Willis College : Smiths Falls

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Willis College : Smiths Falls is a established in (unknown). The campus is located in and hosts students with an endowment of .  
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Institution Type:  Unknown
Established:  Unknown
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  N/A
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Tax ID:  N/A
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2 Student Reviews of Willis College : Smiths Falls

  • Hello, I would like to start by stating that my experience with my peers at Willis was exceptional.
    2 out of the 5 teachers were excellent that I had. They were really clear and helpful.
    The others were skatterbrained and didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing. Really unprofessional.
    Support staff was under staffed and in need of more training. Were helpful with the easy questions.
    Extremely over priced incomparsion to a college program at $4000.00, Willis was $12000.00.
    The quality of the academic portion was ok. It was my first time in post secondary so I cannot compare.
    I attended Willis due to the convenience of location.
    Out of my graduating class only 2 are in the field we went to school for.
    Willis has a negative name with most companies I have found.
    Also other colleges will not accept their transcripts or your diploma if want to further your education.

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  • Stay away from this school, it is highly over priced and you will not receive the education it advertises.

    As a further note, my experience in the course pertains only to my (undisclosed) program. I cannot comment on the quality of other programs.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)

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