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8 Health and Fitness Apps for College Students

By   |  July 26, 2011

Staying in shape is crucial for college students who want to perform at their peak physically and mentally. Yet finding time to get the right amount of exercise can be tough, to say the least. Having a few good apps on your iPhone or Android device can allow you maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. Here are a few of the top fitness apps for health-conscious college students.

1. Beer Gut Fitness

Odds are your college experience will include a drink or two from time to time. The $0.99 Beer Gut Fitness app for Android will let you track the calories of your drinks, and not just beer either.  Even better, Beer Gut will let you know when you’ve earned a drink and when a few pre-beer sit-ups are in order.

2. Lose It

Plenty of students discover how easy it is to put on a few extra pounds during that first year of college. The Lose It app for iPhone is a great option that will allow you to track those calories and won’t cost a penny. You can track not only the calories you take in, but also how many are burned through exercise. The library is loaded with nutritional information for most popular name-brand foods.

3. GymGoal ABC

The GymGoal ABC comes in two versions, free and a $0.99 option. This is perfect for college students who like to hit the campus gym. It will calculate body fat percentage, target heart rate, BMI and BMR. GymGoal also features a body muscle map that lets you target a specific area. This is good for those who are new to the gym and need a bit of guidance about which exercises will be most beneficial.

4. FitnessBuilder

FitnessBuilder will set you back $10, but includes a vast library of workouts and fitness routines. You can track complete workouts, calculate every aspect of your routine and will narrow your workout options based on personal fitness goals. This iPhone app is recommended for more experienced fitness gurus. Users can also expect to spend a good amount of time simply learning how to use this large, expansive fitness app.

5. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This free Android app has developed a strong following of runners, cyclists and walkers. Use this to track your distance, altitude, speed and time. Sports Tracker will also keep a history of your workouts. Sync up with Google Maps to see exactly where you’ve been. Sports Tracker will also integrate your audio playlist.

6. Backpacker GPS Trails

Backpacker Magazine offers its GPS Trails app for Android and iPhone. This $5 addition is a must-have in the app collection of any outdoor-loving college student. You’ll get a trip database, personal navigation and sharing options. Share you favorite maps and trails, or use the app to find nearby trails.

7.  Fast Food Calorie Counter

We all cave in t the fast food urges in college. Now, you can keep track of those splurge calories with the Fast Food Calorie Counter for Android. This $2 app stores data for 9,000 menu items from 72 different fast food joints. You’ll get the calories, fat, protein, carbs and fiber.

8. iTreadmill

This is a great iPhone app for treadmill junkies. iTreadmill will set you back $0.99 and track steps, distance and average speed. Just strap the phone to your arm, or keep it in your hand during the treadmill workout. The app also features a pacer and calorie counter. This is a great addition for people who like to set daily goals and stick to them.

Julie Lee is a freelance writer and health fanatic who enjoys covering topics on student health. She has also written extensively on health care administration schools and program options. When she’s not writing you can find Julie hiking trails in her local area or playing games on her iPhone.


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  1. Beer Gut Fitness is truly amazing tool, and not only for students:)

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