6 Reasons Why Assassin’s Creed Sucks

By   |  July 3, 2011

I’ve been playing video games for a long time, and there have been two categories I put my experiences into; games that suck, and games that don’t suck.  Not all the games which I feel don’t suck are equal, for instance, Red Dead Redemption is a better experience than say, The Force Unleashed, but I still enjoy both games.

This was a system that worked consistently until 2007, when I played Assassin’s Creed for the first time. Never, ever have I been so torn over whether I feel a game is good or bad. And what’s even more troubling to me is that the uneasy feelings I have for the first game, carry over with more or less the same the same potency to the two sequels it spawned, Assassin’s Creed II (ACII), and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (ACB). Now Ubisoft Montreal has announced a fourth game in the works; Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, so I feel I need to make a final decision. Assassin’s Creed sucks, and here are the top six bits-o-beef I have with the series.

1. The duel-story is garbage: What made the first game so unique was the story; dude gets kidnapped and is forced to be plugged into a machine that makes him relive the actions of his assassin ancestors. That had never really been done before. And the VR machine he’s plugged into, the Animus, had this really cool way of blending sci-fi technology with a past life historical perspective. Even by the third game the effect hasn’t worn off on the player; it’s still really cool. But considering that the main plot of any game is the backbone of the entire story and experience, the fact that it’s so dull in Assassin’s Creed is unforgivable. I don’t care that the main character is being kidnapped by secret organizations that want to control all of humanity, I just want to run off of buildings and kill stuff. Throughout the entire series, you probably have 100 hours of game play, and about 40 minutes of it involve some guy who’s kidnapped. Why couldn’t they just made it a game about killing people in ancient times?

2. The graphics are sub-par: Assassin’s Creed is one of those epic experiences that feels like both a movie and a game. It’s in the same category of games like Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, and L.A. Noir. But what Assassin’s Creed lacks that all those other games have always had, are graphics that really immerse you into the overall experience. They aren’t terrible by any standard, but they aren’t rich and gorgeous either, and some of the cut-scenes are just atrocious. In ACB, there are some characters who, when they talk, it looks like their mouths are going to fall of the rest of their face. And there’s nothing really show stopping about the way the environments look either. There’s a ton of content, but it all looks second rate.

3. The characters are 2-dimensional: Again, like the rest of those games I just mentioned, Assassin’s Creed should have characters that you really want to feel connected with, but the writing just isn’t there for things to be that way. And the characters from the “modern” part of the duel story are just awful, non-relatable cardboard cutouts of generic personalities, which again, makes me care even less about that part of the game.

4. The controls are dog shit: There’s no other way to put it; the controls in every Assassin’s Creed game are the most confusing failures in all of modern gaming. I am convinced that Assassin’s Creed is part of some evil conspiracy between Ubisoft and companies who make game controllers, to make people buy more of their product because the frustration during the game makes you smash all your controllers against the wall. I didn’t finish the first game because I broke all my controllers. I should have learned from this and not even bought ACII, but I did and I broke two PS3 controllers in the process. It’s not that the controls themselves don’t work, it’s that, since everything relies on you holding down a different set of buttons and everything in the game can be interacted with, you end up making the character do something that is NOT AT ALL WHAT YOU WANTED thousands of times, over and over. When I first got ACII, I broke the controller during the SECOND MISSION. That should have been a sign right there, but I plowed on through, until I was about 80% through the game, and I just kept bouncing off walls and falling to my death, or chasing after an enemy and instead mounted a horse and climbed a wall, until I eventually took the controller and slammed it into a brick wall until there was nothing left. And this is a shared experience that MANY people have had with the series. THAT IS NOT OK. Your game should not bring out intense and violent behavior in people.

5. The AI are all stupid: Many missions, especially in ACB, involve you protecting a friendly AI from guards while you try to make it to a check point. That sounds good, and it might be, if the AI weren’t so badly programmed that you can’t finish missions. You’ll be leading them away from an enemy, and they’ll get stuck in a crowd of people and move toward the guards and get noticed. Desynchronized. Or you’ll be moving towards the checkpoint only to discover that the target is still in battle mode, backed in a corner, even though all the enemies are dead. Or they fall in the water and can’t get back out. STUPID!

6. Overly difficult missions: There’s a fine line between very challenging game play and something that’s going to give you post traumatic stress disorder, and apparently Ubisoft doesn’t know where the boundary is. The fact that there are difficult missions is one thing, but add the aforementioned broken controls into the equation therein lies a recipe for failure and frustration that you will have to put yourself through over and over until you get it right. And there is no pattern with how these terrible missions progress. You’ll play a bunch of fun missions, then be forced to tackle a bunch of terrible ones, and then go back to fun missions, and then do terrible ones, and the cycle of hatred repeats itself. This is not the same thing as other games that are known for their frustration levels, Ninja Gaiden Black for instance. No, Assassin’s Creed is just made up with a bunch of great experiences sprinkled with overly terrible ones, and it just destroys the overall fun of the game.

The worst part about all of this is all that could have been. Assassin’s Creed has something that many games never have; the potential to be amazing. But what’s happened here is a classic case of a game developer who doesn’t listen to the fans. For instance, Dead Space was a great game, but Dead Space 2 is an even better one, and it’s because EA took what fans had to say about the first game into consideration during the production of the second. The Assassin’s Creed experience could have been improved in ACII, and then into ACB, but it wasn’t. What pisses people off about the first game is right there in your face, four years later. And that’s why Assassin’s Creed really sucks; so much good is ruined by so much bad gone ignored.

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  1. its called lazy programming and artificial difficulty. instead of making a quality game with environmental elements that make it difficult, programmers add if/then obstacle crap to their controller code to make game play “difficult”. when alerts are triggered then the code is activated and this is why all of a sudden out of nowhere your controls act crazy and instead of doing what you usually are able to do when theres no alert, you suddenly cant climb walls like normal, you randomly jump away from walls instead of scaling, etc etc etc

  2. AC1: Altair tries to sneak up behind a guard, but he saw me from the back of his head. BLING! Every guard within a square mile charges. Respawn. I run from the guard this time instead of fighting; try to climb onto a roof to break their chase, and instead, leap onto the side of the hut and stand there hanging, refusing to climb up–get raped by the guards.

    AC2: Ezio is really good at chasing thieves across rooftops but when it comes to city walls, he prefers to launch himself 18 stories to his death. (I suspect he thought there was a hay cart in those cases).

    ACB: Ezio is much better at hiding in crowds until he climbs on top of someone’s head while running from guards and refuses to jump off. Guard rape ensues.

    ACR: Gamegasm. Perfection.

    AC3: Who was this guy, Connor? The hachet dude? Swearing saved my 360 controller. Thankfully, everyone was out of the house. It’s hard to kill a target whose stuck halfway under the ground. If you don’t time your “hiding in the bushes” exactly right, 5,000 redcoats will stab you. Exactly right. Walking the same line the designer walked.

    AC4: Mind-blowing pirate adventure awesomeness. Just don’t leave the ship. Ever. Edward can’t make it 100 yards to the shipyard without climbing a half dozen rum barrels along the way. And why don’t chests and loot boxes work from any angle? Seriously, you have to stand EXACTLY in front of it to open it? It can’t just pop open from the sides or the rear?

    Unity: Gorgeous awesomeness.

    Syndicate: Kate Beckinsale with assassin blades. It’s like Steampunk Blade with a chick without vampires. Get it get any better than this?

    Clearly Ubi has gotten their crap together. I’m very pleased with the latest 2 games. All those before, except for ACR, were controller-destroying dog crap wrapped in chocolate.

    • Uh, “*DOES* it get any better…” Sorry, I was just playing AC4, my fingers are too frustrated to type.

    • assassins Creed is so awesome!!you guys lie!!!

  3. Agree with the writer on all points, except for “overly difficult missions” which I’d instead call “easy but overly tedious missions.” I actually enjoyed AC2 for the first half, despite all the flaws. After that, CRUSHING BOREDOM set in. Game is waaay too long. The repetition gets insane and everything goes stale with, like, 15 hours still left to play. Even the awesome little things. As much as I initially loved Leonardo, I was pinching the bridge of my nose and cursing by the fucking 10th time he said, “Ah, you found another! How exciting!” But it’s a lot easier to turn off a boring 2-hour movie halfway through than drop a game you’ve already invested 15 hours in over several days. Suck it Ubisoft.

    You know what’s way better than this game? In terms of characters, story, suspense, length — everything? FUCKING FAR CRY 3. And that’s saying something.

    • Just remembered, I did love the assassins’ tombs. Very fun, even if the guard placements/challenges could have been better. Too bad there are only 6 of them to solve. I wish there’d been about 15, and only 30 synch vantage points instead of 70-something. And half the feathers. And, oh I don’t know, some kind of reasonable reward or even purpose to completely rebuilding Monteriggioni. After you’re done, the architect still keeps standing there with the model for the rest of the game like a dumbass.

  4. the only problem of AC is too many story to add up and make sense of everything.

  5. you feel connected with the characters, all of them.

  6. You can hate AC I but ACB is masterpiece and for the guys complaingin abou no stealth ….ACB is full of “detection leads to desynchronization” if someone spots you the mission restarts …end of the story

  7. Simply put

    1. Graphics – faces are horribly animated, city looks great, not AAA though
    2. Difficulty – stupidly easy, I healed 0 times because 1 square is all you need, it regens and takes a beating
    3. Story – iffy, I can see some appeal in the animus world but the ‘present’ feels poitnless/undeveloped (at least in 1 and 2)
    4. Controls – mediocre at best, repetative/dry combat, free running is all automatic, so you accidentally do things all the time…

    I found myself zoning out throughout the game because I was so bored and just wanted to to be over. Kind of like a boring/underpowered Cole mxgrawth from Infamous (amazing game by the way)

    • Nonsense. The missions with time limits get ridiculously difficult. There’s one where you need to kill 5 in 5 mins, all the time they’re wandering around in front of other guards, who always see you kill them no matter what you do. It’s very difficult and incredibly tedious. Didn’t finish the game when I got to that point. Not because I didn’t think I could do it, but because it takes so long to actually re-do anything! How many loading screens happen!!?

  8. I just finished the first 2 games over the last week or so. I really hated everything about the first one cause the controls were frustrating and the story dry.
    I liked the second one in the first few hours but the story was bland and gameplay repetative so I relished finishing it because I was so happy to be done with it. After all, I could have killed the main bad guy like 4 times but they don’t let me which drove me nuts since I just wanted it to end.

    But more objective ish opinions on the game

    1. The outside story is dry and undeveloped.
    2. The game is stupid easy, i didn’t manually heal once cause the last square can take a beating and you heal at the beginning of every mission automatically.
    3. The cities are beautifully designed but the character faces are horrendous.
    4. The controls are frustrating because too many things are automatic. For example, running up walls for no reason, etc. Also, why is circle both drop and grab on a large jump, can easily lead to doing the opposite of what you want. Plus, plenty of instances where i am climbing, pointing the stick in the correct the direction but he just stands there for no reason. Try it 3 times then miraculous success. WTH.
    5. No proper stealth in an assassination game is inexcusable. Just play Deus ex or dishonoured, infinitely better games. Their combat is better and they have stealth and depth. 90% of assassins is parrying which is so boring. Juat too repetative.

    In summary, the graphics are all fine except for the faces. No stealth, wth. Mediocre controls at best. Dry external story. I didn’t care for the main one either but i can see why others liked it. Too easy, never had to try.

    All in all, i was expecting something amazing or at least hood and got terrible to mediocre…

    Also, if there are spelling mistakeabi am sorry, I did re read this and types it on my phone.

    • Hi, I was just googerling re the controller as i thought I was doing something wrong, and saw your post. I could not agree more, what could be a great game is let down by stupid controls. I am not a newby to video games – I have all tomb raider games ( latest “rise of tomb raider” is greatT0. Also the control’s in tr are ok, especially where climbing is concerned – why if they can get it right in tr cant they get it right in ass creed.
      I have tried all the assassins creed games as “I like the story lines also there is a lot going for them ie, the little history lessons and I found the graphics very good – however I don’t think I have finished one of them before getting p***ed off with controls ( I have tried kb and mouse and controller).

  9. Controls killed it for me. simply not a good pc game.

  10. im going to fucking murder every god damn luciferian kike who works for ubisoft.

  11. It sucked then, it still sucks now. Its hilarious how fanboys get all offended over a video game review. Idc about the graphics, the storyline is ridiculous and overly complicated just to mask the fact that beyond it there is nothing more than boxes. You run around in a landscape where you run and climb over boxes on top of more boxes to jump and climb some more. After a while the npcs feel like they’re not even there, they’re just obstacles meant to fill up space. It can hardly be considered a stealth game, it never feels stealthy, you’re an assassin dressed in a suit that advertises you as an assassin lol! Go on a rampage and then jump in a pile of hay lmfao, come on man… So lazy. It is just a cash cow for mentally challenged fanboys and it has been milked to death, the teets are shooting out dry powder now, the game is a joke. It could have been decent but nope, they just want money. AC2 was a good game and it should have ended right after that.

  12. It’s dual not duel.

  13. 1. “The duel-story is garbage: Why couldn’t they just made it a game about killing people in ancient times?”
    Because that would be very boring. Instead, they decided to put a little INTRIGUE, not to mention THOUGHT, into their story here. And no, that doesn’t make it “garbage”.

    2. “The graphics are sub-par”
    You’re out of your mind. Even the franchise’s most dedicated haters tend to admit they create absolutely beautiful worlds.

    3. “The characters are 2-dimensional: (I don’t care about the characters)”
    They’re actually not two-dimensional at all. One recurring theme of the series is that the protagonists wind up second-guessing themselves and whether or not what they’re doing is the right thing to do. They have complicated motives and various interests. And don’t blame the game for your decision to not care what happens to someone – fictional or otherwise.

    4. “The controls are dog shit”
    They work just fine for me! As well as all the people putting up videos of each AC game’s gameplay! I’d say this proof weighs heavier than your typed-up assertion.

    5. “The AI are all stupid”
    I will give you that one! But I’ll also qualify this concession by pointing out that technically EVERY game’s AI is stupid. If there was a game that had good AI, realistic AI, it would be impossible to beat.

    6. “Overly difficult missions”
    Meanwhile, the franchise gets flack for being “too easy”. What to do, what to do…

    • U r wrong. AC might not be the best game, but it is still amazing. Also, the points you should’ve pointed out u didnt. I agree with Vic 2.0. Get good at the game, LEARN THE CONTROLS, then complain. Also Ed, AC1 was made in 2007, cut it some slack. Maybe u dont like the game, fine. BUT DONT BE A HATER.

    • > The controls work fine for me!


      So, you’ve never run up to a bunch of bad guys and, I don’t know, PUT YOUR SWORDS AWAY AND STAND THERE LIKE A BUMP ON A LOG?

      Never climbed all the way up to the top of that man-o-war and cut down their flag^h^H^H turned slightly to the left and plummeted screaming to your death (Because that’s what everybody knows real pirates did all the time)?

      Never incapacitated the guy right in front of you and then, rather than finish him off, turn around and engage the guy standing 90° to your right? And then, in response to your frantic button mashing, rather than go back to the first guy, turn 180° and have a go at the guy on the other side?

      Beautiful game, stupid god-damn fucking retard fucking control fucking smash you fucker filters. Ohhhh, we hates them, precious, yes we doessss…..

  14. I really feel you frustration. AC1 made me smash one on my x360 controller because the combat system is terrible. You try to block and dodge, rarely worked. Then mobs attacking you 2 or 3 at the same time plus with a kick and a punch they take half of your health bar. And also the climbing and hiding system when you are trying to hide from the guards. When playing these games I figured out why Ubisoft is, along with EA, the most hated gaming companies.

  15. Assassin creed is a nice game.the story in ACB is good and a bit different.missions are not that difficult,you can win if you try.and the controlls are ok with me.so the above article by colledgetimes is very rubbish

  16. Wow. This was a horrible review made by someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So what is wrong with with the plot? How’s it dull? Or do you just skip every cutscene and pay no attention to the story? As far as I am concerned, AC games have nice plots, Altaïr fights for his honour, Ezio fights for revenge, justice and answers while Connor fights for freedom etc. They even have well done cutscenes. I also enjoyed some of their soundtracks. And as far I know, each character had personalities and were not 2D. And the games had nice vibrant graphics (I really liked AC Brotherhood’s and Black Flag’s graphics). And what is wrong with the controls? You must suck at videogames. Seriously, blaming the EASY controls for the destruction of your own controllers? I find that sad. Seriously, I played AC, AC Brotherhood, AC II like once (I don’t own it), AC Revelations, AC 3, AC Black Flag, AC Rogue, and played AC Unity once and I think their controls were quite well done and fluent. Parkour? No guard could get me. Combat? Looted every dead guard for the extra cash and walked off feeling badass with the carnage behind me. The AI? They were a bit silly but you probably just ran off expecting them to keep up or something… Overly difficult missions… You must suck at AC games, sure there was that moment when you were climbing and pressed the wrong button and jumped off and had to start from the bottom all the to where you where during the climb but… The fact that you found the missions overly-difficult is just sad. And this proves that you would never prevail in a game like Dark Souls or something…

  17. “This was a system that worked consistently until 2007, when I played Assassin’s Creed for the first time. Never, ever have I been so torn over whether I feel a game is good or bad. And what’s even more troubling to me is that the uneasy feelings I have for the first game, carry over with more or less the same the same potency to the two sequels it spawned, Assassin’s Creed II (ACII), and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (ACB).”

    If you couldn’t tell whether or not AC2 was good or bad, you have no business reviewing games. Everyone and their mother knows that game was spectacular.

    “The duel-story is garbage… Why couldn’t they just made it a game about killing people in ancient times?”

    Just because they COULD’VE done without the “duel-story” dynamic (you misspelled ‘dual’, BTW), doesn’t mean they SHOULD have. You still have a long way to go before you’ve shown that this is any kind of a flaw, which means that “reason” #1 is a fail.

    “The graphics are sub-par: Assassin’s Creed is one of those epic experiences that feels like both a movie and a game. It’s in the same category of games like Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, and L.A. Noir. But what Assassin’s Creed lacks that all those other games have always had, are graphics that really immerse you into the overall experience.”

    Speak for yourself. I found them all quite beautiful and immersive indeed, on top of being very fun!

    “The characters are 2-dimensional: Again, like the rest of those games I just mentioned, Assassin’s Creed should have characters that you really want to feel connected with, but the writing just isn’t there for things to be that way.”

    Again, I can’t relate to what you’re saying, which is very ironic, because you’re doing an awful job at exactly what you’re criticizing the AC franchise for! Lol.

    “And the characters from the “modern” part of the duel story are just awful, non-relatable cardboard cutouts of generic personalities, which again, makes me care even less about that part of the game.”

    Yeah, they were lacking in this department in the first couple games, but after that, I can’t say that this criticism still holds any water. Everyone knows that things get quite emotional and interesting with Brotherhood, then moreso with Revelations, and ESPECIALLY so with AC3.

    “The controls are dog shit: There’s no other way to put it”

    And you’re… a writer, correct?

    “the controls in every Assassin’s Creed game are the most confusing failures in all of modern gaming. I am convinced that Assassin’s Creed is part of some evil conspiracy between Ubisoft and companies who make game controllers, to make people buy more of their product because the frustration during the game makes you smash all your controllers against the wall.”

    And yet, nobody else seems to have much trouble with the controls but you…

    “I didn’t finish the first game because I broke all my controllers.”

    I rest my case. Next “reason” please!

    I’ll actually give you the AI complaint. Though it has been improved, it still needs work. But that hardly makes the entire franchise bad.

    “Overly difficult missions”

    Had you have said “overly difficult OPTIONAL OBJECTIVES”, I’d be forced to agree. But there isn’t a single mission in the entire franchise that is overly difficult, no. And we can’t count the optional stuff as game-breaking flaws for the simple fact that they are OPTIONAL.

    “But what’s happened here is a classic case of a game developer who doesn’t listen to the fans.”

    Lmao! Thank you for confirming you have no idea what you are talking about. Ubisoft listens to its fans almost to a FAULT, if that’s even possible. Every single game adds/subtracts on the basis of reviews they got in the previous installment. While there are SOME problems they don’t seem capable of fixing (and they should be continuously critiqued for), the vast majority of the gameplay, story, environment, you name it in every game is a direct response to criticism. They’ve even taken to releasing two markedly different games at once annually just so that a wider variety of people will have an AC game to play.

    “For instance, Dead Space was a great game, but Dead Space 2 is an even better one, and it’s because EA took what fans had to say about the first game into consideration during the production of the second.”

    The exact same thing could be said of AC2, which boasted an even greater improvement of its predecessor than Dead Space 2 did with its own.

    This article more or less “sucks”.

  18. The duel-story: It isn’t garbage. It’s a cool idea. This is what makes AC different from prince of persia and all. Why do you want to stick to cliche ideas?!

    The graphics: Graphics are fine although not very good.

    The characters : They aren’t 2-D. I mean seriously what’s wrong with the characters?

    The controls: They are more than fair. I pity you that you find it so arduous a task to master controls.

    The AI : Yeah the AI are little stupid but its not a big deal.

    Missions: Missions are not “overly difficult”! Seriously it’s you who can’t compete their level!

    Lastly no game is perfect and again this games gives you a “brilliant feel” of why you revive after being “desynchronized”.

  19. Some of the later games are somewhat decent, it is the first few that are shit so ease up a bit.

  20. I have had AC2 on my Steam acct. for 5 years since I got this game free with an Amazon computer processor purchase. Thank you, I did not pay for this, phew! I am into the game for about two hours, which is probably 5 minutes for any idiot that knows AC games. I hit play on Steam once in a while, and have never read a manual, or watched a YouTube on AC2, but I’m thinking that this is the only way to get started. You begin the new Tomb Raider or Last of US and you do not need a P.H.D. or read a manual larger than the tax code to get the thing out of park and start having fun. There is no fun at all. I’ve played the Last of US on Survivor 3 times and beat it quicker than any other mode and did not need to get out the drivers manual to see why it wouldn’t start.

    My first gripe with AC2 on Steam, and xBox or ps3 may be way better, but what is up with the dumberer icons of hand and feet etc.?? Actually, Tomb Raider on Steam is stupid like this too. Instead of telling you what key to hit it tells you to activate an icon that has a correlated keystroke you can look up in the menu. Dumb? On TR I died fighting a wolf in a cave several times before I accidentally found that the F key is really the hand waving at me. Dumb! BUT TR is awesome and you overlook minor stupid stuff because it is a great game. I just picked up a new ps3 AC1 at a yard sale for a buck. Should I just start running my head into a wall now. I’m sure the ps3 version is better than PC on Steam, and it will tell me to hit the diamondcirclesquareX buttons instead of feet hands etc., right?

    I have had fun jumping around from building to building, pushing people on the street, and looking at the scenery. Where the hell am I supposed to go? There were a couple of little races, where I was to get to some building before someone else, but the game ended there, so far. I found the M key which is the map, which tells me absolutely nothing about where to go, but gives me these wonderfully indecipherable icons to click on, ooh that’s fun. I jumped up on top of the buildings today, and everything turned dark, and what is that? I also jumped in a lit up box on a roof and then jumped out, wow fun! Generally I can start a game and braille my way to a good beginning and then maybe do a little research for more in depth game play. Do I need to go to Med. school to finally have a few laughs here? Try Bulletstorm for great fun start to finish, minus 900 page manuals. A $5 game you cannot quit playing, I guarantee it. Who doesn’t like kicking baddies 50 feet into the air and over a cliff, AND shoot them in the air?

    This site has been way more fun than AC#whatever, and shows you the power of hype the game industry has over us. Lame games being thrown at a rich populace.

    I just forgot my AC-Uplay password from an email acct I discontinued, and needed to go through all of that to get AC2 back up and running on Steam, and why do I need Uplay if I’m Steamed, geesuz! Anyone that has changed emails and needed to update a password knows this can be a minefield of a mess. Ubisoft solved the problem faster than anybody I’ve ever called about computer anythings. Steam gave me a link to a phone number, BAM! If only Ubisoft’s game was that fantastically super. Another game recently that suffered from super hype was Destiny. OMFG, I was bored within minutes of mindless weapon sniping against aliens I knew nothing about, or cared. Turned it off sooo fast and was happy Redbox got it back that same day.

    I really liked the guy that did the all time greatest AC gameslist , and by the time he got to the second worst AC game, he hadn’t played it, now that is some funny stuff. He knew it would suck. So, should I just go to YouTube and follow this mess from the beginning, what am I missing here? Is there a keystroke like ‘I’ for info that tells me where to go next? Where’s the pointing system for morons that says go this way? I was just playing a few minutes of A vs. P and there was the very nice little idiot box flashing for which direction to travel, niiiice. At some juncture on AC2 I brought up a menu that looks like stacks of paper that lead me to nowhere. What is that? Now you know why Last of US won over 200 game awards, super game fun sans YouTube or answer books. Complicated does not make a game good or fun. Who wants to go up to your car or house and figure out a three digit code for entry each day? I like learning curves in game play, but not learning curves for finding the yellow brick road to start. I’m going to stop btchn now, and maybe someone will throw me a set of keys for a clue here to this dismal game.

    • Har d Har har… har d har har har d har har har d har har d har har har d har har har d har har d har har

      ever heared of climbing up to a tower… get on a viewpoint.. and press The Syncronize Button?

      THanks for Comparing a Historical Adventure game to a action game btw that was GOOD

  21. Ya guys are right. When I bought Assassins Creed I wanted a game about killing anything with millions of weapon choices. But when I’m on free roam with no mission, the game makes it a pain in the arse to fkn brutally murder someone. Jeez, lemme experience my own bloody fantasies Ubisoft.

  22. I just started playing video games this year, and I’ve been bingeing on AC for the past few months. This article airs most of the frustrations I’ve felt about the series from the start. There are really cool things about AC that has kept me playing the games, but there’s so much that’s inexcusably wrong. The series could have been mindblowing–there’s so much potential in the concept and technology, but over and over again Ubisoft has mucked things up and failed to learn from their mistakes. I won’t even go into the issues with the multiplayer games. Talk about breaking controllers.

    • Extremely well said, mirrors my own feelings about the series. Mind-blowing fun when it works, except that it doesn’t work half the time. Imagine if they reined in that other half… (and they did, imo, in Unity and Syndicate, while AC3 and 4 were the worst of the series imo).

  23. AC has sucked since AC2. So much wasted potential for a franchise. Your article is spot on.

  24. I finished AC1, AC2, brotherhood, revelation, AC3, Rogue ON PC and played AC4 on PS3. But I dont experience any smashing of controllers because of getting pissed of at the game. The problem is just your patience in playing the game, I think you too smashes your phone while playing flappy birds. Play a game for babies if you don’t want a game that is not a piece of cake.

  25. Oh my gosh your article is still getting comments…it is SPOT ON! I don’t really care about the graphics as much as when I play a game and there is a challenge/mission, I want to know that there really is a way to beat it. The Borgia Courier pissed me off so bad! I would kill him just for that reason. I also broke my controller over this game, which sucks because it is the only one I have. It was not my proudest moment. I am glad to know it is not just me.

  26. this mesage is to the person how rought this article:
    you know what for me AC is one of the best games in the world.
    ill give you a game to talk trash abaut…Final Fantasy.
    That “game”shity as the MK moves,and that my friends is hours shit

  27. Holy crap. Your article is exactly how I feel. I was so on the fence. I didn’t know whether I liked the game or not. I gave a few of the titles a try. Now I’m comfortable to say, I don’t like the series for all those reasons you mentioned. Thanks

  28. I tried for a few hours again. Keys still really sluggish and overall the controls feels so extremely bad. I have uninstalled it and I guess i will never play it again. I guess the high scores are for console version as PC is so annoying that I gave up.

  29. This series is complete trash. Somehow people group-thought their way into believing the plot is actually good! Now I see articles catching people up on the absurd plot developments. Those games will have one or two polished mechanics and everything else is a rehashed pile of crap.

  30. I never seen a more stupid control setup. Why write “press (head)” instead of E or whatever its bound too. I guess it just work much better with a console.. as on PC i find it hard to like as its not working well control wise. Of cause after 10 hours one will not notice it anymore, but life is too short for crappy ports. maybe it was wrong to start with ac2. I assume its a cool game if I get over the fact it feels bad.

  31. Yo man you know what? I also smash the fucking controllers on the goddamn wall, but I started doing it like a year ago, and I only began to do it because I’m so frustrated with life right now, I don’t have a work nor I study and my insecureness prevents me from getting better, anyway the reason why I smash controllers is me being a fucking pathethic and frustrated punk whose anger goes off by the smallest detail, not because the controllers are garbage, I believe you must be some kind of pathethic uncapable bitch who tries to get the blame on the game’s controls, yo man you better start facing your problems, or at least don’t lie to yourself trying to make it look like the reason of your anger are the controls, the game is fine.

  32. Hahahaha everyone already said it a hundred times, but I’ll add another one: you are a complete goddamn moron, from head to toes, and you misspelt “dual-history”, complete piece of garbage your brain is, stopped reading at the half of the second reason, that was all I needed, couldn’t stand your enormous stupidity.

  33. You fucking nerds kill me when you think you’re fucking Einstein because you can remember a control scheme?….All these remarks about people being too stupid to comprehend the controls are hilarious. You dumb fucks couldn’t find your assholes with a funnel. Since you’re so brilliant because you figured out how to play a video game, why not take your earth-shattering intellect and apply it to life where it can actually yield results that will benefit you. You are all a waste of sperm. You all should have been swallowed.

  34. How revealing is it that Your Name misspelled “stupid”?!

  35. Either you are idiot or noob. Maybe both

  36. learn how to play the game stupied

  37. Assassin creed doesn’t suck its becuse you people. Dont know how to play assasin creed.

  38. Lol the controls are confusing and the missions are hard? Are you kidding, if that’s what you really think you are the saddest excuse for a gamer I’ve ever heard of. Ac has to have the EASIEST gameplay in the history of mature games. You just suck at the game if you found it hard.

  39. Hey,

    I’d agree to disagree with your post up there.

    1. If the game was just about running around in history with not a common character who controls, you’ll again say the game sux.

    2. Are you serious? This reason looks forced FFS.

    3. Nope. All characters have been given their own personality which they stick to through the stories. I can write more on it if you want.

    4. Every game has a unique style of having controls, and AC has these controls since Part 1. It took me 10 minutes to get accustomed to, and if you’ve not got it 10 games past, Recquiescat Di Pace xD

    5. Never happened with me :\ Stick with him. You got desynchronized because you left him far behind. Fix your style, bruh. You are supposed to stick with your mates. But I’d partly agree to this one, that sometimes they’re stupid in the earlier games like AC2. But it’s not worth a Reason for Top 6.

    6. Again, learn to play ;)

    I know everybody wanna pat my back for the analysis xD But its fine. It’s because of critics like these Ubisoft got mislead in AC.

  40. its all about assassins creed unity

  41. I have been playing assassins creed series and all you guys just don’t know to play games and then not complain cause you suck ass.

  42. I can’t say a lot about Assassins creed as I’ve only recently discovered it (and bought the game) but I’ve almost completed it and I love it! I think the story line is well done and the missions are not that hard; wouldn’t be fun if it was easy. The controls are fine and I don’t see the problem with Altair not doing what I’ve said etc. For me I think the graphics could have been more refined and vibrant in colour, but overall it’s still very good! I’ve now gone out and bought Brotherhood, revalations (sorry if I spelt that wrong; dyslexic) and black flag (i think it’s called). I highly recommend AC to anyone. For improvements in AC then I’d have to say have more missions that are hard to beat. Also as a side note, I’ve never once lost my temper with this game and never have I broken my controller. If a game gets you to the point of being violent, I’d suggest you take a breather or don’t play the game at all. Just my opinion though…

  43. you forgot to mention the amount of cut-scenes. i HATE when cut-scenes keep interrupting my gameplay.

  44. People like you are the reason Assassin’s Creed NOW sucks. They got rid of the amazing storyline and gave you your bullshit aimless killing spree.

  45. If you’re going to rant about a game,you might as well spell “dual” correctly.The word “Duel” has a different meaning.Might make it easier to read.

  46. I’ve been trying to get into the AC games, and the controls truly are just an abomination. Fucking awful. And the games themselves are boring. The fun moments are great and show such promise, but they are so few and far between. Disappointing.

  47. The Assassins Creed series has to be my absolute favourite. I’ve played through all of the games have thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, the game-play can sometimes get repetitive to a point that it gets a little boring.. so you take a break. No big deal.
    For those of you complaining about the controls, there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just different. Ya it can get a little frustrating if your switching from game-to-game, but you get used to it. If you can’t and all you do is complain about it, well sorry, but you’re not a real gamer.
    The graphics well ya, the first one definitely is not that great, but they’ve gotten so much better, really good actually.
    The story-line I’m pretty sure is fantastic and it frustrates me that you think otherwise.
    Overly difficult missions? Seriously? Well it’s not supposed to be easy, where’s the fun in that? They’re definitely beatable, and if you can’t, well sorry again but, you’re not a real gamer.
    Right now my biggest and only frustration with the series is that I’m going to have spend the extra money to buy the new Xbox One in order to play Unity. Not happy about that one..

  48. Always enjoyed playing the games, but you’re right that what really makes them utter bullshit is how frustrating they are. During the first game (which I still kind of enjoyed), they gave you an awesome open world experience, a very comprehensive social interaction and gameplay system full of strategic challenge (different approaches, obstacles, enemies). The stupid shit like crazy guys, aggressive beggars, inconveniently placed Templars and jar carriers with some sort of neuronic disorder (whatever) didn’t even bother me that much, because they kept me focused. What pissed me off to no end was the little (often occasional or inconsistent) details or errors that ruined it on too much of a regular basis. I’ll prepare for an approach to a target or objective, have it all go well and feel smooth and far too often does something fuck it all up. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a fair mistake or overlooked detail (and there have been a few) on my part, but there’ll be frequent fuck-ups like a glitched piece of rooftop or beam that causes me to fall down just before getting to the target and alerting everyone below- happened a few times where I’d spent a while finding a good approach and everything was going excellently until I found out-too late- that there was a minor AI or programming glitch in the way.
    Similar story with the subsequent titles, too; felt like a challenging open-world gameplay experience, but when you look into it, it’s actually rare to find one objective or target in any game where there’s a genuine strategy that’s decent.
    Makes you feel like the game lures you in and punishes you for playing it properly- I sometimes wonder if they deliberately made it so unfair to troll people.

  49. ultram dosage for fibromyalgia – ultram online

  50. Super agree with you. Camera angles are the true enemy. And the controls make this game (ac2) unplayable.

  51. Hahahahahahah… Look at all these “true gamers” commenting. Pathetic bunch.
    AC looks immersive, but somehow it isn’t fun. Perhaps it borrows a bit too much from the prince of persia which a played ’till it became as boring as watching a potato.

    “You sure you’re a real gamer?” xDDDD

  52. I played games since the 80s. Everyone has different tastes. I like many different genres. But man I only played Assassins Creed 2 and it SUCKS. Its a chore, its ugly-graphics do matter for their time(I still play old games and think they look good) Retarded story, boring gameplay. Talk about an overaded game thats not fun.

  53. ye3

  54. I agree. Controls are horrible. When I miss a jump in Mario, I never blame the game, in Assassinn’s Creed I always do.

  55. @shaun4425

    When he says the characters are 2D, he means their personalities are dull and boring, not that they look flat. Smh.

  56. You found the controls and missions difficult dude ? , you sure your a gamer ? O.o

  57. Wow….ok I’ve seen it all now….ok well this comment may seem overly upset….but hear me out, and please if your reading this comment take your time to hear what im saying, im going to label my replies in order.

    CONTROLS: Ok yes I can see why you say the controls suck, but it’s because they change over each game, some of the assassin’s creed games you got to lock onto your target just to air assassinate, and other you just press X or square to air assassinate. But that isn’t why they suck…..it’s because you don’t know how to change up your brain to allow it to get used to different control setup’s.

    GRAPHICS: Really? Do I even have to go there….? Well ok bassicly your not a true hardcore gamer if you compare a game to graphics, FOR FUCKS SAKE PAC-MANS GRAPHICS IS JUST A BOX WITH LINES AND CIRCLES!!! But, it’s a classic. So your saying a circle and some lines beat this games graphics…? Check again and also from what I’ve seen the only game that has very poor graphics, (and in my opinion is the worst of all six consoles games to date) was AC 1 but, I still wouldn’t say the game sucked….because at that time they were still testing different ways of graphics settings. I mean the game is run by ADOBE FLASH ON A CONSOLE that’s gotta count for something right…?

    THE CHARACTERS ARE 2D: I don’t understand what you mean here….? The game is 3D but your saying the characters are 2D? Umm last time I checked the character’s look exactly like the one’s in other 3D game (GTA, SAINTS ROW, ETC…)

    THE AI ARE STUPID: Ermm can you elaborate, because if you’ve seen the AI I fight you would say nevermind, I just got done playing Brotherhood and during the game (I think like 5 times it happened) I ended up getting at least 30 enemy’s on me at once.

    THE GAME IS HARD: Well DUH that’s what makes you a gamer, you want a challenge, though between you and me, I think that Assassin’s creed could at least give a difficulty setting, because I think the game is downright too easy, I beat the games main story lines in 2-3 days.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you want to reply to me email me at Shaun4225@gmail.com and I will write you back, because there is just too many comments on this page to flip through to rewrite you.

    ~Mentor Shaun (major fan of assassin’s creed)

  58. And for ur kind information “crybabies”i hate cod 1, 2, ghost, black ops and any other u can think of

  59. To those of you noobs who say that ac has controls that are too hard are just cry babies who should go back to their mommy
    I mean im a 10 year old and i practicly mastered the game
    I can take on 30 janissaries (royal guads men)at a time

  60. The ac series rocks
    He’ll im ten years old but know what a good game is

  61. Meh, it is way too easy. It offers no challenge other than testing your patience, run from point “A” to point “B” and kill some guy. Rinse/repeat. Climb this tower and synchronize. Yay… The kills are not satisfying, it is an “Assassin” game after all but it plays out like some sci-fi history class, the whole animus/abstergo angle is retarded. They must really think that robe outfit is awesome or something, makes me think some old nerdy geeks are involved in making this game who know nothing about gameplay, only graphics. Yes, the graphics are nice. Even still you need more than that especially after so many sequels. Its buggy as hell, I fall through the map quite often lmao! It is incredibly lazy, random haystacks all over the place, seriously? You go through the trouble of re-creating Venice only to riddle it with haystacks lol? All they seem concerned with is the environment in which you climb, bounce and shimmy across, they never improve upon ANYTHING at all, no new animations, no new parkour tricks, same fighting mechanics since part 1, same character models just slightly touched up, its just one reboot after another, they insist upon the whole animus/abstergo angle as if there is some complex mystery to tie it all together when there is NOTHING THERE, Im half expecting aliens to make an appearance any time now, they lacked the balls to even touch the Illuminati topic which would have made the game totally unique, instead we now have pirate ships… I truly thought thats what the game was going to be about after finishing part 1, Freemasons and the Illuminati, NWO, black magic, nope… AC2 should have been the end but greed compelled them to milk it further. It is nothing more than a guy in a ridiculous outfit climbing buildings and killing targets who might as well be practice dummies, thats it. Over and over and over again. You need severe brain damage just to keep playing which only confirms my suspicions that most gamers are in fact stricken with ADD, it is nothing more than a money machine which has been milked dry to the point where it now lactates dry carnation powder. Sadly it could have been great if creativity took a front seat to greed… Just a huge failure.

  62. I think the part where the 11 year old kid who cant spell “Beaten” says he beat all the games in the series in 3 days about sums up the quality of this series.

  63. Guys, flip its n story game , f..ck your playing as how ezio life was, so stop winning and AC2,ACB,ACR and AC3 is awesome and the the controls 1 was bit a harder cuz learn ACB controls first… Everything is awesome awe assh..ls ,piece out niggas…

  64. id have to say, without a doubt, assassin’s creed is almost as bad as [PROTOTYPE], which was an effing shocker. The building architecture in the creed series is, by neccessity, some of the best ever; but inalmost every other respect, the graphics suck. He’s right to hate on the repetitive nature of the missions, but i’d go one step further and say, that for a supposedly open world game, it’s the most linear gaming experience outside of FF XIII (and that game did linear soooo much better).
    funny thing is, i’ve got the AC IV special edition on pre-order; this is because ubisoft can’t think of an orginal gaming concept and have instead ripped on one of the greatest games ever invented; i speak in hushed tones of, of course, pirates!: gold. all they have to do is stick in the governers daughters, and there’s no way this game fails.

  65. Fuck you, you’re an idiot. You don’t care about stories you only care about killing people en jump off buildings. Go play some first person shooters and don’t touch any ac game ever again

  66. The game(s) are ok but there not BAD. Ubisoft just has to get off there lazy asses and improve the game the thing that really pisses me off is most of the time the optional objectives (starts from ACB) are really, really difficult. And the graphics are fine but when I play like, AC3 I will walk on the street and the NCPs will just disappear its just really ugly and just meh. AC1 was meh, AC2 was wow! (As in awesome) ACB was spectacular, ACR SUCKED MAJOR NUTS (for me anyways) and AC3 was ok. Final verdicts

    AC1: 7/10

  67. The storyline is what makes this game awesome. Without it youll just be running around saying ‘Who the fuck is that guy’ or ‘I wonder why hes doing this.’ The storyline creates and defines the game without it it would a be like the character has amnesia for christs sake.

  68. No doubt the game is sophisticated in its design, but I couldn’t care less about the story. I can’t imagine anyone enjoys sitting through cut scenes that are infuriatingly long and in most cases can’t be skipped. There are games that can effectively tell a story through the gameplay, but obviously this game can’t. Either write a book or make a movie, don’t make a game if you can’t give the customer a gaming experience that does not necessitate that you spend as much time sitting around as you do playing it. The gameplay may improve as the game goes on, but I have found it too annoying to get that far into it. The whole idea of going into the lives of your ancestors is ridiculous and completely unneccesary. You can tie the past into the present without obsurdly farfetched ideas and an annoying modern character that no one seems to care for. The game makers should focus on enjoyable gameplay, not cinematic nonsense.

  69. Well it is pretty plain to see that you are just bad at the game.

    “Wah wah wah the controls are so simple, but I don’t like them and I can’t think of a better setup wah wah wah.”

    “The gameplay that mostly relies on stealth and then quickly maneuvering is much to hard for my small brain to comprehend. They should make this game a shooter, make shitty single AND multiplayer and charge me 60$ for some lackluster DLC that I apparently think are worth it. Then NOT complain about a this vastly inferior game on a website.”

    This is pretty much what I got from this argument and from the rest of what you say.

    You Bethesda post not only has multiple pieces of false information, but you are ripping on games that clearly everyone else loves. The types of games that Bethesda makes require a LOT of programming time and then processing power because there is quite literally a minimum of 100 hours of SINGLE PLAYER gameplay in any one of their games.

  70. Can we get an amen on that. @Gameslogic i agree with you 100fucking%. Assassins Cred rules and theres not a goddamn thing you can say about it fuckers.

  71. I mean, have a story.Their emosional.Thats why they are..awesome.And wait..YES!I also cant wait for Black Flag to come out.God this game rules,and yeah there are so many things that i accually should say,but…I just wont waste my time with you idiots.Idk what is wrong with you but whatever you say i will keep playing Ubisofts Assassins Creed.AND F*CK YEAH ASSASSINS CREED RULES!

  72. Ahmm..Well i have to say that Assassins Creed is awesome like many games we all like.Iam a big fan of gaming and i have to say that we all should stop fighting Templars/Assassins because that will not lead us somewere.Plus I finished Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelations in 2 days and iam 11 yrs old.YES.And yr telling me the game is hard?Well if you say that,then you really shouldnt play video games.Then go outside and do something else,we dont care about your opinion (message for everyone) because I KNOW that Assassins Creed have a stoty.

  73. couldnt agree more with the writer of this story this game sucks shouldnt have to load for ever and wait to figuire out wtf it means to jump up on the edge of a wall but instead jump away from the dam thing and 2 bottons to hold to run and grab dumb i play max payne 3 more over and over becuase it makes sense the controllers rock

  74. Wait a minute @ahahahaa the @someone who hates revelation guy gots a point all you need to do is time their attacks correctly. the reason why your bitching about it is because you either have a lazy eye or your just another blind motherfucker.

  75. Yes fanboys,
    Let the butthurt flow through you

  76. @Ahahahaa your percentage in things that don’t work might be because you are executing your moves incorrectly. If you logically do each action once without spamming, I think you will do fine. And a fight attracting other guards is perfectly logical because the guards that you fight actually scream to others for help if you listen carefully.

    The controls are difficult at first but it flows fluently as you get used to it, just like any other games. Since Assassins Creed involves many different actions you can do, the developers actually did a great job entailing everything into a standard controller.

    The storyline is and will always be a matter of opinions. Just like ice cream and candy, some people love them, some people hate them. Those who are true professionals of literacy would understand the story’s deep, rich plots while those who simply want simplicity would find it too boring to follow, naturally.

    While the character details are not that great, the sceneries in this game are superb and worthwhile to just stand somewhere high to watch.

    I believe the AIs in this game are decent considering how many AIs there are at once in the vast world. There are limits to how much you can accomplish with the limited space ;)

  77. Also, in addition to my last comment; The fact that you lose “Synchronicity” (Health bar) over getting knocked down is bullshit. You should lose health when it with a weapon, not when you just fall over while fighting. There is also the fact that you get into a fight with the guards and every guard within a 500 feet comes running in.

  78. There is so much fucking fanboyism here it’s painful. AC is great in many aspects, but my complaint is the controls. I’ve never seen anything so backwards in my entire life. Block = 90% of the time doesn’t even work. Counter = 80% doesn’t work, 19% just knocks them down, 1% actually counters and kills. Grab break = 99% doesn’t even work. Altair goes wherever he wants. Stop going into PMS when someone makes a valid complaint.

  79. I hate to side with the racist commenter above me, but Assassins Creed is a great game.

    I really don’t understand why people are still arguing over it on the internet.

    If you don’t like a game.. and then you actually go out and buy the subsequent sequels, dafuq is wrong with you?

    Its really that simple.

  80. Assassins creed rules and if any of you niggers/slanteyes/crackers say different i will personnaly fuck you up.

  81. “6. Overly difficult missions”

    You lost me, faggot.

  82. you suck when you say assassins creed sucks

  83. Boy, let me tell ya, Assassin’s Creed is dumb as a bullhorn in a shop-rite. Those cinematics go on forever an as soon as you move two feet ya got another one to watch, screen keep on tellin ya what ya need be doin, an all I wanna do is be immersed in somethin that don’t look like a gussied up ReBoot cartoon show circa 1995. Why Kristen Bell look like she the star of Beowulf? DAMN!

  84. Wow what next a guy who came out of the closet. i see that the battles are still going on this site. well i dont know about you guys but im ready to fight to the end LONG LIVE THE ASSASSINS AND FUCK YOU WHINY LITTLE TEMPLAR BASTARDS/BITCHES/CUNTS.

  85. did i mention i am a huge fucking asshole with a big motherfucking mouth and i should keep out of other peoples battles.

  86. You all so adamantly defend something you didn’t even create with threats of physical violence to the point of murder over a post on the intardweb that disagrees with you. I’d recommend a good psychologist but I doubt it would help.

    These games are so ridiculously easy mode that the only challenge is overcoming the bugs and shoddy movement mechanics. If anyone thinks any part of the entire series is difficult find a new hobby, recommendation: turd collection. You already have a head start, you own these games.

  87. Im back you cocksucking motherfucking asshole hippies. i have played assassins creed 1, 2, brotherhood, revelations and 3 and i watched the movie and i think the series is good unlike you ugly cocksucking faggots making the series look bad. i hear theyre making a sixth game r u dumbass fucking hippies gonna make fun about that too u fucking dumbasses. ill fight anyone of u dumb motherfuckers ill fight u here or outside. oh and a shoutout for you fuckers and i hope ur reading this assholes. fuck you pander and ac. oh and if there are any lovly young assassin ladies out there you have my love. peace out motherfuckers.

  88. all you motherfuckers that say assassins creed are so fucking stupid you cant see a good game. fuck u all who says it sucks for all of you who says its good you have a good sense of gaming. but all you mothfuckers are gonna pay u r the 1s that suck im gonna fuck ur mothers while u watch and cry like the little fucking bitches u r. FUCK U ALL.

  89. this actually over 1 year old and people r still writing wtf

  90. For the most part I disagree with the author, but I agree on one thing – the controls DO suck. I’ve almost 100%’ed every Assassin’s Creed so far, and in Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood, the controls are insanely bad. Which, by itself, isnt a problem – but when you have so many timed races which rely on practically zero mistakes at all, the horrible controls turn a difficult challenge into an almost impossible one, and frustrating instead of fun (ie, Ezio looking down instead of jumping, backwards jumping off a wall to his death instead of UP the wall, etc – more problems than I can count).

    Bad game control responses should not be used in games to create ‘artificial difficulty’ – especially if the difficulty itself is already pretty high.

    Other than the controls sucking, the games itself are awesome IMHO. I just will never get 100% synch in 2 or Brotherhood. I wish they stuck to the same controls as they did in the first one, or made the races give more than one or two seconds of leeway from total perfection.

  91. Dude. You are right. The good stuff is outweighed by the bad. Assassins Creed sucks.
    Way too much time of the dual story line is spent running around a boring cave, or high rise buildings, when the real fun is running around the streets of old Boston doing missions and finding clues.
    The lack of ‘wow’ inducing graphics doesn’t hurt as much as you say, they are good enough – but the lack of control is a huge PITA. During every attempt to flee, or chase, the guy would jump into walls or up trees – it was just incredibly frustrating.
    And don’t forget the time waste of moving from one location to another – chasing icons on the map. Even with a horse to ride, it was ‘run people over’, turn a corner, ‘run people over’, turn a corner, …. ad nausiem.

  92. skyrim is for people who like getting beat up in high school…coming from some one who read the whole game of thrones series… the story is cool…one last note about graphics…every time a game comes out, a lot of people say that the graphics suck…COD fans say battlefield graphics suck, battlefield players say COD graphics suck, playstasion says xbox sucks and vice versa, and then a shit ton of people say that a shit ton of other games graphics sucks even though they might be criticaly acclaimed…so it comes down to every game has stupid graphics…

    p.s. anybody who doesn’t play sports and likes anything with an elf in it gets beat up in high school as mentioned above.

    p.p.s. AC series is the best video game ever…ALL OF THEM!!!

  93. okay
    1: duel story makes this game. if you are so ignorant that you forget that in real life you don’t respawn and get checkpoints you would notice that this gives you a reason to respawn. also duel story makes the story line even more interesting and apparently you more stupid.

    2: the graphics are not bad at all they aren’t perfect but they are still good. i will say that the syncing with the voice can be off but that is all.

    3: the characters have actual personalities that you see and you can bond with one and hate another.

    4: the controls are the most fluent i have played since i played my first video game. if you can’t grasp these simple controls in your estimated 100 hours of gameplay and throw controllers at brick walls, you need help.

    5: the AIs are amazing alone and now consider over a hundred on screen cooperating at once.

    6: there are few missions that are overly difficult i have only played one slightly annoying one in revelations that that only took me 4 trys and the game is semi difficult and lets you chose whether you want to follow all the requirements or only the main ones.

  94. “I just want to run off of buildings and kill stuff HERP DERP DERP” And if you can’t stand the controller layout (that even my brother -9 yrs old- could master it), go play another thing, like CoD/BF3 or any other shitty FPS that kids play these days. Someone so dumb would never be able to solve the puzzles in the game… shame on you.

  95. I disagree with yu on on the graphics and story department, but actual gameplay and missions are fukin garbage, Brotherhood is the worst offender, I actually loved the first two, but dude, Brotherhood enrages me beyond belief, hope they finaly fix the broken bullshit combat in Revelations

  96. assassin creed socks cus i play revelations 9000 times.
    I dont care anymore of assassin greed.

  97. Children shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet, and this terrible article is proof.

  98. It has a dual-story line not a duel-story line FUCK!

  99. I think they are great games. I’ve played them including AC3 right now. The controls are some of the most intuitive I’ve ever played… sometimes a bit too easy. Come on, you just have to hold down one button to run, jump, climb and do all sorts of cool stuff. How difficult can it be?

    Ubisoft decided to try something new by using optional objectives instead of difficulty levels. Personally, I think it was a mistake. The optional objectives are great and do add a creative element of difficulty and choice but adding, at least, one other difficulty level would have been nice also to make the game a bit more challenging.

    The story line, in my opinion, is captivating. As a big history and conspiracy buff, I love how the Templar/Assassin war is woven into some of the most interesting and pivotal times in human history.

    There’s so much more to say but I will add that you could learn more about world history from the animus DB than any history class I’ve ever taken… ;)

  100. Look at the two sides of this argument in the comments. First we have Swarm It arguing with reasonable discourse, who has a argument based on logic and reason. Then we have the AssassinsCreedIsBad guy who gives his rebuttal in the form of an idiot. Obviously this game is meant for a more mature person then the average child playing games. Also the controls are way better than any other game i have played because it makes a person actually think. Why would you want a game that doesn’t make you think? The game is awesome, reasonable discourse and mature arguments versus people yelling nigg*r faggot. It is easy to tell who wins this argument…

  101. i agree. somehow year by year they spit out another creed instead of taking time to develop an amazing experiecne like red dead redemption. i would never spend 60 dollars on this crap series. im pleased paying red box 1 dollar to rent it and take it right back cuz each creed im just dissapointed more and more

  102. I am 11 and I’ve. Beeton 1 2 3 and 4 in 3 day’s. It should be a lot harder!!

  103. AC is one of the easiest game I play unless you go for full sync, which can be challenging. I would love to see a video of how many controllers you go through if you tried a game like Dark Souls. You would probably kill yourself 3 hours into it though.

    I always thought AC should be harder and rely more on stealth. Back before the first one released they said you could take only a few direct hits so you had to be stealthy. Then the game comes out and I find that Altair can take out 100 guards at once with simple counter kills. Controls can be off if you are not careful, but it’s not that hard to figure out.

    I’m guessing most people who hate the story don’t have the grasp of history and mythology to know what is going on. I can think of a few other games with great stories, but I’m having a hard time thinking of any as complex and historically rich as AC.

    Is it boring? Depends on how/what you like to play. If you only like fast paced COD type games or games with minimal story that just lets you “kill stuff” then yeah you will find it boring, but you’re in the wrong genre so that’s your fault… not the game.

    Reviewing something negatively that you personally can’t enjoy because it is not the sort of thing you are into is just juvenile. It’s not the game’s fault that it took you several games to figure out you didn’t like it either. It’s not a bad series by any means, but it’s not for you. Move on and stop being bitter that you spent so much time on something you didn’t like. No one forced it on you.

  104. Some of the graphics suck, yes. But until you make a game this big with this much AI and environment, you can’t talk shit about it. The difficulty is mild. Some missions don’t have much logic behind them but there still good missions and help you understand the story. You say, “And there is no pattern with how these terrible missions progress. You’ll play a bunch of fun missions, then be forced to tackle a bunch of terrible ones, and then go back to fun missions, and then do terrible ones, and the cycle of hatred repeats itself.”, This is not just for all you know you may be the only person who finds that mission boring. Now the controls, are you in grade 3, like really, you break your controller because you press the wrong button. I suggest you seek a psychiatrist.

    Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.


  105. After playing all the Assassins Creeds and beating all of them the only probelem I see is some of the optionl objectives you have to complete to get full synchronization. Alot of them are easy and not a problem at all then you have the difficult ones that hard to do. For example in ACIII their is an objective where you have to kill about 7 people with out touching the ground. I know it sounds easy but when you go against 3 at one time and your on a time limit. When you hit one usually shooting the 1st one after that the other two hop off their horse run at you and pull to the ground. objective failed…. and you cant shoot the rest because of reload time or the bow not killing in one hit.

  106. i finally lost it at the final point you must be really pathetic to lose at AC2. I was 11 when i played it and i beat and u call yourself a gamer. ive seen casual games better than you. dont waste money on games they arent for you

  107. Fanboy rage everywhere.

    And if you’re defending the writing in Assassin’s Creed you should give up on gaming right now unless it’s the only plot-driven game series you’ve ever played. Just about the only games with writing as bad as AC is 90% of WRPGs.

  108. you are all saying it sucks, but you have to play all the games to decide wether or not is sucks.

  109. “but all opinions are based on facts and arguments, and quite frankly, the author gives neither of those.”

    thats not true at all. if all opinions were facts there would be no reason to disagree. opinions are opinions, they are personal beliefs they don’t account for real life facts.

  110. I’m sorry, but this article looks like it was written by a 5 year old. Sure, it may be an opinion, but all opinions are based on facts and arguments, and quite frankly, the author gives neither of those.

    “The duel-story is garbage” – It’s an original idea that works, to be honest. Or was it too complex for you to understand?

    “The graphics are sub-par” – Rule number 1 of gaming: You play games to PLAY and ENJOY them, not to stare at like a piece of art!

    “The characters are 2-dimensional” – personally, I think the characters have a great amount of depth (and considering the OP thinks Oblivion and Skyrim are the best games ever, he’s clearly a hypocrite who knows nothing about 2d characters. Characters in Skyrim = more 2d than a piece of paper!)

    “The controls are dog sh*t” – a simple phrase sums this up: “only a bad workman blames his tools”. If you can’t even grasp something a simple as a standard console controller and be able to use it competently, why blame the developers for your absurd failure?

    “The AI are all stupid” – I personally have never had any annoying/game-breaking issues with AI, so I think you’re just bullshitting to get past the true single complaint that you have which is you just want to run around and kill people. Just go back to CoD and GTFO, will you?

    “Overly difficult missions” – Really? Have you really sunk that low? I mean, I could understand if you said it was too easy, as that’s a valid point most gamers make, but seriously? You’re moaning because it’s too hard? I’m sorry, but I have lost all respect for you, not that I had any respect for you to start with anyway. It’s the difficulty that makes a game worth it’s money, so you can put many hours into it and not just finish it in a day or two.

  111. If you just want to jump over buildings killing stuff, why don’t you buy call of duty ?
    Your argument is stupid and ignorant!
    About the controls, if you can´t work with them is because you’re a noob, or probably because you’re a kid with small hands, because the game play and the controls are one of the bests and easiest of the games today!
    The graphics are awesome too, they are good for the time, and with such a big map like that how the f*ck do you get bored ?
    The story is pretty amazing and interesting, and has been improving with the new games, and yes, you get really connected with the characters, if you’re not a douche, you will notice that!
    If you just want to kill “stuff”, this is really not the appropriate game for you,
    maybe try some super mario, at least you get to kill the turtles, and you don’t have a story at all, (just kill stuff and save the f*cking princess).
    Just shut the f*ck up, you’re making yourself look dumb!

  112. I want to re-iterate something many people in these comments have said:

    If you find yourself breaking your controller, for ANY reason, then you have anger management issues, and should consult a professional. You may be a danger to yourself or others if you don’t get help.

  113. let’s get this straight i am 14 years old and i found each of these games a piece of cake you obviously have anger issues breaking what 6 of your remotes now that’s childish and anyway the graphics were amazing sure at times they lacked detail but thats what happens with big games the ai are incredibly smart although annoying sometimes i personaly enjoyed the story and the including of desmond and using the animus allowed the explanation of why things like respawn etc could happen. you see the trick to ranting is it has to do with the thing you are ranting about not because your too dumb to learn the controls or your too lazy to take an interest in the story.

  114. Wow. I have seen so much vulgarity, racial slurs and even God and Satan in here?
    Sad that one dudes inability to play a game, hold a job or have a girlfriend sparked this much hate and hostility on an open site. I do like the games, I like a good story and have the latest Assasin’s Creed 3 which seems to be a bit hard but I keep on going because I like a challenge. It makes no difference how you feel about my opinion of me or call me fanboy or anything else like that. After leaving this very sad site and the amount if immaturity that’s been displayed here. I will still play my game hard or not and move on with my life as an adult. Oh and I have broken my controls to if that makes this author feel good. . only I did so by stepping on it by not watching where I was walking so in saying that….
    JUST GET OVER IT!! Damn no one said this was a game for all to like, love or live by.
    Try the God of War series or any other plethora of games out there for PS or 360.
    Just Pick one and MOVE ON!

  115. Honestly, its getting pretty fuckin annoying to see a bunch of the comments swirl around the idea that all of the people who hate this game strictly play cod concidering that for the longest time I did play cod and could match with the top ranked players in the world. At the time I had heard of the assassins creed game when it came out and bought it when it did, I was instantly smitten by the game and the storyline depth not to mention that the graphics for the time being where phenomanal(excuse the spelling, I’m a phonetic speller, look it up) at the time. And let’s face it, with the technology at the time (and still to date) its extremely difficult to make something look beautiful and at the same time have this rediculously sized world to explore for hours on end. Examples being the ac games or skyrim or oblivion gta etc etc.

    Game developers need to make some sacrifices with certain aspects of games to truly have an imersive game. Fortunatly for ac3 that came out a couple weeks ago ubisoft revamped the software engine and now we can have a gorgeous environment with one of the best storylines I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! To the writer of this porly put together cluster fuck of randomly over exaggerated excuses Ive got to say that you my friend need help if some of the easiest controls in gaming history. In my opinion anyway, gets you that pissed off you wreck controllers. Stop picking apart briliantly made games just to fill your need of atention from strangers.

  116. the controls are not complex at all your just a brain dead fool and assassins creed especially assassins creed 3 is the complete opposite to what you said about it

  117. It seems to me that you think the game sucks because you suck at it. I have no problems with controls, or how the game looks, or the difficulty. It’s all you.

  118. I am Samaël, and you God “your comment is false” let the people of these comments have their valid comments.

  119. I am god, all your comments and arguments are invalid.

  120. AC3 Rocks, I admit that some of the side jumps and movements in 1 2 2.5 were taking away from the game play because of trying the same jump over and over. However AC3 has been the most fun I have had since GTA Vice City. Awesome game with optional points in a mission so you can hack and slash or hide and dash. Sorry you suck at the game I feel ya, my little brother had to unluck a few of the secrets for me because of what we call the “jap back”….or GD jap back or any swear word and back. In the first game you had a hard time side jumping off the wall to turn 90 degrees instead you would jump back. Anyways AC3 is great the jumping is easier and organic cliffs and trees are 100% more satisfying to climb. I feel as if I were a little child all over again, this time with sharp knives and shiny guns too!

  121. Assasins Creed Brotherhood does suck, but strickly from the ability of the user to be able to get the controller to do what you want it to do. Heck, everytime you get a new memory its always the same routine of chasing down some croof whose stole your money, or in case of the messenger chase in the colliseum, trying to chase and tackle some guy, which if isn’t monoteneous enough, is complicated by some obscene controller push button sequence that fails you every time…!! POS

  122. Holy shit. I finally picked up AC2 the other day, I love the game except for the fucking periodic camera angles that make me want to beat the shit out of crippled children. I bruised my knuckle beating my desk in frustration over this shit. I imagine it would be less difficult with a console controller, but how the fuck are you supposed to go at funny angles with a keyboard?!

  123. You have no valid point for your arguments.The first one wasnt the best but I played through the story for the storys sake.

  124. You are the most absolute retarded naive jackass I have ever read an opinion on an topic ever! Assassin’s Creed has not one of those things you describe. Just go shoot yourself, your pathetic.

  125. See, you talk about the graphics being sucky, need i remind you the game was created 2007 waaay before the new age graphic making softwares were found, assassins creed was one of the best games ever made at its prime

  126. Since when was the quality of a game become so focused on graphics? Classic games like pacman, Donkey Kong and Super Mario (the classics) are the best games around. Personally i don’t think a game should judged on graphics.
    I started playing AC after watching my older brother play. I played it because the story was to my liking and to my taste. For those who are saying that the storyline sucks thats entirely your opinion and you are entiteled to have them, but saying that others who are attracted to this sort of game and this type of story are somehow incorrect is just illogical. Some people like the game some people dont. End of story.

    I myself am not a huge gamer. I havn’t even touched Halo or COD, i’ve only watched my older brothers play them. When i got my hands on AC i finished the first game in three days. The controls are pretty straight forward. Also i’m pretty sure games aren’t made to frustrate you so much that you’d destroy your own property. THey’re made for entertainment. You don’t find this particular game entertaining then don’t play it. It’s not rocket science really.
    p.s. I love AC and the storyline is pretty awesome because its BASED on facts. Key word here…BASED. The story is FICTION. and as a FICTIONAL story i think it does its job in creating a FICTIONAL world that engages people who LIKE that sort of FICTION GENRE.


    you’re so gay.

  128. This generation fucking suck.
    Assassin’s Creed
    Call of Duty

    All these games and their fans suck.

  129. 1. Deal with it. The people who like it outnumber you and may just assassinate you in your sleep for your bitching.

    2. LSHMSFOAIDMT – Did you really explore?!? – Can’t not be impressed by the vistas from viewpoints, etc.

    3. Some are…like Shawn…he can go away anytime. But, if you play through the series, you get to know the rest.

    4. Really? Are you a real gamer? Controls are amazing and where needed improvement they did through Revelations. I can only complain about the AC3 controls so far. Blend groups are way stickier and perching/getting down just gets stupid at times.

    5. Yes, that’s what AI characters do in games, they’re stupid. Although not many games give you such a variety of pre-programmed stupid, so suck it. Also, just tell the retard you’re protecting to stay put in a safe place before you get into conflict by pressing the circle button. (Read button options as they come up).

    6. Yeah, it’s going to be hard if you don’t get yourself used to the controls. Mind-blowing. The only complaint I have is the number of glitches I have encountered. But, there’s always a video of someone else who had the same glitch and spent enough hours to find a workaround. If you’re an achievement whore who can’t be bothered with improving, just wait for a video and copy what the other person did.

    PS. You can’t bitch about a franchise that gives you a non-shooter multiplayer with that much murder. It’s amazing. And face punching. Check it out – I’d love to kill you. :)

  130. Swarm It pretty much summed it up. Most of what you’re affirming is heavily biased and contradicted by real-life events (reviews, awards, general appreciation, etc).

    The plot, though occasionally confusing and not without plot holes, has been praised for its richness and immersiveness.

    The graphics could actually count among the best in the game industry, since even the first game was able to render whole cities in great detail with huge draw distances. The animations sometimes don’t connect but on the other hand the environment, contrarily to your opinion, was acclaimed for its richness and aesthetic appeal.

    Your third point seems only valid for the first game, and even then only for some characters, which subsequently got fleshed out a lot more. You fail to offer any concrete examples, whereas characters like Ezio Auditore and Maria Thorpe received praise from critics for being well-written.

    Regarding the controls, I play on the PC, so I don’t know how playing on the Xbox feels like. However, you seem to be the only one out there getting anywhere near this level of frustration. If you truly did break all your controllers because of your problems, you may need to seek professional help. Blaming your anger on the game won’t make things better.

    Though I did experience the occasional AI problem while playing the games, nothing seemed as game-breaking as you’re suggesting. If you truly experienced all of those bugs, then I am sorry. Along with the controller problems, as Swarm It said, you might be having technical issues with either the game or your machine. Have you tried reinstalling/resetting the game?

    Finally, you seem to be the only one having any actual difficulty with the missions. In fact, most of the issues you’re having boil down to a misguided sense of self-entitlement. You expect the game to be simpler and easier than it is, and rage when you don’t get what you want, to a degree which you might want to consider as unhealthy. The fact that you bring up games like L.A. Noire and The Force Unleashed, both of which have many of the issues you brought up (clunky controls, convoluted story, unimpressive graphics), as better games suggests you’re either heavily biased by one bad experience or desperately trying to play devil’s advocate.

  131. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them

  132. The AC series is one of the best series of all time are kidding me your just frigging stupid if you cant figer out how to use the controls…. I am a huge AC Fan I also love a millon and 1 other games but the AC franchise is one of my favorites play AC3 dude and tell me AC sux…brotherhood and reveletions were pretty much just fillers after the 2nd game but were still fantastic games and I bet a million ppl agree with me about the Assasins Creed franchise and how fucking awesome it is and always will be. Plus its one of the only games out there that teach you some history in case you failed a few grades……just saying…..Next thing your going to say is Skyrim and the Masss Effect Games suck 2. You must have a pretty bad temper to break 3 controllers was it…I never broker 1 for any game and im a hardcore gamer..

  133. wow brian didnt know u had to be a nigger(black) to like a game ur prob some redneck bastard that fucks his own daughter in the woods and its just a game u peeps dont got 2 take it so seriously either u like a game or u dont opinions are opinions

  134. swarm it is the only one who is making sense here. it’s pure logical reasoning.

  135. Also, i’m having please a self-esteem issue right now, so i would appreciate if you don’t cus me out or call me negative things.

  136. I feel conflicted about this game. I mean, like the story, but these controls suck! For instance, I had tried equipping my pistol like I did before. But NO, that’d be to easy. You have try and figure out the controls for five minutes until you zoom in and aim. You didn’t have to do that before. I’m running out of characters.

  137. i only read like the 1st 20 comments but i cant se what the problem is why all the hate yes fanboys love it and you can tell them otherwise and thay will shrug it off and haters are going to hate but why moan about it. why not go play it or stop bitching about it. i have played 1/2 and brotherhood and my bro rouind the rev for me so i stoped ac1 had bad/ish gameplay but so what it was a good game it was skillfull and a bit off when the moneygrabers would chase you three blocks point being the guy who write this rage quited and cant get over it. nothing is bad or good its all ok cuss someone will hate what ever you like thats just how it goes

  138. All credibility lost when you called it a “duel” story. The word you’re looking for is “dual.” Not the same thing.

  139. Dude you are the biggest bitch ever I’m not Gunna lie ya I’m a fan of the games but when I first got my 360 I got three games to go with it ac ac2 and acb I love these games I just beat ac3 and these games are some of the best ever if you can’t beat the ac games easily or get how to use the controls you are mentally retarded by thy way haha fuck you bitch you got hammered by the ac lovers

  140. I agree and to add on to this the entire series sucks big hairy balls

  141. Wow, just read all this butt-hurt! Even at least a year after this was posted, people are still mocking each other over who’s right and who’s just a faggot!

    I think we all need some chocolate and weed around here. Just spread some love, people!

  142. i ment the poeple who didn’t beat the games probily just suck at them srry i type to fast.

  143. It’s so retarted how eveybody is getin mad abou this blog. The game is fun,the controls are easy to get use to and everything else is easy. The people who played the game a didn’t probily just suck at the games. But no need to be cus people out about it. And you really have anger problems youshould tryto take care of that.

  144. Bought it for the xbox 360. Worst $59 i probably ever spent. This Piece of shit was so bad I destroyed the cd’s and threw it out. I have NEVER played a game that was as horrible as this game is.

  145. I’m sorry but I find you argument invalid, I go through AC in 6 hours no problem enemy AI is easy and I never have a problem while protecting someone if I was to hate on anything in the game itd be the fact the game is so I easy I play the storyline in only one day and as for jumping off buoldings… I jump off til my health bar is at one kill guards with that health bar still at one with hidden blade by itself through parrying and still go on to start/finish a quest.

  146. Man, everyone on here disgusts me. The Assassin’s Creed franchise was the first of its kind… they were innovative, they took risks. Their selling points were AMAZING, timing it with the impending destruction of the world. The graphics are unbelievably fluid, the views while scaling rooftops are breathtaking. Sure, the controls are different, but you just have to stop being a little bitch and get used to it (you do realize they have tutorials, yeah?). It is obvious that those bashing the franchise are TROLLING, or are just little 12 year olds that can’t comprehend the majestic nature of this new, compelling experience we call REAL GAMING. Look me up on playstation: spike00911

  147. I had played all assassins creed and all of them rule. Am sure you have only saw the price and say it sucks

  148. F*ck You

  149. Everyone has their own opinions. But, I personally love Assassins Creed. I will say, it did start off very boring. BUT, after 2, it just got better. I’ll never understand people who hate cutscenes, because they make a good game. I love watching the cut scences. And the controls are easy once you get used to it and make every fluid.


  151. To “i hate ac”
    The controls only take practice. For me now it’s very fluid and quite easy. You said the controls never change and yet you haven’t tried AC3. Let me just tell you that the controls are quite different. I’m still getting the hang of them but there are times when I do it perfectly and Connor moves so fluid and perfectly, it’s amazing. The older games could be frustrating, but before you judge anymore I recommend trying AC3. Your opinion is your own but my opinion is that it is one of the best games ever :)

  152. First off who wrote this haha? If this was actually written by a real college student I feel bad for you. You sound like a whiney child who received a toy and now hate the toy because the toy doesn’t work the way you want it to. Go seek mental help for the angry controller breaking. If all you want in a game is to climb up on buildings and kill people play COD. COD has everything you desire. Again seek help and no one cares about your opinion. Everyone here who loves the series has one more AC game to enjoy unlike you who has an entire AC franchise of games not to enjoy. So be quiet. The Assassins Creed franchise is great.


    personally i don’t remember the other assassin’s creeds, i remember AC3, which is the best god damn game in the world.

  154. About “Ezio” comment:
    hes just a fan boy.
    Do i need to say that anyone can beat ac1,ac2,acb,acr,ac3?
    because this game sucks.
    there isnt difficult.
    controls poor. they never change. The player should fell while he plays.
    I didnt played ac3. But has played ac2 and acb. And i thought: im tired of this game. The mutiplayer bored me also.
    They are failing more than capcom does.
    i wouldn’t play this anymore neither for free.
    i prefer games that ask for real skill. And that have fun combat elements. Nothing boring like these.

  155. Hey skippy,

    I can relate to the subtitle part. altough my hearing is near perfect. I don’t have any experiance with the PC version but the PS3 version has got subtitles in a lot of languages even in dutch (only 21.5 million native speakers) and also in english. I would say while playing the game check the options its in the same selection screen together with maps, DNA etc. . There you can change most settings like brightness, 3D, effects, etc. and also subtitles.

    Also, if you have not, try to play it with a gamepad thats much easier

    What i also would like to say is that I think the assassin’s creed series is briliant. Most main characters, and goups in the game did excist, the graphics are a mazing and some of the historical buildings are mostly accurate (i have been to Rome and Istanbul and have seen most of them) This combined also give a level of “education”(if you can call it that)to the game. I hope AC III will live up to my expectations (tonight i will know :-) ).

    And last but not least i hope the AC series contributed a bit on the de-demonisation of muslims after all the assassins where a muslim order founded around 1080 (the time of the 1st crusade. and altough this ws portrait as a holy war it was nothing less then a trade war just as is going on at the moment in Afganistan and Irak) (The word assassin derives from the Persian word Ḥashshāshīn wich means user of hasjish).

  156. fuck you man the only reason why you don’t like it is because you fuckin suck at it

  157. Yea but the toast is nice with the jam on the rainbow sauce. Tasteh

  158. Absolutely the worst game I’ve ever played, made even sadder by the fact that it had potential to be the best. Repetitive quests, excessively complex controls (PC port), unskippable cutscenes, no subtitles for hearing impaired. Ignore the fanboys, they are idiots. This game is horrible. Dont buy it!

  159. Assassin’s Creed is an amazing game. Great story, great controls, great characters and great everything! One of the best games ever! My 3 favorite game series:

    Assassin’s Creed
    Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear
    Super Smash Bros

  160. Assassins creed is an awesome game, the main disadvantages of it are; The guards are absolute morans, Desmond gets kidnapped and is forced to relive the live of his anscestor,Altair was Muslim and Ezio was Catholic and later Ezio found the vaults and met some imagenery creatures “The first civilization”, Altair calls poison the coward’s tool but he uses it in Assassins creed Altair’s chronicles,Ezio was killing for a living pickpocketing and using courtesans and he is said to be the “prophet”, Altair’s grandson suddenly turns into an Audiotore and becomes Italian, and how did Desmond’s anscestors get from Palestine to North America?

  161. everyone who says that assasins creed sucks dosen’t have a life because if u had a life u would probably dump ur girlfriend just 2 stay and say this sucks well i have news 4 u buddies stop wasting our time and go and see ur girlfriend or is she dating ur friend u just have 2 wait oh and also its easy 2 complete i completeed all 4 in weeks and i will complete assasins creed 3 when it comes out

  162. * edit 6 of the previous post:

    I meant to say number 4 not 2.

  163. 1. The assassin’s creed games have a wonderful storyline that really captures the historical aspect of the game. It takes you across Europe as an assassin fighting the templars who try to dominate the world to “save it.” I do have to say that the story in Revelations, however, did seem like it wasn’t quite up to par with the other games, however, that is no reason to say that the entire series was horrible. Another thing, “I just want to jump off of buildings and kill stuff,” really? If thats all you expected to find/want to do then you shouldn’t be playing any assassin’s creed games because they all have a rich story, rather than just running around and jumping off of buildings to kill stuff.

    2. As many of the commenters have said before me, many of the finer details aren’t up to par with other games, however when you look at the grand scale, the game really is something to marvel at. If you rest at the peak of a Borgia tower and just look over at the beautiful city, you will be in awe of the beauty that this game has managed to capture. Returning to your issue with fine details, these specific details are something that may have been sacrificed due to the sheer size of the explorable world, but i’m suprised you were able to notice the detail while you were busy jumping off of buildings to kill stuff.

    3. I don’t know if we are playing the same game, but in no way did any of the characters feel like cardboard cutouts. I felt deeply connected to Ezio and his family, and it was devestating to return to his home after his father and brother were dead. I do have to admit, the entire sidestory with Desmond felt like it was tagged on in Brotherhood and in Revelations, however, the people still are connected you emotionally. I felt sad as Desmond stabbed Lucy and killed her, (SPOILER)even after I realized that she was a templar.

    4. To me, the control scheme was different and did have a very strange feel at first, however, it greatly contributed to the gameplay overall. Having the controls set up the way they were made chain kills, parkour, a vast arsenal of weapons, and the many other functions all easy to perform once you have the hang of it. As far as you breaking multiple controllers out of frustration, either you are exagurating a lot or you have serious anger problems and you may want to seek professional help with that.

    5. The AI in the assassin’s creed games appeared to me as one of the most realistic out of any game I’ve played. It captures many realistic features of combat, from the blind rage a taunt may induce to a templar’s hesitation to continue after you have killed several of his comrades with ease. There are the occasional bugs where you find a templar stuck inside a roof, or a person gets stuck on an object, but they are few and far between.

    6. Seeing how this is reason was entirely based on the controls being far to hard for you to grasp, just refer to number two for disproof of your “reason” why the missions are too hard.

    If you are new to assassin’s creed, don’t let this forum discourage you from trying out the games. If you are going to start, I recommend beginning with assassin’s creed II or Brotherhood, and NOT starting with Revelations. As for you people saying the game sucks, your argument is not valid if you just played 1 or 2 sequences and quit because you weren’t immediately an expert and you failed a few times. Also, if you think that the load screen is bad, it is the same length of any game that has a large world, if not shorter. What did you expect to get, mission briefings like in COD (don’t hate because I said COD and ignore the entire point of this post).

  164. One more thing.

    If you are breaking that many controllers, then you must have some major anger issues. I will admit that I get very angry at this game as I have others like the Halo series, Mass Effect Series, Elder Scroll Series, Call of Duty series just to name a few. I very rarely cuss but lots of very colorful language comes out of my mouth when I’m playing video games and get ticked lol. However, I have enough self control to stop myself from damaging my stuff. I don’t have a lot of money so the fact that I cannot afford to buy new equipment if I break what I have, is enough to keep myself in check. I’ll admit there are times I feel like throwing my controller into my television set and when that feeling sets in, I usually set the controller down and go do something else for a time then come back to it after I calm down. So unless you’re rich and can afford to buy new equipment over and over again, maybe you should take a time out and go do something else for a bit till you calm down. It’s not good allowing a video game to control you to the point of rage.

  165. After reading your message, I can only agree with about 10% of what you have to say. Yes the controls tick me off however, games aren’t perfect. People always seem to want this fluid motion when it comes to Assassin’s Creed games and their controller. If you think about it, very few people if anybody can do the moves in Assassin’s creed and those who can do them some of them, can make mistakes and the mistakes made are a perfect example of what would happen in real life if you screwed up. You make a wrong move and you fall or jump to your death. If you get distracted, you run into a wall, water, or a group of people you didn’t rally want to run into. The only difference in the game is you get another chance to do things right.

    As for the characters, I felt a very strong connection to Ezio’s family. I must admit that I hated going back to Florence after their death and even more so after seeing the Easter Egg of his family in eagle vision.

    I will admit that I wasn’t as impressed with Revelations because it was basically AC2 and Brotherhood all over again just in a different setting. I hope AC3 comes up with something completely different. Seeing that a big part of the game will take place in wooded and mountainous areas is a big change that I am looking forward to experiencing.

    My biggest complaint about the game is that it makes Christians look bad. First of all the Knights Templar were a Christian based organization that took a wrong turn and went bad. However, not all Knights Templers were bad and evil. It makes the Christians look like a bunch of power hungry people who just want to control everyone and that is so not true. God gave us free will and he also gave us the responsibilities and consequences with that free will. Free will is something to fight for but portraying theft, murder and prostitution as acceptable is not good. If people just leave these ideas in the game and use them as tools for accomplishing goals then so be it. However, little kids are going to play these games and with the chance that the game could give kids the idea that these are acceptable ways of life, then that is where I have to draw the line. I think that it is very important that parents take the time to teach them right from wrong if they are going to let them play games any games with questionable morality

    The worse thing Assassin’s Creed does is the idea that it’s trying to remove God and Jesus out of the equation. Jesus did not use a piece of Eden to perform his miracles and neither did any other of the biblical characters. There is also the fact that it seems to want to remove the idea that God is the creator of all life on earth and in the universe . These are all lies and I am sure God does not appreciate those lies being put in any type of story or game. However, I am not God so the creators of the Assassin’s Creed series doesn’t have to answer to me. I pray that God has mercy on their souls.

    Aside from all that, I still enjoy playing assassin’s creed. I as a Christian adult can over look the immoral things about the game series and just enjoy it for its good points such as its graphic, the historical facts that you can learn from, and the ability to transform yourself back into time and explore not only the past world but also a way of life that our ancestors once lived.

  166. btw if you haven’t broken a controller you are not a gamer. Fact of life.

  167. ACIII looked sick so I wanted to play through the first two. I’m halfway through the first one and its horrible. It looks great but it’s ridiculously repetitive. Also, it seems like the only people you can’t assassinate are the assassination targets. I want this game to be good, I really do, but it’s so boring!

  168. And COD isn’t for noobs? At least we play something other than call of duty.

  169. Everything in AC 2 is good except the gameplay
    That game had the worst enemy AI in history or at least this gen
    GOD, it was awful
    the combat system is boring as well, u cannot hit them no matter how hard you try
    u have to wait for them to attack and counter which will probably take around 30 seconds for each enemy
    Stealth is broken, they don’t go into any kind of alert even during missions. if u want to break their line of sight just stand behind a chimney 10m away from them and they will totally forget about you and one time i duel knifed like 6 guards who were just standing very close to each other
    Side missions were boring as well, and what is the point of upgrading your armour and sword if u can run through the whole game with just the duel blades


  170. I have to say, everything may be your opinion but I completely disagree with one point of yours.

    It is outrageous! that you find the controls hard. Unbelievable. The gameplay may be tough at times, but its not something you can’t go through. AC series is not the hardest game in the history of gaming. You sir just suck at playing it. Don’t mean to be rude. Just referring to your gaming skills, not your character :)

    It’s definitely just your reflexes dude, I find the controls super easy, and so do all other game reviewers. Now, Mirrors Edge would be the exception of your argument :) That is a good game, but terrible controls. What you can do in 1 second with 2 buttons needs to be done with 10 buttons in Mirrors edge as opposed to Assassin’s Creed. Unless you were playing AC on PC, that would be a challenge and a whole another story. But even then, the controls are something you get use to.

    Gaming is not for you bud, if you can’t handle Assassin’s Creed, the lord knows how Pac-Man is for you :)


  171. Actually I agree with this guy on some points. For me, it’s all about cutscenes…who need’s em. This game is like 60% cutscenes. Game play is fun though, but I couldn’t sit through it it.

    BTW, I feel the same way about many games w/ heavy cutscenes, like Max Payne 3 or CoD MW

  172. First of all if you spell half of the words you type wrong i dont respect you enough to take your opinion into consideration. and second the controls for assassins creed 1 are bad and you do go flying off of buildings but you can get used to them. The story is flawed but entertaining. I dont like the fact that desmonds story move too slowly and that the assassins story gets confusing and you find yourself killing people and not really knowing why. But i do care about the story and i honestly care more about desmonds story more than altair or ezio. But the controls have gotten better and none of the missions are hard AT ALL. the game is one of the easiest i have ever played. that all being said i am excitedly waiting for AC3

  173. the guy who wrote the story sucksss i ve played many games but assa…..eed was/is/will remain all time best game

  174. I personally thought that the story and the characters are just amazing. I also don’t see anything wrong with the graphics. While the controls do take some getting used, there’s no need to break your controller over it. The AI are quite annoying and quite often the game will not do what you want it to but there is absolutely no need to rage that hard. Most of the comments above me are either fanboys or haters and they are both extremely annoying. It would be great if everyone wasn’t so single minded and would just enjoy a great game.

  175. 1st of all your ass whole is so stretched that you could shove the empire state building up there and you wouldn’t feel a thing… your boyfriend told me.
    2nd of all your fucking retarded if you took a spazz and broke your controller, i know an 8 year old that beat the game in 2 days with no problems.
    3rd of all, you NEED help in the brain!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and that’s my opinion.

  176. what kind of a d*ckfaced motherf*ucker are you? The story’s awesome, controls are way easy (in my pc), sometimes there are glitches, and there’s nothing wrong with the AI. Retard p*ssyface.

  177. assassin’s creed sucks. all versions. its the biggest nerd game there is PEACE BITCHS

  178. Assassins Creed Sucks. Played threw the first one and knew instantly when the crazy plot was never answered I’d never play another one. At the end of that game it felt like ubisoft beat me up and took all my money. With no replay value or want of one I was out 60 bucks for the most over hyped game of all time. What a crummy game. I’m truly sorry for anyone who has played the Assassins Creed franchise and for those buying the new one have fun with your naval battles….lol.

  179. Hahahahaha I hope everyone who loves this game is getting as much enjoyment from all the haters as I am. the one kid who couldn’t beat the carriage and rocks mini game? dude, I did that whole thing without taking any damage after like 3 tries, and I don’t even see the rocks the first time! have you guys noticed that everyone who hates the game says something like “I just HATE it, I got to one part and I didn’t do it flawlessly on the first try and unlock all the achievements in 30 minutes” it’s time to analyze your attention span. if you want to have immediate gratification go stacks blocks. a complex story told over five games cannot suit those who want to “just jump off roofs and kill people” I actually found this page thinking that no one would be stupid enough to think that a nearly perfect game is bad. if you want to see an assassins game fall flat on its face in all those departments, play witcher 2: assassin of kings. the controls can’t even get you out of the first town. AC series is a work of beauty, but not everyone understands art. please don’t go back to finger painting and stacking blocks just yet, I have more of your hate to siphon…. mmmmm haters yum

  180. If you like assassin’s creed, don’t waste your time on these people. you can’t have a cogent argument with people who purposely think the opposite of what their brain is telling them because they are angry. you break controllers? you are already too angry to have a reasonable opionated debate with. We all know what makes assassins creed debatably the greatest series of all time in gaming, and it’s their loss if they miss out on that. I am part of the minority that is in absolute love with the multiplayer aspect, which is very unique and hasn’t yet applied all audiences. I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you dot give something a try because you are immediately bad at it, it means you will never be satisfied; you will always be chasing something you can’t have. ac is excellent, and if you don’t have the scope to see it, I’m not mad, I feel bad for you :/

  181. The game story is retarded, you hel the ottomans LOL! Best part is you only kill Christians! The gamw should be banned, this game is made by talibans who are pissed off at the templars for being better than them. Best game for talibans.

  182. Ok go play skyrim you frieken idiot. The contrls are the most fluid ive ever seen. i actually like the dual story. But i do agree the guards are extremely dumbfounded…..

  183. Actually, maybe scrap the last comment

  184. The story is OK but they’re all pretty unoriginal anyway, as are most mainstream films. The controls are a bit confusing at first, especially as they flip round the forward motion and killing controls in ACII. However, once I got to grips with them I found them effective. Most games use the minimum of controls but the result of this is that the character is only able to do a limited amount of actions which is not what AC is about. I love climbing around spider-style and think this is the best feature of AC.

    Clearly you have a problem with a short fuse, not the game. Smashing the controller against the wall is entirely your fault I’m afraid. It’s frustrating at first, get over it. Once you get the hang of it you really feel like a pro.

    I haven’t had any problems with the AI.

    The missions are difficult. They’re called challenges for a reason. However, personally I don’t like the time-based missions and the tombs are rather frustrating in AC2

  185. For the people who like it: buy AC III!

    For the people who don’t like it: don’t bother buying AC III

    it’s that easy

  186. Its just another COD fanboy who hates any game that isnt a COD title. Move along people, move along.

  187. Dude ,i agree that the controls are hard to configure , but you just have to get used to it,after a week you’ll find it a piece of cake

  188. i wish i knew who you were, so i could slap you in the face ………….

  189. LMAO! this reviewer is a good troll! making a page and speaking nonsense which doesnt make ANY sense …….

    dude, just go kill your self ………

    thanks and buh bye!

  190. lmao!! wtf?? this had to be the stupidest review ive ever read!
    why am i even here?
    i thought id come here to read a constructive argument, but this ‘reviewer’ has missed all the points! omg enjoy the game, and the story line is awesome!
    it seems like he used a guide and quickly went through this game …………

    agree with other replies, dude, you suck, stop reviewing games, youre no good at it …………

  191. this is the worst crap of shit i heard, this douchbag even played the game? know the feelings running through this gem?
    go play nintendogs or something dude, dont review games you cant understand …………

  192. You could not be more wrong

  193. Dude stop moaning like a kid and get used to the damn game it’s really fun.
    Or is the cry baby just sad because he barely can handle a freaking mouse ? !
    Or hold a few bottons to do special actions?
    Is that what’s botherin you about the controls?
    And Mostly attractive are the songs, Combat, Stealth, idle .. Blah blah
    Dude just go get Killed by Ezio

  194. How the heck were the controls difficult to learn? Are you stupid or something? You can use three buttons and still get through that brilliant game.

  195. Collegetimes.com is the worst website that I have ever visited. The name says it all- “College.” Everybody knows that college frat-boy, COD playing, beer guzzling, pizza stained fingered, Raman noodle breath knuckle-draggering goons have no credit. This is the last you will see of me fool. P.S. Only morons break one, let alone several, contollers.

  196. If you guys don’t Assassin’s Creed,I don’t care.It’s your opinion,and I’m not going to argue.
    For me though,it’s actually awesone,and I can’t wait until AC III.

  197. None of your reasons are valid and they make no sense whatsoever. The fact that you broke your controller means you have some serious anger issues. Then again you have the game for ps3 but that’s besides the point. Assassins creed is one of the most successful games by far and ubisoft has done an amazing job. The missions are easy and simple to do but people like you who stress over the second mission of the game and give it up clearly have no determination to actually beat the game. You say your a great gamer that’s a lie right there because if you really were you would’ve grown some balls and beaten the game without damaging your controller. Also if this is supposed to list reason why “assassins creed sucks” why bring up other games in comparison if your critizing a specific game. No one who’s reading this cares what you feel about red dead redemption or any other game mentioned they wanna see the stupid reasons you list for insulting a great game. I’ve beaten all the games with ease give or take a few mission that needed to be repeated a few times. Other than that easy game amazing franchise and a noob with anger issues who doesn’t know a great game when he sees one.

  198. I tried the “running off of buildings and killing stuff” after i beat the game, got pretty pointless and boring after awhile.
    Controls are also pretty easy, once you get use to them you could probably take out five guys with just your fists, as long as taking their weapons and using them against them counts.
    Oh and a hitman is a “assassin” that’s hired to kill people for whoever said that.

  199. what do you say after the squences , epic game & story right?

  200. what do you say after those releases epic game & sotry line , right ?

  201. *Thier

  202. I don’t see how you can talk about bug problems when cod has many many glitches

    And just running around and killing things pointlessly is stupid at least the ai’s fight back and don’t just pointlessly shoot at random places until you get hit by one of there bullets!

  203. While you did bring up a valid point about the controls(I have had glitches with them when I was playing). The rest of this poorly written article brings nothing else to the table. You are just some angry kid who doesn’t play a varied list of video games(i.e. you suck at gaming). Plus your grammatical errors make this article seem like you’re just pandering for attention from the internet which I have to say its quite sad. So to put it another way I’m just gonna laugh at you Mr. shitty writer because you got your jimmies rustled by a fictional interactive series of media.

  204. Yeah… controls are a little clunky and character’s facial animations can be a little meh at times… But this game is waaaaay easy and the story isn’t too bad once you get to AC 2, which is the point at which they made characters you start caring about. Revelations even made me care a little more about Altair.

  205. My god it almost seems like the 6 reasons are the complete opposite of what is actually in the game. Terrible review im sorry but i dont think i trust this site anymore

  206. Can’t believe I actually wasted five minutes of my life reading this whiny little post.

  207. i killed sable with a throw to the ground and a press of the x button

  208. guys really the controls aren’t that hard at all i killed robert with 5 throwing knifes and a couple of counters thats all I didn’t even get to rage quit in this game.

  209. How could you say that dead space is better than AC?where the hell is your fuckin brain man??dead space is just like a child’s play..stupid alien creatures.. AC is much2 more better..the best
    historical fiction game!

  210. yeah, I’m pretty much convinced that you are a whiny baby with anger issues.
    Don’t blame AC for your temper tantrums.
    Assassin’s Creed is badass, the characters are amazing, the dual story is what sets it apart from other games, get used to the controllers and you won’t fuck up so much, etc.

  211. Will, its much easier to take out the guards patrolling the camp rather than the guards in the camp itself. Also try hiring the various mercenaries around and lead them to the camps. Its much easier that way.

  212. I really liked AC1 and it was straightforward to play, The camera got stuck in corners from time to time but was otherwise ok.

    AC2 was very promising until I got back to Florence for the Pazzi assassination and all of a sudden rather than using skill and guile you are racing through the streets after La Volpe or Pazzi like a maniac. these stupid key-perfect chases are a total game-breaker when you have to do them time and time again.

  213. I don’t have control problems. its a pretty simple system. You should never climb a wall when trying to ride a horse bc you hold right trigger and A to climb walls (360 so i assume r1 and X on ps3) and you press B without the trigger(probably O on ps3) to get on a horse. And the system works: if your climbing and you press the “empty hand” button you expect to let go, if youre falling you expect to grab on to something,etc. Its mapped to parts of the body (which makes sense bc you cant run at the same time as you dodge at the same time as you walk at the same time as you climb) so contextually it knows what you want. The only control problems i ever have is when im trying to jump attack someone and he attacks the wrong person, which is partly operator error because you can lock on to the person before trying to attack, just takes a couple seconds.

    Im with you on the hard missions though, im playing through brotherhood and i just got to the mission where you have to stealth assassinate 20 french guards that are in fortresses. It’s hard enough to sneak up on one but then i have to run away, hide, erase notoriety, then repeat, and im like FUCK THIS GAME haha

    but that aside this is one of my favorite series of games. The parcor took gaming to a new new level beyond what games like prince of persia had done in the past. While ac1 may not look to good now, the graphics were state of the art at its launch, and the new games arent bad either though i dont own revelations yet. The cut scenes use in game graphics so theres only so much they can do with that, and i can see why they would do that with all the customization you can do to your character with armor and dies, etc. , though I miss the AC1 cut scenes where you could walk around.

    and when you look at graphics you must look at detail versus npcs on screen. When the first game came out (in addition to a ground breaking climbing system) it had an astonishing amount of onscreen npcs and it had the best graphics out. the new games have better graphics though I will concede it hasnt kept up with some other games in the graphics department, it HAS kept up with other open world games like elder scrolls and gta. Gta has about the same amount of things on screen, the graphics of people are worse, the building look like absolute shit. Skyrim has less enemies on screen and every thing looks decent but Id say ac’s graphics are better. There’s nothing like holding an axe in your hand in skyrim and you can literally SEE POLYGONS and youre like “what shit grapics” could they have at least made a diferent model for when it’s in your hand and it takes up half the screen than when it takes up little screen-space in the enemies hand… lazyness.
    Not knocking them though, skyrim is my favorite game.

    My only, and main, problem with this game is the fighting style. Needs serious work. though again I havent played revelations.

  214. Man, it’s not that bad! I think you said all this just out of spite! AC is the best. Also I accept some mistakes in AI programming and characters’ movements (like puppets), I’d say that you should eat shit. Come suck my cocks you motherfucker peace of crap asshole. My balls in your mouth. I’ll fuck your girlfriend, then your mother and after that all your family. Come suck my ass!

  215. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But let me throw my two cents in.

    1. Yes, while the idea of a duel story is cool. I will agree with you, it is kind of dumb how you literally play as desmond(1), for about 30 minutes. I especially thought it was stupid when Desmond had the bleeding effect(2) and saw one hidden memory of an ancestor. This was cool, but after that memory there were no other ones like it. The game should have extended this further, and I feel as though it were a cut out portion of the story line that was poorly removed. I wish the game would have followed up on this point. That being said, I do not think that ubisoft should have excluded desmond. Without him there is nothing connecting Altair(3) and Ezio(4). Also some of the Desmond scenes are the most fun in the series.

    2. For this point I completely and utterly disagree with you. Yes the graphics are not Skyrim. But I recently played A.C one, and was surprised about how good those graphics were for 2007. Yes they aren’t amazing, but when one of my friends went back and popped in Call of duty modern warfare, a game also released in 2007, I was much more impressed with A.C. And that is just the first game! Brotherhood and especially Revelations have decent graphics compared with other games. Like I mentioned earlier, they aren’t skyrim by any means. But I was for one quite impressed.

    3. I agree and disagree with this, but I don’t really care enough about this aspect to put forth an argument. As other people have mentioned, the A.C series has won awards. Obviously the characters most be at least partially developed.

    4. The weapon wheel system changes throughout the games, and this is slightly irritating…but nothing more. Yeah Ezio has messed up climbing certain objects because of the controls. And yes it can be annoying to lose over half your health because you fell about 100 feet thinking you had the correct input. But the fact that you’ve said you have destroyed a decent amount of your controllers is disturbing. Maybe the Ps3 version is different, but on xbox the only thing that happens is the characters sometimes moves the opposite direction while climbing surfaces. That’s it. I remember in one instance I kept falling because I would miss the jump that I needed to get. However, after further inspection, I realized that I needed to climb one ledge further. The ledge was somewhat hidden yes. But the point is, is that it was human error not the controller.

    5. Agreed

    6. No…just no. As some people have pointed out, the missions are really not that hard. If your going for full sync(5), than maybe. But I can’t see how any of the missions are really that hard. And even if they are, the whole point of video games is to challenge the player and give them a good story!!

    1. Desmond is the character you play as in the modern times
    2. The bleeding effect is where Desmond has a hard time determining whether what he is seeing is past or present.
    3. Altair is the assassin you play as in the 1st game
    4. Ezio is the assassin you play as in the following games.
    5. Full sync is a optional feature that allows the player to play missions in the game with increased difficulty.

    I am not a fanboy, and while some of your points have credit, A.C is a fun series for some people. But with any game, not everyone is going to like it.

  216. Dude, this game is very good, the dual story part makes a lot of sense and flavor to the game.

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    filling address , they have 20% discount now,say I put you on

  218. Assassins creed isn’t that bad sure a.i. can be complete idiots at some points but all the reasons you put I love the DUAL story line is pretty awesome and altaïr , Desmond, Lucy, and warren vidic are some if the best characters throughout the series plus ezio and Shaun Hastings in 2-revelations the difficulty at some points can be pretty frustrating but that motivates you to do better and find new ways to take on the objective. The controls are what made the game you had two different control schemes depending on if you were in low profile(right trigger/r1 released) or high profile(right trigger/r1 held) plus the assortment of weapons you got throughout the series got better in revelations with the addition of bombs I don’t know why you have problems with the game but I suggest going back and replaying it

  219. It’s spelled dual, not duel. A duel story is about two guys fighting. That goes for some of the comments I’ve read, as well.

    As for the rest of this post, I’ve the following to say:
    You’re calling the game bad because the game is “too hard,” the graphics aren’t “good enough,” and the controls “suck.” These points are moot because firstly, most players find the game to be too easy, hoping for a difficulty option to make the game harder, not easy. Holding right-trigger and pressing X whenever an enemy’s health bar flashes is not a difficult concept to grasp. Calling the graphics bad in a moderately large sandbox game is a poor argument in itself, but also because the merit of a game should not be evaluated based on how good the game looks. Many critically acclaimed modern games use sprites and low-budget graphics, lacking many modern breakthroughs like ambient occlusion. I find your argument lacking in this regard. As for the controls being bad, I honestly don’t see where this is coming from. I have played quite a number of games with very bad and frustrating control schemes. The entire Assassin’s Creed series has simple controls like, “Press X to auto-assassinate someone” or “Press B to use every in-world item in the game.”

    You say the modern story is garbage and call the characters 2-dimensional. I won’t say the story is the best I’ve ever played, but in terms of video games, it’s up there. The characters are fairly complex and varying and they all evolve through the course of the game, making and breaking friendships, maturing as they go through difficult events, and overall making very convincing

    All in all I could personally make a few negative comments about the game but none of the comments you made in your argument about why the game is bad. I feel as though you have an ulterior motive and were trying to throw together some reasons as fast as possible why you dislike the game. Honestly, why did you go out of your way to make this argument? What do you really have against Assassin’s Creed?

  220. I agree to disagree.

    I hated AC1. For the reason that there is no fucking gameplay to be found anywhere in this game. There were like 5 mission types and the rest of the time was used to run around look at prety towns and collect some shit. If the story/setting werent so good there would be no reason to to run this game.

    This time around they got to the gameplay part. All in all it was a good game.

    one of my favorite games of all time. They refined the controlls. There is a ton to do and the story is decent.

    mediocre at most. Did not improve anything from ACB the story is dull if you can even call it a story. The VR and tower defense … wtf were you thinking..

    Well judging by the trailer assassins in America were able to dodge roll away from bears… Grizzly freaking bears. If only all of our forefathers knew this is possible Europe would probably be more populated now than friggin China. There is also some more doomsday story and player get to save the world! So we shall see

  221. Can any whiny little bitch make these articles?

  222. I found the controls were indeed a little difficult and the AI’s are idiots. However after playing the game from a bit you finally get used to the controls so much and I now like how it is. No I’m not a die hard fan girl however, I did like all the games and I will probably like the next one when it is released.

  223. John L. Beiswenger Novel Book “Link”

    Here is a little bit that book, on
    this Internet page


    to read it Click the place in screen, on book part that read’s
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    self, to end of the full of shit sewer’s, There is no doubt about it
    on that.

  224. Pa. man sues ‘Assassin’s Creed’ video games’ maker


    HARRISBURG, Pa.—A Pennsylvania man is suing the maker of the popular “Assassin’s Creed” video game series for copyright

    infringement and asking a federal court to stop the release of its new installment.

    The Carlisle Sentinel reports (http://bit.ly/IyEc4k ) that John Beiswenger of Strasburg filed the lawsuit last week. The

    suit alleges that the video game series is substantially similar to “Link,” a novel he published in 2003. Beiswenger is

    seeking up to $5.25 million in damages.

    A spokesman for “Assassin’s Creed” maker Ubisoft Entertainment said Monday that the company doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation.

    “Assassin’s Creed III” was scheduled for release later this year. Ubisoft Entertainment is headquartered in France, with a

    subsidiary office in San Francisco.

    © Copyright 2012 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  225. Instead of just admitting that he finds the game too challenging for him, he writes an article bashing the game just because he can’t play it. My brother happily admits the game is too challenging for him but he will also praise the good points of it. He likes the free roam and the combat.
    As for the story you are supposed to pay attention to the diologue throughout the game and the reason why there are plotholes is because the story hasn’t finished yet. Ubisoft have said that the can make ten of these games. I’ll admit this type of game isn’t for everyone but don’t go critising it because of that. Also the controls take like five minutes to master. You will make mistakes through the game but don’t say it’s a glitch when its not.
    If you don’t like AC then you can play MW3, an equally good game in it’s own way.

  226. oh and the little girl that is this game sucks (comment 156), you are such a faggot and its not the same thing every game because in ac1 it was all about altiar, ac2 was about ezio begining a new life as an assassin, ac brotherhood was about ezio having a new enemy and stoping him and his army obtaining the apple and setting rome free, ac revelations was about ezio seaking out new secrets about altiar, the purpose of they’re creed and getting the five keys to unlock the library.
    im just waiting for ac3.

  227. ok ac, this game is so easy, first of all its not my fault if u suck at it, its so easy to kill guards, to climb is so easy, all you do is run at a wall. the point is that u suck at an amazing game that is assassins creed

  228. Its DUAL not DUEL.

    Consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects: “their dual role at work and home”.

    DUEL: http://sworddueling.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/hamilton-burr-duel.jpg

  229. you suck actually .. missions are difficult.. you just born baby or what ..

  230. i think these games are awesome

  231. this game has great graphics, from altiar to connar. this game is the best game i have ever played and iv played god of war, halo and these games are tough to beat. assassins creed has an amazing story and i love how the characters are related from subject 16 to desmond miles. great fighting skills, fighting material. and im sorry if u people cant master a game this easy.im really excited about ac3. Also i love that every story is related with a historic event. his navegation is amazing, the way they move, what they fight for. i think this is an amazing game

  232. *Note: I get frustrated with this game a lot but I don’t allow that to make an emotionally charged opinion when you should be making a reasonable opinion.

    1. The dual story is incredible. I’m sorry I don’t think people would buy a game called “Murder Ancient People” where your job is to murder people for no known purpose. Right when you figure out the story there are twists and turns thrown at you. Spoiler Alert: Who really expected there would be this strange ancient civilization called the Others? How knew that Lucy was going to be (you know)?

    2. The graphics are actually pretty decent.

    3. Good character development. There was great character development of Altair in AC1. He was transformed from this arrogant, wreckless fighter into this humble, respectable assassin. ACR puts the missing pieces of Desmond’s story together in the Desmond Memories. So I don’t know what you’re talking about (well that was an expression, I do know what you are talking about, I’m saying you are very misinformed).

    4. Decent controls like any other game. Sure, they take a bit to get use to but they have tutorials in the game to help you out with that. You seem lazy and have anger issues.

    5. I actually never had that happen to me and I played AC1, AC2, ACB, and ACR. If they get spotted by a guard then they would be in battle. It doesn’t make sense to me that they would intentionally battle a guard on their own. Wrong again bro.

    6. I’m not sure you understand the fine line yourself. In ACB, the War missions for 100% sync is very difficult because you have to get 100% on the final part of the mission but it takes so long and is so hard to get to that point. Then if you fail the 100% sync then you have to start all over. Other than that, the rest is normally challenging. It seems like the missions are too hard for you. AC is not a game where you should expect to complete very challenge on the first try. THAT’S NOT A BAD THING! Just practice and get better. It seems that you suck more than AC does.

    *I know you think your harsh criticism should be taken seriously but it won’t. Simply because it is in no way, shape or form constructive. It is just full of emotion and really no logical based is found in any of your claims.

  233. And so do all you fanboy faggots. Its a dumbed down console shit game for retards who just wanna press X. The AI sucks, the story is boring, the controls suck, each game is the same as the last, the enemies take turns fighting you, you can beat the whole game with just the hidden knife. This game is for 4 year olds and adult retards who want to pretend to be assassins.

  234. Okay first off, I’m a big fan of the series, but I’m no blind fanboy like a few people here. AC had the potential to be as great as Uncharted 2 or MGS4, but its chances were ruined by alot of things.

    1. If they didn’t have Desmond at all, I don’t think there’s any reason for AC2 to be in the series. It’s really not that bad to be honest.

    2. Graphics shouldn’t even matter, as long as they’re bearable. What your problem is is with the models. Just look at Lucy in AC2, she looks like one of those fishes with a lightbulb on their head. It really isn’t a big dilemma, but it makes me shiver just a tiny bit. Controls are fine, although they could be a little better.

    3. I agree with that except for the first game. I felt a little sorry for the guy who got his arm cut off and having his brother killed, all ’cause of Altair. But besides the first, every other game has dull characters.

    4. Controls really aren’t that hard, I don’t understand why you’d trash your controller over them. Brotherhood was the first game I played in the series and I got them pretty quickly. Not gonna lie though, they aren’t perfect.

    5. No argument there, AC has one of the worst AI ever.

    -Guard sees Ezio-
    Hey you! Lemme have a talk with you!
    -Ezio ‘blends’ with a group of people who don’t look anything like Ezio-

    It’s like he fucking vanished into thin air o-e

    6. AC’s missions are divided into two categories: easy peasy and just unfair. Oh, and one more: boring. Oh, tail this guy who’s moving at the speed of an old man who got both his legs crushed by a damn humpback whale. Oh, don’t get caught in this mission or you’ll be desynchronized, but if you get caught in this mission, just kill everyone!

  235. Okaayy, I disagree with this article (as most of the people do) but I think that you AND some of the commenters have reacted a little too strongly (or un-knowingly). Let’s cover some, shall we?

    1. You broke multiple controllers…because of the controls?? Can someone say “overkill?” Just practice the controls, man!

    2. “You guys are only saying these things because you are die hard fanboys of the game. I have to agree with the writer of this story.” -Not a fanboy
    Okay I applaud you on your super-creative name (not), but maybe they just have a good point. Plus, I’m a “fangirl” thanks much.

    3. “Lol the other people the are bashing this article are bashing it out of opinion…. This article isnt scientific proof that the game is terrible it’s and OPINION. An opinion that I gree with, Assassins creed has a great story line and thats the only thing that keeps me on these games…Other than that because of the controls i would have thrown the game right out the window ages ago. and that Ezio person is one to talk about credibiltly he lost all his credibilty by making his name Ezio in the first place. :P” -Samantha
    Okay, I agree, it’s an opinion and we don’t need to be flipping out over it. I am going to have to backhand you though for your ending statement. “Ezio,” according to the AC wiki, means “Eagle,” which is fitting for his character and if you knew ANYTHING about names, you would have known it wasn’t Ezio’s choice to be named that. The parents name the child, fool. *facepalm*

    4. “Man assassins creed doesn’t suck, you just hate yourself cuz ur a templar” -F*ck you b*tch
    High-five for the statement because it made me LMAO, but the name? Too far, man. Chill.

    5. “You dumb nigger dont ever f*cking write again go f*cking play runscape if u want a easy game b*tch ass faggot” -Read what I said
    WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! Take a chill pill!!! There’s no need for such harsh words.

    Okay, I am not going to go into any more because I might be quoting the whole page. Just seriously…

  236. How can this game be considered so difficult? I dont even play video games much and I figured out the controls very easily. And I haven’t come across any mission that is exceedingly difficult. As for the dual story line, hating it is an opinion you are welcome to have, but the creators obviously use it to give us something to look forward to in upcoming installments (specifically , a more integrated use of Desmond as a modern day assassin). I’m sorry some of you suck at this game, but if I can figure out a control system for a game and enjoy it as much as I do this one, then anyone should be able to.

  237. These games are fairly easy, with some difficult missions, but whats a game without some difficulty. As for the controls you cannot call yourself an experienced gamer if you cant get used to it. Other than that you make somewhat of an arguments with the other points.

  238. For people who prefer the streets to the roofs and thus keep crashing into things and having control problems. You don’t know how to play the game. An assassin is supposed to navigate rooftops. Most of us who enjoyed the game can navigate from mission to mission without laying a foot on the ground. its like a minigame and its fun.

    The combat is one of the strongest aspects of the game. Its rhythmic, beautiful and gory.

    Also, for people who think the game is overly difficult- you just suck at it. The game might be criticized to have an overly forgiving difficulty, but hard? really? you guys are actually better off not playing games but writing stupid comments. Don’t touch your console, it might commit suicide after seeing you play.

  239. The controls are the same for each game, I personally think the first game is the most challenging of all the games. If you can’t figure them out though, maybe you should find a different game.

  240. Thanks for the writing man, i was about to get AC3 but /b/ said i should get AC1 and AC2 first, so i did, i’m half way AC1 now and i’m not sure about getting on 2 and 3, the game is just like everything is cool and fine until you get into the action, suddenly the dude start jumping in stupid directions and starts sitting on edges in the middle of a fight, my frustration is just going over my personal edge, it makes me sad when i am doing a stealth mission perfect when suddenly some retards start showing up everywhere and pushing me around getting me exposed and making me re-do the mission for the 7’th fucking time. So did Ubisoft fix the controls in AC2 and AC3?

  241. It’s funny when people say the character does the wrong thing, like it’s not the crappy player that doesn’t know what the controls are.

  242. YES TY SOMEBODY ELSE THINKS THE CONTROLLERS SUCK!! i just finished AC for a bit downstairs but first i tried visitng that tomb in venice and DUDe i yelled abuse at the screen for about 5 minutes straight bc ezio kept jumping off the wrong things. i felt like hitting him so i just gave up. now i was playing “capture the flag” and man was Ezio an ass. he kept climbing or falling… ANNOYING!! so i smashed the power button off and came upstairs and searched ‘why assassins creed is stupid’ just to blow off some steam. right now i bet i have so much typos. im not even looking at the screen as i type i just need to let everything out. assassins creed has PISSED ME OFF tonight. i’ll just sleep it off i guess. hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  243. I can’t stress enough, how much I agree to everything you just said. Specially about the controllers part.

  244. also you need help u r a mental idotic retard who loves the dick and jerks off to ugly men such as yourself you little whiny baby fucktardic moron

  245. 1. u r a deaf dumb blind man
    2. it is one the most iconic seris so for
    3. a.i is good kill most some will run not dumb
    4. very good story
    5. u suck cock
    6. graphic a-ok
    7. it has historical character leonado da vinic
    8.u call every good game failures
    9. there are more assins then whiny baby fucktards
    10. nothing is true every thing is permitted is a great saying

  246. you ok matt sorry iv took so long this is there link
    filling address ,ring them for advice ,say mick recommened you

  247. Assassins creed doesn’t suck. The graphics are great, the controls are not hard to figure out, AND SINCE THE GAME IS IN THE FAR FUTURE, OF CORSE THERE WAS NEVER A MACHINE LIKE THAT BEFORE

  248. Assassins creed doesn’t suck. The graphics are great, the controls are not hard to figure out, AND SINCE THE GAME IS IN THE FAR FUTURE, OF CORSE THERE WAS NEVER A MACHINE LIKE THAT

  249. I read no valid points in this article. The comments made about breaking controllers made the entire article lose all credibility. I have met people that break controllers, I call them psychos.

  250. Looks like you are just another troll. You are free to like or dislike whatever you want, but at least give good reasons for doing so. Anyway, on to your points…

    1. The dual-story is a necessity for the direction this series is going and to adequately get across the scope of the radical implications the game makes about religion, history, and even prehistory. Anyway, the main arch of the series is Desmond collecting the info the Assassins need to foil the Templars’ dastardly plot in the December 2012 finale (and possibly finish off their 1000 year conflict for good). Also, without the present day Animus, you lose all the cool explanations the game gives for restarting after dying, being confined to certain areas, and what not. Without those, they’re just typical game mechanics again.

    2. I first played AC1 a few years after it was released and the graphics seemed pretty decent to me, right up there with all the other open-world games.

    3. True, Altair follows the “immature kid who does what he wants turning into the wise and deliberating master” arch while Desmond is the “guy held captive trying to figure out what the heck is going on.” With that said, the most interesting part of the characters is how they react to the larger plot they get tangled into. As for AC2, they improved upon Altair by making Ezio much more likable.

    4. As far as I’m concerned, the controls are some of the most fluid and innovative around. I’m familiar with the PS3 and PC controls. On the PS3 controller, the sticks are used for movement and camera direction as is the universal standard. The main face buttons are arranged to represent a body (head = triangle, hands = square and circle, and feet = cross) and you hold/tap a button to switch from doing normal person things to doing assassiny things. I have no idea where difficulty comes into that. Perhaps if FPS’s were all you played, the idea of a new control scheme would blow your mind, but I highly doubt any competent gamer would take more than 30 minutes to get used to this system.

    5. I thought a few of the enemies were pretty poor in how they chose to fight and pursue you, but other than that, the AI is pretty good for a game of such varied environments. I have a feeling you were just pretty unintuitive about how you did your missions, and even so, I doubt the examples you give happened as often as you imply.

    6. The series so far is rather easy in my opinion. Yes I died/desynced a few times, but not enough to get frustrated about. If I had to guess, I think you just suck at this.

  251. I like AC… nuff said…

  252. Before I played Revelations I would have laughed at your review but now that I have, I completely agree with you. What a WASTE of my time and money, I wish I would have seen it sooner. Definitely not going to buy AC3 no matter what Ubisoft have promised. It was truly a revelation on how bad AC Revelations was as a game! Stupid FPS puzzles for Desmond, no proper development of Subject 16, destroying Altair’s voice and crappy 5 minute sequences for his story, and then the worst CGI developed end-of-the-world sequence I have seen. And now in AC3 they have a native American assassin Connor, who walks around in white robes and even people in the trailer are staring at him lol, no thanks! If I want to get screwed I could just buy Mass Effect 3 and pretend that my choices made a difference to the end of the game :p

  253. Its funny when people fight…….

  254. I like the game

  255. lol at all the people cursing at each other in this article. its practically impossible to insult somebody over the internet even when they are a bunch of fanboy homos.

  256. Factually wrong? Are you an expert on all things Assassins Creed?

  257. This is obviously a troll article, and it’s working.

    A lot of the things aren’t opinion, they are factually wrong. Being factually wrong and presenting it as opinion to wind people up is a very obvious trolling tactic.

  258. How the f*ck is this game hard.
    Im a 13 year old girl who never plays video games and i beat this game in about a week.
    you are f*cking retarded. you obviously don’t know a good game when you see it. you want something easy? go in ur mom’s basement and play f*cking COD.

  259. AC is my favorite game series of all time, The controls honestly took me 1 hour to figure out when I was 10 years old. The characters are amazing, the graphics are good, and the story is fantastic. That is my opinion, all the people tweaking on how it is dogsh*t or whatever need to calm down and go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure or something, that is what their maturity level is at.

  260. You obviously have no clue what your talking about, the only reason you dont like it is because you suck at it.

  261. Heh, all the articles I read off this site are all obviously biased. Oh well, his opinion I wont scorch him for it. But I will say you do sound as if you do have anger issues, breaking controllers and sh*t. If you want to go around killing stuff go play Red Dead Redemption or a Fallout game… oh wait… you hate those too. Never mind, carry on.

  262. Am I the only one who can say that all arguments aside,
    The story line is beautiful?

  263. @Wow
    What a noob

  264. Seriously, good job writer. Look at all these comments? If your words can inspire so much controversy than you have clearly achieved victory. And, as an owner of the series, I can say that as I have grown as an individual, I have also grown as a gamer. Assassins Creed fills a need that is craved by any die hard gamer. Having the ability to be almost superhuman while still retaining the qualities that make you a regular Joe. Assassins Creed does this on two levels. Thus the dual story. But beyond that, unless you’re a Spanish history buff, there is a bunch of well delivered yet unoriginal mechanics. Wall crawling is truly amazing. Expect 20+ hours of just messing with climbing stuff. And that’s it. Game over. I didn’t really care for the combat mechanics or the assassinations. Just the climbing and running.

  265. Oh and sorry for the misspelling(s)

  266. Thats fine. You can think what you want to think but the next series installment is coming soon and each and every one of these bugs you point out are being fixed and advanced. So goo have fun playing your mario cart while we learn smaller details of the hitory of our nation and fight within and explore the large, dangeruos, and epic frontier in Assassin’s Creed III!

  267. Hehe, funny how positive people can be about some games (with loads of bugs) while completely stomping the other down.
    The controls are as intuitive as they can get. But I guess some people can’t learn those things as easily. You should have stayed with the 8-bit consoles! And too difficult missions? That is probably because you had to use your mind and not just attack.

  268. Well, I’ve got to give you thumbs up for getting so many strong replies. But that is mainly because you provoked the fans of a game with a sh*tload of followers. Of course you are right on some points: the game has some glitches and sometimes the AI of the enemies is not the best (mainly due to a glitch). But then you compare it with other games, and believe me, those games also have similar bugs resulting “stupid” AI and annoying controls. And next everybody who is positive about the game is accused of being an extreme fanboy. But I think you are extremely biased too. And a possible reason for you to find so many negative points in this game and not in others could be that you have played this one a lot more. And considering the freedom you have in AC compared with other games (even Red Dead Redemption since you have with every building the ability to go up and down) makes some bugs more allowable.

    Anyway, I think you are right that AC is not perfect, but I think you should be a bit more critical with the other games you play, such that you are less biased (and don’t get me wrong, the other games you mentioned like uncharted and red dead redemption are some of my favourite too).

  269. I made my name Ass Clown because you are one for writing this. You are seriously the biggest piece of trash ever. Go to Anger Management if you get that pissed off about a video game while sitting in mommy and daddys basement bro.

  270. this game is awesome but my question is how can u compare star wars to red dead that’s just a fail their totally different and AC isn’t that hard man that just means u suck and I’m a fan bit I’m not obsessed I respect ur opinion but AC is an awesome game so this post epicly fails man

  271. this game is awesome but my question is how can u compare star wars to red dead that’s just a fail their totally different and AC isn’t that hard man that just means u suck and I’m a fan bit I’m not obsessed I respect ur opinion but AC is an awesome game so this post epicly fails man

  272. i had a hard time playing the first assassins creed game but the game is none the less amazing!!! ive tried play games where you run around and kill stuff and its not fun. its mindless violence. theres no brain power being used at all and it gets old. thats almost as mindless as watching E! entertainment channel. its only good when you just finished taking the LSAT’s and dont wanna think anymore.

  273. either troll.. or you’re an idiot.

  274. Ac series rocks…
    wat the f#ck did you say Ubisoft does n’t listen or takes the opinion of their fans….hey you bitch can you jst explain why the quality of the graphics increase from super to AWESOME as the Assasin’s creed series goes on…
    …and by the way you cry babies are too young to play this game…as you can’t even deal with the controls without breaking the controller….one questions to the cry babies have you ever made a counter attack in Ac series..or jst too Asshead to deal with such a amazing, easy, realistic, AWESOME gamplay…
    one more thing I have played the whole Ac series and finished it with a controller and never had a problem..
    …my yonger brother is a student of class 3….and guess what he has completed the whole series without breaking the controller or making any silly eXcuses.
    Dude… Don’t blame the game if you are n’t able to play it..
    ..jst simply admit..
    …..Assasin’s Creed series ROCKSSS..!!!!

  275. Maybe you should get a better graphic card for your computer, before you say anything about bad graphics which are actually amazing. And if you don’t like the first game, just don’t buy the second. And if you do, and you still hate it, don’t buy the third, or at least don’t bother us with it.

  276. Go back and play madden which is not fior Gamers.

  277. Don’t blame the game just because you suck at it. Go back to playing with barbie dolls or something.

    And it’s “dual”, not “duel”. Damn, you gamers are uneducated.

  278. I have played two of the Assassin creed games form the series, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Assassins Creed Revelations. Although I have not found the controls irritating, the graphics terrible, or much of what you said, it is of course normal for people to hate a game while others don’t =.= We are all different. (Overall I actually found the game’s controls and the game content enjoyable.)

    The only problem I really had with this article was when you started to bash and criticize this game and even made crazy statements saying that Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed main purpose is to make people smash their controllers against the wall to make them buy new ones. Also, next time if you really find something so terribly hard to finish, just relax, take a break, be patient, come back next time to finish it, and don’t post negative articles just to help prove that everything you believe sucks is correct, because not everyone will ever always agree with you…

    Also to those who found this game crappy on the first three missions, just continue on and see why other players had found this game interesting and had given it positive comments, or else why would they say such pointless comments, unless 50 – 80% ( A statistic that seems possible) of the players who played the game are completely crazy.

    Also, this article was quite funny, and I did not really understand why people had felt so offended, it was just an opinion after all, and calling him a “dirty Templar” would not change his opinion at all or prove that he is wrong about thinking that this game sucks.

  279. I understand your problems with the game. But don’t say it sucks cause you can’t do it right. Look at me I have AC1 to ACR and look at me.I don’t lash out on the internet saying it sucks. And AC and ACII were the best of the series. ACB and ACR were shorter but had better scripts and game engines. Also learn how to play the game by learning the button and atacks and everything if you must and then replay the game and you’d notice its easier.

  280. you are joking right
    I have played ac1 ac2 acb and now playing acr
    and the game is really awsome
    and the controls is easy
    you are just not good enough or assassins creed is not your type

  281. You can’t just play the game for a few minutes and just assume everything about it sucks, the point about this game is to realize that Nothing is true and Everything is permitted..To say that Nothing is true is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say Everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our own actions, and that we must live with our actions whether glorious or tragic. There is alot of truth within these words; there is alot of truth in this game. You shouldn’t criticise it just because you don’t like it, the only thing that matters is the story; not the graphics or the gameplay style or the controls, if you had half a brain you would realize that none of these things matter. Creating a blog that says how much the game sucks just proves that you haven’t played through any of the games and that you have no idea what you’re talking about. ill give you some advice, get these games and play through all of them, get a life, and kiss all of our azzez because it is you who sucks. You dirty Templar.

  282. OH…AND FOR ALL THE AC HATERS!!!! THE DEVELOPERS HAVE LISTENED AND PROBABLY READ THIS RETARDED POST CAUSE GUESS WHAT?? there is another AC coming THIS NOVEMBER and features the revelutinary war!!!!! So HA….HA………….HA!!!! YOU A**WIPES…TAKE THAT AND SHOVE IT…say what you want..im sick of halo…call of duty…and all the other stupid war games..are they going to quit making those?? NO of couse not.. So STFU…..AND ENJOY THE CREED!!!!!!!!! BITCHES!

  283. Jackie chan, isnt asian ..cause asians can play games!!!! Retards cant handle simple games…Not a shocker..

  284. Read your history …Alot of the people like vlad the impaler and the templars …. are real!!!

  285. Im the one who posted the pitiful little boy comment, are you going to make me shut up?? Of course your not. I would be angry too if a female could play games better then me and ilI had a small nut-sack…YOUR a whore…a gaming whore who cant even play a simple game…Ive been waiting for an idiot to reply to my comment..LMAO at you…LMMFAO actually!!!!! Your the reason they dont let retards test ut games, you never could play the game nor finish it because your head is so far up your a** you cant do anything but breath your a** air all day. And talk sh*t because thats all you eat. Im also a black belt so dont get schooled in not only getting your a** kicked on a game, but in real life too :) LOSER!!!! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  286. Leave up to someone who gets frustrated with a game too easily…

  287. Assassins creed has a whole shit-load of room for improvement

  288. 1) The duel story seems to be a tag on that will eventually end up being something quite amazing, you’re closed-minded for not giving it a chance.

    2)The graphics on a small scale aren’t very intricate. It’s the grand scheme that is appreciated, maybe it’s not your thing. But what you fail to realize, is how IMPOSSIBLE it would be to make a game that MASSIVE, and have every little window ledge, or grapple point, every asdfasdf thing supremely intricate. Your xbox probably couldn’t handle it without loading times more ridiculous than Skyrim’s. Again. You should learn to enjoy the beauty of things for what they are. The little story clips they give you.. I’ve noticed some that were pretty bad. Yeah. Especially in Revelations. That game was a massive disappointment. Still though. It didn’t diminish the quality of enjoyment I received from two, and brotherhood.

    3) The characters are not 2 dimensional. I’ve played it on TVs that made it look 2d, and I couldn’t handle it. If you hate the game because you played it on a tv as such, I understand. Also, have you tried messing with the 3d intensity? That helps it in most cases. But of course, if you couldn’t figure out the controls, chances are, you don’t know that options exist in the start menu.

    4) The controls are not dog shit. You’re mentally impaired. They’re elegantly applied, I find. I suggest you see a therapist.

    5) I have to agree with you on that, the AI frustrates me at times, but normally, it works fine. Just like every other game. I guess when you’re dead set on hating something because it’s well loved, you’ll use anything as an excuse. Remember, when you refuse to conform, you’re only conforming to the non conformists.

    6) Just like with the second reason, I see someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate life, and highly recommend you see a therapist, because you’re not willing to find yourself. Every mission has something that aids the story line, except in revelations. That one was a disgrace. I will agree with you in totality for revelations that it had potential to be amazing, but left it. Lackluster story, and bad missions sprinkled through. But in two and brotherhood, I enjoyed just about every single mission, but if I had to play them again, I would say that quite a of the missions had a very low replay value.

    Oh, and to all of you who dislike the ‘fanboys’ keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a good series, but what IS wrong is blindly dishing out money to them for making bad games. Revelations was completely disappointing, and I hope they fix their shit for the next game,

    IF ANYONE READS THIS— DO____NOT_____PLAY____REVELATIONS. Haha. The controles didn’t even work sometimes because of the hookblade, which was the worst thing ever. The city was cool, I guess. But I didn’t appreciate the lack of nice tall buildings to climb that didn’t all look the same. The story was awkward, and lackluster. It lost the feel of Ezio being the guy who gets stuff done. There was even one mission where you had to “Get your fellow assassins to ensure your safety during the transaction” the game was one of the worst I’ve played. The story made me want to kill everything. Must be redundant to make my discontent blatant. Game sucked. Really badly. They hit their peter principle with Ezio, sad to say.

  289. I love the assassin’s creed story. I owned the first one and brotherhood (didn’t really feel the need to buy the second one), but I’ll be honest I hate Revelations. I love how much there is to do in the world with the viewpoints, buying places, etc., but the controls kill it for me. It’s not that the controls are hard to learn necessarily, but it’s that they don’t work. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been trying to go up a building or across a ledge, and he goes flying off in some weird direction instead. This is a problem I’ve had with the series since the first game, and let’s be honest they’ve had three other games before this one to get the controls down. Here’s hope Assassin’s Creed III gets it better. Oh and as for the graphics I think they’re pretty nice for what they’ve got to do (being as big/open worldly as it is), but I laughed at AC 2 at certain parts. The blood looked like ketchup sometimes! It’s gotten a lot better though.

  290. you r retarded and must suck at games if u think the controls r hard. i am a pro at this game. i know all his moves and pressing the buttons is especialy easy. if u know a controler without looking down at it this game is easy to control. u really dont know what your talking about.

  291. Lol, everything you said is completely opposite to what it actually is.

  292. Dude he’s saying the controls are bullshit because your character misinterperatesthem. Youcould be aiming for a haybarrel to hide and instead run into a retarded man who keeps shoving you untill the guars catch up.or you could be heading for a tarp covered box and climb it instead of hide inside it. It gets so infuriating after 10 minuts that you need to ventilate your anger onsomething.

  293. The arthor is right about the controls. They are fucking horrible. I love the story and single player campaign and have finished all 4of the first ones. But this game has always controlled like shit and its really cheesy multiplayer. I have had lots of great multiplayer games on AC but then there is always one cheating douche that always know who who you are or a whole pack of um working together. Author has alot of it right and alot wrong. If you play this game on PC there are graphic quality options. If you have a PC that is high end then AC doesn’t even look like its console counterpart. PC version has graphic alot of graphic options that console doesn’t offer like lighting,shadow quality, character texture detail. Steal the torrent file and try it out don’t pay ubisoft for cuz they sux ass.

  294. i swear i will cut off ur dick with a hidden blade for the words u wrote. u moterfucking asshole!!

  295. I’m always astonished by people who say things like “Assasin’s creed has an amazing story!” etc.. etc.. I wonder if they’ve ever read a book in their life? Even a naff one. God, even a cheesy daytime soap-opera has more going for it story-wise than these nonsense games. It’s just tripe. The corny cardboard characters with their wonky accents ruined these games for me and don’t get me started on the whole sci-fi meta-twist rubbish.

    Hopefully (as for example vanquish proves), it doesn’t matter that the story is about as compelling as rat-shit.. if the game plays like butter and delivers the fun. Sadly assasin’s creed doesn’t. unfortunately it doesn’t let you get on and enjoy the game on your own terms and allow you to play the game just for the game. If forces you constantly to play in the context of this god-awfull story and thus if you can’t connect to the story, you’ll have a much harder task connecting to the game in general. That and all the stop start crap.

    I agree with this guys opinion. I think harsh critique is necessary to push the industry forward and keep developers (especially one’s who churn out the same franchise year after year) on their toes. It’s not worth getting stressed over, if you don’t agree – then you don’t agree. Play the game and be happy. However – assasin’s creed is undeniably pants.

    nobody cares how long you’ve been gaming. It means nothing. As soon as you said quake 2 has better AI you lost all credibility. You’re list of “Best games” didn’t help either.
    Borderlands = probably worst game I’ve ever played. I actually regret buying it. Most boring game I’ve EVER played.
    Oblivion = Worst elder scrolls game. Get so bored of it so fast. nothing immersive about it.
    Skyrim = Amazing game, have it and love it.

    Assassins Creed is by far in my top 5 game series of all time. Love it and always have loved it.

  297. You all need to loose your v cards

  298. Most of the comments on here are just as bad as the post. Yes, I disagree with him, but I don’t feel the need to swear my head off at him and/or insult his intelligence. There is no such thing as a “wrong” opinion. Calm down people.

  299. Assasins Creed is about as original as call of duty is. A re release of each game. The overall plot is an episode of ancient aliens basically which killed the plot in the second from a cool scifi theme where I guy is uncovering a religious historical conspiracy.. Objectives are rehashed to fight these people, hide in this crowd, kill this guy oh wait he has guards dont let them see you, free run. Granted assassinations and brushing past and into crowds is sweet but there is a huge lack of control when your jumping off a building if executed wrong. Characters are boring a worthless in both lines people just ignore it because of badass enzio. Admittedly I liked Leonardo but it was a poor attempt to add new mechanics to the game shooting and flying which overall were just wastes. There really is little variation in distractions as it always amounts to hire these people or throw money or smoke bomb which is all often to generic in these series. Combat is mediocre though that fact is set aside because I like death animations and it is a stealth game. Maps are all pretty much the same with no real curve balls to through you off besides a random river, taller building, or just if your wandering outside. I’m banking on ac3 being a good change and a better game but for as cool as ac2 started by the end i was rising through just to beat it and not die of boredom.

  300. you retard person, the game was easy and awesome with the best controls, the only problem was the repetition of same missions

  301. This article is retarded. Nuff said.

  302. the graphics on ac2 are not amazing but there still pretty good
    the story line is f*ucking amazing,
    i’ve had the game for a while now and I do run up the occasional wrong wall but there still pretty good controls. But breaking the controller is just dumb
    If you just wanna kill some people just play cod instead.
    I am finding it a bit difficult to kill ceaser in acb but apart from that the game is easy.
    But I will agree with you that the AI are stupid and there missions are rubbish and the characters are very connectible.

  303. The duel-story is garbage
    –I absolutely love the story, but that is just my opinion. Though Ubisoft is at least attempting to make original plots rather than just using a super soldier, nature vs. machine or space marine cliches.

    The graphics are sub-par
    –There are a few bugs in the animation and in the expressions, but overall the graphics are top-notch. Plus the environments are easily some of the most gorgeous out there.

    The characters are 2-dimensional
    –The characters are far deeper than most of the games out there. The games have consistently been building up the characters personalities and back-stories.

    The controls are dog sh*t
    –Just learn how to play the game. The controls register perfectly fine and its your fault if you’re jumping off buildings. And stop breaking just because you suck at the game.

    The AI are all stupid
    –True for most of fighting AI, but the normal AI responses to your action take the games immersion to a whole different level.

    Overly difficult missions
    –Seriously? The missions are easy, with the only even remotely parts being some of the 100% synchs.

    @THESTORYSUCKS The ‘Newb Generation’. I guess I can agree with that to an extent, but Assassin’s Creed should in no way be lumped together with COD and Madden (the defining games of this generation).
    You can skip the cutscenes. Just go to the pause screen.

  304. lol assasins creed sucks!
    i like the first one a little bit, but i was heartbroken when after 2 years of waiting there was no crossbow, ubisoft are tards anyway

  305. Assassin’s Creed is a vastly overrated game that panders to the Newb Generation.

    The whole sci-fi twist was a terrible idea to begin with. If they would have created an interesting non-stock main character, set it in the actual time period, and given it an epic historical feel this series could have really been something.

    I have no quarrels with the gameplay, the controls, the gfx, or the difficulty (anyone who thinks these games are even remotely difficult must be a terrible gamer)

    What I do have a problem with is a terrible main character amplified by a third rate story, even for a video game. To defend AC’s story is to admit to having never read a single piece of even mediocre literature.

    AC’s story and characters are dogshit, but the gameplay is really enjoyable. I love the climbing, the swordplay, the free running, and just about everything else that the AC games have to offer, so why do I hate it so much?


    One more thing, they are releasing these games so fast that you cannot tell me that the franchise has a nickel’s worth of value with each new installment. Good games don’t take months to make, they take years. Period.

    Let me skip the HORRIBLE cutscenes and I’ll show you a decent action title.

  306. *bob, most of the stuff in the game is conspiricies, even giovanni auditore was real, all the deaths in the game are al deaths inwhich noone knows how they died and one of the conspiricies is that assassins killed them.

  307. the missions are to not to hard they are challenging, when i first played it i found it too hard but i learnt to play the game as did everyone else

  308. No the controls are not “FLUID” better yet your “stupid”
    And this game is a POS that is mostly schematically that lacks any replay value, now take your mouth with this game and go to h%LL

  309. FUCK OFF EZIO , nobody wants or needs your sales pitch, now go kill your mama and yourself

  310. hmmm , The guy got some points , but also , i wouldn’t even give this article a 50% , Because simply , this Article made no sense AT ALL. anyhow those who hate on people who love the game , kiss my Ass Bastardos , cya.

  311. Anyone saying this is unhistorical is an idiot. Before the game even launches there is a message saying something around the lines of “This work of fiction is based on real and fictional events. The team that created is made up of varying religious beliefs and backgrounds.” So obviously it’s not historically perfect. But there are some real people in it. (Sulieman for example.) And Assassin’s Creed controls are simple to remember unless you are such a COD fanboy that insists on using those controls. Finally, this whole game series is BASED on the life of Desmond Miles not Altair or Ezio. Learn the background of the game first.

  312. The guy is right about the controls, it’s really really ASS. Comparing it to an FPS is unfair as the controls are much simpler, so to give another stealth game as an example, Hitman 4, Splinter Cell series (I’m talking controls) both allow you to do exactly what you want. Ass Creed isn’t hard, I thought most of it was too easy, but the hardest parts were only hard because of the awful control scheme. I’ve been watching some videos on youtube of the best players in the world, and it’s even obvious that they have problems, running is a huge problem, I find that whenever I enter high profile my character just goes wherever it feels like going 50% of the time. I disagree about graphics and story, but you’re 100% right about control.

  313. First off I wanna say that the whole byzantine-templar alliance is ridiculous! The byzantine empire would never have allied with the western christians! They hated eachother and do not see the pope as holy! If u read up on history u will know that the western christians betrayed the greek orthodox byzanytines to the ottoman turks! The ottoman turks were one of the most barbaric civilizations in history! How can you lot make out they were cultured and friendly to all races! That’s propsterous! Also, the game isn’t explained enuff, it doesn’t have enuff meaning, all this fighting and killing to stop the templars.. Why? What the hell is it for? Control of the apple of eden? I duno, somehow the game lacks something. I think they shud make the next game set in renaisance medieval england or the mayan years! Maybe somehow go back in time even more! Or the greek revolution with lord byron, that’s a pretty cool theme. Or maybe christopher colombus discovering america!

  314. The whole story behind Assasins Creed is stupid, rediculous and historically bullshit. The whole templar thing is just hyped up rubbish, why coundn’t they just make an assasination game with a good historical setting.

    The whole Byzantine – Templar alliance in Revelations really just points out how shallow the series is. Anyone with knowlege would know the Byzantines would never ally with Western Catholics or a defunct Knightly order that was disbanded. The fourth crusade would have been a much better setting.

    Lastly all the games are the same, the only improvements in Revelations was a hook so you could scratch your dick and a half assed Constantinople which didn’t include half of the city.

    Ubisoft have a good concept but they just ran with it too far. The story gets more bullshit with each game and the improvments are lacking. And now the Ameriacn revolution, thats just lame. I wonder how they can fit their whole assasin/ templar war into a revolt by americans who were being taxed too much for importing tea.

    Ubisoft lack creativity and imagination

  315. The whole story behind Assasins Creed is stupid, rediculous and historically bullshit. The whole templar thing is just hyped up rubbish, why coundn’t they just make an assasination game with a good historical setting.

    The whole Byzantine – Templar alliance in Revelations really just points out how shallow the series is. Anyone with knowlege would know the Byzantines would never ally with Western Catholics or a defunct Knightly order that was disbanded. The fourth crusade would have been a much better setting.

    Lastly all the games are the same, the only improvements in Revelations was a hook so you could scratch your dick and a half assed Constantinople which didn’t include half of the city.

    Ubisoft have a good concept but they just ran with it too far. The story gets more bullshit with each game and the improvments are lacking. And now the Ameriacn revolution, thats just lame. I wonder how they can fit their whole assasin/ templar war into a revolt by americans who were being taxed too much for importing tea.

    Ubisoft lack creativity and imagination

  316. I’ve seen nothin’ but boredom in this game should I say?

  317. i bought the game but i don’t like it. it doesnt fit in my Atari 2600 so i cant play /:


  319. people are fucking dumb the game sucks i havent beaten the game once because of how dumb the developers are they make missions uncompletable if u dont agree then u fucking suck u pussyies

  320. I think revelations sucked but not because of any of the reasons you listed.

  321. @first time Player ass-crap
    If you had the attention Span to play through that entire level,
    Then you get to the free roam Part. The last carrage ( bald mean guy, if. I remember correctly)
    You don’t even have to touch yOu just survive long enough for the cut scene to take over.

  322. This must be some sort of psychological test or something, just to see how much a dumb-ass post pisses people off. Noone in their right mind would write and post something like this and then leave an option to reply to it -.-

  323. Wow man u rely have no taste on games do u. None of your reasoning is true. Maybe you should think before you post next time. Nobody agrees with you.

  324. Wooow, all your reasons aren’t valid, to be honest. These are just YOUR opinions. How many people think will agree with you or think like you about ACR? Not many, I can tell you that already. You’re just being a hater. And haters gonna hate. 6 reasons on why YOU think Assassin’s Creed Revelations sucks, is totally you. I’m sure a lot of people oppose of this post. If you had made Assassin’s Creed… I probably wouldn’t play it, because you’d probably make it a shooter like everything else is nowadays. Assassin’s Creed is fine the way the creators make it. You only judging it with 6 reasons is like trying to take on the whole world. It just doesn’t work. Sure some of people may not like Assassin’s Creed… But the majority of people love Assassin’s Creed series.

    Stop hating on something you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Sure, it’s freedom of speech or whatever… But criticizing a great game, is pretty much criticizing the whole series. Think about what you’re gonna post next time before you post half-ass reasons.

  325. Never played it…watched someone play it though…and the last thing I thought was “Assassin”

  326. I just hate the fact that the game makes you do races, steal, and shit like that. That crap is stupid and pointless but everything else I liked.

  327. 1#……..using the word nigger doesn’t make you bad…it makes you dumb as sh*t. That word means ignorant because that’s what the owner of this post is and his retarded croonies are. Assassinations creed has actual history behind the story, didn’t say the whole story was true. Landmarks yah they actually went to these places to create the maps. And so what if they game glitches, all games do you Fu*cling dipsh*ts. Im a female and can out play most males on games and you…are a crybaby….plain and simple. @Samantha stfu dumb bit*ch you can’t play games either. Ill toss you out a window ho. Most of the x creed fans are dumb like box of rocks dumb. Its ok if you are supposedly a man and lack gaming skills, keep jacking off because you most likely can’t do that right. Keep the retard post going. You dont have to like certain games the fact you made a website bashing a game that’s gotten awards shows you lack brains as much as you do balls. You have serious problems if you blame a game for your anger issues you immature troll. And get some glasses lmao @ 2d comment in list of reasons of why you hate creed. Oh and go play angry birds you pitiful little boy.

  328. 1#……..using the word nigger doesn’t make you bad…it makes you dumb as sh*t. That word means ignorant because that’s what the owner of this post is and his retarded croonies are. Assassinations creed has actual history behind the story, didn’t say the whole story was true. Landmarks yah they actually went to these places to create the maps. And so what if they game glitches, all games do you Fu*cing dipsh*ts. Im a female and can out play most males on games and you…are a crybaby….plain and simple. @Samantha stfu dumb bit*ch you can’t play games either. Ill toss you out a window ho. Most of the x creed fans are dumb like box of rocks dumb. Its ok if you are supposedly a man and lack gaming skills, keep jacking off because you most likely can’t do that right. Keep the retard post going. You dont have to like certain games the fact you made a website bashing a game that’s gotten awards shows you lack brains as much as you do balls. You have serious problems if you blame a game for your anger issues you immature troll. And get some glasses lmao @ 2d comment in list of reasons of why you hate creed. Oh and go play angry birds you pitiful little boy.

  329. There are *ss*ssins, and then there are dreamers. If you want to dream, play a superhero movie (mmm like the many many that are out there). If you like realism, play AC like an assassin – as in try to dodge, hide, counter etc. The writer is a dreamer and there’s np with that – but if you want to enjoy games like AC, play them like the writer / programmer intended and don’t bitch about sucking at video games (i’m sorry but all of the AC games are like THE easiest games ever. the only reason im taking awhile to get through revelations is because i want to unlock everything / enjoy it – brotherhood i went as fast as possible and didnt die once / have any problem with missions)

  330. i think i lost my interest in assassins creed after playing revelations !
    i mean why do i have to travel from this part of the map to the extreme other opposite part just by jumping between buildings ! :O ok i can use those tunnels but i just hate the loading screen ! RUN RUN RUN (a never ending running, which of course ends when the game is loaded) but i just hate it !
    the characters are ummm stupid, in clear words…. I dont want to see ezio as an old man and most importantly the story is getting boring ! you have to agree ! well if people say that revelations is the best in the ac series then i would just say to them please play brotherhood and assassins creed 2 again because you are having “memory loss” and umm one more question i would like to ask the game developerscreators … “if altair saw the future then why did he create a 16th century gun when he could have created a m4a1 or ak47 or any kind of modern gun, i think they are more accurate and sexy too :D”

  331. Lawl, how is.assassins creed hard, i finished the game and was barely hit. Also you say the controls are to hard for YOU, really? just freaking counter…
    In the beginning you say that you are an experienced gamer, jow can an experienced gam fail in ac? If i look at your other garbage stories i see that you are an bethesda hater, you have a storie called 5 reasons why skyrim sucks of wich 1 is valid…


  332. Everybody who says “this game sucks” is either a troll, 12 year old COD fanboy, or a douchebag.

    However, you could simply say “I don’t like this game” and get off without looking like a complete dumbass. Don’t say a game totally sucks because you don’t like to play it. Save that for shit like MW3 and BF3. This “reviewer” is nothing more than a sad nitpicking little bitch who’s just mad ’cause he can’t play AC. Go back to your shitty repetitive shoot-em-up FPS games, you faggot. HAHA!

  333. You just want to run off buildings n’ kill stuff? So basically what you’re saying is you don’t like video games with a story, a point to them. Also you must be the biggest noob in the world the Assassin’s Creed games are one of the, hell THE easiest games i’ve ever played. And i’ve played 100’s of games… Oh, and i think you might have quite serious anger problems. Anyways i know you’re just wrighting this to get attention n’ piss people off, you probably love AC… Too bad u r a noob Ha ha!

  334. This game was so crappy when I got it, the most reason, I believe, is that the concept, the thrill, and the adrenaline are all missing in this game

  335. do any of you realize he’s probably joking. hes writing about the complete opposite of what assassins creed really is. the complete opposite.

  336. youre a fucking gandu
    bloody louda these games rock

  337. its funny cuz my 10yr old nephew can beat these games. Also I agree that in Brotherhood the look is toned down but that game wasn’t in development as long as AC or AC2 and its a big game. In my opinion the controls were some of the most simple and enjoyable I’ve encountered.

  338. I very much like Assassin’s Creed, but there two things about the series i loathe with passion.

    First is chariot sequences, those things suck and yet they keep cramming it in there… in ACR they even put that crap right when you are getting started… Awful, just awful…

    The second one is Desmond, on this point i agree with the article the game doesn’t need him, he is just a waste of time while we could be doing fun stuff as Ezio or Altair… you know, the things that don’t involve piloting a freaking chariot (still pissed).

  339. I must say I dont know what more pathetic, this writers article ore the readers comments. i mean really is everyone 12 here?

    The AC franchise is a great one. From Ac to ACR Assassins Creed has brought a multitude of new and exciting things to todays gaming. AS far as its controls being “dog shit”, poor way to word it my friend, the controls are meant to feel more fluid and fitting. Now people who play first person shooters will not understand them. Which is obviously what you play.

    the AI is meant to frustrate you. thats what makes it so good. They are programmed to act and think like a real person would if they where in that sort of situation. If they run its because you would to if they fight its because you would fight.

    Now for where you just make no sense. The graphics for assassins creed are some of the best ever done. Assassins Creed has won countles VGAs for there graphics. they look ass if you are in a movie. notice i said in and not watching thats how rich and captivating they are. and as far as 2d you obviously dont know what ur talking about.

    Now to address the readers and cmmnts. Have you no shame or life. Saying things like fanboy nigger and cock suckers makes you sound… retarded and moronic.

  340. I haven’t played the game on Xbox or PS2/3 i dont know on what platform it is and i dont care .
    I need to say 1 thing the game is good , story is fine , I kinda lost some respect of the games after the 1st because of the guns introduced it them ( I’d prefer no guns just bows and swords etc. stuff ).
    As for graphics … guys from a programmers point of view graphics age good , modeling is fine it’s just they decided to spare some DETAILS because if they make it to detailed it’ll be useless since most people that play it on Xbox or PS just don’t know what resolution their TV uses guys if you play a very detailed game in resolution less than 1366 x 1080 it’s useless, you don’t see ( more like you can’t realize you see) say 5 fragments of the graphics (called polygons) ,because you really see less than 3 maybe even 1 fragment, so if it’s not a platform for a high resolution TV or monitor ( in my case ) it’s pointless to try make it extraordinary in aspect of details ( i played it at 1920×1200 looks VERY good ),but some TV’s ( mine ) goes at 800×600 resolution so even if it’s very detailed I’d still see it like say Resident evil 5 .
    I can’t argue about controls because i played it on PC but i have to say the PC controls suck i mean you hold like 3 buttons and just watch the actions of climbing go on ,on their own, like if you want to climb something hold down right mouse button , space and W and just watch Ezio going over say a tower in like 20 sec on his own .
    As for the game being difficult … uhh it’s the most easy game i’ve ever finished on hard mode all fights are just get in defensive stance and press 1 button if someone wants to hit you so i didn’t even need to use any of the stealth options if i didn’t want to i just go and kill about 50 guards in a raw losing say 1 bar from the synch bars . So to summarize battles are easy climbing is easy graphics are good story is fine ,so generally the game is fine.

    Oh about the AI .. well it would be nice for a change if more than 1 guy at a time decided to hit you it’s always 1 attack the rest watch.

    PS : tracking missions are extremely easy just get somewhere higher than the guy ( it’s never a woman … hope they get the idea of adding some women in the game for a change interacting with guys only is sort of annoying at some times ( courtesans aren’t included as interaction since you use them only if you want and they dont interact with you in return …just walk )).

    So game is good AI could be better but if you consider it’s a game and not real life experience i say ubisoft and the rest of who made the game did a good job .

  341. kelso ….knight templars is a bitch…..they like to steal people things…hahahah weaksauce…..fuck…and 1 thing robert de sable is a bitch…he is a grand master of bitch….ahhahah

  342. I agree witht the writer. Ive been gaming for almost 2 decades and i categorize games into 2 or 3 where I have to. Those u crave to open and play, and those u dont. This is not about playing skills as much as its ambience. When i played AC for the first time, it lasted 2 hours, and i never looked at it again. it sucks. the AI are so retarded even quake2 AI is better off. The game lacks soul, which for reference oblivion has. It completely immerses one into the game. Who the heck came up with sci fi machines and ancient cities, what a bunch of balony. . it RUINED the whole atmosphere the game had left after its RETARDED AI.

    “its never been done before…” – WHO CARES!! Noone has created a game involving exploding pancakes and fat women – THAT DOESNT MEAN ITS GOOD!

    *** Bunch of newbs who ditch this auth, go and buy a 3 pack of Halo trash, and they’ll prob toss in a copy of LOTR1 for u types – u have trash taste and FAIL to see the clarity of quality vs waste of money. I vote for this auth – he knows what hes talking about.. folks like him shd be game designers – not like u bunch of lame counter-critics!

    3 best games:


  343. I fucking hate these games, I find them so offensive. The entire ordeal about killing Templars is enough to anger me. I have a few family members that are in the Knights Templar(yeah they are still around) and Imagine how many people play this game and assume that the storyline is 100% true. It isn’t like Templars are under enough theories already DX And the graphics do suck as well, I expected much more out of a PS3 game. Keep writing these things dude, maybe the truth will hit some of these people like a ton of bricks!!

  344. Assassin’s creed 1 was alright if not slightly boring
    Assassin’s creed 2 was amazing
    Assassin’s creed Brotherhood was not as great as AC2 but still good
    Assassin’s creed Revelation was cool too.
    You people go ahead and fight online in a verbal battle, its fun watching nerds fight.

  345. Take that Chicken shit!!!

  346. Hey,you, moron, the assassin’s creed games are the best!!!I’m not a fan, or anything, but I really liked to play the four games.You probably said these six issues only because you didn’t understand the jogabillity and the plot of the games.Either way, by your commentary, you should be a terrible gamer.I have an idea, why don’t you play PACMAN, or Pong, tisk… tisk….

  347. Okay you all are retarted if you think the graphics are bad cause some of the cutscenes look video tape the controls are easy he story line is amazing switching through characters and combining characters were awesome you obviously have no idea what a good game is

  348. Everyone who thinks this game sucks is fucking retarded

  349. Are you kidding me, you sound so retarded it is not even funny yeah its so 2d and the controls are dog shit are you fuckin kidding me ill bet you still play nintendo wii, jackass the storyline was amazing you are shit enough said

    I’m not a fanboy, dont label me as such… and i agree that the revelations storyline isnt as exciting as the 2nd and 3rd game, nor are the graphics a huge leap forward, especially considering there are games like battlefield 3 around right now… but you have to agree that the broad storyline stretching across the series and how it touches across offering nearly believable explanations for many historical characters and events is quite impressive. I’m a game critic for IGN, so i cant afford to be biased or a “fanboy” and lose my job :|

  351. This was the worst AC yet. Why? They did exactly what the latest Call of Duty did, and re-used its stale gameplay, meager graphics and a convoluted storyline.
    The whole Desmond side of the game was completely retarded aswell. A island. Inside the animus. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
    Dumbshit fanboys THINK the story is good, because something complex and imcomprehensible must be a work of complete literary genius.

  352. First of all, no one should play the series randomly, rather they should follow the order numerically to understand the storyline, which is shockingly great and once it absorbs you in, you wont feel much of a problem (unless you are a novice at gaming).
    Secondly, its very possible to have different preferences, which in some case requires blood and gore and unnecessary killings. Those people (not gamers) should stick to FPS type games.
    And lastly, at the writer of this review, don’t play a game only to write a review on it. It makes you more a critic than a gamer. And in your case you suck at both, probably more at gaming.

  353. Of allt he AC games I have played, relevations was the best. Why?
    Because the story has been built up so much the past 2 games that everything is exciting. And the end of relevations gave me goosebumps. They have only improved and improved the gameplay, what you are able to do and so on

    And the fucking history behidn this shit. All the stuff they have taken from real history, how detailed they have been in making the maps etc. Incredible

    And this is an originall game. sicksicksick

    and the controlls are the best when you get used to them. The game is hard, but why the fuck play something that is easy as hell and gives you no challenge? where the fuck is the fun in that.
    The character are all freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MADDAFAKKA BEST GAME EVER J!#JTOGJDOgmdlpsgk bitches

  354. this shit will end up like the TV show LOST…
    there was 3 or 4 cities in the first AC now there’s only istanbul. the character were all lame and the dialogues don’t make sense anymore.

    When the shit was about to start, BAM, the END, sucked.
    the next one is going to play in Egypt so they better show me the FUCKING LABYRINTH inside the FUCKING SPHYNX, better dont screw it or get ready for some voodoo cancer!

    I liked all ACs but revelations was by far the lamest. they didn’t make an effort to make it good. might be ubisoft putting fire on their ass to release shit every 6 months, SUCKERS!!!!

  355. @WTFITS
    It’s Ezio, not Enzio, the story ISNT REAL, ITS A STORY! If you want to talk history with me…. The Hashashin Order died in Syria towards the end of the 3rd Crusade around 1275, the rest of the story has a historical background, its not meant to emulate exactly what happened, and as for the things beyond brotherhood, its not real, ITS A FRIKKIN STORY!!! The complaint was that the story was not good, not that the story was not accurate, the story was never meant to be accurate, so please fuck yourself, this is just clarifying what you said, assassins creed series rocks, the sales figures and awards prove it.

  356. The level of fucktards over 9000. Plain to fanfags the story after the brotherhood sucks. While in other made sense because the conspiracy about the famous Templar was about mostly about jews, and most famously after jews influence in roman empire and post roman empire the new influence on the empire of anglosaxons. Templar’s have known to be created the order of Masonry and have financial leverage all over EUROPE, from the Spain Portugal Itly to the famous France to UK and in Scotland the famous Scottish Knights Templar to the Swiss [bankers] and their global dominance in FINANCE and economy to thew new world america. Adam Smith written in 1776: “A great empire has been established for the sole purpose of raising up a nation of customers… it cannot be very difficult to determine who have been the contrivers of this whole mercantile system; not the consumers, we may believe, whose interest has been entirely neglected; but the producers, whose interest has been so carefully attended to.”
    If the game develops on the second part of roman empire the new Orthodox world and the post Byzantium , what f* the ottoman empire was filled with Jews and Khazars. For those who have heard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Templar
    Free manisory was at large among ottomans and than turks.
    The most famous link with kemal ata turk after post ottoman empire:
    There are more conspiracies of ottoman empire was heavy influenced by orders set by the same and created by it:
    http://www.seattlescottishrite.org/newsletter/History%20of%20Turkish%20Masonry1.pdf So why would enzio story end up aiding another faction that did absolutely the same thing and even worst. They run of the ideas and run in some retarded ideas assassin joining ottoman hashashins and working for ottomans. The most retarded serie, I laughed over when enzio was fighting the same people and organizations alike he joined them.

  357. this is stupid, assassin’s creed is a great game, and the sales figures and awards prove it, those who hate the game are probably CounterStrike and COD fanboys who believe gaming should be all about “killing stuff” and anything with depth and dimension sucks

  358. and too add, if you find Assassn Creed hard in anyway shape or form you are bad at games. You have been playing game for a long time? Well stop you suck hard at them, obviously.

  359. “Not all the games which I feel don’t suck are equal, for instance, Red Dead Redemption is a better experience than say, The Force Unleashed, but I still enjoy both games.”

    Force Unleashed? So with in two sentences we can establish that your an idiot. No need to read anymore of your jibberish.

  360. Why on earth would you play revelations if you haven’t played the first three. You are aware there’s a story involved in this game??

    I haven’t played revelations yet but i am huge fan of the Assassin Series. The story is simply amazing. The first game became to repetitive but the story was still freaking awesome. Assassins Creed 2 completely upgrade everything and the scenery was beautiful, same with Brotherhood. I found the controls easy and the only thing to me that did suck was the stupid camera angels that came up when you tried to jump to a ledge or involved in a chase.

    But besides that i think it’s an excellent series so far. But your opinion is noted but i honestly think you just don’t know how to play the game.

  361. Just rented assassins creed revelations and have never played the series before. I don’t care for it, this is why.

    Limited in what you can do. Can not explore or kill the way you want. Just direct character in the defined steps that you MUST direct character through to progress. It is basically a story with you pushing the controls like a “simon says” game.

    Controls are crap, challenging those with even a high threshold for mediocrity.

    I am simply not interested in a game that has me hanging on the back of a horse carriage, getting drug over rocks, watching my life bar go down, with little control over weather or not I hit the rocks. Same for the carriage scene where some programmer thought it would be fun to have the player control an extremely slow and uncontrollable carriage with a shit-ton of sway, attempting to avoid almost unavoidable rocks that destroy your life faster than you can blink (initiating a 20 second reload screen upon death), while at the same time attempting to smash this other asshole’s carriage, which is apparently invincible.

    That’s where I gave up and said fuck this game. No strategy, no player creativity, just the opportunity to play simon says with a defunct control system. Hell there is hardly any fighting anyhow.

  362. Ok well who ever made this webpage should be shot dead in the face because this was the best games i ever played and I have played a lot on games in the last 6 years so I am guessing you suck big dick at Assassin’s Creed games so how about you call fucking cry about it on Call of Duty you piece of shit and stop sitting on your couch playing with yourself and go get a life because all you do is hate on this game so why don’t you just FUCK OFF!

  363. And yes ASSASINGSCREEDISBAD, everyone who likes this game is a NIGGER.

  364. Dreamcast pushes better graphics than this shit. Play Shenmue, it has an awesome story, better graphics, better gameplay etc. I know they aren’t the same genre or whatever, I just love Shenmue and everyone who hasn’t played it is a dick.

  365. Assassin’s Creed has an engaging story with believable characters and a cool premise. The controls take a bit to get used to and do work on your right hand but really you have to look in the perspective of the Dev’s. They’re trying to create a system that covers every possibility in a dynamic world. Think of all the work that went into just getting free-running to perform as flawlessly as it does. (Mostly flawless)

    The story really isn’t that far out there as far as believability and fiction goes. It’s written like a Michael Crichton book; all the fiction is backed up by some sort of factual base. This is what makes it so awesome. A lot of it seems like it could actually happen. There are real people out there right now that believe that before us there was an advanced civilization. That Templars are conspiring and controlling the world in the backround. People really believe this shit, and that’s what makes this game so interesting. All of it fits in to place. If there’s plotholes it’s just because they put it there on purpose and they haven’t explained it yet.

    This is why just running around as an Assassin killing people is inferior. It’s too samey. The past storyline if it stood alone would be absolutely nothing new to the gaming industry as far as story goes. It’s good, just not amazing.

    TL;DR There’s legit reasons to praise the effort put into Assassin’s Creed. Some people just connect to it better than others. Don’t say a game sucks just because it isn’t your cup of tea.

  366. All of you nigger fanboys are getting all butthurt at this article. HA! How amusing, cock suckers.

    Get a life you fanboy faggots.

  367. Well – I like the other installments but I have to say Assassin’s Creed Revelations really SUCKS! and BLOWS CHUNKS! At least by comparison to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood that was a masterpiece of fluidity – forget the plot it’s an action game for pete’s sakes!

  368. The assassin’s creed games would be so much better if it would be more like a hitman game, it’s to scripted and boring.

  369. I agree with some of it, but the controls are as simple as 2+2 if you have a problem with them then you must be MR… Also you saying its a difficult game…. Um dude I was kinda upset that it was to easy, ya there was a few missions I had to do more than once but it was still easy…. And it got so much easier in 2 and brotherhood. The only time I remember dying in brotherhood was when I forgot to buy more parachutes so I jumped and died the other time I was bored and wanted to see how long it took the Guard to kill you… Which is to long… Hint to easy…. I’m sorry but you sound like an idiot.

  370. Totally agree to point number 4 which is why I have returned the game to the person who let me borrow it. Thankful to know people that waste their money so I don’t have to.

  371. I have to say that I can’t get past the part where Robert has you fight about 12 people, and ‘Let God decide’. I get down to fighting the final guy and don’t have anything left. I went online and stubled across this… The difficulty of this was way out of proportion to the rest of the game.

  372. Let me make a few points about the upcoming game, AC Revelations.

    Graphics-Awesome this time round
    Storyline-No more dull kidnapped guy story, Mr AC sucks. This time you’re guy is in a darned coma land where he can do stuff instead of sleeping on a VR bed.
    Controls-Are you joking? Even the original games made it clear what the controls are and how they respond, eg tap, hold, release!

  373. I have to say ur just the dumbest person ALIVE all what u said is totally wrong the story is just amazing the graphic’s is even better,the controls is very easy u’ll get used to them so fast but I think ur retarded thats y u think they’re hard, missions are easy too and very exciting and fun to play but ur an ASShole and all other haters should go suck ceaser’s dick!.assassins creed game is the best game ever made!

  374. you sir should go choke on your own dick, and play COD. If you think the game is hard, then you have to be retarded. Moreover, you are clearly not able to understand symbolism, or any other storytelling strategy. So go play the same dumb-minded, childish multiplayer in COD. Keep in mind though, you will never be able to pull any of the dumb shit you want to do, in real life, even the armed forces of this country want people who can point the gun and be brainwashed. Sadly, you are too stupid to do those tasks, go rot in your mothers basement along with all your “hardcore” pussys.

  375. Yeah, the game sucks. It’s so boring I can’t even finish it. Thank god I didn’t waste my money on it when it first came out like all those dipshits who must have everything first.

  376. you dumb nigger dont ever fucking write again go fucking play runscape if u want a easy game bitch ass faggot

  377. The plot stupid game is stupid a guy in broad daylight wearing a white robe so
    he stand’s out and he completely dressed different than every one else an he is supposed to be some kind of assassin he has eagle vision and can jump across a building a mile long nonsense this game is horrible animated sex scene’s repetitive action masonic symbol’s and a fake deep story line one after another the game are the same with a horrible fake accent

  378. man assassins creed doesn’t suck, you just hate yourself cuz ur a templar

  379. i found the controls hard too until i got used too it but you don’t need to smash your controller, thats over reacting and its wasting you money, you may have issues.

    I do agree with you on alot of things though, especially the duel story. I wouldn’t say all i want to do is jump of buildings and kill stuff but i couldnt care less about desmonds storyline. Its like ubisoft are trying to give us a reason as to why we play as ezio and altiar when we dont need one.

    And the difficult missions, i dont find them too difficult. But what annoys me is the guards when im not on a mission. Im not notourius and the guards arent looking for me, I try to free run and accidentally knock a jar out of somebodys hands. Suddenly about 50 templars descend with thier swords and horses trying to kill me. Brotherhood helped because you could call for assasins but even then i died over 50 percent of the time.

  380. Dude this game was easy you probably just suck

  381. Lol the other people the are bashing this article are bashing it out of opinion…. This article isnt scientific proof that the game is terrible it’s and OPINION. An opinion that I gree with, Assassins creed has a great story line and thats the only thing that keeps me on these games…Other than that because of the controls i would have thrown the game right out the window ages ago. and that Ezio person is one to talk about credibiltly he lost all his credibilty by making his name Ezio in the first place. :P

  382. Let’s address all the points logically in a non rational, non fan boy manner.

    1. “The dual story is garbage.”

    “I don’t care that the main character is being kidnapped by secret organizations that want to control all of humanity, I just want to run off of buildings and kill stuff.” this right here is the main point of your argument and makes it fall flat on it’s face. You don’t present any literary or logical reasons why the dual story is garbage, you simply prove that you individually don’t have the attention span for any story and would rather randomly kill people without wanting to know why. Also, as already pointed out, Assassin’s Creed’s writing has garnered a couple of official awards for it’s writing and story.

    2. “The graphics are sub-par.” I’m not entirely sure how you came up with this point. Granted, I will openly admit some of the finer details in the graphics are sacrificed, the Assassin’s Creed games have never been about fine detail but instead grand scope. This is especially true in Brotherhood. The architecture and buildings of the game are some of the most amazing I’ve seen. Before you slam the graphics, try climbing to the top of a building overlooking a historical landmark in Rome at sunset, watching the fading rays of light and the dozens or hundreds of people scurrying around. Those are good graphics.

    3. “The characters are 2-dimensional” Again you provide no evidence why the characters are two dimensional, you simply state that they are without any support for the argument. Again I point out that Assassin’s Creed received awards for it’s writing, which involves the characters. In addition, the transformation Ezio undergoes in Assassin’s Creed II from hot headed vengeful teenager to collected Master Assassin has been praised as one of the best character stories in a video game.

    4. T”he controls are dog shit” Some control schemes may be more difficult to pick up than others, but in the end all control schemes can be learned sooner or later. I find the Assassin’s Creed controls to be relatively intuitive after a small learning curve. However what makes your argument breakdown and actually worries me in general is the fact that you have broken multiple controllers over simple difficulties mastering the control scheme. If you honestly get so upset that you dropped off the side of a building, you may want to try not playing that game or perhaps seeking some professional help.

    5. “The AI are stupid” In Assassin’s Creed and in every other game I’ve ever played, I’ve seen examples of brilliant AI’s and examples of AI’s that are simply bugging or glitching out. Stupid AI moments happen in every game I’ve played. And I don’t seem to have had the trouble you’ve had in Assassin’s Creed. So either you seem to have an incomplete game disc or perhaps you may be exaggerating the problems you find with the game due to your dislike of it.

    6. “Overly difficult missions.” Since this argument is already based on your disagreement with the controls, I’m going to take what you say with a grain of salt already. I’ve never found any of the missions in the Assassin’s Creed games to be impossibly difficult. If I failed a mission, I simply examined what I did wrong and tried something else. Usually this resulted in a victory. The only real difficulties I’ve experienced have been from the full synchronization challenges in Brotherhood, and I found those to be delightfully new ways to play the game and challenge myself as a player, not something to condemn.

  383. While i must agree on some parts ( the guards AI is below stupid at times, the cut scenes are horribly animated and some parts are really difficult) i have one question : how the hell d’you manage to break your controllers ?!! For the complexity of commands that are available, I am complerly of Leonis opinion: the controls become intuitive and I didnt even have to think about which buttons to hit after a while!

  384. You guys are only saying these things because you are die hard fanboys of the game. I have to agree with the writer of this story.

  385. HAHA you don’t know what you’re talking about dude, this is totally non-sense.
    1. The duel story is one of the most exciting things in assassin’s creed.
    2. The graphics are AWESOME.
    3. You feel connected with the characters, all of them.
    4. The controls, when you ged used, are the most fluid controls I’ve ever seen
    5. The A.I … There’s no game with as much A.I as AC with so much realistic reactions when you move next to them, hit them or push them.
    6. The level of AC is excellent. it’s neither an easy game, nor a difficult one.
    7. AC is THE game that gives an explication to why:
    – you revive when you’re dead
    – you can’t go to wherever you wan’t
    -why there’s checkpoints
    and everything that looks illogical in other games.
    8. Everything is true, Nothing is permitted.

  386. One more thing, you have anger issues. Please see a psychologist or an anger management specialist before you hurt someone.

  387. You lost all credibility when you said “I just want to run off buildings and kill stuff.” This isn’t a controversial opinion or any kind of good point. This is just a baby whining and crying because he sucks at assassin’s creed. In fact the writer’s guild of america awarded assassin’s creed brotherhood with the video game writing award for 2011. Obviously either you have no taste or have no cognitive clue as to what a good story is. The fact that you mention force unleashed as a good game in comparison is confusing because it applies to a few of your points GLARINGLY. Its been mentioned over and over again that Force has an extremely bad ai, poor targeting and controls, and a poor story that barely hold together through all of its plot holes. Its ok to not like a video game, but its not ok to put a horribly biased list like this together because your angry you couldn’t beat assassin’s creed 2. Can any hyperactive idiot write for this website?

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