantic family of publications. In the […]

HostGator Sucks! My Website Was Suspended Without Warning, Then They Demanded To See My Passport?

In an age of rampant identity theft, you’d think that asking for scanned copies of a “passport” would be reserved for, oh I don’t know… Homeland Security. But here we are, well into 2014, and web hosting companies like HostGator (among some others) still believe they are entitled to ask for scanned copies of your […]

Edward Snowden : Alternative Christmas Message (Ignored, Mocked By American Media Outlets)

In May, Edward Snowden released thousands of classified documents to journalists, detailing the largest digital surveillance operation the world has ever known – and in so doing, became arguably the most controversial international figure of 2013. Snowden, a former American contractor for the US National Security Agency, has so far released over 200,000 documents showing […]