Forensic Artist From Scotland Constructs Accurate Human Face From ‘Crystal Head Vodka’ Bottle

By   |  March 5, 2014

Whoever knew that Crystal Head Vodka was so happy!

Nobody really knew just how delighted the skull-shaped mascot really was inside, until a forensic artist from Scotland named Nigel Cockerton shared his discovery with the vodka manufacturer’s marketing team a few weeks ago.

And perhaps the story’s humor is well-placed, seeing as how Dan Aykroyd, a well-known comedic actor from Canada, is behind the vodka brand.

After Crystal Head shared the photos with their 96,000+ fans on Facebook, Aykroyd commented on the album, “Yet another use for Crystal Head bottles: Advancing science.”

In a short interview with the CBC, the actor said he was surprised that the skull turned out to be a male. “I used to call the head, Joy because she used to bring us so much joy,” said Aykroyd. “And it always seemed to me to be a smaller skull, a 750 [millilitre bottle], and I always thought it might be a woman’s skull anatomically.”

Cockerton began by filling in the eye sockets with prosthetics and adding facial markers to the skull. Next, by employing reconstruction techniques used by archaeologists and various law enforcement agencies to identify human remains, he was able to create an accurate portrayal of what the Crystal Head mascot would look like in real life.

Aykroyd joked, “I’m [just] glad that it’s not [my] face.”

View full album on (courtesy of Nigel Cockerton)

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