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Mohawk College : Toronto is a For-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute established in 2012. The campus is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and hosts students with an endowment of $0 (2014).  
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Address:  55 Town Centre Court Suite 300, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 4X4, Canada
Phone:  (no local phone number)
Institution Type:  For-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Career, Institute
Established:  2012
Campus Enrollment:  N/A
Acceptance Rate:  N/A
Graduation Rate (6Y):  N/A
Campus Endowment:  $0 (2014)
Tuition (Local):  N/A
Tuition (Non-Local):  N/A
Tuition (Foreign):  N/A
Mandatory Fees:  N/A
Housing (Room):  N/A
Latitude:  43.774187
Longitude:  -79.254063
Tax ID:  N/A
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Stimulating Courses
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Networking & Job Opps
Area Around Campus
Housing Situation
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Teacher/Student Ratio
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26 Student Reviews of Mohawk College : Toronto

  • Asking for public help!
    This is Ning Chen (Denis). I am a Mohawk college (Fennell Campus) student in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My program is the paralegal. I am being ruined by a fake doctor Nathalie Xian Yi Yan who is the candidate of Hamilton mayoral election 2018. I am also being running by mohawk college under Nathalie’s political power. Here is my story: I disclosed Nathalie’s scandals such as fake MD degrees, refusing to give receipts to her patients, selling unknown pills to others, taking advantage from a suffering infant mercilessly, charging her patients based on racial descent and lying to the public with false title of doctor and so on. All of the information about Nathalie above is based on her own advertisements on her commercial websites, newspapers, and DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE OF THE COLLEGE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE PRACTITIONERS AND ACUPUNCTURISTS OF ONTARIO. All of this information is opening to the public, everyone has rights to read these freely. Nathalie is running a mayor of Hamilton, so she is a public person. She should not cheat her voters, she should not ruin Hamilton city with her lies. I am just practicing my freedom of expression. After a few days, Nathalie framed me up and made the false statement and accusation to Mohawk College security office that I stalked and followed her physically again and again and tried to hurt her. Then Mohawk College security officers becomes hostile to me during the so-called investigation. I was inveigled into a small room in the security office of Mohawk College. Then, 2 staffs(Anderson Amanda and Rohrer Brent) of Mohawk College used a rude, overbearing attitude with false leading questions to try to enforce me to confess Nathalie’s false accusation. It seems like Mohawk College received Nathalie’s political order and followed Nathalie’s false statement and obeyed political power so obediently. I told Mohawk College investigators (Anderson Amanda and Rohrer Brent ) to use security camera records as evidence to prove that I did not stalk and follow Nathalie at all. But the investigators did not want to use any pieces of evidence which can prove my innocence and find the truth. I was followed and monitored by a security guy every second even before the investigation everywhere in Mohawk College. I was treated like a felon by the security officers in Mohawk College. Even Felons have rights of being presumed of not guilty, right. Mohawk College security officers (Anderson Amanda and Rohrer Brent) intimidate me such as I am in many troubles and security officer alleged that she has a police background with arrogant and sharp tones. I did not have the chance to explain and tell the security investigators the truth. All they did was forcing me to confess everything that I did not do. The security investigators intimidated me and accused me arbitrarily with false statements and misleading questions. I told them, I am innocent, but they did not want to listen to me and to defend myself with truth at all. They arbitrarily put me in suspension from Mohawk College and used the security man kicking me out. The investigators warned me not to contact the president of Mohawk College and can only contact her even though I would miss my final exams in these important days. The investigators arbitrarily accuse and frame me up with the false statements from their own wild inspection and Nathalie’s false frame up without any real investigation and imperiously kicking me out of Mohawk College. Why? I strongly consider that there is a dirty deal between the fake doctor candidate for mayor and Mohawk college. These two parties are colluding with each other and hiding the truth and framing me so easily. I think they are afraid of being disclosed their scandals. So, they are using political power persecuting me. Dear public, I am seeking for help from you, I am too weak and small in front of the big monster that is called candidate Nathalie and Mohawk College Anderson Amanda and Rohrer Brent). Please help me to find the justice. I do not know what I should do. In Canada, a democratic country, it is unbelievable that I am ruined so brutally. I am learning law, common law, but I do not see the law in Mohawk College security office. I am trying to tell the truth of the fake doctor candidate of Hamilton city. I am trying to contribute my effort to justice and I always believe there is justice in Canada. I am also trying to contribute my effort to protect innocent people from fake doctor Nathalie’s lies. Nathalie uses the fake doctor title to rob vulnerable patients and use the dirty money to buy her political power and continue to rob money from taxpayers. Where is the justice? Where is the law? What am I learning at Mohawk College? Is this terrible, unacceptable and unfair consequence of being a person saying the truth? I cannot believe this is Canada. I wish I am just in a nightmare because there will be sunrise finally! Please help me, please help the future of Canada. Please do not let justice fades! I deeply appreciate it, public justice!!! I am crying for help from public justice!!! Help! Please help me to find out what was really going on in school camera records! I am innocent! Appreciate it deeply!

    Ning Chen( Denis)
    August 15th, 2018

    Paralegal Program
    Mohawk College

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Literally THE WORST college I’ve ever been to. The biotech program that I’m currently in, is a complete joke; most of the “professors’ are total s**t, and the student success advisor for the engineering technology program(s), is the dumbest person I’ve ever met. Not to mention a complete b***h.

    Having been to other colleges in the past, I’ve felt like I’ve made the biggest mistake by coming here; Mohawk does such a good job at advertising the college to get students in. Their motto is “we love our students”; it should be changed to “we love our students’ money and nothing else”.

    Literally a joke of a college; the only college I’ve ever been to that hires, and keeps “professors” that literally can’t teach for the life of them. I’m finishing up this semester, and will be going to a much more reputable college in September. Mohawk has literally killed my determination here, and I’ve wasted so much money in the year alone by being here; had I known Mohawk was this bad, I would never have came here in the first place.

    Please don’t go to Mohawk! As you can see from all of the reviews here, tis college has a really crappy rating. Besides, there are SO many other colleges in Southern Ontario that are much better than this dump of a place they call “college”. Seneca, Niagara, Humber to name a few!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Just signed in for the first time to program. Now I’ve been to other colleges & university. This one takes the award for sh*t. The “professors”, and that title is a very far stretch as I am sure I’d be a better teacher at 18, have documents on the homepages of their programs that are 2 years old. I suppose these individuals are too simple to take these irrelevant things down. … and one is dumb enough to drag she’s been teaching the program for 20 years. God help whoever had her as a teacher then.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This school is a complete joke

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Hi I am planning to join the chemical engineering advanced diplo,a at mohawk fennell campus, but the reviews have scared me . Please tell me if I should join this college or not.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • Worst school ever. Attended nursing there and was expected to already know the basics on the first day of class. Spent thousands on text books with the promise of being able to sell them back to the school for a decent amount if they weren’t marked. At the but back I returned never even cracked books I paid $180+ for and was told the max value they could give me was $40. My high school teachers were better than any teacher I had at Mohawk. They didn’t care for their students at all. Student success is not the priority of this school. Tuition payment is all they care about. A few Years later I went back to school at a different college and cannot believe the difference. Mohawk almost ruined my hope in a college education but don’t give up other schools are MUCH better. But don’t expect Mohawk to send your transcript. Still waiting on mine. Faxed the request it said 5-7 business days it’s been almost 3wks nobody will return my call I wrote a formal complaint to the school nobody will return my call still and now I’m going to have to repeat classes I took there and passed because They don’t care about you at all unless they’re getting your $$. AVOID THIS SCHOOL! Worst college in Ontario. Why are they allowed to get away with this? I only gave them 1 star cuz zero wasn’t an option.

    Overall Score: (1.09/5.00)
  • This college has completely ruined me; if you’re taking any kind of skilled trades apprenticeship or college certificate for any skilled trade, dont bother with mohawk. The teachers are unionized, lazy-assed do nothings that can’t be bothered to help anyone with their studies. They make you spend hundreds in books that you need in order to start the program. the bookstore at the stony creek campus didn’t order enough books to fulfill that semesters classes demands; if you don’t have them right away you fall too far behind to catch up. you can only rely on others in the class for any real help. why would you order 20 books for a class of +30? are these so-called trades teachers not capable of basic math? they make you pay close to a thousand dollars a year to park your car there, charge thousands in tuition, another $500 for non-existent books and what do you get? Some loser telling me its my fault I didn’t have the books because they didn’t place a large enough order. fuck you mohawk college, I’m broke and forced to leave my home province of 25 years because of your lack of effort in doing your goddamned job. If these teachers ever tried working in the private sector, they’d be fired after a week. i give this colleg 1/5.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • So i am currently enrolled within Mohawk College’s Animation program. For it may be to late for me, let this be a warning to anyone thinking this might be a good course. The professors are pathetic and do nothing to help you. They’d rather tell you their life story instead of teaching you. You pay for co-op in your tuition however you don’t receive that co-op opportunity. When they do decide to teach you they assume you’ve created your own animation before and you know how to work all the programs. The co-ordinator of the program is a complete idiot. I’ve had experiences where he has come up to me, stared at my screen and walked away to teach more of the lesson making me even more screwed. When he comes back he looks at my screen then says “oh your here, should have followed along” then walks away. Please do not allow this A-Hole take advantage of anyone every again. DO NOT ATTEND THIS COLLEGE FOR ANIMATION!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • People call this the YouTube School. I have never EVER in my life come across a school that forces you to learn the material on your own claiming they are only there to “guide you, not teach you” This was from the mouth of a Health Science Teacher our first week of classes. Imagine paying 4000.00 per year and having to do the homework before you get to class and then sit there for three hours as they repeat the same stuff you just had to do on your own. This is not teaching. This does not make stronger Nurses. If we wanted to do home based learning we would have signed up for correspondence courses. This school is ridiculous. The students are the ones that should be on strike!

    Overall Score: (1.5/5.00)
  • Im basing my review on how the faculty staff (at Stoney Creek Campus) do ther job. Giving them all a one star rating is a huge compliment. I don’t even know where to begin how the college and the professors are terrible. I wont mention any names since I do believe most of the staff are decent people outside of their work.

    First day of class, the program coordinator/professor pretty much expected us to already have back round knowledge and experience of the field we are studying. Also expected us to have printed a massive print-out of information from e-Learn, which by the way was never mentioned to me when signing up and didn’t know it existed until first day of class.

    About 90% of what I have learned so far during my program was all from the textbook and the rest from the “professors.” When they are doing their lectures, its like a game they play of who can talk the fastest and confuse their students the most.

    I show up early to class and find the teacher already has the board filled with notes and diagrams to write down, and as I try to write it all down, teacher starts his lecture and I miss everything he is trying to teach because Im too busy trying to catch up on writing whats on the board. The class hasn’t started yet and hes already passing around the attendance sheet for students to sign. HELLOOO, class hasn’t started yet, not all students have arrived yet!

    They shave marks off like its nothing. If they find one particle of dust in your lab area and you get marks off. Teachers either write waaaayyyy too small or waaaaayyyy to messy to read or understand. They have over-head projectors and speaker and mic system that never gets used. When students complain they cant see whats on the board, teacher replies with “next time sit up front.” How the heck do you expect over a 100 students to sit up front? Are we going to sit on each other’s laps or something? The teachers want you to fail, they do not care about you passing.

    Only one good teacher I have had and that was the Math teacher. Very polite, and kind man, bless him, he is the only one who wants his students to pass and taught extremely well.

    Don’t bother buying any pens, and invest in a few pencils and a lot of erasers since the teachers constantly make mistakes and have to erase notes and re-write. Also buy a good set of binoculars to see the “fine print” on the board that’s suppose to be “useful” notes. I dare Mohawk College to have a “Student Reviews” on their website. But even then, I wouldn’t be surprised if they only accepted the “good” ones. Any good reviews you read here is guaranteed by a staff member posing as a student.

    AVOID THIS COLLEGE AT ALL COST. College/Universities are a business, so I suggest to take your business and go else where, cause all you will get from Mohawk is NoJob!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I have to agree with what i’ve read so far from current and previous students. Having attended Conestoga College and now currently at Mohawk College-Fennell campus, full time (i’m also a mature returning student). Mohawk College is a joke. I’m currently getting through semester 2, no thanks to my teachers,as a question and they look at you like your stupid. Its on e-learn is the usual answer. Most of these “professors” are outside contract people by the way. Apparently if you cant do in the field, you teach-at Mohawk. I had one good teacher first semester, math. He went out and beyond to help his students, other than that its just been an ongoing train wreck. I find the staff here to be very kind and approachable when you have money in hand, once enrolled your on your own. Ask a question and you get attitude thay they just pass you on to someone else who just does the same. Their is absolutly NO communication between any staff and the support system here is non-exhistant. The rooms are dated and dirty. The tutoring situation here is horrible, myself and fellow students gave up on the extra help first semester. The e-learn isnt set up to be user friendly and most of the time the WI-FI has poor service. Seriously people, if your thinking about “higher education” I would check out any other school other than Mohawk College!!!!

    Overall Score: (1.36/5.00)
  • After spending over 2 years at Mohawk College Fennel, I have only successfully completed 1 year. The other year was gone to shit thanks to the poor support from Mohawk College and from our Government themselves.

    This past semester 3 (Sept – dec 2012) I have had to drop all my courses due to financial reasons, with the school and OSAP screwing up so hard… I literally received my $5,000 AFTER I have dropped my courses on the LAST MANDATORY DAY NOV. 9TH. I received that $5,000 around Dec. 10th.

    What happened? Fuck if I know, my banking information worked for the first year, this semester rolls around and apparently my banking information is wrong?! I wait Oct, the start of Nov. to see if it gets deposited in my account… Nothing. So I call them up, after so many hours on the phone I find out that my information is wrong and that I need to fax them new information. I call up my bank, and I send them the exact fucking banking information that they have had before on account………………………………. But hey, it’s too late now – you need to wait for the cheque to be mailed to you!!! What a fucking joke. Trying to add your mother to your OSAP account so she can inquire about the bullshit? Hah good fucking luck, you pick your semester or headaches.

    Lesson learned, take loans from the bank.


    First semester I have had 3 awesome teachers, “Christine French” foundations of programming, “Derick Jenkins” the english teacher, and a math teacher which I forget her name :( There was an atrocious teacher I had, he goes by the name “Nick Corrigan”. Nick was/(is still sadly) a HTML teacher, as easy as HTML is he did a piss poor job teaching the class, reading straight from the book word for word and even spending 10 minutes fixing his own mistakes. Very boring power point slides every lecture class, he couldn’t even mix it up.

    Second semester I had 2 more teachers that literally made me shake my head. The math teacher even made me question as of how she is employed here. “Wayne Collins” the Java teacher and some russian math teacher. But I also had 2 awesome teachers named “Paul” the adobe teacher, and the networking teacher… I forget his name gah!

    Wayne is the Java teacher, I had him in my second and third semester for Java. He has this elitist attitude towards all his student, thus making it ever so hard to learn. When asking him questions he would “beat around the bush” trying to toss you a bone. If you didn’t get it? Tough luck, try again. Oh and I better not catch you getting help from fellow classmates! Though when we were in lectures he did a fairly decent job, much better than Nick.

    The Russian math teacher is jokes, she had a hard accent and she talked soooo fast! (“We good? *2 sec pause, whole class is glazed over* good lets move on”) Add discrete mathematics and statistics on top of that and you will start to pull out your hair, by the handful. I am leaving this course until the very end, hopefully the teacher gets fired by that time.


    I am so fed up with this trash school, please people if you are going for the same course I have taken (Software Development 3 yr /w COOP) PLEASE DO NOT COME TO MOHAWK COLLEGE @ FENNEL CAMPUS.

    I REPEAT DO NOT COME TO MOHAWK COLLEGE @ FENNEL CAMPUS if you don’t want your hard earned money to go to waste. I am so sick of this fucking school, I cannot wait to get out of it.

    A real Mohawk College Student,
    student id: 000######

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • very good at promoting programs and taking money. good luck getting a RELATED full time job when done program. the mtcu should not allow fulltime programs to run if there is no full time related jobs when done. Its tax payers money on the line through OSAP and pretty soon were going to have more students claming bankruptcy after the 5 year period

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • so how many stars will u give for this college……….?

    * really bad
    ** bad
    *** neutral
    **** good
    ***** excellent

    pls….every one comment and try to give true comments….

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • All what the students says are false statements.
    Mohawk has the best facilities ever; Mohawk see its Students as priority and we are all ready to help and ensure they all come out in flying colors.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I echo the complaint that the school does not care about the students. Some teachers openly admit they are not there to help you, but to make it very difficult for you to pass. The emphasis at this school is to get your money and then hopefully you decide to quit so they dont have to deal with you later on. They teach outdated information and freely tell say you will “probably never have to use it”. Outdated equipment that does not function properly. When it comes time to lab tests if your equipment isnt working right well its not the schools issue… Horrible horrible school!!!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • I’m bulding a legal case against Mohawk College. If I have to grade one more assignment because SAM is broken and the prof are useless. I’m simplly going to bring all of my proof to my union and get the ball rolling on sueing the ass off the college the proffesor and SAM the piece of shit program. Nothing works in this school,and the proffesors are garbage at best and the whole elearn site is a mess and doesn’t work half the time. the lectures are a joke.To be hounest this college doesn’t even need professors it’s all online. My lectures up to week 3 have been about fixing elearn problems I wonder if that’s going to be on the mid-term beacause that’s bassically all I’ve got from my so called Professors.

    Overall Score: (0/5.00)
  • I just dumped way to much money into this school, I was in the Marketing Program, between the utter lack of truly applicable material and course content and the actual uselessness of the text books ( Even a few of the profs told us not to buy them since they wont be used for at least 85% of the entire program). Sure, the profs are “Industry experienced” but that doesn’t count for Jack chit when the material is , like i said, irrelevant. They pride themselves for having a 2 years marketing course, when everyone else has a 3+ year program, however, entire sections of the industry are skimmed over,flat out ignored or taught in a way that doesn’t make sense to any of the students. A example of the later is the Web Marketing course. In this course one would think you would become educated on the What&How of Marketing on the internet, however this is not the case, What you do learn however is how to program and build a website, and poorly at that. At least 75% of the students in that particular course didn’t do the project themselves, they paid others to build the website and ironically they received the highest grades and praise in class. I could go on about how shit this Program is and how you should avoid Mohawk like the plague, however if you are like me , and this college is your only option, participate in all MSA activities, they are the best part of this college, and do a truly amazing job. Good Luck otherwise

    Overall Score: (1.72/5.00)
  • This school is a joke. The fact that these slobs that call themselves college support workers went on a strike for full time jobs is beyond me. No one wants to help you, no one is usefull, and calling this piece of shit school leaves you in a loop that you can’t get to the end of. I will tell everyone i know to avoid this school as it has been nothing but headaches. They also don’t send out transcripts when asked for and give you attitude before you even say hello, I had a only 3 good teachers my whole time at mohawk.. Doris, Buryta, and Sevastien. Everyone else was a hack job trying to learn the course giving me a half assed effort for my hard earned dollars.

    Do not go to this school.

    By the way I graduated with an 86 average and 89 my last 4 semesters.. I cannot stand this school

    Overall Score: (1.27/5.00)
  • I’m currently in the Applied Music program at Mohawk College. Had I known that a bunch of lazy and rude idiots would be teaching me, I would have stayed far away. These so called “teachers” are only employed at Mohawk in between their gigs, which you think would be a good thing having teachers with experience. However, they are only concerned with themselves and say that they will help you but most of them blow you off. Also, the funding for this program is terrible!!! After paying the school our tuition, the students are expected to raise money to fund the program for guest speakers, masterclasses, etc. The guest speakers are usually nobodies that no one cares about! Favouritism runs rampant so only a few “special” students get chosen to do anything. There is toxic black mold in some of the program areas (students have enough become ill because of this), pianos that are always out of tune, lights & power outlets that don’t work, and not nearly enough practice rooms for students to use. This program is a disaster! STAY AWAY!!!

    Overall Score: (2/5.00)
  • First of all, I want to thank EVERYONE on this page for posting. You, if I had seen it earlier, would have “saved” my “life”. In other words, three or four years, if not more, of it. There is not enough space on this board to tell you what I have been through. It started with just wanting to get accreditation so that I could earn a decent living. Today, I spent yet another grueling, dehumanizing day trying to get through to people. The disrespect towards students is astronomical. I wish I had found you sooner. It would have saved the last real working decade of my life. As it is now, I have nothing, and it is too late for me to start again. Mohawk College has ruined my hopes, my dreams, and my life. I can’t even get the marks that I have earned because of malfuntioning computers and I am only half way through. At this rate, it looks like I will not be able to finish and my life and my hopes are ruined.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • This school is a horrible school. After finishing my course they say you have 1 year of job assistance which is a joke. Every time I tried to make an appointment with one of the advisors at the job center they kept giving me the run around and I never got an appointment. They never helped me with my resume, interview skills and it has been years since I graduated and I still don’t have a job in my field. I DO NOT RECOMMEND LIVING IN RESIDENCE!! It was a really unsafe living arrangement with my roommate who kept harassing me and the college did nothing about it. Don’t live at this school and don’t go to this school. If I could give this school a zero out of 5 for all categories I would have but this site won’t let me.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
    if you want a school that doesn’t give a shit about your dignity, or success- Mohawk college it’s the place to go. Instead of 50 they’ve made it 60 to pass so its easier to fail these grueling insanely difficult courses. They’ve organized their program so you pay them thousands hoping to learn from “experts” but are expected to teach yourself from a $140 text book that way their faculty are not accountable for the high failure rates in chooses that prevent you from moving forward. Best part is nobody cares when almost an entire class approaches the Dean asking for attention on matters hindering their success, and if you are one of the many who struggle and are not promoted to the next semester due to failing a course by a few percent, you will be forced to wait a full school year to repeat it because they’re to cheap and greedy to open a course to accommodate the 30% of the class that failed the course! You will just have to wait an entire year of your life setting you back not one semester but 3… Almost the whole duration of the program!

    Overall Score: (1.54/5.00)
  • Stay away! This place is run by a union, that should tell you everything you need to know. Most of the teachers failed to find or succeed in the private sector. They are outright losers. Mohawk is quick to collect fees and tuition but afterwards you are on your own. STAY AWAY! They even run a parking lot racket where Mohawk security drive around in NEW JEEPS to ticket already broke students, and then threaten you with city of Hamilton fines. This place is a joke, the faculty are constantly on strike as well. In 5 years at least 3-4 different segments are actively striking. STAY AWAY! They will ruin your life.

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Listen up everyone! If you’re thinking about going to Mohawk College for any nursing program think again. This school SUCKS for nursing. If you want unprofessional, tardiness, stupid, dumb, unreliable, people who can’t spell registration staff and nursing teachers this is the place to go. I’ve taken continuing education nursing courses at several other colleges before and Mohawk college is by far the WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NEVER go to this college again and I hope you don’t either!

    Overall Score: (1/5.00)
  • Mohawk College is very good at recruiting new students. Once you have paid them tuition its a joke. College services are pretty bad (except MSA services, they do a pretty good job). Class rooms are filthy and pretty outdated for the most part. There are a wide range of teachers, some are excellent however there are more horrible teachers in my opinion. I also find the most frustrating part of Mohawk is that unless you are trying to pay them money for something, it is extremely difficult to get any information about anything college related. No one seems to know any answers and just send you around in infinite circles until you get very angry at someone or you give up.

    As i wrote this I am attempting to register for classes, it took about a minute to pay my tuition and have spent over an hour waiting for pages to load on mocomotion to finish picking my timetable (it’s still loading).

    Overall Score: (1.90/5.00)

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