100 Useful Web Tools For Business Students

By   |  February 23, 2010

For undergrads and MBA students alike, knowing how to use the latest technology to the greatest advantage is becoming par for the course in the business world. That’s why it’s more important than ever to start learning how to use the web for marketing, networking, and even your studies before you ever graduate. These web tools will help you augment your business career, do better in your courses and even start your own business while you’re still in college–helping you stay on top and in the loop.


Keep your studies, ideas and research in ship-shape with these helpful online tools.

  1. Google Reader: Instead of visiting every blog you read, why not organize them all on this easy-to-use RSS reader?
  2. Backpack: Keep your notes, contacts, information and just about everything else for class or business organized with this tool.
  3. Stickies: This application makes it simple to make notes to yourself right on the web.
  4. Bla-Bla List: Try out this to-do list application for no frills tracking of all the things you need to get done.
  5. Mindomo: This web tool is great for laying out your thoughts for anything from business endeavors to class projects.
  6. FreeMind: Use this free mind-mapping software to figure out where you want to go with an idea.
  7. bubbl.us: This web application is perfect for brainstorming your next big project.
  8. iOrganize: Mac users can try out this application, designed to keep notes and important information centrally located and easy to find.
  9. Zoho Planner: Give this free planner a try. It’ll let you create and share to-dos, notes, contacts, images and more.
  10. Clipmarks: Those who do a lot of web research or just like to browse can save interesting links for future reference using this tool.


Make sure you never miss a meeting, test or networking opportunity by using these scheduling apps.

  1. Google Calendar: Google’s calendar is easy-to-use and will let you organize all your important work, school and social events.
  2. Cozi: This calendar tracks everything from sports meets to shopping lists.
  3. Keep and Share: If you often work with others on projects or extracurriculars, this calendar-sharing app could be right up your alley.
  4. Spongecell: With this application you can create and customize your calendar and share it with others when you choose.
  5. Doodle: This personalized scheduling app will help you arrive on time and prepared for the events in your life.
  6. StudyRails: Plan out your study time and know when important due dates are coming up with this application.
  7. 30 Boxes: Use this tool to keep track of all the things, both big and small, going on in your life.
  8. SlimTimer: Track how long you’re working on a project, create to-dos and generally manage your time more wisely with this application.
  9. WhichTime: This calendar makes it incredibly simple to keep track of where you’re supposed to be and when.
  10. Jotlet: Quickly jot down appointments and important due dates using this calendar app.

Networking and Marketing

Use these web tools to get your name out there, make connections and make the most of the millions of potential customers and employers using the web.

  1. Facebook: You can do a whole lot more with Facebook than just keep track of your old friends. Create a networking profile and get your name known.
  2. Twitter: Creating a Twitter account can be a great way to share updates about your business, school or your ideas.
  3. LinkedIn: Take advantage of this networking tool to get in touch with the thousands of other businesspeople online in your field.
  4. Elance: Using this tool you can make connections and even find some freelance work.
  5. iMantri: If you’re in search of a mentor in your industry, don’t pass up this excellent site for pairing young professionals with mentors.
  6. Company of Friends: One of the earliest business social networks, this site still offers a great number of professional contacts for those who are willing to search for them.
  7. Ecademy: Meet people, blog and join professional groups on this business networking site.
  8. Media Bistro: This site makes it easier to meet and talk with people in the content generation business, great for promoting your business or for making contacts.
  9. Jigsaw: Link your budding business up with others through this large B2B network.
  10. Meetup: Through this site you’ll be able to find business meetups, events and more in your area.

Staying Connected

Talk to business partners, clients, friends and even parents using these great online tools.

  1. Gmail: Of the free email services out there, most would agree that Gmail is far and away the best choice. Better yet, you can link it up with a calendar, RSS reader and more.
  2. Google Voice: This online service allows you to get your voice messages no matter where you are and to consolidate your phone numbers.
  3. Campfire: Collaborate with others on school and work projects using this site.
  4. FaxZERO: Fax machines may be outdated, but in your business you’ll likely encounter someone who wants something faxed to them. That’s where this service comes in handy.
  5. K7: On the flipside, this service allows you to receive fax messages even if you don’t have a fax machine.
  6. LogMeIn: If you can’t always take your computer with you where ever you go, it’s not a problem with this service that lets you log onto your desktop from anywhere.
  7. Highrise: This web tool makes it simple to keep track of your professional contacts, perfect for helping you find work or drum up business.
  8. Wufoo: One way to generate a better product is by asking customers what they think. This site helps you do that simply and easily.
  9. WordPress: What better way to get your business out there and stay connected with the world than by creating a blog? Get a free site here.
  10. Meebo: Chat with people on all chat platforms using this one easy tool.


Whether you’re doing research for class or for your own ventures, these tools can help.

  1. BNET: Get access to this site’s business library and news to stay on top of what is going on in the business world.
  2. Seeking Alpha: Research stocks and investing ideas through this site.
  3. U.S. Business Reporter: On this site you’ll find information about businesses, including their sales, statistics and more.
  4. BizShark: Whether you’re looking for a job or just want to know more about a particular business, this search engine makes it simple.
  5. Motley Fool: Find all the market advice and information you need through this site.
  6. Masterseek: This company search engine lets you search by brand, product or business.
  7. Zibb: Find just about any business and accompanying news, stats and information on this site.
  8. Google Scholar: The web is full of information, but not all of it’s reliable. This search engine pares down results to just scholarly and professional sources.
  9. Zotero: If you use Firefox as a browser, then try out this great plug-in that makes it simple to save, share and cite references you’ve culled from the web.
  10. CiteULike: Make sure your bibliography isn’t a total mess by using this easy citation generator.

Mobile Apps

Don’t let a little thing like being away from the computer slow down your business savvy. Try out these mobile web apps to take your projects on the road.

  1. Business Reference Library: Make every time you don’t know something an opportunity to learn more with this amazing dictionary.
  2. Oxford Dictionary of Finance and Banking: Look up any words or terms that seem strange to you with this handy tool.
  3. mbPointer: Transform your phone into a fully featured presentation pointer using this application.
  4. Analytics App: See just how well your business or personal website is doing with this analytics tool.
  5. QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite: Whether you’re writing a business plan, tracking your finances or just preparing for class, this app lets you do it from anywhere.
  6. Pocket MBA Test: If you’re studying to get your MBA, practice the information you’ll need to know for the test while on the go.
  7. Glossary of Business Acronyms: Never wonder what an acronym means again with this helpful reference app.
  8. Leadership Quotes: Get inspired with this application full of great business leadership quotes.
  9. Bump: With this application you can share your business card simply by touching your phone to another.
  10. Wall Street Words: Not sure what the heck the Wall Street Journal is talking about? Don’t stay ignorant, look the word up in this financial dictionary app.

Multitasking and Productivity

Learn how to get more done with less by using these apps.

  1. OmniFocus: Try out this application to finally “get serious” about productivity with functions that let you take notes, turn them into to-dos and stay on task.
  2. Netvibes: Keep all your favorite websites organized in one place so you can see what’s going on with each at the same time using this site.
  3. Evernote: Create notes for yourself on the go and share, email and access them later with this tool.
  4. Remember the Milk: Get to-do lists on your computer that you can check on the web or on your phone with this tool.
  5. Ta-Da List: This simple tool lets you create to-do lists to ensure you get all your work done.
  6. Joe’s Goals: Set goals for yourself for this year, five years from now or this week using this site.
  7. Time Tracker: This tool lets you keep track of what sites you’re visiting so you can pare down your procrastination time.
  8. Rescue Time: If you’re easily distracted, this tool is designed to help you focus and limit the temptation to browse other websites.
  9. TreePad Lite: Organize your personal information, data, contacts, notes and more in one place using this application.
  10. Todoist: Use this application to track all of the things you need to get done in a day or week.

Starting a Business

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to start your own business while in school, these free tools can be a big help in making sure you start off on the right foot.

  1. Highrise: Use the website to track business leads, clients and contacts so you’ll never lose out on potential business.
  2. Freshbooks: Manage all of your business finances using this online tool.
  3. Basecamp: This project management site will let you dole out tasks, see where a project stands and keep it all organized.
  4. Wesabe: Whether you use it for your personal finances or to track a business’ worth, this free financial tool is a great online resource.
  5. ConceptShare: Get feedback on your designs, concepts and projects easily through this collaborative tool.
  6. PayPal: You’ve got to get paid somehow, and this site makes it pretty darn simple to get it done.
  7. MyNewCompany: Use this site as a great source of information to make sure you’re not making any big blunders when it comes to running your new business.
  8. Nolo: Find legal advice for your new business on this site.
  9. BigCartel: If you need a shopping cart app for your site, this one is reasonably priced and easy to use.
  10. Google AdWords: Google Ads are a great way to promote your business or to make a few extra bucks by placing them on your site.

Markets and Investment

Follow the economic trends around the world, find investors for your businesses, and try your own hand at investing using these tools.

  1. Covestor: Follow what more experienced investors are doing on Covestor to see how things work and gain confidence.
  2. Tip’d: Stay current with the latest business and financial news on this site.
  3. Market Watch Community: This site will help you to learn more about the market in an online investment community.
  4. Zopa: If you need a loan for your business, get one from everyday people and not the bank through this site.
  5. Market Watch: Keep up with the ups and downs of the market on this site.
  6. Quote.com: Find out where any stock stands by looking it up on this site.
  7. Investor Guide: Get stock quotes, investing advice and the latest financial news on this site.
  8. Go4Funding: Go through this site to find an angel investor for your business venture.
  9. Venture Worthy: Find out if your business has what it takes to draw in investors from this great website.
  10. Investing Minds: Share advice and ideas on investing on this online community.

Business Toolkits

These toolkits combine a wide variety of resources from business plan templates to financial calculators to make sure you know the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur.

  1. Inc.com: From finding a job to managing a workplace, this site is full of tools and articles to help you do it right.
  2. BizToolkit: Learn how to plan, market and grow a business with this toolkit.
  3. Entrepreneur.com: Find vendors, learn how to franchise, discover PR tools and more through this site.
  4. SCORE: Here you’ll get access to business-related quizzes, podcasts and links.
  5. U.S. Small Business Administration: There are numerous free resources available to small business owners on this government site.
  6. Bplans.com: Find sample business plans and learn how to build your own on this site.
  7. Green Business Guide: Try out the resources found on this site to launch your own green business.
  8. Small Business Toolkit: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has created this set of tools to help you start, manage and expand your business.
  9. Goliath Business Tools: With business plans, a business encyclopedia, and a company profile database, this site is chock-full of business goodness.
  10. Business Owner’s Toolkit: Find everything you’ll need to get your business up and running on this site.

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