Cost Obsessions Map: From Prostitutes To Nose Jobs, The Most Researched Purchases Online By Country

“How much does ___ cost?” is an apparently very interesting lens through which to judge countries – or more specifically, the obsessions of their (would-be) residents. From “prostitutes” in Thailand, to “kidneys” in Iran, and even “slaves” in Mauritania, a new report published by compiles the most popular auto-completed searches on Google in relation […]

Sharks: One Of The Top Threats To Undersea Internet Cables? At Least, That’s What Google’s Saying!

Who would have though the future of the internet depended on sharks? Well it does, according to an announcement by Google last week – or rather, on our ability to protect undersea fiber optic cables from the rather peculiar attraction that the underwater creatures seem to have toward them. At a marketing event in Boston […] – Now Offering Free Advice On Selling Drugs To Kids, Finding ‘Bukkake’ For Your Wife

How do you counteract unemployment? “Sell drugs too [sic] children,” is a good solution, according to, now one of the most visited reference communities on the entire web. Update 1/14/2014: It appears that has quietly deleted the above content without comment, in response to our tweeting the story. The website, which hosts thousands […]