Halting the slaughter of Albino innocents

By   |  March 1, 2009

25dfdc46225605e2f760ef7277375814One would think in a world as Modern as our own, Myths resulting in Barbaric practices like this would be a thing of the past.  Now the Billions in Aid Dollars to Africa, one would think would go to education and worldly instruction on what is acceptable in this day and age. But alas when charges of corruption rear it’s ugly head with our Aid Money landing in Regime Bank Accounts, one wonders why we are stilling pouring billions of dollars in Aid into this Africa Sieve? Cause it sure as hell ain’t going to it’s people!  But then we have that Illustrious Wonk Think Tank the United Nations, another Friggin Waste of Space and Taxpayers Money, who out of everyone is comprised of African Leaders who could do something about all this, but clearly are not!

This brings another question, Immigration! How would this type of issue be handled with new African arrivals to the West? Especially if these are some of the same people who believe and practice such nonsense!  Again, I direct you to my argument of Ethnic Vote Sucking Politicians who care little about the safety of Canadians or newly arrived Immigrants if it ensures they get the Immigrant vote.

You don’t hand out Keys to an aircraft without ensuring the user has flight training before they even board a plane, so you should sure as hell ensure those who come to this country beforehand, they get some knowledge beforehand what we are all about!  Watching “TV reruns of “Dallas or  Desperate Housewives”, ain’t classed as On the Job Training on how to be a good and productive Canadian for Immigrants!   Many Leftards state we can’t tell em to change their culture to suit ours! We are a Diverse “Gag” Multicultural “Verbal Diarrhea” society, babble, blather etc. To that I say, go back to smoking another Joint there Tofuhead, when they are living in my Backyard, you bet your Ass they better know what we expect from them!

We currently have a Gang problem in this country! Why? Cause Lefty Society, let it happen!

I say Lefty, because those of us who are Right Thinking tried to Nip it in the Bud to no avail when Lefty society thought penalties and  imprisonment was cruel  and unusual punishment!

Now we are at a point of no return unless something is done about it, and done Now!

How does this Gang Thing tie into Africans practicing  barbaric customs? Everything!  Canadian Gangs have been left to roam relatively unmolested for so long, with little justice meted out to them, a slap of the wrist in a Revolving Door Court system. So is it any wonder Butchering Albino Children seems the Norm in their country, when Gangs in our Country have free reign.  Bottom Line…. The Punishment is lacking in both countries. If our Government cannot apprise Canadian Gangs here of the customs and penalties of their actions, and when they do it is always inconsistent, what makes you think New Arrivals will take what the Government says seriously? Especially when New Arrivals see lawlessness in our streets which mirrors their Old Country with little penalty.  Hence the Somalian Machete wielding Gangs in Ottawa, Ontario.

Are we in the West so full of ourselves that we take it for Granted the World revolves around our Customs and Practices? Especially since we rarely practice what we preach when it comes to the Law of the Land?

Of course many will say Barry, take off the KKK hood! To that I say, in my time back east there were a group of new Somalian arrivals who would attend an Ottawa high school daily armed with Machetes hidden in their pantlegs, as that was their way, their culture.  In addition, these youths thought nothing of trying to sexually accost or harass young ladies in the school for the taking, again, that was their way and culture!  A man is king in their land and ladies are on this earth for the taking.  Now you tell me Immigration didn’t know the cultural background of Somalia? Again information new arrivals could have used, but didn’t get! Would it have helped new arrivals? Perhaps, but at least they would have been warned about the consequences of their actions!

Police and freaked out parents were called, it took close to two years to stop this from happening, as these youths thought it quite natural it seems to protect themselves, extort money and goods or harass young ladies.  Perhaps in war torn Somalia this is common, but not in Canada!

Thankfully if memory serves me correct there were no fatalities because of it, but there were a few injuries, gang fights with these Somalia teens and their machetes etc.

It is a sad fact that when we take it for granted and accept new arrivals expecting them to act in what we in Canada percieve as a civilized manner,  yet if we (Immigration) does not study the area and customs, practices where these immigrants came from are we that complacent to assume they will act like us?  Apparently so, why not give them a crash course long before their arrival that you must give up certain customs and beliefs if they are contrary to Canadian rules and norms, because to do otherwise may be contrary to our laws of the land.  I remember meeting some newly arrived immigrants Freaking out if anyone in uniform passed them by, why? Because in their home country, a Uniform usually meant you were taken away, and never heard from again! Probably would have been helpful to inform Immigrants that Canadians in uniform are not like the oppressive regimes back home.  Another item is banking, many new arrivals do not trust banks, as their countries banking system was so crooked, no one trusted banks, so these newly arrived immigrants walked around with large wads of cash, and/or stored their life savings under their mattresses. This left them susceptible to Robbery, home invasions and scams.  Again, information Immigrants could have used upon arrival to this country.

So before you “Leftards” Unholster your “Waggin Fingers” with charges of Racism at me, just know Barbaric stories like this and like many others such as Honour Killings is just one of the same beliefs, rumours and innuendo that we witness in the media and shake our heads and wonder, what is this world coming to?  Bottom Line, just don’t mamby pamby welcome anyone into our country without trying to understand where they come from and their customs without apprising them that their way may not be our way.  Like the saying goes when in Rome………………

In ending, coming full circle, the Canadian Political Leftards have recently seen the error of their ways with a Massive Outcry for Action by Canadians tired of being held Hostage in their own homes and allowed the Right to start taking names and increasing penalties and prison for crimes, the Leftys in the Senate had previously stonewalled for the last 4 years in rejecting the Conservative Governments Crime Bill for Serious Time for Serious Crimes!

The next step, let those know who wish to make Canada their home, we enforce laws, public safety is paramount including yours and your family and not to fear everyone who dons a uniform.

Halting the slaughter of Albino innocents

Megan O’Toole, National Post Published: Friday, February 27, 2009

To the vicious hunters of northwestern Tanzania, she is “zeru zeru” — invisible, inhuman, a ghost.

Under cover of darkness, a group of men charge into young Viviana’s room in the middle of the night, pin her pale form immobile, and hack off one of her little legs as her sister screams in horror.

Viviana, shockingly, is among the lucky ones. The commotion draws the attention of neighbours, and the attackers slip off into the night without finishing the job. She is left an amputee, but alive.

The single albino leg will fetch upwards of $1,000 in a gruesome market controlled by powerful Tanzanian witch doctors, who grind the bones into potions and repurpose them as good luck charms for struggling miners and fishermen.

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  1. Hey guys, Might be the U.S. significantly greater off keeping Syria’s Assad?

  2. Hello Barry – I too am shocked at the serious question of immigration. I have always enjoyed the diversity of people here in Canada. Having said this though, in the past, immigrants anglosized themselves & the cliques that are forming today were almost non-existent. Eventually I think these cliques will form clans or gangs & tribes as in Afghanistan & anyone who opposes them wiil be beaten or killed as it is in their own country now. They can now TRANSPOSE their beliefs & cultures & tribes without reprisal(& that only if they actually break the law & GET CAUGHT). The criminal sentence in this country does NOT fit the crime. I believe Trudeau advanced the cause of Multiculturilism, which might have seemed a good thing many years ago; we now see that its advancement was a mistake. Now our public school systems paid with tax dollars are funding teaching East Indian/Arab language in schools. I was very upset when we, as taxpayers, were forced to pay for separate school board educations even though they helped settle this country. I am not just upset I am angry that our politicians are cowtowing to immigrants to such an extent that we can no longer say Merry Christmas publicly for fear of upsetting the Muslims of MY country. The Lebanese work in this country long enough to secure their pensions then go back to Lebanon & still demand as Canadian citizens that we pay for their airfare both from Lebanon & back to Lebanon when it was safe to do so. Immigrants are allowed to wear turbans even though they need constrution hats in some professions (if they get hurt they’ll have no problem suing the company & the government) They can wear daggers in their boots ( in This country-unbelievable). Women who are ready willing & able in their country to suicide-bomb areas – in this country don’t have to show their faces to government officials. The slaughter of alibinos in Africa is unbelievable – there is so much corruption in that continent!The United Nations is a useless body of useless people who Use our money as salary for doing Useless work. In this economy we are still paying our highly educated politicians exhorbitant lifelong pensions who are still young men & women who can work & operate their own businesses. This, for a few years in office. I think you’d get a better class of politicinas who really care about this country & the Canadians who worked here all their lives & paid into the system if we STOP this antiquated tradition immediately. And STOP the lobbyists from inluencing the making of our laws on Parliament Hill. Why is it that a refugee gets more money per month than a pensioner? We Canadians really need to stop backyard fist waving & band together & take our country back before its too late. Why, when the illegal American Latinos were kicked out of the USA, did they flee to Canada for asylum? And now for at least 2 years will be living off of us & working under the table. Who was the Bright fellow who allowed third world countries carte blanche free market trade when we have lived to see the day of our provinces’ demise with the loss of jobs Because of this Stupid law. Who do you suppose influenced his decision? And why isn’t the government NOW acting to Stop this UNFAIR Trade & either stop those countries & their exports or level the playing field. Help us Do Something to Stop those blithering idiots from ruining our country. Barry, just point us in the right direction. There are so many East Inians/Arabs working in Immigration is it any wonder that there are more of them filtering into our country than the fair-skinned race. Don’t misunderstand, I’m Not a bigot, I have relatives who are dark-skinned I just want to see a more equitable mix of people inhabiting this country like there USED to be. Many dark people are kind, generous & beautiful but I still say that if you let 100,00 dark-skinned people into this country per month, than you also have to grant 100,000 fair-skinned people into this coountry per month & why the 2-year wait? (to see if they commit crimes in this country)? To me it’s simple common sense. Also these foreigners seem to have a stronger voice than we do & are more articulate than the average Canadian & they are NOT afraid to speak nor act if its warranted. We had better Use their example to Save ourselves & our country. Sorry for going on & on. There is so much Wrong with this country that is so Good & it’s going to take more than a Band-Aid to fix it. Our politicians have to know where we stand. I apologize if I’ve offended anyone, it wasn’t my intention. Fair is Fair.

  3. Hello Barry, my post seems to have been somewhat shortend. Opps sorry.
    I am in the United Kingdom and we have a problem with imogration from all corners of the globe I use the term “problem” as an expression only, because I dont have a problem with imogrants who contribute to our society and abide by the laws of our land.
    However and I would imagine its the same in Canada, the governments dont set down basic rules and regulations for imogrants to follow in-order to come here. Instead we are told that we have to intergrate with them “Why it ours Country”

    The problem is that people from different cultures to ours very rarely realise they are doing wrong because they are not educated to the basic life standards that we have to live by. Its common sense to us but to have morals and live an normal civilised life, but to those from different background they are doing what they have always done.

    That why there are still apparently grown men in Africa raping babies thinking it will stop them getting Aids, a tribal myth.

    The top story is a truely horific one and should be dealt with very swiftly by the Government and law enforcement.

  4. Thanks Mark. the world poo poos and finger wags, yet does nothing to stop it. hence my additional story, why we have gang problem, they all poo poo it and do nothing until it affects them personally.

    Aaaaaaaaand it all comes full circle with my point of my other previous story that oppose US attacks by al-Qaeda, They state they “Oppose” is quite different than “STOPPING al Qaeda”!

    Just as the Public in Canada is “Opposed to Criminals. Drugs, Rapes, Murders and Gangs” “Stopping it, Eradicating it” is the Vernacular We as a Human Race must use in our Language of the Law. To do otherwise makes us part and parcel of the problem, including the unspeakable heartache of reading a story about slaughtering albino children from a land not our own, but in our backyard in the whole scheme of things!


  5. Barry its a sad fact these days that this sort of thing still

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