5 Common Reasons Why Men Lie To Women

By   |  November 22, 2009

Have you ever wondered how much of the things your man says are the real truth? It’s interesting that a lot of times, to keep a relationship working, men often feel that the best thing to do is lie. Strangely, women often know that what their man is telling them is a pure lie and yet they still prefer to hear it. So why do men lie? What are the reasons they feel the need to lie to their partners?

1. To make their woman happy. Let’s take an example. The majority of women are not happy with their bodies. What is a man suppose to answer when asked “how do I look?” We all know what would happen if he was honest and said “You look okay, even though I prefer a flatter tummy and bigger boobs.” A small white lie such as “You look beautiful, just like always.” will save his life. Women know that is a small lie, but they like to hear it and happily take it as the truth.

2. To avoid arguments. Everybody has different opinions. It is not easy to agree on the same things all the time with your partner. When people insist on their own opinions, arguments tend to happen. Too many arguments in a relationship becomes exhausting, and often the best way for a man to avoid conflict in small matters is by pretending that he agrees with you.

3. To justify himself. Like women, men make mistakes but they often hate to admit it and look bad in front of you. Little harmless lies here and there will get him out of trouble and keep his good image in your eyes.

4. To make himself seem better. Men value their pride. They want to be the hero and their women to be proud of them. With a little lie, their women will appreciate them more and feel better for having them as their partners.

5. To get or avoid something. Men may lie to get something out of you, or to get you to do something for them. It can also be to avoid something they don’t want to do. A lie is a lot easier to say than to explain the real reasons and usually is a lot more acceptable too.

If you are a man and reading this, understand that women do know about your lies a lot of the time but they either enjoy it or cannot be bothered to get you to fess up. Don’t lie excessively or you may get in trouble one day.

If you are a woman, realize that your man doesn’t mean any harm when he tells you those little lies. Appreciate the fact that he often does it to make you happy which shows his affection for you. Don’t bother too much about little things, but do have good communication and honest talk when you are discussing serious matters.

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  1. Kelly
    To get out of telling me he just doesn’t want to come over he lies and says his sugar shot up to 415 wouldn’t he be dead I wanted to say what do you want on your tombstone,only because i knew he was lying does he really believe I believe him?

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  3. I am one of the people out there who prefers the truth, good AND bad, as opposed to having BS blown at me to save YOU the backbone of being HONEST. Every persons perception is different. Its actually good to get other peoples honest opionions just for comparison. If you cant get that from someone who’s supposed to be that close person in your life, then what’s the point in having them around for just the good stuff?? It just proves what a cowardice spineless species you really are. You dont even have to be rude to be honest. A simple Yes, I think that’s flattering on you, or No, I prefer the other. You can tell a female she’s beautiful with out adding shit like But I do prefer bigger boobs. duh, that’s just lame. so go find bigger boobs if that is what’s important to you. Be honest with yourself in the first place and you wont be “stuck” in a “relationship” you suposedly dont want.

    If its a mother figure, slutt, stripper, swinger, or one night stand your looking for, be honest about it, there are males/females out there looking for the same things.

    It’s flat out amazing to me that the more communication devices this world creates….the less we can truly communicate. Honesty could actually fix alot of things wrong with this world. It doesnt really matter what gender is the blame for it. Its still wrong.

  4. It’s hard to read comments when it’s more about trying to use the f bomb as many times as possible for what ever reason. I mean, really? You have no other word in your vocabulary? And the word is so over used, it has lost it’s shock value. Geeze.

    Anyone who lies constantly becomes an embarrassment to themselves and embarrassing to listen to. I Often wonder if he believes the stuff coming out of his mouth. When he lies I look at him and wonder if he’s delusional? or does he take me as a fool? Am I losing my mind and it’s not a lie? It’s damaging to our intimacy. Why would I confide in someone who can’t be honest with me?

  5. All 5 reasons above why “men lie” are petty excuses for petty offenses. Women LIE over BIG things … like Chris Rock says … “IT’S YOUR BABY”. That is reason DNA testing was invented. Wake up Men.

  6. Why didn’t my comment show up?

  7. To the tards trying to turn this around on women: This article is for women to help them understand men. Why on fucking earth would women read an article on why women lie when most women (who are honest with themselves) already know the fuck why they lie.

    Fucking stupid, insecure people. Of course women lie. Of course it’s a human trait to lie. But the two genders tend to lie for distinct reasons.

    Fucking grow up.

  8. And women don’t?

  9. Men lie for the same reason women do because they are human,which means we are equal. Get off your soap box. Lying isn’t restricted solely to one gender. As far as getting laid is concerned;women use sex to get money the way men lie to get laid which once again makes us equal. DUHHHHHH!!!!!

  10. Sadly, the guys who do constantly lie like that seem intent on turning the rest of us into the poster child case of “the boy who cried wolf”. I must be in the minority when it comes to straight men, ’cause I constantly ask myself when I see stuff like this whatever happened to wooing (it’s the only word that came to mind, sorry) a woman by being yourself and actually doing half the shit these guys say they do? It almost makes me want to kill myself to think that romance these days has turned into a commercialized race to the eventual fuck-fest and where a guy can’t send a woman he’s interested in a gift without it being criticized up and down for ulterior motives. I mean, these days, you can go into a flower shop, sidle up to the first guy you see and start a conversation with the simple phrase “what’d you do?” It’s rather disheartening.

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